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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2022 2:00am-2:30am AST

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so many others, we go to them, you make the effort, we care, we stay ah, ukraine's military claims it has retaken at a pin. there the capital key of from the russians a day off to recapturing. and now the strategic city in the north ukrainian and russian officials arrive in turkey for a new round of talks to tron, end the fighting, which is set to enter a 5th week ah, on carry johnston. this is al jazeera alive from dough. oh, so coming up, i just, it was refreshing my outrage. she shouldn't remain in power. what the u. s. president clarifies his box, suggesting regime change in russia. it says he's not sorry. a landmark meeting.
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israel hosts the foreign ministers of full are of nations and the us. the bid to strengthen corporation we begin in ukraine where the country's military says it's pushed back. some russian advances, as talks between the 2 countries are set to resume. well, ukraine says it's retaken areas near hollow cave in the east and the major. he is a suburb of an a pin where there's been heavy fighting. a good point if you stall hold eugenia. the occupiers are pushed away from air pin and key, but it's still too early to talk about safety in this part of our region fighting continues, russian troops hold a north of the key region and they have resources and manpower. they are trying to rebuild destroyed units. the level of 90 percent of losses is not an argument for them to stop. the mare of the besieged port city of maria poll,
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says 5000 civilians have been killed since the war began. nearly 200000 people remain trapped there. well that's us both sides prepared to meet in turkey for new round of talks on tuesday, the go shaped is from give arrived in istanbul a short time ago, while their russian counterparts landed early in the day. each allah, a dishes, hopefully russian and ukrainian delicate. so a leading talks on c spy and peace talks. we'll meet again tomorrow and stan bull, we will get together with delegates and make them briefly ahead of the meeting. i can say that the telephone traffic we're carrying out with mister putin and mister zalinski is advancing on a positive direction. where we'll have more on those talks later, but 1st more on the situation on the ground in ukraine. from the viv rob mcbride begins our coverage. russia is continuing its attacks on defense facilities across ukraine, including fuel depos with this site in the western city of luke getting hit over
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night. with torps expected to start between the 2 warring sides ukraine's president vladimir lensky has struck a conciliatory tone. he seems to accept russia's military presence in some parts of ukraine in some form as part of any deal. yup. when you must, would he bullshit it? do i understand it's impossible to make russia give off territory completely that will lead to world war 3. i understand completely unaware. he's also confirmed, he is willing to consider ukrainian neutrality in the future. provided president putin pulls back his forces on ukraine's west and border with poland. there's relative order after the chaotic exit this of refugees in recent weeks, in the early days of the conflict with tens of thousands of people leaving ukraine every day. this was one of the busiest crossings with people lining up for a whole day just to get across into poland. the numbers of people leaving has
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declined significantly. and there's also now been an increase in people coming the other way. maria is coming back from the czech republic after leaving her home town in eastern ukraine. that's now occupied by the russians. yeah, i would love to have both those me show you. i decided to come back because my husband is here and it's very hard to be away. i was said lucky most of us on this project, lou bove left the eastern city of denise pro daily 2 weeks ago, but he's now returning also the morning. what is such monday with him? so i'm coming back to check on my mother and see what the situation is like. my daughter is 14 and i've left her with my older daughter in poland. any peace talks a likely to include the few share of the bitterly contested coastal strip from russian controlled crimea to the break away eastern regions in the dumbass.
