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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2022 6:00am-6:30am AST

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on al jazeera, ah the un cool trump independent investigation after russia's accused of committing war crimes in ukraine. ah, alarm darn jordan. this is al jazeera, alive from dell are also coming up. who is prime minister of victor alba unsecure. is another term in office declaring victory in some days election rank as entire cabinet resigns as a country grapples with its worst economic crisis and decades plus fuel designs with your music facility to tell our story. ukrainian president vladimir lensky
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appeals to the music industry for support during the granular, lose more disturbing footage is emerging out of ukraine of the violence potentially committed by russian troops as they withdrew from positions near the capital. a warning some of the following images are distressing. a mexican broadcaster has captured these scenes and at a pin which is on the outskirts of keys. it shows the dead bodies of what appeared to be civilians lying in houses, alleyways and fields. extensive damage is also been cause to buildings in the area . well, there were similar scenes in the nearby town of boucher, also close to keys. ukraine has accused russia of carrying out a deliberate masika there. harrowing footage of bodies in sibley and clothing lying in the streets, a sparked outrage around the world. ukraine's government says it has evidence of war crimes and is calling for tougher sanctions on moscow. where the killings are alleged have taken place as russia pull its troops back from key towns may the
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capital officials in boots or say around 300 civilians were killed. many buried in mass graves, with some showing signs of torture. russia denies the accusations moscow's now repositioning its forces for increased attacks in the south and east of ukraine. out as a resume on con reports. now after visiting butcher. we wouldn't it seems of absolute destruction in the outskirts of boucher. but as we went in the scene go worse and worse, particularly for the residents that were returning there the 1st time that they'd seen what happened to their homes. but the ukrainian politicians are using 2 very key terms at the moment to describe what's happening in boucher and in ukraine. the 1st one is genocide. they say that this is a genocide. now genocide is very specific legal term, but the ukrainians are using this as a very a motive term. the 2nd one is war crimes. are they saying that they will try and prosecute russia for the atrocities that are being committed in ukraine?
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let's take a closer look, but before we do, i just want to say that this report contains graphic images right from the very beginning. most bodies have been removed and the ones that are left have yet to be picked up. each has to be photographed and documented the dead. a silent witnesses to what happened here. and what is alleged to have happened is russian soldiers attacking civilians are fleeing the city. he shall oh, brother drawer. he went to get some one. when all of a sudden they started shooting, they hit him a bit above the hill, crushing the bone, and he fell down. the chute shouted, don't scream or i will shoot us. then the shut off his left leg completely. then they shot him in the chest and another shot when slightly below the temple it was a control shot to the head. don't know, he. the mayor of ki, visited boucher to show solidarity and express anger. is genocide, genocide of ukraine,
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m population more than sure. as the people in russia in the russian government had to pay for their baneful prize officials or gathering evidence and will submit their findings that may well form the basis of a war crimes investigation. you'll also be able to watch the shows and movies news because i was here today. we finally have opportunity to reduce that of what happened and hearing all this view become evidence in our case, give is corey in the outskirts of beecher russian forces shelled houses. the residency there were effectively held hostage with zulu them. the russians broke into our house is in, took him over. they told us not to go out at night on the main road leading into butcher. this rushing convoy of heavily armored vehicles lies completely destroyed . it stands testament to the ferocity of the fight. the town was retaken by ukrainian forces on the 31st of march. it's only now the what happened here can be
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documented. so far the municipality has found $300.00 bodies. but as they searched the town, that figure could rise much higher. i've counted at least 10 dead bodies down this road. they're waiting to be picked up the we taken to the morgue. well, they'll be recorded and eventually even picked up perhaps by their loved ones. although the bodies will be removed from this road, the scars that this town is feeling will take a lot longer to heal. as will the clean up, gregory tries to sweep away some of their debris, but it's almost futile. he tries anyway, but the scale of destruction is simply too much. now, president vladimir zalinski has also been speaking. he had a message to france, his our cozy and germany's merkel. he basically said, ah, ukraine wants to invite merkel and sa cosy to come to boucher and to see what 14 years of concessions to russia looks like he's referencing there. the fact that
