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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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the top 2 from each group will, will go into the, into the knockout rounds, that this will come from just st. spain and germany, drones, together in group. i'm going to stay with allie. groups of death is something we will enjoy talking about. what are the, what are the ingredients for a good group of death? where are we seeing them? we saying that inquiry pe already joining well, here's the thing about group of death. i actually find the goober deaths are often the worst groups to watch because the boat, no one wants to lose the games because there's so many big teams in there that kind of play quite hostile football. i prefer the groups that no one really talks about what makes a group group of death. i mean, obviously a couple of houses to me. it's about what makes a good group. what makes good group for me is i think you want a country coming for the 1st time who have no experience and just kind of go all out. you want a country, you bring a lot of a lot of supporters who have the capacity to bring fans to the tournament. you want one traditional power house and you really maybe you want to host. so you want someone from the region of, or the close the area to where to have his hosting the tournament for me last last
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time a great group was a poland group where we saw how even it was poland, japan senegal, and was one of the try to come to me, but you know, it ended so close that everyone and the joy. so the group ended up getting been decided on red cards given out for me. that's what makes a good group that it's that time. and the last group stage game, i think that's what makes a great group. another example be in the years of 2012 where we had portugal, denmark and germany in the same group. i think that's what makes a good group. you don't really want to any powerhouses that wanted to be fair. right. let's go to one is a lot of come to the south american seems just coming out now year ago against portugal in gray page. where are your require in the, in that development to the moment? so they didn't, they, they qualified relatively relatively concentrated relatively, but of course, that had to go at the cost of a manager and being able to bring and get alone. so in the process of winning for
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st. so was it a bit of a pyrrhic victory? maybe, but we'll have to see, but you're going through a bit of a change that a team under, like i said, going on. so who starts to see the final stages of adding some kamani who's starting to see the final stages of loose waters? you have some question marks in central defense, but you see the emergence of erna, that alco at right back. and maybe he can be a great option for them in the back going into the future. but again, the key for your why now became becomes the midfield. you start to see. but if you go out of the round madrid becoming a bona fide world class midfielder, you see your gender asking the starting to fill in that the spot that is kind of been vacated, since the eval for lon retired from the national team. you start to see more of a legal bit on could become that player that many were expecting him out of book a juniors going into your dentist to become. so to see that against this portable
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side, i mean the thing that you start looking more at ends up being more like mixed martial arts than football to a certain extent. but hopefully we end up seeing the quality of these players emerge in what could be a very, very intense football match. thank you so much on while we're in 2 parts. 3 now, all the, the, the 1st 2 states have been drawn out now. so cats are in the netherlands, are in gray pay this, so i think will should that see the, the 3rd say man, not going to go into england versus a england in the u. s. i grew there, probably going to be a round going into that group will keep you up to date with that's a shit. all the teams in africa synagogue for example. i think probably the team we says having the best chance maybe getting into the knockout rounds, all the specific teams they'll be wanting to avoid you think is that obviously all in some hello, a pop song of african teams. i mean, when you think about synagogue and the players that they have,
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i feel that they are ready to just go into any group and prove that they desire to be in this conversation. and obviously you look at other players that they have playing in the top legs on the f and the african continent, but also playing in europe. you have about 27 of the best players playing in europe in the top 5 leagues. so that gives them a lot of exposure and experience and they actually playing, and they're starting those games. if you see just the goalkeeper it would. mindy has been immense for chelsea, said your money for liverpool. can you do? could you, buddy for natalie? so if you have them playing against, for example, in a group that has fronts or goopy that has spain and germany don't feel comfortable being in that position. let's stay with you. are showing cynical, are about to find out which, which group they're going to be in. let's have a look now. it looks as though it's probably going to be group a so it will be tapped all the netherlands and cynical. how will i be feeling about that? that's, that's quite nice, isn't it?
