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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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steen environment, including the habitats of endangered native animals, but horse activists on lobbying hard to keep them arguing that their communities, lifestyle, and cultural identity is under threat. ah, this is al jazeera, ah. hi there, i'm kim vanelle. this is the new, the alive from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, fire and smoke rise above odessa after the ukrainian port city is hit by russian missiles. pakistan's prime minister analysis, a snap election opposition parties move court off departments. speaker refuses to allow and no confidence motion against the government. hungary prime minister
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victor or about faces a tough challenge from a united opposition in an election, overshadowed by the war and ukraine. as for lanka, it poses a curfew and a bad on social media, following unrest and protests over a deepening economic crisis. on a sport, australia have won the women's cricket world cup. lisa, he's studying century, setting up a 7 seat warm run when over england. mm . we begin this news all with the war in ukraine, where missiles have hit the southern port city of odessa. russia's defense ministry says that destroyed an oil refinery and 3 fuel storage facilities there that was applying ukrainian troops. russian forces are also attacking the nearby port of nikolai, having a push to try and cut off
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a crane from the black sea. and falling the mergence of these distressing images from boucher, the ukrainian foreign minister, has called on the international criminal court to visit the town near the capital key of to gather evidence of possible russian war crimes. for it shows the bodies of civilians lying in the streets after russia retreated. this as the kremlin says, its special military operation in ukraine will achieve all of its aims. let's be tossed. correspondence, stephanie decker, whose life for us individual. stephanie, what more do we know about these attacks on odessa, the 1st substantial attacks, i believe, since the conflict began you're right. we spent almost 2 weeks there. we've just left a and there have been rocket attacks on the city attempts a lot of the anti ab miss. all systems also in place overnight, but this the 1st substantial attack on the strategic location. it is part of the
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russian playbook, if you will. they have been striking oil depots, fuel demos in cities, across the country. so it's the 1st time that has happened to odessa. this is a strategic port. the country's largest disease been preparing for an attack of for weeks now, but yet the russian ministry of defense issuing a statement saying that they had it because as you mentioned earlier, they were re supplying troops particularly. and michael, i of now michael, i have is a city around a 2 hour drive away from odessa. it's an area where the ukranian soldiers have managed to push back russian forces for weeks in terms of battle. the russians haven't been able to advance and the that the, the aim would be to get to odessa. so this is something that is strategically. we're going to have to wait and see. we've just heard from the mayor of michel, i of as well as saying that the city has come under rocket fire in the last couple of hours. so we'll have to wait and see whether this is going to be renewed attempt by the russians to make some moves on. nikolai, which is so far,
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managed to keep the russian troops or from pushing forward steph, as he said, you, you spent some time in odessa speaking to people. what was your sense of, of what the plan was in the event? you al, as he all of a russian attack for the people of odessa. well, the military is incredibly sensitive in terms of giving information to media in terms of what we can and cannot film because they've been preparing for what they believe is an attack of when and not if. so the city is heavily fortified among throughout, you know, you've got sandbags, checkpoints, anti tank, the systems on the ground and they say that they're going to defend the city, the people that have remained the civilians. some of them have joined what's called a territorial army. others are working as volunteers, you know, cooking providing also other kinds of defences and back up the back line if you
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will, to the army and the territorial defense forces. but every one you speak to will say that they're simply not going to take a desa. desa is a special city that they've prepared and that it's simply not going to happen. i think if you speak to any military analysis, they will tell you that unless ground truth russian ground, he was managed to get much closer to odessa because there was also concern of a naval landing at some point early on in this conflict that hasn't happened, but strategically, if we look at the bigger picture, the russian fleet has managed to stop any ships entering and leaving the port of addresses. so economically, it's already managed to cut off that port completely. stephanie deck are there for us in the western ukrainian city of living. thank you. well, hannah shed, aisd is a security studies program director at ukrainian prison. that's a foreign policy and security think tank and she joins us from odessa. thank you for your time. i just like to stop if we can with with what's it, what's it like there? i mean did you hear these, these attacks this morning?
