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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2022 12:00am-1:00am AST

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good directions on al jazeera blue. ah ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live up from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes . the hard key, the fight back ukrainian forces in the country is that 2nd largest city hold off for russia to assault. but of what cost? ukraine says, hundreds of civilian vehicles have managed to leave by. do you paul? as the besieged is sick, he becomes a key battle ground rushes president vladimir putin, demands payments for gas in rubles threatening to cut off supplies to western nations. and the u. s. president joe biden announces that he will release
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a 1000000 barrels a day from american strategic oil reserve to try to curb soaring fuel prices. this is a moment of consequential peril from the world and pain at the pump for american families . it's also moment of patriotism and the un urges world donors not to forget afghanistan, as it launches its largest humanitarian appeal for a single country. and i'm devin ash, with sport including calls for russia to be expelled from footballs, governing body fever and the usa and mexico qualify for the world cup finals in casa ah, ukraine's president believes russia could be preparing for fresh attacks on the don best region after being pushed acts from the capital keys. nato has also said
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russian unit, so being re deployed to fight in eastern ukraine. the besieged a city of barrier. paul is becoming one of the key battle france, one ukrainian ministry official says about 170000. people are trapped into ruins without food, heat power, or even water rushes. the fence ministry says it will open a humanitarian corridor from. are you paul? tis appalachia on friday and the fighting continues in the eastern city of had keith, but the ukrainians are fighting back repelling a russian assault. some people might find the images and i said, begged report from outside had keith, distressing. there's only death here. bodies of young russian soldiers lying unclaimed, apparent victims of port tactics or so the ukrainians tell us you are watching consumer real for me. it was very intensify and our guys had high moral. a special
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operation was planned together with a 92nd brigade. they flank this position and then cleared the russians had poured defensive positions, say the enemy's exposing them to ukrainian artillery. this was the russian defensive line. all along. here you have what's left over of this intense battle burnt out. tanks, weapons left behind grenades. they didn't even have time to take some of their data. everywhere we look, there are signs of battle and fear of chemical attack, ukrainian soldiers salvage what's left, the village of mother or han is back under ukrainian control, but the cost has been high. a fierce battle pushed the russians away from the gates
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of her keefe pause. it just did level 21 year old guinea has been awarded. ukraine's highest honor for destroying 5 tanks and other heroics during battle. he tells us it's the 1st time he'd come across the use of phosphorus, the highly flammable chemical force, but on thought, the blah blah. but it was my 1st experience with phosphorus. air strikes are no scary as the phosphorus. first they use the air strikes, then the phosphorus below eyes were burning. i couldn't breathe through my nose. it was like really difficult to breathe. the equipment was burning. jessica was bad the thing and below now we can't independently verify its use. this is one of the main streets in this village. i was completely destroyed every building, every window. everything that you see has some sort of damage the bullet holes in the doors, the windows have been blown at the bricks all over the place. and we've been told
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that we can only stick to this main road because everywhere around hasn't been completely de mine, because the fear is that the russians have left mines and booby traps behind for the ukrainian soldiers taking the states. but as you seek, there's not much left. i saw bake algebra outside huck if. so that's the impact of the fighting on her keys. meanwhile, mankind is in keep the capital and has more on efforts to evacuate people from the city of port well in over a showcase the deputy prime minister. she's the one that's in charge of the humanitarian corridors, and certainly the one that puts the that makes sure that they actually happen. she is announced to $650.00 people have actually left maria paul and are on buses on their way to safer areas. now was that happening? ah, we don't know if that all of the buses that went in where they were able to fill up all those buses and take them out of 650 people. sounds like that's probably what's
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happened. but we're also hearing now that the french and the germans of asked the russians for a corridor out of mary opal as well. going into dr. parisha, another area where they're a significant russian presence. although it's debated as to who actually controls that area. the russian seemingly have said yes to this humanitarian corridor. so another release valve. but remember, he went tearing corridors aren't just about getting people out. you've got to get aid in to those places as well. and there are still, like you said, thousands of people trapped in a city. this almost totally destroyed and chilling has continued around the capital key van, the city of chattanooga, despite russian assurances of scaling down operations there in the western city of the vive, volunteers are providing help to the large influx of people displaced by the fighting, including thousands of children rob mcbride reports in easton ukraine. the town of trustee annette has been retaken by ukrainian troops,
