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tv   Al Jazeera World From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2022 9:00am-10:01am AST

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the whole, i guess, i don't know about it until the top stories analogy 0. ukrainian military officials say they've reclaimed airplane from russian forces. the city north west of ki, has seen heavy fighting since russia began its pushed towards the capital last month of the bank. if the stall who is your opinion, the occupiers are pushed away from your opinion, but it's still too early to talk about safety in this part of our region fighting continues, russian troops hold the north of the key region. they have resources and manpower. they are trying to rebuild destroyed units. the level of 90 percent of losses is
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not an argument for them to stop it. even every 5000 civilians have been killed in mario polls in russia's invasion began. that's according to the city's mayor. so also says 160000 people, the main trap there. obviously it is rather bright reports from disease. russia is continuing its attacks on defense facilities across ukraine, including fuel depos with this site in the western city of luke getting hit over night with talks expected to start between the 2 warring sides ukraine's president flooded. mister lensky has struck a conciliatory tone. he seems to accept russia's military presence in some parts of ukraine in some form as part of any deal. yep. when you must, would you bullshit it to, i understand it's impossible to make russia give off territory completely that will lead to world war 3. i understand completely unaware. he's also confirmed,
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he is willing to consider ukrainian neutrality in the future. provided president putin pulls back his forces on ukraine's western border with poland. there's relative order, after the chaotic exodus of refugees in recent weeks, in the early days of the conflict with tens of thousands of people leaving ukraine every day. this was one of the busiest crossings with people lining up for a whole day. just to get across into poland, the number of people leaving has declined significantly. and there's also now been an increase in people coming the other way. maria is coming back from the czech republic after leaving her home town in easton, ukraine. that's now occupied by the russians. yeah, i would love to have both those me show of you. i decided to come back because my husband is here and it's very hard to be away. i was said much emotionally. lou both left the eastern city of denise pro daily 2 weeks ago,
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but he's now returning also in the morning. but a short mind me wisdom says i'm coming back to check on my mother and see what the situation is like. my daughter is 14 and i've left it with my older daughter in poland. any peace talks are likely to include the future of the bitterly contested coastal strip from russian controlled crimea, to the break away eastern regions in the dumbass presidency. lensky has revealed. he is in regular contact with troops in the besieged city of mary u paul. and seems to accept they face overwhelming odds. yes, we choose to just the one knows not we t if we i tell them if you feel you need to leave, but i feel it's the right thing to do and do it was. but he also says so far, his soldiers have refused to give. in. rob mcbride, al jazeera live eve, peruse president. pedro castillo has survived a 2nd impeachment attempt the wont enough votes in congress to roast him. earlier
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casteel presented his defense against allegations of corruption, which he called baseless is 8 months old. governments been dogged by crises, his chains, more cabinet members than any other administration. in recent history, brazil's present shadow ball sonata is reportedly undergoing tests at a health center in the capital, brazil year. the 67 year old launched his re election campaign on sunday. he was stabbed in the abdomen during the 2018 presidential campaign, leaving him with ongoing health problems. and actor will smith phys, issued an apology to comedian chris rock for hitting him on stage during sundays academy awards, and a social media post. smith said his behavior was unacceptable and inexcusable and those are the headlines. the news is going to continue here on our da 0. after all, just he had a world from arcadia to duckworth. goodbye. ah
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. ah . blue i did deer in southern morocco on the atlantic coast near the foot of the atlas mountains. population around 700000 industries tourism agriculture and fishing and major pores for exporting goods to europe and for imports into africa.
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camels no longer distributed produce the only effect of network in this part of the world is the road to places like that car, the capital of senegal for the roads mean trucks. hundreds, if not thousands of them drivers have to deal with the mechanics of huge engines and maneuver. great monsters weighing 18 tons empty over 40 for the needs and
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all of this. so move on to truck drivers on a 3000 kilometer journey from a guy. dear to duck car. ah, this could be it i. nan needed help to make last minute repairs to his vehicle to get its ready for the outward trip, which might take as long as 2 weeks. driving schedules are no other sectors of time, day, or nights. and our day ideas sets off in the dark and heads off towards the coast road. that will take him 1st to the south western border of morocco. ah. but this could be, it is not alone this trip. he's a company, he did another truck by him to be 8 and the 2 will follow one another. for the full
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3000 kilometer is to dakar, i put him all, ma marianna and in the low enough bodies or loss. florida and m authority as you are an island, she letting me then away. not in v i lash hunter, can william on of on them shave for delucca doll. he will look. le lamar challenge tom accommodation, daddy, daddy an am ha, a business she then is helene newman to give him a cottage lieutenant, for there she edible and did come. she mahoney, how could it could that i'm a consumer mosquito. oh, my goodness, an addendum. god shall very kneel. which elegance should doris dear to me as can she?
