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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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we could trade or money without banks or government award winning filmmaker. thorsten hoffman looks at all sides of the complex crypto crypto. bitcoin. no change in the engine it on auto sierra. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm molly inside. this is the news. i'll lie from doe coming up in the next 60 minutes. russian ass strikes in the ukrainian city of denise pro, hit me, a kindergarten kidding. at least one person. apples and 2, western ukrainian says he's a targeted ass, rushes, military offensive widens. ne satellite images appear to show the large russian
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military convoy near keith has place up to be re deployed into towns and forests nearby. and they have already endured hardship. the anxious wait for people in ukraine's capital was the russian forces approach on multiple fronts. and i'd swore and chelsea pick up a win in their 1st match and c u. k. government decision to sanction their russian owner, the blues, putting their worries aside to beat nor h $31.00 and the english primarily welcome to the program. major ukrainian cities have faced more bombardment, adding to humanitarian crisis in areas caught off by russian forces, ukraine's emergency services. se 3 asked strikes hit near a residential building on a kindergarten in denise pro killing. at least one person of the city was once considered relatively safe. people fleeing besieged areas off ukraine. rushes
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offensive has widened to parts of west in ukraine. that as strikes have targeted to military air feels killing at least 2 ukrainian offices. meanwhile, people and madea poll all struggling for food on fuel off to days of russian bombardment. ukraine says more than 1300 have been killed in the port city. well, we have 5 correspondents following developments in the swan to promote to get us a james base is in vasa for us. and we have been a smith in the russian after on in ukraine. we have natasha butler, iran con on hold a, a, a me less fuss. go to hold a who is in denise pro deeper. of course a major stronghold in central, easton, ukraine. what more can you tell us about these attacks that have taken place on the city? well, those are the 1st attacks actually on the city of denise pro,
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since the war started according to the military was targeted. it was a kind of industrial complex where there was a hard, heavy machinery factory, a call enhancement, chemical factory, and a 3rd factory all interconnected by a railway. a network is actually quite in it's in the city is not on the outskirts of the city quite in the city. and this was the 1st time it happened here. and in april, people were expecting that at some point this city would be a target. it is the 4th largest city in the country, more than a 1000000 people live here. but now i think you do see behind me this long queue of people and they're taking their precautions if seen what happened in mario po and was seen what happened in high cave. and they are getting ready to leave us because they can. so as you say, didn't pray, relatively untouched, and clearly
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a sense of panic now amongst residents who are still there and the many ukrainians that have also sought shelter there from other parts of ukraine. what's gonna happen to them? well actually, i mean in the past few, a few days in the co past couple of weeks when you'd speak to anyone here in the need for especially the military, they would tell you that it was extremely important to keep this city as safe as possible because it had become a transit point for those things out of even the north east of those lean from the south. maria, for example, region those areas actually in this queue here behind me, there are people who have arrived from those places and are trying to get on a train to go to the fer, does western point of this country and eventually go into poland. i was at the romanian border a few days ago i knew that there were people there from denise,
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but i did ask, why are you leaving? nothing happened there yet. and they was saying, well, it felt it did. the act was fear was changing. it felt that we were not safe anymore. it was just a matter of time where the 1st raid would happen to 1st started strike would happen . and that's exactly what happened. now. among the people, the queue is very long and stretches actually old array round the square in this direction and in that direction, they put it there waiting for a train that will leave in 2 hours. there many more people inside the train station, but among all these people you have women and children who had already escaped. a very difficult situation was tired or exhausted, were cold. we're hungry, and now they here and it's catching up with them. and they're trying to leave as quick as they can. okay, for now the up, they'll hamid their, forth in denise pro, thank you. well, half the population of caves, the capital city,
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has laughed as russian forces move ever closer towns on the outskirts of the capital have also come under intense shelling. april escaping are speaking of atrocities. they say all being committed by russian soldiers that vast and reports from keith, chased away by bombs and bullets. these refugees are trying to understand why their lives were destroyed in just 2 weeks. the apartments shalt and burnt they took the brunt of the russian offensive towards the capital. residence of butch and war sell in the northwest of keith were finally evacuated after being locked up in their basements for days with little food and water, their cities now under russian control. what islam, the russians tell us not to be afraid, they will not hurt us, but they create conditions that are very frightening. we see that people who try to move out of the city by cars carrying their things are being shot at. we could see the front seat covered in blood fit,