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europe reply relies on gas supplies from russia also went on to say that he wants this, once russia's leaders to see what their orders have done in ukraine. so lots of very strong language. lots of very emotive terms coming out there from present. vladimir select zalinski, and as we see more and more entrust his more and more of the effects of war coming to light over the next coming days, expect that language to get stronger rushes defense minister says ukraine's accusations are unfounded, and all its military units left butcher 4 days before the footage was released, ashley hall, barbara has more now for moscow, there's been a statement from the russian ministry of defense dismissing the report about must murder in butcher. they say that the food is coming out from a provocation. and they also said in a statement that when they took over the butcher,
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people were given access to leave. the area include including tours north towards barrows. they also say that their forces left bullshit on the 30th of march, and that before that the ukrainians were to blame for massive shelling of the southern outskirts of butcher. and i have to say that since the start of the military operations of russians have been saying that the, facing an unprecedented misinformation disinformation war and they have been accusing the west. the americans for deflecting the attention on the core issues of russia has been dealing with. they say that we've been telling them that we have a huge concern about the military situation and in ukraine. but those parties were incomplete denial about realities on the ground. while the killings and boots have provoked global outrage, the 2nd general of the united nations is called an independent inquiry into the
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depths. my kind of report from washington d. c. the images emerging from the town of boucher have central ripples of shock and revulsion around the globe. indeed this is genocide appearing on us network ukraine's president cited them as yet more proof that russia is conducting a campaign of genocide. we are the citizens of ukraine, and we don't want to be subdued to the policy of the russian federation. this is the reason we are being destroyed and exterminated, and this is happening in the europe of the 21st century. so this is the torture of the whole nation. and president lensky later delivered this message in a televised address of hundreds of people, tortured to death, shot, peaceful people, bodies on streets, minds around houses, and even dead bodies everywhere looting, concentrated evil came to our country, murderers, rapists, robbers,
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looters that call themselves an army. and they all deserve the death penalty after what they've done. russia's aggression, us secretary of state, described the images as a punch to the gut, since the aggression we've come out and said that we believe that russian forces have committed war crimes. and we've been working to, to document that to provide the information that we have to the relevant institutions and organizations that will put all of this together. and there needs to be accountability for the reaction of the u. s. western allies was summed up by the german chancellor, the modern, fancy list miss, antique sub russia. the murder of civilians is a war crime. we must relentlessly investigate these crimes committed by the russian armed forces. i demand that international organizations, such as the international committee of the red cross, be given access to these areas, to document the atrocities and the perpetrators, and those in charge of the must be held accountable. listen, so i can shop consulting. the issue of accountability is echoed in the statement by
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the un secretary general. i'm deeply shocked by the images of civilians killed in boucher ukraine. he says it's essential. ready that an independent investigation leads to effective accountability. in his interview, president lensky also called for increased sanctions, but added that what was even more important was formal security guarantees from the u. s. in particular, the secretary of state. so sanctions are continually being reviewed and if necessary, tightened. but the by that administration has been silent on the issue of written security guarantees. and that will be a matter for discussion at the white house in coming days. as well as in congress. mike hannah jazeera washington mino, russian missiles of targeted the southern port city of a desa, which houses ukraine's main naval base. russia says it destroyed an oil refinery
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and fuel storage facilities. used by ukraine's military. desa is a focus of moscow with its forces, tried to cut ukrainian troops off from black sea. stephanie deca has more from the village in western ukraine. i have been preparing for weeks. this is the 1st significant attack canada saw at the fuel depot. it is in line of rushes strategy. they've been doing this in several cities across the country. they're been rocket fired adolescent. we've also seen those air defense, red tracer fire in the sky against them pretty much on a nightly basis. but this is the 1st time they've hit it. now the russians say this is because those fuel depots are being used to resupply troops. and nikolai of nikolai, of the city around 200 kilometers away and that the ukrainians have managed to keep the russian ground forces from taking. and that is the last front line, really when it comes to the russians and moving on to odessa, usually strategic, it's ukraine's biggest port. and if they manage,
