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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2022 7:00pm-8:01pm AST

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that saying would be germany, ecuador, and senate goal, who have very strong environment and who beat fronts when they were defending champions of the 2002 world cup a bit. earlier we spoke to $998.00. well, i went to franklin birth, who said, but whatever happens in the draw tonight, no one here will be getting very excited just yet. we want to see before a per shaning, the performance. and this is what i put in one g age. why we have very good sized in, on an image i k was the name somebody who didn't know how to handle the squad. and as a nation, national zip codes and, and it was almost the same for 2018 teams. we want to see and it's going to be the same, but we wait for the team to get qualified. you know for the last 16, so who i can be interesting. oh, okay. i'm going to, i'm going to follow it as always, we have to perform before being accepted. let's get more from paul
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a bit later on. let's go now to canada, who's qualified for the world car for the 1st time since 1986. jody vance's in vancouver for us and job. it is canada feel like a true football nation now more and more with every passing day, i must say certainly with the canadian women's national team being the current olympic gold medalist. now having the canadian men's team qualify for cuts are in 2022 is massive for canadian soccer fans and, and there's a lot of buzz surrounding this team and how we got there. i want to bring in scott rental our sports analyst. and scott, there are some really common threads to the canadian women's national team success . and now the men squad, being in this incredible cinderella story. you're right about that the most. not all being the manager, john heard men who went from that canadian women squad. he helped guide them to that bronze medal finish in london in 2012. a kicked kicked off 3 consecutive
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olympic metals for the thing. you mentioned the gold that we saw last summer, and then he moved over to the men side in 2018 and that was seen as a chance by not only john herdman, but the men's program as well. how would this work out? well, it's worked out incredibly well better than anyone. quite frankly, in this country would have predicted. candidate canadians would have been happy think candidate in the stage prior to getting to the world cup. just getting to that party now are the biggest party in the world as far as soccer and football is concerned. this has been a remarkable, remarkable journey. let's talk about the team that heard me has led to this point and the diversity in depth that we're seeing in the players while you're right. it starts with alfonze davies, but the fact that off on the davies, one of the best left backs on the planet was not present for the last 6 matches of qualifying and candidate $14.00 of those. and look, just fine is the absence tells you everything about the diversity and depth kyle layer and lead conk a cap in this tournament. in goal scoring, you see the likes of richey la, re a name. no one knew before. and now he's
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a household name and can tayshaun, you can and junior highlight jonathan. david, these are some of the players that canadians have very quickly put on their right radar and, and now going to watch at the world cup later this year. it's been a great story and, and perhaps one of the best is mila borrego and the keeper for this country who stop seemingly everything fired his way. and his really emerged as one of the leaders of this group and exemplifies the belief that john herdman has infused this group with in the last 4 years. so while we're waiting for the draw to take place, what is candidates space in that? is there any worry or concern or is it just more of the same of well known expects us to be here? so here we are and we go forward. no matter who our opponent might be. yeah, i think it is the ladder. no one expect to canada to be here, perhaps other than those players in the organization itself. so we will revel in that, but make no mistake. this is a country that had hope get might get in an opening via the back door. well,
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canada showed up in this con cap tournament and it kicked down the front door to get to this tournament. so it's why not us, why not upset a world power. people are excited about that. i don't think they're banking on that jody. but they're really hopeful that something big might just happen. so therein lies the answer to that. the hope that is team canada headed into this all important draw for car 2022. thanks scott. you're welcome back to you. all right, well talk to jody a bit later, but now to south america, theresa bo, during this live from one is aries. it's been 20 years, isn't a south american team has won the world cup. what's the feeling there in argentina and brazil? me? why? lot expectation here, it's been 20 years since our country and south america won the world cup and they're hoping that this time that's something that is going to change. i'm here in a level neighborhood phase where a book junior stadium is. it's
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a very symbolic area on one side, if you're tango music and people who are waiting anxiously for this draw, you can see right behind me i've had 2 of them. i don't know, he passed the way in 2020 and most sergeant kinds you talk to are things that might i don't i is going to be helping i didn't. teen s team from heaven. passion for football runs very, very high in brazil and argentina. brazil is going to the world cup with a talented team. some people will say with a best goalkeeper in the world than origin peanut seem 31 of my kids. i'm beaten your name among the other thing, so there's lots of expectation. i've been talking to some people here that tell me that if they get to play again, switzerland, or iran, they're going to be celebrating bodies they have to play against you will be on team like germany or synagogue. for example. we'll, we'll have to start crying. so everyone here is waiting for the results and lots
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and lots of ok, thanks so much for that. teresa will get much more from our correspondence from around the world. but for now it's back to you and the 1st world cut without post marathon it seems on think. but let's just break quickly for a news update. we'll be back for the world cup drew in a few minutes. but 1st it's over the summer. thanks. and yeah, we're not going to keep it too unthinkable. so let's catch you up to speed the some of the main stories we're covering here now does hear russia is accusing ukraine. our cross border helicopter attack the center field them. how on fire the all tanks in belgrade are still ablaze as another round of online negotiations to stop the war. get underway. video appears to show to attack helicopters flying over the russian city early on friday, with a fire blazing among storage tanks, ukraine's foreign minister said he could neither confirm nor deny responsibility. it's the 1st accusation of a ukrainian air strike on russian territory since the invasion began. 5 weeks ago,
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reporter i near the re the, is that the death ho in belgrade? and they'll go out and there is a massive blaze. it might be the biggest of its kind in this region. belgrade is about 40 kilometers away from the ukranian border. fire fighting operations are ongoing to deal with the fires. according to the available information. 8 oil containers are on fire and may spread to other oil storage facilities. in the oil depot. local authorities have said that a decision was made to evacuate all civilians in the surrounding area. the russian emergency ministry said that 2 individuals have been injured and that the security level has been raised to maximum alert or ukraine says, russian forces are continuing to withdraw from areas north of key if it includes hostile mo, while troops sees the antenna of airport in the 1st few days of the russian invasion moscow announced it with scale back its military operations in the area on tuesday. red cross is leading an evacuation of civilians from mario paul on friday
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. but it's unsure if aid can be delivered around a $160000.00. people remain trapped in the besieged port city with little food, water, or shelter. pope francis has apologized for decades of abuse, suffered by indigenous children in canada. 150000 children were forcibly separated from families and sent to church runs schools. the pope is the head of the roman catholic church and he says, what happened was deplorable. poisonous gases killed 8 coal miners, an injured several others in sudden serbia, methane gas was released when a mine shaft collapsed trapping workers under ground. there have been several accidents in the past at the state owned pit that see a news update. let's take you back to andy and that world can't draw now. andy, thank you so much, sammy will ukraine haven't secured that place at the world cup than e to beat scotland and then wales in the playoffs to make it to cattle?
