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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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on line or it's playing the role of bringing our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. this is norma. this is tyler. al jazeera, has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied news . ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, this is in use our on al jazeera, fully back table in doha, with continuing extensive coverage of the war in ukraine coming up and appealed to the u. s. congress. ukraine surprise. it ain't asks for a no fly zone and more military help to fight off russia rising biden will respond in the next hour. more strikes on key verse talks between the 2 sides. enter a 3rd day. russia says there is hope for compromise,
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while ukraine's president says negotiations have become more realistic. nato ministers are meeting in brussels to discuss the conflict and plans for new ways to deter russia from future military action. and also ahead on this news, our nasa means agari ratcliffe detained in iran since 2016 is on a flight box to the u. k. and i need to send it to the school to boost for novak jock image. as for angela, ben organize is confirmed, the unvaccinated stall can compete in the grand slam in may. we need you right now. that was the plea from ukraine. surprise didn't. as he address the united states congress, wrote me. lensky received a standing ovation before he delivered his virtual speech to us. lawmakers on the ground in ukraine, civilians continue to suffer under siege and bombardment by russian forces we have
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on present the landscape address shortly. but fruit is famous drive these reports from leafy in western ukraine. the 3 weeks of war, of shelly of cities besieged ukrainian defences, have slowed the pace of the russian advance. but battle lines continue to move to new areas. the head of the regional administration says civilian targets in separation were reportedly hid overnight. the war following the path of more than 3000 evacuees who fled there from the besieged city of mariano. russian sees far violation, ukraine's deputy prime minister says, are stopping civilians from using humanitarian corridors and getting the safety. when the tora pump is hopefully yesterday they captured the emergency hospital and took 400 people hostage, medics and mary poll the shooting from inside the hospital. it is a threat for movement of people dante monetary and corridors. we've sent a request to the red cross. under these conditions,
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we cannot bring people out safely. ukrainian drawn strikes continue to exact a heavy price on russian forces. more russian hardware lies abandoned, following fierce fighting and neighborhoods around keep the capital observing a 34 hour curfew to prepare for an expected russian assault. your love, me in the space today is a special and dangerous moment. movement through the city is prohibited without special classes. you can only go out to reach a shelter the curfew will apply until 7 am on march 17. therefore, i ask all keep residents to prepare for the fact that they will have to be at home for 2 days, or in case of an alarm, and a shelter. diplomacy remains. the only way to end this war says ukraine's liter. so harshly. squad, no. it is important, it is difficult, but important because any war ends in an agreement, meetings continue. as i am told that positions in the negotiations and more realistic. however, there still needs to be more time for decisions to be ukraine's entrapment to the
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west of the country. has avoided the worst of the violence, but the largest single missile attack so far happened at a military training camp in yahoo, or if only about an hour's drive away from here. resident say that unless there is a cease fire, it's not a matter of if but when the fighting makes its way. here. then basra b o g 0 livia. while president lensky appeals to the u. s. congress for more weapons and tougher sanctions against russia. invoking pearl harbor and the 911 attack sea, again called on the us senate nato allies to impose a no fly zone over ukraine. a demand washington has repeatedly rejected. friends, americans in your great history, you have pages that allow you to understand ukrainians. now we need you right now. remember, pearl harbor that terrible morning of december 7th. 1941. when your skies turned black from plains attacking you just remember it. remember september, the 11th that terrible day in 2001 when evil tried to turn your cities into
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battlefields, innocent people were attacked from the air, no unexpected, and you could not stop at our country is experiencing the same every day, every night for 3 weeks now, al jazeera, she returns he has more from capitol hill on the ukrainian president's address. as also the case wins lensky addresses a legislature. you can tell that this is also not just addressing the members of parliament or congress in this case who gathered that no, not least, nor even president biden, in this case, but also to the people of america as a whole. it's clearly captured the imagination of many here in the u. s. so when the landscape asked, is it too much to ask for a no fly zone? and if, and if it is too much, then can we get to service our missile system, the f 100. this is also to increase the grassroots pressure on members of congress and, and president bite. and the fact is, as far as
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a majority in congress and president by that concerned no fly zone is too much because that could lead to an all out war with russia. it could lead to a shooting war with russia, which could lead to nuclear configuration. that's interesting where we're thinking about public opinion in the context of this speech. that was a very interesting poll this week from cps. when members this, when there's been asked ross point like you, you believe a nice lives to help you frame a majority of 59 percent said yes. 41 percent said no. but what it was explaining to americans with a no fly zone would be seen as an act of war by russia that reverses. and it becomes 38 percent in favor and 62 percent and opposition. and he's just there as him, ron con in ukraine, capital kia now with reaction to presidential end case speech. he did talk about the membership of nato, saying those possibly not on the cards, but it's interesting all the way through his speech to congress. you can hear the
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fighting. continue here, where i am by 15 columbus his way of the front lines of boucher an appeal and also all are we were here in gunshots being fired. they sounded like though quite close within the city itself. we had a strike. this morning it's residential apartment block that was at 7 am. this morning the russians are continuing to keep on the pressure on the city and on those front lines. now if they join up those through front lines, as i mentioned, boucher murphy and also they get those together. that's a staging ground for an invasion into the capital key, but the talks are continuing and that is an optimistic sign. now right now, the talks are actually kind of slightly changed, or in nature they, they were before i talked between the 2 main parties, they've now gone into subcommittees and they thrashing out the nitty gritty. are they talking about an into the wall? that's actually unlikely what they want from these talks with the russians and the
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ukrainians is some sort of statement that they can give that they can agree on. or what that beat we don't know so far. and this is a full thrown detox. a 3rd day of the forefront of towards the previous round talks were about humanitarian aid corridors, about getting aid into besieged, to earn areas and getting people out of those areas as well as talks between the 2 sides. continue russia's president, vladimir putin says he's ready to discuss ukraine's neutrality. but he insists russia can still meet the aims of what he describes as moscow's special military operation. in a televised address, put in warned that western sanctions against russia will backfire in a very cowardly way. there are some cultures who have lived down their portals. the great financial pressure against russia have been noticed. and we will do what we can to make sure that the new package of sanctions against russia will be met by our meters against them. and his daughter jabari with more from moscow.