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president zalinski has revealed. he is in regular contact with troops in the besieged city of mary. you, paul, and seems to accept they face overwhelming odds. yes, we choose to just the one news now we t if we i tell them if you feel you need to leave, but i feel as the right thing to do then do it was. but he also says so far his soldiers have refused to give in robin's bride al jazeera levine, with allegations from both keith and moscow have arrived. in istanbul, fitzmaurice negotiations, i saw said r is in the turkish capital with more. russia has are quite tough demands regarding the neutrality of ukraine, demilitarization of the country. and the new denotes vacation and also ukraine to recognize crimea as officially as part of russia and also recognizing the 2 separate as republic don't. yes, and lance lance, as the independent a states. so turkish official says regarding neutrality and the dim light
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demilitarization, ukrainian site is showing some willingness or making some compromises. however, when it comes to the other 2 demands, the notification is not clear what russian means by the villas. because because a very much uncertain ambiguous term and when it comes to crimea and the a don't bus region, they said is directly related to their ukrainian territorial integrity. and so far you green inside didn't show any a sign of the willingness of recognizing crimea as a part of russia or recognizing one. yes, n a lo hunter. as independent states. u. s. president joe biden has submitted that more than 5 trillion dollar budget planned to congress, calling for record peacetime, military spending and further aid for ukraine is also revisited. comments made earlier this week about the russian president. he says his statement that he met
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putin cannot remain in power, reflected his own moral outrage and not a policy shift. fact the matter is i was expressing the more outrage i felt toward the way prudent is dealing with the actions of this man, which is just brutality half the children ukraine. i just come from being with those families and her. and so i, but i want to make it clear. i was it then nora, my now articulate a policy change. i was expressing more outraged. i feel, and i make no apologies. work. mcclain's as of battalion has been the main force defending the besieged city of my uncle. the group has a reputation as fierce fighters, but they also hold far right. views him on con is in key. if he spoke to one of its leaders about that reputation fall from here. oh, oh, before yes, some call them near nazis. others say they one of ukraine's toughest fighting forces. b, as off battalion was hauled in 2014,
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during the russian annexation of crimea. it began life as a volunteer force, which then became part of ukraine's armed forces with public links to far right groups. in 2016, the united nations accused it a violating international humanitarian law. in 201940 u. s. congress members, unsuccessfully tried to designate the as of as a foreign terrorist organisation. during this war, they become the main fighting force and the besieged sudden city, of very helpful fuel. we began by asking them if there were a neo nazi organization, an approval occurs oller abra sir, no one. the thought to said this, by the image of af, is now novice was created by russians in 2016. after as over, liberated murray will pop from russia oh, warranted fighters and became part of the ukrainian army. jose is a video on the ah, you national god of ukraine,
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twitter crown was clearly so some of your fighters are greasing bullets with pig fat with a message. the muslim brothers in our country, you will not go to heaven, go home, please. you will not be allowed into heaven here. you encounter trouble. go home please. that kind of thing makes you look like neo nazis. the way to wooden prostate fogged recall muslims from as there was ran, fighting for us. let me give you one example. in my unit, for how many muslim from azerbaijan he is fighting like us. but when people think of the as of battalion, basically internationally, they do think of ne, announces you guys have an image problem, how you dealing with that role. ok, so low because russian propaganda a 5th column on that spread all over the world. it's not a surprise there. they created these nail nuzzy image for us. so now we are speaking publicly come talk to us and you'll see we are not the as of battalion understands, it has a neo nazi image problem, but to change it will require support from the rank and file,
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many of whom are suspected of having fall right links russian forces are just a few kilometers from hair, but the as off battalion have another fight on their hands if they want to change their image from being a neo nazi organization to being a nationalist fighting force. perhaps the bigger fight though, is within their members internally and how that will go. down m, ron kon al jazeera keith are close to 4000000 refugees are estimated to have left ukraine since the war began. volunteers from around the world of travel to neighboring countries like poland to help care for them. but as kimberly hackett reports, fundament acre border crossing, this is creating its own problems. safety is what on a police show is searching for. she's just stepped into poland after fleeing the city of potomac. she's travel by train, bus and foot for days with her 8 and 11 year old son and daughter. they're out of
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danger for now. still, she has little idea where they'll go from here. i hope to england hope we have friends from church and they invited us and they, we will stay in their houses and hope you will get to these us and be saved there. i'm a story of like thousands, who've also fled from ukraine, is border crossing and modica poland is in chaos. it's a haphazard 10th city made up of patchwork of international non profit groups, aid workers, and private individuals who've arrived in poland from all over the globe. yeah, then are you presenting the country? they're building the humidity because you're human. that's why the, her, what greats. these exhausted refugees is a cluttered and confused group of mostly well meaning individuals. their donated aid is practical and sometimes indulgent. but there's little coordination. one of
