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tv   Al Jazeera World From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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examines the social, financial and environmental impact of water privatization of water on al jazeera, bold, and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera. ah, you're watching out there with me to hell. robin doha, reminder of our top news stories, kids math says ukrainian forces her recapturing territory on the outskirts of the capitol, pushing back russian troops. robert bride reports, amid reports of counter attacks against russian forces on different fronts. ukrainian troops around the capital keep say they've retaken territory even threatening to cut off stranded units of russians. there is sort of big battle and from official sources. where is the information right now?
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there are small city markers ampere, almost whole or been already in the control is ukrainian soldier. russia are increasingly seems to be relying on miss ireland. rocket attacks as its ground forces become bog down. and the russian ministry of defense has released footage of its cruise missiles launched from land and sea that have been striking targets throughout ukraine. while russian forces may have been held in the north and even driven back by counter attacks, according to the ukrainians in the south, greatest strength and organisation appeared to be helping russia make a bigger impact on the battlefields there in the besieged city of mary. you, paul, ukrainian, defenders say they still hold a perimeter in the center. but new drone footage shows the scale of the devastation . while it's still difficult for people to get out and for humanitarian aid to get
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in, both sides continue to operate 9 humanitarian corridors. in other parts of the country, meanwhile, ukrainian president flood him is the lensky has continued his global charm offensive this time addressing members of japan's parliament via video link. as with other direct appeals to the international community, he deftly tailored his message following the offensive on the zap, what easier nuclear plant. earlier in the conflict, he touched upon japan's own experience of nuclear attacks to muster support for his country's course. and as his english, the d j. adam, yes, there are 4 operating nuclear power plants on our land. there are 15 nuclear units and they are all under threat. while both sides seem to be experiencing successes and set bags in the military struggle in the fight for international support,
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its ukraine that appears to be making the most recent gains when he rob mcbride, al jazeera levine, ukraine's president has called for demonstrations round the world to mark, one month since the russian invasion, starting from march 24th, exactly one months after the russian invasion from these day and after them, shawl, you're standing, come from your offices, your homes, your schools and universities come in. the name of bis come with ukrainian symbols, to support you, great to support freedom, to support life. come to your squares, your streets, make yourselves winnable and horde. see that people matter. freedom matters bes matters. you great matters. they 2 leaders are scheduled to meet on thursday present. lensky says he's expecting serious steps from the alliance. u. s.
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president joe biden has arrived in brussels for those talks. he'll be meeting with nato g 7 and d u leaders on his 4 day trip by has said that there's a real threat that russia could use chemical weapons against to ukraine. the un security council security council has just rejected a resolution drafted by russia on the humanitarian crisis in ukraine. the draft made their reference to the tax on ukraine. only russia and china voted in favor of the resolution, while 13 other members, abstained. an aid to russian president vladimir putin has quit his post and left the country. sources of told reuters news agency that an attorney to bass resigned because of the war in ukraine. she boss was or has served the criminal since boris yeltsin rule in the 1990 s. those where the headlands are back with more news in half now, after algebra world to stay with us. blue
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. ready ready ah, blue i did deer in southern morocco on the atlantic coast near the foot of the atlas mountains. population around $700000.00 industries tourism agriculture and fishing, and major pores for exporting goods to europe and for imports into africa
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ah, camels no longer distributes produce. the only effective network in this part of the world is the road to places like that car, the capital of senegal, the roads mean trucks. hundreds, if not thousands of them. drivers have to deal with the mechanics of huge engines and maneuver. great monsters weighing 18 tons empty over 40 for the maiden.
