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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2022 1:00am-1:31am AST

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ah al jazeera, ah, ah all ah shin is he as president dissolves the parliament he suspended last year, accusing its members of a failed coup attempt. ah, hello there, i'm julie. when's all this is sound to see rely from london also coming up? russian forces continued to bombard sheer and i have found the outskirts of kiva day after promising to radically scale back operations there. concave is also under relentless attack. we join
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a special ukrainian police force as they patrol the streets as a courtesy and the number of ukrainians who fled their country reaches 4000000. we look at how women are mobilizing to help them. ah, welcome to the program. we begin in shanicea, where president chi society has announced and state television that he's dissolving parliament after what he called a failed coo earlier members of the suspended parliament met online in defiance of side voting to repeal presidential decrees that have given harm near total power. the president dismissed their meeting as illegal and accused them of conspiring against state security. last july said suspended parliament and dismissed. i minister is shim, chichi is denied accusations of a power grab and promised to uphold the rights and freedoms one. infinity is 2011
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revolution which triggered the arab springs uprising across the region. gary, what is that nice wooden lesser? unfortunately, we are witnessing a coup attempt, but it is a failed one. the national duty requires today the protection of all the people on the homeland, based on the articles of the constitution. the president is the head of state, the symbol of its unity, the guarantor of its independence, and continuity. our bye chapter 72 of the constitution. i announced to day at this historical moments of the dissolution of the representative council to protect the state of alex institution and to protect the changes in people when they receive all one. as a freelance journalist in the chin is in capital and she joins us now via sky valencia, thanks for being with us is, is this parliament's most direct challenge to side? yet? it says it's the 1st time they that she come together to me is the, the majority of pol events,
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the only cause he's not present as shaw who ally themselves with ty, side and the free to story and see who have been sort of pretty much up with the leading cause and after so today they, they, they agreed and shoot on the ending of the exceptional meshes, which is the just that means team was provocative enough because side, but to announce that that they were had very decided that the exceptional matches should ends has for the private side last night we actually had quite a chance nice in change because there was a lot of speculation about where the side was actually going to arrest certain parliamentarians heads. it is plain recession and those room is a still circulation. so it's a very nervous, tense time. yeah, no, no marinate parliament is due to me again on saturday to discuss the economy. but
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at that moment after i sites and that since it the dissolving of parliament, we were not sure whether that will happen or whether they will power anyway. and what they are asking for. and what the austin played recession is for fresh elections. because under the constitution, the president, though parliament without announcing elections, which should be holding at maximum within 3 months, at a lithium what? well, this, at least in the short term anyway, given what you said, alter his, his grip on power. and how will this be perceived by the public? i mean, don't you support side? well, we'll see this as in strengthening his position. there is in the, the more pro, parliamentary tramp i'm, we'll see this basically is a tightening of a grip on power. and in a much more or stars tearing style, it all depends on whether he's actually going to comply with the constitution
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a 2014 and announced elections or not. so, if there's a different entering dissolving parliament, which would result in elections. and as she just shutting columns down and ending the call them and she system, so at that moment way we're not sure i'm, he's announced it's but he still has to inscribe igloo m for it to actually be a different. so change in system all the pre k situ elections. listen when joining me live from tennis with the latest alysia on case ah, ukrainian officials say russian voices have continued to bombard the as gets a key in the northern city of chair and have thus, despite the kremlin pledging to radically scale back military operations in those
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areas to help build trust in the peace talks, there have been explosions and fighting in the suburbs around the capitol while ensuring to have the official se the markets. libraries and homes have been destroyed. some russian units have been employed to the eastern city of idiom where attacks have also ramped up. and also the red cross says it's building in the southern city of mario pool has been hit. these are the images from churn. a him for the mayor says russian attacks have actually intensified over the past 24 hours . more than 800000 people are trapped in the besieged city. supplies to last about a week. bombings were also reported in the west of the country. among con reports now from bovary, that's an eastern supper of kings. smoke disappears into the sky after yet another night of destruction in towns around the capital. keep it from places like this. the russian military commanders say they will withdraw from part of an agreement made with ukraine during talks in turkey on tuesday would you will have
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a blessed night, arizona, this ukrainian commander says some russians are withdrawing. was knock at the horseshoe when they monday little your some size, they are maneuvering. there are signs of withdrawal, but the situation is unclear because we cannot trust them. so we will observe the russian soldier never just with rose, his thiel and lute, and we have evidence of that happening to you. these people have fled their homes and have come to bravery town hall to register his evacuees. they welcome the russian withdrawal announcement and hope to return home. but they have no idea where the home survived. the missiles, rockets and artillery shells were so we will definitely go home and rebuild our city just because it's our home owners valiantly. it's very painful to be in a strange place with strangers. i really just want to go home. the russian withdrawal plan has been met with skepticism as russian selling continues and seems like this occur every day. this warehouse was hit in the early hours of wednesday
