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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect this together. it office reads does profits that are easy to make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of this should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. ah new escape routes are opened for ukrainians, but there's no way out for nearly a 100000 people trapped in my apology. ah, i'm 40 back or you're watching al jazeera live from doha will have all the latest developments on ukraine coming up some of the millions of people leaving everything behind to escape or hear their stories of desperation,
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a concerted effort to fortify or death that when the port city as it prepares for a russian attack. suddenly resolve here remain strong. everyone we've spoken to will tell you that russia will not take a death. and in other world news owls to bob gunmen, breach mogadishu, 45 airport killing at least 6 people. maria poll is a picture of absolute destruction in ukraine. present voted means lensky says there's nothing left of the port city after a month of russian shelling and more than a $100000.00 people remain trapped there. while some other cities around the country are being evacuated, the invest ravi begins are coverage with a report on people forced to abandon their hopes, dozens, thousands, millions behind the numbers used to describe what is happening. are
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the people living this for those fighting it? those fleeing it. this is the picture of displacement in ukraine's. the russian invasion has devastated city after city. this family left of the fca in the dynette screeching after seeing their neighbors killed the go moist them don't let us do a phone. i want to go back home, she says, we left everything that there's a lot we're glad to because my advice to those who are steel because the new got leave while they haven't flattened everything. there was nothing. no gas disease, no lights, no water,
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but she had no food because all the shops have been ruined already. it's impossible to live there. the levine, central train station is the last major hub for refugees from the war escaping to europe. ah, air raid sirens here. pale in comparison perhaps, to the violets they've left behind. ah, victor, in rows are from a village near car keys under russian occupation. after hiding in their basement for 2 weeks, they found someone to smuggle them out. just before the russians closed, the check posts. they say it was like living in a cage like you live with me. i'm not quite sure if we won the world to hear us does a free country. no one was heard here before. for me personally, i lived with
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a man, he is a kristin, and i'm a muslim and we live happily. ever thing was great and in one moment it ended. please stop the war with easy way to savannah. far from the fighting, but not far enough yet. one person on the platform told us there's an easy way to tell where the train is going. if it's full of men, that's a domestic journey. if it's full of women and children, those are the only ones that are allowed to leave. the country trains leaving the station or pulling families apart. little luckily than ever, just close the skies. she says that is all some stop in levine before continuing on a chance to rest, to recharge. a brief moment of calm
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before the chaos of getting to the border and getting out of ukraine. ah, same bas ravi o g 0. louise may have key says a ukrainian or counter offensive is underway. north west of the capitol, italy clerical, says ukrainian forces have managed to retake mockery and a pain, but also gave an update on the casualties in sick in the city. russian skilled, 264 civilians. willis in bombing attack right now is, can be more from 264 civilians. was 4 children right now, all over 300 people in hospitals. they is injured.