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let me put in said that's his m, military operation. the is going according to schedule and that the russian army is not targeting civilians. he also said that's all objectives for the operation in ukraine will be attained. and he said that the tactics of and hostilities are completely justified themselves. he's seemingly trying to argue that his decision was the right one. and he made a case saying that these special operation is developing successfully. and that the are russians have reasons to believe that components of biological weapons were being created in ukraine. this is something we've heard that the russian government accused of the ukrainian officials of before as well. but i think the most important thing he said was that although there may be russian forces outside of large cities like he of, they are not intending to go into them or to occupy them. that is not their intention. he said that they have no such purpose. they our own related their to
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their security concerns. and he said, prior to making this decision to go into ukraine, all the diplomatic possibilities were completely exhausted and that ukraine was given the option to talk to us. and the ukranian military was asked to leave at the dumbass region, and they didn't do so. so they really are, were responsible ultimately for letting me put this decision to go into crane according to his irrational. he also said that the sanctions against the ordinary russians are a sign of regression. and that the youth you ukrainian authorities have failed to really listen to russia's concerns until now. and that this military operation will continue. and russia has accused ukraine of carrying out another missiles strike on the outskirts of don't yet skate city. it says 5 people were injured by the boss on tuesday night a day earlier. as try kill 20 people in a separate is held area. keep denies carrying out that attack. what is we will?
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our mission aims to defend the people in don't best region from the regime in key if it's aimed to demilitarized and did not to fight the region. so all ethnic groups in ukraine can live in peace or sag a lover of has been holding tanks where turkey's foreign minister in moscow merit casual. lou says turkey wants a diplomatic solution and will keep pushing for peace. is calling for the urgent evacuation of the city of mary, a poor, where dozens of turkish nationals have been sheltering at a moss. to reduce them much got below when the giant, though civilians should be evacuated in the shortest time possible. and therefore, we need to cease fire very urgently. there should be no discrimination and humanitarian aid should also be provided from neighboring countries. a cease fire, and lasting peace should be implemented. lessons should be learned. we work towards stability and peace in the region of certain ukraine's interior minister says 20000
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people have managed to get out of mary paul using a humanitarian core door. that safe passage stretches more than 260 kilometers to his apparition, which is ukrainian how territory that ukraine's deputy prime minister says a convoy with supplies for mary appall a stock in nearby bird janski's. and she's also questioned the safety of some of those corridors. and accused rush and forces of occupying a hospital in marion, or holding 400 people hostage. but one of tara upon to the hospital yesterday, they captured the emergency hospital and took 400 people hostage, maddox and mary po. they are shooting from inside the hospital. it is a threat for movement of people don't humanitarian corridors. we've sent a request to the red cross. under these conditions, we cannot bring people out safely. we are continuing working on routes for delivery on humanitarian aid. al jazeera assa bag is in denise pro in east and ukraine. he's more, he's got more on the people making it out of mary paul through humanitarian course
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. there was a promoter code on monday and tuesday we believe the 3000 or who you're caused my sleep yesterday. and amongst those were around $700.00 children. so there were people that managed to get out to ukrainian helped territory, but they still that issue about getting aid into that besieged city and from the ukrainian slide. that hasn't happened yet, although the have been managed to get people out to day. the conditions are that they can't evacuate, and they are claims that the russians have targeted or convoys that showed them or fired at them. and those of him, the ukranian side, her. but as it stands there still around 400000 people in that city. we heard there's a lack of food, water and people are taking shelter in basements or without heating and the temperatures dropped below 0. the fate of ukraine's for nuclear power stations is a growing concern. russian troops seized control of one of them and attach the
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chernobyl nuclear disaster sight. natasha. butler has been to one of the power plants still under ukrainian control. a dense forest of pine and silver birch trees lines the road to the remote town for ash in north west ukraine. close to the border with belarus. visible in the distance is the reef and a power plant ukraine's oldest nuclear facility. some people worry the russian forces could try to seize this plant because moscow's troops of already taken control of separation. one of ukraine's 4 operational nuclear facilities, as well as chernobyl for yet another is nuclear. terrorism to noble is the commission long where the stores nuclear waste that needs to be cool. numbers go from there are power. cotton is brazil, as reserve for asia road, which it is yours biggest nuclear plant. it has 6 reactors. so on russian forces thinking in this sort of attention, there are many restroom, reactors can be damaged and things can go wrong or do something or other things
