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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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ah ah ah, this is al jazeera oh hello, i'm emily ang, when you're watching the news hour, which will be dominated by the war in ukraine. russia is accused of heating cities and killing civilians as western countries again question its progress on the grounds. russia though, denounces what it calls lies and says its mission in ukraine remains clear and on track german impedes. give
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a standing ovation to ukraine's president for letting me zalinski in vogue memories of world war 2 in a speech appealing from mo help. also ahead, the un security council votes to establish ties with afghanistan's taliban government, which is yet to win widespread recognition and sport rap. no doubt. perfect. here continues. the spaniard is won. his 18th, straight match to move into the quarter finals at indian wells. squishy work is in the besieged, ukrainian port, city of mary. a poll a digging through the wreckage of a bombed fees are hoping to find survivors. ukraine's government says more than a 1000 people, including children, was sheltering there when it was hit by a russian air strike. russia denies that, but stands accused of heating more cities due to lack of progress in the invasion.
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we have a team of correspondence covering all angles of this story in ukraine will be live in cave and live if will also be speaking to our reporters in moscow. berlin and london 1st though from the v, is rob mcbride, who goes through the latest developments in data for this key of neighborhood another early morning awakening from the war. an incoming missile was intercepted with falling debris, killing a resident below. people in cities on the front line like hearing cock give, continue to bear the brunt. parents of children at this shattered school have come together to try and restore classrooms. over here for a full through sally came to health. we heard such a catastrophe, happened and i don't know how to describe it. it's and human. there is more fierce fighting on the streets of the southern port of mary you pole. with a destruction of a theatre where ukrainian say more than
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a 1000 civilians were sheltering the russians deny targeting the building was as a rental credit. um. so the only way to describe what has happened today is genocide, coroner genocide of our nation yogurt and storm. hundreds more. people have finally managed to escape the siege of murder you, paul. such as lydia, who spent 2 weeks in her basement without he till running water. the whole place is destroyed. she says, and little sooner. we still had corpses there. they didn't take the bodies away for 7 days and started this think already. it was scary, very scary for the throttle would ha, ha ha. and at the main church for the military in the western city of live, a funeral for another soldier killed in conflict. while this war continues to arouse condemnation of the russian invasion on the world stage here in ukraine,
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each death locally seems only to strengthen the resolve to join the fight. outside le viv more training for volunteers. this soldier calls himself cream meaning crimea. dog. he says he left his home on the peninsula when it was seized by russian forces in 2014, and is vowing not to be moved on again. louise, now the vive is my home. i'm more interested in a democracy than in a totalitarian state eigenvalues. and these volunteers will soon join. others like former international tennis player said, geese, they're kosky who says he had no choice, but to put on a uniform and pick up a gun even if i will. ah, behavioral shooting, killing someone is marking you on your life. so i don't leave it any of the ukrainians are willingly doing it, but we don't have it with both sides,
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seemingly unable to find a way out of the war, goes into its 4th week. casualties are mounting, hold around russia, rob mcbride, al jazeera living. let's take a look at how the conflict is shaping up right now. the areas shaded red are under the control of russia, and it's separate has to allies these of the cities in, during the heaviest fighting and bombardment. russia also says it's air force has heat to ukrainian arms depot in the western city of signing. let's bring an emron car now who's live for us in the capitol cave. hello, they him, ron. what's the latest out of where you are? well let me bring you up to date with the talks. you know how emily, they say that no news is good news. well, we've heard no news from those talks in the last 24 hours. normally, we might hear a tweet or as some kind of statement from the presidents, ukrainian presidents adviser who's leading those, told st. oh we're going into
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a 2nd. i always not doing the tools that hasn't happened. we do know that they are continuing to talk. ah, they, we know that they're in, subcommittees are trying to not trying to really get down to the nitty gritty and come up with some sorts of agreement. but there is a disconnect between the ukrainians and the russians. the russian seem to be talking very big pitch in the talking about the demon translation of ukraine. they're talking about a model for its army and its navy that follows the swedish or the australian model they're talking about releasing sanctions ukrainians. on the other hand, as saying, we need to stop the russian occupation of our cities. we stop the destruction we need to get the russians out. that needs to be a sci fi before any agreement can be made. all of that is happening, and we'll get into this with our other correspondence later. if i just want to touch on it briefly, you have the modem is lensky, the ukranian president, addressing the jim, but his dog parliament, they're also in call asking for more help. so there's this idea amongst ukrainians
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that the fight is going to go along for a long time because the president is asking for military aid and military help. but there's also these talks going on that seem to be optimistic. there seems to be at the fact that the talks are still continuing, is still something that you creations are. i are pending some hopes on a marana. we're looking at this straight behind you and it looks relatively quiet. what more can you tell us about the sort of conflict is happening around you. a hearing s i an air raid sirens, and the liking, seeing any sort of conflict on the straits they well, the conflict here isn't really in the center of the city old scale the way so you can have a, a clearer look, that's the center of the city in the distance, you can hear air raid sirens towards the north in the southeast, where the front lines of butcher and her pain and bravery all her this morning. just before 5 am loser, an air raid siren that took place on the residence in the southeast of the city,
