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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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daughters of al chabad, part of the radicalize youth series on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah other, i'm kim vanelle. this is the news i live from dover coming up in the next 60 minutes . a 2 month truce and given brings a glimmer of hope. following gears of war with millions on the brink of famine. after shaky efforts on friday, the red cross works to get ukrainians out of the perceived city of mario pope. also over a quarter of
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a 1000000 people had come here displaced in the trans carpathian mountains. i'm stephanie decker. we'll have that story coming up and to vote to unionize amazon's new york warehouse leaves the online giant reviewing options on his ford african champions son. a girl will kick off the cat saw world cup of the game against the netherlands. the draw of the finals house now taking place in dough. housecat saw will play ecuador in vera. ah evans, warring sides of agreed to a tumult truce, which can be extended. the un envoy for yemen says the saudi led coalition and to the rebels will stop for all offensive actions inside the country and across its borders. 30 arabia and its allies have been fighting to support the government against the who these since early 2015 had he had opec hardy on, with this report, a to msc flyer in yemen between whose the rebels and the saudi led coalition is the
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most significant breakthrough in years, some flies from santa airport are allowed under the deal, and fuel imports can reach healthy health areas hauled to the fighting, coupled with the entry of full sheeps and the using of restrictions on the movement of people and goods in out and within the country will contribute to building trusts, and creating a conducive environment to resume negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the conflicts. the tooth coincides with the start of the holy month of ramadan. it's the most important step in years toward sending a conflict that's kill tens of thousands of people and push millions into hunger. i think it's just strategic exhaustion. the yahoo! these for a long time had felt that it was just inevitable. their success was inevitable, but they had a huge setback in morrow, which had been besieged for in all over
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a year. so i think that both sides kind of realised, you know, this war is knock on the way we want to. maybe we're going to act. so for half a tax between who thes and the coalition escalated recently when a saudi oil facility was hit by who thes last week re ought struck back. some believe the war has become unwinnable. the last coordinate of ceasefire was in 2016. other piece agreements have led to failure. it's a step forward, but with a no, you know, if this is fi and what holds time will tell. but in any case, it's a step in the right direction. and i must say, it took 7 long years full. this truth to be agreed on. it's extraordinary. a conflict whiteley's c, as
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a proxy war between saudi arabia in iran has devastated yemen. the un special envoy says the $21.00 truce could be extended if both parties agree, a sign of hope. after years of fighting castillo this of the yon al jazeera he grains deputy prime minister says there's been an agreement to open 7 humanitarian coils. it will hopefully allow civilians to leave mary paula and marianne sky private transport. on friday, the red cross said it was unable to get people out on bus from austin on don in russia. but it's with reports on some of the refugees have escaped from mary upon. most people who've left mary awful had to make their own way out. pavel says he's used to the walking. he's a shepherd, was in love that at the church is what? we've got 35 kilometers to go. he says. he and his wife piano,
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a heading to their village, away from the fighting. they hope around a 140000 people have escaped mario pole in the 5 weeks since the start of what russia calls its special military operation. but not every one made it to safety. those that do find themselves in reception centers in russia or schools like this in don, yet look back. what usually is lucille nibble? why did we come here? because it became too hard. we were exhausted. i took jojo, she hasn't been outside at all for a month. because she was scared, very scared, and we went on foot a group in a column until we reached the edge of the city and a shooting and bombing, but we made it. thank god. the people al jazeera spoke to say they're here either because the only route they could find out of mary apple brought them this way or because they relatives in russia then use the which it's in the morning. of course
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i want to go home because i have a flat there. so i want to return to my beloved city where i was born, where my daughter remains and all my friends and relatives, all my life was spent in mary hopper law. you both went on holiday to mary apple. when she was 18 years old. there she tells us. she fell in love. i got married and has lived for 50 years. it was a perfect city. she says, oh luna mean lisa and he is that we must make pace with each other. we learn these words grads, machine, guns, women, children, why do they need to know those words? it is better to learn other words, those of pace love respect towards each other, but not machine guns. when your flight is on fire or the car, that's not real pain. the real pain is that we're being torn apart. from the reception centers, people will go either to relatives in russia or temporary accommodation that can be
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hundreds of kilometers away. no one knows when they'll be able to go back home to mario and the red cross as asked the russian government for permission to open an office here in ra. stop on dawn to service easton, ukraine. we're about a 90 minute drive from the border. an indication perhaps that this won't be a short term conflict. bernard smith, al jazeera roster fonda 25 bosses, arrived in the city of separation overnight from mario, paul, and buddy ask many of our can we say they spend days walking and waiting for buses for the left. mario paul on monday and we moved all day. we were driven added to this, then we walked, then another car move just then we walked again. so we got in the evening to bar john. we found out information about buses for evacuation. and since tuesday we waited for them on the highway. we even slept one nice and a field tries to upload. but i have only one question why. we only lived