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then to get that entire southern part, they would cut off ukraine from its entire access to the sea to the black sea into the as of sea. but it's been proving difficult in the beginning of this conflict. they were talking about a potential naval landing on the beaches of odessa. they have been heavily mind, but certainly all the military analysis points to if those ground troops don't get much closer to the city, that's not going to be possible. i think we're gonna have to wait and see if they're now going to step up the attacks on michel i have again to try to move forward. talk for a short break here now to 0. when we come back political limbo and pakistan prime minister inland. com dissolved parliament equals one who in action and sub if leader with the type of a warn ukraine is reelected warner. ah, ah,
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let's go with your weather story for the americas. hello, everyone. good to see it looks like severe weather threat continues texas oklahoma, right into arkansas. some of these storms could be severe and we've got downpours for florida, southern florida to be expected on monday as we side toward the north, unsettled conditions, great lakes into the northeast. but look at this swath of snow or the canadian province of nova scotia. this going to be a full out snow storm up to $25.00 centimeters expected. off to the west. we go a vigorous system here as well. so rain, wind and snow over the higher ground for british columbia into the pacific northwest. and that wet weather is now starting to drift further south into northern california. i stay though in los angeles with the hiv, 24 degrees, central america, thunder downpours in the forecast for costa rica and panama. and as we look at the top tier of south america, it's our usual storms coming. and going here though, to branch of rain and rio de janeiro stay triggered
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a landside that swept away 7 homes. and really not too far away from this area. we've got storms rumbling across, paraguay right into the southeast of brazil. this includes porter, a laker with a hive. 24 night. stay though in montevideo, coming in at 18 degrees. that's it. susan. ah, my name is sandra. i'm the foster. i'm in the county. can they do? yeah, we found out with a mechanic wash off. you will see that you said you've got like a baby. and i did as it will do specially limits on the can not think of my nigeria. we made a storm with my, my gear on our do their lou
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ah, welcome back. pick them out about top stories here at this hour. more disturbing. footages emerging out of ukraine. the violence potentially committed by russian troops as they withdrew from positions near the capitol. dead bodies of what appeared to be civilians were found lying in houses, alleyways and fields in her pin. and there was similar scenes in the nearby town of boucher also close to key ukraine has accused russia of carrying out a deliberate masika that it says as evidence of war crimes. but moscow denies the allegations. more explosions have been reported in the southern ukrainian port city of odessa, which was hit by russian missiles earlier. moscow says it destroyed and all refinery and 3 fuel storage facilities used by ukraine supplies troops. men,
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nikolai hungry as prime minister victor alban has declared victory in an election, overshadowed by the war in neighboring ukraine or bonds. a close ally of the russian president vladimir putin. an preliminary results give his party a comfortable majority in parliament, and just a bunch of ports from budapest to victor. alba, who likes to think of himself, is the strong man of his supporters are elated. whatever the overall thinking hunger is, voters have given their leader an overwhelming vote of confidence. i do you see on is in case we look pretty good. we've never looked as good as to night. we won a huge victory, but it can even be seen from the moon, but in brussels for sure. that last quit was aimed at the you all. bam is its biggest critic from within me, my dog, the leader of the opposition. peter marquis is i who had brought together 6 parties
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in the united alliance. it was a humiliating loss in his home town and an overall defeat for his alliance. that is no democrats in hungry. there is no free, i'm for action. regardless of the result. only weeks ago, opinion polls showed monkeys, isaac opposition, gaining support. the war in ukraine and all vans close relationship with russia's president, vladimir putin appeared to be negative factors. but the old man told voters they were safe with him. he wouldn't get involved in the war. nato and the e u may be giving military support, but they will be known from hungary. and so the only national assembly building in budapest remains dominated by albany. it stands as a symbol of defiance to the liberal policies of the e. u. and of all bands cooperation with russia and china for the european union. i think this will be a very heavy dilemma because if that would be alongside victoria and apparently it
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would be a length. and i think the question maybe posed better. the existence of semi also retiree and members faith in the european union. it's really just a temporary challenge, or that will be the new business as usual. on monday, a european team of observers will announce whether they view the election is free and fair. in the 2018 poll, they declare that wasn't fair amount may, will be the verdict this time. opposition parties will have been telling them that problems have included limits of access to the media. and government induced bias, probably the majority of news outlets. and so what caused this a power turnaround in all bands position that could be a number of factors inaccurate opinion post all by claiming that the opposition wanted hungary to join the war ukraine and perhaps more than any of the others. the fact that so many people wanted a trusted strong leader at