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and 16 children also interest right now in the hospitals. while the russians have for the past 10 days, been bombarding several areas surrounding keys, including areas to the northwest of a capital city, those on a pin, which is only about 25 kilometers away from the city center of keys. right next to it is the city of butcher and house somehow slightly further north has also been under attack. ukraine says it's been fighting all fresh and forces on the ground and is still in control of all 3 cities. iran con, has this update on the situation from keith 830 this morning. there was yet another artillery shelling against a residential building in the north of kiva, about 6 or 7 kilometers away from abilene and boucher. those front lines that you were just talking about. i can building the complete front of that facade of that building was completely blown away. there were 4 people injured, but no casualties in that particular attack. and once again,
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it's just another example of what the russians are trying to do. but to bring you up to date with what's happening marquee, and a p r said to have been re taken by ukrainian forces. that's a very big deal because at a pin in particular, if that had fallen to russian forces, it would have given them a staging ground for an invasion into keep itself booter and austin all the other 2 areas that we just mentioned. all those areas are now completely surrounded by ukrainian forces in the russians chart inside. now, according to intelligence assessments, we've been reading that publicly available ah, globally, the attack or the russian advance has actually been stalled. so the russians are now changing tactics. they know that they can't move in to keep itself not without a massive amounts of soldiers. and we've seen the way armies operate when they to retake areas. you need thousands of troops to be able to take
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a square kilometer block of a city and then is a very slow advance and they don't have those numbers of troops. so what they're doing now is using the air strikes and now becoming much more common. and a poor city of odessa has been largely spared from fighting, but it's on high alert for ration attack stephanie deck and reports from my desk. life here now is all about preparing the city for a potential russian attack every day, or dozens come here, come together to fill up sandbags on the beaches and then phillip trucks to $4.00 to $5.00 areas of the city. while we've been here. there's been shutting. we've seen aries across the waters on fire. there is smoke. we're not exactly sure what exactly is going on there. we're not allowed to fill in anything super sensitive here when it comes to the millet, military operations and installations. but certainly on tuesday, for the 1st time residential areas inside odessa, we're head people here are telling us that they are feeling what they say is the
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heat rising that potentially a russian attack could be sued. which is why people here believe that there are cannot be enough sand bags filled to fortify. this city, you have men, you have women all coming together here day after day. and this is what you see, this production line sandbags being filmed, being put in trucks and then being carried around to other parts of the city. odessa is a key port. it is ukraine's biggest c port. it is seen to be one of russia's main targets or everyone here are saying they do believe something will happen. we've seen, as i said earlier in increase already in shelling in the area in the last couple of days. but certainly resolve here remain strong. everyone we've spoken to, to will tell you that russia will not take a death. so let's take a look at the situation across ukraine on day $28.00 of the russian invasion areas in red, held by russian forces and their separatist allies are ukrainian forces in beseech mary ball is still holding out. they've been further civilian evacuations from
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neighboring towns and ukraine says it's successfully pushed back russian advances with counter offensives near keith and mc alive. ingredient forces are also fending off attacks by russian troops in the 2nd largest city con keith. most people have flayed after residential areas where shout, i've had big is in khaki with more silence. there was once a community here, but just as everything silence is broken by the sound of artillery. this house was just hit. marcella just want regular. those who remain have become accustomed to it just real. does that? yeah. bob, bob wallace, 10 minutes ago there were fire in like crazy, involved there were really pounding the area of the road. oh, this is a residential area. where are you? it happens a lot heavier by every half hour. they reload what brought me sooner. curious for she been a britain and across the street. we meet 69 year old lead of or been
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a cover. but i'm shown like watching movies. yoga dorothy, she said she doesn't want to leave a house because a husband can't walk and they don't want to be a burden on others. her neighbourhood is under constant attack, or tinder long again another. it's scary. they hid here and there. half the street is destroyed. ukraine save us where we're here. we're told it's unsafe. we must leave the area because of the ongoing artillery. jill can hear that going. the incoming and can also hit him landing in the distance and to see smoke on the horizon does not hardly anybody left her because her but in the shadow of war, it seems only the elderly, the left here. this school providing a vital to monitor in lifeline. last seller. our book, luther thurston. our house is safe but
