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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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oh, wow. oh, now, jesse. yeah, i know i'm brushing estrada on the ukrainian city of denise bro land, near a kindergarten kid, and at least one person add ports and to west in ukrainian. cities are also targeted as roches military offensive widens. ah, i'm kid vanelle with continuing extensive coverage of the ukraine war. they've already endured hardship now. the anxious wait for people trying to say safe in ukraine's capital as russian forces approach. and you satellite images appear to
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show the large russian military convoy near keith has split up to be re deployed into towns and forests snare by also a hedge, a serious escalation. the u. s. says north korea is testing a new intercontinental ballistic miss on maisie grainy and cities have faced more bombardment with a growing humanitarian crisis in areas caught off by russian forces. ukraine's emergency services say 3 strikes, landed snare, a residential building, and a kindergarten in any bro killing one person. the city was once considered relatively safe for those fleeing besieged areas of ukraine. civilians in the port city of mario pole are struggling for food unfulfilled of the days of rush and bombardment. ukraine says more than 1300 people have been killed there. and you
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satellite imagery shows a russian, a convoy that was sitting outside the capital key, if has been re positioned parts of the convoy thought to be shelling the city of new bianco. and we have 3 teams across the latest developments in ukraine will go to natasha. butler olivia shortly and sim on conn and keith at 1st it's go to honda abdel hamid who joins us live from denise pro hot or warm. or can you tell us about these attacks on the city? well, these attacks happened early morning, around 6615. they were air sire, is going on for a few hours after that. now this is the 1st time this city is targeted since the beginning of the war. many people expected that to happen. i would speak to them, and i would say, it's not a matter of when, but of a fraud about when, what i was targeted is an industrial complex down that road is still corded off. will use is not allowing us to go there saying that they're still searching for
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unexploded ordnance. it is what was described to us as a industrial complex with a sort of railway network that connects them. we do know that their heavy machinery factory was hit, a, a sort of whole enhancing chemical factory was hit, and then there's a 3rd location older that was hit next to the kindergarten. as you mentioned earlier came, but this is the 1st time this city, the 3rd largest in ukraine was targeted and certainly is going to have a ripple effect on the people living here. i thank you for that. i played other odd, abdullah made their anthony pro, i let speak now to him on con, who is in the capital key of iran talk to us about this convoy military convoy, which was outside of the capital and is now apparently dispersed was so completely dispersed as we understand that what we're saying is satellite
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imagery. all that come of that convoy re deploying may be in effect. so now that convoy has actually been outside the west of care for about a since actually march 15th. it's about 40 kilometers long, but the russians were having real problems supplying it with food and fuel and weaponry. so it remains stuck to the ukrainian air force has managed to actually hit some of that convoy. so those are maybe the reasons that it is actually re deploying a to try and secure the food and a fuel supply line, maybe to avoid ukrainian air strikes. but also what we're hearing is it may be re, re deploying to areas elsewhere, other front lines if so that's a change in attack. take a lot of, there's a lot of kind of information coming in that is unverified. so the, it, this is very much a kind of a moving story will know much more about what's happening is that conway throughout
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the day. but what we do know, what we can confirm is that the nature of that convoy heavy russian arm a convoy is changing. what does that mean? it could mean that they are preparing for an offensive, insecure air and they read, deploying their forces elsewhere to other flood vines, which sounds like it could be just another escalation in this ongoing wall and iran. in the past few days we've seen people coming into key is to escape shelling from the outskirts or in town surrounding key. if one located hostile man front was we were coming in late last night into a keep. we saw a number of people entering and the city coming through the same checkpoints as we did. we were surprised. we've got a couple of questions and it was people fleeing from other areas. the real question is at will they stay in keith? 50 percent of the city is actually evacuated already. i'm just going to leave out
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the way the camera. i just show you how empty it actually is. and this is the busiest thoroughfare in kia in cave and look at it. it's completely empty. just a few calls going around. so whether that me stay here or they actually leave is entirely up to them. a lot of people are trying to get out to safe areas towards living, et cetera, and maybe even out the country altogether. but my colleagues that voss and she has more on this, chased away thy bombs and bullets. these refugees are trying to understand why their lives were destroyed in just 2 weeks. the apartments shalt and burnt. they took the brunt of the russian offensive towards the capital. residence of butch and war sell in the north. west of keith were finally evacuated after being locked up in their basements for days, with little food and water, their cities now under russian control. well, what is along the russians tell us not to be afraid. they will not hurt us,