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nearly went wrong. here on monday, after ukrainian troops tried to thwart a nearby attack by russian forces. judas, there was a missile de la barbara to shoot a gun, an enemy drawn warden. so this is happening here or there are risks supports from the killer wash and shelling also damaged a nuclear facility in hockey last week was goes targeting of nuclear sites is a sinister and dangerous twist in the war. the could further threaten europe and is fueling anxiety here. more than 7000 people work at the power plant. so most people in this town are connected to it in some way, and nearly everyone is acutely aware of what a nuclear disaster could mean. to now, rash is an engineer who worked to the riff ne, planned for 25 years. he says everything's been done to protect it, were alarm, the corner was broken, we now had dangerous needle energies for the world. we st fukushima and to enable
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in fresh there's all sorts of work at the plant, many skilled paper like may an engineer understand the gravity of a nuclear saw it not been secure and controlled. it can be a catastrophe. a memorial in the town center commemorates the victims of chernobyl . the world's worst nuclear accident took place nearly 40 years ago. people here want the international community to do more to help safeguard ukraine's nuclear sites, said that a grim part of history will not be repeated. natasha butler, i'll jazeera fresh northwest ukraine. some military exercises involving almost 40000 nature. soldiers are underway in no way. they're taking part in 2 different operations until the end of the month. the cold response drill says i known test their ability to deploy in arctic conditions. me back as more from noise capital austin. these a long planned military exercises, but they take
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a whole new residence because of the invasion of ukraine. they are 2 operations running back to back consecutively. the 1st operation, brilliant jump, involving several 1000 troops from france, italy, spain, and poland, including specialists from france, experts in how to deal with the aftermath of chemical biological and nuclear attacks operation. brilliant jump runs into one of the biggest nato exercises in 30 years. operation cold response rigging, 35000 troops from 28 countries together here in norway. this is all about different armies from across nato's 30 member states. being able to work very quickly together to face off any potential threat is about working in extreme cold weather conditions. neu, of course, being a perfect place to practice. these skills, also clearly is about sending a firm message to the kremlin, that the alliances appeared to stand strong,
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prepared to continue bolstering it's eastern flank. russia had been asked to attend these exercises as an observer under the auspices of the o. s. c, the organization for security and cooperation in europe. they declined in january and i've been had a break into that report and take your life to brussels now, where nato secretary, general yen stanton for it is getting a news conference after a meeting of nita's defense ministers to day discussing the war in ukraine. let freshening the severe costs, so we are imposing on russia. our naples were to strengthen our fences, sir. now on 40 years through calm our close supporters. fin none. sweden and georgia and the european union joined also for the 1st the session on ukrainians. offense ministered alexi leslie cove described in stark terms the death and destruction calls by preston tooth in swore that the term under
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assistance over the ukrainians against the invasion on the importance over continued support. we all paid tribute to the courage over the ukraine and people and the ukrainian armed forces. ne dallas on partners have supported ukraine with equipment and training for many years. we are helping ukraine to uphold it's for the month, the rights to self defense, freedom and democracy with significant amounts or critical military equipment to day ministers agreed that we must continue to provide significant support to ukraine, including with the military supplies,
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financial help on humanitarian aid, nathan alons on partners are also hosting millions of ukrainian refugees. preston putin must stop this war, immediately redraw his forces now and engage in diplomacy in good faith. nate doyce responding to this crisis with speed and unity. and next week allen had some states on government. will meet for an extraordinary nato summit. we will address both our immediate response on the changes we need to make. for a longer term security. moscow should be in no doubt, nato will not tolerate any attack on allied sovereignty or territorial
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integrity. we have all the act of a thirds. our defense danced to shield the alliance, increase our redness and the ploy tubes of from both sides of the atlantic. there are now hundreds of thousands of forces at heightened alert across the lawrence one 100000 us troops in europe and their own 40000 troops on the dialect. nato command mostly in the eastern part of the alliance, backed by major air and naval power, as well as air defenses. but the face and you reality for our security. so we must reset our collective defense and the turns for the longer term. today we talked our military
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commanders to develop options across all domains, lan, air, c, cyber and space on line. our new posters should include substantially more forces in the eastern part of the alliance. at high year readiness with more pre positioned equipment and supplies in the air, more allied air power, and strengthened, integrated air and miss site defense at sea carriers start groups, submarines, and significant numbers of combat chips on the persistent basis. we will also consider the future of a cyber defenses and how best to draw on allied space assets.