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yes, be so tough being heard all along the. * but especially zanfeld where i read that most in the morning for her 7 there was torn of last and i would say the biggest part of the work of the air defense system. it's not being say, was the cy we both off for the type of flame and just allow a balcony. that's all we heard. all the sounds of that i'll, you will be, you know, the small decorations of the house. all that we knew that those who've been close to being broke out. so it's been quite a heavy attach. feel is quite interesting that this is why you read that russian a me, it's been close for 8 years and it's taking because of the old commercial dispute. they're bad, as well as the classroom, bass rushes, and just trying to identify the critical infrastructure porch with all the wrong the country to, to make war or to rescue many different count. as we've been saying,
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your city odessa is a strategic port city. what is the feeling there? i mean, how do you feel about what might happen next? are you expecting further attacks on death or itself? we can expect some to like go what have in the morning because we still have quite a number of critical infrastructure objects that are very important for the tv font for the whole region. the same as with the centralized house you sounds well dogs because they're also very b excuse work last morning long and these objects can be targeted by voracious they over the last possible as well. even though we are fully prepared for you, the question is that you can just make them to just for issues without gaining control of the lab work, you know, make life cdm. the major role for now is under the control all grading and armed
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forces. and that is very important moment for us. that is you for chrome premiums, all these military slides that can lead to once your, i guess, personal kind of thinking about about where you want to be. did you think about trying to leave at any point? it is not now well i who would not have a nice slice against the residential of most of the people i talked to were not planning to leave the town because nobody would like to be refugees, like the older people prefer to have their class and their house is on their love because many people also have inside of their minds that russian likes to not only to kill us, but also it's got me devolve. and that's why we like to save the flowers because it is our lives. it is our whole love. and we would like to transit your journal of jeff perfectly describes how people are trying to find what they can do the best, not all confide, but you can support the voluntary or you can support by developing the problem. you
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left the on the very what the, because your blog, why you have, why the patient acknowledge the, even the small business is very important. so the country would not do you think there's an element here of trying to scare civilians with this, trying to influence the civilian population. exactly, and that's probably especially all the figures the taxes wrong. the regents being exact move there. he brings a little bit of patty, because for the roches is very important. odessa wants to fight book to surround us . if you're planning to resume, you need people to be that much afraid of you. so to make this choice all previous be not what again the structure bought against some suburbs near the military basis or the last ones a few days we'll charge you to the residential buildings just on the he side. so they were not very heavy, but you understand that when your summer house is destroyed,
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definitely people are taking the 3rd personal and became very afraid of work can be further, especially when you see the future of when you buy or car people keep i want to sell how far is washing? i'm sorry. hey, thank you very much for your time. kind of shallow spare. joining us live from odessa. let's get a view from russia now. and as we told you earlier, the kremlin has insisted that what it calls its special military operation will achieve all of its aims with joints now from moscow, by hush him a whole bottle of correspondent hush. and so what do we hear? what's the latest we're hearing now from the kremlin? kevin, are the criminal is saying that the main goals of the military operation in ukraine will be met? and by that they mean, basically what we have been saying over the last few days, the military of the ministry of defense has been saying that most of the gains were
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made on the ground by severely under buying the military potential of the ukrainian army. and that phase one was over and that phase 2 will be basically further concentrating on the dumbass region where you have the 2 easton self declared republics of the guns and juniors. and now from a russian perspective, they would, they are shifting more to, we're seeing the outcome from the talks with the a crane. and this explains why vladimir medeski, who's the top russian negotiator, has been saying that the, the, they're getting a sense of realism as far as the, or the ukrainian part is concerned. and they seem to be indicating that the king is, are now in favor of many of the ideas that were the key sticking issues, which is, which are basically the atrocity status of ukraine demilitarization. which means that the acquaintance won't have to expand their military influence. they won't have to acquire nuclear weapons, they won't,
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they won't have to have weapons of mass destruction. they won't be able to host for, for falling bases. and that in case they would like to have any military exercises in the future, they should notify the notify the guarantors, including russia, that once they will only can do that when they have that permission. now, as far as those things are concerned, they can see some headway, but the rushes are saying that as far as their crimea and the dorm bus are concerned, the russian position is unchanged. and this, i think, explains why the spokesperson, the kremlin dmitri prescott was saying that in theory, the russians are not against meeting between putting and the landscape. but they're just waiting to see a draft, a final draft for both leaders to come together, fit together and put the signature on it. now the russians are saying that we don't share the optimism that the rain years have been talking about when it comes to the
