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good plan, going to go to and i got grouped. i began investing and crypto currency when he was at university in 2016, the 23 year olds day job is running. have families carpet business, but all of his earnings are invested in crypto currencies. he's not happy about the high taxes but relieved. the government isn't too bad. and crypto currency after it indicated last year that it would, i think they're an important 1st step. i'm not happy about them. no, i'm obviously not happy with some of the particular things by these. we should like recall back in december, everyone with debt showing this is going right. they're going to force liquidation from all exchanges and they're just going to ban it. and that didn't happen. many others agree with rog, oven, say the taxes are too high and could push investors and businesses into moving their assets to countries with more favorable tax laws. but they also agree they're better than an outright ban. elizabeth problem al jazeera new delhi.
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ah, it's good to have you with a sallow adrian sending him here indo. all the headlines now to sierra a series of explosions as well. the southern ukrainian port city of odessa several missiles were fired. some were shot down by air defenses. files were also reported in several areas of the city where ukraine's naval headquarters are located. disturbing footage has emerged from the ukrainian town of butcher near keith, showing the bodies of civilians lying in the streets. russian forces recently withdrew from the town. ukraine says its forces of now retaken the entire keep reaching a no confidence votes in pakistan's prime minister has been adjourned to the national assembly. the opposition thought it had the numbers to push him wrong. con, out of to some of his key allies quit. his coalition can't says he won't accept what is called a u. s. backed attempted regime change. no prime ministers managed to serve
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a full 5 year term in office in pakistan since 1947 trying to as band all gatherings unblocked social media to try to stop protests against the government. a 36 hour curfew. it's been enforced since saturday evening. it was imposed off the violent demonstrations over a was thing economic crisis. and that's led to unprecedented shortages of food, fuel and medicines. some opposition, m. p, 's to fight the curfew to stage a march on sunday. people in hungary are casting their ballots in an election that's been overshadowed by the war in neighboring ukraine. prime minister victor all been a close ally of russia's president vladimir putin, is hoping to extend his 12 year ton the races the closest in years with all opposition parties coming together to field a single candidate. and those were headlines won't use, alter today's inside story. next, the u. s. is always of interest to people who wrote the world. this has been going
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on for a number of hours with an international perspective to try to explain to a global audience how this could impact their life. this is an important part of the world, and our view is very good at bringing the news to the world from. the world cup drawer is over. now, custom moves closer to hosting the tournament to november. where is the drawer? leave matches. how much progress has been made in preparing for the games? this is inside storage. ah. hello and welcome to the show. i'm sammy's a, dan. well, the stage is set for the world cup 2022 in cutter. it'll be the 1st time the middle east host the tournament, but it hasn't been easy. most recently,
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carter is had to navigate a blockade, a global pandemic. and now the global effects of a war in ukraine. but despite all of that, though, has kept its promise, the groups playing each other have now all been set. the stadiums are ready on the fans. they can't wait to get their hands on those tickets. john gusher roscoe was at the draw on friday. she brought us this report after months of qualifying matches, this was the moment football fans around the world. we're waiting for to find out who their country would play in the opening games of this, she is world cup and cattle was keen to show fans what they could expect. at the 1st edition of this tournament to be held in the middle east. ash overcome was sad. i feel proud and happy from this moment and beyond the world. we'll see carter as we promised we shall provide an extraordinary addition of the world cup.
