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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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act of war to privatization. if water on al jazeera, please understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world center, mental handy take. it will bring the news and current affairs that matter to year. ah. ready russian forces continue shelling, ukrainian cities despite a pledge to reduce military activity in some areas. ah, hello to her robin. you're watching out there life. my headquarters here in doha also coming up were on patrol with a special police unit in the ukrainian city of kirk iv, which has suffered heavy bombing. also desperate for aid,
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thousands of people stuck in the besieged city of mario paul are running low on basic supplies. and in other news to noisiest president dissolves parliament 8 months after suspending it and calls for an investigation against m. p. 's. welcome to the program. there has been more shelling by russia in parts of northern ukraine despite moscow's promise to pull back from the capital, keith and the city of genevieve. these reserved images from cheddar heave where the bear says russian to tax have intensified over the past 24 hours. more than 800000 people are trapped in the besieged city with supplies expected to last about a week. bombings are also reported in the west of the country, while ukraine's president says the russian forces have only withdrawn from keys because of military setbacks stuck. yeah, put a whole warning pacific keep it. there is an ongoing negotiation process,
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but for now it's only where it's without specifics. or also other words about the alleged withdrawal of russian forces from keep turning. he and about the alleged decrease of the occupied activity in these directions. we know that it's not the withdrawal, but consequences of explosion consequences of our defenders work. and i'll let that cause, but some show would cease. but we also see at the same time russia as a massing forces for new attacks in the done the us. and we are getting ready for this. is it to me, we don't believe anyone in the flowery words of their assistance. luby sat down with rushes deputy un bassett, and dimitry, polanski updated her on the negotiations on the humanitarian situation in ukraine. there were some signals from our negotiators, and they are of course, better prepared and but informed. they were cautiously optimistic, seeing that it was for the 1st time that ukrainians gave something in writing. but actually after that,
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i think the ukrainians did everything to deny almost all the positions that. so let me go sheets as we're promoting as kind of positive because they said that while any agreement was a subject of referendum, so frankly, i don't think we shall trash to the conclusions right now. in turkey, russian officials promised to scale back bombing of keys and also shown a he today our colleagues on the ground are reporting more shelling. can we trust russia? what i heard from negotiations and key if was that we were scaling down our military activity. and some people work week enough to assume that we are withdrawing from key event unique, which is not the case. it was kind of regrouping. and the military of defense confirmed this that we,
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we have completed the 1st phase of our ration. now the objective is to, to liberates don bus. yesterday, the security council got a very grim assessment of what is happening in terms of more than 1100 civilians have died in ukraine. 10000000 of them on the move force to leave their homes on a personal level. how does it feel to sit in the council chamber with these people that you work with every day? pointing the finger at you and russia for the suffering, whether bush said and, and sympathetic with people suffering. we understand the situation in ukraine. much better than our western colleagues. we, we where aware of the war that was going on for 80 years. ukraine is very frequent topic of our discussion. so i remember quite well the frustration that were felt because we were presenting facts were representing people,
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giving their evidence. accounts of what has happened in these split in the, in these places and our colleagues were pretending that nothing was happening. what is your thoughts on the secretary general's response in secretary general enforcement? it took the saw decides of the countries who are web leaving russia for everything . he was saying, rush and aggression, the war, everything. i don't know, all the lexical was absolutely all the, all the vocabulary was, was forgotten by him on the senior locations. and that was our approach to secretary journal if he wants to, to be useful in these regards. he shouldn't take sides, but that's unfortunately what happens on several occasions. no, there's been no let up in russia strike sancho keys. they 3rd of the populations relish to escape, but thousands are still tramped. the man says no where is safe? oh, there is us. a bag got rare access to a special police unit. patrolling the city. ah car keep burns at
