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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2022 9:00pm-9:58pm AST

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ah ah ah, this is al jazeera ah, although i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha. coming up, the next 60 minutes approached to end dependence on russian oil. b. u. s. bonds in ports over moscow's invasion of ukraine. we're banning all in ports of russian oil and gas. eugene emmys, russian oil no longer be acceptable. u. s. ports in the american people will deal another powerful blow to prove warmish and evacuation from the besieged,
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ukrainian city of mateo. paul is put on hold. doctor reports of shelling in the area grains president is given a standing ovation, was he addresses the british parliament. he tells them his people will fight to the end, exhaustion and heartache for you and says, 2000000 people of now fled. since russia's invasion began. and on december to the sport, the english premier league tis up a right steel to show their matches in russia over the invasion of trade. ah, the crime is attempting to evacuate besieged areas that have felt the force of russia's invasion, but russian forces that are again being accused of violating a temporary cease fire, a convoy of bosses and humanity. renee,
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destined for mateo. paul has been forced to turn around because of reports of russian shelling. the city is surrounded by russian forces, or coupon tissue dorm or vito diesel. they are consciously blocking food supplies and water, and switching off electricity in mary apple for the 1st time in dozens of years. for the 1st time probably since the nazi invasion, a child has died from dehydration. listen here, media partners. a child has died in 2022 of dehydration, but we have seen a lot of promises and agreements, namely about the creation of humanitarian corridors. but they haven't worked so far and i have no more time to wait in mary, apple. people have no time to wait at the occupying forces, want our people to die them more in the northeastern city of sumi fighting has mostly stopped. buses are leaving the city after an overnight air strike killed at least 20 people including 2 children. now in addition to those evacuation efforts in the cities of so many mario paul civilians are also being moved out of our pin.
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it's on the outskirts of kia gotten to north. are you training officials to say people there are being moved into the capital? no child stratford has this update from the zaplishny region, which is part of the candidate for mateo pl. that's been put on hold. so after being stationary for at least 2 hours, oh boy has now turned round and he's taking will be on the stand. will trying to take a different route to variable the decision to turn around according to the cold nature of the cold boy that we spoke to was because of reports of heavy fighting. a lonely initially plan route to burial. as we know, this is another attempt of the a number of players attempts last few days to try and get vital humanitarian aid into the beauty besieged port city. to try and pull. what we understand could be up
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to 200000 people. out of very helpful the fact that this po boy try now to take a different route does not bode well, but i can tell stuff, but al jazeera south of south origin. you're great. let's have vaskins, journeyman now from the ukrainian capital kiva step. i know you really just arrived in keys in the last few hours. talk us about to us about your journey and tell us what you've been seeing yet as taylor real accidents going on that people trying to leave the capital here. lots of cars, a traffic jam, all people going to the west to despite this offer from russia for people to get safe passage to russia or bela was it's very clear that the people from key f and other parts of, for ukraine have only one direction in which they are going, and that's to the west. so you see all these cars and they're going fairly slowly.
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i mean, trying to flee quickly from the violence. this is impossible because people are stuck. and the other way, when you go into the capital, there's also a traffic jam of people trying to help bringing food. bringing madison does all along a traffic jam as well. but what really strikes you when you get here is the silence . the, the city that's normally the home for, for 1000000 around 4000000 people has gone quiet. there is an every stillness here . and there still a security services emergency services. but all these people, so many people have left and it looks like they're holding their breath for what's coming next step. thank you very much indeed that step voss and live for us from the ukrainian capital of keys and with some residents escaping the eastern city of mario polo, heading to neighboring separatist control. done. yeah, it's not a sniff is more more about 30 kilometers east of mile pole in
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territory controlled by the self declared donates republics. this is really a very small reception. centralist over my shoulder are a couple of tents. one more of a clinic and one of the people to sit and wait. there were only really a dozen people or so there earlier when we arrived a couple of hours ago. and since then, another bus arrive is about $25.00 people on it. so it's shows that the corridor that must exist between mario pollen here is clearly working just on that many people coming down. we've only seen that one bus. there was some other people that came last night there. they're being kept in another school. but the idea of this place really is just as a center for people then to try and find elsewhere to go elsewhere. either in done yet score in the russian republic. remember, it's important that we points out that these people are escaping a city. that is surrounded by don yet, and russian forces and they're escaping into territory controlled by don yet. but