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meeting between that and sky and putting because they say we yet to finalize a draft. and when we, we have, before we the, we do that, we have to go through some details. and that's what we are. they are trying to now we're down before they can talk about a comprehensive settlement that will be conducive to cease by paving the ground for the new security architecture, which is likely to prevail if there is an agreement. alright, has my bottom line for us in moscow. thank you. ukraine is accused russia of carrying out what it calls a deliberate massacre in the town of butcher outside of cave. it's demanding new sanctions against moscow. video from butcher shows bodies in the streets and a hastily dug grave, contending others also denies targeting civilians and rejects allegations of war crimes. and a warning you may find some of the images insane. but travis report, disturbing. ukrainian forces have re taken the entire key region
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but russia's retreat comes at a high price. northwest of the capital, the city of boucher bears witness to the brutality of war. at least 20 people in civilian clothes left dead in the street. each scene a grim snapshot of the chaos and violence of their final moments, ukrainian se at the hands of russian forces. days earlier, the mayor of boucher announced the liberation of his town. do you know which one is going to march 30? first, we'll go down in the history of that community as the day of liberation and deliberation of our armed forces. ukraine from russian occupiers said today, i state that the stays joyful, joyful. and this is
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a great victory in the cave region, and we will definitely wait until there is a great victory all over ukraine. the joys of victory soon dampens by death. ukraine's general staff is warning future residents. russian forces, mind the city before they left, combat engineers worked to clear suspected mind areas. bodies remain where they fell, until it's safe to retrieve them. boots as mayor says, entire families were killed and nearly 300 people have been buried in a mass grave. not far from boot and the village of dmitri fca, west of keys, the remains of russian soldiers killed in fierce fighting there. left in the st. janasia grain in the north of the country occupies continued to retreat slowly, but noticeably in the east the situation remains extremely difficult. russian troops are moving to dom bus and towards cock eve,
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they are preparing new strikes. we are preparing an ever more active defense as ukrainians begin to occupy and clear recaptured areas. what happened in boucher ukrainians? fear could be the 1st of many instances of community shattered by this war zane basra. the older 0, levine paid him or had on the news are including music, fireworks and an audience of thousands. frances president rallies his support is his polls tight in the head of the election class. guns on the streets will have more on the advice. israel's prime minister has given people master a series of fatal attacks and in thorn 5 years on from his last top level of parents. this former nfl quarterback says he still has hopes of making a comeback. ah,
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boxed on opposition is challenging a decision to dissolve parliament and hold a new election in the next 90 days. the supreme court is hearing a petition. i thought that thought, if we go from there, somebody who came after no confidence motion against prime minister iran con was dismissed without a vote. the deputy speaker says the motion was part of a plot by what he calls foreign powers. the opposition believes that had the numbers to asked con i some have been j as in islamabad. and earlier he spoke to but our bhutto chairman of the pucks on people's party. he said avoiding a no confidence motion amounted to a qu by the prime minister. that's my son goes into this political crisis. the opposition says the only route that it has available is via the supreme court are focused on and that is the chairman of the bypass on people's body from the coalition. which is, it says that it has the numbers in the parliament and they are going to defeat him
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. wrong. hon. according to the constitution of bikes on thank you very much for speaking to a little bit delayed. all right, tell us, isn't it correct? course of action to go for an election. why is your position against it? no one's against lectures. in fact, the whole reason that we proven okay. confidence cancel. mr. com is that the opposition believes that 2018 elections were heavily compromise. and in order to go to a new election, free and fair elections, we 1st had to remove vista and then conduct electoral reforms and all of our demand was this that we have for the election. who mr. hahn is done today is not only unconstitutional, it's a good time. the constitution of pakistan does, has one legitimate democratic means to remove the prime minister as to our constitution does not allow for a, for them to not hold voting today on the,
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on the no continent motions as our constitution does not allow the speaker to promote the session, as they have done, our constitution does not allow the president of pakistan to try and dissolve the assemblies well enough over the solution to spending. so all that is done today is not to force a free and fair election is to force an unfair election to create a constitutional crisis. and as i said, it's a good time to we challenge in the supreme court. and we have expectations of the supreme court according to the rules of the national assembly of pakistan after the speaker in the deputy speaker, there's a panel of chairman on the panel of chairman was on the speaker. yes, i think so. who wants the deputy speaker left took over the check and continued on the voting for no confidence. so the jew is opposition shows the people of pakistan and showed the world 195 people today voted in favor of our cons. paper of our motion and against him wrong in order to save himself from that defeat. and that
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embarrassment mister con, has run away from today's no confidence vote. but in doing so, he's broken on constitution. and what happens next, because this is a constitutional crisis in pakistan. the government says it's just all the assembly . you are going to go to the court. the people of pakistan, the man out in the street, they're confused on what is happening because the allegations are that the opposition has been paying money. they've been using force, they're using means, and also there's an international conspiracy to out in my hand. so what happens to policy runs defense is everything in the kitchen saying, he started with corruption, he ended up on foreign conspiracy and i'm sure there's going to be a listening of other things that, that add on to this for the people to box fund. know the facts that know that in 201320188 grave injustice was committed to people to pakistan when our elections, when it rains, when no, no party enjoyed an equal playing a equal playing field. and the people who boxed on the scene for 3 is the prime minister to die of named the prime minister to select conduct himself and then on
