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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah oh, for an appeal to the u. s. congress, ukraine's president asked for a no fly zone and more military help to fight off russia. president biden is expected to respond shortly as a fighting rages on the world's top poor tells russia it must all pits, military action in ukraine, and warns both sides not to aggravate the dispute. ah ha, watching al jazeera alive from door,
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how would me 40 back people also coming up free at last night as a means gary radcliff is on her way home to the u. k. after being detained in iran since 2016. a $7.00 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of northern japan. 2000000 people are without electricity. we need you right now. that's the plea from ukraine's president as the address, the united states congress, florida me is. lensky received a standing ovation before he delivered his virtual speech to us lawmakers. he again called on the us, and it's nato allies to impose a no fly zone over ukraine. a demand washington has repeatedly rejected us. president joe biden is now speaking in washington. express. expected to announce the 50 ukraine. let's listening. why begin by thanking pres, zalinski for his passionate message this morning. i listen to it in private
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residence and he was convincing in significant speech. he speaks for a people go shown remarkable courage or strength in the face of brutal aggression, courage and strength that inspired not only are ukrainians, but the entire world couldn't, is inflicting a point. pauling devastation or har on ukraine bombing apartment, buildings maternity wards, hospitals. i mean it's, it's got off while i was speaking about this with our, our, our, our commander behind me here. general milly. i mean, it just is amazing. yesterday we saw reports that russian forces were holding hundreds of doctors and paces hostage in the largest hospital and mary pulse. these are atrocities. there an outrage in the world, in the world as united in our support for ukraine and our determination to make
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food and pay a very heavy price. merrick is lending this effort together with our allies and partners, providing enormous levels of security, humanitarian assistance that we're adding to today. and we're going to continue to do more in the days, weeks ahead. where crippling putin's economy with punishing sanctions. that's going to only grow more painful over time with the entire, both nato and you behind us and many other countries. what's a stake here are the principles that the united states in the united nations in, across the world stand forth. it's about freedom is about the right people to determine their own future. it's about making sure ukraine never will never be of victory for prudent, no matter what advances he makes on the battlefield. the american people are a strain presence, the less he's call for more help, more weapons ukraine to defend his of more tools, to fight russian aggression. and that's what we're doing. in fact,
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we started our assistance ukraine before this war began. as i started to do exercises along ukrainian border, the russian started in march of last year. we took the threat of putting invading very seriously. we acted on it. we sent ukraine more security systems last year, 650000000 dollars and weapons included and i air and, and i armor equipment before the invasion more than we had ever provided before. so an evasion began, they already had in their hands the kinds of weapons and needed to counter russian advances and wants to war started. we immediately rushed 350000000 and additional aid to further address their needs. hundreds of anti air systems, thousands van i tank weapons transport helicopters, arm patrol, boat, and other high mobility vehicles. radar systems that help track incoming artillery and on man drones, secure communications of government and tactical gear, satellite imagery,
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anna and anna and analysis capacity. and is clearly helped ukraine inflict dramatic losses on russian forces. i'm saturday, my administration authorized another $200000000.00 to keep a steady flow of weapons and ammunition. moving to crank 9 once again, using my presidential authority to act re activated additional security assistance to continue to help you crime, fend off rushes, assault additional $800000000.00 of the assistance that brings the total of new u. s. security systems. ukraine to $1000000000.00 just this week. these are the large, these are direct transfers of equipment from our department of defense to the ukraine military held them as a fight against this invasion. and i thank the congress for appropriating these funds. this new package monotone is going to provide unprecedented assistance to ukraine. it includes 800 anti aircraft systems to make sure the ukrainian military
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can key can do this can continue to stop the planes and helicopters that have been attacking their people and an offender. ukrainian, aerospace, and at the request of presidents, the lensky, we have identified and are helping ukraine acquire additional, longer range and aircraft systems. and the re, initially for those systems. i knew assistance package also includes $9000.00 anti armor systems. these are portable, high, high, accurate, high, accurately, high accuracy shoulder mountain missiles that ukraine forces have been using with great effect to destroy invading tanks and armored vehicles. it will include $7000.00 small arms machine, gun shot guns, grenade launchers, to crypt ukrainians, including the brave women and men who are defending their cities as civilians and there on the country side as well. and were en route and as well as the ammunition artillery and mortar rounds, to go with small arms, $20000000.00 rounds in total,