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lana dirtier escaped with her husband and children after russian troops shot at our house and took over the apartment block if one of all of the organ on thursday as late. they said nothing to people whose apartments they occupied to one person they said just go to the basement. one neighbor wanted to come to his flat to take some clothes before evacuating, but they did not allow him. he left with only his documents, utter stellers about russian soldiers throwing smoke grenades into basements, to force people out and ordering men and boys to strip and crawl. a woman tells us an 11 year old boy was killed doing that, if not only managed to escape a war zone, but also the harshness of life on the russian occupation. many here are too afraid to share their stories on camera instead of liberating ukrainians from naziism and flattery. me put and says he wants to do many or say there's nothing liberating about this war, aren't you? were morgan or jerry rush in advance towards the capital? we seem to serious blow when the ukrainian forces destroy part of
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a large column of tanks, ukrainian air force, so far as also managed to protect give from series attacks from the sky. ukraine is suffering loss as to last week. if you could talk about some of our tanks were bombed as well. in the streets of future. there is a large column of destroyed russian tanks, but close to our house. there is a column of ukrainian tanks also destroy green visa, florida, me escape russian, occupied butcher just one hour away from keith. he says, russian soldiers match people fall into the same cart on the go to my awesome guys, what are you doing here of everyone who's speaking russian, who are you trying to liberate many here from don't mass. we came in 2014. they gestured to me that they had no idea what the little while russian soldiers might not be sure about the goal of this war to many ukrainians. it's clear they believe
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flat. him put in his aiming for my dad square in the center of keith, a symbol of a revolution 8 years ago that brought ukraine closer to europe, a price that ukraine will defend, that all they have. steadfast and al jazeera keith. okay, let's go said ron khan. who is in the capital for all seas live in wrong? let's start with this convoy. that has been slowly but surely making its way to the capital. what is the latest in terms of its movements? well, what we're seeing from satellite imagery is that that convoy at least part of it is actually dispersing. now the convoy actually began to gather in the outskirts of the west of the city. oh no, around march of the 15th, they eventually got to about 40 kilometers long, but the russians did have problems supplying that convoy food and fuel and getting supply lines into it. so it's likely that there are 3 main reasons why the convoy
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is actually breaking up. firstly, as i say, it might be to do with supply line. secondly, that they may, will be a re deployment of that convoy to other front lines or where they'll be taking part in the wall that, or it could be that they regrouping for an offensive into keith itself. now there's lot of information, there's a lot of talk on social media about what might be happening, but it's likely it's gonna be one of those 3 scenarios. and now throughout the day we've been hearing air raid sirens very far away, just faintly in the distance. so it feels like it looks like something is changing in terms of the offensive in to keep what that is. we don't know. and i, i mean, as you say, as people have been waiting for some thing to happen in cave and for some time now when i'm saying week 3, what is the mood of people are they still very much resolved to keep the russians
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out? well, the ones are left behind are absolutely determined to keep the russians out. keith is the great prize for the russian of vladimir putin in particular, may down square a is goes with that revolution that happened was brought into power a much will pro european a government, which angered flooded blood repeated. now here in the cicio to show you how to get out the way, it's completely empty. only a few calls on the street. 50 percent of the city has actually been evacuated. however, people are coming into the city from neighboring areas where areas that are much more. i've been much more the full front of this will. so for the coming in to hit at to seek shelter to try and get some gas for that, cause it may retry and get out to other places. a lot of the restaurants it,
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you can just see probably if i move out the way good. again, all of the shops and restaurants and stuff, a shot for those russians writes you turning into kitchens, detroit feed, the people that are left behind here. so there's a few things happening here and keep itself the people are left behind. like as i absolutely determined to make sure that not one rossi soldier actually enters the capitol and those are left behind the can do something like provide food or doing that. but yes, very much a, a place that is. busy on edge and very tense. and ron khan, thank he. and man con that for us in keith. let's go to west and ukraine, where natasha butler is in the town of live. natasha over nights rushes, offensive widen to parts of west and ukraine. we know nuts which is not too far from where you are has been attacked. how incredibly worrying is it where you are when i say nay,
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a sense for some people in the is lavelle which is about a 150 kilometers south of a lot. so, ah, that's of this conflict could be closing in, you know, western ukraine has been relatively sped until now. most of the fighting has taken place in the north, the east and the south of the country. but as you say, there was a report on that that was, i should say, a russian as strike own. and i filled outside the city of north k in the north west of the country, but also another one on an air field outside of the city of yvonne. oh frank, if it's not that's in the south west of ukraine, the maze, and both of those cities urged people to stay in doors. there were explosions, heard. so it is worrying. and i have to say just a few moments ago, we came upstairs because we were actually in the basement because of an air siren a warning for people to go downstairs. people came off the streets and went into
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their basements, went into the bomb shelters. and during the night as well here in la viv, another sr and 4 o'clock in the morning. again, people having to go underneath and it seems that these increased warnings and sirens here in the vive are all connected to those attacks in the west. people here wondering whether or not this war could be taking a change of direction, whether or not it could be coming closer. and tell us at the latest, in terms of the humanitarian situation, we know we've had some humanitarian corridors over the last 2 days. will they be more to day? and especially what is the situation maria poll, which has been on the stage now for a number of days. yes, in terms of a merrier poll, the deputy prime minister of ukraine has said that humanitarian corey door would be