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democratic men of the people to pakistan. believe in democracy the people of pakistan want out of this crisis. this is a crisis of iran plans on making an in charlotte or the united oppositional work together. we won't allow ron to be successful in the school and we will take the people to parks. this is their role for the military here. are you afraid that this could lead to a military coup? and what is the role of the military has been inhabitant? when you say selected, it is implied that it is by this selected to select terms meant to elude exactly as it does. and i think what is important to note with, which is the establishment and all institution of box ones. this no confidence motion and opposition pro came forth. they've taken the decision to be a political and our constitution on our law demands that such institutions remain a political. this is a welcome decision, just as i will stand up before you before the people of pakistan, contend condemn,
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anyone who was violating the constitution. i should also support and welcome those that do that work within the constitutional and legal framework. and thus far that has happened. in fact, mr. hans complaint is mr. con doesn't want to free and fair elections. mr. con doesn't want to democratic works. he wants to pakistan when he gets true by theat, and he is supported, undemocratic, to continue with the people who parks from to allow it to the dory. thank you very much. favorite speakers with that you go that the chairman of the box on people's body and telling us his view, they are going to the court. in the next few hours, there is expected to be some movement on this, please to try and settle this constitutionally. but as of now august on stands at a constitutional crisis where there is a government, according to the opposition. and the assemblies as stand is old by the rule of the
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by the, by the order or the president of opposition and pays and tra, lanka have defied a. a curfew to march and the capital and demand, the president stepped down. oh, the government plan stated emergency on to bind and demonstrations of worsening economic crisis. it's banned or public gatherings and blocked. social media for testers are angry about severe shortages of food feel and medicines. when our fernandez is in colombo, the opposition samaya, john of oliver gaze, who you see members are just behind me here at this barricade that is preventing protested from going towards independence square. the sort of monument of independence here, interlocked. as you can see, there's basically a bank of police, there's military and so special task force, ah personnel that are behind the line over here, these barricades have been constructed right across the road. all entry points, preventing and blocking off the independent square. and it's gotta go home, that's
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a rallying cry, obviously of the opposition. but even among the ordinary sri, lankan who are trying to organize to come together despite the 36, our co fuel that the government has announced our there are attempts for them to come together. that is just on the outskirts of colombo in a place called mariama. ordinary people have come together to protest despite the coffee and our batting in mind that the government has really brought in all its arsenault to try and prevent these protests from happening. they have brought in a state of emergency. they have put in a curfew. they brought in an extraordinary gas at an additional one, preventing people from gathering in public places recreational grounds. but despite all of that, the anger and the frustration that has being heard throughout the country seems to be drowning out all those efforts. and people are keen for their voices to be heard . french president manuel corn has held his 1st election rally just days before the
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1st round of voting. all show a tight race between macolon and far right. rival marine the pen and hunt about le reports from dante in the western suburbs of paris. emanuel macro wants to win his 2nd term as francis president. and for now, opinion polls suggest that he's likely to succeed at a pact stadium outside paris macro held the 1st rally of his campaign. the centrist leader promised more jobs tax cuts. and to continue with his pro e u agenda. the something we're a european nation and proud to be one. we are no one's vassals. oh we pursue politics and diplomacy that it independently. we talk to everyone all the time. that's what we do. francis ro is not to give in to divisions that parallel. it's and i see that god off my call said that these are challenging times the past 5 years of certainly tested his ability to handle
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a crisis. his diplomatic efforts over ukraine have played out well with most french voters as has his management of the cove. it pandemic is government injected billions of dollars into the economy to protect businesses of jobs. they gave it ukraine. he's managed it all well, calmly. we can't complain and he will, when are you going to book us for future we are living in catastrophic times. i call it the war. he's a fur president. these leave left. all right, but in the middle, and that's exactly what we need right now. and the price is going to wait for now, but a reason days. why? oh neither. mm hm. as close the gap, why? thank you. good, good to say i was to live in good news. yeah. energy is not a luxury or a waste but a basic necessity. so as i proposed as far back as september, all lower tax on fuel heating, oil, gas, and electricity, the pen focused on rising prices is selected the spotlight from anti immigration
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and t. islam agenda and white and repeal. but still manly. say it's unlikely to be enough for a victory for if i could believe my con, social, and economic track record the scene is pretty poor by some french people. but he's benefiting from what we call the raleigh around the flank effect went different part of society support a leader at the time of grave international crisis. one week before the 1st round and francis election seems likely to be a re run of the 2017 race in which is 2nd round between macro and the pin. pitts interests politics against writing populism. cash butler just there are not pub. francis is called for more compassion to refugees during a trip to malta. head of the roman catholic church spent a 2nd and final day on the mediterranean island, with a visit to the grotto of saint paul to europe,