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for many them, it's a practical matter of what, what is easiest way to get out of mary or poll. and for those that have come, this is the easiest way. this is the safest place for them to be. they have been give medical treatment here, those that need it. there are a couple of people in the hospital not far from here, who are wounded and others are waiting for family members to come and take them to take them further on. as i say into don yet score if they wish to go into the russian federation near and human rights office, it says it's recorded over 1200 civilian casualties since the war in ukraine began . of that more than 400 people have been killed. an $800.00 injured, but it says the actual figures are believed to be much higher. most of the civilian casualties. awesome as strikes and explosive weapons used by russian forces with y darian effects including heavy artillery and multiple launch bucket systems. as
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a result, hundreds of residential buildings in many cities and treating chaney card keys. i have san antonio, paula, and can't have been damaged and destroyed. meanwhile, the international committee of the red cross says that the need for humanitarian aid and ukraine is a matter of life and death. this situation is really apocalyptic. for people it is getting worse. they are running out of essential supplies. and, and so our call today is really for life saving aid to reach these people. we've depleted our stocks, as i said, it stands to reason that people are coming to the end of whatever supplies they had . so when you ask if this is a, if this is a matter of life or death or is it life saving? yes for us, it is essential that her humanitarian aid gets into a city like mary paul. and i am 2 other cities that are in the midst of conflict in
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ukraine today. the greatest president vladimir zalinski has received a standing ovation from the british parliament during an address by video link from kiva. zalinski told parliamentarians that ukrainians would fight to the end against the russian invasion. but he appealed for more help to punish russia that another needs to move separate than is shamal law. the question for us now is to be or not to be this expedient question to witness. for 13 days the question was arsenal. but now i can even definitive answer is definitely a yes to be. i'd like to remind you of the words that the u. k has already heard, which are important. so here again, we will not give up. we will not lose them what we will fight till an end at sea and in the air. we will continue to fight for our land, whatever the castles. we will fight in the forests in the field on the shores,
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in the streets, british prime minister bars johnson addressed parliament following zelinski z address and called for a unified approach to the war in ukraine. the britain and our allies are determined to press or to prism in supplying our ukrainian friends with the weapons they need to defend their homeland as they deserve death to press on with type in the economic vice around vladimir putin. and we will stop importing russian oil. mister speaker, my resume or friend, the bid the secretary. what date the house on that to morrow. and we will employ every method that we can diplomatic humanitarian and economic, mister speaker until vladimir putin has failed in this disastrous denture. and ukraine is free. once more. a correspondent the dean, bob was joining me now from london. nadeem. you were watching the ukrainian president speech at the mercy british parliament via video link. it was
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a very measured speech. talk us through what your impression was of it. rob. it was clearly tailored to the extract you played a reference the ah shakespeare character, hamlet and then there was a or a nor dora slightly changed quite from the churchill speech during world war 2, which the been prime minister gave here in the house of commons. so it was a, a long, detailed description of how the 13 days of the war had gone the various atrocities . but he said that the russian forces had committed, but he made it clear that term. it beat that at one stage, it was clear that ukraine's allies would not closing the skies above ukraine as he put it. and at the end of his address, he urged the united kingdom. please make sure our skies are safe. he also said m m, he'd like to see the pressure 3 sanctions increased on russia. well,
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the u. k. and other nato members of make clear that they are not contemplating imp, imposing an a for his own. they are not a pre themselves in a situation where they'd have to shoot down russian planes or over ukraine, seeing that as a, as a direct entry into war with russia, with all that, that implies for them fight it. he will have been president since he will have been encouraged by the announcements in the last few hours that the u. k. for example, is moving to phase out oil or from russia. the there are other and controversial m steps which the, the u. k. has been accused of not doing enough on, in terms of targeting all the gods, for example in london. but in general, his address went down very well. and boris johnson and the leaders of all the opposition parties expressed their solidarity bars. johnson, as you heard, saying that they would use all means or methods diplomatic and others to help
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ukraine, but not really going into any specifics that him thank you very much. and in barbara talking to us from london, you as president jo biden's band, russian oil imports has global sanctions toughen against moscow over its invasion of ukraine. b, u. s. is looking to replace russian oil with imports from other energy which nations and investments in clean energy. but there is concern in the u. s. at the ban on russian crude will push gas prices higher in the run up to mid term elections. we're banning all in ports of russian oil and gas and new g m e is russian oil no longer be acceptable at u. s. ports in the american people will deal another powerful blow to put his war machine. this is a move that has strong bipartisan support congress and i believe in the country. murray, because of rally support, had ran into sports or ukrainian people and made it clear we will not be part of subsidizing food for this made. we made this decision to close consultation with