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i looks hello, nancy dockins it on him and hugged his cabby. it make their 1st stop before dawn to grab some fresh food for like a while ago. a lot of over near sam, i was in the, in on a and hey has gifts that i haven't gotten there will be times in the next few days when they will miss not only their families, but also the simple comforts of even the smartest roadside cafe oh,
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thank you miss you. had the kitty alert lane alone. uh huh. and you said soft co holla or let but abraham and how did kabir set off? they can't always tell their families how long they'll be away. such is the unpredictability of the journey. ahead to save us will not be a bit of a lot of bobbin carson outlaw. she mat geesh idea the man at the end, the med, remember this is not like truck driving across the united states where long distances are common
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. but where ours are controlled by federal law, it's not like driving in europe with its tight regulation and vehicles monitoring systems, measuring driver time at the wheel. this is driving in saharan africa. there are no motorway service stations, no 24 hour as low as the vehicle recovery. no spare parts at the end of a mobile phone problem, but a lot of shit, awkward little. what pallets you there for l did bonnie: i would zip on. verified walk. aaliyah, where she,
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they are mortal. so my pistol till you shall walk on shelly of a vin. hm. so what reads under mckinney sienna did panzarella and we're down and oh, did one in driving hours don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. the payload on this trip is mineral material, but whatever they're carrying, they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station as there be huge distances ahead. with nothing but deserts, hour after hour, long as it could be, it makes himself comfortable for the night as best he can inside the cab.
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oh. abraham has discovered that its hire on one of his trader wheels has picked up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert. he has to get it fixed when he comes across a roadside mechanical ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with atlanta? well after the limits at the local school idea, you got kind of michigan that's ash this that's a. busy officially have you deserve it was when they did so that you have in the head of eating the end of the medical care for the wheel. i have
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a shot. viola, a shit who is live is one of them. a couple questions a. busy she modified to be in pamela lucia, i don't sure. whose name? okay, i will chevron elder barton and mm hm. what finishes them doing? sure. okay, and i do show a new name occasionally she i'm looking to see how will she american up sienna lo phone or what do mount on people like, oh ha it with a fee in the near hole. i'm a z, a z d j i had in charla and cindy again, when my interview, i lay them,
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which we use on the, on, on life. i actually had it was a, do you know, i don't know why yet? the napkin and this respond on what our cost a lot of ours are going to place you on that machine. okay. because some medical of got
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a deal done with them. okay. sure how they don't stuff pulled up. i'm not a manager. okay. had enough to send them a via video that was all about filling up, but a lot of them had you know i, i a denise ross, i'm with the mother in love with it. that's what it is when i walk through. i've lost lots,
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still subtle. and in a kidney fair walk, a mazda id, shobel, dot amanda with the dot net. what bowman did not, i don't know. we will have to say it grew. i've got to pick it up that gets or she was a god she has that could be, it gets more house. which is the when it is what you she it will happen. i will do that. so i want to get all the holes here,
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but i feel i live in the u. s. a driver can be at the wheel for up to 11 hours out to 14. in europe, the rules are tighter. the daily maximum is normally 9 hours, but breaks have to be taken every 4 and a half hours day. the rest should be 11 hours. but this is the moroccans sahara. as i did, kabir told his friend in the cafe. there is no law. i'm looking at the message, i don't know how to fire down se, se if you, when i got a job then is really the last last question was on a portal good quality of one us and home phone and none of us know so what about so
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i don't wanna facade a lot of noise deal conflicts that can get a lap in motion to pull it. but i did have one other little nodded back a lot, but i don't i see that next saturday it was you said you sam . okay. yes. that's what i've given a half hour signal to it's out and do a lot of i did of i'm so look at a lot happened given us looking shrink less. there's vision, but i didn't do, you know, i needed to get a she spots, you know, as you box it officially. and as you did learn,
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that was you probably have issue with this with your mission a ship that's coming in with that could be it. and you've got him are now driving over an area known as western sahara. it has been a disputed territory, but in morocco and what's called the police, are you front? since 1975? the u. n. has maintained a peacekeeping mission in western sahara. a territory about the size of new zealand un efforts have repeatedly feel to broker a settlement over the disputed territory. which the police are you says belongs to
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the sufferer. we people, morocco controls 90 percent of the territory, including its 3 main towns, and insists it's an antique gro part of the kingdom. while policy demands a referendum on self determination. the 2 drivers have now reached the southwestern corner of the dispute, a territory near a small town called godaddy, where there is a un buffer zone, but which as effectively the border crossing into mauritania over 880000 travellers passed through here every year, tourists visiting west africa and africans having to morocco and europe as a hot spot for smuggling and illegal immigration. the weight here can be lengthy. they claim to inspect over $30000.00 trucks and cars here every year.