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took shelter, and then the ukrainian air defense systems actually shut down a russian cruise missile that fell on to the streets below. it was a residential estate, one person died, 4 people injured and 65 others had to be evacuated. we've seen things like that on the outskirts of the city. throughout the last 4 or 5 days, we must, every day actually been down to a site of a residential block that is either been shown by the ukraine by the russian forces, or whether where a missile has been intercepted by ukrainian air defense, not for the ukrainians yet defense is key. one of the key things that lot of a zalinski keeps asking me international community for is this s 300 air defense system. that's why they needed. they needed to shoot down those missiles that are coming in cruise missiles that are coming in from russian territory very far away, but hitting the outskirts of cave and those front lines where the battle is still
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taking place. about 15 kilometers from where i'm standing right now. okay, that's not very far at all. thank you very much. that update, a man come live for us in keys. let's head to living now is aimed as rabby has been standing by zane, as we mentioned at the start of the program at will we spoke about this data which has been bombed in mary a. paul, how is the search for survivors going yes, this story is become a real snapshot of the broader conflict the war happening here in ukraine. we're hearing about civilians targeted in a shelter little information in the beginning. certainly something that has been a source of frustration for ukrainian officials on the ground, very worried that a place that can have a capacity 480021500 people in the shelter. in the basement of that theater. coming under attack this morning, a glimmer of hope, a 130 survivors being confirmed on social media by ukrainian municipal officials on
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the ground there. but since then we haven't had any updates, but also equally no reports of any further casualties or injury. so certainly small positive development and otherwise very brutal conflict, but the broader context of violence here is that mary mary, okay, where this is happening. ukrainian officials have also estimated between 2002500 deaths. and mary alone. so far in this conflict it's a place that is like so many other places cut off from a from ukrainian forces from you help or aid drops from ukrainian rear lines. so it's really a place where people are indeed stuck. there is no humanitarian court or it's a place with 450000 people trying to get out. and nobody has been able to just to give you a sense of how poorly a lot of evacuations are going. we've just heard reports from officials in the occupied in that region where i know it's a region with millions of people potentially trying to leave, trying to get to say for places today, only 209 people have been able to evacuate in private cars,
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bigger vehicles or convoys as part of the humanitarian court, or it simply isn't working as talks continue between russia and ukraine. ok, thank you for breaking it down for us as same as robbie in levine for us. let's get the view from moscow now. and the russian president has, again, been talking about the impact severe sanctions having this time. he was referring to crimea, which led him put in amex from ukraine, back in 2014. the can you say, yes, of course, without a doubt the peninsula economic development has been effected by the western sanctions, goes among others on banking, good supplies, et cetera. but after the military operation in ukraine started, a new set of sanctions were imposing. it was yesterday at the meeting on social economic measures to support russian regions. i said that the restrictions against russia have created a lot of issues, you know, but not only issues. they are also creating new opportunities for us. and the light is bracing from rushes of foreign ministry showed no shift in moscow's demands for
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establishing a cease fire. the minute that is that our purpose is quite clear. the key will have to realize they have to agree to carry out demilitarization and d, nationalization. the sooner the key regime realizes this, the sooner the war will end, we call on president the lensky to think about the life of the country and its citizens, and make the necessary decisions. let's get the latest now out of moscow with bernard smith. hello, there, bernard, prudent has been speaking with jackie's president on the phone. anything come out of that discussion they are ready to tie. bird wine has continued talking with vladimir putin and he has, it said that it's time for vladimir, as a lensky and vladimir putin to meet face to face. there are certain issues that they need to talk about face to face is the 2nd time is offered to host talks in turkey between the 2 leaders. but it seems the prospect of that could be
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a very long way away. we're also having western nurse source is quoted by reuters earlier today saying that while the talks are continuing. ready on both sides are serious in their talks. very large gaps remain between the 2 size. and you've just heard the foreign ministry spokeswoman saying are that the, the long standing demands of russia, or what they call de, get rid of nationalist groups in new cray, in the shower rushers long been using as his excuse for its or what they call their special operation in ukraine is as ukraine must get rid of these groups, denart, if i've been another word russia or has used in terms of describing the government of vladimir zalinski. so in that sort of talk is an indication of while the 2 sides are talking, there's a huge gap between but what both sides want particulars, we know that russia wants crimea, and donnette is going to lose. gans recognized,
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i crimea recognize as part of russia and on that says, no guns recognized as independent states. okay, thank you very much for that update van it. smith live for us in moscow. he claims president to let him, he zalinski has been given a standing ovation farm at germany's parliament. he searched chancellor all of shows to do more to bring an end to russia's invasion. and his wound, european countries came more about their economies in the lives of regular ukrainians. his address to the wounded stand came a day after a speech to the u. s. congress. the nurses should judge not long ago, we are fighting for our lives and for our freedom. it is not the berlin wall. it is the war between having freedom and not having freedom in europe with every bomb and every decision not made that could have helped us. this wall is getting bigger. we asked about what ukraine can do to join nato and getting security guarantees. and
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the answer we received is that it isn't on the table for now. you question whether ukraine should join the, you know, yes for some, this is politics. but for us it is souls for the new war that are ok. let's head to berlin now where dominique cane is standing by for us. hello, they dominic and other powerful address by the ukranian president this time to the german parliament. what were the main takeaways from that speech? something that we can take from the speech that the ukranian president delivered virtually in the bundle talk today was the way that he is tailoring his speeches to suit the forum in which he appears. so when he was in front of congress in the united states, it was referent. there were references to pearl harbor the attack which prompted the americans to enter the 2nd world war and references to 911 when he was dressed in the house of commons. in the united kingdom, there was reference to the rhetoric of winston churchill during world world war 2.