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a time of crisis. andrew simmons, i was era budapest. meanwhile, a neighboring serbia. the incumbent president has one reelection. during the campaign, president alexander bucetti tried walking a fine line by highlighting b as traditional ties with moscow are also voicing aspirations to join the you. engine monahan has looking ahead just 5 more years in power. serbian president alexander who held it when the historic victory don't. because we're the true. i'll be the serv, who's been in power in our country for the longest time. i'm not someone who's proud and proud of power, but i am humble in front of my people who made it possible for me with a trust booted, one decisively taking around 3 times the vote of his nearest rival. his ruling party also swept to victory and parliamentary elections. some in the opposition accused him of rigging the vote. booty accusing them of trying to do the same thing
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. despite admitting defeat this time, his main rival says a growing number of voters are ready for change. all these elections at the beginning of the end of the church, we will not be waiting for use for the next elections. at least parliamentary elections. we will not and cannot betray serbian citizens who stood up to day masses of people matters of young people spilled to the streets and polling stations, but looming over the entire fare with the shadow of the war and ukraine. the russian invasion happened just days in the election campaign, while his rivals pledged to combat corruption. it was booty just promises of stability and neutrality that may have tipped things in his favor. let him know that nama, we believe that we face many challenges, but that the most important thing for service is to have good relations in the region to continue with european path on the other hand. but at the same time, not to ruin its ties with traditional friends, serbia has long been
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a traditional ally of russia. but it also wants good relations with the west, as aspires to membership of the european union that made its foreign policy a difficult balancing act. serbia joined un resolution condemning the russian invasion, but so far it's refused to impose any sanctions. this window is closing, i don't think in europe, you can really have a very good relations with russia in the same time putting further where you integration. so he would be really tempted to change that policy, and that would be a huge pressure for me. you, our economy is actually basically completely dependent on only you to hold on power seem secure for now, but is international position is more precarious. russia and the west are more divided than at any time in recent history. and for serbia, it may grow increasingly difficult to resist taking a side than smaller than al jazeera israeli forces of arrested 10 palestinians.
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what they're calling, rioting, and attacking officers, scuffled broke out outside the musket gate and occupied east jerusalem. late on sunday, palestinian red crescent says, 1150 flank as cabinet ministers have resigned. all mass falling an outbreak of protests against the government's handling of an unprecedented economic crisis. the prime minister still remains in the job though, as does his brother, the president, the government's running extremely low on foreign cash reserves and is struggling to import basic goods under chappelle referrals. yes. across the island, a sudden brown's willoughby opposition to the roger pox of family and what's widely seen as a man made crisis. protestors defied a government curfew on sunday, prompting. she longed has entire cabinet to resign. all 26 members except for the president good to by roger boxer and his brother, the former president. now prime minister ma hinder roger boxer. after declaring
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a 36 hour curfew. the government cut off social media to try and prevent these demonstrations in a suburb with candy. protestors. grievances were met with tear gas and water cannon, university students, professionals, mothers and children. all came out despite government orders. i knew it again. oh yeah, i don't, i will not. we would like to tell the government that whatever happened today bake on stop tens of thousands of people joining the struggle. it is a joke if the government pays, it can stop this people's protest by using barriers under tear gas or shooting and saw the economy is in tatters. it's the worst economic crisis in decades. people are angry at the sky, rocketing cost of living, increasing shortage of essential goods and rolling blackouts. the government is saddled with huge debts and dwindling reserves. the now limit its ability to bring in basic supplies. critic say mismanagement bad planning and corruption has aggravated the situation. we have tipped off upon basic rights. all right, to p o r i to, oh, energy. if you don't have paul the foam almost 16 hours
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a day and now there's no gas. there's no petro, there is nothing to eat. there is no medicine. what can we do? if this can, you will have to jump into the sea. with frustrations boiling over and protestors attempting to storm his home, president roger pucker assumed emergency powers and briefly blocked access to whatsapp and other messaging services to stem the protests. it backfired. o a position figures called the measures illegal. sri lanka is not a dictatorship. this is a democracy and we will fight for the rights of the people and we will fight to protect democracy in albany. what's more, the protest appeared to be drawing people from across ethnic and religious lines uniting to challenge the status quo. namely, the ruling family in charge. andrew chappelle al jazeera pakistan's opposition is
