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more stuff with flooring us to leave and suddenly we're turning the exxon the carrier rouge had taken anything of value out of the hotel cambodia. let them know a new episode of war. hotels on al jazeera ah one month into the war in ukraine. you, as president joe biden arrives for talks with european and nato leaders to push for more sanctions against russia. ah, rollback is, and this is obviously rely from doha. also coming up with a battle for survival in an intensive care unit, doctors in khaki struggled to treat the wounded in a city under constant bombardment. this boy is the most strong will from all of
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them, because most of them are crying, asking for saving their legs and arms. but he was the only one to said just do what you need to do. and us political leaders pay tribute to one of the most influential states women of our generation. madeline albright, who's dying aged 84. it's been a months since russia's military began pounding cities across ukraine and those 4 weeks, millions of people have been displaced. thousands have been killed and cities have been devastated. now worldly does a meeting to find a way to end the war, to punish moscow for his actions and to strengthen europe. security. u. s. president joe biden is in brussel. he's going to hold talks with nato, and the g 7 or james base is in brussels. we're the leaders are meeting for a nato summit. we're going to speak to him in a moment for someone to take you to western ukraine. rob bride is in levine,
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when russia began this attack robber, they thought it was going to be a fairly quick event. it clearly is not absolutely one month in and president vladimir zalinski. now, calling for people to take to the streets in a show of solidarity in towns and cities across ukraine, but also interestingly internationally around the world. he wants people to come out in a show of support for the ukranian cause of the zalinski has shown him to be as this is something of a master class in p r. he is very clever, a crafting his messages to specific audiences. when he was talking to the u. s. congress, he was talking about $911.00 to the germans. he was talking about the berlin wall when he spoke to the u. k. parliament. he was talking making references to war time, churchill. now, in his a call for people to come out, he used his nightly address for the 1st time to speak in english at seemingly
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wanting to get his message to as many western style democracies as possible to asking people to come out in all of this, the russians must be scratching them at their head so on what to do about the global p. r campaign, which they clearly do not seem to be waiting. i think the russians thought in the early days that they could maybe control the narrative where this alleged disinformation campaign, that troll farms and all the rest, perhaps domestically in russia. there is a majority of evil who believe in the righteousness of their cause. it doesn't play internationally and they seem not to be able to know how to handle this ukrainian secret weapon in the shape of la de mer zalinski and all the while of course he is still there and according to the ukrainians, their military on the ground is fighting back and taking back territory such as a strategic town to the west or of of the capital cave. here's a look at the latest. amid reports of counter attacks against russian forces on different fronts, ukrainian troops around the capital,
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keith say they've retaken territory even threatening to cut off stranded units of russians. there is through big battle and from official sources. we're soon information right now they're ah small city mockery amp. her almost whole air pain already in the control is ukrainian soldier. russia are increasingly seems to be relying on miss ireland. rocket attacks as its ground forces become bog down, and the russia ministry defense has released footage of its cruise missiles, launched from land and sea that have been striking targets throughout ukraine. while russian forces may have been held in the north and even driven back by counter attacks, according to the ukrainians in the south, greater strength and organisation appeared to be helping russia make a big impact on the battlefields there. in the perceived city of mal,
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you fall ukrainian defenders say they still hold a perimeter in the center. but new drone footage shows the scale of the devastation while it's still difficult for people to get out and for humanitarian aid to get in with with both sides continue to operate 9 humanitarian corridors in other parts of the country. much. meanwhile, ukrainian president flooded me as a lensky has continued his global charm offensive this time addressing members of japan's parliament 5 video link. as with other direct appeals to the international community, he deathly tailored his message following the offensive on the nuclear plant earlier in the conflict, he touched upon japan's own experience of nuclear attacks to muster support for his country's course. unless you need to review, check out to me. there are full operating nuclear power plants on our land thereof