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yeah. all of this, so mo, follow to truck drivers on a 3000 kilometer journey from again, dear to duck car. ah distribute i nan needed help to make last minute repairs to his vehicle to get its ready for the outward trip which might take as long as 2 weeks. driving schedules are no other sectors of time of day or nights. and i didnt kabir sits off in the dark and heads off towards the coast road . that will take him 1st to the south western border of morocco. ah. but this could be, it is not alone. this check. he's a company did another truck by ibrahim to b, e and
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a to will follow one another for the full 3000 kilometers to dakar. at the mall. mama lynn melville, north parties, our last 5 . it's anna mathias issue or an ellen. she told me then, a wedding v. i lush, hans? can william allison and shave for a longer dog? he will look. le lamar tell lynch? dhammapada asian daddy, daddy and m ha of business. then is helene niggley. i'm a cottage. them to the she at a blended. can she ha, ha ha ha carter can that down more consumers gay? do my goodness and addendum god. so gay, kneel, which elegance she dos very me at school. she
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a little on us dawkins ibrahim and abdul kabir, make their 1st stop before dawn to grab some fresh food. along with albany, you said there was a 1000000 on marilyn and her us gifts that guy is cartoons for there will be times in the next few days when they will miss not only their families, but also the simple comforts of even the smartest roadside cafe. oh, thank you miss you hugged the car,
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the alarm lane are you said sore calla. but when it brought him and i had, did kabir set off, they can't always tell their families how long they'll be away. such is the unpredictability of the journey. ahead to save us will you and i didn't have a lot of bod in carson out bob sheila geesh or the other men at the end. this is not like truck driving across the united states,
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where long distances are common. but we're ours are controlled by federal law. it's not like driving in europe with its tight regulation and vehicles monitoring systems, measuring driver time at the wheel. ah. this is driving in saharan africa. there are no motor way. service stations, no 24 hour as so as the vehicle recovery no spare parts at the end of a mobile phone don't cover a lot of she awkwardly at all. what pilots she the for out of did bonnie, i would say was verified to walk aaliyah. she,
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they are mortal. so miss pistol, cello shaw or shelly of a vin. hm. so what reads under mckinney sienna, the panzarella and away down and ohio did one in ah, driving hours don't seem to be regulated, and there are no rest areas. the payload on this trip is mineral material, but whatever they're carrying, they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station, as there be huge distances ahead. with nothing but deserts, hour after hour. ah, how did cabbie makes himself comfortable for the night as best he can inside the
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cab? oh, abraham has discovered that its higher on one of his trader wheels has picked up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert. he has to get it fixed when he comes across a roadside mechanical ah, ah,
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ah, with the atlanta? well after the limits at the local school idea that kind of mesh ok. that's ash this, that's a fish that have you deserve when they did so that if you haven't, as the head of you know, the end of the medical care for that we are, but i have a shout out. whoa, whoa,
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whoa, whoa, who is live? is one of the questions that. busy she might offer to be in pennsylvania. do shots . i don't show his name appears will shift a lot of so milder bohannon needs some. what vanilla do some do show. okay. lucia load or the name occasionally she i'm looking to ship. how would she american, that was. yeah, no, but it wasn't do man on people like ha ha, he did with a fee in the neighborhood. i'm a g c, l i z d j ad in charla and cindy again, my interview, i'm lazy, i'm bach. i wish we your soft you have in the i don't,
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it's not life. i have actually had that was a yet a what our let up, but not with the daughter's going to place you on that machine. okay. give me a. busy deal i've
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done, i've done a location how they don't stuff hold up. i'm not a manager. okay. have enough to send them a interview with me and that was all about filling up, but a lot of i didn't know i actually i'm not broke up against ross. i'm with him. i don't know, but that's what it is. will i will have a lower model or subtle mush
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renika, even if there was a show val dot amendment to you and i did my, my daughter and i know what if that's what bowman did not. i don't know what to say grew. i've got to pick it up with the gets or she wasn't below the god she has that could be, it gets more has always the way in his way. she woke up. i'm not good at all. so i would get a lot of questions
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in the u. s. a driver can be at the wheel for up to 11 hours out to 14. in europe, the rules are tighter. the daily maximum is normally 9 hours, but breaks have to be taken every 4 and a half hours. day the rest should be 11 hours. but this is the moroccan sahara. as i did, kabir told his friend in the cafe. there is no law. it's looking at the message. i don't know how to fire down se when asked me to d doff. much did as you know, i grabbed the a solemn then is william naz last month on a portion came qualitative when i was on hold on another muscle that's the way i don't want office. i a lot of the okay,
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looks like in the group read aloud and then okay, listen to it. but i did have one of the little not but i've got a lot, but i don't i see that net setting up i was, he said you sam . okay. yes, a but us, if did army in the house out of the center of the it's out and do learn of i did of i'm still a good given us looking screen less. there's vision, platinum didn't end up. i needed to get a she is fussy one was you bumps official with david lun that we should probably have officially. you've been
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with michelle dabilla with that can be it. and you brought him are now driving over an area known as western sahara. it has been a disputed territory between the morocco and what's called the police are your front since 1975. the u. n. has maintained a peacekeeping mission in western sahara. a territory about the size of new zealand . he went efforts have repeatedly feel to broker a settlement over the disputed territory, which the police are you says belongs to the sal we people, morocco controls 90 percent of the territory,