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$20000000.00 raft. this will include drones, which to which i demonstrate our commitment to send in our most cutting edge systems to ukraine for his defense. and we're not doing this along. our allies and partners have stepped up to revise significant shipments of security assistance and will continue to help facilitate these deliveries as well. united states and our allies and partners are fully committed to surgi weapons of assistance to ukraine and moral becoming as we source additional stocks of equipment that are all that we're ready to transfer. now. now i want to be honestly, this could be a long and difficult battle, but the american people be steadfast in our support of the people who crane in the face of prudence, immoral on ethical attacks and civilian populations. we are united in our abhorrence of prudence to praise don slot, and we're gonna continue to have their backs as they fight for their freedom. for democracy, they're very survival. we're going to give you crane the arms to fight and defend
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themselves through all the difficult days ahead. really continue to mobilize humanitarian relief to support people within ukraine. and those been forced to flee ukraine. ingest the past few weeks, we provide a $300000000.00, humanitarian assistance to the people and new grain and, and neighboring countries. tens of thousands of tons of food, water, medicine, and other basic supplies to support the people in need. are experts on the ground in poland, in moldova, and other neighboring countries, are there to make real time assessments of the rapidly evolving crisis to get urgently humanitarian supplies of the people in need when they need it. and we will support ukraine's economy with direct financial assistance as well. and together with allies and partners, we will keep up the pressure on prudence, crumbling, economy, isolating him on the global stays. that's our goal. make put and pay the price weak
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in his position while strengthening the hand of ukraine is on the battlefield at the negotiating table. together with our allies and partners, we're gonna stay the course and we'll do everything we can to push for and end this tragic unnecessary war business struggle of pitch, the appetite of an autocrat against human kind desire to be free and let there be no doubt, no uncertainty no question. america stands with the forces of freedom. we always have, we always will. i thank you all. god bless you and i'm going to walk over and sign this legislative sign. this bills are allowed to draw it out of those materials. and may god protect their young ukrainian route. they're defending their country. us president joe biden delivering remarks say on u. s. assistance to ukraine as a pass to sign that. and this is coming out of ukraine's liter earlier dress c u. s
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. congress asking for more support to fight off russia. joe biden described the ukranian. nita voted me semanski as convincing. saying that he made a significant speech. the u. s. president saying, america would continue to have ukraine's back in the fight against russia. lead spring in our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk it. kimberly present biden announcing you us security assistance to ukraine. yes, but stopping short of what lot of mirrors zelinski asked for specifically just to hours ago in front of the u. s. congress in a very emotional plea, in fact, a direct challenge to the u. s. president. it has been at least initially, outright rejected by the u. s. president. and given the delay of the speech by the u. s. president, there was some speculation that this was ah plea that was under serious consideration, but it appears for now that this has again been rejected. the call for
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a no flies of the call for these a fighter jets that are referred to as megs. that have been on the grounded poland that potentially could be transferred for use in ukraine. not going to be operational at least for now. now, is that the possibility in the future of the u. s. president certainly has not ruled that out. you said that there is the possibility for this to be done in the future, but for now the u. s. president. very clear and very specific. and what is going to be said, in other words, anti aircraft systems as a armor systems, small arms and drones, again, falling short of what was asked for by the ukranian leader before the u. s. congress. how was his speech present? lensky speech in congress, which, as he said, was very emotional. how was it received by us lawmakers? it was enormously well received by the u. s. congress, both democrats and republicans giving the ukrainian leader a standing ovation in