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but with much of it lying in ruins, the russians departed after a month of heavy fighting, while many people took shelter. thank you. and with that, we have spent 30 days in the basement with small children who've been shaking until now. the russians left behind military hardware and allegations of widespread abuse problem got little so they came to our house is intimidated people and kicked him out of their homes. they took everything from us, mobile phones, guns, food, everything good. also in the past week, ukrainian forces have been re capturing towns and villages around the capital cave, while russian forces have also been withdrawing or been pushed back in the north east and south west. it thought the russians will now concentrate efforts in the east of the country and mount a final push to take the proceed. city of mary, you poll efforts to open a humanitarian corridor into the ruined city. continue,
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the international committee of the red cross says in addition to getting people out of mary, you, paul, it's vitally important for the corridor to be used to get humanitarian aid in the i . c, r c says it's prepared to lead the effort, but only if the 2 warring sides can guarantee the safe passage of the convoy. the western city of levine is providing refuge for thousands of people who have fled, the fighting around caves and other cities, further east. people like all her and the 2 children who now attend regular activity sessions provided by this children's library. oh, thank you right now. this is the only and best way to keep my kids and myself busy to keep them distracted. this class is being led by a teacher who was forced to flee a town near the front line in the east. love it by to the fact they're happy, they're playing in their joy is night. joy art sessions here are aimed at tackling
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the trauma they may have experienced from the fighting president flooded me, a putin invariably portrayed as the villain. elsewhere in this library, volunteers were con, camouflage netting for ukrainian forces across the border and the neighboring and region of brianne sc. returning pirate troopers are given a hero's welcome instead of pulling forces back from the fighting. as moscow has previously announced, western observers suspect russia might simply be rotating units and preparing for a new phase in this war, robert bride al jazeera, the v. a russian president vladimir putin has issued an ultimatum to the so called unfriendly states. he scratched in the cut off gas supplies, the countries that do not start paying for russian gas in rubles from friday. who says foreign buyers will be required to open accounts with russian banks that demand as an attempt to boost the russian currency,
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which has been hit by sanctions from the west over the invasion of ukraine. it could pose a serious issue for europe, which gets around 40 per cent of its gas from russia. germany and france have already rejected the demand, shows little closely new g. i signed an order that establishes the rule of trade with natural gas with the so called hostile states. we are offering a clear system that they have to open accounts and roubles, and payments have to be made through these accounts from the 1st of april. if they don't, we will consider it a non fulfillment of contract resurrect. nobody sells us anything for free and we will not do charity. so there, existing contracts will be suspended when they use them as often sock hash valve iris, following developments for us in moscow. for president, put in this is a moment to warn unfriendly countries a list which includes the u. s. the u and many other states that they might have to face difficult times ahead of the continue to provide weapons to the ukraine and
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continue imposing economic sanctions on moscow. now, president putting asks of the center back to work out the details of a new mechanism under which russia will only accept a ruble, the local currency for the supplies of natural gas to those countries. they do understand this is going to be a difficult her step forward for those countries. we have been saying that we've been doing contracts with the russians. and under the terms of those contracts, we were all either paying in dollars or in euro's, and these contract on this move is a breach of the existing contract. but for the russians, these are concerns of the brushed aside, saying that we are acting with the legitimacy because we have been imposing sanctions on us. and by doing this, her putting is trying to tell the, hear you in particular, that is about time for
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a to change its policies towards moscow. where the u. s. president has announced an unprecedented release of us strategic oil reserves to combat rising energy prices. $1000000.00 barrels a day will be put into domestic and international markets for up to 6 months. joe biden hopes the increase in supply will bring down prices, which have spiked following russia's evasion of ukraine. sh, i can have reports now from the white house. us consumers had been warned, they would pay the price for sanctions against russia. and so they are the price of gas that the pump says increased by nearly a dollar some 20 percent since the russian invasion of ukraine is risen. 47 percent in the past year. and president biden has announced a series of measures to bring some relief to the u. s. consumer, including a release of 1000000 barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve. this is
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a war time bridge to increase oil supplier to production ramps up later this year. and it is by far the largest release barnett national reserve in our history and provide historic amount of supply for historic amount of time, a 6 months bridge to the fall. more republicans dismiss the move as politically motivated. the reserve is supposed to exist for jot unforeseen crises, such as a war between great powers is not there so that the energy, politicians whose policies have res gas prices, can try to hide that from the public. this is just one of a multi pronged approach to easing the oil crisis. the president is also invoking the defense production act to ease supply chain issues that have hindered the drive to promoting clean energy. for example, removing the bottleneck and the supply of components like lithium, essential to the development of electric vehicles. the president also had harsh