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put in place today. that be least efforts to put one in place. but you know, we have heard that again and again over the past few days, but these temporary cease fires that are greed between ukrainian and russian forces just continue to fail. and in the mean time, people in mario pole are effectively trapped to the mayor of that city, saying you've got 400000 people who are being taken hostage are his words by the russians because they are unable to leave the city that has seen some of the most intense fighting, some of the most intense shelling in the past few days. the most terrible stories coming out of marble. we're talking about a city that is having to bury people in mass graves on the outskirts of the city. because i simply isn't time to give people proper ceremonies. papa goodbyes. the man talks about bodies on the street, people coming up in the middle the day when the sirens on sunday, scavenging basically scrambling through rubble of destroyed shops to try and find food. because there's no more food, there's no more
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a water supplies are running out is a desperate situation for people there. of course they just want to get out and they hope that they will be able to vacuum. but each day that passes, there are these promises of evacuation that just simply aren't materializing on a more hopeful note. i should add those. that on, on the video cranium, president followed, amazed. lensky did mention that a 100000 people were evacuated from a number of other cities, including in areas around the capital key eve on thursday. and he, thanks for that natasha butler. there for us in live. well, as russian forces continue, the attacks, the kremlin, has been talking about bolstering its forces in ukraine westgate abandoned smith, who is lying for us in moscow. but this is interesting because apparently volunteers and fight is from the middle east to being discussed, to join president putin's forces. what did he have to say about that?
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let him at susan's heart is a security council meeting to day and sir gay show you his defense. the minister was giving an update on how the war was going and we've heard seen a lot of stores, of course, of people from elsewhere in the world coming to fight for the ukrainian forces and being allowed to join the ukrainian army and being invited, encouraged to join the recruiting army if there fit to fight while the russians are now saying also on their side, people are volunteering to come and fight. they said they've had a request from volunteers, volunteers from all over the world, but including $16000.00 volunteers, applications to volunteer from the middle east. and vladimir putin said that should those people want to go to join the fighting in specifically donnie, etc. and lou ganske, this is this eastern part of ukraine,
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should they wish to join the fighting there? especially he said, if they're willing to go free of charge them, we should help them get there. and survey vladimir putin was also agreeing with the suggestion by survey. ready show you that weaponry seized from the ukrainian forces, should be given to fight his internet's can. lou gantski was referring particularly to javelin stinger missiles. these are weapons made in the us. and by the move, putin said yes, if necessary, we can give those to the, to those forces in the, in east of ukraine, those self declared territory. republics of the next going to ganske recognized by russia as independent countries and talking as jeanette scare, their defense ministry. all so all say talking about advance is made by and the separatists, the russian separatists from their what exactly do they have to say?
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well you heard natasha just a moment ago talking about the pressure on that mary or poland, the bombardment it is on the going. and the fact that it is surrounded by force is from don't ask on russia now. the russia defense ministry says they've now seized the town of vol navarro, her, which is half way between don't ask and mary or paul. so if they have sees this town, this is fighters from de netscape sees this town. we were down there a few days ago. and it was very heavy fighting going on for it. if they have seen it, then that opens up an easier access route. a straight line from don x to mary or paul . and inevitably, will allow the don x force is in the russian forces due to increase the already intense pressure that there is all mat port city. that is surrounded at strategically important as part of the area of don at sc undone bass. that they, that those fighters, those separatists claim historically and
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a significant prize for that, mary awful and seizing vul navarro her allows them to get closer and increase that pressure, mary. okay. okay, many thanks to that then smith efforts in moscow. meanwhile, european union leaders are missing for a 2nd day in france, discussing what more they can do to help you crane and punish russia. ukraine has pushed for a fast tracks membership of a block, but it's again been rolled out. a 2 day summit is also looking at how the e can win itself of russian gas and oil. automatic edison james base joins as from the thigh. he's been following at me saying, james, so we are day 2 of this summit at what can we expect from today? well, the leaders didn't get much sleep, not the journalist. they were meeting until 2 30 in the morning and then out back in meetings, it's just after 11 o'clock in the morning. now the you is projected
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a great deal of unity throughout this crisis. but i think now the reaching the reaching the limits of what they can do. there are some cracks emerging and set me on arrival this morning. the you hi representative for foreign affairs. joseph burrow was again trying to show that unity announcing that they're going to double the amount of military age that they're going to give to you. crane an extra $550000000.00. but there are some things that they can't agree on. and that i think was part of that very late night session here in the sy, one of those is sanctions. clearly they put some of the top is sanction is probably the most tough sanctions these ever put in place on russia, but on the energy sector. no agreement there in the final statement that they released after the late night talk. they didn't include of the plan from the law on the line, the president of the european commission to phase out russian fossil fuels in the