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night on this number. this is the reality for many ukrainian still left in the country. second largest city, either shelled by russian forces whilst they slept. emergency services stretched to capacity. as shells rained down in the middle of the night. i'm here for you with our night starts with police as they patrolled the streets on the lookout for what they say, our russian saboteurs. we've been given access to the special unit of the police force that the troll the city past curfew. making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. reassuring people that the police are still operating and taking care of her gift. but nothing has prepare them for what they are doing
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now. what, what music is or what? yeah, they're the one the where the, this is my 1st time at war. haven't experienced anything like this before. i've been to, jeanette can, lo, hunter. but what i've experienced here shocked me. we work with the people, we detain looters. we caught saboteurs them. we never did anything like this. if we were not guarding the rear, it would be difficult for the ukrainian military on the front line with you if we come across a burning house, the constant 3rd from russian artillery is ever present in scotland. then we see a flash of light in the sky. look in coming, he shout, the police arrive on the scene. so the shell is just hit with the police of
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arrived. the laying people know that they're here and making sure everybody is okay . i just want to just add one little little for little to ha, has it just hit? he asks a new wi fi for this order. yes, i'm not crying. i'm not crying. she says quite quite. he says it's going to be okay . we're here now. what you were leaning across the street? mendoza blown out. be a nice lover here. are you alive? she shouts. yes, come to reply. i'm elijah. no, the unhurt either. it could have been far worse. please hear reports of another building being hit. where the 1st they're, it's unclear if there are any casualties. shocked survivors leave the block of flats. my mom, my mom and that need to get out of their can somebody call them?
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the police tried to distract the children and make them feel better. a moment of laughter amongst the madness that ensues around them. one woman refuses to go to the underground station used as a bomb shelter. this is her home, because she would burn the explosion here. my wife was thrown out of the bed. we came out on the entrance was on fire. more buildings burn suddenly. this more incoming shelling. ah, we make a run for it. oh, but for the people who live here, yes, there is no escape. oh. they face being hit by russian bombardment at any
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time. and any place i said bake a da 0 particle. michael bose. the cure is a former spokesperson for the organization for security and cooperation, europe's mission in ukraine. he explains what rushes next move might be after the promises made yesterday by the right hand side and that they weren't honored. for example, the reduction in firing on key venture new here of we're in a very, very bad place. it's humanity because, you know, there have been times in history where for example, the rebels and columbia have honored promises to put their arms down and allow, for example, vaccination. there been times, for example, again mar, where humanitarian agencies have been able to go in and do stuff because, you know, those, those promise. we had some currency where we are right now in ukraine is that the russian promises have no validity or solidity what's of whatsoever because they've been violated so many times. so anyone from say the red cross or the credit
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government or anyone else operating here has a very difficult time planning any type of intervention, evacuation humanitarian delivery because promises cannot be. ready believed from the russian side. well, they've been in the dumbasses, you know, since 2014 and i know from being there myself in fact, behind enemy lines is that they get it out quite nicely in the sense that they have the latest jamming equipment. they're, you know, in terms of weaponry, they're very well the crept so it doesn't take much for the russians to kind of expand their footprints from occupied areas. if you don't, don't, that's going to see more territory. and when they're operating in joint cooperation with the russian forces that makes them even more potent and then the course, the other kind of frontline is solving area linking russia with crimea. they seem to have control over that and they're going to do, believe me, everything they can to hold on to that, including pummeling body. i'll pull even further of the days of the news now. and
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soon as he is president has dissolved parliament after what he says was an attempted coup. kai side made the announcement following parliamentarians meeting on line for the 1st time despite the freezing of parliament 8 months ago. now they voted against his exceptional measures which have given him sweeping powers since july. now should alessa, unfortunately, we are witnessing a coup attempt, but it is a failed one. the national duty requires to day the protection of all the people and the homeland, based on the articles of the constitution. the president is the head of state, the symbol of its unity and a guarantor of its independence and continuity. and based on chapter 72 of the constitution, i announced to day at this historical moment said the dissolution of the rep counsel to protect the state and its institution, and to protect the changes in people. william florence, as a former diplomat and author, he says,