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. 15 nuclear units, and they are all under threat. while both sides seem to be experiencing successes and set backs in the military struggle in the fight for international support, its ukraine that appears to be making the most recent gains one month. and it's also worth considering the russian position in all of this. tens of thousands of its troops on ukrainian soil troops that a month ago thought that they were possibly taking part in some type of military exercise. their only knew that they were taking part in an actual invasion. it seems when they were inside ukraine's borders itself. or we know that there have been supply problems or that there have been cases of food shortages, maybe even frostbite. we are hearing about. and of course, said that thousands of their fellow service men have been killed or wounded. this must all play a part in affecting morale. and also as sense,
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i think of frustration amongst russians that one month then they have not been greeted by cities and towns across the ukraine. and whether that frustration feeds back up through the chain of command. does it put pressure on putting himself in the kremlin, or indeed, does putin feel this frustration? and that begs the question here in the ukraine. are we coming up to some sort of watershed moment where we might see a change in strategy or concessions from putin or as people here fear a doubling down and are resorting to more deadly? a means which we know that putin has at his disposal. robber brian, talking to us from love of rob, thank you very much indeed. or nato general sacrilege installed humbug, made a short statement as he arrived for the meeting in brussels. we're meet her at the nato headquarters, sir, facing the mall stern, the cedars cern security crisis in the generation. and then we will arm addressed is crisis sir together. um and there are address,
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sir the the, the 5th. it means for ukraine on for natal, on for the hall and national space, the order person savanski will. i'm address sir. the ne thought leaders and the the leaders, sir, will focus on our support to ukraine, new care, diplomatic. get at a james base in brussels. there for a san nato, a 2nd general gen stuart about reiterating the fact that said that the support as far as nato is concerned, is still what they are. what is interesting, of course, as we were just mentioning 4 weeks into this conflict and the u. s. president is going to be there. what, let's start with that. what is the white house hoping to achieve by this visit, james? well, the white house i think, is going to try and show unity and solidarity with its allies and with ukraine.
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presidents lensky had rob talking about his latest comments, were going to hear more comments today. not entirely clear with any of the public, but he's going to be speaking both here at nato and the european union. and we're going to see 3 different summit taking place in brussels today, 1st here and natal, looking at the military part of this, looking at support for ukraine, but also looking at beefing up nato's forces for those countries close to russia. certainly there's have been the tenfold increase in forces from the situation that was there before. and 100000 us troops have been sent to europe. so that's a very, very big boost. in addition to that, the european union, i think more of the focus will be on sanctions as will be another meeting that's taking place here at nato. and that is a meeting with the g 7 leaders, the japanese prime minister, not a member of nato. the other members of g 7 are, will be flying in for that meeting. in the next hour and a half, we're going to see each of lea, a nato leaders arrive. in fact,
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we've seen the early bird joan discuss doris. so with the nato secretary general to, to norwegians have arrived so far, but they're all good alive over the next hour and a half. and president biden, about an hour and a half time ahead of that meeting. the some of the focus i think, will be on the threat of use of chemical or biological weapons. and the nato secretary general was saying the last 24 hours that that is a real threat that worried about a false flag operation. with regard to that, the u. s. is apparently thinking of extra capabilities, it can bring their reports that what they call a tiger team is going to be sent to protect nato allies who are close to russia, but also to try and provide some protection for the craniums and for the cranium. army, it's worth noting that nato itself has its own chemical weapons and biological weapons teams, particularly actually the czech republic. and that's the capability that they had going back to the time when they were part of the cut. and when they were on the
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side of russia, so the republic leads for nato on that particular speciality. james, for now, thanks very much indeed. of course we're going to be coming back to us. those meetings get underway, but finance james base. thank you very much indeed. no, okay, well this is how things look on the ground in ukraine at the moment. areas in red on this map are held by russian forces and the separatist allies, ukrainian forces in mario paul are still holding out. there have been further civilian evacuations from neighboring towns and ukraine says it's pushed back. russian forces near keith. they've also held the ground in the southeastern city. if more con, if the city of khaki has been under constant bombardment for weeks, we korean forces of fending off russian troops. as i said, beg reports from a hospital there, it comes at a cost. let me give you a warning. his report contains images, but some viewers might find disturbing. a desperate attempt to save lives