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next 5 years. that was written in writing by all the 27 leaders. and the other thing that will disappoint the ukrainian some pushing very heavily for ukraine to be given candidate status, a route to be a member of the you. in principle, they said they'd like you trying to be a member of the you. but many countries that there is a strict procedure here and it has to be followed and that clearly will disappoint people in keith. okay, came space that for us invest or the u. s. has repeatedly denied russian claims of it. operating bio warfare laboratories in ukraine. the white house warning that it is moscow that may use these weapons during it's offensive on the ukraine. but what is the difference between the 2? well chemical weapons are considered about as lethal as conventional explosive bought, then less lethal than by nuclear and biological weapons. often referred to as gases, they can cause suffocation or massive burning. biological weapons can be as lethal
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of nuclear weapons. they are slow acting and spread disease like anthrax or small pox. both have been bound from use in war with hundreds of nations having agreed to n production, stockpiling, or acquisition. let's get more or less we can bring in puzzle fagen, how're he's a defense and military analyst who is in moscow. thank you for your time, sir. what exactly are russia's chemical and biological capabilities? ah, low russia denies that it has either added they all, his chemical weapons have been destroyed and which is again the question. but in the west and russia had the massive biological program at the soviet union had that was acknowledged, the 9 key q after the soviet union collapsed by then president of russia, boris yeltsin, who said that russia wasn't great violation of the 1972 convention by banning
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biological weapons and was actually preparing biological warfare. not o e should understand that there are 2 parts of a biological warfare program. this defense and offense defense is legal under the convention that is research to prepare it to defend against an attack by another party. an offense is still to way we go, that's preparing to use your so and that's what soviet union was doing. and parts of that program, at least to legitimate bart, is still alive and russia today. that's an interesting point. you make a because russian, the last few days is claim that it seen documents that prove biological weapons and laboratories actually exist in ukraine vista. is that any evidence that that is true and i could be, could this be a red flag as some people are saying? and for russia to go out and mount its defense?
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i'm the well now there had been will work his ations going from russia for already a long time that the united states as sponsoring biological research of pe, the pathogens in former soviet republics in a crane in the trans caucasus and central asia. and russia didn't like that at all, but if they were band, we've such research was go sponsored of baghdad, gens in these countries by the united states. but basically that's legitimate activity because that's researching pathogens that are local. of course, moscow them like that because of the whole se, essence of a biological weapon is that you have a package and that the other party doesn't have you beforehand prepare a vaccine eye on that against that pathogen. so when you use it, your troops are already vaccinated and the moon and the enemy troops are vulnerable
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. so that means you have to give a so for the americans to move in to former soviet derek. greek to research. have a local bank agenda that's kind of what russia considers its territory. ah, so that's a huge versus a kind of the capital calling of the a pot black because both sides are doing something there may be, it was legitimate, most likely. yes. because actually working in, in ukraine to produce and test nuclear, the biological weapons was rather, doesn't make any sense. actually, these packages are not needed for american, if they were thinking of a sense of action. when we look at the places rush has been engaged, notably, syria, where chemical weapons were used, how we'll ease the danger that they can be used in ukraine. and when does that sound under international?
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well that's of course, totally legal under national law of the use, any kind of chemical weapons. they have been bad. that's biological to ah, very syria parent to it was more the assad regime more with using that. so please do at the russian 7. they had their own chemical pro ground. russia says oh, of its weapons, had been and wiped out. but there of course, were the case as of the st. paul co bo, in the britain and the by only who allegedly were poisoned by a nerve agent at least an experimental never agent produced in the soviet union. and that in and russia, or, of course, russia denies that all. i don't believe that right now, russia has then you stock wiles for usage of a chemical, massive usage of chemical weapons using them in ukraine. so i don't know, i mean they're in seizures of safety ease as it was used in some cases in syria. may that may have, give some, ah, i am a tactical advantage,
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but i don't both think that that's really right now, the case i would believe under the scrutiny that the russian actions answer in a crate are russia, is going to be using more widget than with weapons, and we have a lot of legitimate weapons. i sat here, i, if pamela fagen, how i a defensive menissi, i'm list as being, has that mosque. i think of your time still had on al jazeera sealing inflation. how the war in ukraine is affecting the u. s. economy plus the sears escalation, the u. s. as north korea is testing a new intercontinental ballistic sound and sport ukraine's paralympic athletes excel at the games, they almost missed that story. coming up next. ah,