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the full governing body has faced a turbulent build up to this draw, excluding the russian team over its countries. invasion of ukraine. faith is president using this occasion to call for peace. since we know that hundreds of millions of people are watching this draw and many leaders of the world watching our plea, the plea of the wall football community to every one to all the leaders and all the people of the world is stop the conflicts and the wars please got their cattle will face ecuador in the opening game of the finals. and the draw threw together some tricky ties with 2 of the last 3 champions due to face each other at the group stage. commonly, spain and germany withdrawn in group each time it is 70 for the next few days, all those matches will be pulled over in detail by the teams who are qualified,
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and the fans who follow them with you. now that the great been drawn out, there's a real sense of excitement here and so ha, that off to 12 years of preparation and build up the 1st middle east. well, cup is getting very real and di trying to get real sca. i'll just read though. oh, carter has come a long ways since it was the bid to host the world comp over 12 years, the country has built 7 state of the art stadiums, one will be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere. transportation has also improved cause has constructed a new international airport and 76 kilometers of railways. it's also refurbished hundreds of kilometers of roads. although there is still a long way to go. the country has been improving labels and it's human rights record. that's off the concerns about the treatment of migrant workers for re 5 rights groups. the. well, let's bring in,
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i guess now they're all in dow hunt. we have daniel race. he is a visiting associate professor at georgetown university and also the author of the book called her and the 2022 fee for world comp, politics control the sea change. i show comedy shows is an african football journalist. and rob harris is a global sports correspondent for the associated press. welcome, a warm welcome i should say. told of if i could stop with rob, so germany versus spain. let's talk a little bit about some of the highlights after the line up and grouping. this is going to be a clash of the titans and groupies. net. yeah, me see the 20102014. well champions. honestly, they have not quite had the height of success in recent years, but it does offer one of those thrilling match ups, which is actually only come about because the germans are in pop to g, but recent performances, and unlike every other continent,
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europe 10 have to from their own constant, within the same group. so we gave quite new type thing, fixture for those early stages. obviously the way the groups assess up enough and know jim and they go out of the group stage in 2018. so, you know, there will be wherever this time, again, a lot to watch out for daniel, your book touched upon politics in a world comp, on things. going to get a little politically heated in group be when we start seeing iran versus the u. s. all the u. s. versus its former colonial power. england was 1st was me. thank you for calling my country germany a, ty 10. i'm not so sure whether this is a case, i think generous enough to give you guys that title. yeah, thanks for. but as a political science professor, of course i was laughing when the us and iran were drawn into one group. i don't
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want to chance way be i think the match won't be heated because it's a traditional, very 20 and the actions and sport between the u. s. and iran, public a in wrestling room. i let me bring in ayesha. where is the draw left, the rivalry should you think between south america on the one hand and europe will south america be able to avoid that patent of being eliminated by europe, which we have seen in the past. but yes, i look south america obviously bring a lot of quality change to the world cap and it goes without saying that i need to try to to see what you know. messy and gina can do this on time. but also your grad, a bit quiet and in there, and they feel that they're going to bring a lot of energy into this woke up, obviously the time difference is going to be
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a little bit complicated for their funds. but also for the plasma. been playing europe and they know each other, they knew each other, they played, i guess each other at club level in the leaks in, in europe. but also in the u. s. a champions league. so that should be quite exciting. but i think south america this time will have an upper hand. i guess we'll see rob nother interesting development canada. they're going to draw the crowds off the qualifying for their 1st world cup in 36 years. yeah. what a success. it was for a candidate to find the make it back to the work out they see as a reflection of the growth in recent years. and we certainly see in as well as the women's games successfully that, that they are the olympic champions. and yet the men of been waiting since 1986 to get back to the world cabinet, got belgium, who are the world's number one brain, t. and they have been for several years. but they do have that distinction and actually winning anything even throwing it away in the nation's lee last year. so
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reverse martin as a side, they offer so much promise you much higher, but perhaps they don't always deliver on the big stage for 3rd and the 2018. told them how fit will end and has that be will a car to actually be in goal scoring form a chelsea going into the tormentors tournament like no other in world cups? because of course, it's coming in the, the middle of the european season, kind of, they're also facing morocco and croatia to, well, moroccans bring a lot of fans to cats are given the year that the, you know, the close proximity asher. we've got to talk about africa. where does the groupings, whether the groupings leave africa, always sat for a little serving of revenge. i wonder in group h, with garner versus uruguayan, maybe some pay back for louis suarez for his foul 12 years ago. honestly i saw this coming before the draw. i was thinking to myself, it would be quite interesting if i can. i can joe your crystal ball or something.
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how did you see this coming? the ball of the bad everything i was said, no gun. yeah. and so i'm really, honestly, i don't think that gans, or even the into african continent has ever recovered from that moment. it's going to be a fresh, it's going to be a heated game then, isn't it? it's definitely going to be a heated game. you know, at the more general, obviously missing that penalty in 2010 in africa. this deal, obviously a lot of sentiment in there and john are going to come out to say, okay, we were robbed the last time out because they could have actually become one of the 1st african team to make it to the semifinals of a woke up effect go had gone in and been accepted, but obviously a lot of change just send it via are but either way it's very tough group for ghana,