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words with some oil companies that he says of seeking to profit from the crisis for us, all companies that are recording their largest profits in years, they have a choice one, they can, but those profits to productive use by producing more orals restarting idle wells are producing on the sites. they already are leasing, giving the american people a break by passing some of the savings on their customers and lowering the price of the pump. or they can, as some of them are doing, exploit the situation. and in a controversial move, use called on congress to penalize companies that lease federal land, but on not drilling on it. president biden says the us has a history of seeking opportunity in crisis. and the long term aim is to make the country oil independent by increasing traditional production. and by further developing clean energy resources. the political reality is that to achieve the
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long term aim, the president's party would have to retain control of congress. and that is likely to be determined by whether the short term aim of producing gas prices by the time of mid term elections in november is achieved by keta, jazeera washington. well, the bottom fell out of the oil market. early in the pandemic with west texas intermediate future prices actually trading in negative territory in april 2020. but as the world returns to some sort of normality coupled with the warn ukraine, while the price has ballooned in the days leading up to the invasion to w t i, futures price was hovering around the 91 dollars a barrel mark. immediately after the 1st weekend of the war, the price broke a $100.00 a barrel and hit a $120.00. it's now trading below a $110.00 barrels. well, that has had
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a major impact at the petrol pump. the american automobile association says the average regular price a year ago was 2.87 dollars a gap, a gallon that rose to $3.00 just a month ago before hitting the record price of 4 dollars. $33.00, a gallon on march 11. will i be raj and ron is had a oil market research and energy information company energy intelligence any joins us now from new york city sir. thank you so much for joining us here in al jazeera lots to talk about. let's start with the u. s. president, announcing this unprecedented release of u. s. strategic or oil reserves, do you think it's going to have the intended effect? i, 1st of all, thanks for having me. yes, certainly. historic announcement. biggest ever strategic petroleum reserve release . our thoughts are 2 main points which are one i think i think the year
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you're going to see more supply, the instructions in this locations and, and messy flow around the world. and you know, be the key point is that the yar is designed to add more supply to market that mean so. so i know the 1st one is from that standpoint, yes, we think it'll help you, it'll provide much why and to the market. perhaps it, it helps to car the runway prices that we start to see, right? we saw the price 12030, you know, i think, i think in an extreme prices and a 100 if you don't $200.00 range. so perhaps it helps depart some of the runaway prices over the over the short term. i'm going to give you the 2nd point is that, you know, the, the other effect that you're going to have is that again, it's a massive release was going to take place over 6 months. but it's also a depletion of squares, right? diffusion of the y. so the other thing that it's going to do is that it's going to
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push price higher, we think over the medium term. so maybe the short term you get some relief in terms of or not the upside, but you do put a higher order prices for longer. what did you make of present invited when he should have a key accuse certain companies of exploiting the situation and what impact do you think his comments might have on those companies? yeah, i mean this is, this is the rhetoric that's been going back and forth or for the last several weeks . right. i think the frustration is that prices are high, normal cycle companies should use this opportunity to increase cap resupply and then that helps to bring the market back. and, but i think this is not a normal cycle, right. i think, i think companies over the last couple years, you know, have seen investors push them to shift your priorities away from growth away from capital investment towards, you know, shareholder return, you know, increasing dividends. maximizing buybacks,
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prioritizing those things with all the profits in the generate. so, so this is going to be me that's been built up over the last couple years. and now, you know, companies found themselves in the position as president, instead generating record profits in cash flows. but, but their investors, you know, again, are still holding them to, you know, to a different set of priorities been in the past. so, so i understand the frustration, normal cycle you would want to apply to increase. and by the way, the best your prices, you know, whether it's 6 months or 12 months or 4 months beyond is an improvement. it's why we're not going to see demand anytime soon. i really do much to, to encourage supply. so i understand the frustration, but companies also have kind of have their mandates shifted by investors. so these are sort of holding firm on this release of strategic goal reserves. the 1000000 barrels a day will go into both domestic us as well as international markets for up to 6
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months. now, we know that competent to europe is a extremely exposed, and that in time it could cause some tensions. let's put it that way within the nato alliance because they are more exposed to increased prices and, and this is the things that we're seeing are russia impose, for example, payment in roubles? you think there's going to be tensions as to where the battles go. so this 1000000 barrels a day, you know, in the 6 months that perhaps the u. s. would have domestic reasons to prioritize the american market, but strategically it would help if they were sent to europe. you know. ringback question, and i think i think much of this will be determined over the next several months, right? i think the priority you get to get as much as refiners because we have, you know, coming up over the next couple of months. and you know, we want to make sure that there's not enough lead and diesel in other products, but i think there's also no question is, you know, how much logistically can get into the domestic robotics. right?