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to give the same welcome to migrants and refugees as malta gave to the shipwrecked disciples. time after check of the weather, his chorus, how low they will start in south america, and to renshaw, rain across eastern areas of brazil, his course widespread flooding and triggered land slides in the south of rio de janeiro state. no, many towns and cities have been flooded by those downpours and we are going to see the rain continue here in one of the towns parity. we saw 6 months of rain for in just 24 hours. that's going to be a bit of a wash out of a week for thow palo as well. a severe storms rolling up brought on by a cold front, pushing out east out of argentina. now behind it, we are going to see temperatures recover in places like by here, blanca and for santiago in chile, it's dryer down in the south, but up in the north we are going to see the thunder re downpours pickup rolling across northern areas of brazil and very what, whether it's comfort guy. the guy enters and soren um now was moved to central
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america. it's looking pretty wet for panama and costa rica, but for much of the caribbean, it's sunshine and scattered, shout lots of hot and why conditions for mexico. quite a bit of cloud in the south with some rain, but a lot of heat up in the north. and that heat pushes up into the deep south of the u . s. though we will have some severe storms rolling in by sunday. still head on al jazeera, political outside of asked to shake up the system in costa rica. the voters go to the polls and a presidential election runoff must have been dependent on animals for thousands of use. how the climate crisis is dramatically affecting livelihoods in somalia. and in sports with andy, 12 point clear real madrid or riding high at the top in spain. ah,
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lou ah, ah, a reminder of our top stories that are questions defense ministry says it's miss. all strikes have destroyed an oil refinery and 3 fuel storage facilities in odessa . ukraine's naval headquarters is in the port city. disturbing footage has emerged from the ukrainian town of butcher near kia, showing the bodies of civilians lying in the streets. rushing voices recently withdrew from the town. ukraine says his forces have now retaken the entire key of region. orchestra opposition, news, challenging a decision to hold a new election in the next 90 days. supreme court is hearing
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a petition to pakistan's president, dissolved parliament people and hungry, accosting their ballots in an election, overshadowed by the war and neighboring ukraine. prime minister victor or bond is a close ally of russian president vladimir putin and was hoping to extend his 12 year tub opposition. parties have come together to put up a single candidate. so let's go live out to andrew simmons who is in the capital budget, hip budapest, as years or how close to we think this is as, as a contest. will it look about a month back? it was almost too close to coal up in thick to all band has made a lot of ground up. and that's because he's been using the ukraine war, possibly to his own advantage when it was the opposite reverse case a month ago. and he's actually been suggesting that he is for peace because he is actually making sure that he doesn't get involved in the conflict. doesn't allow
4:33 pm
nato or to send any aid to the country from his territory. and so therefore, he's taking that at that actual angle and he's trying to reduce the heavy criticism he's received for having such as close relationship with vladimir putin. so that's the way he's been approaching it. the opposition for the 1st time is united and has been trying to gain ground and it's become well quite popular. certainly the biggest challenge yet to all benz position peter maki xiii is leading an alliance of 6 opposition parties. they don't all agree on policy, but they're united in one aim to bring down hunger as prime minister victor all by marcus i is telling his people that all been has split the country. he's made his close supporters, rich, and he's moving more towards the autocracy of russia and his friend president vladimir putin,
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rather than abiding by the use rule of law. the war in ukraine dominates this campaign. mark is i want to back later when the you in helping ukraine with military aid. but all been is telling his people, the opposition wants to join the war. that is happening right. but old man has been doing this forever. i would say that he has a little bit is that of protecting the nation, protecting the country. he has always me in the backing the opposition for 12 years or that has been waging war on everybody, homosexuals there to be. think you came in in the roma migrant left this brussels or man has been meeting more forever. he's been serving coatings in with monkeys. i is from the provincial town of hot mess of asher hay, where he organized a national movement to unify political parties. peter marking sy is hardly a high profile politician. his mare of a town known mostly for its unusually long name. he isn't a member of parliament. he doesn't belong to a political party yet. he's posing the biggest threat yet to victor alba and the 2
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men do have one thing in common though. they're both conservative or band disputes that he brands marcie zion, his alliance as left wing, the little mama on the left thinks that ukraine fights are wall. this is what the leader of our opponents said word for word that ukraine fights are war. this is a mistake. this is not our walk in this war. we cannot gain anything but can lose everything as now mom he hobbled past all been tells his people, he'll keep them safe and throws in sweetness. tax cuts kept petal prices and securing russian gas supplies on ukraine. the government says its welcomed woman, half a 1000000 of its refugees, more than any other european country of its size. that claim is described as misleading though by at least one human rights organization, saying most of the refugees are in transit. oh,
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on the eve of voting mach, his eyes staged his final push to try to buck the trend of opinion polls giving all been an increasing lead. oh, but whatever the opposition says they struggle to dissuade many hungarians from seeing all been as a strong figure of stability in dangerous times and to the having criticisms of how fair these elections ah, what can it has on that front? well, i can tell you that the organization for security and cooperation in europe, the o. s. c. e has the biggest team of observers, yet. that's a visit hungary to look at the elections in 2018. it came back with a scathing report which said that the elections were free, but entirely unfair, partly because of a redrawing the match the constituents isn't was in favor of fit as the ruling
4:37 pm