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our allies on our partners around the world, particularly in europe. because a united response to prudence aggression has been our overriding focus to keep all nato and all the you and our allies totally united or kimberly hawk has tanya and i live from the white house. kimberly, this is a little bit of a balancing act in the sense i think from the white house between the one hand, it has to be seen to be doing something. and this is a symbolic act at the same time as we were just talking about. we've got the midterm elections with very high gas prices. yeah, this is certainly a problem for the white house in terms of the fact that the u. s. president. acknowledge this is going to drive us gas prices up even higher. and the fact is they're already high. what americans are paying in terms of a price per gallon in the us right now is about $4.00. and that is out for about
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$2.77 a year ago. and the reason for that is not only the coven pandemic, but also high inflation. right now, some of the highest price up from about $2.77 a year ago. and the reason for that is not only the coven pandemic, but also high inflation. right now, some of the highest prices in 40 years and so of the u. s. economy is still struggling to get on track. and now given these sanctions, the u. s. president, acknowledging that there is going to be some short term pain, but the u. s. president, very clear that he believes that the united states consumer is not going to be financing putin's war. now, the reason that the united states is able to do these sanctions, but some european partners are not, is because the united states does not use as much russian energy at as the united or as in europe does. and just to give you an example, in terms of the russian oil imports into the united states,
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it's about 700000 barrels a day in terms of oil. that's about 10 percent of the nation's energy supply, as contrast that to europe's needs, and that is 4000000 barrels a day. so it's a significant difference. you can see why the u. s. is doing this. but again, because of the impact on the american consumer, the white house was a bit reluctant to do this, but it was because the u. s. congress was moving ahead both republicans and democrats agreeing on this, which is pretty rare in the united states right now. that the white house decided to go ahead and do it. now we should point out in all of this that this is something that the united states believes is going to have a symbolic effect on russia. given the fact that there are other places that russia can go to sell its oil. and this is something that the united states believes is going to be symbolic, but also is going to have an effect. and again, we should also point out that this is coming in
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a series of very punishing sanctions that the united states in conjunction with allies has put in place in recent weeks. targeting oligarchy, targeting vladimir putin closest associates seizing their assets, freezing their assets in the united states, and the u. s. president says this had a significant effect. so in conjunction, the u. s. believes that it is having an effect on russia that it is of stalling its efforts to fine as the russian invasion of ukraine. and this is the latest effort to do so. kimberly thank you very much. kimberly hawker talking to us from the waiters. some of the european union's times he cut his dependence on russian gas by 2 thirds this year. the european commission as published wide ranging plans, which it says will and reliance and russian energy. well before 2030. the strategy includes expanding wind and solar energy plants to replace billions of cubic meters of gas by december, we'll our diplomatic editor james base is joining us now from paris is kimberly was
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explaining there. so this is an easier move far american than it is for europe. because europe is very heavily exposed to the russian at gas markets, they might want to do something, but it's going to be more difficult for them to, to make such a dramatic move. yes, 30 percent of the ease energy comes from russia. so it would be a very difficult move to do what the u. s. has done and cut it off completely. there will be problems. we're still at the end of winter here. that the problems for consumers that be big problems for businesses across the european union as well . if that measure was taken as they've done in the u. s. the u. k, saying it will follow suit the following, the, the u. s. by the end of the year till fe plays out oil imports. what i think is going on at the moment is it's intense diplomacy to try and show unity. even though there are some differences, as we've seen on the issue of energy,
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but show unity between europe and the u. s. and one of the key figures in that has been the secretary of state antony blinking. he's been to the countries that are close to ukraine and take he in the refugees. he's been to see the baltic states countries that are very close to russia, members of e u, a nato that are very worried about the situation. he's here now in paris. he's been meeting with his counterpart, he's also been meeting with president macro president. macro, of course, has been in touch with president putin reasonably recently. and an interesting conversation that was had earlier on today with the german chancellor, president macro and president she of china. china, also very important in this because china normally is seen to be on russia's side of the argument and most issues. it's a country that has considerable leverage with russia. so i think the u. s. secretary of state, keen to see what's going on in that front. and as i say, keen to take the temperature of europe to see if there any further measures they