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the big reasons that poland has absorbed the majority of refugees coming from ukraine isn't just because of its proximity. it's also because of the refugees necessity. many are coming by foot. and up until now, this has been the only pedestrian crossing from the border, trusting refugees pile into buses that take them 5 kilometers away to an abandoned distribution warehouse. children are often alone as their confused parents search for help. but even the volunteers aren't sure who's running the relief operation looks like people are able to help, but we don't know how to help breathe. i'll know what to do is like a no thick mix. no plan was like i love it chaotic, chaotic, a lot. local authorities admit no one is checking to see those showing up are who they say they are and they say it's not their responsibility to check. it sluggish
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the dollar, but what caught up on this is just the reception center. this region is only temporary, only a few people stay here and they are leaving. that leaves refugees to wander, assembling a plan most have given little thought to their next chapter, and soon discover they fled an immediate threaten ukraine. only to encounter anew one. kimberly held kit al jazeera modica. poland was still ahead on al jazeera, a massacre near a cock fighting venue in western mexico. how the gang was leading to spurting violence. amazon workers vote on whether to unionize. it delivers better pay and condition. ah
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hey there. thanks for joining in. here's her headlines for the americas beginning toward the bottom end of south america. we get some disturbed weather rolling across the river plate region. that's going to play the month of the dale with the high of $26.00 degrees. ok for the northern slice of the continent rate. now, with this wave of rain really for that northern coast of brazil, and we've got our usual storms come and go in through the amazon basin right across the andes as well. now for central america still is whether front dragon, some rain through his spaniel, or we can trace it back into believes and honduras with them down ports to be expected here, almost like a conveyor belt of warmth off the gulf of mexico popping up the temperature in new orleans to 26 in houston at 27. both of those are above average. temperatures are well below average is this eastern slice of north america, toronto, 3 new york 5. that's certainly an improvement from what you saw just about 24 hours ago after the west. some sunny spells for vancouver, 13 degrees and a big drop in the temperature in billions by about 20. and all of that was weather
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that we had through california. it's transitioned over the other side of the rocky, so snow over the higher ground rained for places like phoenix with the hiv 21. but this is much needed rain for the desert, south weiss that see soon the frank assessments what are the political risks of bending russian oil and gas for west on leaders or sanctions on russian energy exports. harrison was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jetty, still resumed media. they're going to be acting from leisure and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah
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ah! you're watching al jazeera, a reminder now about top stories. ukrainian military officials say they've reclaimed at a pin that from russian forces. a city north west of kia has seen heavy fighting since russia began its push towards the capitol last month. at least 5000 civilians have been killed in mariposa since rushes invasion began. according to the cities map also says up to 200000 people, remain trapped in the besieged city. a fresh round of talks between russia and ukraine are due to begin in turkey. both sides will meet face to face in istanbul, tomorrow. well, let's take a closer look now. are those upcoming talks with william courtney?
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he's an adjunct senior fellow at rand corporation and a former us ambassador to georgia. he joins us live now via zoom from washington. a put simply, what are the prospects of any kind of breakthrough on these talks when previous talks of achieve very little? not very good. so russia, for example, is worried that there is not a perception of sufficient russian bargaining strength. you know, the international media portray ukrainian forces as holding off russian forces. so say that russia has actually begun to lose the war. so russia seems to be now wanting to concentrate, it forces in the eastern new crane, where it has a greater relative advantage. and probably in order to try to get a victory somewhere, but eventually there to strengthen has had to go, should we see no sign on the battlefield that russia was beginning to pull out
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troops, which might signify that it would be willing to negotiate an agreement. so just how far apart are the 2 sides the in terms of the wide ranging sticking points? well, for example, on this issue, where russia still is trying to pursue victory on your credit, it hasn't given up to teasing k of. and that has really been my name up to now present zalinski of ukraine has spoken of a willingness to accept the neutrality status. but only if all russian forces are withdrawn from the crate. so that's just how far apart the 2 sides are. russian forces are everywhere in the grain, trying to make games. zalesky a say, no, see far, until all russian troops below. so what would need to change on the battlefield
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itself? you mention to, to sort of progress matters in terms of negotiations. if russia were able to see a larger area and eastern or crate, it may have more confidence that they go. she ations, it would have strength to achieve some concessions from your credit for granting understand poor. there's no sign your credit and want to give out friday. they think they have done quite well. don't do international military experts like you're creating a fighter. so both use the equipment effectively that the rush is provided and they have shown unusual courage so far. no. russia game, somebody, make sure that doesn't look like enough for progress on negotiate and she's far ok, william courtney. we leave it there. thank you very much indeed for your time.