party. also, the media was under control of the government through various devious means. owners of private, so tv stations are influencing the policy of newsrooms. also, the government itself, upon making appointees of regulatory regulatory bodies really in favor of the government. furthermore, the actual election process itself should limit funding that should be kept on funding for political parties, but that doesn't happen. the government spends immense amounts on an election campaigning and the, the opposition parties are canada for small amounts. furthermore, the exposure to tv that the campaigning on tv, the actual exposure that the election, the opposition gets, is minimal. 5 minutes of air time has been given to this of 6,
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a 6 party opposition or in this election. that is quite extraordinary. so getting the message out is been really a huge problem for the opposition getting that message out, which, which actually it pulls, pulls a whole approachable band to democracy into question at the very credible observance of what's going on here. describe this government, the jaime, this dash will assembly control by the fit as party as being the only undemocratic administration in the european union. and she's in miss efferson, but a pass. thank you. elections are being held in serbia versus a designing whether president alexander voted should have a 2nd term. as in hungary, the election lee damp has been dominated by russia invasion of ukraine. footage has campaigned on promises of peace and stability. elections are choosing the president,
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parliament and local authorities in the capital boundaries are correspondent brianna sienna ventures. in belgrade, she says, is the closest race the country has seed in years. the men issues for these elections, for the ruling party will g. it's party which has been marking a decade of ruling in serbia, is to stay de rolling party and for its president to stay the president in the 2nd term of elections. so for the opposition, which are likely to remind will boy quit to the last elections that were held in june 2020 is to come inside the institutions, especially in belgrade. they see belgrade as their chance to, to have something saying in belgrade in the capital of belgrade, these elections that have been in, let me see in a shadow, because of the rushes invasion on ukraine as you know. so being government voted for un resolution condemning the invasion, but did not impose sanctions on russia. and as for the opposition,
4:40 pm
they have like they have been divided. for example, we have those who are in favor in favor of imposing sanctions towards russia and those who are actually organizing actually organized protests supporting russia and condemned in ukraine. so after due elections because serbia is a candidate for your membership, we will see what will happen if serbia will have some pressures in order to impose sanctions or it will stay. a some of the countries that did not impose sanctions on russia but condemned invasions on your cri. at least 6 people have been killed and another 9 injured in a shooting in the us state of california. had happened to the all that early hours of sunday in a busy area of the state capital sacramento police closed surrounding roads. no information has yet been released about the victims or any suspects. an explosion
4:41 pm
in the center of the afghan capital cobble has injured at least 20 people thought clear what caused the blast inside a market where money changes were working. no one immediately came. responsibility . exposure was the 1st months in afghan capital. israel's prime minister has told civilians to carry guns in the streets. it follows 3 fatal attacks in the past 2 weeks. john holman, is in west rue slim. there's a fair amount of talk and tension on the streets of wish to resume right now. and that's after a couple of weeks in which 11 people have been killed in israel in separate attach . you can actually see the security forces that they're behind us. there have been more security that have been put out on the streets to try and deal with that as the israeli government braces itself for more to come. there were 3 members of islamic jihad that were killed by israeli security forces just this friday. so they are expecting more danger, more tension during this period,
4:42 pm
but it's not just security forces that occurring guns here. the countries prime minister, has actually said that his rabies, that have weapons permits, should be going out with their weapons as well. mom and confirming him as well. what's expected of his railey citizens, alertness and responsibility. keep your eyes open and the one who has had gone license, now's the time to carry it. such an uptick in the amount of people that are requesting weapons licenses. right now, it went from just thousands a day before the attacks to more than a 1000 off the display of attacks is really indicative of a country that is worried right now. and the government said that they're going to be on high alert, at least until the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan, and possibly a service still along the line. an explosion at a nightclub and as a by john has killed at least one person more than 30 others were injured in the
4:43 pm
capital box. most our hospital with a gas leak has been blamed and there's no car favorite in costa rica where voting is underway. and a runoff election. people are choosing between the former president jose maria, forget us, and political outsider, rigo chavez, who's promising to shake up the political system to raise about reports. it's considered to be the most stable country in central america, famous for its beautiful beaches and environmental protection. but in the past years, poverty and unemployment had been on the rice. the pandemic had a devastating impact on the vital tourism sector. something that most people are hoping a new president will be able to reverse. oh, come your call from florida. the next president should change everything because we are very poor. there's nothing here. so i hope that from here on, in whoever wins fights for this country, because we're costa ricans, we have to, oh, voters will elect a new president the sunday,
4:44 pm
in what many say is the most polarized campaign in years, they'll be choosing between former center left president jose maria figures who is promising to revive the economy, protect minority rights and the environment. we're going to focus on the issues that are most important and for us, of course, the main one is the revival of the economy and the creation of job opportunities in this country. he face his conservative rodeo chavez, a former world bank employee who promises to fight corruption and has based his campaign on attacking traditional politics in the country. he's promising to clean the house. ah, where do we have a 75 your party that only now talks about corruption. it took them so long to realize that corruption is the worst because of stealing from the people. both candidates are surrounded in controversy. former president figures faced