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can take. there is not no app, no appetite for a no fly zone, but there are some advocating perhaps a partial, no fly zone, to protect humanitarian corridors. and the still the issue of the possible sale by poland of combat aircraft ex, soviet combat aircraft to ukraine. they perhaps could please an a no fly zone. these are the sort of issues that are being discussed. an important meeting on the european side, coming up at the end of the week, a summit meeting of all the leaders of the 2070 you countries. in this issue of no fly zone of good clears to be a obviously is a sticking point. we heard you colleen in president of a lot, amir zalinski, referring again in his speech to parliament about i am the need for a no fly zone. but as you were saying, there, of course, nato and other countries absolutely digging their heels and making it absolutely clear that there will be no nato troops on the soil in ukraine. and there will be no flies on unless, as you mention perhaps some sort of arranging their heels and making it absolutely
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clear that there will be no nato troops on the soil in ukraine. and there will be no flies on unless, as you mentioned, perhaps some sort of arrangement for a partial, no fly zone. and that's something that so that's some, a former us officials are put forward this idea of a partial no fly zone that could protect the humanitarian corridors. the problem with that i think, is the problem of any source of no flies. and if russia decides to breach that partial no fly zone if rich russia, as we've already seen, isn't respecting any cease fires and humanitarian corridors, and they put the no fly zone to protect the humanity and corridors. then ultimately, you're going to have a position where nato and the u. s. will have to shoot down russian aircraft, and that is, i think the big fear that's when things could seriously escalate. james, thank you very much. indeed, that's our diplomatic editor james base talking to us from paris. alexander as
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a geopolitical oil analyst on europe, russia and the middle east. and also he's the president of energy intelligence. he's joining us for la. well, i mean there are some select refiners that count on russian oil, so they're gonna have to find some replacements. but i think again, we should keep it in perspective. the u. s. has been reducing your oil imports rush over the last 6 months or so that you stand point around 25300000 barrels a day at the end of last year. it was down to 90000 barrels day. and what we're hearing now is less than that in the 1st months of 2022. so it's the amount of oil is going to be u. s. a small and it can be replaced. on the other side, b, u. s. does in port products, oil products from russia, diesel, and others that are refined products that's also been coming down over the last couple of months. and that can be replaced as well. we were hearing from a corresponding james base there that there is also a longer term initiative by european countries and also the u. k. as well to start
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phasing out the use of russian oil and gas. if that is the case, what is russia go? what are the markets that are available to russia if it does manage to r a does, is faced with not selling to the u. s. as it is now and the european countries? well, i think it's worth noting that a ban on importing gas or oil european union, it is a much bigger deal. i mean, the european union counts on 40 percent of its gas imports from russia at large percent of their oil comes russian. very specific refineries in germany and very heavily on russian oil. so it will be a big deal if you're goes down this path. and i think when we look at the numbers, it's going to be challenging to do that. you can do it over time. as far as what markets that russia is going to have to sell to, it really comes down to china and china, we know as a massive amount for oil. it likes rushing barrels. so and russian,
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china has been working on alliance in the background. the last couple months and part of this certainly was a committed commitment from china actually by russian oil. so really is going to come down to whether the chinese are going to be able to step in on this gap. there have been an increasing number of analysts that we've been talking to over the last few weeks or so that have been suggesting that if russia is put under pressure like this, it may be tempted just to simply shut off the supply immediately. now, in practical political terms, canada actually do that, and if it did, that would actually be of any benefit to russia. well, i mean, russia has a very clear start, that it feels as contractual obligations for the gas line. and i think this is the most important thing. they live in, blythewood fire and even through complex chapter. however, it also isn't very important source hard currency for russia,
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which is mr. are there is going to be dust, all light sand, new visibility, or through the process started to iraq. now in conjunction with that, that normally brings out a europe means a still a winter storm over turkey. the to come together provide some pretty big contrast in temperature. which is where you tend to generate significant weather. so the sas where it's quieter, tempt you to the thing because they are rising in dubai. and this also goes the rest of the emirates and cut out to some degree the temperatures are well about whether it should be by us, where it's quieter tempted to the thing because they rising in dubai. in this also goes to rest the emirates and cut out to some degree the temperatures are well above well, it should be by his, the wind to division higher ground and some right across the salt to the north that the south want is the thick dough. hong dubai, at 35 and rising still by 13 could touching 42 i to that ignore the madagascar that still remains of a tropical cycle. that may well reform in the channel to sierra,
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for china in the us sleep walking their way to war in the struggle of a ukraine. here is the test for president joe biden, which is really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture. if your personal united states, if you're, if you go to walk in through gum at the same time, your weekly pay on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will be, you can use in current affairs. that matter to years, lou ah, watching or does it a reminder about top stories this or ukraine is attempting to evacuate. people from besieged areas to felt the force of russian bombardment. but