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hello parts of ukraine have had their coal this weather of the winter seasons, so far, temperatures falling as low as minus 15 celsius and southern areas of the country. the reason for that is this area of high pressure winds traveling the clockwise direction. so we're dragging a normally or northeast wind down across that eastern side of europe and that bitterly cold weather is set to continue for some, some few days yet. so blocking high west a weather. mild weather is pushing it across. western pass winds coming from a southerly direction here. temperatures getting up into the mid teens for many, you can see that colder air in place across eastern europe, even in athens, temperature struggling to get to around 7 degrees celsius should be about 16 at this time. of the year we've had disruptive snow into parts of turkey. certainly some travel disruption, east, and bolt, for example, that snow still lingering on through the remainder of friday. clear skies love the sunshine spring, sunshine there for central parts of europe,
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but that wet weather across. so western europe, windy weather too, will continue to pile in western parts of the med, also seeing some lively showers over the next couple of days. one or 2 showers just scraping the far north of africa. harmonson wind still bringing lots of dust down towards west africa and increasing showers. coming in here. ah frank assessments for china as well. banner said from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get to get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs. and on fridays from that statement critical debate, my group would claims that native constitutes an interest in chill, fred, to russia. but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah,
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the shake him odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah lou . the me watching out their mind about hope stories this out. ukraine's emergency services, they 3 strife landed near a residential building and a kindergarten anthony pro killing one person. the city was,
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was considered relatively safe. people staying besieged areas a few crane rushes offensive, has widened to part west and ukraine was strikes targeting airports and even a frank ukraine says 2 soldiers were killed at the looks at a new satellite imagery shows a large russian conroy that's been sitting outside the capital cave has been moved to fit on thought to be shelling the city of labianca. the company that owns facebook and instagram says it's allowing users in some countries to break rules on violence. speech in life to for warn you. crane matter says violence. sentiments directed russ and russian soldiers and president vladimir putin will be allowed from some locations, but not against russians civilians. russia has responded by calling for what it describes as matters extreme is activities to be stopped. us congress has improved
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$14000000000.00 to help you crane as part of the one and a half trillion dollar us budget for this year. fund allocated for ukraine will be used for a humanitarian and military aid. the bell goes to president biden for approval. i'll just there is particle heinous ball. the u. s. senate has now followed us house and has approved spending $13600000000.00 on a to ukraine. that is quite a bit more than just what the president was even asking for. just a couple of weeks ago. now, the money's going to be evenly split between humanitarian assistance and military assistance on the humanitarian front. it will go to help refugees provide food and health care on the military front. 3000000000 of that is going to go to the us us european command. that is the command that takes the lead in nato, so that money can be used to bring an additional troops to stockpile weapons. the other 650000000 is going to be given to ukraine so that it can buy the weapons that
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it chooses. but then it's also given us president joe biden, $3000000000.00. he, they say he can now give ukraine up to $3000000000.00 worth of military equipment that the u. s. has, that is quite an escalation from the amount of money they've already given. the president is expected to sign the bill. well, they can all make impact and the sanctions against russia as being felt at petrol pumps in the us fuel prices that are soaring. president j bought and says moscow is to blame that republicans blamed haman financing the conflicts in ukraine, affect americans. reynolds reports from los angeles this group of pennsylvania college students flew to los angeles for their spring holiday. but the soaring price of fuel has put a crimp in their plans for fun in the california sun. why there be landed from the airport and i saw the gas prices. i was like, a fuel has been expensive for months due to a pandemic induced shortfall in supply. but russia's attack on ukraine spooked
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markets and turbocharged prices. the oil market reacts much like the stock market, and unfortunately, drivers are paid for that at the gas pump. high priced fuel makes the price of everything transported by road c and air more expensive driving up inflation even further. the average price of gasoline in the u. s. is hovering at about $4.00 a gallon. that's 3.7 leaders. california is the state with the highest gasoline prices, $5.31 on average, but in some places, like here in beverly hills, it costs a lot more than that. the u. s. and other governments are trying to cushion the blow by releasing fuel from strategic reserves. we don't know how long this is going to last, but we are very focused on right now, alleviating pain at the palm. to the extent we can,
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prices will likely remain high for the foreseeable future. the u. s. energy information agency says oil will stay above $100.00 a barrel for the rest of the year at $4.00 a gallon. is that a point where people can't take it anymore? it still remains to be seen, but inevitably, we think we might see some behavioral change belt tightening is already one of brittany anderson's plans. it's definitely going to factor in how i am budgeting for my rent and my groceries paying off my debts. i was not anticipating this big of a hit, a hit 2 americans pocket books from a war half a world away. rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles, a 50 percent rise and feel price is in albania, has prompted thousands to protest in the capital tarana. similar approaches had taken place across the country. again, this blaming the rise inflation on the one ukraine. food prices have also increased