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2022. their match against scotland has been delayed until at least june, speaking at the annual fee for congress, john infant sienna, called on world latest to bring an end to the war, new crime. my plea to all of those who however some power in this world to all of those who are important political positions in the was please please stop conflicts and worse please. what our children, what our future will. the presidents of the ukrainian football association was unable to attend that congress. instead, he sent a video message. but, you know, just watched, although you though, since february 24, we have not had the opportunity to develop our beloved game for over a month. you know, we've been defending our country and resisting the military aggression of the
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russian federation. during this period, we regularly received sad news about the deaths of ukrainian football representative sample. a correspondent zane the ser, avi is in ukraine at the moment. a country that a decade ago was co hosting the european championship. this empty football stadium tells a story 10 years ago was one of the venues for the european championship arena levine . with a seating capacity of nearly 35000 people hosted the group stage games for euro 2012. but since the russian invasion of ukraine, parts of the complex are being used as a coordination hub to organize humanitarian aid and temporarily how's she internally displaced? people clean was older east of the country when the war began, more than a month ago, the ukrainian men's national team asked to postpone. it's 2022 world cup qualifier against scotland. coach alexander patrick off saying at the time that participating in a football game was unthinkable as long as his people were dying. ukraine versus scotland
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is now set for june, but that match is also in doubt if the war continues competing for the coveted world cup. in 2022 is perhaps one more thing that russia has taken from the ukranian people. now i'm delighted to say we can go to london and speak to the former ukraine captain and of course coach andre shanker. thank you so much for taking time out to be with us here on, on al jazeera and up to the best of your knowledge. and it's a very confused situation at the moment. but i think the majority of the plays are still in ukraine right now. and i guess football is fall from their minds. i'm sure you've been speaking to to a lot of them. what, what is the state of, of the team and the countries football at the moment like, you know, is, is, was been started to ukraine. more didn't months and the situation is getting worse and worse is, will do you bring
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a play in ukraine or stayed there and i don't think you know, like i said, the situation is, is not improving. i know. i know, i know football is is not a high priority of the moment. do you think there's a chance that the team being ready in june to play that game against scotland or realistically you think maybe later in the year is more possible the few days ago it was, you know, some, some small news about the piece talk. but in this moment, i don't think we can really believe in god. it's like i said, the situation in your brain is, is getting worse every day in the russian troops. keep
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bumping the sieges. if you will, you can see the damages from the city like modern opal conical key of keys where you will believe 95 percent of the she had been destroyed is very difficult. it's almost impossible to think about food. but we have the current rascal play in the gland is in change or more than go still play and it's very important for the players to blabber or to continue to play, to give the holes for ukrainian people. and we'll pray that we're gonna stop and the country may be available to retort to, to, to try to norm alive. and we can probably attended to, to the game games against copeland andre, even before the war. how, how strong
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a symbol of unity culturally historically was was the football team for the country . 8th, it's incredible. i start to play for the cranium national gmc and so i was 16 years old. and it ukraine and people loved food. and it's very important, the very senior for culture and as you mazing support, even right now is sold, their school will defend in our country and the trunk line is always send messages and then talking to, to the class, just asking him please play for the country it will. busy going to be in the front line, defend the country, but you have to do all your badge even for promote the country.
