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tv   Witness Wuhans Hidden Trauma  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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there, but the one the by ukraine, the supported by the evidence. yes. so this is a meeting of the security council on the humanitarian situation in the ukraine. nobody disagrees that. the situation on the ground is bad and it's horrible. but we saw the finger pointing right there between ukraine and russia as to who's to blame . and the council is attempting to find some common ground to act, to address the humanitarian situation, amid these accusations that are flying back and forth. the one thing that we did get there is that an overview from un officials about the situation on the ground and it's getting worse by the day. millions of ukrainians displaced 1700000 of them have left the country. $400.00 at least civilians dead. probably much more the u. m says 27 children killed. and a big part of this meeting focused on the impact on children, the most vulnerable here, about half of those who left the country. they say,
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are our children. and, and i think trying to find some common ground. the problem is that while the un and all of the security council members agree in principle, that humanitarian access to a conflict should be guaranteed. this is guaranteed under international law. we heard the russians saying that it's ukraine's fault. they're using civilians as human shield. they won't let us in. we offered to have people come to our country, they're blocking them. and ukraine turning things around and accusing russia of hypocrisy. and they have powerful backers in the, on the security council, france saying a cessation of hostilities would be necessary for any humanitarian effort to go forward. also accusing russia of hypocrisy. doesn't look like agreement on a resolution will come out of this body any time soon. so we're hearing the un move forward with plans on its own to try to d, politicize the situation. walk in and, and address the humanitarian needs. while these great powers fight in the security
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council to address the needs of normal people on the ground who are clearly getting worse. kristen salumi with the latest from the u. n. a. thank you. and yes, of course, before we heard from the ambassador's at the u. n, we did hear from representatives, for example, alva eunice, offend martin griffiths as well, just explaining how dreadful the situation had become in a ukraine and how, especially in the case of units of the bit that they highlighted how the situation had become dreadful. for the huge number of children that were part of the i refugees at leaving a ukraine. well that is it from me in london, my colleagues in though i will of moral developments from ukraine and the rest of the world news coming up next year and out 0. it's witness. thanks for watching of i, i care about how the u. s. engaging with the rough of the world. i cover foreign policy,
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national purity. this is a political im house here the conflicts are we telling a good story? we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise. and to actually feel as if you were there ah, a business associate, or teens mobility, those would in general. how yours is a good job with our new new tool? what don't you have? i show you go, going to little get what they say polio if they're not as high or what you
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i saw you don't handle it, which i don't know. i just realized i do more with that on gore, chill gender shanae to tears will shanks yet mail? young coke with you shortly. i'll put it on a pseudo hand the tongue city. follow julia at abilene and put that on that. thanks so much you call to call aaron little when i've got the recall, i don't wanna have all the guy to deal with place. if you don't sell alco dollar to my you go to our big or that blue. although you're good. i'm the counselor again, george nemea, you sing the song, the boy that with worried about her during the with i'd be able to make one a month were william,
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maybe i can go to be learned or did a good to you with what do you got a base, you want to talk to a shawn, john? she mm. me i in, ah, how are you? i'm from chicago mom. i
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was calling to inquire for ya. can you in touch with john into the car enjoy watching for a balcony. comment on that to to make sure monday, but i'm going to go, i haven't and john leticia for him. i'm gonna mail you should all in the yes i was like, oh boy, what don't you know that if you how, how long have you done? i mean, you can say, oh no, i don't,
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cannot do trunks disorder and off on the you got to pick on the wrong contact formation. don't, don't, i don't know how each you sterling yield. when uncle ventura knows what she heard for dancing, teasing you, i think on the golf, we're near tea, jim, of which i am her being. do she shouting, doug? it's very low. she said, i'm a vulgar language. only a d gamma which i don't. and you mentioned the shuttle patient to thought that you wish al tindall to polio, ground that up, they are on challenger the 2nd man. so what a full day, how vocal was, hadn't let dodgy tenisha with allergy d trisha to which casey tv chemical guys on the so i did, i do not have nuclear still not very lucy, don't don't come with people find no children the hive shirt. she said he,
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me what taught auditorium? 87, she don't, she don't. what kind of a shuttle mate is shipping or sitting white when she black butcher the attention of somebody is you've been pushed out? no, no. so i try to see him as well function kyesha t was actually going for that session teacher. but really, if i should job going things out that he changed and he seemed to me, the higher sheets you would handle. kusha will get up yellow microphone to bake and that's all you saw. so it to you guys who retention. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. oh yeah . would you want on
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when you have the always along with our young calling with a lot issues. yeah. well listen here, which is all days. yeah. news or not. so today for the house us with a way you sure to confirm on the put sure coleman with hopefully clarify least for ah, i see a one. this is a little bit so you got to tell the hard to 5 to get them with a a minima.