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but they create conditions that are very frightening. we see that people who try to move out of the city by cars carrying their things are being shot at. but we could see the front st covered in blood fit, lana, dirtier escaped with her husband and children after russian troops shot at our house and took over the apartment block if one the wall and they are going 30 years later, they said nothing to people whose apartments they occupied to one person, they said just go to the basement. one neighbor wanted to come to his flat to take some clothes before evacuating, but they did not allow him. he left with only his documents. others dallas about russian soldiers throwing smoke grenades into basements, to force people out and ordering men and boys to strip and crawl. a woman tells us an 11 year old boy was killed doing that, if not only managed to escape a war zone, but also the harshness of life under russian occupation. many here are too afraid to share their stories on camera instead of liberating ukrainians from naziism and
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flattery. me put and says he wants to do men here. say there is nothing liberating about this war, aren't you? we'll go for jerry. the russian advanced towards the capital received a serious blow when ukrainian forces destroyed part of a large column of tanks, ukrainian air for so far as also managed to protect the give from serious attacks from the sky. that ukraine is suffering losses to law for difficult thought about the lucas lost our tanks bombed as well in the streets of boucher. there is a large column of destroyed russian tanks, but close to our house. there is a column of ukrainian tanks also destroyed. you thought of the visa, full of me escaped russian, occupied boot. jack just one hour away from keith. he says, russian soldiers match people falls into the same card. go to my awesome guys. what are you doing here? everyone who's speaking russian, who are you trying to liberate? many here from don't mass. we came in 2014. they gestured to me that they had no
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idea or talk with you a little while russian soldiers might not be sure about the goal of this war to many ukrainians. it's clear they believe, flooding me, put in his aiming for my don square in the center of keith, a symbol of a revolution 8 years ago that brought ukraine closer to europe, a price that ukraine will defend, that all they have steadfast and al jazeera keith leads me not to natasha butler, who joins us live from live in western ukraine and natasha to airport in the west of the country been attacked. what do we know? yes, sir. russian forces targeting these 2 a sites in western ukraine. and you know, the west of the country has been relatively sped or from the fighting so far that has taken place mainly in the north, in the east. and the south bought a could be
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a closing. and that is the sense that some people have here. we have a one airport in the air field that was hit outside the southwest in town of ivana . frank kissed the men in that city, sounded the air sirens, and said that there were 3 explosions. we saw some footage from residence reportedly, of the plumes of smoke that were rising over the horizon off to those explosions. and then another air field in the north west of ukraine, outside the city of lute school that was also targeted by an air strike the mer that again, putting out a warning to residence, to stay inside, to go down to their basements and loads is about a 150 kilometers north of the veil where i am now. and during the night at about 4 o'clock in the morning local time a sovereigns sounded out. people were told to go under ground for safety. now that was seen as something over precaution, but as you can imagine,
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it is fueling anxiety here as people do worry that russian forces could be changing direction. are natasha. bother, therefore us in the vip. thank you. let's bring in ben hodges. he is pershing chair and strategic studies sent for european policy analysis and joins of fi. scott from frank for thank you for your time, from what we saying on the ground. these latest developments, new cities attacked, including the me pro. that lodge convoy outside of key is apparently moving redeploying mariel poll still on the seizure. what do you think is going to happen next? what should we expect next from the russian military? well, for sure, the russians are going to continue murdering ukrainian citizens. innocent people bombing civilian targets as they've been doing it because they think that this will generate, it obviously does generate millions of refugees,