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morning is actually the 3rd time the warehouse has been hit by shilling. now president vladimir lensky welcomes the russian moves. he says that they're positive, but he also says they don't drown out the sound of the shelling. emron con out 0 on the outskirts of robbery. o rushes, defense ministry insists it's new. focus in ukraine is east and don bus region hash marlboro ice, following developments from moscow. on the military front, the russian army saying that it has achieved its goals in the kia region and shown ago and that its troops are now regrouping with a focus shifting to words liberating the don't bus bass. where you have the 2 eastern provinces of the guns and on the asked. and it seems that will likely to see further emphasis on the journey ask where the army has been seeing that it controls 50 percent of that territory. that the i can to either push to further expand their control on the diplomatic front. foreign minister of foreign affairs,
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sir gay lovell said that the the, our size of progress in the tools with the ukrainians, and that the russians have received commitment from the ukraine years about ukraine . not joining nato, not acquiring weapons of mass destruction, and not allowing any more funding military bases to be built in ukrainian, the future, and that the ukrainians understand that you crimea and the dumbass. ah, i find the lights are closed, an indication that the rushes are not going to offer any compromise. as far as those 2 issues are concerned, we have to remind our viewers that says the slot with a military operation. the russians have been insisting that the ukrainians have to recognise crimea as russian and they have to her recognize her look guns and don yeske as independent states. russian forces of also continued their relentless
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attacks on ukraine's 2nd largest city car kids. a 3rd of the population has managed to escape. thousands of people are still trapped. the city's mayor says no area is safe. well i said beg was given access to a special police unit patrolling car keith, how to keep burns at night on this number of people. this is the reality for many ukrainians still left in the country. second largest city, either shelled by russian forces while they slept. emergency service is stretched to capacity as shelves, rain down in the middle of the night. i was here for you with our night starts with police as they patrolled the streets on the lookout for what they say, our russian saboteurs. we've been given access to this special unit of the police force that the troll the city past curfew. making sure there's no threats behind
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those front lines. reassuring people that the police are still operating and taking care of her gift. but nothing has prepare them for what they are doing now. oh goodness, it was always. yeah, they're the one that were there. this is my 1st time at war. haven't experienced anything like this before. i've been to, jeanette can, lo, hunter. but what i've experienced here shocked me. we work with the people. we detain looters. we caught saboteurs them. we never did anything like this. if we were not guarding the rear, it would be difficult for the ukrainian military on the front line. we can do it if we come across a burning house. the constant 3rd from russian artillery is ever present in scotland.
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then we see a flash of light in the sky. look in coming, he shouts, the police arrive on the scene. so the shell is just hit until you the police have arrived. will the laying people know that they're here and making sure everybody is okay. i just want to just had one of the looking for a little ha, has it just hit? he asks, i needed to thank you for this order. yes, i'm not crying. i'm not crying. she says quite quiet. he says it's going to be okay . we're here now. what you were living across the street? mendoza blown out. be a nice love lilia. are you alive? she shouts. yes, come to reply. i'm elijah, now that the unhurt either it could have been far worse. please hear reports of another building being hit. where the 1st there,
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it's unclear if there are any casualties. his shock survivors leave the block of flats. mom i spoke with my mom and that need to get out of there. can somebody call them? the police tried to distract the children and make them feel better, a moment of laughter amongst the madness that ensues around them. one woman refuses to go to the underground station used as a bomb shelter. this is her home would be she would for the explosion here. my wife was thrown out of the bed. we came out on the entrance was on fire. more buildings burn. suddenly this more in coming shelling. ah, we make a run for it. but
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for the people who live here, yes, there is no escape. they face being hit by russian bombardment at any time. and any place i said bake 0 for the red cross says one of its facilities has been destroyed by shilling and merrier poor ages. and he says its buildings marked with a red cross on a white background, indicating the presence of wounded people. a civilian cargo is not known if there were any casualties. the red cross released the statement saying it's been unable to bring in more supplies since earlier this month, due to the intensity of fighting and no agreement on the safe passage of humanitarian aid. the mayor of mary paul says, 160000 people are trapped in the besieged city with very little food, power, and water. while to 0, as smith has more now from the edge of the city,
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were in the northern outskirts of my uncle city. and you can see just behind me from what remains of those apartment blocks the destruction here is almost total. this area has now been on the russian control for about a week, and this car park of this supermarket distribution center has been turned into a humanitarian aid distribution center by the russian. you've got people queueing here for food aid inside. there's more russians being distributed. everybody is registered on a computer database and then that given rations, which they told us to last them for a month. and it's clear just from where we are here, that there are many thousands of people still in murray awful. they've decided to stay after now more than a month off shelling. but this is the 1st aid. any of them have had since