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here he concentrated on elements that any berliner would remember. talking about the berlin wall, the berlin airlift, and asking all our shots, the chancellor here to tear down the wall. that's the direct repeat of a comment of a quote made by president ronald reagan here in this city. not very far away from the german parliament, although then it was a monument saying to mikhail gorbachev, the leader of the united, the u. s. s r to tear down the wall. so clearly, president zalinski is tailoring his comments to suit each form to try to as it were terror at the heart strings really make people here understand the predicament of his people, what they are going through in this war. and the interesting thing is that he was given a standing ovation. and afterwards there were elements of the conservative opposition here who were very unimpressed by the fact that the german parliament didn't have
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a debase about ukraine. immediately after hearing from presidency lensky, which shows that there is not a 100 percent unity behind what the coalition government here is doing. there are voices to say that more could be being done to help ukraine than is currently being done. i don't stay with us because i want to get your thoughts on the, the nato secretary general. yes, styles and bag is visiting berlin again, warning against a full fledged war between the lines in russia, tech listen. nato has a responsibility to prevent this conflict from escalade thing further. that would be even more dangerous. i would coals more suffering, death on destruction. this is preston putin's war. he must stop the war. withdraw his forces and engage in the boat in diplomacy in good faith. so dominate what is stout,
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him back hoping to achieve in berlin. one of the interesting things about what's been happening in berlin today is we've had presidents zalinski addressing parliament. we have mr. stoughton back here, missing all shots for one to one talks, but then also meeting the defense minister here, and the foreign minister annotated babel from the green, parsi, what we've been hearing so far, at least is one of the other things that he enjoyed and bell was saying is, there is no question of nato becoming militarily involved in ukraine. that's the sentiment that order shots is repeatedly made reference to also. so the question then is, will, what is the real motivation here? remembering that although germany is a central part of the you from a military perspective in nato, it's not quite the force that once it was during the cold war, the west german military was amongst the biggest in nato. now it's nowhere near that. so in some sense is what you have here with mr. spartanburg here. praising
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all of shots for the role that he's been leading in the course of the last few months. you have the sense that he's flying the flag and perhaps also trying to cajole all of shots into doing a bit more. given the fact that we know of shots is said that he wants to spend a great deal more money. he's announced a $100000000000.00 euro, so more than around a $110000000000.00 on defense says that germany will finally agree and meet its 2 percent of its budget on defense, which is what nato leaders certainly. united states have been calling for for 8 years now. the fact that the germans have, in the course of the last few days, the german government said they're going to buy dozens of f. 35 united states attack jets. that is a sign with the germans of the seriousness with which they are confronting the military situation here. but it's clear they do not want to see nato involved
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militarily in ukraine. thank you very much for breaking it down for us as always. dominant came left for us in berlin that let's head across now to the u. k. where britain's ministry of defense is given one of its most critical assessments yet of russia offensive in a tweet. it said the invasion had largely stoled on all fronts, adding that russian forces have made a minimal progress on land, sea or air in recent days, and they continue to suffer heavy losses and ukrainian resistance remains staunch and well coordinated. let's bring in a dame baba who's live for us in london and following 2 elements today. how does his language in this you case? it's been compared to previous comments? will emily visa intelligence updates from the ministry of defense of fairly regular? and the message has been in recent days, if not more than that, the russia has not achieved its military objectives. this is no surprise,
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but as you will, outlining there is some kind of hint where military chiefs here in britain think is taking the conflict. the fact that russia has not been able to achieve a sweat to victory victory in its noise. you are just quoting from that part of the update which says bit russian forces have made minimal progress on land seal air in recent days. continuing to suffer heavy losses, but pointing out that the vast majority of ukrainian territory, including all major cities, remains in ukrainian hands. well, that's half the story because on wednesday night, the previous intelligence update set bis, as a result, it is likely russia was resorting to the use of older, less precise weapons, which are less, militarily effective, and more likely to result in civilian casualties. or certainly we've seen both civilian casualties rise and rise. we've seen not only the siege over
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maria poll, but we've seen the strikes on residential buildings, even on the outskirts of the capital here. and certainly in the capital. the idea is that the forces have been trying to keep rushing artillery out of range of the city center, but the suburbs have been targeted. so the, the message here is that the russians have been bogged down, but there is fierce resistance, but don't forget the ukrainians calling for greater military help as well as the no fly zone. and in fact, on wednesday you britton's defense secretary ben wallace said that on top of supplying anti tank weaponry, it's believed $4000.00 of those weapons already gone to ukraine now and is supplying star streak anti aircraft missiles which could be crucial in helping the ukrainians themselves to tackle russian or jets in the sky in the absence of
