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that guy told me it's water now. al jazeera examines the social, financial, and environmental impact of war to privatization. notes of water on al jazeera ah, turkey hawes, another round of negotiations between ukraine and russia. president tuan says the time has come for talks to yield concrete results, while ukraine's president says he's military's take him back. another town from the russians. this time it's open north of key. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish this is al jazeera alive from jo. ha, also coming up. the mexican government faces accusations of faking and
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investigation into wide dozens of students and disappeared in 2014 plus. i'm john header, an investor mer alabama. we're workers is amazon facility or voting to decide whether they should be the 1st in the country to unionize their workplace. will begin this bulletin with the latest on the war in ukraine. negotiations between keith and russian officials are getting underway in his temple. but there's a little expectation they'll help bring an end to the month. long conflict has been a regular contact between the 2 sides. although there was no breakthrough at 3 previous rounds of face to face talks. moscow is seeking guarantees, ukraine won't join at nato. keith, once a ceasefire at the very least, mental grima, the president of ukraine, give clear instructions to a delegation,
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read or not played people, land or so warranty does not subject for negotiation. hero positions reinforced concrete supplied by international law and you cleans armed forces. international sanctions that have been applying of russia and weapons that have been handed over to us today. that griffith on the gran ukraine's president says his forces have recaptured. the town of epin is on the western outskirts of the capital cave. but it's still a dire situation in the east. that mer of mary po says, 5000 civilians have been killed since the war began. and 160000 people are still trapped. a mankind is standing by for us in the ukrainian capital cave. but let's 1st talk to rosella santa, who joins us from is stand bow where so the ticket president spoke just a few moments ago. how hopeful is he that his talks will be fruitful? well, it depends on the negotiate and parties flexibility in
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a stumbled and negotiating of delegations, russia and ukraine, delegates they have arrived to stumble last night and just a little bit later, the tools are going to start. so i did the 2 officials that they have talked to, they told they're telling me that the russians have some tough condition, such as the neutrality of ukraine. the demilitarization of the country did the nuts, vacation, and also ukraine to recognize crimea officially as part of russia and also to recognize the separatist republics. don't yes, and law haskin, eastern ukraine. so the turkish officials year said that ukraine, when it comes to neutrality and demilitarization, or showing a willingness to make some of the compromises of other when it comes to the dimness vacation, it's not clear what russians exactly means. and particularly the delicate issue here is the territorial integrity or ukraine i, by dad, the mean of you,
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cognizant crimea, as part of russia and recognizing the tepid as, as republics in eastern ukraine. and they said it didn't ukrainian official so far have not, has not shown any sign of make him any compromises regarding fear companies, either tauriel integrity. so present avalon, just before the talk start that has others did negotiate in delegations and he said so far so far the, the, the negotiations that took place in antalya in turkey or in but it was a did not create any, did not produce any complete result but this, this time, they are expecting a concrete result to come artist goodish rollers. then we believe that it's a period with concrete results must be achieved in these negotiations. at the stage, you, as the members of the delegations have assumed a historic responsibility. the entire world is looking forward for a positive outcome. from these talks,
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you are the ones linked foundation of peace under the guidance of your leadership. and we are ready to make in contribution, which will ease this process here. ah, well, turkey ever has been the only natal country or who didn't join their sanctions against russia. the turkish air space is still open to the russian. our planes, the trade is still in place, and also the gas export is, is, is continuing ad. so the, the turkey has adopted a very balanced position when it comes to this crisis. and it cat, it's good relations both with moscow and kia and the leaders in russia and ukraine repeatedly the said that they appreciate turkeys they're balanced back position regarding the that they did that this cra, this ongoing crisis. and that may turkey, i foldable destination for their,
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for their pistols on one hand, turkeys keeping the good lives with moscow. but on the other hand, turkish drones are on so the, on the sky in ukraine and they have to, to be very much effective against russian on forces. so in that sense, both capitals are put in the loss of hope that these pistols in his novel cool produce a tangible result. or i thank you very much for that update unless now how the day progresses, wrestle sat, alarm for us in east amble. all right, let's get more from him, ran tom, now his life for us in ukraine's capital heave hello, they him ran while these talks are happening in turkey, the fighting continues where you are, what's the latest from the capital? well i can tell you that the fight continues for our pin, which is towards a north of this city. ukrainian forces announced they took that completely 24 hours ago now while they're doing as they're going in. and it's almost going street to street to try and secure the area,