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as normal people and our normal life was destroyed and we lost everything. i don't have any job. i can't find my son used to live in another part of the city directly on the front line. people were not allowed to cross the line. people were killed there. i don't know what happened to my son, and my husband would be able to find him. probably by joint now live from living with rob. so he heard that there are some buses coming out from our pole through some ratio. what about the red cross efforts? so they going to try again. that's right. i mean that is continuing today a saturday. we know that all day yesterday and the day before, that was the intention that finally they would get that agreement between the 2 warring sides to have a sci fi to allow this convoy to go in. it has been a long, complicated, problematic process to say the least, but the i,
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c r c is continuing once more. it's quite a small contingent from the international committee of the red cross, just 3 vehicles, 9 members of stuff. but the a huge, the important because of course, they would then lead this convoy of more than 50 buses that haven't been a master down on the, in the coast. tried to get in to matthew polt upon which many hundreds, if not thousands of people are relying on to, to get as a way of getting them to safety. where you know, from the ukraine and officials that people do manage to come out of by the you poll, abusing private vehicles, they recommend the past 24 hours or so maybe around 3000 people have done. so we know that one of those humanitarian cover doors of the 7 that our opperation throughout ukraine, that this saturday, one of them is for private vehicles still from the mary hugh paul. but the i c r. c . still trying to get an agreement. they said that yesterday, friday conditions simply didn't allow for them to get in. they have to have this
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guarantee of safety in order to you know, to, to keep this convoy to get in and then also get out of the city and run by us in the west and you find the city of livia. thank you. well, the northern city of air pin nick here has been hit hard by russian strikes. iran con isn't far from your pin. tells us about the scale of the devastation. i'm in a village just outside of a pin, about a kilometer or so away. but even here, the russian shelling has completely destroyed many buildings that used to be a petrol station. and a cafe are now, residents are being allowed back in to the village just outside of at a pin. but even in that village, the houses have been destroyed, lives have been ruined. but once you get inside a paint, this kind of damage becomes completely normal. we see so much of this heavy
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artillery selling also rockets and missiles of landed there. now the ukrainian forces on along residence to go back into pre and they're still in the city trying to clearer of any explosives, any booby traps. indeed, we saw the mining teams who are on the sides of the roads looking for any explosives that may well have been left behind by russian forces. in fact, one dividing team actually told us that the russians in retreat actually hit explosives in things like laptops and in mobile phones they had of rushes space agency, you throw in more doubt of the future corporation in the international space station. i as this is jointly run by the russian u. s. european canadian, and japanese space agencies. russian technology is essential for its operation. the chief of ruskin master says, thou soon put forward proposals to end cooperation. is colanda hashem arbiter who is in moscow hash and what,
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what do we know were basically the head of the russian space agency loss. cosmos vitriol goes in, is going to offer those present those proposals to the government in russia and see how he goes. he didn't, he didn't provide any timeline about whether, when those decisions will be made. but at the same time, he said that that he got a message from nasa from the european space agency, canadian space agency talking about the need to continue corporation with ross cost must when it comes to the international space station. if you look at the developments over the last few days, you're getting a sense of the rushes, trying to retaliate on different fronts. they started with exchange mechanism whereby they are saying that we would like to get paid in rubber when it comes to the gas exports. to the unfriendly countries are now the extend in this to the
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international space station. and this is really instrumental because the i fest itself has been the very symbol of partnership between the russians and the americas. after the collapse of the soviet union, the research platform violent of the football field orbiting some 400 kilometers above earth is quite instrumental for the international community. for scientists. those looking for research and exploring the universe and that had of course, cost must himself earlier this month warned that the americans on their own won't be able to operate. the i says, because the russians are the ones who look after the navigation and delivering fuels. both countries have also been instrumental in sharing flights with using each other space crafts to towards the international space station. the biggest concern now if there is no improvement in relations of the situation can remains strained between those countries. we have to see
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a wait and see what happens if the russians one day to sever ties with, with their mac as when it comes to eyes. as i have also to remind our viewers. but that, that partnership itself is very crucial because now the and date for the operations in i says, is 2024 and all the countries have been working out details of prolong, give the operations in. i says all the way to was 2030. so we have, we have to wait and see what will be the outcome or from those proposals presented by a ross cost must to the government. but the, the notion that these dot timeline here could give us an indication that we are looking forward to see some improvement in talks in the near future. or at these guarantees from the international community over the west is going to be willing to lift the sanctions imposed on russia. hash marble therefore, as the moscow thank you more from ukraine later. this is our cleaner report from
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kirk eve, where people are hiding underground. russian forces bomb from above. also head 3 palestinians are killed in a shootout with israeli forces near janine the occupied west bank. the name is lake pleasure to meet with her and enforce me flying for homer, who will be the official mask off of the world. ah, the u. s. peacekeeping mission in marley says it's heard reports of civilian deaths and an operation carried out by molly and forces. the army says it killed more than 200 fighters last week when it rated the village of mora in the multi region. there are allegations on social media that many civilians were among those killed. nicholas hark as covering the story from duck are in senegal. nicholas, so what more do we know about this incident?