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get, getting capital group how much that is quite nice. and also they're the highest rank to me in africa, at some point it has to pay off, you know, for them to be in a group. and you asked about, there's a team that would love to play guitar. yes, they're the hosts. but with all due respect, testing, synagogue celebrating that 11 just to just bring it, bring you back in one instance of being the hosts of a world cup. it comes with a huge amount of pressure. a huge amount of expectation isn't, isn't it advantage or do you think that the pressure can, can weigh on teams? it depends on the expectation. i mean, i mean, i don't think anyone in katara is thinking that guitar is going to win the world cup where or demand that guitar when the world cup it. and if you go back to well 2014, when brazil and i happen to be at that world up in brazil, it was, it was their birthright to a certain extent, like we're supposed to win this world cup where brazil were supposed to win every
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world cup that's, that's the mentality when you have that type of expectation that ended up being to a certain end up being an indirect reason why brazil did when it, because every day you'd have a headline. this is the worst brazil that we've ever faith that we've ever had. this brazil almost gets eliminated by chile. i remember one headline that loosely bas gelati happen to be on a whatsapp call with his psychologist in order to be able to give some type of psychological support to the national team. things like that. when you have that type of expectation, it can be detrimental. and in brazil, it happened to be exactly that, especially in very difficult matches that they might have found a way eventually or squeezed out of because of the, of the opposition being able to come in and stake, obviously not match against germany. but that's a different story in and of itself, but you did see a breakdown of the psychological end of those demands being just way too much for
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some countries with russia. you didn't see that and ended up being of an enjoyable ride for russian fans to see it in the last world cup. and it could be the same case for guitar coming through and anything that they get if they get out of group stage. and they go into the round of 16, maybe even get to the quarters and ends up being an enjoyable carpet ride. for a magic carpet ride river for a team like like guitar ends up being an enjoyable experience for all of these players involved for the coaches, for the staff and of course for the host nation. vance. yeah, that's right. because russia, when women survey the worst that it seems of hosted a well cut the night i sailed through that group and knocked out spain. alley, i'm, i'm, what can you watch in the drool am? if you're a fan, now we got to see tickets are for the, for the world cup and castle, which, which group he hoping that the tickets come info when you're looking at insult. now what, what are you getting excites? if i of a everything you always want to follow the indians because it just incredible. they pack out every stadium and they just, you know, this to mean so much to them. but i mean, england, iran, usa, the moment i'm
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a bit of a delay. that is some group that goes far beyond football. england usa is going to turn robbery and obviously we know about the 2010. so if i'm looking on the screen, i'm just in all of the draw right now, but obviously england, iran, england usa, the math, the rematch of 2010, the famous rob green mistake usa. iran is not just a football much, but it's a political talking point that goes all the way back to the 1998 world cup where they met in france. i'm not correct. i believe i've just seen serbia drawn in group g, which means we've got the exact repeat of the 2018 woke up brazil, serbia. so switzerland, your cross rico, get their position place. so this is amazing for me group be group see of the most interesting. so far we've just seen a distinction as you come out of the come out now that drilling with france and denmark, tell us a little bit about she nicea and whether or not they have the potential to,
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to make an impact to this tournament. it's going to be very difficult for tenicia. they've only just 12 games at the work at 19782018. so it's going to be difficult. i mean that in a group with the world kept champions raining or come look at champions finance and then mac also descend team, but tunisia have played here before in the fee for our cap just in december. that sort of experience with the know what to expect that to turn on like this. if they could just get a good results. i guess denmark, anything can happen against france. morocco coming out as well. i'm just saying, why don't it's going to bring you back in arch insane is group with mexico and poland. obviously with arch insane. it is going to be a huge amount of chats about lino mfc is one of the few players who many possibly not his last well cup, most likely his last well cup. i mean, is the argentine a theme where it is because of a messy or in spite of lino messy? now, in the way that and the way that he's playing in the moment because he's not having
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a great season with paris on your mind, is he but he's having a great campaign with argentina that's, that's the thing. and, and many in south america saying, well, you know, he's got a forgotten about b as g, and is focusing on, on, on being in his best form. come november. and to answer your question, andy, it's because it's in spite, and it's for leo messy because he, he, he, he ends up being the rallying cry. leon escalade has been able to set up a team that even without messy, they're able to function at a highly competitive level, and they can still be even considered contenders. and with messy, he ends up being now the addition that, that proverbial a cherry on top of the cake, if you will, just to an, a team that already is chock full of talent that has been able to gain a great deal of confidence. that now is acquiring a great deal of swagger when they step on to a pitcher and kind of demand that they need to know. the last time that argentina los was the semi finals of the 2019 co america against brazil,