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you're welcome. but let's bring you some of the days other news now. israel says a strong message has been sent to iran by landmarks summit. it hosted, involving the u. s. and for our countries. there's also a discussion of reviving peace talks with palestinians, but they've described event as an illusion. harry force it reports. now israel says it, but this summit together in a few days. nonetheless, it clearly wanted to convey maximum symbolism and significance in the desert. kibbutz once home to israel's 1st prime minister, that we'd been korean, the foreign ministers of egypt, bahrain morocco, and the u. e. along with the u. s. secretary of state espoused friendship and shed goals 43 years ago when egypt and israel made peace. unfortunately, we lost those 43 years of knowing each other better of walking together and
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of changing the narrative that many generations of israelis and arabs had been various. israel's foreign minister said this 1st meeting would become a permanent for him, but he also advanced goals for the here and now this new architecture, the shared capabilities we are building, intimidates, and deters. i'll common enemies 1st and foremost, iran and its proxies. oh, there was shed condemnation of an attack on sunday by suspected i so linked gunman that killed 2 is really security forces personnel on the widest security picture. the u. s. secretary of state stuck to his script. not bending to israel's opposition to a revived iran nuclear deal, or he did though, raised the palestinian aspiration for statehood. really, these regional disagreements are not a substitute for progress between palestinians and israelis. one of the issues we discussed today was how countries involved in the abraham accords and normalization,
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as well as those that have a long standing diplomatic relationships with israel can support the palestinian authority in the palestinian people in concrete ways that was echoed by the arab foreign ministers most explicitly by egypt, the united or during these discussions, we did highlight the importance of the israeli palestinian peace process, the importance of maintaining the credibility and the viability of the 2 state solution that for israel and the city and state to the side by side in peace with the recognized borders of the city and state in accordance with the 67 lines with the east jerusalem as its capital, the palestinian leadership. however, such words are just that words. they see this entire summit in this place as an undermining of the cause for sovereignty and independence. the palestinian prime minister focused on what was happening inside israel region. why has to be that
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that there's your helicopter shop, are normalization meetings without ending the israeli occupation of palestine are just an illusion of mirage. and a free reward for israel? ah palestinian president, meanwhile, had his own diplomacy to conduct welcoming jordan's king abdullah to ramallah on a mission to con tensions a head of ramadan said, i'll just hear a southern israel. neither abraham in the occupied west bank tells us more now about what palestinians thought about the summit. very few people we spoke to here and i'm a lot even know that there's a some, it's ongoing in the negative. some of them heard the top or is off king abdullah, the 2nd arriving here in drama, la. but there is a sense of despair. they don't believe that this diplomacy is working unless they see tangible results on the ground. palestinian authority wants a peace process that and the israeli occupation is also disappointment in the
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street. many palestinians say that they feel that the world is sympathizing with ukraine, but they're not showing the same sympathy with the palestinian people who have been under occupation for decades. they say that they want to see the world world israel accountable when it comes to its crimes against the palestinians. the supreme court in honduras is authorized. the extradition of a former president, one orlando hernandez to united states hernandez is wanted by us, prosecutors on drugs and firearms charges. he denies the accusations, the conservative politicians held our fists from 2014 until early this year. impeachment proceedings have begun against to peruse president pedro castillo. he appeared before congress in the capital of lima to face obligations of corruption has to use 8 month old government has been marked by crises. he's changed more cabinet members than any other administration in recent history. marianna sanchez
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has more now from the mom president se y'all came to congress after he had said that he was coming, that he wasn't coming. and after in the last minute decided to come and talk to face congress in the 2nd impeachment proceedings. the 1st one being in december and he woke up just over 60 minutes. yeah. and that's the next lawyer. member, an opposition party, a party who feel the president he signed up and removal. now the president from when say, call attention and find down. and that's when members of the freedom party, the party of person you went over all in a group, walked over to bring down the sign. and that's when the president of this is i did spend the session that was happening inside and outside. in the meantime, there's about 500 so many of them are in favor of the removal of president