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well, there's been a state been made by the molly and military just hours ago. and this following rumors on social media of up to 300 civilians being killed. and that was really in response to that that we saw the millions come out. and they said that the village of more, as you mentioned, was quote unquote, a terrorist 5th saying that they neutralize over $300.00 terrorists there. but what actually happened is between march 23rd to march 31st. that was just a couple of days ago. they laid a stage of that village on their own population. it wasn't an operation involving just somalian soldiers. this was an operation that involved russian fighters. remember that have stepped in since the french have stepped out or have announced that they were stepping out in december. russian fighters linked to the wagner group that lay a siege under a village. sounds familiar, kim?
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well, that's similar to the operations of russian fighters in aleppo or more recently in mario paul's. here we have molly and letting us teach under their own population. a population that was already hungry that was starving before a brutal attack took place that according to social media report, because of course no one can independently verify what is going on on the ground. now, the authorities have said, i've called on restraint against the family terry speculations, there been a number of journalists, foreign journalists that have been thrown out of the country for their reporting or what's going on in molly. this comes on the heels can of a human rights watch report over allegations of torture and extra judicial killing of civilian by the maryan army they and they say, quote unquote, white soldiers that do not speak french alluding perhaps,
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that russian fighters were involved in all of this torture and killing. now the un secretary general on turn. good terrorist says there are disastrous consequences for the civilian population on the ongoing operations that we're seeing in central molly, the mall in they believe this area is an area controlled by groups linked to al qaeda and i still, and that's why there is a push to regain control of that area, kim and nicholas hawk. they're covering developments from doc car, as course over the call down. so who is a research fellow at the coffee? a non international peacekeeping training center. he focuses on peace and conflict, mr. how and west africa region. he joins us now live from cra in ghana. thank you for your time. i wanna talk about civilians because the army statement in this incident doesn't mention civilians killed. but as that report said, there are reports that the molly military has been laying siege to its own people.
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how often all civilians being caught up in military operations. and molly, well, thank you very much sir. and well, one of the outcomes of their ongoing conflict has been attacks launched against civilians. ida, by he said gen 4 sees, you know, have balanced estrin missed movement or in some instances civilians being caught up as an outcome of lateral damage. or there have been few instances where allocation, something big or civilians be not because there's a perception that are providing information to extremist at all movements and so on and so forth. so all of these blue to get our pastor shut off on my mind. the whole idea of cbm protection in the, in the ongoing conflict,
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several 100 fighters were killed in this rate armed fight. it appears there has been an uptake and violence recently. what's behind it? well, a number of factors are say, your reports are rightly alluded to. the whole idea of, you know, he sent movements affiliated to ida. i see. so i kinda including baseline, mixed it in there with us. i had them or so i let me grab this order. so for seeking to an extent control to new toiletries in order to have new teachers coming in and out of pocket solar. so that is number one number teen released to obviously the departure of a french forces that are unable to provide a cover or support for the government. so what we lose at the government is put in place measures to field and back you left left by that you patch of the french. but
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in the meantime, one can expect such attacks. big police are asking us tony blacks. and the such thing about the whole business reconfigured and our support is adequately provided . why is it that molly has struggled to confront these various rebel groups and militias, that it faces? well, isn't what to push it your practice related to the economy factor, sir? you know, governance issues relating to governance where they're can she pass being rude or can be said to have been divided into a center and very fairy and very fair. i am. yes, we probably not, we very limited process of the state, and that is number one. but we know, following the police police debility in 2012 and a med general, their french force you see by the one inspector that france,
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with each military or civilian superior military capabilities, will be able to arrest the situation. but then it does tend to doubt that even france has struggled not only are areas that are already and are attack see in an intensification of attack when you a, we are also panic attack spread in particularly, fraud barely or my region, which is that try try border region and you know, and telling my lee book in our fossil any year. and as we know, you know, attacks molly is even no longer at the center of the attacks. but, and the attacks are spread. who, what can i fossil? and i think over the last couple of months and years, we've seen a huge attacks in miley, so they not believe g french forces to level so they bring diesel conflicts to an end, or they suggest one. and we're such an extent also accounts for why we continue to
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see a inner instability in the region. i thank you so much for your time for breaking it down for us a corporate answer, their research fellow and coffee and unintentional peacekeeping training center. thank you so much. a fire has destroyed more than 500 shops, warehouses and offices in somali land and breakaway region of somalia. it started at a market in ha dcea on friday and spread across 5 kilometers. the med is crime, that is smiley land, worst ever fire. israeli forces have shot and killed 3 palestinians and the occupied westbank. it happened in the town of auto beth near jeanine in the northern part of the west bank. israel says the men were armed and opened fire on the military need. abraham is live for us now in out of a nita, what more do we know about this incident?