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a team that they ended up beating 2 years later at mckenna in the cup america final . so you have a team like that no longer is it that will k worse. messy, let me give them the ball and see what he can do. now it's ok, i can do this. okay, let me see if i can find messy if he's there. great. if not, i have someone else to be able to connect with in particular start seeing names like ro, legal there. paul, who's truly emerge. you start to see and kathy muddy, who's really coming into some of the best form. some people even say the best form of his career in the argentine national team. so you start having all those and in a very solid goalkeeper in debo martinez of aston villa. you start to see him really emerge as, as a potential start for this argentine side. so you have very solid, a very solid team. but all of it has to be given credit to the in escalante who's been able to do it in his 1st coaching job. let's bring in the alley again. i can see is texting friends and family with, with news about what's happening in group j. we're talking about now group
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bakery be but yeah, you get more excited about group. ok. yes. are enough. we're talking about the messy, possibly having his last shots a will come. christiana, rinaldo, about playing his 5th will come joining a very elite group of players. they've made it going to make it on the pitch for, for 5 will cups. i mean, was it important for this? told him and i have rinaldo, a real g. think be time for portugal and i want to move on from from having to accommodate him in the same old times. so he's, well, i think when you consider the impact of both miss in rinaldo, these are without doubt to players who on the pitch stand above anyone else. and for the 20 years what the best plays normally, the best one, the most iconic. these 2 plays both struggle direct, she lift this trophy, i think in terms of in a football incense objectively yes, you want the biggest and best about silly is missing. rinaldo objectively, and i think um to see the class one more time and try and go for it. i think it's
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something a lot of football fans would want to see. and so yeah, we're not messy. one more woke up, bring it on, let. let's see if either of them can finally feel that legacy and take on the biggest stroke people. i think i'm writing saying no, the player has ever scored in a knockout game in a world coffee. i'm hoping i've got that right. i think i'm right. we've got one completed group, now it is capsule, ecuador, cynical, and the netherlands. so i think i'm wrong saying that castle versus ecuador would be the opening gang of the world cup. let's go to want to run. go to tell us a little bit about ecuador, and what capital i can expect in that injury pay. oh, what a group that's going to be. i really. those are that have not seen ecuador play, and i hope i don't jing some. i have been probably one of the more entertaining sides and south american football to see play. now the disadvantage that they have . yeah, they have beaches. they have climate, but they also are very effective in altitude something that you're not going to
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have a lot of guitar. that being said, you haven't a very interesting you have a very interesting generation in which this ecuadorian side has been able to be built on. you have players like my sister and say though you have a i don't put a c i though you have peering copier, who's been able to, to start emerging. it is one of the young top talents in europe. now, a lot of these players have come through because of that night 2019 under 20 world cup that happen to be one by ukraine. but they were a major protagonist in, in that particular competition. and a lot of credit has to be given to her cuz silica, who was the under 20 coach. he's now the coach of barcelona douglas. barcelona ecuador, not the one it in spain, obviously. and he's been able to beat what are the architects of this side in ecuador? it's a funny story because in 2020, thereabouts. during the pandemic, not what it was. there was a survey done over 95 percent of fans. did not believe that
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a corner was going to qualify for the work of because obviously at that time was georgia quiff, the coach of ecuador, he didn't coach one match. and when the qualifying started, he left 2 weeks early, so they started looking for a coach and they get bringing a beleaguered coach. we had just left book, a juniors anguished. our final didn't have the greatest greatest, based on his record with book up despite winning a title, despite getting to the semifinals a couple of the load as he was sacked and was left to go. and he ends up taking up the project in ecuador, takes a team that nobody believed in, and ends up qualifying directly of the world cup with a young generation that could be, that could be very interesting for the next decade for equity and football. fantastic on, i'm just looking, it's a great day. now france, the runny champions. of course they've got denmark to nicea, and one of those teams coming out of the inter continental class has got to pull race in paris for as i imagine, i think in france would be quite happy without dro yeah,
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what they will say, the main reaction when they lay keep newspaper comes off the presses tomorrow, but i have a french football expert with me who meets in a 2nd and, and they all french producer and they were very excited when the named denmark was drawn out, could come back to buy them. i think that mark, of course, and european semi finalists last year she nicea was, one of the teams not lay keep said would be a favorable draw full fronts. any of the other, any of the other 3 teams. they could face an group, they shouldn't really pose a problem for one of the real dominant international teams of the last 25 years. so fronts, the rainy, well champions will be very confidence. i think just tulsa, in terms of the same, at the moment. full is it the same nucleus that we saw in 2018? that one, the world cup is, is killing him by stella, stella, stall, man, for the thing. he certainly the
