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tv   Al Jazeera World From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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at least 3 mothers die marketing firm in remote areas. one 0 one east, me. the bright medics and pilots saving the lives the mothers and the newborns one out to 0. ah, a hello, i'm adrian finnegan, endo hall. the top stories on al jazeera, the leaders of nato. the european union of the g 7 nations have met in brussels, condemning washes actions, and announcing for the sanctions. the 30 nato allies said the brushes aggression against ukraine was the greatest threat to security and decades. out 0 natasha butler begins are coverage from brussels. us president j biden's trip to brussels to meet leaders of nato. the g 7 and european union was aimed to rallying western allies to find ways to stop russia's warn ukraine and sent
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a message to moscow that the west is united. nato has never, never been more united than it is to day prudent is getting exactly the opposite. what he intended to have. as a consequence of going into ukraine fight and said the u. s. would commit $1000000000.00 in humanitarian, 80 a crane and the western allies would impose a raft of new sanctions on moscow. ross one ounce, she knew sanchez of more than $400.00 individuals and entities aligned with an alignment with the european union. more than 300 members of duma oligarchy and russian defense companies that fuel the russian war machine. earlier in the day, ukraine's president address nighttime leaders and austin military alliance for more help to fight russian forces to greenland in my bodily ukrainian army has been resisting for a month in unequal conditions. and i have been repeating the same thing for a month now to save people and our cities,
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ukraine needs military assistance without any restrictions. plato continues to reject zalinski request for a no fly zone over ukraine of affairs that he could escalate the conflict. bobby alliance has agreed to send more weapons to keith as well as equipment to deal with a possible chemical or biological attack. as concerns, grove, rushes invasion could take an even more sinister turn in the use of chemical weapons, wool totally changed in nature of the conflict. it will be at blatant violation of international law. ah ah, it will have a wide spread consequences. and of course, be extremely dangerous. biden joined the lead is at the end of the day for summit focused on ways to win the block off its reliance on russian energy supplies. on friday, the u. s. present will travel to warsaw to show support for poland,
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which is welcome. the majority of ukraine's refugees by than once the west to keep up sanctions pressure on the kremlin. but the question is whether it will be enough to stop vladimir putin, his war as it enters a 2nd month. natasha butler, al jazeera brussels in the coming hours. president biden, as headings were town, near the polish ukrainian border and a show of solidarity. he'll visit jazz youth, which is about 80 kilometers from the frontier by been sent to meet us troops who formed part of the letters eastern flank deployment. ill, so be briefed on the refugee crisis caused by the war. there's been more sharing in ukraine, 2nd largest city car keith, the regional governor there says that 6 people were killed. 15 wounded when russian artillery had people who were cuing for humanitarian aid civilians in the besieged, city of mariel. paul have been given desperately needed aid. russia is distributing the supplies but moscow's, but accused of violating ceasefire deals. preventing aid convoys from reaching the
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city. ukraine says that 90 percent of the buildings in maria pull of been destroyed . the u. s. is imposed new sanctions on north korean chinese and washington individuals on companies after north korea tested its largest ever intercontinental ballistic missile north korea's leader kim jong on told state media that he personally supervised, the launch the pentagon and south korea so that they'll deliver of fund response arethia appears. government says that it will observe a truce with rebels in to gripe to allow aid into the water region. the u. n says that more than 90 percent of people that need food and medicine to guys leaders blame regional authorities for stopping it. but if he appears, government says that to grant fights as a blocking the main route used to deliver a others. the headlines that he's continues here on al jazeera after al jazeera world. next, ah
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ah ah, i get dear in southern morocco, on the atlantic coast near the foot of the atlas mountains, population around $700000.00 industries tourism agriculture and fishing. a major pause for exporting goods to europe and for imports into africa ah camels no longer distribute, produce. the only effective network in this part of the world is the road to places
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like that car, the capital of senegal. ah, different roads mean trucks. hundreds, if not thousands of them drivers have to deal with the mechanics of huge engines and maneuver. great monsters weighing 18 tons empty over 40 for the needs and
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all of this. so mo, follow to truck drivers on a 3000 kilometer journey from again, dear to duck car. ah, this could be it i. nan needed help to make last minute repairs to his vehicle to get its ready for the outward trip, which might take as long as 2 weeks. driving schedules are no other sectors of time of day or nights. and are then kabir sets off in the dark and heads off towards the coast road. that will take him 1st to the south western border of morocco. ah. but had this could be, it is not alone on this trip. he's accompanied in another truck by abraham tubby and the tube will follow one another for the full 3000 kilometers to dakar, at the mall, mama, maryland and malone off parties. her last florida
