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tv   101 East Saving Nepals Mothers  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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in though she has been making the payment since his death was not a not gonna, i'm not gonna lose my house with a safer. i'll find a way to get money. yep, definitely. if she can't, she'll join thousands of other homeowners in struggling neighborhoods who have help pay for the cities prospering downtown with their homes. john henderson, al jazeera detroit. ah, it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian finnegan, here in doha, the headlines. so i was 0 rushes defense ministries announced a new phase of what it calls it. special operation in ukraine. moscow will now focus on taking control of the east and don bass region, but it's not, ruling out storming, besieged ukrainian cities. russia's foreign minister says that the west has effectively declared war on russia by trying to destroy its economy. she wouldn't her mom of eulu to day a real hybrid war. total war was declared on us. this term,
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which was used by nazi germany, is now used by many european politicians when they talk about what they want to do with the russian federation. and the goals are not hidden. they are declared publicly to destroy break annihilate, strangle the russian economy, and russia as a whole week of russian. shelley has struck the international airport in ukraine, 2nd biggest city hawk eve. these pictures from airports, surveillance cameras show the moment it was bombed. a city clinic where a humanitarian aid center was located was also struck us president joe biden has visited american troops at east and poland the closest he's been to the conflict. he is praised, poland for taking in more than 2000000 refugees from neighboring ukraine. the saudi led coalition has launched a new operation against the evans who the rebels after they struck several targets inside saudi arabia. the who these hit the ramco oil facility near jetta. they also fired close to king abdel aziz international airplanes. the u. s. is calling for
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stronger sanctions against north korea. after it testified its biggest intercontinental ballistic missile washington will introduce a resolution to the un security council aiming to stop further provocation from pyongyang that's off to north. korea's leaders said that he's preparing for a confrontation with the u. s. west african states of announced a plan to restore democracy and countries overtaken by the military. after a day long summit echo was agreed to let molly's transitional government rule for up to 16 months months. it also set up an april 25th deadline for guineas, lead us to provide a transitional time table. although the headlights, that he's continues here on al jazeera after 11 east. next, you know, you can watch out to see were english streaming lights on like youtube channel plus thousands of off grow grams award winning documentaries. and debt used to post
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subscribe to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. mm . in nepal, do we women die in child, but every day i kind of hold on with that we don't know a little bit of a lot of money that you're in remote areas. there is an acute lack of help. can i assist with the language? i'm wondering about it, you know, for some women and their babies. a rescue helicopter is that only lifeline, automatic a vocal malibu. but these are dangerous missions or da here laws thought 11 east meets the napoli, women risking their lives to become mothers. and those trying to state them on the
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line with gloria is expecting her 5th child in a few days. ah, she lives in the mountain village of kidney in western nippon. ah, it's been a difficult pregnancy much like her last one. ah oh, master listed adamant eyes isn't that alone in town. what of their name and i will that letter. surely late. yeah. ladder, maria, he said, well,
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the van, the lay way. how did have i been able to make up? and he will shout anyway. anybody with the military, the wide oakland renovated think they can be that of math. i'm a rad cdl, my dad and i know and the lady habana did a ah, in this remote region, some women miscarry trying to reach the closest clinic. others choose to give birth at home. far from skilled medical care in gloria is due date is fast approaching. but she and her husband have not yet decided where she will deliver a,
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a new quote on a one to tell any of ah, there was war. what's of oliver marina must review a yes or no. i tell you the toner as well. i'm not to show until i get it with oh, i'll get her to read about and i was there. i love as with the
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ladder. and my mother had never did, i did. mm. a 4 years. nepal has been trying to improve access to maternal care, my building roads, clinics and training health with the number of women who die in childbirth in one of ages poorest countries has increased during the pandemic. as more pregnant women stay at home, gloria's neighbor note lost his wife jolla 6 months ago. a . she died at home a couple of days after giving birth to their 2nd daughter minucci at a help center. she was 21. i filled out and
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had keep that in managed still doesn't know why jolla died only that she didn't get the medical care she desperately needed or you did the will and power the more in the at here that he had a while. i tyler m a o and i had in reliable lot of data votes here for studio while the l. m. if the way i learned was a guy who gave out allowing the 2nd pair say, while bad 2nd is his policies, a bad plan? ah, since his wife's death note has become the sole caregiver for his 2 daughters. in addition to being the family's bread winner. mm. you, medicine went in couple when i wanted.