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protest as a keesing. the government profiting from the price hikes hundreds of refugees have arrived in portugal, some if the more than 2000000 people fleeing the war and ukraine, gillian wolf has his report. it's been a terrifying and exhausting journey. bought more than 260 ukranian refugees are now safe from portugal present. marcello sabelle de sosa and his delegation were there to welcome them to their new home institute to search the best response to see their eyes shining with joy. when they arrive in portugal, it's this help that we give that motivates us the most. portugal recently approved a new resolution, simplifying its entry and protection requirements for ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. under the new measure, ukrainian citizens can obtain legal status with immediate access to taxpayer, social security, and national health service numbers available to the ha, we as an association will give them psychological educational human food and
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medical support so that they can start to integrate into society and build their lives here in portugal. the european nation is home to a large ukrainian community of around 30000 people. programs are being put in place to help integrate new refugees, including language courses and job skills training. the government has set up a task force to match ukrainians with work opportunities with more than 17000 jobs already listed. and with portugal, low number of working population, this might just prove beneficial for the nation. and it's new guests chilly move out to 0. russia says it's allowed a ukrainian repair team to restore lost power to that, to noble nuclear sides. russian troops now controlled the defunct plans. that was where the wells, west atomic disaster happened in 1986 russians have also taken over the is
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apparition, nuclear plant, europe's largest. the developments of alarm, the you and nuclear watchdog has chief, had talks with russia and ukraine on thursday. but at ron bag is an author on nuclear, perfect proliferation, he says atomic sites need to be secured quickly. one of the ideas presented by the international atomic energy agency is to create a 30 kilometer. ringback exclusionary zone within those other, you know, military action. and this will be here for very, very wise. there are 4 plants in ukraine and one of the plants is occupied now to local is just the area. the 3 plants remain and it's uncertain what the russians are going to do with regard to these are, we're reporting days past. no russian forces were approaching one of the other plants. it's a very, very serious situation where these plants from boarded, or electricity cut off. and there's other vulnerabilities associated with each and subtleties the plant there, of course is the fuck because of the accident that occurred like maybe 6 or where
1:40 pm
were there spent fuel situated at the plant a $20000.00 rods and situated. but they've been there for. we're now decades or they're not generating that much heat. the electricity was suspended from the plan because of the russian military action. evidently, some efforts are being entertained as we talk to reconnect the plants of but there's no immediate hazard posed by this particular matter of their still residue itself as well from the actually we've never had a situation in the past. we've had multiple reactors in the worst that have been subject to military attack. and the russians should know better. a sense of the soviet union was involved in the worst on interaction with the international communities ever seen that it's a golf course. it's got some of the news now. the u. s. is threatening more sanctions against north korea to keesing out of developing a more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile system. the pants can says recent launches, where attempts to evaluate the new system and with her suspended long range tests
1:41 pm
in 2017 after launching its fast missile capable of reaching the united states. that's bringing brought kelly. he's professor political science and diplomacy at pusan national university. he joins us from the san via skype. professor, north korea, not test launched an icbm since 2017. these are even more threatening, i believe, than short range test mythos could explain to us why. sure. so i here means inter continental right. that means for north korea, what that means practically, is that it can strike north america in the united states. and that's really why the north koreans, when a crash course, a missile passed before donald trump met the leader in north korea. a few years ago, the north koreans really ramped up hard to get a lot of tests in order to make sure they could strike for. they sat down and they had a stronger position from which to bargain than they've been 3 years or talk to the americans. that are more for him, and now it looks like they're swinging back. it looks like critically this test was
1:42 pm
launched the day after the south korean presidential election, which was won by a conservative who will be more hawkish on north korea than its predecessor. so it was probably a bit of a signal, but it does look like, you know, they're trying to sort of build up, keep ability to threaten the united states more expensive than before. so how concerning is that? if it does seem to be about what the technologies are, but if, if the more worrisome claims are correct. yeah. it's actually pretty. it's the new weapon would be rather fierce miss designed to deliver. it looks like it's designed to deliver multiple warheads with one missile. we call it a multiple independently targeted re entry vehicle m i r v merck. so it looks like the north koreans you trying to merge. this is something america. and so we did in the seventy's and what the status of what you hit many cities with one missile instead of just one because have multiple warheads on the call. and that's true. that's a really major step up for the north koreans. and that's what people are really worried about among right in thinking that north korea trying to disguise the
1:43 pm