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find out what the needs of the local people are. try and get humanitarian aid into the area. it's been a scene of incredibly tough fighting for a very long time. the idea for the russians is if they could take osterman, boucher, no pain was close to each other. that would have been a staging post, a staging ground for any potential invasion indicates or the fact of ukrainians. i've managed to get that back. is key also sue me. ah, another part in the south has actually been fallen to ukrainian forces. it had been under russian invasion occupation for a number of days. all of this is part of the offensive counter offensive. now, you heard my colleague bristles savannah, they're talking about the tell the talks in istanbul and how they were going well, one of the key elements for the russians, at least with reason to do this, what they call special operation and keep is something called di, notification one of the battalions that they're talking about specifically is the as of battalion,
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and we went to see them. and we asked them whether they actually were neo nazis. oh yes. oh. oh, before yes, some call them near nazis. others say they one of ukraine's toughest fighting forces. b as off battalion was found in 2014 during the russian annexation of crimea. it began life as a volunteer force, which then became part of ukraine's armed forces with public links to far right groups. in 2016, the united nations accused it a violating international humanitarian law. in 201940 u. s. congress members, unsuccessfully tried to designate the as of as a foreign terrorist organization. during this war they become the main fighting force in the besieged southern city. of very apo usa. we began by asking them if there were a neo nazi organization and the blue liquors oller. o bra, sir, no, no, sorry to say this, but the image of earth is now nazareth was created by russians in 2016 after
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as all liberated mario paul from russia. oh warranty fighters, and became part of the ukrainian army. jose is a video on the ah, you national god of ukraine, twitter crown was clearly so some of your fighters, a greasing bullet with peg fat, with the message, the muslim brothers in our country. you will not go to heaven, go home, please. you will not be allowed into heaven here. you encounter trouble cone please . that kind of thing makes you look like neo nazis. the way to wooden prostate fogged, we call muslims from as arabic ran fighting for us. let me give you one example. in my unit, for how many muslim from azerbaijan he's fighting like us. but when people think of the as old battalion materially internationally, they do think of near not as you guys have an image problem, how you dealing with that role occurs. i look, we have a rush and propaganda, a 5th column on that spread all over the world. it's not
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a surprise there. they created this now nuzzy image for us. so marvia speaking publicly come talk to us and you'll see we are not the as of battalion understands, it has a neo nazi image problem, but to change it will require support from the rank and file, many of whom are suspected of having far right links. russian forces are just a few kilometers from here, but the, as a battalion, have another fight on their hands if they want to change their image from being a neo nazi organization to being a nationalist fighting force. perhaps the bigger fight, though, is within their members internally and how that will go down. around con al jazeera cave, sanction russian billionaire, roman abram avila jen to ukrainians were reportedly poisoned earlier this month. the wall street journal reports had happened during the recent talks in cave. the chelsea football club owner reportedly south and so eyes and peeling skin, but his now recovered. ukrainian negotiators also suffered symptoms consistent with
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chemical agents investigative websites. embezzling cat says it's confirmed, the 3 delegates fell sick. jenna hall is following developments from london. belling. cat has developed a pretty sturdy reputation for it's open source forensic investigations and reporting online. the organization. as you said, they're reporting alongside the wall street journal on this saying that it had been in touch with potentially even commissioning it that's implied, but not entirely clear from what they wrote, commissioning chemical weapons experts to conduct both remote and on site investigations at presumably at the location where these meetings might have taken place and that these experts have led belding cat to be able to confirm that on the night of the 3rd of march 3, individuals, 2 of them senior ukrainian negotiators, one of them, roman abram, of which experienced symptoms consistent with poisoning with chemical weapons,