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overstretched and overworked, medical staff at hockey, regional clinical hospital, or under unprecedented pressure. the intensive care unit is filled with victims of this war. yes, librium. oh, just your to go anyway. i haven't treated civilians with combat injuries before. i'm overwhelmed with the amount of cases. sometimes we receive 10 people from one location, but we've learned to do it quickly, provide aid. it's our experience that counts a lot of the from all the work under constant threat to their own lives. with your standing here and listening to the sound of shelling. i don't know where it will hit the hospital's impeller clear in solar chip or destroyed in loss over the fish. hospitals don't work anymore. we don't know what will be to day. if the bomb lands the hospital will no longer exist, the children's hospital is destroyed. the center for blood donation operates from the basement. many of these people were in their homes and they were hit by
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shrapnel. shilling was intense, then it stopped then it started again. 3 people were killed immediately. i'm the only one that survived, but have all these injuries. one of the kind of injuries that you're seeing downstairs they are more patient is one of the most sashes leg has been amputated. you know, actually there was a lot of patients with serious injures right here. but the, this boy is the most strong well from all of them because most of them are crying, asking for saving their legs and arms. but he was the only one who said, just do what you think you need to do. so this is a real warrior, still heart and he has one message for the world, close the sky and moment the green. these woods are filled with casualties from this war. here,
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most of patients are after artillery. it's not because most of patients was wounded by or tillery is just because most of patients after aircraft are dead. though this is the most heart patient in another would be funny of guinea telescope. he threw his body over his 8 year old son when he heard explosion from his son was unharmed, travelling above his chest and then go out. here. he was struck by shrapnel. the piece of shuttle that we see here were shown pieces of shrapnel by the stuff. this tiny piece killed a woman. custom of missed him a deal by staying here. we are defending our families and walk in for victory. we are together. we are in a common cause. this is my bed. one for the staff here. this is their life. they sleep in the corridors to stay close to their patience and hope the walls were protect them. if the hospital is hit for and you sleep guard. yup. patients like
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sasha and medical stuff her have always asked for the same thing. oblivious of the politics around it. they want the air space over ukraine and this city closed because if the damage done from the bombed are dropped from planes that are causing the most casualties. i said bake. i'll just eat a heart if still had an order 0 call from carmen, french island of corsica, the body of national leader, yvonne colonna returns home and we'll look at how the disappearance of tourism might actually have benefited one of the most visited sites in the world ah, how low they will have a look at africa in a moment of 1st the middle east handle event, and we're seeing those unsettled conditions continue with places like syria and lebanon. the temperature in damascus. well below the average, it is
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a lot cooler here, and we've seen that snow skirt across the caucuses into western areas of iran. it is cooler here too. but for the south of this, well, it is a largely hot picture. but look at that, we've got a change coming. we're going to see attempts to dip down in places like saudi arabia, as well as katara. as that shamar wind comes back in over the weekend. we are going to see stronger winds. by the time we get in to saturday and it's going to get cooler in places like re add, for example, we are going to see some stronger winds by the time we get into saturday. now for northern areas of africa for that northwest corner, the wet and windy weather continues for morocco, the temperature in rebec below the average. and it is going to be windy for much of the northern areas of africa. we could see some of that dust pushing up into europe for the south of this is a hot, dry and rather windy story now was we moved down to southern parts of africa. we are seeing temperatures here, slightly above average, but it is going to get very wet for places like namibia. we'll see thunderstorms
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inventory by the time we get to friday that to weather update. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks about russian oil and gas for western leaders also on russian energy exports. a recipe for social informed opinions france is not abandoning to fight against jedi. still is a media debt going to be acting from leisure and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah ah,