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we are standing in front of the location where we believe the 3 men were killed by israeli forces fire over night. if you can see here behind me, there are the rocks and we've been able to see lug stains of the 3 men here who spoken to witnesses who say that they've heard have be gotten shots that they believe came from the israeli fight. but there was also response from the 3 men who were armed and many have shared their pictures on social media carrying weapons in saying that they belong to the islamic jihad. even one of them seems to have had a some sort of a find in when encouraging everyone to keep fighting on israeli army says that they were taking bombs. this is a term they use in reference to the palestinians that they believe are plotting
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attacks against this radio israelis and they, the army is also said that they've been involved in shootings before. the ambulance has arrived but was prevented by the israeli forces from helping the men and the bodies were taken by the israelis said, no funerals are happening here today. and i drop it needed. ah, there's been a number all deadly attacks in israeli cities. israel is launched a special operation. ah, is, i mean, attentions, i could arise, particularly as ramadan begins indeed, there has been a lot of speculations by these really are men, these rated forces before that the things might escalate during the whole month of amazon. and indeed, as we've seen these waves of attacks in israel, we've seen the israeli army launch an operation called the wave breaker. so they
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want to keep what they say. instilling the terrans basically they want to prevent more palestinians from, from a things such as acts. but as we've been hearing from palestinian either in the g need area or across the west bank, they say that they want to be deterred from fighting the occupation. they say, as long as israel is still occupying their labs, they want to keep on fighting. now it's important to remember that some islamic factions, islamic jihad traction members have said that they are going to respond to the recent israeli measures. so if something happens from garza and rockets were to be lost, we are looking at an escalation that usually coincides as we've seen last year. things as connected me, it looks almost compound specifically when people were cor venting from conducting player is at almost compound. so the occupation is still here,
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it's still expanding in league and settlement like theory and palestinians say they want to keep fighting that until the commission needed abraham law for us there in autopay. thank you. a small stove come to lanka, poses a nationwide state versus the other bottom protests over the worst economic crisis to warn ukraine sparks supply chain disruptions and high energy prices across major economies. still recovering from the effects of the pandemic and in sport. find out who will play, who it's called our 2022 and they will have the wraps and the photos will come through. oh
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hello, there may have been april falls on friday, but the winter weather that swept across europe was no joke. we had an arctic blast that knock temperatures down in northern, in central areas, and brought snow flurries and some heavy snow to places like france. now these areas we're just basking in the spring warmth last week and there is going to be more winter weather to come. this weekend we've got ice and snow warnings out. for lot of france, we're going to see the heavier snow as well, pull across switzerland, heavy snow for the alps, and that's going to skirt its way further east. as we go into sunday. now it's looking very unsettled in southern areas across the mediterranean. we've got wind warnings out for corsica and sicily as well as sardinia. here we could see gusts of up to a 120 kilometers per hour. and a lot of those winter in wet conditions are going to cling to coastal areas of the age rhetoric see no further east to this, the grease we are seeing some stronger winds, but plenty of sunshine for athens and to the i barian peninsula to the west. will it is a sunny picture in southern areas of spain and portugal?