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presence i'd refuses to accept dissent. he lost his most of his advisors who came from it back in the background. he lost his chief adviser a couple of months ago when she was purged. and his inner circle is very small, some of its just family members. and of course the loyal army. but he's, he's kind of isolated in many ways. a couple of days ago he said the parliament can't meet and if they do want to meet, they can meet in the spaceship. you know, these are not comments by someone who is completely in this world. i would say operating in reality he's, he's, he's begun to show some some week and he misused article 80 in the summer. he may use article 72 today at the constitutional lawyer he should know cut position better than he does. but it's all about just protecting himself and one man rule and lashing out of the opposition today. he also not only shut the human but he shut down other apps that could be used for a meeting. and he shut down the whole internet in the area monthly year in downtown
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tunis, all an attempt to scuttle the parliamentary meeting, which you said was symbolic. except that they were going to balk, we vote down all the unilateral decrees. he put forward in the last 8 months, so it's in that sense, it's not just symbolic. and he felt threatened and then tried to get them arrested . the prosecutor general said, i want to rest them. i have no evidence. and now he's saying ok parliament's finished. but this is, these are the acts of someone who is lashing out anyone. he considers a political opposition. he doesn't want to dialogue with those that don't agree with them. well, still had him on al jazeera, we look at the ripple effect of the war in ukraine and why capital farm in the us say, not feeling the pinch. also marching to be remembered, people in argentina, protest to make their grievances known why they're upset at the government after the break. ah,
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a journey has begun. the faithful world copies on its way to the castle. can travel package to the hello there. it's all about the exceptional heat when it comes to the weather. in south asia, you can see from the satellite, imaged as barely a cloud in the sky for much of india. and pakistan was seen the heat build in southern areas of pakistan. the temperature in karachi expected to rise in the days to come and we've got heat wave warnings and advisories out for northern western and central parts of india were likely to see the mercury rise up into the early forty's. now a severe heat wave has been declared in new delhi for at least the next 2 days was hot and dry conditions persisting through the end of this month. we could see a challenge to the march temperature and the start of the new month. we'll see those temperatures continue to rise. no further south, it is hot and why we thing if you see
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a few showers creep into coastal areas in corolla and it is going to be wet to ensure lanka in the days to come. but for much of the unsettled weather, we have to look to that northeast corner of india. we're going to see some of that rain creep into bangladesh, heavier for fun, epaul amber town. we could see some flooding here. we could see some flooding across central areas of china. thanks to this weather front, that's bringing pulses of rain towards the east coast. we'll see that wet and windy weather, sweet through japan. by friday, i saw a special ed line of the journey join the debate. there is no, he job back there to go. you know, if anyone here talks about women that i took with seem to have been says notes because of the table we were taught to see abortion had a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that, where a global audience becomes a global community. a comment section is right here. the part of today's program,
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this stream on out is iraq. ah ah look back your watch is there with me said robin. a reminder of our top stories. there's be more russian shelling in northern ukraine despite russia's promise to scale back. overnight strikes destroyed, markets lie, breeze, and holmes in cheddar. heave the northwest. have keith has also seen explosions and more fighting, rushes deputy you and a bachelor tells al jazeera that moscow is not withdrawing troops from keith and genevieve dmitri polanski called it a kind of a regrouping now that russia has completed the 1st phase. this operation,
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he says the next objective is to liberate don bass. and tennessee, as president has dissolved parliament after what he says was an attempted coup. kai site made the announcement of politicians, led by the opposition, held a virtual session for the 1st time since parliament was suspended 8 months ago. now the trial of an australia journalist accused of jeopardizing chinese states security has begun it. beijing chug lay. it was a high profile broadcast on the government's international, c, g t. n channel. she was detained in 2020 on charge is that she provided state secrets to foreign organizations. asians, foreign organizations. chain has be the jail for the past 19 months. now, the australian ambassador to china wasn't allowed into court, would have been denied entry into the trial. specifically, her concerning,