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now, when you cry, how host of the euro is only a decade ago, are you scoring 2 goals? and in that opening game against sweden in cave is one of your mice, the special memories. and it must be unthinkable that from that we're in this situation today. be honest with you, you know, all this great memory for me. i can even think about because my heart is broken. i can see all the images and talking to my friends what's going on in my country and please don't call it the situation. conflict is a real war, might come to try to defend our country, and then is, every days people die and children die and, and you can really need the help. and this moment, andre shanker,
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joining is from london. thank you so much for your time. andre. thank you. ok, let's focus now on the host nation of this world. cup of correspondence. natasha game is at the see what keeps in doha fuko half here in doha is one of the many cuts re sorry natasha kerio. and even if somebody in any yes to walk in here in doha is one of the many cuts read cultural offerings that fans will be able to enjoy. come november. it's a place where you can see bunny's and camels enjoy a cup of turkish coffee and a middle eastern suite called co napa. this is the eve of the islamic holy month of ramadan when muslim fast from sunrise to sunset. so this evening is especially
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festive in addition to shopping and eating. people are also posing in front of the for lighting around the soup as momentum and anticipation, growth for cuts are 2022 boys day dreams kicked around on the streets of their childhood. are now the pride and pressures of men soon to be measured in gold, scored, and shot saved by cutters, national football team. when these 23 players take to the pitch in november, they know many might view them as a long shot. the other asian cove jumbo's a sound going to be easy for the teams to when it gets us, it's will be hard for them and make it difficult for them. this will be the teams introduction to the world cup. as host katara will be a top seed, that something like a dream for us. what we look for a long time to be in this position. now. this is the 1st time footballs. premier
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competition has been held in the middle east and only the 3rd time it's been held outside europe. and the america is a lot of misconceptions about a region. it's time to, to bring people are closer to each other. i think us forton and, and definitely football. i mean. and even more like a wilco can do. so. the $222.00 fee far vault cock is cut. ha. since 2010 cut are when the bid to host the 2022 world cup, the country has been in a perpetual state of construction. millions of migrant workers in the last 12 years have transformed desert into the stadiums, roads, hotels, and metro system that will make the world cup a legacy for cutter. but amnesty international says thousands of workers have died due to unsafe conditions and many were exploited by employers. country officials say 3 people have died on the job for world cup related projects. and reforms have
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been implemented that have improved workers' rights. greatly. organizers estimate as many as 1000000 people will arrive between november 21st and december, 18th. this country of 2800000 people has never hosted an event on this scale. if attendance estimates, pan out, cut ours population will swell by more than a 3rd. during the world cup to assist with security, the turkish government is sending a team of 3250 people. it includes riot police, special operations forces, bomb experts and bomb sniffing dogs. it's also training about 700 countries, security personnel. the organizing committee hasn't offered figures on accommodations, however, in addition to hotels, apartments, and villas fans will also have the option to camp in the desert, or stay in a cruise ship docked in doha. on the practice field,
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players are focused. they have $234.00 days left of physical and mental preparation before kick off. one thing registered on one family, very strong. a rule already harter orange, which game to make amazing performers in the field to make our funds happy to make our country proud of us. no matter the outcome on game day cut. ours national team has already logged several entries in world cup history and become the embodiment of the football aspirations of this country and region. natasha game, l. jazeera, doha o. cut. our small size is going to be a boon for fans. each of the 8 stadiums is just a taxi or metro right away from the heart of the capitol. and this is become an international city. this week. i have met fans from portugal, nigeria, serbia,
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if you'd like to be more than just to be a spectator, come november, fifo wants to hear from you. a few weeks ago it launched a campaign to recruit 20000 volunteers to help ensure that katara 2022 is a success massage going on. thank you so much apologies to continually talking over your beautifully crafted introduction. let's go now to the castles coach is phoenix, sanchez, and it's a country that will be playing at the will come to the very 1st time. the spaniard is overseen, the hosts billups the tournaments and ensure they have good experience against quality opposition. he's been talking to santa hammock about what he's hoping for from the dro. i think for us to be honest, it's very good that we are him put one. so we avoid the, the best themes in the ranking. so this is, this is good for us. but after that, all the things that they qualified, it means that they are the top in the continence and in the office ranking,
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almost all of them they are in front of us. so anything we're going to face, it's going to be really hard. so we're just going to wait and to see no preference . hopefully the 3 that we can bid them. how confident are you that your plays will make it out of the group faith? well, i think this is a, it's the 1st time that we're going to play a woke up as i got that. so in terms of experience, we have less than any other team. but i think the motivation that our players, they have, they have been working very hard for the last 4 years to, to reach this woman. so i'm confident that we're going to compete and we're going to compete our best level and compete well against, or to feel ponens. you are the agent champions. what are your team strengths? what the success behind them? 2019 we became a asian champions which was a big achievement for, for, for all of us, for, for the, for the players, for, for all the star,
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for the country. and i think this frenzy is that as a team we, i think we are really very strong. this group of players that are very committed, that they know each other from long time that he's a very small country. a lot of them they play off in the same club they know from very long time ago because they did, they football process development, a lot of them also he and aspire. so we're like family. we know each other from long time and i think show this is a very important for team like us. how beneficial has it been to take part in all these competitions, including the corporate america and the european qualifying? very important to us because we're facing, we're playing official competitions like comerica gold cup, which is give you the when. because when you play a friendly game is very good. but when you play official competition,