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for ibrahim and if that could be it, if it's an unwelcome bottleneck, and they have no idea how long the visa procedure, vehicle, inspection, and paperwork will take hours, days, or even longer. the drivers are also concerned for their safety as there has been violence here in recent years. abraham and abdul cabbie, it have no alternative but to wait in a makeshift bedroom where there is no food and drink other than what they've brought with them. and the ramadan is approaching oh, tomor as ill. or cello was herb as little up in the middle of her who made the boy and then there was
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another nice girl, eliza motion online to wish me luck over the month of g o. heavy away most a mother was a run at the ever synagogue shall undo his n is human off, correct? senior girlish head. oh lord, have new dilemma earlier when alaska office la la la hobbs, another one of the doors never do one of the or nat geo attended. there was no further hampshire that oh your way monsey turned a mushroom apple allow him will you know? very ill alone, annoyed and oh lucy, i believe as in tomorrow she seemed like with
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miss neil mill, lindsey demarco hers the lumber positive america in was even jewish has a. she says she had mature. say the on mars are, are also letters of bronze you to a new us than she did to you. i'm a little not, i mean is mostly learn azure a lot and it will have some said all my didn't a solid financial didn't literally of america on our little song or blah is my little girl with them immediately. shall you live it lucille this. ready is
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a deal is or death but. ready the reason of the machine to make this in an exi from slash marble is all good st. yolanda onto the inserts. so this issue senate is has too much charges. you know, hey, jewel, i wish she'd been and filled in with she a, she got the ros mention was on, came out and walked with a dish and all that on her body does my understanding was going on in the landon won't pay this year to build a washout issue, laura in touch with her mother america with that on her mother talented isn't until about
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a 1000 year long or missouri for a family, missouri of mass on monday, i ordered her home to the court in a law on alonzo de la fitting and then a vietnam with the mother of a small, via the common man. i have been off a lot more than enough. i live in muscular huh. in michigan, i believe he's on. okay. really not a letter came in. all i will, you can, can was how to find a hm. mm, it's not looking good for the 2 drivers. i have no idea when or if still ever gets
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over the border into mauritania. whether they are managed to cross the river into synagogue, or in abraham skis. whether he'll quit truck driving altogether. a for us with michigan. ah . do to join the debate? there is no he job bad. i mean, if anyone here talks about women that i had a seem to have been said, no topic is off the table we were taught at the abortion had a one way ticket street to help all in the company. do you deny any responsibility,
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even though the of the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community? the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on al jazeera, when the shuts came from the holiday in the 1st cracks, we heard some noise. this was known, a sniper alley was on in the most dangerous intersections and sought able you didn't come in through the front entrance. that was what happened to the people who were shot they came in through the wrong entrance. the nightly pyrotechnics of the funny to turn to the camera man said let's get the hell out of here. sarajevo, holiday inn wall hotels on al jazeera. when the news breaks still, you came through the building trying to see if there's anybody else chopped inside . when people need to be heard. and the story tones, i feel like i wasn't really awake until you went to morocco. it definitely changed my life in
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a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth report said no hardly him, but he left her because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied niece. ah no, no, not as an indo had the tub stories on al jazeera, ukrainian military officials say they've reclaimed airprint from russian forces. the city northwest of keep has seen heavy fighting since moscow began. it's pushed towards the capital last month. but, but if you still who, you know, when the occupiers are pushed away from air pin and key, but it's still too early to talk about safety in this part of our region. fighting continues. russian troops hold a north of the key region where they have resources and manpower. they are trying
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to rebuild destroyed units. the level of 90 percent of losses is not an argument for them to stop it even easier. nearly 5000 civilians have been killed in mario, paul, since russia's invasion began, that's according to the city's mare who says, a 160000 people remain trapped there. a new round of talks between russia and ukraine is due to begin in turkey. negotiators will meet face to face in istanbul on tuesday. turkish president george of dia, dia burke, one says there's been progress between the 2 sides. each allah, a dishes, hopefully russian and ukrainian delegates who are leading talks on c spy and peace talks. we'll meet again tomorrow and stan bull, we will get together with delegates and make them briefly a heat of the meeting. i can say that the telephone traffic we're carrying out with mister putin and mister zalinski is advancing on a positive direction through the wall street journal's reporting the 3 people who would have talks in keith between ukraine and russia earlier this month may have
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been poisoned. they include the rationale, got roman abram, of it, as well as to ukrainian negotiators who reportedly suffered symptoms consistent with chemical agents. they have since recovered, perused president, pedal castillo has survived a 2nd attempt to impeach him. congress failed to reach enough votes to oust castillo earlier. he presented his defense against allegations of corruption, which he is calling baseless. cuz he is 8 months old. government's been dogged by crises. he's changed more cabinet members than any other administration in recent history. brazil is present a shout about scenarios report of the undergoing tests to the health center in the capital. priscilla, the 87 year old launched his re election campaign on sunday. he was stabbed in the abdomen in 2018, leaving him with health problems. he's had 4 surgeries since those are the headlines. the news is going to continue here on al jazeera. after all, does it a world from aga, dear to deca?