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unsatisfactory and red regrettable. we can have no confidence in the validity of approaches which is conducted in secret. nevertheless, we will continue to play strongly for on this young leis roxanne interest in accordance with the confir agreement between after countries the stronger correspondent to beijing, katrina you his standing by katrina. just give us some background to this case exactly what this lady has been charged with. that's right. so we just heard from the trillion bus at a great and fletcher who was denied access based on national security grounds. and he said later on in that interview, that he still had no idea as to why exactly. she has been detained. now. tongue lay was originally detained in august 2020, but she wasn't formally charged into one year later with supplying state secrets overseas. now if she's found guilty, she could face anything from few years in jail to life in prison. and it's
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important to note here in china criminal cases have a 99 percent conviction rate. now child to lay was born in china and but she was raised in australia and at the time of her arrest, she was living in beijing and working for state media broadcast s t c g t n. as quite a prominent tv anchor. now hope she has 2 children who are currently being cared for by family in the trillion city of melvin and her relatives, and all her loved ones insist on her innocence. now this trial comes at a time of strange relations between beijing and cambra, especially after can provide some quite vocal criticisms against china's handling of the pandemic as well as it's human rights record. the have been some suggestions by analysts that this arrest could be politically motivated, but this is something that paging has denied time and time again. so this trial for
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chung lay, it started about 9 30 am local time sure, and aging on thursday morning. it's expected to go for a few hours, completely in secret behind closed doors. but graham fletcher also did mention that he has at least had some sort of regular contact with chung lay. the last time you spoke to her was earlier this month. and he said that considering the circumstances, she seemed to be doing fine. and she is as far as they know are being represented by competent boys. katrina could send the update. thanks so much. we'll come back to as we get result from the trial. katrina you for saying basing the red cross says one of its facilities has been hit by shelling in muddy a pole. the agency says its building was marked with a red cross on the white background, indicating the presence of wounded people. all civilian cargo is not known if there were any casualties. the red cross says it's been unable to bring in more supplies . earlier in the month because of the intensity of fighting and the agreement told
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the safe passage of humanitarian aid. now the man says 160000 people are trapped in the besieged city with very little food, power and water out there is bennet smith, as well from burial, were in the northern outskirts of my uncle city. and you can see just behind me from what remains of those apartment blocks, the destruction here is almost total. this area has now been on the russian control for about a week. and this car park of this supermarket distribution center has been turned into a humanitarian aid distribution center by the russian. you've got people queueing here for food aid. inside there's more rations being distributed. everybody is registered on a computer database and then they're given rations, which they are told are to last them for a month. and it's clear just from where we are here, that there are many thousands of people still in murray awful. they've decided to
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stay after now more than a month of shelling. but this is the 1st aid. any of them have had since the fighting started on there is enormous need here for assistance that is very clear. now the refuge agency says the number of people leaving ukraine has reached a new milestone. you and hcr commissioner for the per grande's traveled to levine, looking at how to increase support for refugees to day we reached $4000000.00 refugees from ukraine, but i observed also at the border with paul and he's not like before. and now fewer people at this moment are going out of the country. now the un has ward of a catastrophe, putney, a catastrophe, shaking the foundations of international order as the world faces the highest number of violent conflicts as world war 2. sexual general antonio terror says
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2000000000 people living in conflict zones in places including yemen, syria, mia, and now ukraine. 84000000 people were forced to flee their homes last year. as we mentioned, 4000000 have escaped the war in ukraine, just as you get arish says the impact is being felt globally as food fuel and fertilizer prices skyrocket. now in the u. s. the war and ukraine is leading to soaring costs for livestock fobs. some fob's estimate, their expenses will more than double the share. i could put them out of business. i to jo, castro reports cool on farm in fock, your county, virginia is home to 2000 dairy cows who eat and eat and eat. each one goes through 80 kilograms of feed a day. i'm a 4th generation, very former migrant and it's suddenly become more costly for formal vend smith to