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mr. brockovich is described by belin cat. as an entrepreneur, of course we know him better. as the owner of chelsea football club, the russian billionaire, all the galks ought to have contacts on some level at least was let me put in the criminal symptoms. reportedly, according to belin belen cath included piercing pain in the eyes, one suggestion was that mr. brockovich may have lost his sight for a period of time that's unconfirmed, but also peeling skin on the faces of the hands. for the wall street journal, adding that the health condition of all 3 has since improved and that their lives were not in danger, are not in danger. and these chemical weapons experts going further saying the dosage and type of substance likely was insufficient to cause life threatening damage and was most likely intended to scare the victims with the wall street journal. adding that he believes the suspected attack was orchestrated by hard
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liners in russia who wanted to sabotage the talks. germany once to criminalize the act of displaying the letter zed to show support for russia's war in ukraine. interior ministry says individuals could be prosecuted russian military vehicles in ukraine have been marked with the sign and kremlin support. it have been using it during rally's, dominic cane reports from barely for many in russia. this letter has become symbolic of what their government calls a special military operation in ukraine seen on many of their armored vehicles. it's used as an identifying mark to differentiate it from others another because to many in the rest of the world, the letter has become a symbol of aggression. and in some e u countries, for example, lithuania, there is growing concern about how the civil could be used or misused in germany to their calls, to outlaw those who display the lesser with the intent to glorify aggressive war
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laws. that ban such behavior do already exists with nazi era symbols like the swastika and the letters s. s. prohibited. now, several german states are saying they intend to prosecute any one who displays the letter said, in the same way. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. still head on al jazeera, the taliban had long said it was against opium production. find out why they're now allowing afghans to cultivate the crow. ah, called her areas flinging in to northwestern europe. hello everyone. here is the
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details on tuesday. we've also got some showers. zip in across his wall will press play, see where all of this goes tuesday into wednesday, but keep an eye on paris. keep going. okay, down to just 12 degrees on wednesday. you're certainly going to feel that further toward the south. we've got a push of some atlantic rain across the iberian peninsula. it's really filling in, and we'll see some downpours over areas here. now for central europe, this is still the best weather across the continent. i mean, look at some of these temperatures, budapest, 24. that's getting pretty close to record breaking stuff for turkey clouds over western areas. i think that's going to squeeze out some moisture just a light spread thin on talia with the hive 21 degrees and away we go toward the top end of africa, of sand in dust, being spin around here, especially our hard mountain winds. in some spots, the visibility is less than a kilometer showers in storms. also for the gulf of guinea it's been a wet picture for areas of mozambique and, and bob way that continues right through on tuesdays while big drop in temperature
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is for port elizabeth. those winds have shifted round. what story there and also what weather for cape town on tuesday with the height of 20 degrees. don't forget the umbrella caesar and take care. the frank assessments. what are the political risks of banning russian oil and gas for western leaders? will sanctions on western energy exports? recession in opinion abandoning decide to get his job is to resume india, they're going to be arching from leisure and from char clinical debate. could china actually helped in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah
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ah ah. hello, are you watching al jazeera? i'm emily anglin. he's reminder of our top stories. his alum negotiations between ukrainian and russian officials have begun in istanbul, cave, once russian troops to withdraw. while moscow is seeking guarantees. ukraine warned join nato, a mo ukrainian president allotted me. zalinski says he's armed forces have re taking control of air pin. there's been heavy fighting in the city, north, west of keith, since russian began its push towards the capitol. last month. i merely 5000 civilians have been killed in mary. a poll it seems rushes invention began. that's according to the cities man, who says 160000 people still remain trapped to
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other world news now and peruse. president pedro castillo has survived a 2nd attempt to impeach him. congress failed to reach enough votes to remove the president from office. earlier he presented his defense against allegations of corruption which he called to baseless gasteyer. as 8 month old government has faced several crises, nearly obtained dea shows evidence as a mexican government cover up in the disappearance of $43.00 students in 2014. it happened ingler where i stayed, and officials say the students were killed and burned at a ravish down at the ne footage shows. that's untrue. john homan reports, it's what every one had suspected for years. but finally, video proof met screws authorities planted evidence in the biggest disappearance case in the country. for decades. when 43 students were pulled off buses by municipal police on the night of 26, september 2014 and get out of state. then never seen again,