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yes, we can say no. the, the goal is $1000000.00 barrels 6 months, and we think there's going to be limitations on how much can actually blowing to the domestic a system because of logistics. all the other bottlenecks. so here we will go overseas my, we'll get started overseas, and right now you're having a pretty wide spread wide and ours between domestic and international oil. so incentive to, to push the buses well overseas. not your question. you know, i think, i don't think there's going to be, you know, really tension as to where to go. i think, i think it will find its way to, you know, the most hungry fires. you know, really we're going to india to be a market that takes a lot of these groups in the market, the demand rebound pretty strongly. and they've been buying russian group opportunistically but, but certainly, you know, they could take more of your releases that personal received. but your market
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should also be a market people to take some of that, right? especially some of the medium and have your barrels that fit better when you are getting some of those to make, make their way to europe as they try to rush in. when we talk and then we do not rush gaps, also an entry like the russian williams, there is an opportunity there. i'm sure question. i don't, i don't think it necessarily tension when they're relying europe or whatever going yet. but i think us trying to put a lid on price before the firm to which, which will generally help, whether it's consumers here in the us or across the atlantic. and you're at the general head of oil market research at energy information company, energy intelligence. so thank you very much for having shared your views and expertise with us. thank you. thanks for having me. now, ukraine's that state nuclear company says the you and watch the gauge and sees will
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monitor ukrainian plants occupied by russia. the international atomic energy agency will establish online monitoring missions for the turnover and the reach of plants since invading ukraine. russian troops have seized both facilities. i. e, a chief referral mariana grossey, visited a nuclear site in lake alive on wednesday. ukraine has 15 nuclear reactors, but only 8 of them are current. 3 operating schools are coming up on this news hour from london, more violent deaths in the west bank. pensions run high as the latest victims on warned army broker in always arctic circle. but one of the largest military exercises in decades between maitre alliance members realizes partners and formula one will raise on the las vegas strip next year, details coming up later in sport. ah,
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the united nations is holding a donor, a conference to raise money for the people in afghanistan. huge numbers of people are facing hunger after years of war. drought and economic downturn, for the united nation says more than 24000000 people inside the country are in need of humanitarian assistance. nearly 9000000 have fewer than one meal a day. more than 5800000 people have been internally displaced because of war and disaster is in the past 10 years, nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 of them last year alone. and nearly 6500000 afghans live as refugees in iran and pakistan. just over a 1000000 returned to afghanistan last year, but this is added to the strain on services, victoria gate and be reports every day is a struggle for layla. her husband left afghanistan for around 5 months ago to look
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for a job, and she hasn't heard from him since she is living in a makeshift camping can the whole city with her 2 sons and her brother in law's family. rochelle lewis, rochelle ramadan is coming and we have nothing to eat during this month. it is hard to fast eaten only bread. my kids are sick and i don't have enough money to buy them medicine. i collect garbage on bottles from the street. from morning until evening and i barely make the equivalent of $0.35, which is not enough to buy flour oil or rice for dinner. the number of people in afghanistan who can't afford food and other essentials has doubled since the taliban took over last year. the un humanitarian agency says $4400000000.00 is needed in afghanistan. as it faces in economic crash and humanitarian crisis. the money is needed to boost the delivery of food and agricultural support and to fund health services, water and sanitation and education. afghans need all help, enabling their economy, sustaining their agriculture,
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enabling the basic functioning of social services to prevent further economic collapse and preserve those basic services. the international community has long said human rights must be upheld for the taliban leg government to receive aid. those supporting the u. n. appeal, se the taliban decision to close? most secondary schools for girls last week has made it more difficult to raise funds from western governments to talib on the defacto authorities. have to live up to their responsibility to protect the people and to help you manage her in organization or do the work on the ground that in each to the decades, afghanistan was heavily reliant on financial aid that was frozen when the taliban took power. now the un is urging the world not to forget the country as it faces a crisis. victoria gate and be al jazeera. sterling has government has put the capital under a police curfew after anti government. protests, police, fire,
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tear gas and water cannon to disperse protest. her is near the president's home in colombo, they're demanding action from the government to cut the cost of living. people in sri lanka are struggling under electricity blackouts, which are expected to continue until at least may, the government is finding it difficult to pay for fuel imports because of the worst economic crisis. in decades. lapel this thing in man who stabbed the 30 year old or on a bus has been shocked dead by an israeli civilian. in a separate incident, the palestinian health ministry says is really forces of killed at least 2 palestinians during a raid in the occupied westbank. on wednesday, israel's prime minister announced security services would ramp up intelligence operations after 3 attacks, kill the 11 people in a week. 2 of the attacks have been claimed by i so neither abraham has more now from jeanine were funerals for the 2 young palestinian men have been held. people are shooting into the air in respect to all man send a bought the year. he's