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it's better whether it's a come. now for the north of this britain, an island we are seeing some sunny spells, but we'll see the wet weather creep down from sunday. but there will be some want coming to london by the mid week. ah, the from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches. and conflict and politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera during the debates, it is no, he job bad. and if anyone here talks about women that i had 2 horses dusted,
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the somebody seemed to have been says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way. tickets truth to help all the companies, they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on al jazeera, ah ah, watching all jazz era, reminder of our top stories, they saw a 2 month truce has been agreed in yemen, nearly 8 year war, the saudi coalition, and who the rebels are stopping their military offensive inside the oven. and of
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course is for what is the cranes, deputy prime minister says, an agreement has been reached with russia to set up 7 humanitarian corridors on saturday. would allow civilians to leave mario paul ad bodie onto my private transport. the un, the mission and marley says it's heard reports of civilian deaths and an operation carried out by molly and forces. the army says it killed more than 200 fighters last week when it rated the village more in the multi region allegations on social media that may civilians were among those killed a more than 4000000 ukrainians have fled to other countries with millions more internally displaced safety decker is an, a facility on the slovakian border in western ukraine. around a quarter of a 1000000 people have come here to the trans, carpathian mountain range. every one telling us it's because they feel safe as tear . it is remote, it is close to nato countries and the border. now we're in
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a center for the internally displaced. these are people who cannot afford to stay anywhere else. why? because the main civic was good is packed, the hotels are packed. apartments are packed and there is no where to stay. so now this center really does tell the story of the entirety of this conflict. people we've been speaking to coming from mario poll, coming from card keep coming from the don bass region. lou hands done yet is coming from the aries around the capitol like butcher and her pin, which have been heavily attacked by russian forces. now, people who don't want to leave, they're waiting to be able to go back home. one lady, we spoke to saying that her tone actually though, had been completely destroyed after 3 weeks of sheltering in a basement shelling. also we talk a lot about these efforts to evacuate our humanitarian corridors again here we get a sense of what that is like. another couple telling us that they left under heavy shelling and that they were terrified and other one trying for times to leave. and that they only manage to leave at the very last point. it is
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a tragic what's happening here and you can see people trying to live their daily lives, getting dressed. they need to shower here. they get a meals 2 times a day, but certainly at the moment as this war is now into it's 6th week. um and negotiations continue, but it certainly doesn't look like any one here is going to be able to go home any time soon. russian shelling on ukraine 2nd largest city hall, keith as displaced more than a 3rd of its population. many of those left behind a hiding and make shift bomb shelters as a bag joins us now live from concave faucet, and you've been spending time with some of those people living life on the ground. yes, they have been in fact to many people. her now are living in bon shelters and underground stations. in fact, the police have told us that there's no more room for even around that region of hurricane. the fighting still continues. russians are still trying to advance and the ukrainians are still pushing them back. but this morning and last night there
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was bombing to the west of her in the city of denise or denise propeller tova and a coma chug, but also to the size of her there is room has been taken by the russians. now, president, he has spoken about the russians regrouping and mount their new offensive, and the fear is that things here could get worse. but we did spend some time in the worst parts of this city. so you would, you could lose you, but it's pure relief with your voice. they shelled so much last night. that's what lana shark over the shell so much but we're holding on but on with didn't give me this summer. they emerged from their shelter and the subterranean existence they have been forced to live because of this war. why is it happening to us? why did he come to us? so spoke with, isn't it? it's too much for some when you are you will put you mama did you register since
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march. i haven't been able to reach my mother and maria pope the house was hit by 4 shelves. the police offer a vital lifeline for these people. i bet south africa is the worst hit area of her give a few live here. even few a venture here. this is building 2 to 5 on friendship of nation street. the irony is another nation. soldiers stand a few kilometers away, obliterating this neighborhood. you know, your prefer through voids and there's more people over there. can you evacuate them? they have disabled children. asks this resident. we can only evacuate people if you have some way to has them. we have all the metro stations a full just says officer, yet not that i don't over with you. but still there's more were taken to
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a basement all over will go watch and pitch black darkness. ah, they've got torches going in one room than another. and finally, flo will waterloo customers with among those crammed into this room, we find 6 year old kiera about a minute. she's preparing for school and a school that may never open. she wants to be a brake dancer, and recites a poem about the love for a mother. of course, my culture darmesh. wow. so i'm pretty sure i shall she much. marya i did not outside you re cooked for the family before he sells them and says his daughter hasn't been outside for 2 weeks molar or some other law
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was received. if you can hear it, because this is every 20 to 30 minutes, it's normal. it's normal. if it wasn't for the shelling my daughter would be outside, break dancing, guys, or would you be careful? be careful and a little boy. i work for the police accompanying us. this is personal. the all used to live in this neighbourhood. yan still has a home here. the only way to get in is through the window. he doesn't live here anymore. but passes by from time to time to check upon it. yes. so when you fill it up and today the flies intact and hall to morrow. my not that great. thank you. russia