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everyone wants to win and they give the really 100 percent. so the was very good to play in the foreign continence to play away. also all type of credit it gives you these extra more difficult games. and i think it's, it's good for us to put ourselves in the worst most difficult situation to. ready be able to to learn how to deal with with this kind of games against this, the steam. so i think it was very, very beneficial for us and of course we couldn't win every game and we, and we got the fits. but this part of the process, and hopefully we'll get all the benefits in the, in, in november for the woke up with plenty more chance about capital later on. let's go back to foreign over some more coverage from around the world. thanks any will go, st. could kimberly, how can, who is live in work at a restaurant owned by pool and captain and record goals for robert lou, window sky. and kimberly, is there much excitement around the draw,
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given that the warn ukraine is that it's pulling doorstep? you know, that is really have an impact on the fans and you can feel it. in fact, as you come in the front door, robert love and restaurant knives named after is number 9. you do see the ukrainian flag and that has damp and the mood a little bit of these polish spans. but at the same time, the straw has also been a welcome distraction from the war that is taking place just from the other side of poland border that russian invasion of ukraine. and there's a lot of symbolism for poland given the fact that they were able to qualify and be in this, rob, because russia did not qualify with kicked out of qualifying, and that allowed poland to impart get its place. and so the symbolism, the fact that russia has invaded ukraine, that is
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a war in close proximity. and it also allowed whole it to be in this wrought today is certainly something that is not lost on the fan. so a lot of emotion wrapped up in what is about to take place and as for moving forward, the fact that robert love and dusky did help to get the team to where it is, has really made him a national hero here in poland. and so all eyes are watching for the outcome of this, they're excited just to be here. and again, it is a welcome distraction from the real life events taking place. so close to home. okay, we're going to talk to him really after the drug, but live in asia for us now we have alex jensen, he's in sol, alex, 2002 was the 1st and last time an asian teams, south korea got to the semi finals. could we see an asian team get that far at this role cap? you know, 2002 is a great example of maybe inspiration to follow because it was no coincidence that
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was when south korea co hosted the welcome. and it demonstrates the importance of having the tournament on home soil since then. it's certainly been a lot tougher for both south korea and japan. neither of them getting past the round of 16 and in more recent history also experiencing being dumped out at the group stage. so i think getting through the group would be the 1st challenge for both of them. they finished qualifying and fairly underwhelming fashion off the already booking that places by failing to win. what might be seen as fairly straightforward last qualifying games. but the fact remains, they both have a lot of talent in their squads, not least a certain song, men for south korea, who's been the best footballer in asia officially for the last 5 years. and i think we all know some of his talents on sho, in the premier lake, he's been playing the last 2 well cups. now at the age of $29.00, he'll be desperate to show everybody what he can do. his 3rd world cup,
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looking ahead to the draw, i guess we all know how important it is, how far they go could well depend on that. they may both be looking to avoid south american opposition. there are no easy groups, but both teams. a struggle in the past against south american opponents and japan was the 1st asian team to beat a south american team when they faced up against columbia in 2018. so that's another thing to look out for very exciting though. it's very late here, nearly 1 30 am. but still a lot of people watching that tv in the country here in south korea will wake up and be pouring over the outcome of this draw in a few hours. okay, we'll talk to you bit later, alex in africa nic hack is in san a goals. capital doc are and nick, is there a lot of anticipation ahead of the draw? just look right behind the scenes. were in downtown the color, and this is some of the bands that have gathered out the screen is not running yet,
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but what they're trying to write down is actually a warrior more we're going into battle. and they're hoping to draw in their favor, even though that the girl has been started. this is how much anticipation there is, or is this your make your mistake all of our, our kids are here in africa, especially here in senegal. a team that has qualified to have just won the african cup of nations and that qualified against egypt. just 2 nights ago, but also in morocco with gonna countries that are low in cameroon as well. they're looking forward to see what will happen actually. who will they play? again, a lot of anticipation. well, many here don't have tv. they're hoping to gather and squares like this to watch the screen and to see what will happen next. a people apologize on the radio, they're pulling this on mobile phone event. it's a movement of celebration. anticipations are great stuff from you neck. that
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reaction coming up a bit later, but for now back to you, andy. brilliant pictures. you've just come back from senegal. the game against egypt. luke, quite lively. as again, social media lifts up quite literally with those pictures of the egypt team being targeted by laser beams, by the, by the cynical fans. agents obviously weren't particularly happy about so let was it fair enough? was it really noticeable in the stadium the, the replies were being targeted, 100 percent. when you think about the start to set ago, which literally was, you know, great to a couple of weeks ago. it's the 1st time that the tongue lions were playing in that stadium, and you can see that there is no running truck between the peach and the funds, just like most of the stadiums on the african continent. so the ambiance was very close. you could see the funds were more involved, some of them were throwing some objects at the gyptian funds were about 300 in
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number. but the players you could see shaquea, i had your money and equity by saying guys, you know, let's win this game fairly and try to do our best and go to the work up here and cut off. but just generally thinking about the m b. s. it was very tense, you know, this is the sad time. these teams are playing each other in 6 weeks. so, and none of them had scored a goal in regular time, which was scored by a player on their own team because both were own goes in cairo, and indica. when you just get the feeling that it was very test, these were the best teams out on the african continent. very unfortunate that most, all i will not be going to the woke up, but good for your money. good for you. sands for the country of senegal. good livable fans myself. that's a nice break. then just for a 2nd off the premier league season 202220. 23. in some to the african things that are coming in for a lot of the new fast consumes in particular categories and known quantity does not give them a slight advantage coming into this world cup. do you think? absolutely, andy, just here in december,