testing of this new new miss out system which appears to be a break from. ready normal practice, which is flaunting its tests. yeah, it's actually kind of an interesting question to minority. but as you notice, that sort of done this in the past. i mean, when they sort of like agreements with us and they never really kept them. but when they sort of had agreements and they wanted to test anyway, they would claim it was a mis a launch because you know, the basics of rocketry, the, the beginning in the, in the boost phase. one of rockers taking off the basics are similar to, you know, sending a rocket into space, you know, like, that's like math or something. and so, nurturing will use that as sort of like cover. they did that in a past, wants to. and right now the north koreans are still formerly speaking to is more toria that they declared on testing in 2018. but it looks like they're getting uncomfortable with that. and there's sort of hedging that way towards going back, and that's probably what the, that the space referenced, the satellite references. and of course, the focus of the well to the west has very much been on ukraine and what is going
1:44 pm
on there. so what do you make of the timing of these tests? is that deliberate? is that to raise attention? is that to do it without getting any attention? sure, i think that i think this is probably about the new south korean president them and what you want to be inaugurated until may but i mean the election a couple days ago and so this is i think that's what it was designed to do. i think was designed to send a signal to that, the new south korean president, i'm the north koreans have done that kind of stuff in the past. and i think that, yeah, that's probably the primary reason to be honest and ukraine. i don't actually think the brain actually impacts the stability of the turns on the korean peninsula. i think the issue, china and taiwan is much more relevant there. i'm not really sure if there's any kind of window of opportunity for the north koreans with ukraine war. okay, really interesting to get your take robert kelly. professor political science and diplomacy at national university or china's lee kish young has closed the
1:45 pm
annual national people's congress with his final media briefing as prime minister. he says beijing faces difficulties internationally at home and has announced measures to help economic growth. katrina, ye reports from beijing. china's yearly national people's congress has chloris in beijing. $3000.00 officials voted to pass several administrative laws, as well as policy to boost spending and meet china's gdp target of 5.5 percent. got all eyes were on leak chan who will step down in 2023. after 10 years as premier was injured. this is the last year of my premier, shall move where faced whither complicated international, the environment, and the difficulties at home. he said the pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the economy, announcing tax cuts to help struggling small businesses and the creation of $13000000.00 new jobs. the also flagged a possible loosening of china's 0 curve at 19 strategy. borders had been closed
1:46 pm
since march 2020, commenting on the war and ukraine. he said western sanctions only heard the global economies recovery from the current of virus, like other chinese officials in recent weeks. the premier failed to condemn russian attacks, but called for more dialogue and restraint. this year, the national peoples horace voted on laws discuss behind closed doors with very few details released ahead of time. analysts say the lack of transparency shows the parliamentary body is diminishing in importance. with more power concentrated around president, she didn't ping who is expected to begin his unprecedented 3rd term in power. in october, gender, chair is supervision independence and that legislative power are unquestionable. decline evolve, the focus of power is shifting. so the marginalization of national people's congress seems to be inevitable. just the theme of this year's gathering was economic and social stability. leaders say,
1:47 pm
addressing china's growing income gap and modernizing the countryside, our top priorities. modernizing the military is also on the agenda with defense spending jumping to 7 point one percent. the communist party wants to minimize surprises over the next few months. paving the way for what it hopes would be a smooth leadership transition during its party congress later this year. katrina you are to 0 paging people living on the low lying island in the bay of bengal say they're losing their fires against climate change island. seen one of the fastest sea level rise as recorded in the world, and it's predicted it might disappear in 30 years. tunbridge had reuben's got up the eisen island of fishing villages and rise farms, but it's half in size in 20 years because of rising sea levels because of the intrusion of salt water, much off its farmlands, are now used to produce salt money or alum and his family lost their ancestral
1:48 pm
families to the sea years ago. but also when i was a child, the island was much larger in size and much farther away. but now it's gradually getting smaller due to rosen and things got worse since the diet got washed away by the sea and lit salt water. and let some marion scientists on our offering some hope that billing artificial oyster rates that they say it can save the coastline from ocean the reef. and not only can protect that goes to lead. it can also have that environment providing that different ecosystem saturdays. and the fisherman's who are living here, that can also get some benefits. examples these are studies really can have to and has the appreciate his production. because the 3 can provide, shows us foods and other ecosystems professor now a say in order to make the project succeed, the scientist local government,
1:49 pm
and the fishermen need to team up to manage the rates. the la, the joy series can prevent erosion and say the land. plus it helps see grasses grow around it and create a natural environment for fish stops, which is beneficial to us. i still spouts float for nearly a month before settling on hard surfaces and each other's backs, and the scientists are providing them with the rings of cement, to get their permanent home stop in the baby in their life stage that need to settle. so what do we do? use a very simple techniques who we are bringing the cyber state or hots our faith and we have to struggle a lot. there are still ribs are made up of live oysters, dead oyster shells and other marian organisms. coastal areas of bangladesh and natural habitat for what you see formation of why still a fear. now, there's also work as a natural barrier against your ocean. although this is an experimental pilot project, the humble oyster has proved. it could be
1:50 pm
a cost effective solution to limit coastal erosion among bangladesh and most vulnerable islands can be charged re. i'll just put up the island still ahead on al jazeera. find out which tennis player is upset, this incident didn't receive a harsh punishment coming up next. ah.