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a divided congress. this is one area where they all agree and so that is notable. there is growing support and growing pressure on the biden administration to potentially support or at least consider a no fly zone as well as potentially these is mig jets that are in poland. whether or not they could be used. and the reason that the white house is pushing back is because not only fears of potentially a catastrophic of fact of a nuclear war, but more eminent lee, that there is the potential for us or nato fighters to come in direct confrontation with russian fighters. and for the opportunity for that to escalate, that is the greatest fear of the u. s. president right now. so in some ways the call by lawyers zaleski was for him to be a leader of the world and to bring about peace. some might argue that's exactly what he's doing is resisting the temptation to see this escalade in order to bring
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about peace, to preserve peace. but again, in the short term, this is not what the ukrainian leader was hoping for. kimberly, how kit at the white house. thank you very much for that, and we'll have more on the war in ukraine in just a few minutes with the latest on the fighting on the ground there. and seen ahead in how to use a dress rehearsal in taiwan forces to assimilate, taking on the enemy on an island of china's coast. and what lies beneath will show you how an ancient underground city could reveal what happened to any 100 years ago . ah. well it wouldn't started hurling as a elsewhere. this wind here, which is sort of with this line of care about finger cold from the temperatures are
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coming down. so what was warm and all this is about tend to be of average. only 24 hours goes now as a drop down to below average the warmth squeezed out into oh man, that's what happens when winter still exists, as it does in turkey, in eastern med, because eastern europe is still cold. and that's where this wind is coming from. is brings and snow to turkey, a fish as no showers or rain showers on the coast depending on how high above sea level you are. so if a northern syria snow, i think this of course is all a cold wind and the dust, which is the brown here. the sand in the air is spread out over the empty quarter of southern saudi. the wind keeps flooding during friday. the snow, if anything gets worse in turkey and the temperature anchors now drop to to will see rain shower spreading further science, the levant, we've not seen the end of winter just yet. however, the line is more or less straight through here to rounds, looking better now. i took mass and his is dry. but now i've got to stand and maybe northern pakistan, the still rain or snow showers in southern africa,
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the rain's been very active recently. any cares on the same vein in botswana, broadway, and the middle of ms. m beak. the frank assessments for china will benefit from the 0 call the strategy if the rest the world to get informed opinions at all. marcus, on these are critical debate. wide rep would be the claims that need to come and interest, then she'll threat to russia, but it's precisely, he's actions that created the insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. oh,
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the me there watching, i'll just 0 a reminder of our main story. this our u. s. president joe biden has announced an additional $800000000.00 in military and humanitarian aid for ukraine. but he stopped short of agreeing to a no fries on which cranial leader noted me. lensky had again requested during a virtual address to the u. s. congress. earlier while an update now on the situation in ukraine where the bombardment continues from russian forces al jazeera zane bas robbie has more on the days developments from live. the 3 weeks of war, of shelley of cities besieged ukrainian defences, have slowed the pace of the russian events. but battle lines continue to move to new areas. the head of the regional administration says civilian targets in south
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africa were reportedly hid overnight. the war following the path of more than 3000 evacuees who fled there from the besieged city of mariel, russian seas far violation, ukraine's deputy prime minister says, are stopping civilians from using humanitarian corridors and getting the safety. when the tora bump physical berlin, yesterday they captured the emergency hospital and took 400 people hostage, medics and mary poll. they're shooting from inside the hospital. it is a threat for movement of people. don t monetary and corridors. we've sent a request to the red cross. under these conditions, we cannot bring people out safely. ukrainian drawn strikes continue to exact a heavy price on russian forces. more russian hardware lies abandoned, following fierce fighting in neighborhoods around keep the capital observing a 34 hour curfew to prepare for an expected russian assault. your love, me in the space today is
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a special and dangerous moment. movement through the city is prohibited without special passes. you can only go out to reach a shelter the curfew will apply until 7 am on march 17. therefore, i ask all keep residents to prepare for the fact that they will have to be at home for 2 days, or in case of an alarm. and a shelter. diplomacy remains. the only way to end this war says ukraine's liter. so harshly squad, and it is important, it is difficult but important because any war ends in an agreement, meetings continue as i am told that positions in the negotiations and more realistic. however, there's still needs to be more time for decisions to be in the cranes entrapment. the west of the country has avoided the worst of the violence, but the largest single missile attack so far happened at a military training camp in yahoo, or if only about an hour's drive away from here, resident say that unless there is a cease fire, it's not a matter of if, but when the fighting makes its way here, then basra b o g 0,