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your from up as many others are saying here that they want everybody to go 80 percent of her movie. according to the latest one, everybody, the president and the phone good to go. gunman and mexico of killed at least 20 people in the west in the state of michel con. for the say, the attack has stormed a cock fighting venue on sunday night. a number of killings in the state is that a record high as cartels fight for control of drug trafficking routes. john home and reports not from mexico city. when may, can president under his manuel lopez open a door came out this morning about the incident. you mentioned in the fight pit and he said it's a, it was a massacre. basically members of one criminal group went there to try and shoot the members of another criminal group. and as you said, there at least $20.00 and $3.00 of them, women, not even the 1st time this year that this is happened in the state of mich. we're
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kind of met kerry southwest about a month ago after wake, 17 people were basically lined up against the wall and then shot. and then the bodies wished away. and most of that was captured on video. and again, it's shocked people. but this is a state in which really violence can even say, spiraled out of control. it's been there for quite some time. there. it's a state that we spent a lot of time there and i've gone past checkpoints openly in main roads that manned by gum. and the actually have the call tow uniform and cultural insignia on the uniforms. quite close to the mexican army checkpoint. that's where it's got through in the state of mitra kent, when we were there a point last year, there were policemen killed by a drone that dropped explosives. mines have been investigated, they're against the army and used by criminal groups. so this is turned into, in that state, basically low level guerrilla warfare perpetrated by these different cartels with the government, british trying and scrambling to get ahold of it. vote counting has begun in the us
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state of alabama. we're amazon work because of deciding whether or not to join the union is successful. the site could become the 1st in the u. s. to do so. don't engine reports, not from best buy alabama. the amazon workers votes now being tallied, we'll decide whether organized labor can make a comeback in the heart of the anti union south. the vote counting that began on monday marks a 2nd battle between a corporate behemoth and pro union activists in bessemer, alabama. employees rejected joining the retail wholesale in department store union last year, but the national labor relations board rule that amazon unfairly influence the outcome and called for a do over election. that's in part because the company set up a mailbox, it looked like a voting booth, giving some workers the impression amazon itself was running the election. we've turned a lot of nose into. yes. it's once they got the information. ah, that was more impactful to their lives. so yeah, they're on board with the union's leaders,
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as the company's tactics have continued. they are, could duck take a ferocious anti union care, a union busting brig again outside union busters? hundreds of them in a statement amazon spokesperson kelly nan town said as a company, we don't think unions are the best answer for our employees. our focus remains on working directly with our team to continue making amazon a great place to work. the move in alabama follows a recent votes still being counted at 2 amazon sites on new york, staten island, where workers projected their critiques of the company under its iconic logo unions . on the decline for decades, have seen a resurgence in the past year. signing up workers at starbucks doors in buffalo, new york, seattle in mesa, arizona. google fiber contractors in missouri and in new york city are sporting goods store workers, seem empowered by the great resignation, the wave of workers leaving their jobs. during the pandemic,
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the company has been calling workers in for mandatory meetings to explain to them why they should not unionize. the company's perspective is that it works better with employees when it does so directly and not through a 3rd party. but many pro union workers say when that happens, it's the company that sets the rules. one alabama worker was confident enough to take aim at amazon's billionaire owner, who also owns the blue origin space company. it's not really worth it to stay with the company who doesn't care about me as much as they care about. just be those going to the moon. it could take weeks to count up to 6100 ballots before it's clear. if workers here have opted to unionize and whether organize, labor can gain ground deep in the heart of dixie. john henderson, al jazeera bessemer, alabama.


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