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we should also train an exercise more often and great. the numbers major increases trower to turns on the fence will require major investments. allies need to invest a minimum of 2 percent of g d p on the fence. and i welcome that allies such as germany and then march, have all of the made important announcements on more investments and falster timetables. we also need to spend more together. nathan common funding is this central neighbor that allows us to work together. it is a force multiplier for national defense efforts. and it shows solidity ass alice at this critical moment for our sick to, to do unity between north america and europe in april is more important than ever.
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i'm that i'm ready to take your questions. he was not in b, b, c in the center just behind last throw. yep, thank you. thank you. second joe. can i just ask you what we've heard once again from president zalinski addressing u. s. congress, calling for a no fly zone? are there any allies at all who have been asking for one or even if the decision of the alliance as a whole is not to enforce one? has there been any discussion at all about it? and the 2nd question, ab is just about ukraine in its native membership. d, believe that nato, a, sorry, ukraine has called towards its view of joining nato as a negotiating tool with the hope of eventually reaching some kind of agreement with russia. thank you very much. alice saw united's both in providing support to
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ukraine. to this you portrait came to uphold the right for self defense. but the allies are also knighted. ah, when it comes to that, that nato should not deploy forces on the ground or in the air space over your crane. because we have responsibility to ensure that this cert conflict, this war doesn't escalate beyond ukraine. we see death, we see destruction. we see human suffering in ukraine, but this come to comp, even worse if nate thought or took actions that actually turned it in this into full fledged war between nato on the on that are shop. so allah's are united and when it comes to the issue over how to provide support or to ukraine ministers addressed this to day. they reinforce the message or the importance of is providing support away the equipment, advanced equipment,
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air defense systems are anti tank. a weapons and many other types of support. but the no, nathan, a deployment of air, our ground capabilities are in ukraine and hasta united the position from an $8.00 . then then the message to ukraine is the same. now as it has been for years that the ukraine is a sovereign in the pen nation, it has its own right to choose on path. and we this the respect the decisions made by the democratic elected government by ukraine. so it's a foot up foot. it's up to them to decide whether they aspire for nato membership or not under it. so for 30 allies to decide are on that issue in or not, no one, not for russia to try to veto such a process. cnn. thank you mister secretary general natasha bershana. i am wondering whether nato has invited president
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zalinski to participate in any way in the liter summit next week as resume opted in the defense minister ill today. and i'm also wondering if you could respond to and the polish proposal to send nato forces into ukraine on a so called peacekeeping mission. thanks as well, we need is peace in ukraine and therefore russia and president putin has to stop the war to withdraw its forces. or we support all efforts to fund and negotiated a solution. we support all efforts to find a diplomatic solution on the 4th through support and welcomed her, the talks on negotiations which are now taking place between ukraine and the anger shaw. at the same time we support ukraine because we know that they can achieve on the negotiating table is of course very close linked to the situation on the battlefield. so i strongly also believe that one of the reasons why or the appraisals are saying that they have seen some
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a steps in the right direction is because they have been able to fight back. they have been able to a fight back against the invading russian forces. so the courage that that emanation on the support from nato allies, to the ukraine and on forces is extremely important. also, when it comes to what they can achieve as portal negotiated a process with, with the, with russia. and so again, of course, we support peace efforts. we, we, we, and colon rochelle, too, and prism put into the droids forces. but we have no plans of deploying natal troops on the ground in, in the ukraine. 3rd, i is that a general movie? can you comment on it? any sir? our la, if karen clarissa and happy birthday for today. thank you and i am, i would very much like to comment on it. his role is
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a highly valued and they don't lie a founding member on it least contributing to our collect the defense in many different ways. i will so recently in remain now i met her italian pilots. they are and helping their to keep her nato a space safe on the, on they and they and they really are. so a commitment on the, on the on strengths in their contributions to different they domitian sound operations including in kosovo where it has been a key ally for many, many years financial times. yeah. gentleman with classes. thank you. just to follow up to the question about the piece talks, you said that you're in, you're encouraged by science and that you support any effort to find a diplomatic solution. could you tell us you seeing any signs on the ground that the russians are genuine? in their approach, it is peace talks or that they may well just be using them as
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a distraction for re supply and for our restructuring their approach. thank you. on the ground, we don't see any design, and that's the reason why i also call on rochelle to engage in these talks in good faith. and it's not for me to report her from these talks. nato arnold, part of those talks is these are talks between ukraine and russia, but i just see in the reports coming out from those talks, i think it's very important not, not to not, not to speculate and not to pre a judge or to pre empt any outcome of this talks about her, my message was in a way that it is obvious that what ukraine can achieve around the negotiating table is very close or linked to the situation on the background on the and therefore the support we give to them. ah, to her own, stand off against unto his sister, russian invasion also helps them to achieve ex, unacceptable outcome in the negotiations associated press.