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especially if we had to look at their qualification journey to getting to the woke up. yes, they'd be nigeria, but not that convincing. however, the talk they have to i don't who has done an incredible job with that don't mind when get out of experience. if they can get, hadn't had some doin and teach to play for them. i think that could change a lot of things and said top of the team, i've not only been a journey for them. let's talk about the may king to get to this point. daniel, spend a bit of a journey getting to carter 2022 though the preparations is the country ready. it is. i think when we compare this with a couple of empty games, most new as we read before the event were concerns was the infrastructure. i was getting ready, this seems to be not an issue. he has a stadium completed, but also other infrastructure such as some in court. so i think that countries on
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track of causes has never hosting an event of such magnitude. so it remains to see there might be also unforeseen issues happening during that event because of that section for our upcoming when the sand cod was introduced and didn't really work that well and then organized and decided to abandon it, which i think was a very good decision, so it's also about being a quick learner when you host an event of such magnitude. and if stuff happens and says, always stop that happens, then wanted to quickly adjust as the organizers have done, that the people are a cup which i would consider a pretty successful preparation event. all right, well i have gone from not to 60 for the quickly on the go back to asha though and say still there are concerns about accommodation. is everyone going to get a place to stay the a think gotcha. wisely out here in december for the fee for
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our cap, and i remember just trying to figure out, okay, so if you have one me, then people coming into guitar, where can they stay? obviously there's an incredible line up foretells here, but they also options it personally. if i was a fan and i was moving to the woke up, i wouldn't want to stay in a 5 star hotel. i'd want to stay perhaps like on a boat and, and maybe in the desert. there's a couple of places i saw out the door about an hour away where they've constructed like tense and these 10 you could stay there with your friends, maybe about 5 people in one tent. and i think that, you know, would be like a good experience for everyone coming into it's november will be winter in europe or most parts of the northern hemisphere. so if people can just come and, you know, pick up and be open minded and not really just want to be in the 5 star hotel. then there's, you know, options that they can consider during the walk up. why there's been
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a lot of controversy robber around labor issues. how have they evolved over time despite the reforms? some rights groups like human rights watch last month talk about reports of work has still not receiving wages for months. they've been reports about workers being paid low wages or recruitment agents taking large fees from people signing up for jobs. how is how's all of that evolved? well, it really reflects the need for enforcement across the country so. so my sector in the 8 well capsized, no stadiums are largely finished with how you regulate the construction that is all across though higher in particular, you just have to walk around the capital and the constant build and work on hotels and the roads as well. so there's a lot of regulations to actually check being in force, particularly very often a joint venture between kentoria and european friends. and they're all those calls
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still for actually the unscrupulous pull employees to actually be clamped down on which will florence is do say they all doing side, but that will still be those gaps. and also is looking backwards as well as that being compensation for those workers who have suffered in the construction of the infrastructure required this well cup of the complete investigation that the transparency over the numbers of those who have been injured. those who suffered in ways are unquantifiable. sometimes it's been working in the high heat and then unnaturally dying early because of the implication perhaps on your heart. and we often have a lot of natural death that data being put down to which might not factor in fully the impact of the working conditions. but certainly cats are in a better place now from when the bid was one and around the time the bit was being pursued at the end of the, the previous, the decade of the end of 2010. now. well,
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they weren't really discussing the rights issues in cath hours more about the he is catherine football nation. is it when could actually accommodate the world cup? so anyway, the building started to begin, really the family stay focused in on the, on the safe conditions. the law actually denied rights to workers to be able to lead jobs in the cost of and even coming into the country. the exit ve permits as well. they had to pay for. and the reforms that have been introduced have actually been at a pace that might not happen, had it not being pulled back up. things like this month's been the catholicism, which has not happened in other countries. so it definitely the welcome has brought about changes. now the rights groups that demand and that those, those changes do continue to be brought about after the walk up. and the enforcement does as well. once the footballing spotlight is off caca, that's a really interesting point. daniel, maybe get you to comment on that. we often look at this in terms of what is cut to doing to the world comp process,
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but what does the world comp process done to kata right there's, there's been an awful lot of change because of the intense scrutiny and spotlight that's been put. maybe more so on carter than any other golf country when it comes to labor conditions, labor laws, the cofactor system, which, which daniel, which rob mentioned the introduction of a basic wage and so on. yeah, i can cure with much of what rob said, and i think when cut out was the water. what cup in december 2010. as this came the main issue and cut i was right. 40 criticize for the treatment of migrant workers a but we should also recognize that a lot of changes have taken place. maybe it took a bit too much time on to they were realized, but they were so the father system was suspended. this means workers can now change
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their workplace without approval employer. they can leave the country without needing an exit permit. as a summer working hours have been extended by outside book is not allowed, a minimum wage has been introduced. so on the illegal level, a lot happens, of course, now we are in a different stage. now it's about probably implementation. but i would also like to mention that that's a government that many inspections all of us the summer and find many companies. and now it's also the responsibility of a private companies who are from all of us was to properly implement these reform. so i think it's cut out perfectly. no. but the changes that have taken place need to be recognized. nice and of course, challenge has remain. but we should also stop comparing cover with countries from the west. we need to compare, cut with countries in the region and in the region cut out became our pioneer. and