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the public demanded answers. where were they? who else was involved in their disappearance? only of this, the competency muslims under pressure, mexican authorities came up with what they call the historic truth values. this drone video shows it as a set up. these tiny figures, a mexican marines, heading into the co cool of rubbish, dump guerrero on 27th, november 2014. close to where the students disappeared. one of their trucks blocks access to the site. they stopped for a while lingering, where later, bullet shells will be conveniently found by federal investigators. then they moved to a different part. the dump. 3 white bags appeared beside them. they like to fire the 3 bags disappear, present for at least part of this day, say the independent expert was mexico's then attorney general has use more. you cram, develop a louder fast food 11 days sca maria cram will claim in
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a packed press conference that the full t free students was shot dead by a local gang in the cooler dump in the spot where the marines 1st stopped. the gang them but their bodies, he says, where the week before the marines had lit the fire history sufficient does he must, it sat to present his images, but it's our duty to a society that is truly, truly offended to you. that the reason for his fabrication finally a case which had captured the hearts of the public and caused unbridled indignation against the government and suspicion it could be involved could be put to rest. yes, that's according to the independent international experts who arrived in 2014 to investigate a kayla's health study ins. oh, cool. that on the authorities had changed. information denied any knowledge of the facts or where the students were, be sebring with them go. even before this video, there were already serious doubts about maria crimes. historic truth,
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not least off the videos, most of suspects tortured into giving evidence. the key thing about this video is that it was filmed by mex, can navy drones, it's almost beyond dispute, and it was then apparently locked in a vote for more than 7 years until a new administration and current president under his manuel lopez over the door pushed the country's intelligence services to hand over confidential archives like this one, to the independent investigators with the videos only proved there was a cover up. the central question is still unanswered, even after all these years. where are the 43 students, or at least there remains? john holman, out is eda metzger, city workers at an amazon plans in the us state of alabama. i have been voting on whether to join a union. the site would become the 1st in the country to be unionized. john henderson has moved from bessemer,
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alabama. the amazon workers votes now being tallied, we'll decide whether organized labor can make a comeback in the heart of the anti union south. the vote counting that began on monday marks a 2nd battle between a corporate behemoth and pro union activists in bessemer, alabama. employees rejected joining the retail wholesale in department store union last year, but the national labor relations board ruled that amazon unfairly influence the outcome and called for a do over election. that's in part because the company set up a mailbox, it looked like a voting booth. giving some workers the impression amazon itself was running the election. we've turned a lot of nose into. yes. it's once they got the information. ah, that was more impactful to their lives. so. yeah, they're on boards with the union's leaders, as the company's tactics have continued. they are, could duck take a ferocious anti union care, a union busting brig again outside union busters?
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hundreds of them in a statement amazon spokesperson killing entail said, we look forward to having our employees voices heard. our focus remains on working directly with our team to continue making amazon a great place to work. the move in alabama follows a recent votes still being counted at to amazon sites on new york, staten island, where workers projected their critiques of the company under its iconic logo unions . on the decline for decades, if seen a resurgence in the past year, signing up workers at starbucks doors in buffalo, new york, seattle in mesa, arizona, google fiber contractors in missouri and in new york city, ari i, sporting goods store workers seem empowered by the great resignation the wave of workers leaving their jobs during the pandemic. the company has been calling workers in for mandatory meetings to explain to them why they should not unionize. the company's perspective is that it works better with employees when it does so
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directly. not through a 3rd party, but many pro union workers say when that happens, it's the company that sets the rules. one alabama worker was confident enough to take aim at amazon's billionaire owner, who also owns the blue origin space company. it's not really worth it to stay with the company who doesn't care about me as much as they care about. just be those going to the moon. it could take weeks to count up to 6100 ballots before it's clear. if workers here have opted to unionize and whether organize, labor can gain ground deep in the heart of dixie. john henderson, al jazeera bessemer, alabama is well has hosted the foreign ministers of 4 arab nations and the us in a big to expand cooperation in the middle east. the top diplomats also discussed reviving talks between israel and palestine. the palestinians have described the event as an illusion. how re faucet reports from southern israel, israel as it put this summit together in a few days. nonetheless,