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and a massage issue or an ellen, she didn't. they did a wedding, v. i lush hancock and william allison and shave for a lanka. dog. he will look. le lamar battalions, dhammapada, asian daddy, daddy and m ha of business then is helene niggley. i'm a cottage, them to the she at a blended can shim, a whole is how quick article that there are more consumers, gay, do my goodness and addendum god shall de neo, which elements to doors, pyramids, cushy other colors, dockins
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ibrahim, inactive, kabir, make their 1st stop before dawn to grab some fresh food, along with logical log in you said there was a me in on marilyn and her always gets that guy is cartoons for there will be times in the next few days when they will nest not only their families, but also the simple comforts of even the smartest roadside cafe. oh, thank you miss you hugged the car, the alarm luma. laura,
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who said soft kehoe up, but when abraham and i had, did kabir set off, they can't always tell their families how long they'll be away. such is the unpredictability of the journey. ahead to save a whole year. and i didn't have a lot of bod in carson outlaw. she geesh the other men, india. remember, this is not like truck driving across the united states, where long distances are common. but we're ours are controlled by federal law.
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it's not like driving in europe with its tight regulation and vehicles monitoring systems, measuring driver time at the wheel. ah. this is driving in saharan africa. there are no motor way. service stations, no 24 hour as so as the vehicle recovery. no spare parts at the end of a mobile phone. don't cover a lot of shit. awkward little pilots. she the 4 l, did bonnie, i would say was verified to walk aaliyah she the mortal always pissed on chilly. shaw? shelly of a vin. hm. so what reads under mckinney sienna,
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the panzarella and away down and oh, did one in ah, driving hours don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. the payload on this trip is mineral material, but whatever they're carrying, they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station as there be huge distances ahead. with nothing but deserts, hour after hour, ah, added cabby, it makes himself comfortable for the night as best he can inside the cab. oh.
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abraham has discovered that its higher on one of his trader wheels has picked up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert. he has to get it fixed when he comes across a roadside mechanical ah, ah,
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ah, with that plan um, well after the limits at the local school idea that galen, masha k. that's esh this, that's a fish that have you deserve when they did so that you haven't as the head of, you know, the end of the medical care for the wheel, but i have a shout off. the wheel who is live is one of them. a couple questions but. busy she modified to be in pennsylvania. do shots,
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i don't show his name appears will shift a lot of so milder. bohannon need some some. what vanilla do some do? sure. okay. and i do show load or the new location which we are looking to ship. how would she malcolm's? yeah, no, don't over some do man, i'm able like, ha, ha ha, with a fee in the neighborhood. i'm a z, a z d j add in charla and see me again in my interview. i'm lazy, i'm bob. i wish we yourself know it's not life. i have actually had it and that was a yet the napkin and this respond on what our
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cost a lot of hours going to place you on that machine. okay. got a deal done with them. okay, sure. how they don't stuff pulled up. i'm not a manager. okay. have not go to send them out
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a interview with me and that it was all about building up, but i saw a lot of them. i didn't know i i against ross. i'm with idea. look at it, that's what it will, i will have low modified or subtle. and in a kidney how walk a mazda did shobel dot amend committee. and i did
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my mom, my mom, and i know enough that you know what's going on. i don't know. we will have to say it grew, i've got to take it on the get so she was led to god she has that vehicle gets more has always the when it is what you ship. well, um, now with, with that, so i wanted to get a square foot. i feel i live in the u. s. a driver can be at the wheel for up to 11 hours out to 14. in europe,
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their rules are tighter. the daily maximum is normally 9 hours, but breaks have to be taken every 4 and a half hours day. the rest should be 11 hours. but this is the moroccans sahara. as i did, kabir told his friend in the cafe. there is no law. it's a p as in s h i didn't know how to fire da. com se, se, don't much did as you know, i grabbed the when a solemn engine is william naz. last question was on a portion of the quality of one of the home phone. and uh huh muscle, that's the way home office i a lot of noise deal conflicts and then okay, listen to it. but i did have one other little nodded, but i've got a lot,
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but i don't i see no setting up. i was, he said, you sam . okay. yes, a 100. what has about us, if did army in the house is how it know sooner to it's out and do learn of i did them. so a lot happened given us looking screen less. there's these it, but i didn't end up. i needed to get a she spots, you know, as you box official really and as the one that we should probably have officially. you've been with michelle dabilla
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with that can be it and you brought him are now driving over an area known as western sahara. it has been a disputed territory between the morocco and what's called the police are your front since 1975 the u. n. has maintained a peacekeeping mission in western sahara. a territory about the size of new zealand . he went efforts have repeatedly feel to broker a settlement over the disputed territory. which the police, our youth as belongs to the sufferer. we people, morocco controls 90 percent of the territory, including its 3 main towns and insists it's an antique ro part of the kingdom.