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which puts huge pressure on the ukranian government, but also western governments. so it's an attempt to crack the unity and the will for us to support ukraine. what a cynical approach to murder, so many innocent people. ready and in search of their objective of taking over ukraine. so we're going to, we're going to see more of this. but actually in the long run, believe that ukraine is going to be successful that ukraine is going to win. so the russian forces are going to culminate, we are already seeing significant logistical challenges for russian forces. they clearly have not performed at a level you would expect from a nation that has invested so much in its military. and i don't think their soldiers want to be there. you think the russian military plan has transitioned now to one of attrition. talk us through that. so obviously the initial plan failed. they were over confident and i said they're not that good. they don't have the
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experience to conduct what we would call joint operations on such a large scale with air land, the special forces. so they've transition to attrition, which means to smash cities kill people, and just kind of grind their way across ukraine. but yet here we are 2 and a half weeks and they still have not taken mario or harkey, which should have been the 2 easiest cities for them to capture, given the location. and they still have not been successful there yet. i don't believe they're going to be able to take keys. he was too large. they don't have enough troops and ukrainians are fighting too well. attrition requires 3 things. time in las ammunition in endless numbers of troops, but they don't have enough time because the effects of the sanctions are going to start really being felt, i believe in the coming weeks. they are already experiencing ammunition shortages that they cannot replace. and they have
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a manpower problem there actually are more ukrainian soldiers than there are russian soldiers inside ukraine. right now, what happens once the russian military take control of a city, say, you know, in the scene it's taking control of government buildings, putting a presence out in the streets. but how does that continue if the population is hostile? if the population doesn't want the russian troops there? yeah, your question is a very good one, and it's not going to work. harrison is the, is the only major city that's actually been taken so far. and i think they don't have a very difficult time holding onto it. it requires a lot, a lot of troops to, to control a country as large as ukrainian the russians do not have them. so this is going to be an awful, painful existence for any russian occupation forces wherever they may be. so i just have a lot of confidence that as long as we continue to support ukraine,
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both economically diplomatically and with real tangible support. they will out last rushes ability and will, to by i was interested to say that much of the damage is not coming from russia's air force, but from this are launched from the ground. why is that? why isn't russia using the full capacity of its air force? well, it's again, another excellent question. so, i think we just sort of assumed that russia had this big air force and certainly they have put a lot of money into it. but there's a huge difference between having lots of airplanes, even modern airplanes, and having a good air force there's, you know, or training others joint operation and how do you them for the aircraft. and i think the russians have demonstrated that they're not that good. and also i think they were unprepared for how effective the cranial air defense has been. so
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obviously we want to continue to support koreans with air defense capability. but the, the majority of the damage being done in cities against civilians is being done by rockets and artillery, fired from ground sites in ukraine and in russia. and also from cruise missiles that are lunch from russian navy vessels out in the black c and c l. so, so i think a no fly zone doesn't address that. we've got to find ways to help you. crane destroy these weapons that are in fact causing the damage. all right, hey, thank you very much for analysis. the band hall judges from the center for european policy analysis. space for the privilege still ahead on al jazeera fueling inflation. how the warren crane is affecting the u. s. economy. and china says it's target for economic growth this year, but official warns it may be too ambitious. ah,
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hell, i was still saying some rather heavy showers into indonesia. they should start to a ship. he started to ease off now, but still pretty, a wet weather in place, just to the east of to carter. we had 81 millimeters, a friend, that is a route, a 3rd of the march average rainfalls. that gives you an idea of how unusually wet still remains here is will russia showers. they are across much of malaysia, some heavy examples coming into where the philippines over the next day or so little pocket of showers just rolling across. so the south china sea could still bring some rather wet weather into southern vietnam. and also into thailand could see increasing showers, making their way into a northern parts of australia over the next few days. i'm pleased to say those are fighting rates of,
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of had around the eastern side was starting to ease off. now the wet weather just nudging a little further north which is to go through saturday. but i'm afraid there are still for the showers falling on that already saturated grout from time to time. finally, try the se, melbourne 24 celsius 29. therefore adelaide in the similar temperature too. for person i just wanted to shout into western australia for sunday. few more showers coming back into our new south wells, maybe also into victoria and noticed there you go. still a few showers for the eastern side of the country. ah, oh, yeah, i see birds are at risk of extinction. membership plan to read the nation if from tribute $51.00 to $1.00 east investigate on algebra. ah