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incoming. the now the latest on is that area continued to be shelter of well, the latest from south africa is that the area continued to be shelled over the night and in the morning and they are reported casualties. but let me tell you what it's actually like on the ground here. we've been staying here for a while now and all the time here. i've only seen one child ever say in the playground and playgrounds have been hit by russian by the russian military, including custom, munitions. when you go to south tough, you don't have children playing. you don't hear people talking. you don't hear cars in the street. you can hear bird singing, but the constant 3rd of october, fire, and many people the all living underground on a reliance on managerial age. as a baby force and khaki. thank you. shank, his army, has been given,
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sweeping power to make arrests in response to anti government protests. it's also hundreds of people trying to storm the president's home. the now fernandez reports from colombo things are busy, much comma here at the top of the road that leads to present gotta be roger boxes resident of course 2 nights ago, there was complete ma'am, with thousands of people surrounding this area in protest of the rising cost of living and the shortage of basic essentials, you can see the barricades are still here on san bye. and what has happened is that the president has brought in these emergency regulations on friday to what he says, ensure the uninterrupted supply of goods and services. but for many people, the concern is how authorities would use these emergency regulations under the public security ordinance to crack down on dissent and public protests. now, protests have been happening daily,
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multiple protest throughout the day. some of these organized by opposition parties, but in an unprecedented manner, norman ordinate is she luncheons are stepping out out of their comfort zone to make their voices heard about their anger and frustration. for these are gimmicks, i think i'm my personal re redid. these are gimmicks done by the government to suppress detection that is commonly coming up all over the country. and the reason the government would need to invoke such regulations from their point of view is to look at damages. now this toppling and the broken wall, you see behind me voice what is claim to be the result of this demonstration. felt that surrounded the president's house. ah, the few days ago they basically broke bricks from this wall. and some of the vehicles used to fire tear gas were pelted with that. there is also speculation about that outbreak of violence on the day of that protest outside the president's
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house. there are those who say that the violence was sparked off by saboteurs. now that is a couple of videos doing the rounds on cultural media that's going vital. that shows some one very d correctly setting fire to a bus. and what noticeable is that law enforcement authorities that a police officer's standing just 10 feet away across the road? not doing anything about it so that. 7 all kinds of speculations as well, ah, and a centrally of concerns that these saboteurs allowing a sort of heavy, correct down on potential protests as the agitation and the anger of the public get worse from day to day. retail giant amazon is about to get its 1st union in the us . the company says the vote is disappointing and is reviewing its options. okay, but i was under reports from new york, so that now we're human in american history. ah,
1:42 pm
a historic victory workers at a massive amazon warehouse in new york voting to unionize the winning margin more than 500 boats out of nearly 5000 cast. meaning that the $8000.00 strong workforce will become the 1st amazon employees to unionize. in the retail giant, 28 year history with what it's our goal because we want every other industry, every other business to know that dang, sustains. we go on, we go, you know, it's not gonna quit our jobs in more workers who are demanding better pay and working conditions at the warehouse. where jubilant. many say the ramifications of the unionization push will be felt far beyond the walls of one amazon warehouse. this is a victory, and it's a tide and it's not stopping. and it's going to sweep us all. it means everything i, it means worker power. the potential for working fast revolution is if you can
1:43 pm
unionize amazon, you can unionize anywhere. it's a remarkable story for the amazon labor organizers, a small independent union that began only last year and set up shop at a bus stop near the warehouse winning against one of the most powerful companies in the world. some believe the pandemic and its impact at amazon has sparked a see change in workers attitudes across the board. people realize how expendable they were to these companies, how little these companies cared about them and workers aren't going back. there's a new sense that they want something more, they risk their lives for this country that were called a central workers and workers are going to keep pushing and pushing. and i think this is the beginning of a new era of organizing in a post pandemic period. amazon spent over $4000000.00 to try to defeat the union boat. the company argued among other things that their $15.00 minimum wage is competitive. union leaders here have said they've already heard from amazon warehouse workers in over
1:44 pm
a dozen different locations expressing their desire to unionize as well. while the result at another amazon facility in alabama remains in the balance tension now turns to another new york amazon warehouse due to hold a unionization vote next month with this victory still very fresh in their minds. gabriel's dondo al jazeera new york says commons boss will have reaction from around the world to the group stage. also the cost on 202212 ah. amidst destruction and despair, a group of friends resist rescuing books from the rubble they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they
1:45 pm
endeavour to rewrite their story and that of their country, witness dahlia and library, under bombs on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks, the russian floor met with fierce ukrainian resistance to punish arcade there. if cat is historical law, we detailed coverage as the us and other countries imposed sanctions on moscow. russia has been offering oil and other commodities to india and other impulses from around the world to lyrical up position, need 87 both and for that they need members of the thing is, own political party to turn against them. oh, a
1:46 pm