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the fighting started on there is enormous need here for a system that is very clear. or russians are being told a different narrative to the rest of the world that a mere putin tightly controls the nation's media, which is reporting that ukraine is full of nazis or persecuting russians. the invasion is completely justified. well, let speak to elaine, i mean, a russian academic based in london, whose opposition to the war has put her old with her own parents back home. elaina, thanks very much for joining us on the program. tell us about the situation that's developed in your own family between these 2 disparate narratives. and so having me, julie, my diary says, i've always been pro put in so political views have been quite the opposite. and we've kind of have this. we've always had this pastor agreements of thought about not talking politics so that we can be around each other. but this past weekend
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they called me and they said that the horrified at my on a war because it isn't social media. that, you know, i've disgraced my my family by fighting with the west and being non patriot already . they used to be proud of me for all my achievements and now they're ashamed of me . and this is one of the hardest conversations i've ever had. because we're all hurting for the same reason we've peaceful people, we hate violence, but we have not one single point of reference in common. so troy says to them, put in as a war hero. and to me putting as a war criminal to them. ukraine has instigated the conflict, and russia has had to step in to stop it. to me, left, russia has lawfully occupied a sovereign territory. elaine, amongst, amongst your, your friends, you know, in london and beyond, do they also share this, differing it, you know, narrative does it go beyond, go beyond your parents,
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my friend's side with me, my friends, have a clear picture of what's going on. and if it's russia's who's being the aggressor here, but a lot of russian people will have the symbol of used to my parents and elaina, how much is russia's kind of military power and history, a corner stone of that sort of national identity and pride like how much is that still a kind of stall war of the russian identity? i think there's a lot of die, but it's will very vague. as you know, as far as propaganda goes, a lot of a lot of people still believe that you know, rushes ration you still get up from, from its knees and go, you don't extend this territory basically got, you know, go get, kick, someone's. but so there's a lot of that rhetoric going on on,
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but it's hard to say because there's no independent poly in russia. so we know that probably as, as much as 50 to 70 percent of people do support what russia labels as the limit it military operation in ukraine. but it's hard to say what the reasons for that support is and how much the national meritus feeds into it ill. and i guess the question that i see being asked a lot on social media, particularly as a why don't the russian people in large numbers just stand up and, and say, know what is behind that? and just trying to explain it to our viewers that people don't have that sense of that, you know, freedom of speech resistance, whatever you want to call it. i think a lot of it is about not trusting ah, existing institutions,
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whether it's media with the like, freedom of speech. so a lot of my friends don't believe that anti war rallies will actually help stop the war. they know for a fact that they will be threatened with prosecution for coming out, not just the civil disobedience but for you know, potentially force state treason. so people either stay silent or leave the country out of helplessness. i don't think a lot of people believe that, you know, coming out in masses and thousands, millions and rally against the world will actually stop it because everybody knows that the decisions are being made by one person elaina molina joining us there. elaina, thanks very much for deepening our, our understanding and your perspective. thank you. thank you. and most of the 4000000 people who've left she crane are women and children, as of course, men of a certain age have to stay behind to defend their country. as kimberly,
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how could reports from she mashed in poland? women are mobilizing to help the refugees on a scale not seen in decades. julio dance cova, her children and her friend are fleeing russia's war in ukraine again. the 1st time they left was after russian president vladimir putin invaded dunbar. this is not our 1st time to leave it. we left him 2014 after this time we want to give our to the best deal and we don't want to raise them in the republic that is being destroyed. so julio hopes to make it to toronto, canada, or she heard there is a large ukrainian diaspora. this time i left my husband julia, her older son's parents and husband there among the more than 4000000 ukrainians that have left. as the latest conflict began more than a month ago, often with few belongings or plan of where to go next, train stations and abandon shopping malls have been converted to shelters. and like
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the women filling them, most are staffed by women. the number of refugees fleeing with in europe is unprecedented since world war 2 with the majority heading to poland. and just like more than 70 years ago, it's once again women who are stepping up to assist a lot of women in this particular munitions factor in the scenes are reminiscent of europe in world war 2. when women replaced men in factories. so they could fight. things are different now, but also similar in ukraine. president vladimir zalinski has asked civilians to fight alongside ukraine's military. and men under 60 must stay in ukraine to take up arms. so it's women keeping things running inside ukraine and in countries like poland where they escape from, from women usually work at home with children. and now they are involved. they want