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al jazeera, with no news. ah, ah, your watching all jazz, there are a reminder on top stories miss. all your grades, emergency services, say 3 air strikes, landed now a residential building and a kindergarten into nepa, killing one person. the city was once considered relatively safe for people fleeing besieged areas of ukraine. roches offensive is widened to pallets of west and ukraine. what strikes targeting airport suits and yvonne oh, frank keeps your brain says 2 soldiers were killed at the risk. ebay,
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you satellite imagery shows a large russian convoy that's been sitting outside the capital key of has been moved, parts of it, a thought to be shelling, custody of labianca, of a company that owns facebook. and instagram says it's allowing a uses in some countries to break rules on violent speech and life of the war. new crane matter says von and sentiments directed at russian soldiers and president vladimir putin will be allowed from some locations but not against russian civilians. ross is responded by calling for what it describes as masses, extremist activities to be stopped. well, she says it's allowed a ukrainian repair team to restore lost power to the chernobyl nuclear side. russian troops now controlled the defunct pomp. that's where the world's worst atomic dissolves to happened in 1986. i've also taken over this apparition nuclear plant, which is europe cell. just the developments of alarmed the un nuclear watchdog.
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this chief had talks with russia and ukraine on thursday. one important thing is that a ukraine and the russian federation want to work with us with us. they agreed to work with us, and they are prepared to work with us. perhaps the gravity of my don't has to do with the revenue of the situation. because it's a very dire situation and we need to move fast than i am. i am aware of the responsibility we have and the expectations that that are the economic impact of the sanctions against russia is being south of petrol pumps in the us fuel prices. they're a soaring prison. joe biden says, moscow is to blame the republicans, blame him to lessen the conflict in ukraine effect. americans are balance reports from los angeles. this group of pennsylvania college students flew to los angeles for their spring holiday, but the soaring price of fuel has put
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a crimp in their plans for fun in the california sun while there be landed from the airport and i saw the gas prices. i was like a fuel has been expensive for months due to a pandemic induced shortfall in supply. but russia's attack on ukraine spooked markets and turbocharged prices. the oil market react much like the stock market and unfortunately, drivers are paying for that at the gas pump. high priced fuel makes the price of everything transported by road c and air more expensive driving up inflation even further. the average price of gasoline in the us is hovering at about $4.00 a gallon. that's 3.7 leaders. california is the state with the highest gasoline prices, $5.31 on average. but in some places, like here in beverly hills, it costs
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a lot more than that. the u. s. and other governments are trying to cushion the blow by releasing fuel from strategic reserves. we don't know how long this is going to last, but we are very focused on right now, alleviating pain at the palm. to the extent we can't, prices will likely remain high for the foreseeable future. the u. s. energy information agency says oil will stay above $100.00 a barrel for the rest of the year at $4.00 a gallon. is that a point where people can't take it any more, it still remains to be seen, but inevitably, we think we might see some behavioral change belt tightening is already one of brittany anderson's plans. that's definitely going to factor in how i am budgeting for my rent and my groceries paying off my debts. i was not anticipating this big of a head, a hit to americans, pocket books from a war half a world away. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles,
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a 50 percent rise and fuel prices in albania, has prompted thousands to protest in the capital tarianna. similar projects have taken place across the country. the government has binding the spike and inflation on the war and ukraine. food prices have also increased, protest is or accusing the government of profiting from the price hikes times the mother news now and the u. s. is threatening more sanctions against north korea after accusing it of developing a more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile system. the pentagon says, recent launches were attempts to evaluate the new system of grace suspended long range tests in 2017 after launching its 1st missiles capable of reaching the united states. china's li kick young has closed the annual national people's congress with his final media briefing as prime minister. he says beijing faces difficulties internationally and at home and announced measures to help with economic growth. khatri you reports from beijing. china is yearly,