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good bye. i good could be it. i, nan and abraham for b, a. r, driving their trucks laden with mineral material, the 3000 kilometers to the deserts. from aga deer in southern morocco, to this in the galleys, capital, the car that should passes through on hospitable terrain, not least, the disputed territory of western sahara. they had to wait days to cross the border into mauritania without food or much to drink. spent most of their money on visas and exit permits, and still have a 1000 kilometers to travel. there finally allowed to cross the border and get on their way. but mauritania is not their
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favorite section of the roots in this village, more upon israel passed in the room, have a good deal or whatever. i want sorta shudder welcoming. so a lot of with dog goodson. of see miss. okay. about getting rid of them was it's all up when america learn a model problems, hey, did it do on a little more evac, milan templeton, look a ban or a dumb procedure? is it a mac is rod, give him scholar home for his was for it was my visit with his mom really near how we of homeless money all she'd sort of like blah, blah, blah rivers with a mom a little. so what a synagogue of, if he's on available than the round of is that a little film?
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she was incidentally to daniel manuel. malia gets an romano new sort of help tell mom, i don't like, i innovate money damaged one not sure what it was. it was put on the what are you going to quickly i there was a what do you like to do? and then when it comes, you know, consult with the photos of that. you can also read another one. i think i thought i could a if observe that's got all of them our held that it did limit i i for that a lawyer conduct shoddy. that's how i'm out of that. she had not got them up that, that money to live with. if spot carry, it wasn't, and all it was
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a minute and also to buy it was not swap with new much is a capital of mery tenure. it has a deep water point to international airports, history, museums, and beaches. but that that can be it. and abraham have now been on the road for 11 days and are not in the to a student with
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the way i've done this. a, with the rest of the journey through mauritania is uneventful. as the 2 drivers make their way 200 kilometer south towards raso, on the border with seneca, a population around 50000. rosa is the 3rd largest city in mauritania, but has no bridge across the synagogue river. the $246.00 ton trucks can only cross on the tiny ferry one at a time. abraham and i did cabby, it had been up since the early hours and distresses of the journey are starting to take their toll. especially during ramadan mammograms,
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i saw him. i think i have not double mckayla, florida with his other another mana, actually it wasn't a server, thousands of super virgin shannon mcdonald with 0 moment and i love a word jake, as you was i believe forget, no, we're just going to have to get in. will you animals will have clown in big instead of litigation elements that shows that mature for the above game you will get some power similar bottle this hello, the bottle should do. it was bought out for a chas duction and the kit has like the legal for them, elijah lola marking. now mother followed the full of this early. ola, hello, a hold eleanor. but crossing the border into senegal is not as easy as the 2 drivers had hoped. they get seriously delayed at customs and immigration, waiting for papers,
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getting information from their shipping agent. talking to their boss, back in aga deer, and waiting for their passports. and they miss their families all the sudden i give them a positive with wilkinson on how to show them a new bug. i'm on the question of the one, know what he sits in the world of get out of good. he's a, do you have not for sport with on on i would die at leo because okay. ah, with which was it's another brought up with a guide
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like it's, i've been out of a, with a middle class on a walker for also. he said, well, i got to know a lot better is what i don't i didn't know one voice here. i was the one that i showed the going out to there are a lot of got dropped on that off because
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it live on the door. so the incident to make up for and i bought a new come to work from hopper the out as events, others right off of that there got it right to will get pallets and the low cost to man i prefer to city awards sort of problem. we'll have our team, our problem involvement, agenda israel, and you will kind of something about leon and i'll show you one of them. remember, you know, once ibrahim and had, there could be it got through customs. it was around a 100 kilometers from row. so to the senegalese court of sand we on the atlantic coast from there, it's another 330 kilometer south to the capital the car, their final destination st. louis was the 1st french