1:51 pm
with mm whole ah oh, it's time for the sport is farrah, marlene. thank you so much. chelsea picked up a win in their 1st match since the u. k. government's decision to sanction their
1:52 pm
russian owner, the blue, secure to 31 away when against an orange and the premier league on thursday earlier . and the date was confirmed that roman abramoff, which had been sanctioned. the move has a number of consequences on the team such as a ban on the buying and selling players. the sanctions also mean of rome of h's, unable to sell the club. of course there was a lot of distraction, another level of restriction actually with the sanctions. and we could feel it that the players talk about it that aware of it and the accepted it but. but like i said, i think the rhythm and the excitement and the love for the game and general helps us that. so and, and we allow ourselves and, and demand that it's to, to work hard to, to sweat it out to, to work together. it's the best thing to, to get to focus and back and to enjoy what we are doing. our slona had a frustrating time against gallus hauser. i, as chevy looks to win his 1st european trophy as bertha manager, the spanish giants have their chances or,
1:53 pm
but just couldn't find the back of the knots at the new camp. this europa league round of 16 1st like march ending and a go with straw. besides me again, next thursday, decide who advances to the quarter finals. you wafer i have confirmed to al jazeera that they've opened up a disciplinary case against paris. danger, man, president nasir kelley fi. the cavalry along with p s g sporting director, leonardo reportedly had a heated confrontation with match officials after their side were knocked out of the champions lee by round madrid on wednesday, march referee. danny mckayla included the incident and his match report. he is g and their fans are particularly unhappy with a decision that went against them in the build up to rouse for school. ukraine's paralympic athletes continue to excel at the beach in winter games. the team is 2nd in the meadows table so far with 9 goals. their team manager says it's a miracle. they've even made it to china in time to compete. athletes for marcia
1:54 pm
and bell ruse have been banned from taking part. i am born in ukraine. i law ukraine. i'm here in berlin. big games. i'm present my country. it's difficult time . now. it's not like for, for you gray, not live for a job or not future for all the world. every everyone saw it. you want do something, plays glory about god, about ukraine, ukraine bass or stern. lastly rennie is engaging with the team and he's been amazed by their performance level. what they're doing and how well they're doing is it's a testament to their skill, not to their level of preparation. you know, i think if they were sleeping well, if they were eating properly, if they weren't reading the news every 20 minutes, you could see you can't do even better on the table than they are right now. but
1:55 pm
they don't care. and you know, that's not, that's not the point it's, it's a really terrible experience for the athletes here. i, you know, when they, when a metal they don't smile, there's no laughing, there's no tears of joy. you know, one of the visually impaired athletes, their guide. i shared a story with me when he called his family and he's in suit me. so he called his family, his wife and young child. i to inform them that he just won a gold medal. and i, you know, he was, he was in sales because their phone conversation was cut short because of bombing, they were in a bomb shelter and he could literally hear the bomb shopping around them. and so you know that the team doesn't really care about the metals either using the platform of an very intense international media focus to
1:56 pm
talk about what's going on in ukraine doing so low that stories have broken through . and i'm sure it brings a smile to people's faces to, to read only something small that's positive in a flood of terrible news. stories are often a doll has called for attachment, tougher punishment for players that abuse tennis officials may dallas. comments come after alexanders of rabb escape, the ban falling has disqualification from the mexican open. last month, the germans smashed his racket against the empire's chair and verbally abused the match. official separate of an and dal are both playing at the indian wells. turn from one side. i don't want a, a penalty zation for sasha because i, i like him. and i have a very good relationship for with him. in the other hand, like fun of these a sport. i like to say something i had a bit for, for,
1:57 pm
for, for, for this kind of fact that it's not only him i'm in a general dentist because in some way this protects the sports and protects the, the referees on everybody who, who is around to sports japan's daily osaka is through to the 2nd round at indian wells, but she was made to work hard a for the victory playing and her 1st competitive match. since the australian open a socket came from a sat down to beat american sloan stevens, the when was the talkers 1st again, stephen for 3 attempts, a 4 time grand slam champion, the former world number one has seen her ranking fall to $78.00 after she took break from tennis last year to price, prioritize her mental health. okay. and that is all you sport them, moline, back to you. okay, thank you, fora. and that's it for me, molly, inside for this news. our kimber now will be back with more news at the top of the
1:58 pm
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once you make people afraid, you can use that to justify stripping away basic civil liberties. listening post examines the vested interest behind the content. you can see on al jazeera, counter feet, blue, cheap, and sometimes dangerous copies of the real thing of been found all over the world. i mean, even the most expensive premium products. it's the secretive and deadly a multi $1000000000.00 business. we found one product, but about one 3rd or stay in a in us, which was just an incredible finding. during raids on one of the most notorious mafia gangs in calabria, italian police found consignments of fake olive oil made from industrial lubricants that were being exported to the united states. the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect these together. it office builds does profits that are easy to
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make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates ah, russian and strikes in the ukrainian city of the lee pro hit near a kindergarten killing at least one person, airports and to west and ukrainian cities that targeted as it rushes military offensive widens. ah, i'm can vanelle with continuing extensive coverage of the ukraine war. you satellite images appear to show the large russian military convoy near keith has split up.


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