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you want to go to 0 reminder what top stories this our russia's invasion of ukraine is entering a 2nd month, but moscow's forces are facing increased resistance on the ground. thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced in the past 4 weeks. you as president, jo biden's, meeting nato, and g 7 leaders to discuss ways to support ukrainians. they're also looking at long term plans to ensure europe, security, nato plans to double its forces on its eastern borders and your friend, 2nd largest city car. he continues to be bombarded to pre enforcers of fending off russian troops, but hospitals are full of the wounded. the train station in the ukrainian city of live has been a focal point for the flow of refugees escaping the war. as fighting intensifies thousands of displaced, people continued to make the journey to relative safety in the west of country. sympathy reports, ah dozens, thousands,
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millions. behind the numbers used to describe what is happening here. are the people living this war, those fighting it? those fleeing it. this is the picture of displacement in ukraine's. the russian invasion has devastated city after city. this family left of the fca in the dynette screeching after seeing their neighbors killed them. the h. a go moist them don't want to do a phone. i want to go back home. she says, we left everything there. there's a lot we're glad to because mean my advice
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dissolves is hor steel. because when you got leave while they haven't flattened everything, there was nothing. no gas, if you know light was, you know, water was she had no food because all the shops have been ruined already. it's impossible to live there. the levine, central train station is the last major hub for refugees from the war escaping to europe. ah, air raid sirens hear, pale in comparison, perhaps, to the violets they've left behind. ah, victor, in rows are from a village near car keys under russian occupation. but after hiding in their basement for 2 weeks, they found someone to smuggle them out. just before the russians closed, the check posts. they say it was like living in a cage like you live with me and that's why we won the world to
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hear us does a free country. no one was heard here before for me personally, i lived with a man. he is a kristen and imo slim. and we live happily ever thing was great, and in one moment it ended. please stop the war with me, the way to i said, i'm far from the fighting, but not far enough. yet as the war begins to move west, more people are leaving the country. one person on the platform told us there's an easy way to tell where the train is going, that it's full of men. that's a domestic journey. if it's full of women and children, those are the only ones that are allowed to leave. the country trains leaving the station or pulling families apart. luckily than ever. so just close the skies. she says that is all some
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stop in levine before continuing on a chance to rushed to recharge. a brief moment of calm before the chaos of getting to the border and getting out of ukraine. ah st. basra v o g 0, levine. okay, lets bring you some of the days. other news. japan's defense ministry says north korea has test lost another missile. it's believe to be an intercontinental ballistic missile, and it's fallen into the sea off our marty. it's just the latest in a series of launches by young young south korea says it's convening a meeting of the national security council. political leaders in the u. s. were paying tribute to its 1st female and secretary of state, madeleine albright, she died at the age of $84.00 as well. joe biden said she turned the type of history and she's ordered flags to be flown at half. boston, her honor,
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roslin jordan looked back on her life and her career. any mental madeline albright made history when in 1997 she became the 1st woman to serve. as us secretary of state discharged the duties of the office discharged the duties of the office on which i am about to enter on which i'm about to enter. so old, right wielded her power in direct and controversial when enforcing the un economic embargo against a rock. despite iraq's present weakness, the future threat has not been erased. iraq's behavior and intentions must change before our policies can change. otherwise, we will allow the scorpion that bid us once to bite us again, pushing u. s. allies to back a military strike on a rock in 1998 because of saddam hussein's refusal to let you win weapons
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inspectors into the country. we have said many times that we prefer to have a diplomatic solution, but we need to resolve this problem. and we have also said that we will take what necessary means in order to achieve those 2 objectives. and supporting the u. s. bombing of kosovo in 1999 to protect bosnian muslims. what was happening in the former yugoslavia was a far away place with people with unpronounceable names. and i felt that we did have to do something and of what people, what i'm proudest of is what we did in bosnia. and what later when our secretary state we did in kosovo. madeline cor bell was born in the former checklist. laval here in 1937, the daughter of a diplomat, the core bell family fled to the u. s. after communist took power and prague in 1947 after university cor bell, married joseph albright and raised