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a 17 year old according to witnesses. we spoke to here at that. they said that the israeli forces has waited the cab at out 7 am in the morning local time. they've been firing shots. now according to the israeli army, they say that they have arrested palestinians for a being wanted, or they believe that some of them are involved in the attack. that's happened to me, but that is great. is the tv a television 2 days ago where a gun man has shot 5 is radius, so and, and killed them. so there are the palestinians, believe that this is coming in retaliation of this attack. let's not forget that, as we said before, jeannie has arms. so people usually, if you're fight these really forces raised with arm to day 2 young men lost their lives and 3 others are wounded in particular from baltimore. still to come in
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this news hour, including a legal blow for kenya's president, a court rules his plans to change the constitution where a lawful and celebrations for england's cricket her is as the defending champions reach the final of the women's world cup. ah hello. then just last week, much of europe was basking and glorious sunshine and spring like conditions. while that full change. we're seeing wintery weather effect, those central areas, and it's going to get more unsettled in the south, thanks to low pressure. that's bringing some really wet and windy conditions to the mediterranean, but fuss to the northwest corner for britain than island. we have seen wintry showers with snow sweet down parts of england hopes across the channel. we have got
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warnings out for snow across the front and the low countries in order that pushing out to the east and heavy snow for the alps over the weekend, scandinavia it's largely clear. but colder here we've got, temperature is well below the average places like norway and sweden, and we are going to see more wintry weather sweep into northern areas and heavy snow for northern norway. now down in the south. well look at that. we've got some nasty weather on the way for the bulk and you've got warnings out here. we could see some flooding in places like bosnia and herzegovina, as well as wind warnings to southern parts of its city. because the flooding across the central area is thanks to the heavy rain, heavy snow as well for northern areas of spain. but look at that as and staying sunny at 22 degrees celsius. ah, the from the world's most populated region. in den and
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untold stories across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera got on one of the fastest growing nations in the won a needed to oakland and development school. international shipping company to become a p, middle east and trade and money skillfully mapped out 3 key areas of develop, filling up from connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato causes gateway to whoa trade. lou
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ah, reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera ukraine's president believes russia could be preparing for fresh attacks on the bombast region after being pushed back from the capitol. nato has also said russian, it's have been re deployed the fight in eastern, the craig, russian president vladimir putin once payment for gas in rubles from friday, or contracts will be cancelled in an attempt to boost of the russian currency. the u. s. is releasing $1000000.00 barrels of oil from reserves every day for the next 6 months to try to lower soaring crude prices. ukrainian officials say hundreds of civilian vehicles of managed to lead wedding paul,
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as the besieged city becomes a key battle ground. russia's defense ministry says it will open a humanitarian corridor as former you both as a preacher on friday that the international committee of the red cross says it's ready to move people out of money. you poll, if safe passage can be guaranteed. now we're going to speak to the red cross for next, but 1st bernard smith reports now from the russian controlled area in the north of the city. there's not much left to fight for in mary paul. but the sound of shelling is constant. no one flinches after 4 weeks of this, they used to it. this part of this port city is now russian controlled. and some people are relieved about that foreign and might be confused if the russians they would say, starting to why would you be unhappy that the red light dunbar market that was
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there they, they didn't. dumbass is russian speaking. ukraine was oppressing us with their language. we launched at 1st no problem, but then there was too much pressure. and then in 2013, as of brigades came and it was chaos. the russians say this city has been destroyed because they, as of a group with neo nazi sympathies, won't surrender. the battalion is integrated into ukraine's national guard with has some autonomy. the presence here was one of vladimir putin is justifications for launching what he calls a special military operation. ukraine says russia was just looking for an excuse to invade. my appall city council says there are around a 170000 people still in the city. most have been without power or running water or much food for a month. he got an indication of a scale of the need. there is here for humanitarian aid. this place has been on the russian control now for about a week, this part of our apple. and since then,
12:35 am
this has been turned into an, a distribution center with food and freshly cooked meals and some medical assistance. but all of these people from here, they go back to what's left of their homes. these people are caught in the middle of one of the most strategically important battles in ukraine. milepost capture would help russia create a corridor to join crimea with don yet can le ganske and narrow ukraine's access to the black sea? that's why neither side is giving up. fulfill burgess them so much cruelty and bumbling shall flying. why was there a need to destroy home? it's a military crime. no one should do it either. both sides are guilty to bump at night to shoot, kill message boards or used to spread news about who is safe? who's missing? who was died? mobile phone coverage is erratic, even if there is power. with russian control comes russian administration. the