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what they're calling for, the no fly zone closing their skies as they've demanded from their partners which, which doesn't seem to be a realistic prospect. so that could actually be a significant move. certainly, we have seen a large air strikes on places like possibly that theater in mario pool witcher junior minister here in britain is now saying seems to be a self evident violation of international law. so this assessment, not a surprise, but a reminder that term certainly things are not going the way. must go it out. any of the meeting, pat, thank you very much for that update. nadine bab, life ross in london. russian forces may mala believe to be closing in on the city. port of odessa by land and sea, taking ukraine's 3rd largest city would eventually cut out the rest of the country off from the black st. but local, say there prepaid to defend it from odessa. he is harder, abdel hum it ah,
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the russian invasion is yet to reach odessa. but here is a feeling that is just a matter of time and not much longer to wait. oh, president vladimir zalinski has called an all ukrainians to join the war effort. and people like envy have lamb of who's an opera singer. have answered his call. it's ugly. were for dan, maybe 20 here. he thinks that it's going to be a long war despite ongoing negotiation and complaints that ukraine has been left to fight alone. i knew you contact them, which was just they didn't want to help us right now. they promised weapon much more active involvement of the war fighter just studying them. now the u. s. is refusing by them hasn't delivered enough. they're not closing the sky. they're not taking away rushes ability to perform a peaceful, cities, and annihilate women must children and be elderly enough,
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but they are not protecting the humanitarian corridors for murray of the city is frantically building its defenses. civic organizers said they have so far filled more than $400000.00 sandbags. this is under threat from several fronts. the russian army is trying to advance from the south while russian war ships are said to be approaching the coast. but it won't be so easy because the city is heavily fortified. long stretches of the shore line have been laid with land mines to delay any beached landing. capturing this port city would give russia control of the black sea and land lock ukraine. ah, back in town, the air service goes off, day and night, but this city hasn't been directly hit. the sandbags made at the beach surround cultural and municipal buildings and killy. part of tells me about the efforts to
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preserve what they're says. cultural treasures. most of when you move away from group name, you know, we're talking about saving the heritage, ukrainian, european russian. it doesn't matter. we're saving art museum and hockey was bombed . sadly, the collection, there was mostly loss, is a part of the something that has been bothering me. a lot of ukrainian museums have to protect masterpieces of russian art from the russian aggression. it is a paradox, which we want the world to know about, that koreans o. this has long been deprived of russia, was founded by catherine the great, the city has embraced its russian identity ever since. but with a war looming, those voices have gone all but silent in odessa that was saved by the soviets during world war 2 is now getting ready to defend itself from his former protectors . ida abdel, how many joins us live now from that city of odessa, hata we've been hearing for throughout this bulletin about what's happening across
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ukraine and europe. how does odessa feeding it into all of that well situated? this man is waiting for. it's churn. anyone you speak to here tells me, well that we are absolutely short of at some point we are gonna be the target of do russians. now over the past few days. also it had been a fleet of russian war ships that have been seen approaching the. busy coast of odessa and then retracting, and then re approaching. there's also been some shelling india this region about half an hour away from the city, all visitors in the increases the tension among people here, the anxiety of what will happen next. and i have to say that the fact that this is a russian speaking city, that this is a city that has
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a lot of ties with russia historically. and even until really the beginning of this war doesn't count any more. people would tell you, well, look at what happened in my youth on what to look at. what happened in the parking . there is no safe place in this country at the moment that the head of the region administration has come out a few hours ago saying that he thinks that at the moment the right russians are not planning to attack a disease. that is more of a psychological warfare. nobody knows in the end, what will happen, but certainly this is a message on high alert. it is also highly defended. it has its anti ship defense system really along the coast. he didn't know exactly where, but certainly the board which is so crucial for the city and also for the country is very heavily is secured. no one is allowed to go in that port. it has come on the attack in the 1st few days of the war, but not lately. surgeon,
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the people are monitoring what's happening on this southern front. the army advancing from the high low of that is a front where the russian army has been stalling for a while. but it's not very far from here. and people will tell you here that really is that safety falls. then the next step is odessa is just a matter of time between those tanks, rolling up north towards the city and the worship coming closer to the coast. okay, keep us posted as to how things developed, what a abdel ha, matlab for us in odessa still to come on this news, our facing unrelenting cyber attacks. russia tries to feel to foreign intimate traffic. also how nigeria is a multi $1000000000.00 plans to boost its economy are on track and in sport, liverpool move within