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livia and the world tom cortez ordered russia to immediately seize its military action in ukraine. and it's ruling the channel court of justice warned both sides not to aggravate the dispute. the russian federation must pending the final decision in the case suspend the military operations there commenced on 24 february 2022 in the territory of ukraine. in addition to the specific measures, it has decided to order the court games is necessary to indicate an additional measure directly that both parties and aimed at ensuring the non aggravation of the dispute. the world health organization is wanting. ukraine's health system is on the verge of collapse. id say that world leaders must do everything they can to ensure ukrainians, keep access to basic health care. how. how can we put emergency medical teams on the ground if the very facilities that they may want to go and support are going to be attacked and going to be bombed and going to, going to suffer
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a catastrophic damage. we're in it, we do this crisis is reaching a point where the the health system in ukraine is, is teetering on the brink. it was doing exceptionally well. it needs to be supported. it needs to be shored up. it needs to be given the basic tools to save lives. while ukraine says rush and forces fired rockets at a convoy trying to escape the city of merrier po, it says at least 5 people were wounded in the attack, including a child or 40 say, around $20000.00 people half left the besieged city. nato secretary general yen salton broke says the alliance is looking to substantially bolster forces on its eastern flank, but reiterated that no truth will be sent to ukraine. nato defense ministers have been holding talks in brussels, our diplomatic editorship editor jane space. is there nato defense ministers, her directly from their ukrainian counterpart who attended the meeting virtually
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about the destruction taking place on the ground. nato countries have been providing support in terms of weapons and training to ukraine, but they're not going to get involved directly. and they're not going to impose that no fly zone that the ukrainian government wants so much. they've also been bolstering those nato nations that are closest to russia, with many more extra troops than now trying to make those deployments more permanent. nato will not tolerate any attack on allied sovereignty or territorial integrity. we have all the act of a 3rd. our defense bounced to shield the alliance increase or redness and the ploy tubes are from both sides of the atlantic. there are now hundreds of thousands of forces at heightened alert across the lawrence,
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$100000.00 us troops in europe. on their own, $40000.00 troops on the dog at neutral command, mostly in the eastern part of the alliance. the defense ministers meeting comes just 8 days before a summit of all the nato leaders here in brussels. and don't forget, we've got overly tis updates on ukraine's war on our website and al jazeera dot com, click on the tab ukraine war and you'll find police developments on the conflict on the, our, to 0 duncan ah, there, spring. you know, some of the days avenues and as soon army warning has been issued after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake in japan. it happened off the coast of fukushima. meteorologists are expecting one meter see surges in the me, yagi,
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and feel could she, my regions to 1000000 homes are without power. the quake shook large part of east in japan, including tokyo. the government says it's assessing damage. there no immediate reports of casualties to british. iranians are on their way back to the u. k. from he ran after years in detention. as anita gary radcliff took this photo on the flight home, she was convicted in 2016 of prodding to overthrow iran's government. but as always unite those allegations, her husband says they're both feeling enormous relief. it's been a long time as me was assigned last night. gather was off, this is mommy riddick investment there. well, i don't, i don't know for sure. the replacer. mm hm. mm hm. no, no, no, pretty surely. she is coming home. so she got picked up this morning at 11 o'clock, said ron phone, which is 730 as by the webpage with points. she wasn't really allowed to speak. she had a phone with her so she could send messages. so i knew where she was
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a different voice, some point 6 weeks. and when we not had a euphoric chat with ty, winds, army has carried out military drills, while tension remains high with china. the exercises assimilated the interception of enemy forces on an island off china's coast. victoria gate and b has a details. taiwanese soldiers fire artillery shells at a target representing advancing enemy forces. the democratically self ruled island is conducting military exercises to prepare for a potential assault by chinese forces. they follow repeated incursions by chinese warplanes into the islands air defense zone, taiwanese leaders, sy, in gwen seen here watching army reserve is train last week. says the war in ukraine proves ty, one needs to be prepared to resist threats from china. in