4:45 pm
accusations of corruption while he was in office. and chavez was accused of sexual harassment while working at the world bank. they look as of the group shown there. the accusations of corruption against his party are real. and all these years we've seen mares and other politicians involved and scandals. with chavez, there was an investigation by the will bank and he had to resign marines sanctions from the will bank. both candidates deny the allegations. many voters here think the candidates and offer are the worst choice they could have. and the hope is that whoever wins will be able to bring back economic growth. there is, i will, i'll see, to somalia is in the group of its worst route in 40 years is particularly bad. the 5000000 some oddities who make a living herding animals. welcome, where pulse from ga cable. we found her dear mohammed cry dear, and her daughter i am sitting under a tree waiting for rain. she was told some rain fell 400 kilometers from here. so
4:46 pm
spent weeks walking there with a goats, but didn't find any posture. so she walked back. most of a livestock died on the way she yeah. like we depended on the livestock because we would eat them and sell them, but that is no more. our priority now is finding water. some people are drinking salt water and it's giving them diarrhea. we need fresh water and food as now we cannot eat or sell the livestock because they are very weak. her dear is one of more than 5000000 people affected by the drought in somalia. about a 3rd of the population. many of them are herders who move around with their animals following rains and seeking posture, camels and the go county this. so what's happened to most of the bushes here after the last 3 rainy seasons have failed. and so this is what happens to many of the animals and the animals that enable people to live in this dry environment. the,
4:47 pm
even at the best of times is difficult to survive in the plains across waste, a herd as move where they are animals, a dry as far as the i can see and is the same in parts of the country where people greg crops to major rivers in the south have dried up the surrounding areas used to be known as the bread basket of somalia. people here say it's the 1st time this has happened in living memory. near the dry river, we met up durham anew, abraham. the river used to water his crops. he's joined the hundreds of thousands of people moving into camps after their farms failed, an animals died. he's 70 years old and lived through several drowns, including severe ones in 20112017. but he says none have been as bad as this. then the drought happened d, b, as in the past, people fed to deliver for water, but now very, very dry all the way from the border to the see. many of those displaced by the
4:48 pm
past routes are still in the camps. when able to restart, their farms will restock their herds. to un says people in rural somalia are among the least able to cope with changing climate. following 30 years of conflict, climate change is directly related to the drought that we are witnessing now. the frequency of those climatic shock is and are increasing people who live in rural areas. their capacity to recover from the shocks, easy, extremely, extremely challenging because because of the frequency of the shock back in the north, the herd is he's animals have died and moving into camps. 2 people have survived here, hurting animals for thousands of years. as the droughts become more frequent and more severe is not clear if their way of life can continue or how they will survive . malcolm web al jazeera galka somalia attacks on crypto currencies has come
4:49 pm
into effect and india, the country is one of the highest number of crypto investors in the world. well, the initial enthusiasm, maybe a decline, is the front of reports from new delhi. these crazy has made tens of thousands of dollars investing and trading and crypto currency over the past 4 years. but the 24 year old is selling at least half of all has digital assets before new taxes on them come into effect. from april. investors will have to pay 30 percent tax on sales of crypto currencies and won't be able to offset any losses from one against profits from another. so that's how i would be managing, introducing exposure and getting more interest, often for the reducing the volume of trades that i am doing daily. and probably we will be seeing that increased to extend that india we will be seeing or decrease in volume because the part bosses is pretty soon the same introduction of the central governance has a major increase in crypto currency. transactions has made it essential to impulse taxes. there are around $25000000.00 india to own crypto currency with up to
4:50 pm
$10000000000.00 worth of assets being traded every month. the average investor is just 24 years old and must have a portfolio of $650.00 to $1500.00. the founder of india largest trading exchange says it doesn't make sense to impose the highest tax bracket regardless of earnings. that are, that certain amount that you all in, in a year is not active at all. you don't have to be back. but if you are needing and then you make a profit back and you still have to be and i told you, but which is the highest level. and that's something open for a lot of be. but put a plan and i got a good job began investing and crypto currency when he was at university in 2016, the 23 year olds day job is running, have families carpet business. but all of his earnings are invested in crypto
4:51 pm
currencies. he's not happy about the high taxes but relieved. the government isn't bad in crypto currency after it indicated last year that it would. am i seeing that in in bottom 1st step? ah, am i happy about them? no, i'm obviously not like happy with some of the particular things by these we should like regard back in december, every one was dead shorter. this is going are they gonna force liquidation from all exchanges and vents is going to banish and back didn't happen. many others agree with rock evans say the taxes are too high and could push investors and businesses and to moving their assets to countries with more favourable tax laws. but they also agree they're better than an outright ban. elizabeth per annum al jazeera new delhi started off his bought his andy, thank you so much. kim. well, austria have won the women's cricket world cup, beating england by 71 runs in the fondling. cross church is the 7th time they've lifted the trophy as lawrence smith reports. these 2 nations had one all but one of
4:52 pm
the previous 11 world cups. so it was a fitting clash to decide who would be well champions in 2022 england who were defending the title, put australia into bat, and it was the decision laid regret opener. elisa haley dispatched the bowling attack all around the hugley oval and england. mister charles is to stop her when they came. she would go on to sco a $170.00 the highest individual total ever in either a women's or men's world cup final. even when hailey was eventually dismissed, the damage had been done. australia making a sizeable 356 for 5 in their 50 ovals. and they quickly had england on the back foot when megan shut took the early wickets of danny wyatt. not civil ed to fight back. she'd go on to score a century, finishing and beaten on a $148.00. but the wickets were falling at the other end. jess jonah said