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including its 3 main towns and insists it's an antique ro, part of the kingdom. while polystyrene demands a referendum on self determination, the 2 drivers have now reached the southwestern corner of the dispute, a territory near a small town called godaddy, where there is a un buffer zone, but which is effectively the border crossing into mauritania. over a 180000 travellers passed through here every year, tourists visiting west africa and africans having to morocco and europe as a hot spot for smuggling and illegal immigration. the weight here can be lengthy, lay claim to inspect over $30000.00 trucks and cars. here every year for ibrahim and if that could be it if it's an unwelcome bottleneck and they have
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no idea how long the visa procedure, vehicle, inspection, and paperwork will take hours, days, or even longer. the drivers are also concerned for their safety. as there has been violence here in recent years, abraham and abdulla kirby it have no alternative but to wait in a makeshift bedroom where there is no food and drink other than what they've brought with them and the ramadan is approaching. oh, it was locked in some good. ready ready
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where most then if you got this whole movie, lemme the last one. do you want to do it that way on the machine model a lot. i'm really low out of the dimension of
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this new middle of the month, the models are awful. i mean it's mostly the end, it'll have some sort of manipulation lucille, this has a dealer with. ready dealing with the machine to make this in an exi from
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starting to be arbitrary. one was all good. steve, you, my new was not on to the inserts. so disenchanted is, has a huge rule or that it should've been and filled in with a fresh ros mentioned was on camera. allow them up in washington a dish. you know, that i brought it up. my understanding was national mandel, la pay this year to norton will shadow issues and i am functional home either with that on her let out at isn't it over to a 1000 year long? oh, missouri for a family,
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missouri of nissan or honda accord in a lot on a lot on to the lot latino and then a vietnam of them over miller. my mother on our smart via the common man. i have. ready a sauce i love one another. a muscular huh. with michigan? mother, he's us. he's on the he will not let him know. i will, you can, can was how to plan. good didn't want. mm hm. mm hm. it's not looking good for the 2 drivers. i have no idea when or if still ever it gets over the border into mauritania. whether they are managed to cross the
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river into synagogue, orient abraham skis. whether he'll quit truck driving altogether. ah, another one of you can forget it has a for us are the models a lot of them in michigan ah mm. and there's a wave of sentiment around the world if you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because i just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report on the big events that are going on. but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice. and then whenever chance, my dad to never be afraid to put your hand and ask
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a question. and i think that's what i've 0 really does. we ask the questions, the people who should be accountable, and also we get people to give their view of what's going on from the al did there are london broke authentic to people in thoughtful conversation, prestige all about trying to get a superior reputation, unprompted uninterrupted. where we find the most profound similarity is not actually in our closest living relatives, but it's a much more distant connection. part one of right to withdraw and psychologists, nick la rey, honey, they're going to be a cooperative species. he caught it, he beat each other up and threatened each other all beside studio b unscripted on alvin era. does the mind play tricks at them? is always is parked right there. or are they really out there and you pass them by like they pull up a little flag like they're not in the car the through make it takes the f, b i to court to find out approximately 33120 pages records to do the
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process mobilizes her community as long as people are free to talk, then there is no check against the feeling of being watched on al jazeera. ah, your children are with me, so robin and deborah, reminder of all top you stories. keith's man says ukrainian forces of retaking territory on the outskirts of the capitol, pushing back russian troops. now russia appears to be relying upon beside a rocket attack signs it's ground, forces struggle to seize control of ukraine's major cities. not ukraine's president has called for demonstrations around the world to balk what bumps since the russian invasion began starting from march 24th. exactly one months
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after the russian invasion from these day. and after them show you're spending come from your offices, your homes, your schools and universities come in the name of peace, come with ukrainian symbols to support you, great to support freedom to support life. come to your squares, your streets, make yourselves winnable and cured. see that people matter. freedom matters piece matters. you great matters. nato leaders, i'll schedule to meet on thursday. i'm present. lensky says he's expecting serious steps from the alliance. u. s. president joe biden has arrived in brussels for those talks and he'll be meeting with nato g 7. and the leaders of this 4 day trip biden has warned that there's a real threat that russia could use chemical weapons against ukraine. the un security council has just rejected a resolution drafted by russia on the humanitarian crisis in ukraine. the draft
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made no reference to its attacks on ukraine, only russia and china voted in favor of the resolution. french car maker renee has halted operations at his plant in moscow. this comes after ukraine's president urge french companies to stop doing business in russia. and i was also deliberating what to do with its majority stake in rushes. number one, car maker after vase the afghan taliban is being accused of breaking its promises after it reversed its decision to allow girls to return to school. many girls showed up for their 1st day back in 7 months, but we're only told to go a little bit later than before. we us secretary of state, madeleine albright has died to the age of 84 or what made us political history in 1997 when she became the 1st woman to serve as a secretary of state, a family says she died from cancer. those are the headlines on use in half an hour .