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a convoy of bosses and humanitarian aid vehicles heading to mario pulse was turned around after reports of russian shelling against president vladimir savanski has received a st of asian from the but his parliament doing an address by video link. zelinski appealed for more help and the fight against russia. yes, president joe, by this band, russian oil imports over moscow's invasion of ukraine. mothers concerned that the ban on russian crude were pushed sewing gas prices even higher. russia has seriously underestimated both ukraine and nato. according to the organizations secretary general at a press conference in landfills capital reger just oldenburg said. russian president vladimir putin's war on ukraine has shattered piece in europe and shaken the international order. but he said nato was united in solidarity at
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a critical moment in its history. preston pertains war on ukraine, has shattered peace in europe. it has shaken the national order, and it continues to take devastating toll on the ukrainian people. but putin seriously, under estimated ukraine, and he's seriously under estimated the strength and the unity of nato, and all friends and partners around the world. tim 5, the marshal di schulman, professor of post soviet politics at columbia university is also author of weak strong man the limits of power and proteins, russia and he's joining us from new york. very good. have you. we're the set on al jazeera. thank you very much. indeed, and we know more about what is happening and on the ground in ukraine with regard to perkins forces. but we know a lot less about how this is being received within russia itself. give us your assessment of how vladimir putin is probably balancing the military operation as he
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calls it in ukraine, with the politics at home. sure, so president put in like most autocrats must deal with the threats from his inner circle and also mass mobilization from the black. and this was a decision taken by a single individual likely in conversation with maybe a half dozen other people. so there's been no real prep work to explain to the foreign policy elite or jack anomaly, or even more so to the mass public about why this was a good idea. and the met public has generally been very skeptical about the use of military force against ukraine as past surveys over the last decade of demonstrated, i think we are seeing as often happens when countries go to war. you know, a patriotic mood has got some portion of the population, but i think it's really more fracture the russian population between those 2 favor
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. let me put in view of a fortress, russia bent on, showing its military might. and the part of russian society that wants to be part of the 21st century and have been more open, more liberal democratic russia. president barton, during his speech that we aired just about an hour ago or so ago, was talking about the fact that there was an international task force that was in the process of trying to seize large yachts from, from russian, all the galks and to freeze their assets and so on. how much of an impact do you think that genuinely has because obviously the long term hope is that that is going to force them to influence. let me put in to my friends is that the sanctions that have been levied against russia. our unprecedented rushes of the largest economy that experience sanctions like this. it has had devastating effects
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on the currency, which is falling from $75.00 rules to the $1.00 to $140.00 and caused a lot of pain for russian government officials who are trying to pay the bills. it's also cause a lot of pain among the mass public. and one question to watch is the extent to which the russian public blames. but even putin, for taking actions that initiated the sanctions or the west for actually levying the sanctions. so will very much have to see how that plays out. my sense is that it's likely that the russian economy and the political system could become much less governmental as the financial system sees, is up as factories close down. and let me put in, who has always been keen to ward off even a hint of domestic political instability may feel pressure through this route rather than through the direct pressure of all of our last great deal. i want to ask more about that because of course we've been hearing quite
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a lot about large international companies who have been pulling out voluntarily. shell was one of them soft. and in general electric was that was another one. we've heard visa, we've had credit card companies who been pulling out as well, and looking ahead, whatever the outcome is in ukraine. what do you think the future holds for russia in the world? but it's really bleak and the i look at a whole generation russian colleagues who for the last 25 years have enjoyed the benefits of globalization. being able to travel, having access to netflix, being able to be part of a global community. and that's going to be extremely difficult as barriers go up to travel, to cultural exchange. and as the sanctions really a cold. i just saw today that mcdonalds called out, or at his close the operations at least for the moment. and that's very symbolic
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because they were one of the 1st companies to open in 1990 in moscow to great fanfare. so this is really kind of the icing on the cake to show the extent to which private companies are pulling out of russia. we really appreciate your getting the benefit of your expertise or so. thank you. tim fry. thank you very much. thank you. the run says to 1000000 people have notified the fighting in ukraine and crossed into neighboring countries more than 290000 of them of arrived in romania. out of the hamid reports from the border between romania and ukraine in the bitter cold waiting. an acute can feed longer than it already is. theirs is a story of people fleeing award. they didn't expect mothers taking their children across the border. family is being torn apart as men between the age of 18 to 60. i'm not allowed to leave ukraine under martial law. and marina at diversity was