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a point from top spot in the premier league. ah hello there. we've seen cooler, unsettled conditions across all event. and those have extended down into much of the middle east. over the past few days, they're going to continue, at least until saturday. you can see that wet and windy weather, putting across turkey winter weather here, edging down into syria, lebanon, and further afield. temperatures in this area are slightly below the average. we are going to see that cooler weather continue, and it's cool down for those gulf states. places like guitar, the u. e and saudi arabia, thanks, was shamar wind that kicking up a lot of dust creating hazy sunshine, but come saturday, we will start to see the temperatures recover though the wind will remain and it's
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going to remain windy across the north of africa. we're going to see the wind pick up for places like libya we could season sandstorms here, and it's gonna turn rather wet for much of algeria. antonia, by the time we get into saturday. so it's cooler up in the north, hotter down in the south for much of the wet weather. we have to move to think that central band of africa, we've got the seasonal rains. we've also things the more dramatic rain, thanks to the end of that fly clone that's pulling through mozambique, heavier rain for botswana that's edging down into south africa and we'll see the temperature come down in cape town. but sunshine through the weekend, ah, with frank assessments for china beds well banner said from the 0 call it strategy. if the rest of the world cannot get to get informed opinions at all costs luckiest on needs. and on fridays from that statement, critical debate wide, which would be the claims that nato constitutes an interest in. she'll thread to
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russia, but it's precisely his actions that's rated this insecurity in the region. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, no place. and so i gone with say, the press retreated to the car about a media hub and vital vantage point. during the 1st truly televised war from the roof, we could see evacuation at the american embassy where the most iconic images of the conflict of vietnam were transmitted to the world. this was the front row sheet to the final stages of the war cycle and caravel war hotels. on l. g 0, lou ah, ah,
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hello, are you watching out his ear? i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder of our top stories. the sound risky crews in the besieged, ukrainian city of mariposa. they found survivors after a russian air strike heat, a theatre where civilians was sheltering. and in the capital cave, at least one person's been killed after part of an intercepted missile heat and a palm and block. while rushes of foreign ministry insists it's forces, i'm not teaching civilian areas that despite wakes of bombardment in urban areas across ukraine. and the country's president is told german politicians that his country is all that stands between europe and tyranny in a virtual address to germany's parliament for letting me zalinski also said russia is trying to wipe ukraine what are being described as unprecedented cyber attacks. a heating russian government websites and stage on companies rush
6:34 pm
and digital experts are trying to stop the disruption by filtering foreign internet traffic. since the ukraine invasion began, kremlin websites have been knocked offline. so has a fat flag shift flag ship rather carrier arrow, float and banks. much of a hacking is thought to be linked to the group called the i t. army of ukraine is had help from sympathetic volunteer hackers world wide. going the other way. russian cyberattacks have down to websites in ukraine, but not with the intensity. some analysts expected, at least for now to break this down for us. let's bring in curriculum murray, who is the co founder and president of hackers without borders. he joins us live now from geneva. thanks for being on the program. talk us through what your organization is and how it's helping you crime. hello. thank you for a, as he said, we are in india rate in geneva,
6:35 pm
a brand new and you only less than 2 months ago, which is a have been installed in geneva. we are specialize in cyber security. was more than $300.00, the specialist and the yes we are involved in this conflict, but definitely just to be clear, we are much invested in any war we are natural and impartial. and in this case, as you say, we, we recommend to not take part in any kind of side of this conflict because there are too much repercussions on the people that are involved in actions like like the ones war in the army. we, i'd warn live on the french tv channels, that it was not sicily unnecessary to face the danger directly on internet. and the infinitely many have been expose and expose themselves and now are identified
6:36 pm
by russian intelligence services, but among others other countries. so co m, when he said that you are involved in how are you involved? well, we are, when i say we are involved, it's a, it's a goal is the objective of our n g o. it's to provide help to provide assistance on the ground and mainly because we are specialized in cyberspace as we can tell it by providing the secure means of communication. like folds computers that are secure links to channels like vps telegram channels and so on. and by auditing information systems, or are those videos that are doing the job on the ground? yeah. so while your m y, your organization is somewhat neutral, as you say, a couple of weeks ago, the vice prime minister of ukraine called for hackers in tech specialist to join
6:37 pm