welcome back. across the us and around the world, business is struggling to keep the doors open. prices pushed out by the pandemic of being driven higher by supply problems. now the war in ukraine is made things worse . don't handle reports from chicago atlas to works. his powered through a pandemic supply chain disruptions, rising inflation in now war time scarcity with the russian invasion of ukraine, we've seen increases to fuel and energy cost immediately and increase to raw materials that goes, especially for nickel, used to make stainless steel. much of it mind in russia, it's used for everything from shovels to fighter jet parts made by atlas in so precious. every scrap was saved and resort. and there was an item we looked at last week, for one sheet was around $900.00. and the next day it was $1200.00. the unreliable
1:47 pm
supply chain leaves companies like atlas stockpiling supplies, and passing the higher costs owing to customers. the supply chain problems effect timing, price and availability of goods to market. and if either the war and ukraine or the pandemic grow worse. so to those problems in uptown bikes in chicago parts have been scarce and costlier, forcing the staff to get creative. we normally would have new bikes to sell, but we really pivoted to focus on fixing up. any use bikes we might have available . we've had to be a lot more broad minded about what used parts that we saved off like that we might not have saved. on the 4th, 2 years of panoramic supply chain woes on everything from bikes to i, phones have only been exacerbated by the war and ukraine. the iphone, for example, has assembled in china, but all the parts are made all over the world. so there may be ship or something
1:48 pm
within that phone that was manufactured in the ukraine or russia that is now ultimately having to be sourced from a different supplier for the head of antlers. the answer is clear. the u. s. needs to source more raw materials at home. the united states is the cleanest best place to mind things you know, or get oil. i don't think, you know, mother nature cares if the oil came out of russia, the united states. he's hoping the ripple effect from the pandemic and from the war and ukraine will spark new innovation in the u. s. and around the globe. john henry and l g 0, chicago. ah, so my sport has, andy, thank you so much. kamal african champion, stunning goal will kick off the castle. 2022 will cope with the game against the netherlands. the will cut, draw. so place here unto horn friday evening. the top 2 from each group. progress
1:49 pm
in to the knockout rounds. house cuts off ecuador and their opening ran the u. s. in england. all the 3 confirm seems in group be there with june by wales, scotland or ukraine, once the class, a completed legal message, argentina, they're against saudi arabia, mexico and poland, defending champions front and group the with denmark, she nicea and either the you eat her australia, goofy sees to european johns face off in spain, in germany, alongside japan and the costa rica on new zealand, belgium, all the top season group f against candidate morocco and the 2018 world cup fine. las croatia, 5 tom champions, brazil. my group of serbia, switzerland and cameroon. and then we have christiana and alex portugal getting gone a year ago, and south korea will take a closer look at some of those match up shortly. but 1st, our report from john goes, are oscar, who is at the draw the after months of qualifying matches, this was the moment football fans around the world. we're waiting for to find out who that country would play in the opening games of this year's world cup. and
1:50 pm
castle was came to show fans what they could expect. at the 1st edition of this tournament to be held in the middle east. the shuttle was sad, i feel proud and happy from this moment and beyond the world, we'll see carter as we promised we shall provide an extraordinary addition of the world. the peoples governing body has faced a turbulent build up to this draw, excluding the russian team over its countries. invasion of ukraine. faith is president using this occasion to call for peace. since we know that hundreds of millions of people are watching this draw and many leaders of the world are also launching our plea. the plea of the wall football community to every one, to all the leaders sent all the people of the world is stop the conflicts and the wars please. even in the draw 3 together,
1:51 pm
some tricky ties with 2 of the last 3 champions due to face each other at the group stage. germany ha, spain and germany were drawn in group e full time. it is only for the next few days, all those matches will be poured over in detail by the teams who qualified and the fans who follow them. so we do now that the grades have been drawn out. there's a real sense of excitement here in doha, that after 12 years of preparation and build up the 1st middle east, well cup is getting very real indeed. trying to get your oscar al jazeera, less focused on one of the standout groups. rinaldo is portugal against iraq. why south korea and gone at joining us now. go 9 football journalist gary al smith gary for any of you was unaware of what happened at the world cup in 2010. tellos. why this matchup between ghana and iroquois will have a little added edge? well, 1st of all, they're gonna have who president said in his 1st interview. after that, there was a hint of revenge about it because in 2010 gone away or whiska away from qualifying
1:52 pm
for their semi final of tell of course louis suarez lead a raid sri key thing in their 2010 world cup and you are there. you remember, don't you? i do remember a little, a little tasty, humble, which her, which was the ended up meaning that sir, gone. i didn't make it through the songs i sent my down could not go the result in penalty. and now we've been living with that ever since. now, no african same, made it out of the group stage in 2018. do you think it's going to be different this time around? well, yeah, i'm, some of the african teams have some really manageable groups. i mean, in order of the team that i think i can get out alive pretty quickly, senegal in group a. and then i'm also looking at morocco in group f. then we come to garner in group h, then we do m soon as you're in group d and coming in i think we have the most difficult task in group g, where we have brazil to contend with. and thinking about some of those north
1:53 pm
african seems they've had experience here playing in the arab cup. something on a home world cup for the african seems but the some of the players they will feel at home here in, in cat. so the woods and i'm, i've been wondering to what extent, you know, it will make them feel that way. because remember, a lot of those north african countries have significant populations in cutter. and it might just, you lay care of the abilene in another city out of the native home lance, but you know, the way the old couple of his foot boy, a lot of the teams will come very prepared as well. and i think that is going to neutralize that advantage. unfortunately, it might be a bridge too far for some of them and outside of africa over all of, of the favorites, certain perhaps when this world cup, who do you think's done well out of this dro? i spend so much after that draw poring over the pathways that some of them can and i can't stop thinking that this may be leonor message. yeah, if you look at our gen tina's path out of the group stage, isn't it?