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traveling alone with her 12 year old son, stayed in cave for as long as she could, didn't have thought of another one should. so get a little we stayed because we thought the wood and attorney moment. it was relatively quiet in our way we heard the bombing, but we didn't think it would get to us until the very last moment. we realized we had to escape when we heard miss house flying over our head. despite the warnings, few believed award breakout until it actually happened. detail about how they were caught off guard not expecting to become refugees. and in the mid a group of indian students who arrived in harley keep only 3 weeks ago to start medical school. it was around 16 days. we were like, we thought that there will be no war and they were there, i just argue and all. but suddenly this happened and viva of you all went to the bunker and we had to, oh, you know, we had a really hard time. there were no facility to which we, oh oh,
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we could skip from there. so we decided to go buy food. we traveled, i guess 20 kilometers by foot and finally breezed boyd ally and then we managed to move from there with the bus a little further down the line. yeah, my husband is trying to cheer up. these are the last moments they will be together as a family, until who knows when she's afraid for me says, but i think she would be bored without me. she will have nobody to neg, they have travelled for 3 days, thumbs up for the job in the eastward, the russian army advancing. yep. os, most of the guys at the law. i woke up at 5 am because i heard a huge, loud bang. i thought something fell down from the shelf from the room next door, but the airport was being bombed. her slona made the same journey, leaving behind her husband, sister nieces and nephews. she's begging them to move fast before they get caught
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up into fighting. she's upset that your life has been up ended, it was a good, simple one. and she had plans for the future. and she rejects russian president vladimir putin claims that civilians are not being targeted. knew that the do prob, let's do this is not true. it's full scale, we're being annihilated. people are dying, children, elderly, everybody, we have to run by foot as soon as there was an opportunity. it's not true, they're killing us for school. many of the people here are russian speakers, those booting claim. this war is aiming to protect. they became victims of a conflict that started in their name. but up there, i mean, others euro alone do ukraine romania border. but some people are the polish border, are heading back him to ukraine, and that includes fallen fighters after the government established on international legion for those coming from abroad. as in basra,
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every has spoken to some of them as people continue to flee the war in ukraine, some rush to get to its front lines. don't relax, bravery or bravado mormon, like this one are coming to ukraine's aid every day. inspired perhaps by a social media campaign. i'm and all right, or a call to arms for volunteers by ukrainian leaders under siege in their own capital . from her home near keith, less jo, vaseline co says there is something to do for everyone coming to ukraine's defense . you are fighting the 2nd biggest on the and the world and the nuclear power. that, of course, our military resources are not enough. so we need more people here on the ground. we need more weapons here on the ground. we need more sophisticated weapons here on the ground to be able to span and keep standing as an independent free country.
9:38 pm
this is the struggle and the wide that we invite the bully, the world to join volunteers who contact ukrainian embassies are directed to the website for the international legion of the defense of ukraine. this is one of the locations recruits can find themselves signing up and boarding buses to cross the border. we met a ukrainian coordinator who declined to speak on camera or give his full name or even his rank. but he said he was there to help volunteers find their way to the fight. this roadside motel near the border has become a kind of unofficial recruitment point for volunteers wanting to fight in ukraine. we've been here a few hours and we've met people from europe. the united states, great britain, many more have already crossed over many more are expected to. julian is $22.00 and says he served in the dutch military and was deployed to have gone to stun. i'm not looking for violence per se. it's more that i'm looking for to give the people that hope that they see, they're not alone in this fight. he still undecided unwilling to sign
9:39 pm
a contract to serve until the end of the war. whenever that might be, the open ended contract has also put our volunteers at the medical border crossing . if they say all you, you can stay and fight by a 3 month. you can go home to see your families and come back if you want. oh oh, even one year, but we know in one year we going we got home but and it's going truck. does no dag dies know when we could go home, you know, so yeah, that was the point for me to change mind others remain undeterred. jay is from portugal lives in london and says his motivation comes from his young daughters that he is fighting to defend their future, their freedoms, the lack of action by the west. i just personally don't think sanctions are enough and i understand the fear of world war 3. but as you can see, this is the beginning of world war 3. personally, i don't think i'm being brave. i'm just doing what i'd like people to do. if the u
9:40 pm