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denisia and algeria played the final of the fee for our cap more where he as well and egypt, and they got a feeling of what it's like to play inside the the stadium. but also there's a huge community of tenicia and of moroccans that i leaving here in kata. and especially for moral crime, because that is good relations between the 2 countries. but also the cast supercop has been played here since 2900 twice last year. so some of those players been been chucky and you know, some of them that have really played with roger casablanca, molig lee of play dia as parents. and it's a nice, they know what it feels like to play here. so they'll be feeling a tom, also the food and the culture. and just generally the country of guitar and socialist spring in the alley. my name is in london, that forrest is mentioned with our guests from, from south careers. the last time there was a world cup in asia of south created did really well is, is there something in that can, can, the ation seems to about a year,
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obviously an australia news currently strong that in london. so what does it mean, frasier? countries to have the world cup back on the consonants. absolutely will. i think if you think of travelling distances, the last few cups, russia, brazil of africa, far away from asia. this one's in the middle of the middle east and you've got normally a car, but let's take, for instance, iran close by, but in particular, saudi arabia now saudi arabia have finished top of that group, the qualifying group, and then a tourist for under performing in the walk no matter how well they plan to qualify as well this time. they're half an hour, one hour playing right away. so you can expect the fans in droves. i know really we spoke about the number of tickets sold. i think you said you were 5th. there in the playoffs, if they make it, you can expect entire stadiums for your fans and i guarantee you maybe the saudis, it's have been slow on the uptake of tickets, but i'll be following that. and the saudis will be the best team of all time. they, the fans is going to be there in big numbers and i think, you know,
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the last combination team, i think the only time they should have made the semi promise was 2002 when south korea and japan co hosted south korean, making the 70s in japan and making the round of 16. i think this could be the 1st time since what i believe is 20. i think it was, you know, last year. so i should repeat 2018. japan made the run of 16 but were, and actually took the lead to know what were taken by belgium. but before that, i think you have to go back to 2010. when south korea made the round of 16. but we really haven't had any kind of significant run since or something in like 2002. so if there ever was a time, i think it's now i think it'll either be, like i said earlier, saudi arabia with, with, with the really impressive team moment or iran who also qualify top of that table. thanks, ellie. yeah. just a couple of minutes away from from the drawer. i think that's bringing in one quickly. i'm trying to think of some, some similarities between cats are and, and the beaches of brazil. there are many, but they're all beaches have sunshine as well for the place. do you think you think
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they will feel at home here for a comfortable temperature for that for the guys to plane? yeah, i absolutely believe that that the, that the temperatures in that at that time of year in that part of the world do benefit to a certain extent of the, the, the south american. he's the keep in mind, a lot of the south american teams do have players playing in europe. so if we really want to go into that, it ends up being a different conversation because they're acclimated to pretty much the warm weather or the warm climate back home. but also the conditions that they do face in european sides that they happened to be playing for. so you had that bit of adaptation from that perspective. but i don't think it's going to be that great an adaptation because based on what i've been able to read and of course where you live day by day in what you've told me off camera, it's rather comfortable temperatures in november and december in that part of the world's, i don't think there will be much of an issue there. and in terms of fans traveling
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from south america main, historically south american fans, regardless of whether will copies and seem to find their way to it. is there a, at an expectation that you have that a lot of people are going to come to cat so or are they inland instead of just using south america? i'll use america in general. i mean, you, in the last a, back in december, the country that ended up getting worse, getting the most amount of applications and tickets for that round of world cup tickets happen to be argent, tina, and mexico. now, mexico's fans always tend to travel very well, whether it's to the united states within the united states and to different world cups. they do travel very well. and of course, let's keep in mind that canada and the united states are going to be coming in in droves as well. with, with the us and canada, you might as well use a van diagram because a lot of them will be obviously ready for the united states and canada. but a lot of them will also have an affiliation with another country. be it argentina,
7:37 pm
b, it's one of the european nations, be it's even mexico depending on what the family ties are and what the backgrounds are. you'll end up having them group for one of those 2 countries and maybe possibly some one else. so you'll get a lot of tickets being sold in this part of the world as well. yeah, we have the, the club will come here in 29 saying, just pre pandemic. an unbelievable amount of, of fans came from mexico and, and from, from brazil as well. i was wondering about, sits at alley quit cleans there's been a lot of talk about fans and coming to you coming from europe to cats are and being sort of unaware of the sort of cultural differences between the 2 countries. and they saw day, there's going to be this terrible culture clash when in our dutch fans or english fans eroding down the streets of cattle. she think to an extent, were sort of underestimating the intelligence as, as most football fans. and i think as we saw in russia 4 years ago, my, my sons are, are aware when they traveled,
7:38 pm
said different countries that different things are expected of them and, and from the country they're in you know, load, say that i think football fan, especially those who travel around the world, the worldly bunch. they, they know that, you know, different cultures and customs are going to vary from place to place. if you follow your team or on your, for the champions league, or let's say around south america for the couple of doors, you know, that sort of customs not the same and where you come from football fans like that was the global game. this the world game, if you follow football, you learn notice about the sport around the world or the culture on the world. so the fans will be open to that. i mean could cause you said of hosted cub was cups multiple couple cups before they're ready and they're prepared. and i think honestly as we would people have the adults in russia, people have adults going all the way back to japan and south korea. and i think what you find is football fans also as soon as it's but the different places we go up in that we kind of adopt and, and find the things that we have in common. and i think that's what always comes