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zed is everywhere, the hash tag reads, we don't abandon our own. what began as an identification on military vehicles in don bass has evolved into russia's logo for this war. was, did you live with my neighbors old? she can come and share the food with her. i shared with every one who lives on my street. there's so many people who are old, which is current company. her son is here to help with if russia takes full antola mario, paul, it'll be the 1st major ukrainian city to pull a morale boost to one side. a psychological blow to the other. too much is at stake for there to be any let up in the shelling bernard smith, al jazeera mario paul, while diana santana is a spokeswoman for the international committee of the red cross and she joins us
12:37 am
live now from new york by skype. madam, thank you for joining us here. allows 0. now i said earlier that the red cross says it's ready to move people out of maria pull. of course sir, there has to be a guarantee of safe passage. so is it looking like you're going to be getting that guarantee? well, negotiations have been going on and throughout the day there has been talks and some intentions of declaration of intention from both sides. so there's positive indications that this can happen. our team is in position and ready to go into mario ball tomorrow. and so what we mean now are these concrete details on what roads we can take? what can go in what can come out and you know, all the different, logistical details in order to make this happen. and so hopefully we'll have some good news tomorrow. and when it comes to the sort of people that you are hoping to get out of my do you paul? i mean, do you have, is it, you know, the more vulnerable the elderly i children,
12:38 am
how do you assess who is most in need and letting pull right now? well, we know that this is a dire situation and mario ball and the people that are still there. many are the most vulnerable, the elderly people that just can't move around, maybe sick people with disabilities, children, people that may be not be ready to leave their loved ones behind. so there's various reasons why people may not be ready to go, are able to go. what our focus is as to that the safe passage is allowed to happen and that if they choose to go and, and they're able to go that we can help facilitate that. i mean, you mentioned the safe passage. of course there have been broken promises about safe passengers before in this war. i know negotiations are going hopefully we all hope for the best, but i am. how worried are you that there is no real guarantee of a safe passage? even if one is given. there's always uncertainty in these types of contacts, but we've seen this happen before, you know, just a couple of weeks ago, in sumi,
12:39 am
we were able to successfully help sit with safe passage and people to evacuate in that city. so we've seen it happen before, and we're, we're hopeful that this is able to happen tomorrow. we need these details to be sorted out and that the commitments made at the highest levels actually cascade down to the people on the ground so that we can allow people that don't choose to leave or able to safely evacuate. i'm assuming that people do manage to add to evacuate matter. you pull out what is in place for them. just focus through where, where you would take them and what kind of assistance you can give, especially to the most vulnerable. well, we do have some trucks ready to go in and to mario ball tomorrow. so this would be along with the on the buses, if possible safe passage is able to happen. so we will be bringing in some food, medical supplies, hygiene items for people that desperately need it. so that is the one that is one element of what we have and what the,
12:40 am
the details that you're talking about. where we, what are the routes? where will people go? these are all the details that still need to be ironed out and that what, that's what we're waiting for those concrete details, or let certainly help to the details do get ironed out and that, or at least some people can escape are matter. you paula diana santana spokeswoman for the international committee of the red cross. madam, thank you so much for joining us. thank you. well, the russian invasion of ukraine has sparked a major revaluation of european security with several governments agreeing to increase military spending. troops from nato and its partner countries are staging the biggest military exercises in decades. deep inside the arctic circle needs barker reports. and now from by the false in norway to the far north of norway, it is for ever winter. this is exercised cold response. several weeks of military games involving 30000 troops from 27 countries. most of them,
12:41 am
nato alliance members. these troops from finland, a country with a long shed border with russia, freeland, not in later country. and it's historically neutral, but simply invasion of ukraine and increasing number of friends and neighboring swedes on their nations to join the nato alliance. it's worrying that all their the civilians and it's not life. it's something we speak about often. and every one in head of just one space, not thou, art for these soldiers are reluctant to discuss what abandoning neutrality might actually mean. i think that the, that is a political question and maybe if i, i won't entre that one while a real war rages in eastern europe. these troops from freeland and other countries are being put through their paces in the harshest of possible climates,
12:42 am
in the hope that these skills will never have to be used for real. we're showing around the state of the art field hospital that could be erected in a matter of hours. precisely the kind of equipment ukrainian forces desperately need, but con, get the hands on and elsewhere this norwegian made anti aircraft weapon the only one in the world. nato countries have spent billions of dollars arming ukraine, but supplies have to be carefully calibrated. do too much risk being drawn into a direct conflict with russia. the invasion of ukraine poses the biggest threat to european security in a generation. several nato states are now rushing to ramp up their defense spending . and the u. k. a norway announced a new agreement and defending the increasingly strategic arctic. as the west winds itself off, russian energy supplies is looking to norway to make up for shortfalls of oil and
12:43 am