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anyone who will laugh. i've led to raymond with live hulu. it only this to me, man, and i did and i'm with for without her mother to nurse her menu key risks being undernourished. definitely one. so lucas with little a little i don't have any more like even got in that would lose. was it any more? why i know a lot of can i a deal a oh,
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[000:00:00;00] a boise when the out of kilo odyssey school comes with fidelis? i love i no, no, no no, no, it is funny away. and maybe they wouldn't even go to cadillac avenue. i'm only going to go to live out of that way and why i was supposed to me in a bid to help other women avoid joel as bait. the government has
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a new initiative. they've started an emergency helicopter service to reach isolated areas not well served by roland. this has proven to be a lifeline for many that believe those new tenant colonel risha or the gary is on his way back from a training session in a valley near the capitol come under. his team operates around 3 rescue missions a week. he's been flying for 16 years, but given the rugged terrain and often difficult weather missions, he needs to train constantly to ellen's vanilla. we're going to cost me. oh boy. on the nipples income would have been dealt anyway. elsa timothy, whither go could affect the wrong side? of all the lending on gonna move on and when the time of lending or tony, we're gonna have to do just almost all the game or something real time titans are you a newborn monthly doing challenging this of the helicopter service set up 4 years
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ago. has taken more than 300 women to hospitals urgent treatment, or i remember the 100 with him or the he that is a little bit of level a little dog with no life saving teaser life, savings it on my la even whenever i do wrong, this one doesn't always lead out in the local government to go to the head of your linear it up for a little that this home. well, i don't, i did always for us will be double time table one is had prior to a police have been particular, it wasn't your i'm not to live in other than us about our life. little bit had those real multiple life saving goes once it hits 10 am at the helicopter base in cut monday and the team has just received an emergency call. other time of delivery is up. i know i wanted to tell you the protocol does honey
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a little whenever i saw your logo on the phone is a man whose white luna needs to get to a hospital urgently. a baby died during child that 21 year old luna is now bleeding heavily and as a desperate race to save her life with the team quickly checks the map and the local weather conditions. there's no time to lose. a gary knows how unpredictable these rescue mission stand alone. i'm always when you do go to godaddy with the december bill. i'm able to i'm a little boy. oh, i'm a dollar hit. even flawed money. finding my obedient, you know, and this isn't the
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a sort of life saving that end. absolutely. how does it feel like home? i wanna listen to really bad. my grandmother played by the political world. the displays in live up on getting my low to somebody multiple life, even though the and what i will i school on the head. a deal is home that i live with. those people, no matter what a little related, anything. what i have been with or political zone, i'll do what i sign up with one of the land. ruth. when her contractions began, luna and her husband walked 30 minutes from their home to a help center. but the staff that were ill equipped to cancel a
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calendar with what they referred her to a hospital, a 3 hour drive away. but she didn't make, she was forced to give birth at another health center on the way wherever they gotta go to go to montana with luna is in a critical condition. after her baby was stillborn, she was on a both to expel the presenter from her will and is now hemorrhaging ah, mobile phone, one more doesn't mean to leave any of that up. but it also been a little bit about it. feel as elemental instances if you're less than 30 minutes later, the helicopter touches down in kut bundle and ambulance is waiting to take luna to
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a hospital. wow, wow wow. wow. wow. wow. wow. oh, how? oh, wow. well as far as like a medical stop, rush, mana, to the intensive care unit. there's nothing her husband can do now, but wait, ah, back in kidney village, gloria's delivery date has come and gone. she's getting anxious.
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although the village has its own very basic health post the closest center where she can get an ultrasound is a 4 hour walk away. she's heading back for a checkup with her friends and gaeta, who's also pregnant. it's an arduous hike. up and down the steep himalayan mountains. ah, sadly a lot about a denial that was your gun that it had as with that it was as i said,
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have now taken in over leo to the moon in recent years, nepal has built more health centers like this one in the most remote corners of the country they often operate with limited resources. ah well, it was a little alert, but it wasn't any than it was at the elbow. little mazda in oil. what did it? i know i've left us under whatever would be my lego wherever douglas albany about this. i know was that he got an amazing when it's either one of us or this was
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a summer 7. luckily for gloria. after an hour, the electricity comes back on the road. a 100 would be interested in that. this is her 2nd check up. since she became pregnant was philadelphia i was a teacher, but there's a little hands on it. for now, everything looks fine. this is laquita with mm ah, hello. hello. i am with i just got one. hold on. i have to
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let her know that have that to play tennis with after her long trek to the health center and back gloria begins having contractions news despite the severe pain she's cooked, fed her 4 children and clean the house with her name with a gas. mm
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. mm hm. it's 28. the pain is getting worse and gloria has decided to go to the health post 500 meters away. it's basic and ill equipped but it has enough who can help a kind of hold on. i don't want the old home with after a 20 minute ascent up a steep mountain side pop in the dark. they arrived just moments later. gloria can
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feel the baby coming. i look it over with my plan with couldn't i? oh, with i with i think i'm glad that you're gonna get back with to help discourage home,
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but the government gives 30 dollars and clothes to women who give birth at health centers. ah for. mm hm. shortly after delivering her baby gloria makes her way back home in the cold. dark night with the next morning. she's exhausted,
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but she's relieved to be home with her little boy who she's named there issue with her. i did that, but it should be a day of joy, but gloria is filled with trepidation for the future. oh yeah. you did. you already had a, with a guy with a, with
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a now a with maternity hospital back in kaufman, duke luna is slowly recovering after losing a lot of blood, wasn't it? i i can't find anybody say nice looking. i had to tell
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them who had turned in the ticket that the guy said, okay, both tonight except that the did it, all of the gulf was fine on the back hood. funny, underneath contract above was high. i just wanted somebody to stay with family night. we went over it with anybody myself up with the above. oh yeah. and then i dropped it. well, yeah, this is an incident. i'm damned anybody down with after a night and the ward and the final checkup luna is ready to go back home by having lost her baby the helicopter rescue. in short that her life wasn't lost as well. ah,
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b. oh,
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oh. oh, april on al jazeera frontline reporting and in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. immersive personal shorts documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmaker the campaign for the philippines president the entity final thanks. but with the country faith and it was the 2nd year we expanded, it will emerge as a front runner time of pandemic sauce. what the world can learn from the global h i. v. epidemic in the fight against building 19 emanuel micron is expected to be re elected as president. that what will the 2nd term mean for france and the u. april on al jazeera, mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in
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a war. tar scenario. there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war. the listening pe, delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera, on county, the cost european nations boost military spending. will defense john's re the profits the war in ukraine. it's trailing car industry supplies, so all vehicles getting more difficult to provide and kind of google's underwater cables bring internet access to millions of africans. counting the cost on al jazeera, ah, now j 0,
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with every oh, a new phase. russia's military says that it will now focus on taking control of the eastern don bass region. ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is al jazeera alive from dough. also coming up. russia is accused of using cluster munitions and attacks in hockey's, including at a school. one of the impact was here right in the middle of the children's playground, and you can see the damage that's been done across this children's play area on the


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