4:53 pm
with a smart catch to remove kate cross. england were bowed out for 285 in reply, and the celebrations could start when jonas and sure. and your srp so ah, a comprehensive victory by $71.00 rooms, 9. winston 9 games in the tournament and australia regained their place as one day women's. well, champions, for the 7th time, you probably couldn't answer anything more. i'm to, i guess, to get sent in to baton and to put a huge title on the board. i'm really proud of our batting unit. i thought we've done some amazing things this whole, this whole tournament, so i'm to be able to do it one more time on, on the biggest stage was pretty impressive. it's been a massive build up to this tournament. it's been a long time coming. my fell, i provided a hell of a long time and, and to come out and, and perform so well through the whole tournament. to be honest is, is pretty amazing and i think we deserve victory today. you're straight into 13 of the last 5 tournaments for the 7th time astray until it will capture and not destroy into the t 20 woke up. so i don't really think i'm home soil few years ago,
4:54 pm
lawrence, me out here in tennessee gets through on suckers, rounded off an incredible few weeks by capturing the miami open seidel the polish by dropping just for games in this final against army. i soccer surround sex 7. see match winning run is what a back to back type is in the us. the 20 year old under the full women's flat to complete what's known as naep, the sunshine, double us winds at miami, indian wells. swales. what will also be the new? well, number one, when the rankings are updated on monday. my dad, my sister, my whole family who i know had been watching a couple either gonna join me soon and finally travel a bit cuz i want i want them here also having his minds with me after a busy period of woke up qualifying and internationals domestic football competitions have returned and the english premier league manchester city remain the same to catch. they want to know it, but only written down in the relegation zone. kevin de brian gave the champions an
4:55 pm
early lead brought the one i did a 2nd before. the one point click to return it, and i will have to go there we go, live, to have kept the pressure the sooner when over struggling. what put it on field? got your 20 as of goal of the season, giving live to believe there's a likely being to wrap up the victory. liverpool traveled to manchester city next sunday. in spain, rome should have taken another big step towards the league title cream benjamin school. 2 penalties missed one as well in the ceiling. pictures of the vega puts around 12 points clear at the top of the table thus before sundays, meeting between the closest rivals severe and barcelona. now jimmy bon munich played around 17 seconds of the league when it friday with 12 men on the page, followed a bit of a mix up during a substitution here. and the writing champ is now face with punishment. legal say
4:56 pm
it's possible this for one victory. could be our return. now form and a phone call to the colon company insist he is still capable of leading. it seems to the super bowl. the 34 year old hasn't played in the late 2016, but here is again showing of his skills in front of and of health scouts. this time in michigan catholic roast international prominence during its time at the san francisco 49 is what they protested against racial injustice by kneeling during the national. and one of the questions that my agent kept getting was, was banned 5 years. can he still play? so we want to make sure that we come out, we show everyone i could still play, they'll throw it. and really just looking for oper, do it opportunity for a door to open, to have that be a pathway to be able to get back in there. get a starting job in need. his team to a championship,
4:57 pm
one of basketballs most legendary coaches is called time on his career. mike shasky was hoping to win one more elite college title before his retirement is g. t mobile base him by north carolina and the semi fine of the n. c double i. championship shasky lead the u. s. to 3000000 pixels also coast his country to to well championships. i wanted my seasons to end or by team was either crying, tears of joy or cheers of sorrow, because then you knew that they gave everything and i had a walker room filled with guys who were crying. and it's a beautiful site. it's not the site that i would lot i'd want the other that it's a side that i re weigh respect and makes me understand just how good this group was . okay. plenty most both throughout the day, but that is how we're looking for. thank you. vandy. let said for me,
4:58 pm
kim vanelle for this news. all don't go away though. we'll be back in just a moment to find him all the days. there's see thanks bye bye. ah. amid the ongoing ukraine, russia were some neighboring countries in a russian attack on that soil. do you take that as a serious possibility of, of russia? i think there is serious possibility and option said continue. if you would like to do it out in the deputy foreign minister and jablonsky challenges, era nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world . hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crofts, people. this entry of those sounds of dwindled. a handful of businesses struggling on, but hearing that splashes of color shows signs of a fight. resigns obese, done, he decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with
4:59 pm
a mission. me and another person opens the work that he was taught here organically and open. my young palestinian israeli designers and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier artists to let them mark once. there were 450 businesses operating in the old city. now there are just 50 the old cities always be in the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because the city still have very much power. on counting the cost with europe facing the threat of a gas, please can africa fail? the gas ukraine was the economy, power, country coping, and you move to pad, big tech dominant. will there new regulation? what? counting the cost on al jazeera ah,
5:00 pm
in knowledge is here. with every oh ah fire and smoke rise above odessa pumps the ukrainian poor city is hit by russian missiles. ah hi there can vanelle, this is al, jazeera ly from dall ha. also coming up. pakistan's prime minister around con is accused of defying the constitution of the side stepping into a confidence motion, and parliament hungary prime minister victor or bon face is a tough challenge from a united.


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