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a family. at each $39.00, she completed her ph. d, and launched her foreign policy career, including serving on the national security council under president jimmy carter and serving as us ambassador to the united nations under president bill clinton. to day we begin to cleanse the hatred that has torn apart. the former yugoslavia albright was criticized for pushing a tough policy on a rock that led to children dying of hunger and medicine shortages. we have heard that half a 1000000 children, a guy is the price worth it. i think this is a very hard choice that the price we think the crisis worth it and old right, failed to broker piece between the palestinians and israelis. she also couldn't stop north korea from selling ballistic missiles to other countries. nation in her later years, i albright set up a consultancy taught future diplomats and became something of a pop culture figure in the united states. she wrote
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a book about the messages behind the broaches she wore. i am so sorry to keep you waiting. and albright appeared twice on a t. v drama about a fictional secretary of state circle in more than anything. madeline albright will likely be remembered for holding an unvarnished view of the world and willing to confront challenges head on a small remember to parliament, is among at least 15 people killed in a suicide bombing. it happened in the town or by the brennan in central health shabbos state police. so former lawmaker was also killed at least 6 people were killed on wednesday after gunman storm the military base and the capital market issue. the camp is inside the highly fortified international airport security forces said the kill the 2 of the attackers trying to get inside. beyond rubashaw barb claimed responsibility the body of jailed causing a nationalist figure even colonise has been moved to the french island following
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his death in hospital earlier this week. call now had been in a coma after being assaulted by another prisoner. it act spot violent protests will demonstrate, was holding the government responsible. former was jailed in 1998 for assassinating a regional official. madonna has asked a u. s. a regulators for permission to administer small doses of it's covered 19 vaccine for children under 6. madonna says it can start inoculating babies toddlers and kids in a few months. b, u. s. is population of 18000000 children under 6 who are not yet eligible for covered 19 vaccines. tourism in cambodia makes up more than 30 percent of the gross domestic product. pandemic related shutdowns of had a devastating impact. tony chang travels to the temples, an uncle, what the kingdoms most famous attraction to find out more tourists emerge from the ruins of thing. meliss visitors slowly returned to the temples of ankle, cambodia,
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12 century temple. complex is the largest religious sight in the world. and one of the most visiting nearly 3000000 people used to come here every year. but that'll change the 2020. 0 golly mancha we'd known before covered people with disabilities could earn a living and support their children. but during the pandemic, to be honest, we can earn enough. there are a lot of shortages and we cannot support our families. la, la mooney, and many other associated businesses remain closed shops, restaurants, and hotels. the ticket holes to access the temples is still empty. despite most travel restrictions now being lifted, even agriculture, the provinces, other income provider has been hit as workers return to their homes, no longer kind of took of it, not one clang. in the transition period, the coverage 19 pandemic was so severe that some neighborhoods were closed. and i think more than 500 to 600 institutions shut down. now the some relief and 30
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percent of the hotels have reopened out of your choice. but the curb at 19 closure has had some benefits. the temple complex which has been exploited for its commercial value has in part recovered some of its spiritual roots at a low foreign tourists the slow to return, cambodians a coming in their drove. even the ancient monuments themselves are getting a facelift. at what amine they had job the town i'll go with during the 2 year absence of tourists while covered, spread the temples benefited from preservation work and allowed us to do conservation, which required the use of machinery. and we could close the sites that needed to be fixed, got a gentle baffled air and without bus loads of tourists. some of the ankles mystery has returned. one of the most amazing things about visiting yank or what temple complex is to walk through the ruins almost as if you are the very 1st person to
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discover them in the jungle. but in recent years, with tens of thousands of tourists coming every day, that's been virtually impossible. there's no doubt the tourists will return with them the revenue that so vital to this country until they do this boss. temple complex is host to other playful visitors, eager to explore new and exciting tony chang, l to 0 and co. what? ah, this is our 0. these are the top stories, rushes invasion of ukraine is entering the 2nd modest but moscow forces are facing increased resistance on the ground. viruses or people have been killed and millions have been forced to leave their homes in the past 4 weeks. years president jo biden's, meeting nato and g 7 leaders to discuss ways to support ukrainians.


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