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lawn cook from the associated press. could you tell me a little bit more about the, the tasking that you've given nato command is what that might involve. and are we looking? are we looking ahead one year or are we talking about a decade of something longer term? and you also used the word persistent, i wonder what that means, what, why wouldn't you say, perm and on a permanent basis that so this is the way we make these kind of decisions in natal, is that it bullets the petition to stay set out the guidelines the direction then we talk our military commanders to give advice on how to follow up. and then we make fine decisions as politicians based on these. so divine advice on an intern from our mentor commanders. and this was exactly the same. we did a back in 2016 when we at the warsaw summits and made historic decisions for the 1st time in our history to deploy nate the combat troops to the east and potted
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islands. you have to remember before ukraine was a before a legal annexation of coming on 2014, by a, by russia, nato had no combat troops and east on pot lines. then we had the legal annexation crimea, and since 2014, we have implemented the biggest to enforcement are collected the fence since dental the cold war or tripling the size of the nato response force and establishing the battery groups in, in the baltic countries and poland. i'm more a presence in the air at sea, and of course also started to invest more increasing defense spending. then the process was the same. the politicians tasks low, the commanders, they provided advice. and based on that, we developed a though find the conclusions that i've had so said then government made at the summit in 2016 and then since then got implemented that i foresee
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a similar process. now we have tossed image with the military commanders, or we will have their advice or would in weeks and then and then i, my ambition is that's her head. so say thank moment when they meet at the end of june can make the decisions on are significantly increased or presence or reinforcing our or the turns on the fence or online at sea and in the air. ah, on the on. of course, this will depend on the input we get from there, a commanders, but also of course, a dental day. it has to be a political decision, a by the leader. so the decision i foresee would in months was meaning or by the summit in june and implementation will of course valuable, depending on what conversations are going to to make half with algamite just behind the thing. just behind twice coached from cordova man a title secretary general. is there anything in the nato russia founding act that
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could restrict military planners and commanders when they work out these options? 40 doors. thank you. as a we will do what is necessary to make sure that her oh, there is no room for misunderstanding in moscow, too, for miscalculation in moscow about our commitment to readiness to protect and defend all allies, every inch of natal territory. and the reason why we do that is not to provoke a conflict, but this to prevent the conflict that us been that successful nate the from what are some dears that, that any potential aggressor adversary has all this known that an attack on, on one i'll, i will triggers once from the whole alliance and to ensure that in the new security reality we need need to reset through our, the tons and events. and that's exactly that what we are now, a tasking,
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the commanders to provide advice on how to reset our, the tents on the fence. and we will do what is necessary that they nate the rashaw of falling tweets. of course, that actually has a clear reference to in the current security environment back in 1997. we are not in the current security environment today we're in a total different security alignment. at that stage, we actually for saw rush us as ccg partner working with them. since then, russia has invaded a georgia illegally annexed from young aah on the, on the, and also invaded the ukraine. so, so we will do what is necessary on the, the nato russia founding a not act is not an something that will create problems or, or hindrance for natal to make the necessary decisions to ukrainian years agency. a me, there's coupon are showing you,
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such as she or she brain they in negotiations was russia is another important factor according to data released to day uh, from the general staff with ukraine around 40 percent of invading forces already lost by russians in the equipment and men power, i could the nato confirmed that, and because of that, were ye obisky question, easy are of the fretting ah, the chair of a threat. these of each rush upholstered to nato in escalation, little bit over estimated by, ah, nato countries. thank you. preston to attend tulsa and the estimates of the strengths of the ukrainian armed forces. he and he pressed and put in under estimated the unity of the ukrainian people on the courage of the okay, people and the ukraine and leadership on this, sir. ah, combined with the support of the massive support,
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a nuclear armed forces are receiving and actually have received from the dollar conscious over many years. ah, have forced oppressed them to thing to change his bands. and to and to realize that this quick victory is a bit skewed eeg, taking control over the key of within a day's house, has absolutely famed but, but we are not. and the estimate rushes or a capabilities when it comes to continue to war. and also to continue to attack, including cities. we have seen how rush as being responsible for the same of a brutal warfare. both in china, but also in, in, in syria. and, and, and of course are, even though they have a, made a severed mistakes or russian maintain and lords and capability over as conventional armed forces. but yeah, but a button, but