. k was under attack and far as johnson was begging for help, highly experienced soldiers are sent to the front line. less experienced recruits are kept back to help territorial defense units and treat the wounded. j says he trusts ukraine will let him go home if he has family and is unafraid. as he commits himself to a war that could go on for years. zane basra, the old 0 at the ukraine border in eastern poland. well, as fighters are heading into a country for several cities are under intense bombardment by russian forces, with its troops advancing on the capital, it running soldiers are already helping with efforts to evacuate. turns around keith as natasha battle reports from live in western ukraine. his little comfort in war, but some people are doing all they can. the 3rd day ukrainian forces evacuate people from it, a pin on the outskirts of ukraine's capital keith. it's
9:41 pm
a precarious journey. russian shelling is never very far away. european. yup. st. louis, talking of 3 openings, been constantly shell lawyer, plains bombing russian soldiers audits at home. there is no electricity, like water, no heating, and the temperature is going down. we had to go had glitchy it made that we hadn't, hadn't, and russia so much. i hope the war will be over soon. one of the conservative people are also fleeing sumi, east of keys off to russia and ukraine agreed on a temporary cease fire in the area. days of russian shelling have flattened parts of the city. this is what is left after an overnight attack, killed more than 20 people, including children in their homes. moscow's offered once again to evacuate people from a number of other cities, but only if they go to russia or belarus for ukraine's president. it is a proposition, state and cynicism, but they ensure that
9:42 pm
a small corridor to the occupied territory is open for a few dozen people. not so much to russia, but to the propagandist directly to the television cameras. so they can say this is who saves people. just cynicism just propaganda. nothing more. rushes military says this video shows is tanks. ne keith. when the city people are scared, daily life has moved underground. intense times, the vulnerable, often suffered almost every day. more children arrive at this orphanage from different parts of ukraine. svetlana tells me the invasion, adds another painful layer to already difficult childhood on a pic, especially the 1st group that arrived harris from less a chance. there were many, yet very young kids among them or they were traumatized. anxious when the siren sounded. they would get really scars. lister was in the children have been brought here to escape the russian shelling and the fighting. but some of them were already
9:43 pm
victims of war. these children are from eastern ukraine where a war against russian back separatist started 8 years ago. young lives that have never known a world without conflict. nastier is from keep a typical teenager living in on typical times. my last is thrown, my sister and i couldn't sleep at night, relieved in an apartment as i was born, been all the time. so we took into the gray, trained to hear my boy. oh, the dorothy seems to be everywhere. ukraine as does defiance. protest is in the southern city of chaplain could tell russian soldiers to go away. oh, people want the conflict to end. they want the killing to stop. families are being shouted futures last ukrainians. wonder how many soldiers will sacrifice their lives for no one he wanted. natasha butler, al jazeera levine,
9:44 pm
ukraine, us intelligence leaders, a warning of an ugly next few weeks in ukraine with expectations. president putin will intensify his assault on the country, as despite the military said, banks and economic hardships that have had russia since the invasion began. well, let's go to political haine now on capitol hill. this was the 1st chance i thing to hear from you as intelligence officials about the situation, but that's not a good picture. they're painting no, a very bleak assessment. now this hearing was pre scheduled to talk about threats facing the united states, but obviously what's happened in ukraine, the russian invasion, that was really the main focus here. and as you said, this was really the 1st time to hear publicly from the u. s. top intelligence officials and they really backed up what we've been hearing from outside experts. they believe that russian president vladimir putin really miscalculated that they believed i that he thought he could take the country very quickly. a very. busy low
9:45 pm
cost that his war chest would insulate his country. that sanctions wouldn't go as far as they have. that he really underestimated the strength of the youth crating military force and overestimated just how strong the russian military is. now they went on to say that they believe the fur, mister putin, this is a war that he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. so the obvious question is, what happens next? and they painted a pretty bleak assessment. thinking probably still remains confident that russia can militarily defeat ukraine and wants to prevent western support from tipping the balance and forcing a conflict with nato or analyst failed to see how he could sustain a puppet regime or a pro russian leadership that he tries to install in the face of what is a massive opposition from the ukranian people that's created the strong sense of ukrainian nationhood and sovereignty that he faces today. so i failed to see how he can produce that kind of an end game. and where that leads, i think, is,
9:46 pm
is for an ugly next few weeks in which he doubles down, as i said before, with scant regard for civilian casualties in which urban fighting can get even uglier to ivan and briefings with senior military officials at the pentagon. and pretty much every day, and they have steadfastly refused to talk about the potential number of casualties . but a general was asked by the congressman and he said they have low confidence that russia has lost between 20024000 soldiers. so now the question here on capitol hill is what's next. they are now taking up a measure to fund about $12000000000.00 is the expected amount and humanitarian military aid. don't exactly know what the breakdown is, but there is a sense of urgency. you'll remember recently a president joe biden announced that $350000000.00 military hardware would be going into ukraine. they say that that's been happening every day. busy for the pentagon says it has been and that they are pretty much running to the end of that amount.