7:39 pm
out of the world cup. obviously it's not always perfect. some issues will naturally arise. but i think overall, you know, the fans will have a nice and just a nice time. and just i just think it's going to be a great celebration that we're always for, for 4 and a half years now. let's just come back to us this jude, i think, is, is one of the great things about a tournament. is it not just the football you watch? it says the experience you have around it. and i think we see that at all. well, cups is always. second reason is this is expectation. oh my god, this football fans gathering in in a city there's going to be problems more often than not. it's an exchange of the thing we have in common, which is which is a love for football. absolutely, i mean i was in december for the fire cup and i just remember being open minded about the entire experience. and also people have to remember that. so this is going to be the most compact world cup ever. you have all the cdns in a distance where you could actually attend every football game and that just adds to the experience, but also the culture, you know, here in the middle east and the food and, and everything. just generally it's a,
7:40 pm
it's a beautiful city door which has most of the stadiums and just, you know, focus on the football when it actually starts and the playing begins. i think that people are going to change their focus on that. let's start talking a little bit about the football. the draw. i think we're probably about couple of minutes away from, from the 1st name's coming out of the coming out of those balls. capsule obviously, are going to be seated. woman never played in a well cut before. what expectations, what knowledge to people have around the world of this castle football team from your perspective? to be quite honest. i think that for example, in africa, north africans have an idea on what it's like to play for the cosign national team . a bit of, for example, the gun hands because their captain did you play 0 for fad. so they'll be trying to catch a few highlights in there, maybe every week and getting to know what those plans up to,
7:41 pm
but down south in some time. not much, not much really. and then for the rest of the world, perhaps you can say in europe when chevy was here, coaching outside and people were following and trying to see what's happening there . or if there's a club that is interested in a player that is playing and then those talk to google to find out what's happening there. but it's really going to be a showcase of contrary football. when the woke up happens here, we're getting close to the draw before we before we go over to, let's just remind ourselves exactly how it's going to work with jim. thanks on day while as you've heard there 32 themes, that taking part that divided into 4 parts of 8 teams. each based on the fee for wild ranking, with the exception of tougher, they go into part $1.00 as highest along with brazil, belgium afraid and in france, argentina, england, spain and portugal. this is how the other 3 paul made up. you may notice in paul, for there was still a 3 under sided place. this will explain what that was about
7:42 pm
a little later during the main rule. so we're not going to do an example drawn to give you an idea of how the real one is going to work casa high school, also massively go into group a in position one. the other scene from part one will then be gone randomly into position. one of the remaining group will be the next to be empty. the 1st team drawn goes into group a, and a number is drawn to the time in which position they will be in that frame. the next team will go into great b, i'm, i want to reiterate the team gets gone faster than the physician. the same applies for the hot 3 and then at hot, for one complication, they teams from the same qualifications and can't see drawn into the same grade with the exception of urine. and after all, that's that we will be left with something like this as final 8th grades for the tournaments. great stuff. thank you, jenna. let's talk talk again. so one we've got those are like top seeded, same size i country. so that's going to come out of the polls 1st just from your
7:43 pm
perspective, is there a one or 2 outstanding teams or if we got a sort of middle class of a football at the moment you think yeah, the did there is, i mean you do have the in that pot one you, you do have teams that, that are obviously in france coming in, i and their current form. and on top of that being the, the reigning champs belgium. always, especially this generation waiting to see if they can finally make that step. that next step that they took in 2018. now they're looking to see if they can take that next up just to be able to get to a final brazil always have that. that mystique behind them, and in recent years they've come underwhelming li, close argentine of course with everything that's going on. same thing with portugal . i think that's one of the story lines that were under warned up seeing you. you see those coming through, back in 2018. it's what i was saying, you know what, what with england because with the youth movement that they've had in the past
7:44 pm
couple of years, they can end up being quite impressive as well. and as far as everyone else yet ends up being a bit of a pellet on somewhere in the middle, that a team that hits their stride at the right time could end up being that surprise side. you could end up seeing a switzerland being able to get into the quarter finals or, or maybe even via for chance to get in a little bit deeper than that. you can start looking at a euro wide that if they're playing solid and all the right pieces are in the, in the right place at the right time, things can also play out. so yes, if you do have the usual contenders, but then you have a lot more in the middle that with a big run, you can end up getting a surprise or 2 in this work up and on. i'm just thinking about the, the timing of this tournament taking place as it will be in, in november. she think that's going to lend itself to, to a better quality of tournament, perhaps not coming at the end of the european season. for example. you would, that's a great question and i have kind of debated that with,
7:45 pm
with colleagues as well if you're a team that has a lot of premier league based or have we primarily based side knowing when the premier league are going to allow these players to leave and have basically what week maybe 2, if you're lucky to prepare for the world cup that might end up being a bit harmful. so, so the more preparation that you do have, or the more cohesiveness you're able to acquire prior to that, that's what you do. see a lot of these national teams. i think argentina is one of them that the 1st comes to mind brazil also as well in this part of the world. they're already looking to see if they can get about 6 matches during the summer and leading up to the world cup where they can try and, and, and be as cohesive as possible. and be able to finalize some details well in advance. knowing the limitations in terms of preparation for this particular work up. and let's just go back here in london gigi thing for from ice football fans, it's actually click tend that the will cup is going to take place in november. and
7:46 pm