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star. but there are the great places royal carrying benjamin and making his come back in a very fine style and indeed, eclipsing the efforts of kilian in papa in the champions league recently went around madrid and knocked out. he s cheaper and buffet also really epitomizing the kind of french footballer that has come to the fall since front one. the woke up in 1998 on join i by carrying baldes, who's a correspondent for at tay sank moreland. and he knows more about this and i do i am carrying tell me about in by is he better than when he won the world cup at such a young age and 2010 and and why is he one of these special bornea suburb players? yes, definitely. kim, but that is much better than in 2018 in russia for many reasons. he has more experience in the youth attempting to think, for example, with p as g in the national league and the french, the young for example, and is better in every skills is better, is faster, e has
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a better collective way of playing with his teammates and we so since karen benjamin arrived back in, the french team is better with him as well. so kill him back. the definitely is the is the best player, maybe the world, but at this is the best buy or is he is the t? is it his essential man of did you, the shall squad, here in france and your from santa any one of the ammonia of paris, why the bonia becomes so important for the french team? yes, historically, we didn't to retake attention to the bow new which called the suburbs in english. but since the walk up the next 90 eights, we see that there is a good, huge grasp was of the ball. you play us inside the national squad of france, and definitely now we have one 3rd of the team who comes from the suburbs. so yeah, is very important. talking about a thank you very much and they will hand back to you. thank you so much for lots of interesting things happening and group bay. we've got some england around the u. s . safety. bring why ukraine might end up would be in that group if they can get
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through the the playoffs with scotland and then on, on to wales is what we've just got the gone a group as well. and with portugal you grow your recall in south korea, a ship gone or coming through a play off that they really went from seats to when were they so where all the things that we have a great seems great gone to seems in the past, but this isn't seen as an absolute vintage generation. is it? well, before i answer your question, i would like to believe that i'm an octopus right now for predicting that gun. i would get your guy is the ticket likes to that 20. 142010 woke up in south africa, obviously the louis louis. where is the incident where he held the ball and yeah, the gun ends are going to be wanting revenge in that group tie. and obviously just talking about the generation or to do is the coach is still entering. but i'll be thinking that the governor for bless, association will give him the permanent job. he has the experience,
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he's done so much, we don't mind and he could be the coach that could take them out of that group. and who knows, they could become the fast him to make it to the semi finals, but they have a lot of work to do against the team like portugal. that's a lot of class and also korea in that group. let's. let's not go to alex jensen, who's in, in so flores how people feeling about that dro alex yet is just turning to 20 am, but i am aware from the online buzz that people were delighted not so much by south korea's group, but by japan's group to see japan with germany and spain because of the fierce rivalry that exists between south korea and japan. of course, south korea might remember that they actually beat germany at the last world cup. and even though japan of never face spain or germany in this tournament before, it's not necessarily impossible to beat one of them. and south korea will do well
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to focus on their own group. we often look back at history for these types of indicators that we do have to go quite far back to 2002 to find south korea's last appearance against portugal. very happy memory beating them on the way to that semi final, but uruguay, less happy, responsible for south korea going out in 2010. and i mentioned earlier how difficult asian teams find it against the south american counterparts. a gonna is going to be a bit of a wild card the 1st time south korea will efface them in a world cup and it will be challenging, but certainly not the worst of the groups. japan will be facing a much stiffer challenge, realistically, south korea, how far can, how far can they get in the competition? you know, i would say that with song men in the side, there's always going to be some level of hope. this is a guy who i think would get in any of the well cup squads if he was from those countries. the question is, what do they do around him in recent friendly and qualifies. i feel like the
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manager has been trying to experiment with a lot of the kaylee talent. some of the younger players coming through the likes of choke you song and still doing his military service. for example, i think this will cup comes too soon for him though, and we'll see more like bordeaux's while joe playing up front. and it's very important that they get the balance right between those players in europe and those who are here in the caly doing that pass through a whole long season, remember. and then going off the back of that straight into the world cup. if palo been so the portuguese head coach who has well cup coaching experience with portugal, can get it right. and who knows, maybe a last 16 appearance. fantastic. so let's jump now to when is aries? answer raise about his life for as there was the expectation in terms of funds are a lot of people going to be traveling to catherine g. thank you. think with an expectation to, to really get over there and see what could be little message last woke up.