9:47 pm
so congress poised to take the $12000000000.00 an aid. there is a lot of pressure to get this done quickly because of the urgency of the situation . it is a bipartisan effort, so it is expected to pass quickly, possibly as early as this week, as practical him, bringing this up to date from capitol hill party. thank you. so i had on our de 0 premier league clubs pledge more than a $1000000.00 to help people in ukraine peters gonna the sports coming up. ah
9:48 pm
ah ah ah ah ah,
9:49 pm
not for the sports and heres peter. well, thank you very much. english premium clubs have agreed to remove their games from russian television screens. league will cancel a writes deal with the state owned broad costa following the invasion of ukraine. the premier league has used matches of the last 2 weekends to show solidarity with ukraine by displaying the country's blue and yellow flag at stadiums in england's top division. premium clubs will also donate $1300000.00 to deliver humanitarian aid to ukraine. although they have not made a decision yet on next season's rights deal with a different broadcaster, owned by states energy giant gas from meanwhile, seaford has opened a special transfer window for foreign players stranded in ukraine. they'll be allowed to temporarily suspend their contracts with russian clubs until the end of the season to allow them to leave. teams in other countries will be allowed to sign
9:50 pm
up to 2 players who have been at clubs in russia all ukraine. but players union fif pro says it will be hard for them to find employment for such a short time. fever have also agreed to ukraine's request to postpone. they will come playoff game against scotland. the teams of tea to play at hampton park in glasgow on march 24th discussions are underway for a new date. with june, the most likely option the russian football union is preparing to face the court of arbitration for sport to get they will have been overturned. as it stands, russia cannot face poland in they play a full concert. 2022 after fever. and you a for expel them from international competitions. sports law expert antwan duvall has been looking at how russia might argue their case. why not
9:51 pm
suspend those games? we understand the situation. but you know. 2 i days a lot of outraged our security risks for also our teams and participating in those competitions. and we would ask, however, not to be withdrawn funds from petition, but to postpone those competition. and then we are looking at it that we focus on the question whether they are there and, and in that, on the ration side there will be arguments coming in about what about all the other was. why, why us a sickly. oh, why this? why are e's batty canal specie? sheik in constituting force measure mexican, no authority to have denied there were any deaths resulting from abroad during
9:52 pm
a football match. at the weekend, the violent clashes among spectators occurred in a 1st division game between league champions, atlas, and home team. kenneth thought or more than 20 people were taken to hospital with 3 fans reportedly in critical condition and investigation into the violence has been opened by the state of kept at arrow and b, mexican football league said they will pursue at sanctions against those responsible for the brutal attacks will number 3 tennis player alexanders verify has been given an 8 week suspended ban from the atp to following his violent outburst at a tournament in mexico. last month. the olympic champion struck the empire's chair multiple times before losing a doubles match. said, have also receives an additional 5 of $25000.00. the band will come into effect. should he re offend in the next 12 months? he's total funds over the incidence of $60000.00,
9:53 pm
tennis channel commentator john worth. i'm says the punishment fails to fit the crime. that act of violence was just extraordinary for tennis that was inches away from the empire and bear my 2. this is a players thereof. who is currently under investigation or alleged domestic violence. so for him to act like that, while this other investigation for a violent act is ending, is it just inexplicable that he is not being suspended properly in a conventional league? primarily the nfl there? there's wires on one side management on the other. there's a bargaining agreement and players are up in or suspended while the investigation is underway. that kind of policy doesn't exist in tennis. so by, you know, by, by the letter of the lot you should be playing use an independent contractor. however, the, the optic here are just terrible. and i wonder why europe himself doesn't just say, listen, this is bad for the sport. nobody, when you're, i'm going to duck out until this investigation is complete,
9:54 pm
but for him to go on playing is really, really extraordinary. and this is a partnership, 5050 players and turner, so the players don't want to sanction their own. and the tournaments, remember novak brokovich on back me just playing a lot. roger federer is injured. serena william dylan playing, they need star. so i think the tournament doesn't have much incentive to suspend their of the players. don't want to suspend one of their colleagues and what you're left with is this unfortunate situation we have in the, in be a legendary coach. greg popovich has tied the record for most all time victories. the 5 time champion now has 1355 winds. popovich has achieved them off with just one thing, the san antonio spurs over 26 years. you'll have these 1st chance to break the record at home against the toronto raptors on wednesday. the 1st test between pakistan and australia ended in a draw in rubble pin the earlier australia was still battling with them at the
9:55 pm
store to say no, my darling eventually ended with 6 wickets as the hosts took a 17 run 1st in lead a shot there was no real chance of results from that point. pakistani openers abdulla shaheen and emanuel huck did take advantage of that. his voicemail, he centuries in unbeaten partnership for 252 livery. the 2nd taste starts on saturday and out in the. okay. that's all the schools he said, i'll be here again later with another updates broke a to thank you very much indeed. now you can find a lot more on our website, of course. but bobby sarah is going to be here in a couple of minutes worth more on all these stories, including ukraine's attempts to try to in factory people from besieged areas in ukraine. john, or if you come by ah, during the debate there is no he job bad credit union. i mean,
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you've broken hard since people escaped their broken cities, the ukraine exodus passes 2000000 but it is a long and dangerous road to safety. renewed shelling forces buses to make a u turn again. delaying evacuation. ah, hello, i'm barbara. sorry you're watching out.


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