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while policy demands a referendum on self determination. the 2 drivers have now reached the southwestern corner of the dispute, a territory near a small town called godaddy, where there is a un buffer zone, but which is effectively the border crossing into mauritania. over a 180000 travellers passed through here every year, tourists visiting west africa and africans having to morocco and europe as a hot spot for smuggling and illegal immigration. the weight here can be lengthy, lay claim to inspect over $30000.00 trucks and cars. here every year for ibrahim and if that could be it if it's an unwelcome bottleneck and they have no idea how long the visa procedure, vehicle, inspection, and paperwork will take hours, days,
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or even longer. the drivers are also concerned for their safety. as there has been violence here in recent years, abraham and abdulla kirby it have no alternative but to wait in a makeshift bedroom where there is no food and drink other than what they've brought with them and the ramadan is approaching. oh, what the window what some good will most of the way most
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then if you model you got this whole family the little mother, what do you want to do that way on the machine model a lot of you know let you know the snow middle
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bottles if you can also call me as mosul and then again look and it'll have some sort of little in the lucille this is a deal with. ready ready see, i'm starting to be arbitrary. one was all good. steve. you're my new onto
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the insert. so disenchanted is hosting a huge role. i wish she'd been and filled in with you. she unfortunately was mentioned was on camera. allow them up in washington. a dish and all that and i brought it up more interested in them or them in my mandel law pay this year to not a will show the officials. lauren, i in touch with my mom that you can do that with him on on a lot of international thought. a 1000 year long o. missouri for a family, missouri of nissan or honda accord in iowa on a lot on to the marketing and then a vietnam with miller. the mother on our smart via the
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common man. her boon us off a lot more than a linen muscular with machine machine. nobody else he's on the he will not let him know i will you can can was how to plan me if not looking good for the 2 drivers. i have no idea when or if i forget over the border into mauritania. ah, whether they are manage to cross the river into synagogue.
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or in the bro hames case, whether he'll quit the truck driving altogether. ah, another one has a lot of money. michigan. ah, the 20th century is 1st genocide, don't have set the blueprint for the holocaust is too often overlooked. then will come in very everything. but for some reason, they refuse to bury these people. they want, sorry to be taught over a century on the injustice, echoed down the generation. and the pastor, reparation is not an easy one. namibia, the price of genocide, people and power on al jazeera
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news . ah, ah, ah, yes. across europe, immigration is high on the agenda and in hungary it's presented as a pressing issue. we didn't have immigrants at all 0 mid russia, but this is the one political topic. anybody and everybody is discussing. the far right is preparing for battle. and their opponents are anyone who is different prejudice am friday, and hungry on al jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know how to
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get to places that others cannot. if i was, i said, i'm going on the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. lou, about as an adult, had the top stories and all jazeera nato allies say the warning ukraine is the gravest threat to its security and decades. the leaders of the military alliance, the european union, and the g 7 nations. i've been meeting in brussels, they want moscow against using chemical and nuclear weapons. tune was banking on need, obeys, split my early conversation with him in december and early january was clear to me . he didn't think we could sustain this cohesion. nato has never, never been more united than it is to day prudent is getting exactly the opposite.