the side the front. while this is happened sort of in previous conflicts. how unprecedented is the size and public nature of this campaign? oh, within that it's very tricky because in the same way you want to help you again to do maybe bad things and what we are here to do to help and protect and not to attack of this double lice. so it's very tricky in the same manner you want to help, you're going to do bad thing at the same time. and if you are not authorized to do so, like you're not too bold in an army or needed to re show territorial forces like officials . yeah, we did not recommend you to do such actions. definitely. of course you don't recommend, i guess what i'm trying to understand. and what i guess the audience wants to try to understand is how is technology being used in this war whilst your organization is saying, it's doing everything that's lakeland above board that we understand. but i guess
6:38 pm
if you can, from a technological point of view, explain to us how hackers or cyber hackers are involved in this war and what tools are being used. okay, it's no, it's more clear to be here. so from that understanding that it's for us, it is, there is so many ways to, to, to that attack or to be technically involved into the civilization. i'm in the technical, the civilization. when you are, you have song from servers like institutional servers to, to have a public in that website or any kind of service public service. you are going to make some a d dos attack, which is a big network attack to paralyze and to make stuck in the middle of nowhere. all the services are going to be down. so you are going to use for many, many computers that may be kennedy before infected, like zombies,
6:39 pm
computers. and you're going to launch the attack by waking everything at the same time, the same moment on one in a single target. so you are targeting country is a walt entry, so wal servers it institutions are by holy one kind of attack. and there are so many, many ways to attack like fishing or sending somebody mail. you shows that you are a noble institution and differently, you're not agreeing to to hide into another's names, nicknames, big names just to make it true. and you are going to ingest some malware into systems that are going to accept your request and the zone many, many ways. so i, we, we don't have so many time to spend all of them that those are the big ones. all right, well we appreciate you explaining that to us and being on the program. korean le
6:40 pm
murray, who is the co founder and president of hackers with that for his thank. thank you so much. oh, let's take a look at some other world news now, and the un security council has voted to establish ties between the united nations and the taliban in afghanistan. 14 nations voted in favor. russia abstained, covering 2 elements that's bring in christian salumi who's live for us at the united nations christian. what does this recognition mean? so what this was, is a renewal of the u. n's mandate to operate in afghanistan with its mission known as nama, the united nations assistance mission in afghanistan and all members of the security council agree that afghanistan needs the u. m. 's helped to avoid an economic collapse in
6:41 pm
a humanitarian catastrophe. the issue was how to deal with the taliban. an entity that is sanctioned under un international law for its role in the september 11th attacks. and so there was a lot of debate on this resolution and, and how to get help into the country without formally recognizing the taliban, which is a red line for the united states. and many question countries aligned with the united states. so in the initial draft of this resolution, re authorizing the u. s. mandate, they referred to the de facto authorities in afghanistan as who the u. n. would be dealing with without mentioning the taliban by name. that was a step too far. even for the united states who said this is like calling the taliban, the de facto leaders are a de facto recognition of the country and were not willing to go there. so that was negotiated as
6:42 pm
a compromise. what they say in this resolution is that they will deal with all relevant afghan political actors. while russia wasn't happy about that. they said that's basically just ignoring the reality on the ground. and if you don't deal with the taliban, they won't have a skin in the game. they won't be a partner to this process, but they abstained from the vote. the resolution did pass. it includes protections for human rights for women and girls as well under the un mandate, which was very important to norway, the pan holder. and in the words of the norwegian ambassador, this resolution, she said allows for engagement with the taliban, but in no way recognizes them. and kristin, another security council meeting ease planned felicia about ukraine. what can you tell us about that? excuse me. yes. so this will be the 8th meeting of the security council on the
6:43 pm
situation in ukraine since the war began since the conflict began at the continuing attempt by members of the security council to isolate russia in these attacks. and in this situation there, as the conflict has escalated, the councils rhetoric has escalated the initial meetings we heard, they were talking about threats to international peace and security and a violation of territorial integrity of ukraine. they were using those terms of international law to go after russia. now their language is getting even stronger, and they called this meeting at the ukraine at the united kingdom and other countries request the united kingdom saying that russia is now committing war crimes and targeting civilians. so we don't expect any outcome from this meeting. we do expect to hear a briefings from the political affairs department here at the united nations, the director general of the world health organization,
6:44 pm
the high commissioner for human or for refugees. basically paint. we expect them to paint a very bleak situation for ukrainians on the ground in the midst of this conflict. now russia is continuing to argue that they're defending pro russian separatist. the minsk agreement of 2014. russia has submitted its own humanitarian resolution to the security council and called for a vote on that on friday. as soon as they called for that vote. we had at western nations calling for an emergency security council meeting today. and just trying again to isolate russia and show that they are on their own, on the world stage to the west responding to the russians attempt at a ham man, a tarion resolution by saying if you really care about the people of ukraine, you'd stop this war so basically a lot of dramatic theatrics happening here at the united nations as a western powers, attempt to hold russia accountable in,