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i did cabby at i, nan and abraham for b, e. r, driving their trucks laden with mineral material, the 3000 kilometers through the deserts. from aga deer in southern morocco, to this in the galleys, capital, the car. the trip passes through on hospitable terrain, not least, the dispute a territory of western sahara. they had to wait these to cross the border into mauritania without food or much to drink. spent most of their money on visas and exit permits and still have a 1000 kilometers to travel there finally allowed to cross the border and get on their way. but mauritania is not their favorite section of the roots.
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in this villa more upon industry has finished the blue america. will it be? i would have her one sorta shudder welcoming. so a lot of adult gibson of c major care of i'm still haven't got homeless. so i've got when am i gonna learn a medical about us? hey, did you do one of them all? evac, milan capital wants him look at them or a gun procedure. they did a mac is roger their spelling a. his was for a lot of us. i visit with his mom when they're very of homeless money whole she's sort of like blah, blah, blah, blah with a mom a little. so what it, in a couple of years of their fees i'm available and the amount of either one of them was incidentally domino. malia gets an romano, nissan of elk grove,
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almost idle. luckily, innovator, money and lose money. a was it was a i, there was a what you like the deal i never knew can you and i don't consider with others of you can also read magic one. i think i got but i for the if observed gonzalez, i'm our held that i did limit i, i for that a lawyer conduct shoddy. that's how all them out of all that she had not got them up that will get that money to live with. if spot, if one investment and all it was a minute, an auto to marina was marcella. with
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a new merchant is a capitol of murray tenure. it has a deep water points to international airports, history, museums, and beaches. adapting can be it. and abraham had now been on the road for 11 days and are not in the truest ah ah, boy, i've done this. hello,
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i deal with the rest of the journey through mauritania is uneventful. as the 2 drivers make their way 200 kilometer south towards raso, on the border with santa gal population around 50000. rosa is the 3rd largest city mauritania, but has no bridge across the synagogue river. the $246.00 ton trucks can only cross on the tiny ferry one at the time. abraham and had the cabby, it had been up since the early hours and distresses of the journey are starting to take their toll, especially during ramadan. hm. that's why i love, i think i have mazda of elk l. a. follow one of his other,
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another marina. actually it was little about z, y, a server, thousands of server version, shannon mcdonald with the other moment. and i look at a lower j casual us. i believe forget for no, we're just going to forget the, the millennials that have clouded dickens. they're good again. elements of that short desirable maturity of puff game. you get some power similar bottle g colors. the bottle should do. it was brought up before a shows, diction and the kid has like the loading of the no, i la la, la la mark in a moment. other poly, the floppies, nearly all a hollow will afford illinois but crossing the border into synagogue is not as easy as the 2 drivers had hoped. they get seriously delayed at customs and immigration, waiting for papers, getting information from their shipping agents. talking to their boss,
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back in aga deer, and waiting for their passports and they missed their families. oh, so i do my boss if, if with wilkinson on it. oh, shoot on the wall. and on the, on the on a walk he's, it's in the what are both good. he's a do you have no for sport with on our night leo divisional aah with another vote. will not have a guide. like it's
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a belgian level with a middle class or no up. it also said about a 100 can to know a lot better is what i did a one way yet. i was the one that i showed the gwinnett county to there are a lot of turn that off because it, it live on the door. so the incident nick, a foot and
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a lot about a 1000000 mcdonald from top of the n o t event. august got top of that, i got a drug, i totally get accustomed to math for it to city a war to sort of problem. we don't seem to have popping on the board agenda is in it. we're gonna send it back to me and i'll save a lot of them them on the i, you know, once if it i am and i think could be it got to customs. it was around a 100 kilometers from row. so to the senegalese court of sand we on the atlantic coast from there, it's another 330 kilometer south to the capital of the car. their final destination st. louis was the 1st french settlement in the region in the 17th century. it's at
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the mouth of the seneca river and has a population these days of around $180000.00. by the time the 2 drivers arrived in san luis, it was already dark, but they pressed on towards the capital good handler, the from the law have been the end of missouri. hey, they want to take actual floor items. but as i said that it does own but it, it oh hello. hello. but i could i yeah, i know you have a little that voice. what is your mobile phones only like home? it does all it does with the login scare the but, but i probably okay,