gas. the arctic sea also has rich fishing grounds and future trade routes. we have to be in a position to uphold all our rules are international law. such the freedom, navigation, should the ice melt even farther, and the countries like china will seek to use maybe these routes to sale through. and russia might seek these route to control. these are long planned exercises. but no matter how you frame this, there are massive show of force aimed squarely at moscow. 220 aircraft 50 warships, tens of thousands of troops. futons actions in ukraine have rejuvenated old alliances and expanded. nathan reach an appeal precisely the opposite of what the kremlin once leave barker al jazeera in nor the norway kenya's top court says the president's bed, the change, the constitution is illegal. the ruling is seen as a blows his rural kinyata and his allies before key elections are due to take place in august. i'll come when has more from nairobi. this ruling will widely be widely
12:44 am
seen as a move showing relative independent of the judiciary from those in power president who re kenyatta and his allies was seeking to expand the executive branch of government. now his 2nd term ended august when the next elections are due, he can run again for president. the changes might have enabled him to take a newly created more powerful role such as prime minister and to give powerful roles to several of his allies. to do this, every rule against it. now this is all seen as widely seed as part of a kind of ongoing effort among the historical political establishment, and kenya, the kind trying to keep control of the government in the face of new electoral threats. in particular, the deputy president william root who's a relative newcomer of the political scene and he will himself be vying for the top position in those poles do. in 5 months,
12:45 am
i'm going to call it makes it hard for the president who kenyatta to make deals with his allies and give out those powerful positions to the key players that might play into the hands of deputy president william route to be who be flying for that top post, on the other hand, can you elections ways mod by allegations of wide spread irregularities and rigging . and those things might have a great bearing on the actual outcome of the polls, rather than the confrontational court ruling and australian tv journalist, detained in china for more than 19 months, has gone on trial. in beijing. chung loy is accused of giving away state secrets charges that if proven, could see her jailed for life. between a you've reports from beijing. australian journalist chung lay has gone on trial in this court in beijing. she's charged with a legally supplying state secrets overseas. sterling officials tried to get access
12:46 am
to the court on thursday morning, but were denied on grounds of national security. specifically her concerning from for the factory road writable. um we had no company, little deal approaches taken off with me. so my name is john ray chung, worked as a television present for state broadcaster c g t n. before being detained in august 2020. she was formally arrested a year ago. district and government says it has no information regarding the allegations made against her and has expressed concern for her welfare detention. china's foreign ministry has dismissed the complaints, traverse about the way the proper chinese traditional authorities are holding the case in accordance with the law and fully guarantee all the rights of the person involved. chung was born in china and raised in australia. her 2 young children are being cared for by relatives there. she hasn't been able to speak to any of them
12:47 am
since her arrest. roman catholic, a former corresponded in china, and friend of chance says it's unlikely she'll get a fair trial to process my 8 year process in terms of the chinese system, but not in terms of most of how the rest of the world runs its course. so i feel that lay herself except in so far as she can judge from the thrust of the interrogation to which she has been subject may well not know the details of what she said to have done. john lays trial comes at a time of tense relations between china and australia. kendra has been a vocal critic of baiting handling of the pandemic and its human rights record. this has resulted in unofficial trade blocks on australian impulse. and to day, there are no journalist left working in china forced really in media companies.
12:48 am
another is trillion, right? a young june. it's been detained in china on spying charges and was tried in may. there's yet to be a verdict in his case. chung lay could be sentenced to life in jail if she's convicted in china. 99 percent of defendants in criminal cases are found guilty. katrina you out a 0 matching still ahead in this news our and the world football chiefs, me to in doha with rushes invasion of ukraine. one of the main talking points. ah ah, cats are always official and line of the john with
12:49 am
with full shatter an issue and i know the jun lou ah
12:50 am
right time now for all the latest then world cup, qualifying where the gemma a thank you, barbara. we'll get to welcome qualifying in just a moment. the 1st, the ordering fall out from the ukraine will, has continued at a meeting of footballs while governing body fever. ukraine insist that russia should be thrown out of fever while russia say the country is being treated unfairly. and the richardson was at the visa congress in casa rushes. national teams may be banned from all competitions. the countries football union was at the annual congress of the sports world governing body fee for faith. it says it can't suspend a footballing federation for actions taken by political leaders. a view not shared by ukraine's representative at the meeting in cattle, giving it's right that the russian football federation is sitting just a few yards away from you. i think that they have to be expelled from this body
12:51 am
since they have perpetrated the crimes they committed to general be violated all the norms of civilization instructions. can the ukrainian football thing play this world cup? is it possible? well, it's difficult for me to say you see the situation and if the urgency additionally our so of course we'll be happy to do that. get a feel for president done in front. you know, you had a member of football family. you had a friend, the head of the ukrainian football association sense of the video message from keith, thanking the global football community for its support in a community that 4 years ago had been gathering in russia for the world cup. a great success sporting lee and culturally i don't believe it did not solve the problems of the world. it did not even solve the problems in the region. the man who headed up russia's