that suddenly the, the premier league, for example, is going to stuff we're getting. some fans are still even at this point, sort of unaware of exactly when the world cup is taking place. honestly, i'm sorry, i don't think fans do realize just how. well, let's be honest, bizarre is going to be in the middle of october. maybe november, people might not realize it, but like the season is just going to stop abruptly. i don't know how many rounds in and, nor the narratives of who's going down, who's gonna wind believe who's making europe is going to stop for what is arguably the most important to them and football, the world cup. i was more curious about how the plays are going to approach it. i mean, are you going to, are you going to perform your best of the woke up knowing? do i go into this tackle? i might miss the 2nd half of the season. you know, the 2nd season obviously brings the, the final rounds of european of european competition. and obviously it's when you, when the legal stay up. so i think it's, i think it has been taken seriously as people i expect people to because of is what
7:47 pm
effect it's going to have. but you know what? it's a world cup. i mean i've got mushroom going to the side now i'm actually buzzing. i think, i just think, you know what, even people are upset about a concern about the walk up to such a special event. it's the reason we're so excited just to watch a bunch of names being drawn out of a pot. do our fans aware of the disruption? i'm not sure, but the war comes got a special way of just distract from everything and having a great time to join us and we're here on the precipice. i think that's going to be still, i think can be a huge market in play as the own. quite good enough to get into the national theme . so i can have a nice big break in the middle of the season and then be ready to go in january. and if else is exhausted or not, i'm sure it happens in couple of nations all the time doesn't a something that plays the east in africa breaking seasons to go and play in the cup of nations. the thing that is to the benefit of the cup of nations that when not solomon is played, it's not when players are absolutely exhausted at the end of the season,
7:48 pm
but it's not been a, a noticeable thing. the thing. absolutely. i mean in 2019 we had the ask on in egypt in the summer, it was beautiful to know that the season was done and there were already they knew who the champions are and they could focus on the national team football. but if you talk about it, technically, they have good form and they can go out and do the very best. because if you think about your money, for example, his contract is coming to an end next summer. so he will be, you know, absolutely on a showcase of football, just to show that, you know, i'm here, i'm su, relevant. i can do this both for club and country and do a good job. but really, it's going to be very good for the african teams. they used to this and they'll just run away with the finally, the time we've been waiting for sticker albums are about to be printed world. good will charles consume be filled in the droll for the faithful world cup 2022 and
7:49 pm
cattle has started the top seated countries in port one of being drawn right now. don't go anywhere. will keep you right across everything. you'll see the bottom, your screen a graphic that will automatically update as soon as a country appears, you will miss nothing. at least that is the plan. i mean, no shit but come in for countries that on involved in the well control. do you think a lot of people going to be watching the drawer right now all over the confidence, moody, i come from a country that has never played the woke up and for as long as i can remember, i'm always just, you know, looking for the african representation, but also a couple of big names and i'm sure across the african continent, for example, this people who went to west messy and you know, christ, rinaldo, and see the england says, you know who they support, you know, in the premier league teams, a lot of us know, chelsea fans and msp and monthly united fund who had just waiting to see what will happen in the straw england invite an immediate impact coming out in great be
7:50 pm
obviously capital will be in group either a top seated seems i imagine for a lot of the, the 2nd seated teams will be quite fancy, no disrespect to cancel the quite fancy and getting a group with capsule. argentina coming out in groups, see, let's just go over to want to run go in terms of cattle. they have had that experience playing in the copper american in the gold cup. what sort of an impression did they make in those tournaments once you know, at the, at 1st no one knew what, what, what to expect more in the co america than they did in the gold cup. i mean, the reason why the gold cup i was is that they use the reference of the co america as, as the primary reference. and you started to see the akram of fifths, become a players that were known, hey, that player can play, he can do it. he can do a very good job. he ease ease quite the offensive threat. and many of the other players for the guitar, a national team. and what, when you a couple years back when kids are, became champions of the asian cup. and they start to see shabby saying, well,
7:51 pm
no kids are going to when people are like huh. what, who, but as soon as that that title end up going their way. there was a great deal of ok. whoa. shabby is on to something i think he knows a thing or 2 about football, but it wasn't until they started to see could tar compete. then i mean, if you look at it from a result standpoint, they, you know, it wasn't the most impressive performance, but what they saw on the pitch and how they were able to play and their style of play. that ended up being a very good indicator for south american teams, for conquer calf, while they end up getting deepened to that tournament. but they just seem to run at a gas towards the end. again, many were talking about the work up in 2022 in the summer. what about that work up in 2026 in the summer in north america. and that's where that was the time of year when guitar was playing. so you start to see some of those matches that guitar played, they ended up seeing running out of gas towards the end of those encounters and not
7:52 pm
having enough towards the end to be able to get the appropriate results or hang on to a result. they already had, but overall you do see many that in the are in the know and, and actually see football from a very good standpoint. have a very good reference as far as what guitar had been able to do so far. in this i work a process, my still say tough st. an hour to career paths on fall cattle, england, argentina, france, spain, olen, belgy not just coming out of the coming out of the poles. this guy sits early, mangum quickly. just to talk a little bit about capital early, i mean they won't the asian cup in 2019, which was not expected. what did you make a fortune capital in that tournament? so, so the plate, of course, in, in the united arab emirates. yeah, that's right. if anyone who actually watched the asian cup to tower put in some performance to win the continental trophy something, you know, even power house of the of,
7:53 pm
of asia have only done once like us failure. it was really impressive and got to forwards. agreement a 5th and i'm always alley who honestly world class and i thought i do, well i never thought them normally go to the font, but when the final against a very strong japanese side, they won't convincingly 31. and if anyone thinks katasha just here to make up the numbers and they're actually wrong, the live pad, a really small game and given felix sanchez time, a lot of people thought could tell. going to go for the, you know, kind of usual, we're bringing in a celebrity or, you know, big name manager for the, for the walk up their house. they know they're stuck with the guy who's been there for i think, close to a decade. whether that's with doctrine that's from team or, or that those some, or in some role with the categories set up. and he's done a really good job. he knows the plays, they all know each other really well. they've been playing together for years. like i said, the one, the agent called the equivalent of the years or the couple america. and i also, i also will start early, which actually may surprise me, could talk, go into this world cup better. and then 2 of the previous 3 hosts, i am of course,