6:45 pm
put the pressure on them to stop the war. in de thank you very much for breaking down for us kristen salumi library in the un. it's had to nigeria now, which is planning to spend tens of billions of dollars to modernize it's well why network the over hole could boast the economy in remote parts of the country. as ahmed interest reports from lagos, containers set on auto gateway trucks awaiting delivery to lagos, ports boy export. a few years ago, they would have to make the journey by road, but a multi $1000000000.00 investment to revive the countries williams system is beginning to pay off thanks to billions of dollars in loans from china. thousands of kilometers of royal networks have been revamped and put to use opening up opportunities for businesses and boosting the economy. rate that is jacey won't
6:46 pm
cooperate freight services. so income grow steadily along which huge growth potentials we have money was crushed. the system we have, we looked at, cut it in passing the services i would love to perry imports even exports. movements of raw materials within the country is so huge when you put a load on the train, just glass leave it to deliver volumes on time. civ, lives in and employment benefits at this train station in lagos. these passengers who commute daily from he bought off for work and trading, catch the last train all just a year ago. there have to spend 5 hours on the road to get home. now they do that in 2 officious. now looking beyond passage to services, they've launched an ambitious program to link up with my dearest neighbors and see ports to post trade we have developed or what to call for it. the as in,
6:47 pm
i'm back with her and her brother. so that's with a harvey, the toner on how where 2 people can go up exact montana this he says we'll deliver freight in time and ease pressure on nigeria roads. but the plan requires a lot of money and the government doesn't have enough. it's estimated that $80.00 to $100000000000.00 is required to fix nigeria, re network, which has been neglected for decades as a result. trucks are the main means of moving heavy loads across the country, and that has taken a heavy toll on the roads which need hundreds of millions of dollars of repairs. every year. the decline of nigerian rail system followed decades of neglect. much of the tracks were late before the country's independence. in 1960, since then, there was no major investment in the sector, expert se, reviving the sector wells per growth in manufacturing and create jobs. but there
6:48 pm
are concerns about whether the government which currently owns and operate railways is capable of sustaining it. i'm a decrease al jazeera lagos, nigeria. what is coming up? we have far, including the spanish teenage it sitting record scene california ah
6:49 pm
ah ah ah ah ah, welcome back. before we had to sport, we have a story about how the war in ukraine is causing fuel and food prices to rise
6:50 pm
worldwide. and lebanon's no exception. the lebanese are suffering from their worsening economic crisis. as xena. how that reports from beirut. it's one of the world's worst economic collapse in history. at least 2000000 lebanese are struggling to put food on the table. that's nearly half the population. the situation is no different among the hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees living here. we don't have enough food at home because my father doesn't earn much money, so we get food from here. cases of malnutrition, nearly unprecedented. and this once middle income country are on the rise, a recent survey by the united nations on children under the age of 5 is causing concern. 9 out of 10 children not getting the diversity of food that they need money, children are actually going to bed hungry. for example, i spoke to
6:51 pm
a child last week in the school and the child had just returned to school after a long, long absence. but the child had not eaten for 2 days. there are many similar stories . basle says he is unable to provide the basics for his 3 children. because work is hard to come by. in this household they eat once a day and milk is substituted with water and sugar was i'm not with them. sometimes i collect plastic scans from the streets to send them. sometimes i work as a keynote, but the bay isn't enough to make ends meet me, kill your multiple, an official that the nearly bankrupt government has been promising assistance to the most vulnerable for month. with the help of the world bank, it will give cash assistance to 150000 families. the another program will help reduce the burden the lebanese phase from the difficult living conditions. so prices have increased by more than 1000 percent as the final on the $1019.00 award
6:52 pm
. ukraine is making the situation worse as we'd prices rise and authorities warn they may no longer be able to subsidize red charities. say they can no longer keep up with growing demands. they say those who used to assist now need help themselves . suddenly that he been sidney. now for now we are feeding 850 people back love to 1500 people approached us for help and we can't do anything for not the poverty rate continues to rise in the absence of a government economic recovery plan. already 94 percent of children aged 6 months. the 2 years are not getting enough food center could their l. shahida beirut. its time now for sport, he is farrah and ref i on a dallas i'm basin farrah. that's right emily. he's you please. i'm match the series in the quarter finals that indian wells thanks to his 18th consecutive when
6:53 pm