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a sign of increasing tensions between the 2 countries. reservists have been mobilized for 14 days this year rather than the usual 7. so large lot almosha near good 5. i think the training is very solid. we are now familiar with the nearby defensive terrain and also places we can use a found off an attack was i think this 14 day reserves call up is very useful. china considers tiwana breakaway province and has previously threatened to seize the island by force the lead ship in bay. jing has been angered by recent reports of taiwan finalizing its latest dale to buy military equipment from the united states or men. ginia fan date may what all we family pays the sale of arms by us to taiwan. we oppose any official exchanges between the us. i'm taiwan. the democratic progressive party authorities have repeatedly used the hot and money of taiwan taxpayers to buy u. s. arms in an attempt to seek independence by force, but they will not succeed in ty, one's capital t i pay,
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they've been demonstrating in support of ukraine's resistance to the russian invasion. and 4000 boxes of medicine, food and blankets have been collected for ukrainian refugees. oh no, it's unbelievable. this is happening. we should do what we can to help. the children are innocent. their lives have been turned upside down. so suddenly, as a parent, i feel so heartbroken. i want to help. oh, taiwan regularly holds drills to prepare for a potential chinese invasion as the war in ukraine. rage is own $23000000.00 taiwanese a hoping the status quo where they are will be maintained victoria, gate, and be al jazeera, macro ne of eyes restrictions for chinese. fort workers are causing a backlog of container ships waiting to dock. an increasing number of workers are having to stay at home because of government roles. port such as sions,
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and could be forced to shut down if infections continue to rise. that will have a major effect on the global supply chain. travelers kensal planning a trip to new zealand. soon after 2 years of covered 19 isolation, australians have been vaccinated can go from the middle of next month. that's 3 months earlier than planned and tourists from visa waiver countries, including britain, singapore, and the united states can visit from may. other travelers aren't expected to be allowed in until october, but new zealand spy minister says that could change now to iran and what's considered a masterpiece of ancient engineering as sprawling underground city built. 1500 years ago lies beneath the small town of new chabad. as resorts, his diary ports, many of the city secrets remain hidden. and ashley wrote beneath the desert the underground city of new schubert in iran might not be as famous as that in drinking and turkey or the edinburgh waltz in the u. k. but it is as much of an
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architectural wander through sort of supplement is 23 meters deep and has a labyrinth of corridors, panels, canals and chambers filled with the heathen passageways and booby traps. but perhaps the most surprising of all is, is complex ventilation system. do you shave tunnels, l o. e, from also to circulate, making it possible for people to stay inside for long periods. the construction often shabazz in central europe these back around 1500 years to the sounded empire . but because it was discovered only recently, many of the city's secrets are yet to be on built. yet more d the yet than one. they see it by the strong engineering behind destruction. they dug the robes of 12 meters beneath the ground corridor walls take you to the rooms that people were hiding in. there are also tunnels for air circulation and drain
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water. at the end of each space, there is a narrow tunnel by links to different spaces. the hidden entrances were built under a tandal or kitchen of houses. at the end of the tunnel, there is a well that is connected to the cannot. this let people access to water and it functions as f insulation and purifying system. it was also used as a way to escape if the enemy could come inside the underground city. we can hobby wipe, some archeologist like that us out of honey. try to uncover how the underground city was built. others are working on why there are many curious on the cities origins, but the most widely accepted. the reason is that it was to ensure the survival of people in the area as people here leading an area often targeted by readers. they conduct this chance of passage for covered during the attacks. miss robert had several gateways. some of these were inside homes. and what often looked like just there i was from a bo were in fact entrances to the underground city. even if in withers found the
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way inside they had to survive surprise attacks in this curbing corridors or traps sat in pits. all this will do wise to stop intruders from reaching these chambers where civilians will take refuge. the underground city of new shabat tells a story of resistance and a will. busy to survive poses of tortoise. every year come here to understand and experience it. listen, selder o 0. no shabbat. ah, hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera us present. joe biden has announced an additional $800000000.00 in military and humanitarian aid for ukraine that he stopped short of agreeing to a no fly zone which ukrainian leader again requested during a virtual address to us add to the u. s. com.


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