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national people's congress has closed in beijing. $3000.00 officials voted to pass several administrative rules as well as policy to boost spending and the chinese gdp target of 5.5 percent. all eyes were on leak chung who will step down in 2023. after 10 years as premier. who does injure sure, this is the last year of my premier show me. we are faced with a complicated international environment and the difficulties at home. he said the pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the economy, announcing tax cuts to help struggling small businesses and the creation of $13000000.00 new jobs. the also flagged a possible loosening of china's 0 curve at 19 strategy. borders had been closed since march 2020, commenting on the war and ukraine. he said western sanctions only heard the global economies recovery from the current of virus, like other chinese officials in recent weeks. the premier failed to condemn russian attacks, but called for more dialogue and restraint. this year,
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the national peoples horace voted on laws discussed behind quarters doors. with very few details released ahead of time. analysts say the lack of transparency shows the parliamentary body is diminishing in importance. with more power concentrated around president, she didn't ping who is expected to begin his unprecedented 3rd term empower in october, gender, chair is supervision independence and that legislative power are unquestionable. decline evolve, the focus of power is shifting. so the marginalization of national people's congress seems to be inevitable juggler. the theme of this year's gathering was economic and social stability. leaders say, addressing china's growing income gap and modernizing the countryside, our top priorities. modernizing the military is also on the agenda with defense spending jumping to 7 point one percent. the communist party wants to minimize
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surprises over the next few months. paving the way for what it hopes would be a smooth leadership transition during its party congress later this year. katrina you out is irritating. chillies president elect, gabrielle burridge, will be sworn in on friday to become the countries the youngest leader and is setting more precedence as he comes power as our latin america editor, missy newman reports from santiago. oh, come deal body chiz. no ordinary precedent. i'd just barely 36, the world's 2nd youngest head of state represents the start of an era in chile and politics led by a new young generation with dreams of social the color. yeah, um, i think even my, we advanced towards a more inclusive, generous july with no one left behind. all we'll continue with the logic of privilege against which chile has risen up. what each came to the forefront a decade ago as a student leader who helped forge
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a massive revolt for better public education. then he gave up university to become a congressman for a new left wing coalition, ignoring critics of his informal attire. from a very young age. he showed leadership qualities. at age 9, he wrote, i was a bad class president in 1st grade because then i didn't know what it meant to be president, but now i'm prepared and i promise you, i'll be a good president. and please don't vote for me just because i'm your friend, which comes from point that in us overlooking the magellan street on the tip of south america, where people say the gale force winds, and the bitter cold hope forged their strong character. the bowditch family comes from a long line of croatian migrants that settled here at little bodies. his parents allowed us into their middle class home to talk about their son. they say he was always interested in politics, but that not even he imagined he'd be elected president to state months ago.
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philippa if he was chosen at such a young age, it's because it was in his cards. he was born with a mission, a very good one, but a mission that i would not have wished for him. obviously, you know, the doctor yet, but his father is less daunted as a weight of his son's responsibility. so look at me, look in and look back, we'll get you. the road is full of obstacles. and we hope that the education and the environment that we gave him will help overcome those obstacles o recent years. but each has matured from what many saw as a left when radical to what in scandinavia or french would be considered a progressive. more concerned about forging consensus and confrontation audits brings to the presidential palace behind me the energy and idealism of youth. yet if nothing else, he has become very aware that making dreams come true will not be nearly as easy as it was to make promises when he was in the opposition. writer patricia for none
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dish no sportage. well, in governor, when i broke out, he incarnates an air of transformations of a new world order that has emerging, even though he leads a generation, but takes office without experience and going 23, but on what it is already marking his style by moving into an edgy neighbourhood where he can still buy his favorite sandwich and bread while talking to the neighbors. a ritual that will be useful to keep him in touch with the temperature on the street. see a newman al jazeera santiago ah . his al jazeera, these are the top stories, ukraine's emergency services say 3 air strikes, landed now a residential building and a kindergarten in the knee pro killing one person. the city was once considered relatively safe for people fleeing besieged areas and ukraine. how the other him he has more front any pro.


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