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what he intended to have as a consequence of going into ukraine, we've built that same unity with our european, the european union, and with the leading democracies of the g 7. and the coming i was president biden sat into a town near the polish ukrainian border in the show of solidarity to visit jazz you for it's about 80 kilometers from the frontier. biden's expected to meet u. s. troops who formed part of nato's eastern flank deployment. it also be briefed on the refugee crisis calls for the war. more than 3500000 people have fled ukraine, most of them to poland. those be more shelling in ukraine. second largest city hoc eve, the regional governor says 6 people were killed and 15 were wounded when russian artillery hit people queuing for humanitarian aid civilians. in the the see city of body of paul have been given desperately needed aid. russia is distributing the supplies,
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but moscow has been accused of violating sci fi deals and preventing aid convoys from reaching the city. ukraine says 90 percent of the buildings in body poll have been destroyed. the cities been left without water, food, electricity, or medicine. the u. s. is imposed new sanctions on north korean chinese and russian individuals and companies. after north korea tested its largest ever intercontinental ballistic missile north korea's leader kim's allan told state media. he personally supervised the launch, the pentagon and south korea, and as they would deliver up firm response, ethiopians government says it'll observe a truce who the rebels in t guy to allow aid into the war tone region. humans has more than 90 percent of people there need food and medicine, but only a small amount has made it to them. and those are the headlines. the news is going to continue after all g 0 world will see you in about 25 minutes time. good bye. ah,
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with mm pool
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i guess could be an i, nan and abraham for b, a. r, driving their trucks laden with mineral material. the 3000 kilometers to the deserts. from aga deer in southern morocco, to this in the galleys, capital the car. the trip passes through on hospitable terrain, not least, the disputed territory of western sahara. they had to wait days to cross the border into mauritania without food or much to drink. spent most of their money on visas and exit permits and still have a 1000 kilometers to travel there finally allowed to cross the border and get on their way. but mari tanya is not their favorite section of the room.
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in miss va motor, bon industry, which did not finish the room have a good deal or whatever. i want sorta shudder welcoming. so a lot of adult gibson of c major care of. i was kidding from us. it's all i've got when america learn a mock of us, i did it doing a little more evac, milan, tuttleton look at them or a gun procedure. they did a lot of good speller, a. his was very hard of us. i visit with his mom really near her. we of homeless money all. she's sort of like blah, blah, blah, blah rivers with a mom a little. so what is synagogue of yours? visa, viola ran them out of is that a little film? she was incidentally to daniel magna, molly gibbs and romano new sort of help octo idle sal, innovative,
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modern guzman to go to about 7 hours. it was a i, there was a what do you like to do? i never knew, can you? and i don't consider what the photos of that you can also read another one. i think i thought, but i felt a if observed because i'm a held that it didn't limit i, i for that a lawyer conduct shoddy. that's how i got a model for that. she had not got them up to get that money to live with. if spot could, it wouldn't investment and all that resume and that, and also to buy it was not swap
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with not charge is a capital of mery tenure. it has a deep water port to international airports, history, museums, and beaches. but adults can be it. and abraham have now been on the road for 11 days and are not in the tourist. ah ah, boy, i don't live alone. hello, audio mother,
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of course, but with the rest of the journey through mauritania is uneventful. as the 2 drivers make their way 200 kilometer south towards raso, on the border with seneca population around 50000. rosa is the 3rd largest city in mauritania, but has no bridge across the synagogue river. the $246.00 ton trucks can only cross on the tiny ferry one at a time. abraham and i did cabby, it had been up since the early hours and distresses of the journey are starting to take their toll, especially during ramadan. hm. that's why i think i have not double mikaela,
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florida, one of his other, another mana, actually it wasn't colorado. i server from server version shannon mcdonald 0 moment . and i love you a little worried because you was, i believe forget, no, we're just gonna forget the, the millennials that have cloud are the biggest. there is a little bit ago than elements of that shows that maturity of puff gimme a get some power smell a bottle dish follicle bottle should it was brought up before a shows that should and the kit has like the low to go for the know i love shallow market moment. other thought the phillip is nearly all a whole lower level in there. but crossing the border into synagogue is not as easy as the 2 drivers had hoped. they get seriously delayed at customs and immigration, waiting for papers, getting information from their shipping agent. talking to their boss,
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back in aga deer, and waiting for their passports. and they missed their families. oh so i do my my boss if, if i'm lucky wilkinson or oh, huddled hold on a little while ago, i had them as a citizen of the will know what he sits in the world though. both good. he's a, do you have no for sport with on on i would night leo divisional aah! with another vote. will not have a guide like his
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eyebrows and have a wonderful holiday with the middle class. and i know up, it also said about a 100 a can to nova is that i don't know what that is, what i don't i didn't know one way of it. i was the one that i showed the going out to. there are a lot of got the turn that off because it, it little hot. it's also clear, incidental nick, a foot and