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settlement in the region in the 17th century. it's at the mouth of the synagogue river and has a population these days of around $180000.00. by the time the 2 drivers arrived in san luis, it was already dark. but they pressed on towards the capital google handler that the kids on the la have been the end of missouri. hey, they wanna take actual floor items. but as i said, that it does all but oh, i love handler, but i could i yeah, yeah, no, you have boxes on the bottom of this little boy gather. that's when what she's of
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over gonzalez. home. he doesn't know. it does with the login scare, legs but, but i believe, okay, look, all have ah ha ha to come up to a conclusion, but without any difficulty we'll okay. hello glen. okay. so was flash. okay. do will kill any directly to the click. okay. sorry kid. simila, i can go to alive, id me, then i might ask my mom because i like it cause i think out of dark as an hour in center. when you click on that, if i send an survey indiana, what do you go?
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what i can leave it under love regarding a threat, some of that love. and what has the mazda under the double handler, a duck out, and shot love happen not to play. when she said i was out a little guilty once and get on with what i've got. if i could, you know, do show that i show no. so finally that car, 3000 kilometer isn't over 2 weeks on the road. but that's not it. they're supposed to unload their trucks, though it's not unusual for there to be a delay. in fact,
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the drivers don't unload until early the next morning and then have to get ready to collect a new load of fresh produce to transport back to morocco. the shipping agent seems to have arranged for ibrahim and abdul kabir to pick up a consignment of mangoes. but the fruit isn't yet ready for collection. is usually her age of america. one often one as innocent as well as work. mm hm. visual was suspended for the mom that pal, that's always i guess i'm nuts. oh, marvin, what was candle? she either won't get lucky molly mackey's little see me go home with. she's a one party universe. and all
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manner law while off dilemma. we'll talk soon. land with the next day, the 2 drivers make their way to the warehouse where the mangos are being packed, and both get ready to load. ah, for fresh produce, like mangos, the trucks need to be refrigerated for the journey across the desert, back to morocco. but abraham has discovered there is a problem with the refrigeration on his truck. it keeps cutting out and he cant figure out why. while he checks again,
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i did cabul calls the haulage company for advice on how to fix it. i'll go with them a little bit of those did here with the mall. us give a little less. i'm the wife snack and stop. she's asia pleasant when she jumps whole area over the summer about remember what the mom wasn't sure what that say. what i was others that i'm the critical for english a lot the video itself about desk on site, which should be, it was you like, it sounds like you have the most. i can come up
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with a connection that will have, i'm not something that's in the stomach and out of school with the from supper popping on us below. i think about putting up a minimum deal. oh my god and i didn't finish out. oh, hello. melissa. love your total bill on us. what is the, the 1st, the amount of and then another one of these kind of kind of, it has a philosophy. the moment of the old, i'll see a lot of on how to can be more michigan. emily mccracken mo, you got the problem again if it hadn't been any model, but i guess, i guess it has been to my father in law and once had a feel of it, a lot of i've lost the code. we're lone, wasn't she'd lose stuff to live in love. nothing. okay belinda,
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but i'm open on my gosh. no whoa. i couldn't live little super little one can watch on that or the a lot of boma got us get i have them give a shout to the other be comes in as little as you can but hm. none of them of that of a 100 a month cuz i'm a fan. she get blossom, hold on. i don't when i was in june of cousins, you middle of the more that that up there feel look, she has no telephone. i need to muck g. it, i'll start out by i've sol nador models, but i am available available to me that i am as well ship what i've got to make. i'm out of the plaza mark up by la said to myself on diploma with elmwood do not have hell of a she at the the synagogue no. busy to get nurse think she more of this, you know,
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i think last month i how how many monday my students are home special. you want to be to share saw the up in it of all of our call. so i don't going, we're look terrible. i haven't yet had about then the end of it, abraham stopped said to police check point and then pulls over as it's evening and he needs to break his fast. he's travelling empty and dis partway across mauritania . so he checks on hampton could be it, and his truckload of man goes back at the border with seneca, al hello,
9:51 am
so i think of will. how to z o m a z o on a home a 2nd thought of the or are they planning? i'm of telecom as almost northshore. this is sienna kirkwood, after the shrill was it took to malcolm about his head luciana. wasn't a well i like to go my dog in lafayette to laugh laugh at there can be it manages into customs, into mauritania, kind of stuff. and it meant that there was a lot of the work done when it came some slow, but not
9:52 am