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it clearly wanted to convey maximum symbolism and significance in the desert. kibbutz once home to israel's 1st prime minister, had been gurian, the foreign ministers of egypt, bahrain morocco, and the you eat along with the u. s. secretary of state espoused friendship and shed goals 43 years ago when each hipped and israel made peace. unfortunately, we lost those 43 years of knowing each other, better of walking together and of changing the narrative that many generations of his, rabies and arabs had been living curie. israel's foreign minister said this 1st meeting would become a permanent for him. but he also advanced goals for the here and now this new architecture, the shirt capabilities we are building, intimidates, and deters. i'll common enemies 1st and foremost,
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iran and it's proxies. oh, there was shed condemnation of an attack on sunday by suspected i so linked gunman that killed 2 is ready security forces personnel on the widest security picture. the u. s. secretary of state stuck to his script. not bending to israel's opposition to a revived iran nuclear deal, or he did though, raised the palestinian aspiration for statehood. really, these regional disagreements are not a substitute for progress between palestinians and israelis. one of the issues we discussed today was how countries involved in the abraham accords and normalization, as well as those that have a long standing diplomatic relationships with israel can support the palestinian authority in the palestinian people in concrete ways. that was echoed by the arab foreign ministers most explicitly by egypt. the united or during these discussions . we did highlight the importance of the israeli palestinian peace process, the importance of maintaining the credibility and the viability of the 2 state
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solution that for israel out of the city and state to the side by side in peace with the recognized borders of the city and state in accordance with the 67 lines with the east jerusalem as its capital, the palestinian leadership. however, such words are just that words. they see this entire summit in this place as an undermining of the cause for sovereignty and independence. the palestinian prime minister focused on what was happening inside israel and why he had to be that that is your helicopter shop are normalization meetings without ending the israeli occupation of palestine or just an illusion. mirage and a free reward for israel. ah palestinian president, meanwhile, had his own diplomacy to conduct welcoming jordan's king abdullah to ramallah on a mission to con tensions a head of ramadan said, i'll just here a southern israel. i've got to stand produces more opium than anywhere else in the
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world. taliban had said it would cut back on cultivation by punishing farmers, but the economies in free fall and f canister on needs cash. now the group seems to be changing its mind as katia lopez, her joe young reports. it's nearly time to collect the harvest in afghanistan's hillman province, where poppy fields are considered both beautiful and dangerous. the crop is widely used to make hair, when farmers like gull say selling it is the only way to make ends meet. but act little farming wheat doesn't earnest enough money. it's not as profitable as puppy economically. we've been badly hit and that's why we've no other option, but to plant poppies. afghanistan is the world's top opium producer. it accounts for about 10 percent of its economy. a kilo of wheat is sold for about $0.50. whereas a kilo of opium poppies can go for more than a $100.00,
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but that's what i'll do if there was no tentative way to feed our families wouldn't have to cultivate his crop. but if we don't find another way we would defend us with guns and our lives. otherwise we have to flee to pakistan, iran or even touching st on for work. and even that's not possible because they will send us back. the taliban has long been accused of taxing drug traffickers. some estimates predict the group made $20000000.20 from the alyssa trade after taking control of the country last year. it pledged to cramp down on poppy farmers . but now it says they will be left alone, at least for now, the names. we won't take any action against the farmers until we find improper alternatives, but they already have so many problems and we don't want to create more. so we working to find an appropriate solution with the help of the international community. afghan sans economy is on the verge of collapse, sanctions and the taliban lack of international recognition or making an already
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diag humanitarian crisis. worse look at the husband would have replied and cultivate poppy book. if you don't have any other option, do you have farms plant poppy indefinite? and the once you don't work for landowners, the illicit trade is intertwined with afghan ascends economy. now it continues to grow despite a terms of resistance at home and abroad because he, a little bit of the young al jazeera. ah, hello, are you watching? are you there? these are the top stories this our negotiations between ukrainian and rational officials have the gun and assemble cave once russian troops to withdraw. while moscow is taking guarantees. ukraine, wanting to join him, wrestle, sutter has more from his temple, russian, and your granite delegation. they have arrived to stumble last night and just.


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