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a lot about gothic land and you come to work from copper the out. does that then obviously got top of that. yeah, i got a drug, i totally get accustomed to math for it to city a what sort of problem we live out in out of poplar. i thought it was in the keys in it. we're gonna send it back to you and i'll show you what a daemon demon got. you know, once if it i, even i think could be it got to customs. it was around a 100 kilometers from row. so to the senegalese court of sand we on the atlantic coast from there, it's another 330 kilometer south to the capital the car, their final destination st. louis was the 1st french settlement in the region in the 17th century. it's at the mouth of the synagogue
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river and has a population d stays of around $180000.00. by the time the 2 drivers arrived in san to we, it was already dark, but they pressed on towards the capital. google had to love the family, have been that of lena and of missouri. hey there, want to take on. sure will for the others. but as i said, but it does all but oh, hello. hello. but i could, i yeah, i know you have a little that voice was user mobile phones only the home. it
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does all it does with the okay together. but i, but i probably okay, we'll call heaven how, how to come after all right, we'll, i'm not gonna collect the vehicle any difficulties that he will accumulate the claim. okay. so worse laotian. okay. do you will. okay. any there really hill legally kick work? is there any kids in their lives that are going to be alive with me? did i my boss, my mom because i look at us i. the care of dogma is now even in santa will look like one lady at ellen, severe indiana. how do you go for lackley been
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under last friday after at selma for that love and what had the massage and the leather double handler helm of helene, our learned mackenzie, aladdin, who are and of luck out and shot love happen not to play one. she said, our worse out a little girl threat once in gilmer, that i've got, luckily enough, loveland delusions, i shown us finally the car, 3000 kilometers in the over 2 weeks on the road. but that's not it. they're supposed to unload their trucks, though it's not unusual for there to be a delay. in fact, the drivers don't unload until early the next morning and then have to get ready to
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collect a new load of fresh produce to transport back to morocco. the shipping agent seems to have arranged for ibrahim and abdul kabir to pick up a consignment of mangoes. but the fruit isn't yet ready for collection. that is really her age america. on our potentially one of the innocent. he works as written, image visual woods has been built for them to pal. that's always, i guess i'm nuts. oh marvin, what was scandal? she either won't get mcglochan from ali makisia assuming that the room with this is your plan was a one party universe. how many loans you want them up?
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we'll talk soon. much like with the next day, the 2 drivers make their way to the warehouse where the mangos are being packed and both get ready to load for fresh produce, like mangoes. the trucks need to be refrigerated for the journey across the desert, back to morocco. but abraham has discovered there is a problem with the refrigeration on his truck. it keeps cutting out and he cant figure out why. while he checks again, i did kabir calls the haulage company for advice on how to fix that
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go with it. involved a little bit of posted here with the mole bus give with the white snack options. basically gene with should settle jumps, olivia summers, even about. remember even what the mom wasn't sure. what say what it was others that i'm the critical for you much a desk don't say which was you that can't unless i can go to that with conviction that will have i'm not something that's in
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the stomach and out of school a supplemental. no, no, i think about putting up a minimum deal. oh my god only knows. i didn't finish out. oh, hello melissa. love your total bill on us. well, in as a, the 1st the amount of another one of these kind of a philosophy, the moment of the season a lot was on have to can be more michigan and william, i got a bunch of them up. you got a problem again if it didn't feel anymore, but i guess i guess with another husband to what my father in law once had a feel of it. a lot of i've lost our loan, wasn't she'd lose stuff to live in love. nothing. okay. belinda, about remote oh my gosh. no,
9:50 am
whoa. i couldn't live little super little one can watch. i'm not at the a lot of them i thought ask you to have them give you some money. what you had a shot to the other homes in legend is kimberly none of them of that of a had a month a month. and she didn't blossom hold up either. when i was in june, many cousins, you multiple of them all the data, their feel. look, she knew how some telephone a by hi sally old old model. i'm available available that i am not sure what i've got to make or model or did plus markup. bella said, limits of diplomas revealed that he could do not have them she had in the synagogue and take it there's like she was, you know, they did last month. they help shannon menu and the muslims are some stuff. so you
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wanted to share a little bit of on our goals, haven't long gone, were looked here on the home and in the years you had about then the end of it. abraham stops at a police check point and then pulls over as it's evening. and he needs to break his fast. he's travelling empty and dis partway across marie tanya. so he checks on hampton could be it, and his truckload of mangoes. back at the border with senegal. hollow satellite with a finger wheel, had
9:52 am
a z o mother on a home a 2nd ago, or are they planning it? i'm a put a comma then most of the northshore, this is sienna kirkwood, asked butler, the shrill was, it took him malcolm a spot. his head luciana, wasn't a, well, i like to go my dog a lot out a lot around at that could be advantageous to get through customs into mauritania. kind of stuff. and it meant that there was a lot of the work done when it came by, not a lot on the
9:53 am
roads in marie kenya are rough compared with morocco, and cynic out that often means problems with the tires. you know what else was about knowing when they've got and i wanted to persuade the modeling behavior wasn't very good almost as i love a little fun is no. dear lord, it's enough more to find out. okay. about in november. 3rd, i can, or more of thought of it gives up via lot, bottom part of the site. did i come across mazda? i remember of generosity turner asked that the token was, get it in a cave, and i don't want to have a so what about the fatal muzzle in apartment?