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i saw a fascination with him since on the tongue tongue. twiddle. no no. what is it then thought it would owe her to blue to wield? you'll shinla with us you blood trickled shampoo. simply with ogden home with d, motion to hers, williams went over 20 owners with sandra pone. can you tell them, consulting some of these um, within with central national what you know, queries and build churches in your in traditional imo, which intimate with the bishop? couldn't you tell them? oh, i don't know what they about. ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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good. well, did you, ma'am, i know kind of made a comment, what done it i got a. 2 couple questions. i just got a 4 digit job. she was out fine. oh, i always asked her how, what you can put on dialogue. enable fit on a she's always on that or would you say eating when she end up with japan sitting there or she'll roy them yeah, with
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awe piece on time, jackie, to match a channel from we shall see to do to help with what we do. we still home with sasha, troy john, agile. i to mail a, contact me and a tendency to use this on comes to the washing maybe in terms of how to pinch that would be downtown, how quite a d animation died in sourcing
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civil. we'll see how that is here, that you've done with high school senior when he thought i did not oil a male question, it's a she should i tell you i was shaun sheila, i enter tickets for you interest if you could, when i sure won't bug and shimmy and says, you know, for me to travel how she's to look watch. i will talk to now things downtown. yeah, sure. the function to touch on the child a sh. did you decision if you have to listen to the machine or do through with you for the move on hulu? live and i'm sure with you, you know, sure we do with through the
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wood to actually with humans. you can work with you and we'll talk about when you're done, we don't you're, you're all going to be human. can you see anybody on the street and will tell you what you would only get up? hang on july. the me
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i can hear you can. what's your new account for me to hold it the you go to the genesis cannot. i don't want to go to do it. i had to all the rest of the pilot engine. come to get hired to ship and i go to jehovah. so we'll go with fulton, duma, canada tongue, a job growing with so many so many times in
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just a while you home and use that you what you'll do now. dollar fun turn sorts. you the horse one just got through tom la. sure. we just had the whole a
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bottle off with you ladies that wouldn't john you to mention gotten a new talk about now going to agenda more gobby it. gotcha. gotcha. why was some cindy crawford, i usually, ah, tell will had a should 10 or $10.00 emission to the song that way for me the nation, the trunk shock issue with
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mm whole little is more distressing for a woman than a much wanted pregnancy going horribly wrong aside from then being punished, boy el salvador strict devotion both a theme women incarcerated for years. some say their only crime was a devastating stillberg, an empowering story of one woman's struggle that ignited a movement. miscarriage of justice. a witness documentary on al jazeera with
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the important thing, if you were walking around in beirut was not to be in the line of fire from the holiday. paula, we heard gunshots. i was the 1st one to flee. the hot battle lasted 3 days. and 3 nights and there were no prisoners at the control holiday in and you controllers the region around. and that's why it was such a bloody battle. an icon of conflict at the heart of the lebanese civil war, beirut, holiday in war. how towels on al jazeera, when the news breaks for it all started early out, around 5 am very large explosions. people waking up to walk. they never expected many of when people need to be heard. and the story told fine line or playing the role of bringing our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth
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reports. this is norma. this is tyler. al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied knees ah, a devastation in hoc eve, the aftermath of intense russian bombardments, ukraine's 2nd largest. it is an absolutely shocking scene of destruction and misery. ah, hello nick loud. this is out 0 life and also can we up rushman, ukrainian delegations meet the talks on the delivery scene border but there's no sign of progress in halting the wall.


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