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look all helpful how, how to come after. all right, we'll, i'm not gonna collect the vehicle, any dirty we'll okay. hello glenn. okay. so was large. okay. do we're looking for any there really hill? legally kick work is it gives me a lot of where the atlanta can go to alive it. in mid i my boss, my mom because i like it cause i the cat of dogma is now in san a will likely comradie as ellen sabine delaware, the bill, luckily bit under lathrop lathrop
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cellar of that love and war has mozambie live a devil handler hellam of helene our learned can you a little who and of duck out and shot love happen not to play one she said our worse out a little girl threat once in gilmer, that i've got, luckily enough, lovelyn, delusional dijon, ozell finally the car, 3000 kilometers and over 2 weeks on the road, but that's not it. they're supposed to unload their trucks, though it's not unusual for there to be a delay. in fact, the drivers don't unload until early the next morning and then have to get ready to
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collect a new load of fresh produce to transport back to morocco. the shipping agents seems to have arranged for ibrahim and abdul kabir to pick up a consignment of mangoes, but the fruit isn't yet ready for collection. that is really her age, america. one offs, injury or one of innocent is worth so as written, image visual words has been built for the map. tap are that's always i guess i'm nuts. oh marvin, what was scandalous. she either won't get mcglochan from ali. my, he's them, see me go home with us. you know, this is your plan was a one party universe and all manner law. while off them we'll talk soon later,
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much like 6. with the next day, the 2 drivers make their way to the warehouse where the mangoes are being packed and both get ready to load for fresh produce like mangoes. the trucks need to be refrigerated for the journey across the desert, back to morocco. but abraham has discovered there is a problem with the refrigeration on his truck. it keeps cutting out and he cant figure out why. while he checks again, i did kabir calls the haulage company for advice on how to fix that.
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cuz i live in the most did here with the mall, but give little little mess. i'm the wife snack options. basically, gene with should settle jumps. olivia, i'm assuming about, remember even what the mom wasn't sure. what to say, what it was others that article for you much a lot the video itself. we don't say which it was you that can't unless i can come up with having conviction,
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but we'll have about something that's in the stomach and out of school to pop a sub pop it on us below. i think about putting up a minimum deal. oh my god and i didn't finish out. oh hello melissa. love your total bill on us. well in as 18. 50 amount of another one of these kind of a philosophy. the moment of the i'll see a lot of on how to can be more michigan a good them up. you got a problem again if it didn't feel anymore, but i guess i guess with another husband what my father in law months header. phil, is it a good a bill to have lost our loan? wasn't she'd lose stuff to live in love. nothing. okay. belinda about remote oh my gosh. no, whoa. i couldn't live little super little one can watch on that, or the
4:49 am
a lot of moment caught us, going to have him give a shot to really comes in as little as you can. but hm, none of them of that of a had a month. but lemme because she didn't blossom hold up out. i don't when i was in june, many cousins you model of the more that does their feel. look, she has some tulsa for democracy. it i'll find out by i saw little metal models, but i am available available to be able to read them as much if what i've got a make or model or did plus mark up by less of them as of last month with a good afternoon. hello lou, she had the, the synagogue, a ticket that she wanted. she didn't know it, it last month. i have so many, monday,
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my students are home special. you want to be to share a little bit of on a call. so i am going more look theoretical and in the years ahead about then the end of it, it raheem stops at the police check point and then pulls over as it's evening. and he needs to break his fast. he's travelling empty and dis partway across mery tanya . so he checks on that could be it, and his truckload of man goes back at the border with senegal, hollow satellite with a finger wheel had a z o,
4:51 am
a z o on a home a 2nd ago or are they planning on telecom, amazon, most of the northshore, this is sienna kirkwood asked, but i hope she will need to milken the spice. hello, luciana. hasn't a? well, i've got my dog a lot here to laugh, rocker. wow, there can be, it manages to get through customs, into mauritania, kind of stuff. and again, that's a lot of the work done when it can knock some minus a little higher than
4:52 am
the roads in martina are rough compared with morocco and synagogue. that often means problems with the tires. you know what else was about knowing the move up and i wanted to go, i was ready. modeling behavior wasn't i didn't that's very good. almost as i would love a punish. no, dear lord is enough money. find out. okay. by the november 3rd i can or more of thought of it gives all the wires lot, barley, a part of the site did i remember of generosity of them are asked that the token was get it in so that when delta k, that i don't want to have a so what about the muzzle in apartment?