7:54 pm
of africa and 2010, and russia in 2018. they were ranked worse than guitar is currently go, go into this world cup. they were ranked worse in the, in the respective tone once a day hosted. so i think you really kind of underestimate guitar, especially if i could like all host to being placed in the pot a. so i put one for group a. i think tom could definitely get out of this group. perhaps go further. we'll have to see, but differently on this to meet them. we have just gone through now all of the, the top seeds. so very soon we'll actually find out. we'll start getting interesting when, when the groups start filling out a little bit. sure. in terms of the african seems that a pretty soon going to be coming, coming our way. the qualification process? absolutely brutal for the african countries, only only 5 teams able to get through on a play of system at the end of it. do you think we bought the best african seems
7:55 pm
this world cup as a consequence? yes, absolutely. because for you to play the work of, you actually have to be the best. so you have for example, ghana beating nigeria, that is as they call it in africa, the jewel of debbie. and they have a lot of history. the 2 teams. you have a camera and beating algeria who are the chief arab kept champions in december just 3 months ago. here you have a junior also who one to 21900 off going. so if cameron can bit them, they desire to be here. maroka also beating the democratic republic of congo. i felt that was a little bit one sided morocco have, and a lot of respects on the african continent. and this is just thinking about the rest of the teams, you know, synagogue beating egypt, egypt, the 7 time african champions. and just, you know, that collection just reminds you of the quality that the continent has, but it doesn't, you know, fit well with me. that's a continent that has 54 countries, just has 5 slots to the woke up, and then you have europe, which has 55 having 15. it could have been great if you have
7:56 pm
a junior here. nigel area, you have ivory coast. all these are top class teams that could have enjoyed a good turn them into here and get all will of course change it in 2026 once. when we go over to 48 teams in the tournament, we've got the netherlands coming out in groups alongside castle about is quite to draw the capital against the netherlands. let's see where the u. s. i think it is coming into a group now against england. those 2 countries met at the they, they met at the the wilk up in south africa, didn't i? but this to talk to one about the us who just qualified in the last couple of days confirmed this fall in the told them. and they didn't look massively convincing throughout the qualification process. one way, where is the us team at the moment you think if the, the us seems to always be, or at least in this rook of qualifying phase, seem to be finding themselves. and some of them do feel the pressure, although the media really hasn't pressured them in terms of,
7:57 pm
of not qualifying for the workup in 2018. um, what when you look at them is it's a team that's been trying to understand what greg burt halter for halter is been trying to implement. there's been matches where they have been able to do so obviously beating mexico and being able to get a point from mexico away from home was very massive result for them. but you saw it is a foregone conclusion in this world cup cycle, because you did have a u. s. team. that's outside of canada. you see a team that is extremely talented outside of mexico, a team that maybe has the same pedigree as mexico within the region. and they've been able to do better than mexico. mexico's also struggled to quite a bit. but i is, as far as, i mean, it's hard to measure, especially the region like comcast, where you have 2 teams that have been perennially this, the powers and everyone else below them. now, canada begins to challenge them a little bit more costa rica is wanted to, but they don't have the, the,
7:58 pm
the resources or the financial status to be able to do so on a consistent basis. but you see a team that has a youth movement that's interesting that has players that are very interesting playing in some of the top teams in european football. so that being said, maybe the individuality can be able to set them apart, but it's going to have to be the collective work and the understanding of the tactical acumen that is going to be implemented by bur halter. the key for the united states to be able they should be able to get out of a group stage, even with england. in that group, we have to see what the other 2 teams will be. but to me that they could be a team that gets out of the, of the group stage. now after that, it's anybody's guess. i can see ali studying intently as, as, as the drawer is mike then monica being drilling with france in, in group day. the alley, i mean, denmark, in terms of thumb. can you hear me? okay, allie? just terms of denmark, the story with christian ericsson at the moment. come back. he's made up to the having a cardiac arrest. the, the european championship last year, and the same back playing for denmark and back in contention for wilco sports one
7:59 pm
at one of the great stories in football at the moment. honestly, every time you think football cart as done is done surprising you, it comes along with something like that for him to school goal only less than a year in the same stadium less than the year after he had what we thought may be a fatal heart attack is just incredible and that team is just though undefeated onto the last game of qualifying the only team do that in europe, they really on to something special that you can tell. they've got some kind of brotherly spirit. they only got locked out to england extra time of the years. denmark is, is really a force we recommend for this will cop. the last couple made it to this quarter follows i believe beaten by coy sean on penalties. they've really been building the last few years and i think they could be a surprise out of it. but i think they could meet expectations and go quite far into this tournament, especially with a leader like customer smuggling goals. and, and someone like ericsson, inspiring them to, to show, never give up top to,
8:00 pm
from each group will, will go into the, into the knockout rounds at this. well, come from just think spain and germany drones together in group. i'm going to stay with alley. groups of death is something we will enjoy talking about. what are the, what are the ingredients for a good group of that? so what are we saying them? we saying that inquiry pe already joining well, here's the thing about group of death. i actually find the goober deaths are often the worst groups to watch because the boat no one wants to lose the games because there's so many big teams in that. i kind of play quite hostile football. i prefer the groups that no one really talks about what makes a group group of death. i mean, obviously a couple of power houses. but to me it's about what makes a good group. what makes good group for me is i think you want a country coming for the 1st time who have no experience and just kind of go all out you want to country. you bring a lot of a lot of supporters who have the capacity to bring fans to the tournament. you want one traditional powerhouse and you really maybe you want to host. so you want someone from the region of the.


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