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to win this war. they are doing what they can, and this is in a woman's nature to help them get along. the conflict in ukraine is fresh, so dated is not yet exist on just how many women are now working in traditional male non combat roles. but it's estimated to be in the millions levels, glove, oh, grading. our men are fighting for us. they are brain wirelessly. you know some machine that them when you are you but they aren't the only ones just as they've brought history. women are once again mobilizing into a silent army or through them with kimberly hell kit al jazeera show marshal holland. ah, israel's prime minister says the security services will ramp up intelligence operations after 3 attacks killed 11 people in
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a week of taliban. it also known as the creation of the new board of brigade was high. oh, i was really pleased to release this body cam video of the most recent attack showing officers confronting the gunman in tuesday. shooting 5 people were killed and benet brack on the eastern outskirts of tel aviv. thousands of people have now attended their burial sun. the security forces remain on high alert. 2 of the attacks have now been claimed by i still will hurry force. it is in west jerusalem with more have been a number of announcements about increased security as far as it is really perspective is concerned, but yes, for many palestinian israelis and the palestinians in the occupied westbank concerns about what that could mean for them. i mean, if we start there, we're talking about things like administrative detention, which is detention without charge. and there was a report just a little earlier that the defense minister benny gans had approved such measures
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against 2 men for 2 palestinians from east jerusalem occupied east jerusalem who are alleged to hum us links. obviously this is something that could be used in greater measure as well. and more military and police presence of friction points, 12 battalions announced to be moving into the occupied west bank into the area around garza, a 1000 troops to swell the ranks of the police as well. and as well as that there is the potential risk of reprisal attacks from far right groups. there were people chanting death, the arabs and the like. after the attacks on tuesday night. now as for the the, those events that the, the 5 people who were killed 4 of them civilians, one of policemen, there had been mass funerals in benet brock, this ultra orthodox area. a 2 of them were, were jewish residents from there. 2 of them were ukrainian foreign workers
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understood to be working in construction well as really piece of identifying the shooter as 27 year old. the ha, marsha, from the occupied west bank and graded his whole village need. abraham wency a bad where his father and other residents had gathered. oh, why did i say go with these people here and say oh. 6 did they say that living under occupation, the situation has only been getting worse for them and all these people want now is an end to these really occupation issues that may be difficult. i don't want is real to govern me that other 5, the older man don't want to be controlled like that imagined to use when a soldier humiliates them and oppresses something in a settler with a gun can go on a shooting spree against the young and old they want to block road,
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even the most senior official can pass it. is that okay? sure. one of the year read was not only gonna be but the family says that they had no idea of of the husband flossing anything. they say he spent nearly 3 years, his radio deals. there hasn't been any attacks in his room lately. and with it diplomacy efforts to try and diffuse tension, the head of the holy month of month on what these really arm is expected to be back here in about to demolish the family. this is a standard practice by israel against perpetrators of attack the human rights organization called collective punishment. and that could only lead to more attention to a temporary cease fire has begun in yemen on the 1st day of talks in the. busy which took place with that who the rebels, the group and boys coughing the negotiations because they're being held in saudi arabia, one of the main players in the war. that despite not attending the who these offered
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to prison, this was an a 3 day hold. who attacks all the satellite coalition has ceased far for the wisdom holy month of ramadan. the discussions are being hosted by the 6 nation gulf corporation cancel with invoice from the u. n. and us in attendance will sod bouquet far has more from the talks in saudi arabia's capital. we at we cannot expect a big or a breakthrough for the folks because this is not the 1st time the, the, the year many parties sit together face to face. there are like 6 main topics here in this talk at the started with the, the military issues which, which they say it should work on a fire. and all the parties who addressed these meet in the, in facade the importance of a truth and a ceasefire. so that the parties listen to each other and see the prospects of
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the fun in the war and build in a political, a sustainable stability in d. m. and we know that the yemen. there the situation is that you're, you're right in the other topic which was raised here this morning. it's the, the, the economic and the humanitarian, the human duration in yemen. no numbers have been mentioned here as to as to how much or how these aids and the monetary an aide will be sent to him. and but all the, the, the, the, the figures who talked of a here in this meet in the records the importance of the urgency of any amount. people ensure long and i'm facing 10, our daily power cuts, which will be expend extended rather to 13 hours on thursday. the government leaves a few shortish for the crisis of the lack of foreign currency, leaving them unable to pay for fuel shipment countries. also one of hydro electric
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power should because experience it gets worse taken on the crisis is independence in 1948 with foreign exchange reserves down 70 percent. in the past 2 years, sally academy of motion, picture arts and sciences says its board of governors has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the act. so will smith for slapping. present a chris walk at the oscars? the comedian had made a joke about smith's wife. ah, quick reminder of our top stories on al jazeera chin as he is president chi side as an einstein state television, that he's dissolving parliament after what he called a failed coo. earlier in an online session, parliamentarians voted to repeal presidential decrees suspending the chamber and giving say near total power president.


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