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44. i think that should have a to you lose that a person born with 00. we always get out on a head that much waters. he has all i live at the funny away. something still has the head of a phone book out of up to the off with the funny enough tom a little more than that. she ever loaded another minute. and i was in a not a positive shell. look up out of one of the kind of ideas here. i guess you are a vandal kid looking no mendoza's, it wasn't the upon in dip on it, it's going to little man, man, diligent as it edits, as any of my guilt was. and given them to sit here and a gun, she had a little while push us up. i look it up for us all. or did she out?
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i kelly mckee. now you got that not, i'm a shift the 2 drivers are still travelling separately, but now well on their way to western sahara and back on moroccan tarmac in touch with each other and back in touch with their families and g and about my la in a lot of my way the the ino, kimberly, and they owe me a lot from southern medicine. i got them out of the mountain. i love dr. professional wash while she always gets to know did the phone and i did my hot sweat. i be able to defeat even go by the way she had gave women i'm, i'm not sure. a lot on the mouth. dental has been a good day bulletin of london noted
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about about monkey and way them to get to pick up and i am the continent want bobby, i was here got one of them on over to rhetoric shovel the opposite election on a lot polish as a one person by the a little the this with the one who did the with bowman, there won't be that now will have no other dish out about what i'm gonna get a good. can you dearly um huh. nonrefundable on them and american muslim of didn't no history of an
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assembly or us no. under the the mechanical convention, we are left hoping god the could be a stream of greater independence. true and feeling respect for the tough life. he and abraham need always on the move on the lookout fighting fatigue, handling the hassle in the heat on the roads every day of their working lives. ah, ah, al jazeera well meet some extraordinary women who are making things happen.
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they're away with the following. their daily struggle to survive for their families, to thrive with egypt swim in st fellas on al jazeera, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel to you hello, there will start in north america. we seen severe storms roll across a southeast corner of the u. s. bringing tornadoes to places like texas and louisiana. this was the scene there causing devastation and destruction. now the threat continues, but it has pushed out further east. we could see those severe storms rolling all
4:58 am
the way from florida up to new england with flooding rains and very strong winds, which were for stretching up into the great lakes bringing wetter weather. here we're going to see some more snow as well. edging into eastern areas of canada now behind it, we've also got to where the system that's moved across from british columbia. that's brought temperatures down in places like winnipeg and it's going to hit toronto by the time we get into friday. we are going to the temperature dip right down close to the average. we've had a lot of unusual warmth ahead of that. and we could see some snow come into play on saturday. now for the western areas of canada, we are seeing wintery and wet weather, but for the south of this look at that largely fine and dry with a temperature touching up into the 30s, potentially in los angeles. now, as we move to central america, we are going to see the rain pick up that band of rain pushing into the yucatan peninsula, but plenty of sunshine in kingston. ah,
4:59 am
a sanctuary for journalists. it was a haven from the wall and shelter for civilian refugees were scattered into the garden during cambodian bloody stuff imploring us to leave. and suddenly we were turning back from the camera rouge had taken anything of value out of the hotel. cambodian, let the know a new episode of war, hotels on al jazeera ah rivers gang out grazing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife migration have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with the koran of ours, pandemic keeping many visitors awake revenue from tours. it isn't enough here at the outset national park,
5:00 am
an annual ceremony has been launched the hall creation than individuals pay $5000.00. yes. dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00, much of it for conservation initiatives. ah ah mention false is continue to bombard the ukrainian capitol as the one means to discuss the humanitarian consequences of the ukraine war. i believe the hell robin, you're watching all of his airlines from all headquarters here in doha also coming up come from your office is your homes, your schools and universities come in the.


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