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challenging a decision by prime minister imran. com to dissolve parliament and holding you election in 3 months. con, had been facing the prospect of defeat and confidence vote table by m. p. 's. the supreme court will hear the opposition's petition on monday, a sullivan. j reports now from islamabad. other members of parliament arrived expecting a vote of no confidence, but in what some say appeared to be a planned exercise. the newly appointed law minister said the resolution was linked to a foreign conspiracy because the deputy speaker immediately dismissed the load for spoke against my minister, a man upon minutes after he appeared on state tv. presidents, i'd go advised his dear. i advised the president to dissolve the national assembly under article 58 in austin nation to prepare for fresh elections with buyers and sellers. and on queue. the president announced the dissolution of the assembly opposition and bes, called the actions illegal and unconstitutional. in the absence of the speaker and
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his deputy, an interim speaker in a 195 impedes, went ahead with the vote of no confidence. a simple vote has turned into a constitutional crisis. according to the opposition, the only way forward is abiding by democratic norms. and the rule of law in boxed um, it's a coup attempt. the constitution of pakistan has one legitimate democratic means to remove the prime minister of our constitution does not allow for, for them to not hold will to day on the, on the new consciousness motions as our constitution does not allow the speaker to prove the session as they have done our constitution does not allow the president of pakistan to try and dissolve the assemblies while ago. this motion is pending. so all that is done today is not to force a free and fair election. is to force an unfair election to create a constitutional crisis. in an exceptional decision, the supreme court heard the opposition's plea,
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and you should notice as to all concerned parties. is this a banana republic, or is it a constitutional republic? i honestly feel that this is not going to turn into a banana republic if the millions of bacchus bonnie's who feel and think and act like i do have any little say in the matter, the deputy attorney general has resign thing. his government's actions were unconstitutional, while the government has indicated that elections will be held in 90 days, no prime minister has ever completed 5 years in office in back a son, and not for the 1st time. it's democracy, he's looking to the judiciary to help it survive a constitutional crisis from a job without a 0. his arm about of a 6 people have been killed and 12 injured in a shooting in the u. s. state of california and happened in the early hours of sunday in the center of the state capital sacramento. but he said there were multiple shooters, but none are in custody. we have really limited information about 2 o'clock in the morning last as this morning. our officers were in the area here at 10th and k,
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and they heard shots being fired. they responded to our scene behind me and located a large crowd. they found that multiple people, unfortunately, had been shot. and this is a really tragic situation. at least when 2 people have been killed in a prison riot in southern ecuador, 800 police officers have been dispatched to the l. tory prison in the region of clinker, ecuador interior minister says the situation is still not under control. the riot broke out in the facilities maximum security wing fighting inside the country's overcrowded prisons last year lead to the deaths of over $300.00 inmates jordan's principal, as giving up his role title a year after ref, palace feud. he says it's because his values are not in line with approaches, trends and modern methods of our institutions. last month, he apologized for his role in alleged an alleged plot to destabilize the kingdom. he was placed under house arrest of accusing the government of corruption,
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but he later pledged allegiance to king abdullah was also is her brother to south down now where an agreement has been signed to create a unified command of the armed forces president salva care and his rival, vice president rick, my char, attended a ceremony in july, but what he agreed to sign is that guns for the sake of the country, hong kong lead a carry them as announce. she will not seek a 2nd turn her successor with it in may. lamb presided over hong kong during the massive anti government protests in 2019, i think he hire the 64th annual grammy awards are taking place in las vegas. the music industries. biggest night of the year, the american singer john legend joined ukrainian artists on stage to share a message of hope. residents zalinski also appeared at the grammys and a pre recorded video message. he appealed to artist to use the voice to help bring an end to a war. hello musicians where body armor instead of like cedar,
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they seem to that want is in hospitals even to those who can't hear them. but the music will break through. anyway, we defend our freedom to leave, to lap sell on our land. we are fighting russia, which brings horrible silence with its bumps. the dead silence filled the saddens with your music philip, to day, to tell our story. ah, took a picture of the top stories here on al jazeera, more disturbing footage is emerging out of ukraine. the violence potentially committed by russian troops as they withdrew from positions near the capitol. dead bodies of what appeared to be civilians were found lying in houses, alleyways and fields in a, in a north.


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