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a 100 meters away from us. people got killed. their bodies were in pieces. they were people i knew is no nation. not far from here. an apartment block was hit holocaust survivor fourish roman jenko lived here. now the taking away what's left of his body after shilling hit his flat. there are snake cold through. there was a terrible sharing. it was not a bam. more of a whistle. the 3 terrible whistle bring in the roman check goes to $53.00 nazi concentration camps and world war 2. let me putin says he's fighting nazis, but it's not, not that killed roman jenco. it was russian artillery. i said, bake as era keith. the un general assembly is holding an emergency session on the war in ukraine. the crating ambassador has urged countries to vote for humanitarian drops resolution that holds russia responsible for the conflict. people being
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killed in there at them to police from conflict. a fact that areas cities are raised to the ground by selling and as strikes neighboring countries are stretched to their limits of accommodating millions of ukrainian refugees. we ask all those who stand against the wall to vote with us to vote for the draft entitled humanitarian consequences of the aggression against ukraine. live to christian salumi at the united nations christine 3 separate resolutions on ukraine being discussed of the un today. how are they different and what can we expect? that's right, 3 distinct resolutions. 2 of them submitted in the general assembly one for the security council. all of them focused on the increasingly dire humanitarian situation in ukraine and calling for humanitarian access as well as the protection
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of civilians, protection of aid workers, protection of health facilities and so on. but what's different is in the version that we just heard, what supported by the ukrainians that was drafted by nato allies, france and mexico in the general assembly, a resolution that specifically points the finger at russia as the source of the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in ukraine. dad is what the neo align countries in ukraine are hoping to get out of the general assembly a clear message. not only does there need to be humanitarian access, but russia needs to stop their assault. in order for that to happen, russia saying this is politically motivated, they of course, continue to maintain that they are, they are to protect a russian back separatist in the east that they are not targeting civilians. that in fact it's the ukrainians that are using civilians as human shields. and so they
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have their own version that they want to submit into the security council that they say is less political and more focused on humanitarian aid. and then there's another version in the general assembly that's submitted by south africa, which is attempting to find some common ground between the superpowers on both sides of this debate. but again, focus on the humanitarian situation. they don't call out russia in their draft, but they do call for an immediate cessation of hostilities. so all of this swirling around lots of discussions behind the scenes, lots of speeches in front of the cameras as these 3 competing resolutions make their way through the process here. chris in. thank you very much, kristen. let me live at the united nations. still ahead on al jazeera, ah, we'll be looking at how the news and she lankin steak to the 3 sides. they struggle with one way, prices for food and fuel. ah,
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ah, look forward to brighter skies with sponsored play cutoff airways. let's go with your weather update for asia. hello, everyone. good to see you. so that weather maker we had through me and mark continues on its journey further toward the east wet weather for thailand right through to the malay peninsula. next stop. i'm going to take you to india. i think some spots will see 40 degrees. so for example of our nasty, we've got in for 41, some showers and thunderstorms go. karnataka rate into care le. if we code toward the northwest of india, i think, you know, we've got poor 39. i think it may just do it in hit 40 degrees by thursday, a bit of cloud cover hanging over this area. se asia, some sunny spells for the island of sumatra that includes the dang 30 degrees, but for indonesia has main island. java. yet we're getting striped with some pretty
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solid bands of rain. it's been a washout for southern sections of china with this wet weather bullying through its migrating further toward the north along beginnings to river valley. winds have shifted, so that's popped up the temperature and shanghai to 18 degrees. temperatures have also come up in japan. it was just a few days ago, we saw some snow showers and now took you. we've got you in at 15 degrees, but some snow over the higher ground for western haunt you and looking good in the korean peninsula soul. it's got a high of 14 degrees. ok got to run. i'll catch up with you soon. take care of the weather. sponsored by katara ways, from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation preceded all of our trying to get a superior reputation. unprompted uninterrupted, where we find the most profound similarity is not actually in our cases living relative, but much more distant connections. one of right to will through anti colleges
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nicholas re, honey, you're going to be a corporate species because it needs to be in each of the reference thread tied to d. b unscripted on alpha there. oh, the wanting al jazeera live from the reminder of our top stories. new efforts are underway to evacuate. people from the ukranian cities being bombed by russia. ukraine, 70 prime minister, says 90 managerial orders have been opened for this. no faith passage for more than 100000 people trapped in mariel. fresh for me, lensky says, is nothing better. the 4th 3, after a month of sharing by the russians and ukraine, 2nd largest concave is under constant bombardment by the russian military. most