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keep up with the demand. every product we use has gone, gone up more than twice, if not, triple, not only has feed become more expensive since russia's invasion of ukraine, but the price of diesel fuel has lowered and it takes a lot of diesel to run for me. quitman and trucks to cart away all that maneuver. it's gonna cost us an additional 106000 dollars this year just to operate at the same capacity is what we've operated in years past. justin actually diesel, and then you take into consideration the tripled price of fertilizers and petroleum products, stuff that we need, and animal health products. it's just, it's becoming very difficult. what good dennis pearson of the nearby soldier hill angus farm, is also feeling the pinch. this is going to be a very, very lean year. if we make any profit at all,
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ukraine exports about 16 per cent of the world's corn. now most of that goes to eastern europe, but the wars uncertainty has the price of corn going up across the globe. here in the us, it's trading at about $9.00 a bushel and that is the highest. it's been in nearly a decade. and these cows are hungry, fransen bread basket, the europe. ah, they did grow a lot of grain. they're those. so we export and import. ah, that causes our grain prices that have gone through the roof. oh it can prices haven't risen to nach this 1000 kilograms steer was auction for $2.00 a keeler. oh, but we can believe what the economists are telling us. carol prices are gonna rebound here in the very near future. ah, they need to, and i, we hope that is true. ah, we can't go to a free years without a profit. ah,
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in this serene place, so distant from the violence, a world away. these american farmers say they stand in solidarity with ukrainians. the rushes war on its neighbor is sending ripples of trouble across the globe. the impact felt even here. hydro castro, al jazeera walk here, county virginia. julian, please arrested at least 55 people during a day of nationwide protests. now the crowds, through fire bombs and stones of police, the violence broke on the anniversary of the police killings of 2 brothers who were protesting the augusta pina shay regime. in 1985, at least 5 officers were injured. the government says the unrest this year was not as violent as in previous years. and thousands of people have also marched through the argentinian capital, demanding for mo mo, financial help from the government. the country is rich and natural resources,
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but has been plagued by years of debt, inflation and economic mismanagement theresa by reports that from the protest importers, iris, they are a symbol of a country in crisis. social movements representing millions of people in need. on wednesday, the march to the center of when a site is and paralyzed argentina's capital bilateral house works as a blacksmith. he says he makes around $50.00 a month, and it's the only job he has been able to find. they're hoping, what are you, what i'm over 50 years old, who's going to give me a job relate discarded material. nobody wants us. that's why we come here. so the government does not forget about it. or there's entire families outside this ministry and offender of what outside of poverty rate have been growing steadily in the past years in argentina with an exchange rate prices and soaring inflation that
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have had a huge impact on people's purchasing power. and that's why most of everybody are saying that they need to stay at least 48 hours until they get a response from the government. these protests happen as the government announced the economy slowly recovering. poverty rates are dropping, but inflation continues to be the real challenge. last month, it was close to 5 percent. march is expected to be even higher money gasoline is part of an organization, negotiating assistance for the poor. she says, government programs don't do enough to fight inflation. it gets the way that you want. we know is that every time inflation goes up, it seems a $100000.00 people and to poverty. and we can see that because salaries aren't high enough to buy food, all workers know this. i feel now president elevator, the,
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for a man. this is trying to re launch his economic agenda. you run this, i'm assuming your youngest argentina is like a big market or what do you need? lithium? we have it gas, we have it, oil, we haven't had food we habit. so let's get organized and take advantage of the opportunities, you know, and let's understand that everything the world once we can provide argentine, i recently reached an agreement with the international monetary fun to restructure, but at least 40 $5000000000.00 in debt. the goal is to help stabilize the country's economy, but the war in ukraine and rising commodity prices could complicate the government plans. and that's why people he avow to keep up with the pressure. so the government does not forget, they are in desperate need. that is, i will, i'll to see that when a site is ah.


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