a lot on the roads in marie kenya are rough compared with morocco and synagogue. that often means problems with the tires. you know what else was about knowing when they got and i want to tell very well, i was ready. marilyn behavior wasn't very good almost as i would love a punish. no. dear lord, it's enough more to find out. okay, about it. but i thought i'd like to know more of thought of it gives up via lot of the other site. did i come across mazda? i remember, of generosity, or ask that the token was, get it in about mean deal threat k that i don't want that. okay. so what about the
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beta model in apartment 144. i think that she never did lose that. a person born with 0 that they always gave out on a head much waters. he has a lot. i live at the funny away. celtic still has had a vague one look out of other stuff with the funding and that tom a little more than that is that she ever looking into an edit in or not much shell. look about one of the kind of ideas here. and i can hopefully get you on a vandal give look and know mendoza's it was in the pony and dip on it. it's going to let a man man, diligent as it as any of my guilt was and given them to sit on the gun. she in
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a little while push us if i look out for us all it is she aka lynn. okay, now you got theres been not, i'm a shift for the 2 drivers are still travelling separately, but now well on their way to western sahara and back on moroccan tarmac in touch with each other and back in touch with their families and gene about my letter yesterday and i let them know why the, the, kimberly, and they owe me a lot from southern medicine. i got up the mountain. i love dodge refreshing to watch. while she always gets to know, dd for the dba. how would i be able to defeat even go by the way she had gave women i'm, i'm not sure a lot on the mouth. dental has been
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a great day. amanda. ah no. what about about samantha and way them to get to pick up my america didn't want bobby i was here got one of them on over to read a shovel. bob was off the election a lot more. ah, a heavy one person that will be this. the one who deity with bowman, there will now will have no others in a shout about what i'm gonna get a good can you dearly i'm a ha them and america
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loma the official. i've been at the center of nowhere near the the mechanical convention. we are left hoping god, the could be a stream of fleet or independence. true and feeling respect for the tough life. he and abraham need always on the move on the lookout fighting fatigue, handling the hassle in the heat on the roads every day of their working lives. ah, ah,
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al jazeera well need some extraordinary women who are making things happen. they're away with following their daily struggle to survive for their families, to thrive with egypt. swimming st fellas on al jazeera ah algebra with witness faith with his bravery. witness, freedom, witness, slavery, witness. people, witness power, witness a lifetime witness and our witness. mel. witness bees. witness prejudice. witness. peace, witness. love,
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witness. ball. witness. the world. witness. next door. witness life. witness. judges. era. the. you're locked into your weather update for the middle east and africa. hello everyone. great to see there is plenty of sun right across the middle east, but also a lot of sand and dust being kicked up. that's because we've had powerful winds blast through the gulf that continues on tuesday sealed brown there. that's the lifted dust impacting visibility, especially when you consider those winds with been up to about 65 kilometers per hour since we'll improve late tuesday into wednesday. those winds will die down. so there's a forecast on wednesday. the temperature comes up and go high to 30 degrees, and those winds just about 25 kilometers per hour. been dealing with a heat wave sweltering for pakistan, temperatures 4243, right?
9:59 am
she's been around 40 degrees and we've got some instability rolling through northern parts of afghanistan for turkey. some clouds over western areas looks like it's going to squeeze out some showers could impact on talia with the hiv $21.00 degrees. and we're going to get down with rain not too far away from can shasta really for coastal parts of the congos into southern areas of gap on. and it's been a what picture for most and big also, zimbabwe that continues on tuesday, winds have shifted. we've got some rain for port elizabeth. that same goes for kicked down. don't forget the umbrella, let's see soon. take her. the scarcity has become a major global issue. the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down, turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit. just because it's life doesn't mean it cannot be
10:00 am
priced. what about the guy that can afford it? until the water out there examines the social financial and environmental impact of water privatization loads of water on al jazeera ah turkey host, another round of negotiations between ukraine and russia. president tuan says the time has come for talks to yield concrete results, while ukraine's president says he's military's taken back another town from the russians. this time it's open your key. ah,


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