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i would wish that countries such as those who bought a cutoff would funnel as a category lead and implement similar reforms. this would improve the life of millions of people. all right, you mentioned that your presence, you said, hey, i'll stay in attend outside of doha. what about transform? how is that shape top, you know, in the sort of, in the build up to the games. we've seen articles in some of the english newspapers talking about english fans coming on a fact finding mission and then complaining that they've had to walk 45 minutes from a metro stop to a stadium as that sort of challenge been addressed. they thought through now all of the transport network i'd like to believe so because as you can see, the c f r kept in my opinion, was a good tournament to sort of prepare for the woke up and obviously before they
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used to be the confederation kept a year before the woke up, the dad didn't happen last year, so the arab cub, you'd say, with 16 teams, was a good fit. obviously you have to deal with that to see a couple of things that can be addressed. and i remember doing the article, yes, there was some issues, you know, for example, if you go to the c d and you know, you have to walk in a certain direction and it's really a long way. and i felt that back then, there was not really so many provisions for people, for example, you know, will chair that the distance is very long for them. or if someone is walking on crutches and how accessible would it be for them? or if they're an old fashion, maybe in the seventy's and they're unable to work. but i think that these things have been addressed since that is 3 months, december. so i feel that, you know,
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that there are, in that sense is ready for the woke up and talking about the metro. you have of, you see the measure that is low connected to the stadiums. and people need to know that this is going to be the most compact woke up ever. if anything, if you look at, for example, russia, you know, it was very difficult to move from one venue to another, literally across the country, brazil as well. it was huge, you have to take slide 4 hours, but here you have 7 stadiums almost in the same area code. and you have a, a distance of at least a maximum 45 kilometers. if you're in the city center, for example, the stadium 974, just 7 kilometers away. you know, and then you have the sale, which could be the fastest that 22 kilometers right from the center. so people just need to be open minded to feel that there's been so much negativity towards the hosting this workup and this is just the open minded to come and enjoy the work.
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all right, let's hope people come and enjoy it. let's hope everything goes smooth for rob. carter. 22 has faced all kinds of headwinds over these years. right? i mean, unthinkable things from a blockade a global pandemic. now, the war in ukraine is the, can we finally say is the show now unstoppable. yeah, this is the walk up that does look on calls probably helped by the pace of the pandemic. so many other sporting events impacted in the last couple of years. but the postponements from the, your rise to the lympics and impacts you saw you much around the world. but i suppose many thought this is the will come up, might not have reached the point to kick off a cat that has looked less lightly. that would be threatened in recent years, but the media pay read off to be warning and devote in 2010. the focus of the production investigations be for finding some wrong doing in their pro,
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but ultimately not enough that warranted anything that believed it should be overturned. as they found issues with many of the beds around the period when faith was conduct, was questionable, encourage to perhaps a neighbor of less rigorous enforcement of regulations or deed having regulations and then the potential threats as well from the disruption cost. the european season with european clubs and leagues not happy about the switch from the usual june, july slot to november, december. and there's been investigation particularly showing her cattle was very concerned about how it could lose the right. so, but actually trying to sort of make sure those who took part, the decision making would not be going against them. and then, of course, the more recent years with the diplomatic crisis in the gulf and being targeted by saudi arabia, by the u. i. e and the attempt to squeeze on my son, catherine forcing thou how to go and search for the lights of turkey to bring in construction and elements to be able to ensure building stayed on track. and there
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were perhaps one point when faith was even trying to spread the well cut beyond capital one with the knowledge cancel the right to have this post middle east, well companies and that was talked about with me to the after the vote as well in 2010, but that'll be managed to preserve it. states as, as the sole host and for pap didn't get his wish to be the peacemaker at the time as being seen. bringing the, the neighbors back together again. alright. daniel universe and about, as i said, politics and control the sea in fif in the world. come, what do you think a successful hosting of the games is going to leave the fee forbid to try and make the world cup every 2 years. instead of every 4, well it strengthen the argument of those who say, look, you know, this will help to give other regions other countries a chance to host and pull off a good show. yeah, certainly, i mean, football is the most global sport. and that is sufficient
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interest around some would also tell us what cup every other year. i think the question small how, what effect like for example, the attention women's, what championship get up, group competitions and other spots all assume they were not that happy about the work up every as a year. but you know, there are sports and soccer. we have every year, what comes in hand, but every other idea. so put up the 1st spot, but it seems a bit that this issue is on hold. but it's remains to see what's going to happen. i was not surprised. it's just come suggesting it comes back on the table. all right, fantastic guys. it's been good talking to have i. unfortunately, we are out of time. let's thank con, guess daniel rash. i show common geisha and rob harris. i'm thank you to for
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we do, we revisit places the state al jazeera, really invest in that. and that's the privilege. as a journalist, ah, 2 pakistan's opposition, cries foul as no confidence potion against private as to him. wrong con is thrown out of parliament. he's now calling for elections. ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up. fine and smoke rise above odessa after the ukrainian port city is hit by russian missile strikes, hunger easily the vic to obama faces a tough.


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