for the season. the 21 time grand slam champion had to work hard against american raleigh palka. they down which push to a tie break in both that's in california. hasn't lost the single match since returning from injury. the welcome report will now be really as nic. curious in the last 8 when, when he's playing while and why he's side of them all the way that these one of the toughest opponents without a doubt. no. so tomorrow, going to be a tough match, what we are and what the final in the was no, i said 1000 weekend. it's bank to another thing i have to respect of a the hope on them for tomorrow. want to be on hold to be ready for for it, and it of vanish. tennis is in good hands with teenager. carl is our car as producing another breakthrough when the 18 year old beat gilmore feet and straight back south is the youngest quarter. finally said indian, well since michael chang in 1989, i'll take on the phone, the champion camera nori for
6:54 pm
a spot in the semi in the women. number 3 seed, i guess wine tags wasted little time on her way to the families. the 2020 french open champion, be american math, and he's in st. fax in less than an hour. so now we're world number one moment. and chelsea may have to play their home leg of their champions, league quarter final in an empty stadium, london side or 3 to the last 8 following a for one aggregate 3 of a french team. leo teams. russian owner has been sanctioned by the government of russia's invasion in ukraine. keep him from making more money from the club. chelsea are no longer allowed to sell tickets for any future home champions. league games this season will already have also progress. the spanish i relate goals in italy to knock at your dentist. ilario. advancing for one on aggregate for the for the final place. on friday, liverpool had moved within
6:55 pm
a point of manchester city at the top of the english premier league on wednesday to meet our snobs who now liverpool opened the scoring through portuguese to afford the elbow charter. and 8 minutes later they doubled their lead. thanks to roberto for menia, liverpool are set to play man city on april 10th. and one of the fiercest rivalries in sport is that to resume with a start of the new formula, one season mattress shop and just edged out. lewis hamilton and last year's title race and both drivers are back for the 1st rate of 2022 in bahrain, and he richardson reports ah, the new season can't come soon enough from expert snappin. last year he won his 1st formula, one will title and since month december, 19 happy debbie is read. will timothy building a new call in line with regulations and closing the gap between the front legs
6:56 pm
again and back of the field? red bull remain convinced the stuff and is the man's keep them ahead of the pack. he's been given a new contract worth more than $50000000.00 a year. yeah, i think your decision was sir, quite straightforward. i think from both sides. you know, we wanted to continue and, you know, from the start i felt really good in the team and especially after last year and yeah, i only saw one way forward and it was with this thing. hm. the 2021 title race went down to the last lap of the final race of the season. the stuff and overtaking his championship. rival lewis, hamilton of mercedes following a hugely controversial decision to restart the race early after a safety car. i think 20 tell you want to go down in history of one of the old time, great years. i mean, i can't remember a year like that informal warmer it was so close between the 2 drivers from the very 1st race to the very last ah, the challenge is now the build on that. now we have that number one on the car is
6:57 pm
to keep it on the car and defend that title with max, which with a brand new set of regulations is going to be incredibly difficult. the 7 time champion hamilton admitted the way last year, and it did make in consider his future in the sport. hamilton is no bank for a 16th season. the claims he's worried about how competitive his new mercedes will be. i'm really, really hoping when i get off this call this evening, they found some tricks. i found some ways to extract more from the car. and there's, there's a lot of cars they're looking quite far like the alpha males looking foss about through looking quick. see, the rebel looks ridiculously off at the moment and the ferrari's. c but we are the best scene, a scene hamilton will be hoping can power him. so a record breaking 8 will title and the richardson algae 0. and that
6:58 pm
is all used for now. emily, thank you very much. fire don't go anywhere. i'll have more news in just a moment, stay with this feels like representation out who i am and what i want people to remember me by boxing is my get out take. it is not a human, just mark against the people around like got to when i'm telling the story about my life is going to take 50 future to do a don't so bad will need to do the can you let you deep award winning documentary witness on out his era, the latest news as it breaks. this is one of a growing number of trip points around the city of suffer risha. most of the men that you see here are members of the civil defense forces. they all volunteers were detailed coverage. workers are focusing on the most vulnerable,
6:59 pm
but many more need help from around the world. because an area that generally fees abundant rainfall but strong wind, lack of humanity are making it easy for fire like this one to spread all across our china, m u. s. sleep walking their way to war in the struggle over ukraine. here's the test for president joe biden with ms. really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture in europe. if your person united states, if you're, if you go to walking through gum at the same time, you're weekly pay on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. weavers are trying out, raising land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife migration. been blocked by human settlements to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake. revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the outset national park, an annual ceremony has been launched,
7:00 pm
a ha parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah, reports of survivors after a theater was bombed in the ukrainian city of mary paul, more than a 1000 civilians was sheltering in the building. ah, hello, i am emily ang, when this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up here in bes, give a standing ovation to me. crane's president, letting me zalinski uses russia of building.


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