1:54 pm
or on of 16. and so on. maybe he's seen something which is why in the last few days he has had the tattoo of the old cut bold down on his leg. he's probably my best on premonitions, and this may be just this year. but apart from that, brazzel always have a strong shall to do in the end and don't rule katara to go far in his old cup. also, that would be magnificent. wouldn't it fantastic stuff. carol smith, the great, so she as ever and you and you cranes qualifying play against scotland has been delayed and so at least june, they do make it through and then beat wales. they will be in a group with england, iran and the united states. what i would say is if your crane makes it there, it's a, it's a wonderful accomplishment. you know, i think if, if the people of ukraine can get some hope by their team plan, the world cup, you know it's, it's amazing. and i think the, you know, it will be more of a celebration in my eyes than political ramifications. i think, you know,
1:55 pm
we're all foreign for ukraine. we're all behind them while supporting them. and we hope that, you know, the situation resolves or soon, soon as possible. or whipping sulking tea, a crane's greatest ever played on guy shift jenko also. it's also a former coach of the national team. you can see did damages from the city, like michael, hard called key of and it's but he will police 90. 5 percent of the city been destroyed is very difficult. it's almost impossible to think about food. but we have the core and rascal play the gland is in chain clear . morning gal who still play and it's very important for the players who blabber or to continue to play, to give the holes for ukrainian people last full well cups have been won by european teams and defending champions. france will had to cancel. i was one of the strong tournament favorites pool reese has moved from paris. here at the plus le
1:56 pm
concord in paris, his wife friends ended that world cup trophy parade in 2018. and having seen the teams that they'll face in capital in the group stage, they might be confident of bringing back the trophy here again. but they will be wary. last year the europe and championships, they play switzerland in the last 16 with 31 up and ended up being knocked out by the switch. that could be the wakeup call. they need, they will be wary of underestimating anyone as they go in the front of that title. now there is always a group at the world cup that no tea wants to be and this time round. that's a group, a to european teams potentially in peril. in this group, germany and spain drawn together against one of the strongest teams in asian football history, japan and then either costa rica or use aliens the much between germany and spain
1:57 pm
will be really the ones who are watching these great stages in capital. it could mean an early exit for either the 2010 world champion, spain or the 2014 world champion, germany now potentially breath and using group h for a nother european joint portugal of that true footballing joint, christiane i, ronald, i've been drawn against going to south korea and europe, why? my christiano and i like coming to the end of his career, he won the european championship here in paris in 2060 with portugal. can he and his story career with a world cup victory in cath, off and another sign that the well copies getting close. so we now have an official mascot for the finals. the name is treasure can reach us at is lee gazza an arabic word, meaning super skilled play up. he's described as a flying character who is ageless, full of wolf, energy, and positivity. apparently. okay, that is high school is looking for
1:58 pm
a family that has news out. i go either and one used to come into the human assign ah mm hm. al jazeera world meet some extraordinary women who are making things happen their way following their daily struggle to survive for their families, to thrive with egypt. women,
1:59 pm
st fellas on al jazeera frank assessments. what are the political risks of panic? russian oil, gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports ferocity for such informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jetty, still resumed media debt, going to be acting from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? this one's feared warlord during lay barriers. decade long civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlords officer boy he has done with treat sheldon has attracted to help with sympathy and as protected and in effect from public prosecution despite the recommendation is made by fiction and
2:00 pm
reconciliation. permission for this former warlord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, jose rebels on the saudi led coalition agree to a 2 month truce, which the un hopes will end years. will he is of war ah, or adrian, this is al jazeera life and dough also coming up. the red cross trying again to get people out of besieged ukrainian city of mario poll altura boundary efforts on friday a country wide curfew in a state of emergency ins for lanka.


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