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people have fled. the mayor has warned, nowhere is safe and people should go underground. now, i special envoy to vladimir putin has quit his post and left the country. anatole, each vice is said to have resigned because of the war in ukraine. this is according to sources of spoke into the reuters news agency device had served the kremlin since the rule of boris yeltsin in the 1900 ninety's. he was the architect of russia's post soviet economic reforms. let's bring in hashem. i have a buyer in moscow hash him. what more do we know about this pat resignation? how significant visit if it's confirmed? for the officials, he had laid down the significance of the resignation of anatole inch of ice demetri, passcode there spokesperson the kremlin said that she buys a resigned on his own his own accord. and when asked about or whether he left or not, he said whether he left or not. this is his own business officials here from the start of the military campaign,
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which should the course special operation in ukraine have in all was portraying a united stance and the united font by saying that the reason why we had to interfered because situations have evolved into creating a situation that pose a serious threat to national security of the super aurora of russia. and this is why we have interfere and natalie twice, as you said, was like he architect in the early ninety's dear during the her fuller president, boise yeltsin and prioritize in the public sector in introducing a massive economic reforms and liberalizing the government. and then he became special although to president putin and also it was a climate envoy. but as far as the government here is concerned, this, this is widely seen as a personal decision by a someone who has been in a scenario or a position in the government. and the russian foreign minister or hash him has accused washington the u. s. of hindering talks with ukraine. why, why do they say that? well, they,
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they believe the americans are trying to store chalks, to put, to see this or conflict gone for some time, or which could pose more problems for russia. in the future. the russians have been saying for, for now some time that the americans are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. they say that the american could use their own political leverage, their own influence, and convince the ukrainians will forward when it come to the sets of demands that were presented by the russians to move forward. so that they can turn the chapter and start deal relations with those demands that russians have been saying. so father, we have not been getting any clear answers from the ukrainians about the near to consider ukraine. russian law ganske antonia's as were independent states and also to her accept the notion of neutrality was by the way, for ukraine not to join nature anytime. so the rushes are saying, we have been waiting. we haven't seen any indication that would suggest to us that
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there is some real progress when it comes to the talks and they blame the americans and nature for not really doing what they should be doing to try to move forward hash and thank you very much for that, nato secretary general, yes, felton burgess, i'm calling on a lead us to provide ukraine support against chemical weapons and other threats of large scale destruction. he was speaking on the eve of a sonnet, where well beat as i sat to discuss an action plan for the war in ukraine. to morrow, i expect allies will agree to promote additional support including cybersecurity assistance, as well as equipment to help your crane protect against chemical biological on radio, logical, and new sets. while us present, joe biden has left for europe to attend that nato meeting along with the meetings with e u. n. g 7 lead us to discuss the war in ukraine. island fisher is in washington.
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alan, why is president biden going now? as right is half way into that journey. now, could he do this meeting from here? of course he could, he could sit in the situation room and the could be a virtual meeting. but this is about putting on a show of unity issue of unity with his nato allies, a show of unity with countries in the g 7 and a show of unity with the european union as well. that is why joe biden is going to brussels to let the russians know that they are completely united behind the idea of sanctions. and they will discuss the idea of even part of their sanctions. no, before he left here, he was asked what he's likely to say, and he said he will see when he gets to brussels, but we know that our more sanctions in the pipeline. obviously joe biden believes that he has been at the forefront of making sure that everyone moved that the same piece no one was left behind so that the sanctions had maximum impact. there will be a concern about the role of talkie, which of course is anita member,
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but hasn't impose sanctions on oligarchs. those closest to vladimir pertinent over the last few days, have seen a number of luxury your. it's owned by russians, beth themselves in turkey, including one which is alleged to be owned by vladimir putin. so there may be some conversation between the turks and the americans at that point. and joe biden is also going to pull in there. he'll meet with the polish president. you'll also meet american troops who are guarding the owed to the eastern flank of the nato alliance . part of the deployment of troops as russia geared up for its invasion of ukraine . and you'll also speak to the was involved in the humanitarian efforts their u. s. has helped fund a lot of those. but as the people on the front line have been dealing with more than 3000000 people have come out of ukraine in the last 3 weeks, there's going to be a busy few days for joe biden when he lands in brussels in the next 4 hours. but an important 4 days for him as well. allen fresh at the winehouse. thank you very much . i. as since the thought of the war ukraine's president wrote me,