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well 1st let me tell you that lots of people here are starting to breathe again because many were fearing that argentina would meet germany with homemade loose to welcome fine over the past. so there's lots of relief among argentinians here and it's definitely a very important world cup for our didn't time. mostly because is the 1st world cup without the home at lorna. he passed away in 2020 and also it could be done in the last world cup, and that's why there's lots of expectation that this might be the time that are going to not could make it to the fine. and i could actually win the world copy the last one and one was back in 1980 fee up to 86 about traveling who don't. how well it's a very long trip. it's about 17 hours light from argentina. i need to very, very expensive. there's a current crisis in the country, a devaluation of difficulties for mon sergeant and to travel. however, i didn't see that among the top 10 countries that both the larger the largest
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amount of tickets. so of course there's going to be lots of argent times traveling to go to watch what could be the last world cup. i'm sure they'll find a way of making it over here. i have no doubt about that football fans a very resourceful 30 resource people. let's go to jodie vance, who's in vancouver, canada for us, canada. of course we'll be hosting a world cup in 2026. this is happening for years early. how's the draw now? sort of take an excitement to a whole new level. you think? certainly has canada a buzz right now just following along with the the social media as many others have across the world. as we're listening into our coverage, the euphoria of qualification now turns to preparation for the draw for team canada for the men's team here, i want to bring in scott rental our sports analyst on this. and scott, we've been watching very closely. and there's been
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a lot of buzz about which groups canada did not want to be a part of. how do you think we landed? it feels ok right now despite the fact that we're talking about 2 teams in belgium in croatia that were part of the final 4 in world cup 2018 croatia advancing to the final. now those will be the 2 teams favorite to come out of group alpha group to which canada now as both now belongs, belgium is one of the top side in the world. and as i mentioned, it's coming off a very beautiful run at the world cup in 2018, but it doesn't feel like the biggest mountain that might have been ad that canada might have had decline. nobody wanted to be in groupie, canada didn't land there, so it feels like a win already before canada late. it's 1st world cup match in 36 years. and i want to remind people that back in 2014, the group of death seemed to include italy, england, and that's where coast to rica landed at the time of both italy in england, missed their knockout stage. and it was, it was costa rica and uruguay that advance past that. so anything can happen. and i
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think canadians right now feel like why not us, why not now? why not? that's why not now is definitely a prevalent feeling in canada. as you mentioned, preparation for the next world cup, so a lot of excitement as now we know who canada will face coming in november in 2022 and guitar. let's hope we don't have repeats of 986 when canada will last a world cup last, every game didn't score ago. let's not last no mention not mentioned that. let's go to kimberly how it works again whose life was in poland. let's look at pollings group, argentina, saudi arabia and mexico. kimberly what sort of, what sort of reaction has the draw had the way you i love, you know, there wasn't any cheering, but there wasn't any wincing either. it was kind of a reflection of, okay, we can do this. i've talked to some of the members of the crowd and there's a lot of optimism, what they believe and why they're interested in this group. see what makes it so
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interesting is that they believe the poland will make it to the 2nd round within this group. and what would make that an interesting batch is the fact that you could have 2 star strikers playing sort of in this match. you not only would have messy, but you would also have 11 doubt ski a poland and that is what really gets the fans here in poland excited about. because not only is he an international hero, but he's a national hero. and so this is sort of something that has given a lot of the bands here, not only this restaurant to watch this raw, but i imagine around the country, something to focus on, given some of the politics that are going on right now. kimberly you a wasted at the white house. welcome to our new full time job in the sports department. thank you so much. kimberly logan africa now, nick hack is into senate. go cynical. i'm going to be playing the host council. how people feeling about the jewel, the nick? well, there's a feeling of one for the moment to deal with guitar,
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with holland ecuador for these players. a lot of people i spoke to here, feel it is possible, and maybe they can make history. of course, what's interesting here as well people were walking good role. i'm wonderful. what was happening in the background kids playing football. and that's the history about african football. it tells you that here on the continent, you have enormous tell a one of the questions, generations of where that you've seen it, both in the set a goal team in the room team. a lot of them started here on the pitch, you know, in squares. in the last couple of years, we've seen academies being set up on the continent in morocco and synagogue, in order to play with that. we're going to see in this world club put aside your monday, but also monday with the goalkeeper. we're setting up an all to for chelsea. her 1st started playing here,
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but then bid it to the european league big no mistake. there has been africans that are dual nationals that have raised the world cup before in the past, but never has there been an african team? gone as far as the quarter piles. remember, cameroon, did the 998 with the hordes yamida. and also more recently in 2002, then a golf. but now there's hope that maybe this time around, they can go even further. ne tack in senegal. thank you so much, nick. it's taken 12 years to get to this point, but it seems to have just finished her in a few minutes. let such as thank our guests alley mangum in london for us. on a wrangler in miami. there's congregation here in here in town hall. it has been quite a trip so far. the drool for the world cup her is done. we had towards the final pages of a story that began for cathy with a vote in switzerland. back in 2010, around a 1000000 fans are expected to come to cut off the finals 1st on the world cup has been held in the middle east. needless to say,
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al jazeera would continue to be the channel to watch, to find out what's really happening in the house nations we had towards the opening game of the torments coming up on november, the 21st mark that date in your diaries. now you can also keep up to date with all the latest woke up news on our website. allergies or a dot com for now though, will either with one of the songs from the official world cup soundtrack called higher hires been released earlier today. i a
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