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a russia pressed them to it and has also it. so they have also used new, correct trick. russia is a nuclear power on the, on the we have seen how there i have stepped up to also the nuclear rhetoric threatening volva ne thomas on the, on ukraine. so i think we, we must, must not on that as the mate, the dangers related to the military capabilities of russia, including their will to actually use force and impulse devastation on destruction on others. good. so he may be late in life. thank you very much. right now, mrs. secretary general, can you tell us more about georgia med defense minister from georgia, attended to me, cheryl and you have, and you sent recently that say to print agreement that we need to do more to
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support georgia. so what our options are where discussed, for example, to name. thank you very much. i think we need to realize that the we are faced with the top new secured to download it, which of course affects the people of ukraine. it's devastating for damage. ah, but is also putting more pressure on a, a, also those countries in our neighborhood or who are not members on they don't not members of you conscious at risk. ah, georgia is one of them on the georgia and offense, been sued, attended to meeting, or all alice listened very carefully to his intervention. where he stated that the challenges georgia faces being a contra, which has all that is seen the consequences or aggression actions by russia back in 2008 on the, on the old attempts by russia to the, to,
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to interfere in georgia and domestic affairs. ah, so the message to one of the lessons we have to learn from what is going on in ukraine to daddy, is that we need to support these countries which are at risk now, is better to support and have them now than auster or military intervention. so if anything, i think her, we now see the value of the support that has been provided to ukraine before the invasion. but also the importance of that you could have done even more for ukraine . and, and i think that the message for georgia is that we should step up to provide more support and send the message that the we support the total integrity and sovereignty of a georgia. not only words but those in deeds. and therefore, i call on they balise on orders to provide a support to or georgia and others, the message also from allowed leaders at the meeting today,
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al jazeera secretary general, we're 21 days now into this conflict based on russia's performance militarily so far. and your current intelligence can russia when this war i think we should all be careful speculating too much, or what we have seen is sir, a strength of the strength and the courage under under capabilities of ukrainian armed forces, which has impressed the whole world on law which has sir been able to scroll down or to fight back against the invading russian of forces. ah, on the i pay tribute to the cranium forces undertaking people in the way they have been able to stand up against their invasion. but at the same time, russia remains a formidable military power. they have many different type, so a weapons. and therefore,
6:42 pm
i think it's too early to speculate about the outcome. ah, what we need the structure to stop the war, press and put into to withdraw its troops, and then to find a political, a solution. and that's what that was about that. okay, we'll take the last question, polish the, the lady in black and white. then i would drag a would like to go victory. you fed fish, i family care of ne guy in up garden quick to say, what is the specially reason for organizing samuel especially that there and john really have adequate art nato. sammy, if so, could you go out from our abode each think it's person protein has and that estimated ukraine, the people of ukraine and the armed forces of ukraine and the political leadership of ukraine, but pressed them to turn us also under estimated natal? because we reacted swiftly and unified in
6:43 pm
a way that has imposed severe costs on russia. together with partners, the european union nato allies have imposed unprecedented economic costs. we have provided and continued to provide a central support to you to the ukraine. the armed forces as to that every day. and we are also increasing the presence of nato in these than pot alliance. so, present peut, his aim was to divide natal. when he gets his mort unite the nathan, he wanted to know where to undermine that the nation of ukraine. he's actually string thing that unity of ukraine on the, on the, on the, on the, and then commitment to the ukraine nation. but the ukranian people. and then he
6:44 pm
wanted less nate, to on its borders. he is getting more nato on its borders. so to do all this, we need to be coordinated. we need to consult and therefore we earn the day off invasion. we have the virtual natal summit with older natalee, this extraordinary nato summit. and we will have a extraordinary natal summit next week or in person hand brussels to continue to ensure that we are united, that we are closely lying under to be an act together both when it comes to providing support to ukraine. when it comes to coordinating our efforts and it comes to imposing costs on russia, but also when it comes to taking the necessary decisions to ensure that we send a clear message to russia about our credible to turns on the fence both in the short term, but those in the longer term, including boy and starting to work to reset naples the turns on events from
6:45 pm
previous press conference. thank you. nato secretary general holding a news conference after a meeting of defense ministers in brussels today to discuss the war in ukraine. yen stoughton berg says, nato is helping ukraine uphold, is fundamental right to defend itself. he says the alliance will continue to provide military support and financial support to ukraine. nato countries saying that they will continue to deliver weapons to ukraine even as those deliveries could become the target of russian attacks. as we saw earlier this week, with that military base, not far from the polish border being attacked by russia. but again, salt and berg rolled out any suggestion to deploy nato troops to the ground in ukraine. he also rolled out imposing a no fly zone over ukraine, which is something a ukrainian president of ramirez lensky has been asking which he asked again to day
6:46 pm