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as lensky has been using social media every day to push out his message to the world, he's been shooting se videos on his phone while often dressed in green army t shirts. and that's help to boost his popularity among ukrainians to nearly 90 percent finance gives embrace the power of media to rally nations with live and direct appeals to world leaders. ukraine's official social media channel have experience as urgent followers seem to thought of the invasion. the landscape instagram account alone has gained more than 6500000 followers. in the last month, early i spoke to william courtney o's, an adjunct senior fellow with the rand corporation in a former us ambassador to cause exciting. georgia, he says. lensky has been using social media to his advantage. his communication strategy as player factor. it's really oriented toward your premiums to inspire your craniums, to resist the russian aggression, to inspire ukrainians, to take care of themselves,
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find ways to oppose the russian aggression through their own names. but the messages that he is providing is also enhancing his stature. international he's seen as a good leader and some people are the last are making comparisons with winston churchill. and what were to ronald reagan was also a good communicator. soleski has years to skills to great advantage at this crucial moment in their credit history. one cost of fame has been to the thank western count this for their support and to encourage them even shame them to do even more . so the messages to parliament, including us congress, those have not just been sweet, like they have really called on those parliament approved more money for military and humanitarian aid for ukraine. vietnam's national carrier is suspending friday
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to moscow from friday. saint media say the suspension is to live yet nom airlines to review procedures associated with operating fights to russia. the airline is the only vietnamese carrier that uses a regular route to russia. the 2 countries have close size and getting on is not condemn into moscow's invasion of ukraine in somalia, 6 people are dead after gunmen stormed and military base in the capital, mogadishu, the camp is inside the highly fortified international airport security forces. say they killed 3 gunmen trying to get inside the army go bound show. bob is claimed responsibility. the complex houses, the un, several foreign missions and the african union military headquarters to sri lanka now where protesters have attempted to storm the presidential residents. they're calling for an end to the countries worst economic crisis in modern history. it's led to shortages of food, fuel, and medicine. now fernandez report some colombo, protests and demonstrations like this seems to be the order of the day as people
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suffer with crippling economic hardship. 7 as you can see behind me an absolute sea of faces here in no gag order. it's a suburb on the outskirts of the capital, colombo and this is what the feature buy goes. oh, the national papers power front that organize this gathering is drawing some of their key theme that or the mainstream political parties. so find the last 74 years since independence have dished out this table to table and brought the people to their knees, which is, what are the hardships they're facing today? so one, many people that are here today come from all parts, obviously, lanka, and see is that all the mainstream are the same, that they need to look at an alternative. but that still doesn't mean that they're
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being given any solutions to where they get their food, where they get their gas or their fuel. because those of the very vill, crying needs to deal. every one is in cues. and what they seized, the count for put food on the table and that the anger and desperation and frustration that a majority of sher lumpkins are facing. and that is the policy that the national people's power coalition hayes trying to sort of feed into the, talking about bringing in a different political movement. of course, nobody really wants to hear politics at this time, but they are hearing it and the are being committed to sort of a different approach. but for the man on the street, many of them who have come out here to day, they really want solutions to their d to be it needs and has been protests in india half about price hikes and are for fuel and cooking gas. ah,
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the demonstrators are demanding. the government reverses the decision, india in port 80 percent of its oil. the price increase has come about because of rising global crude and gas prices due to russia's invasion of ukraine. pakistan's military. busy has showcased its arsenal of high tech weapons and aircraft during a parade marking the country's national day. the event commemorates the day in 1940 when muslim leaders demanded independence from british rule. cassandra president and prime minister, where among the spectators. ah, no, again, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, new efforts are underway to evacuate. people from ukrainian cities being bombed by russia. ukraine, 70 prime minister, says 9 humanitarian calls have been opened. 45000 people have been evacuated but there's no safe passage for more than a 100000 people trapped in.


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