12:52 am
world cup organizing committee in 2018 says the ban on his country's football teams is unjust. you have a case going to court of arbitration to support. do you think you have a good case to overturn the band? the national things yes we, we did go to cos. we indeed think that our layers and our football fans did not deserve it. and our team should have had the right to continue the qualifications. we certainly, we did not welcome this decision, but at this moment it is what it is. faith will now turn its attention to the draw for the group stages of the capital world cup a competition that russia insists. it's been unfairly expelled from ukraine to remain contention for a place at the finals that play off against scotland has been delayed until at least june and the richardson al jazeera, so hawk he had from johnny and frontier
12:53 am
a moment ago. and he shot many by claiming fif, it was not behind. the idea of having woke up every 2 years. we started the feasibility. but if i did not propose anything, if i came to the conclusion that it is feasible that it would have some repercussions. and then bugs, but once this sort divides the next phase dots, and it's the phase of consultation is the phase of discussion, is the phase of trying to find agreements and compromises. ah, algeria failed to qualify for the world cup and they've launched an appeal with faith hoping the 2nd leg of that playoff with camry will be replayed. algeria were beaten t one and were eliminated on a waggles. they argue the outcome of the 2nd leg was distorted by the officiating in the wake of that last, the president of the algerian football essays association has resigned egypt. i've
12:54 am
also asked for that well, quantify, again sent it out to be replaced because of the hostile treatment, the team received and deco african football janice tasha comm geisha explains why both of fails are unlikely to succeed. you're going to be quite honest. i understand where algeria and egypt are coming from, but when you look at the history of how fif as handled, cases like these still have to prove that there was mode practice or there was corruption with the referee. and also you have to give credit to papa, because you guys saw my, he's one of the top 3 best referees on the african continent. he knows what he's doing. and really you have to understand attack camera. okay. and is fighting algeria. yes, they are the reigning arab kept champions. do a here in cuts are very sad for their friends that will not be coming to watch the team play the 2019 african champions they deserve to be had to have a good quality side. but football is what it is when you're going to a game, you say they're draw a wind or a loss. you have to be prepared for that. 2 more teams of qualifies for cash or 2022 mexico with 3 to that 8 straight wild cup is run that stretches back to
12:55 am
1994. they ended their qualifying campaign with the win over l. salvatore and the flooring and rally human as out of the penalty before hops on the sale. it's you know when they finish a 2nd in the group behind canada, you'd already booked the usa returns to the wildcards often missing out. on the 2018 tournament they cleaned sess bought the site, you know, locked the costa rica on the final and i should qualify for 3 dentistry in the north and sent to american group. that means they are free into continental piles again. and in june and on friday, we'll have a special program following the wild card girl as it happens live in de ha. coverage begins at 1545 at gmc formula. one has added a 3rd race in the united states from next year. the cars will compete on the las
12:56 am
vegas strip landmarks as such as the bellagio. and caesar's palace will feature, along with temporary st. socket for saturday night race. from november 2023, the american parent company. the motor series is expanding its north american footprint. already having races in texas and miami, which is making its debut later this year. and we do believe that without that organs that you know, did, did request that the formal one would be something of which, you know, due to the, the, the american chance with love to be involved even more the miami hater holding on to top spots in the embassy eastern conference, as the playoffs approach, jimmy butler school, 24 points and car allow a 23. as the heats are off, the bus is out $616.98, miami, a silver top seed in the east as things stand. basketball said they are full and on close to avoid the initial pay season piles, the teens place is 7 to 10 feet
12:57 am
a mccollum was given a standing ovation by his former funds in portland. he traded to the new orleans pelicans in february, and unfortunately for the home funds, he helped his niece unit to victory a column school 25 points that 117107. when the trailblazers americans lie and night sports in the western conference defending champions, england will face australia and the final of the women's a cricket world cup. on sunday. after they thrash south africa by a 137 runs in christ church and the semi finals. danny wyatt taught school with a 129 is england pasted. 293 for 8 in the 50 ivers. the south africans never got close safely. ellison took 6 for 36 as south africa all out for any 156. that as we spoke now back to barbara in london. thank you. well, that's it for the news. our a c and a few minutes. ah
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ah, [000:00:00;00] a
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with wherever you go in the world line goes to make it the exceptional katara always going places together. the biggest sports event on the planet is coming to the middle east. look 1st find come to find out who your scene will be find. will be live from dough, home and across the globe, but special coverage of the fif. well cup dro. join us on april. the 1st on out you say i am at the ongoing brain, russia, a russian attack on that soil. do you take that as a serious possibility of,
1:00 am
of russia? i think there is serious possibility and absolute certainty is, would like to do it out in the deputy foreign minister. i'm eligible. and he talks, challenges, era a the hard key, the fight back ukrainian forces in the countries 2nd largest city, hold off a russian assault. ah, hello barbara, sarah, this is al jazeera, like from london, also coming up. russian president vladimir putin demands payment for gas in rubles, threatening to cutoff supplies to western nations. u. s. president joe biden,


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