. during his address to a joint session of the u. s. congress in washington earlier assaulted berg calling on a prison putting to start the war immediately the u. s. and other nato allies, he says, have also said there would be adopting, adapting, rather the alliance. his own security to the new reality, which has been triggered by this war in ukraine. sultan burg, saying that military commanders of nato have been asked and tasked to draw plans for new ways to deter russia, including more troops and miss our defenses in eastern europe. this is something they're considering right now, and a, an extraordinary meeting of nato will have happen next week in brussels. a summit which u. s. president joe biden will attend again. we've been hearing from a nato secretary general yet stilton berg, after
6:47 pm
a meeting of defense ministers earlier today to discuss at the war in ukraine and death, salt and berg saying that natal will continue to help ukraine and provide military and financial support to ukraine. but as once again, goal doubt establishing a no fly zone over ukraine. let's bring in our diplomatic editor james base. who was there in that use conference? sad. tell us more about what the nato secretary general has said about natal. further supporting ukraine in the fight against russia. well, nato is going to do what more can he said, he said they've been doing a great deal already and that support will continue, that among the things that was discussed by the defense ministers who at their 1st meeting here at nato defense minister level. ready since this war began 21 days ago, we had previous meetings of foreign ministers. we've also had a summit of the leaders virtually. we have another summit that's taking place in 8
6:48 pm
days time. with all the nato leaders converging on brussels in person. i think to see what more they can do with regard to help for ukraine. not ruling out that no fly zone, but certainly the ukrainians, as you seen today from presidents lensky speech, to those on capitol hill, the ukrainians want more. what more can they do? i think the meetings here will be what will help prepare for the meetings where we got you got the leaders around the table here in brussels room for a nato summit and an e u summit taking place on the same day next thursday. james dalton, berry also saying that our military commanders have been tasked to do to draw our plans for new ways to, to deter russia ah, in eastern europe after this conflict in ukraine. what exactly are they considering? well that talk to you about
6:49 pm
a persistent presence on what they describe as nato's eastern flank. so those countries that are closest to russia in particular, the baltic countries of poland and romania, we've seen many, many more nato forces brought into those areas. many. ready us forces over a 100000 a u. s. troops. now, in europe, in terms of the deployment of troops, we're beginning to see something again, like the cold war. and we'll have to then go to a cold war type posture beyond this, i think they're thinking of this from now on. there's a new phase in nato's development. you had the period up until 1989 in the fall of the berlin wall. busy you had the period where nato was involved in it and other conflicts around the world. for example of the balkans in afghanistan. and now it seems that because of what's happening right now, and ukraine, nato, very much back to its original role of confronting russia and protecting its allies
6:50 pm
from russia. james raised our diplomatic editor, live there in brussel. thank you very much. and as we mentioned, ukraine's president has made an appeal for help to the u. s. congress during a virtual address earlier today. you know, to me, is lensky asked for tougher sanctions against russia. and again, reiterated come a call for a no fly zone. and he was present, is expected to announce additional military aid to ukraine in the next hour and a half. let's go live to our kimberly hoc it our white house correspondent. they sat with them the appeal 1st day, the emotional appeal we heard from president zalinski for more measures, and he wasn't just talking to lawmakers, kimberly, but to the american people as a whole. how are we expecting a present biden to respond? well, we are expecting the u. s. president to announce additional security assistance to ukraine, but it is expected to falls short of what the ukranian president has asked for,
6:51 pm
namely that he is looking for a no fly zone. and he is also looking for additional military equipment that the united states is not prepared to supply. and so as a result, this is going to likely be disappointed in terms of that direct appeal. we heard in that virtual of this message to the members of congress, some 450 of them. this is an urgent plead to president biden. one that we expect is going to again be resisted because the feeling of the u. s. president is that if specifically a no fly zone was created over ukraine, this could potentially not only have a spillover effect that could draw the united states and its allies into direct confrontation with russia, but could potentially lead to a nuclear war. and so as a result, there is real opposition here at the white house,
6:52 pm
but i should point out very quickly, the reaction to the speech by the ukranian leader on capitol hill has gotten enormous support even to the point where although there are some that do favor a no fly zone, there is some resistance to that, but there is overwhelming support for increased military equipment, something that this white house has been resisting. kimberly, thank you very much for that. present biden is you to speak at 1630 g m t. we will bring that live to you on i'll just hear that in about 40 minutes or so kimberly hawkeye live there at the white house. in the meantime, let's check in on sports and here speech. thank you very much for the fringe open organizer. so the 20 time grand slam champion will be allowed to defend his title this year. we speaking, of course about novak jock of, it's that if the corona bar situation room, unstable joke of its shoes, unvaccinated is willing to miss grand slams if they require him to get the jab. that's ready. time major champion was unable to defend these australian open title
6:53 pm