9:54 am
44. i think that should have a to you lose that a person born with 0 that they always gave out on a head much waters a has all i live at the funny that is same as you can believe. my felicia with a leaks though i had, had a very lucky absolutely with the phonics and that tom a little more than that she ever looking into an elevator enough must have shell look about one of the kind of ideas here. i guess you had a vandal kid look and know mendoza's it was in the upon, in dip on it. it's going to be a little mat than diligent as it edits, as any of my guilt was. and given them said it was and again, she and i don't well push given us if i look it up for us all or did she aka lynn
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mckee, now you got there's been not on the ships for the 2 drivers are still travelling separately. but now, well on their way through western sahara and back on moroccan tarmac in touch with each other and back in touch with their families and gene about my la in a lot of my way the, the ino, kimberly, and the all me, other a lot from southern model on i got out of the mountain, i love dr. professional wash while she always gets to know, did the phone and i did my, how would i be able to defeat even go by the way she had gave women i'm, i'm not sure a lot on the mouth. that's what has, has been a good day and
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noted that about monkey and way them to get to pick up by america didn't want bobby i was here got one of them on over to rhetoric shovel the opposite election one a lot polish as a one person by the a little the this with the one who deity. with bowman, there won't be that now will have no other dish out about what i'm gonna get a good. can you dearly nonrefundable on them and american best, low marketing didn't know to step up and i
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sent her off. well, helen, dearly the mechanical convicts why you're left hoping god, the could be stream of greater independence. true and feeling respect for the tough life, he and abraham need always on the move on the lookout fighting fatigue, handling the hassle in the heat on the roads every day of their working lives. ah, ah, al jazeera wild need some extraordinary women who are making things happen.
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they're away with following their daily struggle to survive for their families, to thrive with agents. women st fellas on al jazeera ah hello. they will start in the middle east and levant, and we've had unsettled weather that's pulled out of the mediterranean, brought unsettled conditions to lebanon, and syria, and knocked the temperatures down well below the average. now that system is going to skirt its way further east, bringing a wintry mix to the caucuses and western areas of iran. and we will see the temperatures pick up across the levant in the days to come. now that's a different story for what's going on in the south of the gulf states. we're going
9:59 am
to see the temperatures come down. thanks to a shamal wind. it's going to blow down, bringing a bit of a wind chill with it. that's going to knock some of the temperatures down and create some dusty skies and possible sandstorms. now as we moved to north africa, the wind is dominating the story. here you can see that's the horrid dust being kicked up. we could see it blown over into europe over the next few days. and it remains while the wet and windy from morocco, temperatures here below the average. and it's been a sum of the story for the northeast, for egypt and sudan, but we're going to the temperature pickup, particularly as we get into the new we will be touching close to the average with plenty of sunshine in cots whom now down into southern africa within the heavy rain fall across more than areas of botswana and zimbabwe with thunderstorms in harry. ah frank assessment, what are the political risk for planning works more than just western leaders?
10:00 am
sanctions on rush, not sports hospitals in depth analysis of the day. sidelines inside story on al jazeera aah . determined to show unity more brussels diplomacy. his western leaders lay out new ways to try to deescalate the war in ukraine. toners get in exactly the opposite, where he intended to have as a consequence of going into ukraine. ah, i'm all about this, and this is all the 0 live from doha. also coming up, stranded and under siege. people in the southern port city of mario paul face another day.


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