in january of being deported from the country. but tournament director and former player emily marez mo, says there is nothing stopping jacowitz from taking parted roland garris. earlier this week, france lifted restrictions which prevented unvaccinated people from entering spain . use russian players are also allowed to compete, but only as neutral because of the countries invasion of ukraine. that includes top rank the new med with this and will number 7 on the left, referring to running for the title of indian wells to reaching before the throne. for the 1st time in his career, he took just 70 minutes to be from the effort insulated, bending as we speak to be never matches spain color, but those remains on coats to become the 1st women to defend the indian wells cycling the 3 decades. but also the us open final mandate in straight fits reach the quarter finals. the last female player to successfully retain the 30 was
6:54 pm
martinez nebraska over. that was back in 199113 egos fi on thick, came back from them for a 3rd time. in this tournament to pull off a wind po between the number one angelie kerber in what was the 1st meeting, she on think will say madison in the quarter. and also through a small habit who made easy of a romanian compatriots. ceramic affair had one or 2 years ago, 3616 for manchester, united last jones of sober where the season has gone off. they were knocked out of the champions league by a political madrid. brazilian defend renan low d headed in the only goal of the game in the 1st off. as i said, willing to talk to one on aggregate to book a spot in the quarter finals. united are now 5 years without a trophy. we much more form from for everyone and because it's close to big to to where we are now. we are far from,
6:55 pm
from the fighting place, his father or for the family for the gmc i x are also eliminated from the competition. they were beaten. one know by ben feca utilized strike a darwin munez to us the goal to send the slide through 32 on aggregate 26. you since i love when a home game in the champions league, naca said, would you believe chelsea faced little in the competition later, but they preparations have been overshadowed by the sanctions on the russian roman ban of h. the club is up for sale with friday. the deadline for that is that also failed in an attempt to have the upcoming essay cuff match played behind closed doors of to being banned from sending any more tickets. of the european champions. take a to the lead into the game again. flow and they coach says they're fully focused on reaching the quarter finals in the n. b, a korea having produced the best scoring performance of these korea,
6:56 pm
the brooklyn that start rack the 60 points. you may win over orlando magic a franchise record. the 1st 562, that plays of school 60 on consecutive nights of the minnesota call. anthony town achieved the feat on monday irving and kevin rancho. now the only teammates in, in be a history to drop over 50, back to back end of the rent, $53.00 on sunday. you know, somebody told me on the bench what it was, you know, and i'm just grateful, came in afloat again. you know, a few shots, probably, i shouldn't say again, a tough one, you know, double things with things going on, but you know, as long as i could do it, a smile on my face and my teammates weren't too angry at me this night, worthwhile. a big milestone in the in h. l 2 is the washington capitals, alex or vet skin moved into 3rd in the leagues korea scoring list of redskin net. 3767 go up against the new york islanders passing check grades at. jeremy jaeger
6:57 pm
in the old time standings. he sits behind gaudy. how and wayne gretzky who's top of that list on 894 of which can the capitals went on to win the game for 3. thank england cricketers finally got their 1st when at this years women's world cup captain had been nights if none beaten off century as the defending champions beat . india by full wickets in the last the 1st 3 games and they play new zealand next . and murder gp will make us present the indonesia this week of the 25 years away. the country president to joker we, dodo, welcome, the group of riders to the presidential palace in jakarta, to mark the event. he also flagged off a ceremonial ride through the indonesian capital sunday's race at the new metallica circuit on the island of lombok, a sold out. but the track has faced criticism after several villages will relocated we'll leave it there for now. most forts, nice for me, but later on, peter, thank you very much for that. and we'll have more news for you on al jazeera in
6:58 pm
just a few minutes, including the latest on ukraine, and that will be life in the capital case steamers. ah, i see now me of mud theory 16 in des, infinity submerging the homes and livelihood. if 60000 people years later, local inhabitants is still fighting for justice from the fracking company. they blame and the hot sledge continues to play. great, a witness documentary on al jazeera from the front lines our is there is correspondence continued to report every angle of the war in ukraine. we've just heard chilling in the distance and machine gun. far in the forests. there is a humanitarian crisis erupting on multiple fronts. rad rockets landed just
6:59 pm
a few meters from our convoy. ringback thing up was, this has been all over the need for a region. latoya st. totally destroyed along the road. we came in on there was still clearly an active battlefield day without. is there a for the latest development? no place. and so i gone with say, the press retreated to the car about a media hub and vital vantage point. during the 1st truly televised war from the roof. we could see the regulation at the american embassy, where the most iconic images of the conflict of vietnam were transmitted to the world. this was the front row sheet to the final stages of the war, saigon, caravel war hotels. on all g 0 we town the untold still rich. we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a police lea,
7:00 pm
a fin, sir guy from my eyes, and power in pasha. we tell your story. we are your voice. your news, your net back al jazeera ah, an appeal to the u. s. congress, ukraine's president asked for a no fly zone and more military help to fight off russia. president biden will respond in the next hour. ah, pam, fully back table. you're watching al jazeera life from jo. how, with the latest on the war in ukraine as the fighting rage is on the world's top courthouse, russia, it must stop its military action and warned both sides not to.


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