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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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a new documentary follows his non violent campaign to bring down the corrupt regime, and this is tanisha outcome with a good, a democratic love with revolution. i am not alone, arminius, velvet revolution. coming soon on al jazeera ah talk of more sanctions on russia, after reports of massacres, near key of moscow says it. soldiers are not responsible. ah, my name is sam is a them, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up on kong, leda carry, lam announces she will not see can now the term after a tenure that saw some the was social on rested memory, hungary is prime minister,
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wins a 4th term in office with a bigger election victory. them predicted plus thought a good big not a big, a big upset in costa rica, a political outsider, has been elected president. now ukraine out its allies of accused russia of committing war crimes after the discovery of mass graves and the bodies of civilians in boucher, ne, a key. if the russian ministry of defense denies it, soldiers are responsible, we should warn viewers. you may find some of the images in him wrong cans report to be disturbing. it was march the 10th when they 1st started burying bodies head in the grounds of this church. now the priest had tells us that they had to negotiate with the russians to be able to allow this to happen. now, some of these people died of the injuries because of the will of others,
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died of natural causes. as the weeks went on, though they had to keep burying bodies, hit one on top of the other, they put them in black flags to give them some sort of dignity in death. in total, at least $68.00 people were buried. now throughout the day we've seen people come to this church to try and find out if their loved ones actually buried. the moves here were completely full. so this was the only option that they had. but this isn't the only burial side in this town across the town, people were burying the dead wherever they could in the front yards in common areas . they've actually wrapped the bodies, hey, in black bags to give them some sort of dignity and death. and more disturbing footage is emerging from ukraine. another warning 5 years. you may find some of these images to be distressing to. a mexican broadcaster has captured these scenes in pain,
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which is near the town of butcher in iran's report. it shows bodies in civilian clothes, lying in houses and the ways and feels though for giovanni is standing by in russia in moscow for more of the reaction that vol. so got rob mcbride, these lie for us in the ukranian city of levine. let's go over to rob 1st then. so some strong words out of the ukranian presidents about all of that that rides, president landscape really growing sense of outrage, which i think he shared with every ukrainian here with more grizzly discoveries and findings almost by the hour, from a boot and also a joining territory which gradually been taken back by ukrainian forces as the russians withdraw. lensky has called for an official pro, but investigation here in the ukraine, but also calling in the international community,
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calling in investigators from the international criminal court. for example, also calling on world leaders to come witness in person. what he says the russians here have been doing as the as a journalist, to be getting into boucher, we starting to hear far more 1st hand accounts from people there about the way the russians acted. for example, when they 1st entered the city, as they were trying to circle key. if we heard there are some people that saying that they fired indiscriminately arbitrarily shoot and get anybody. it seems not distinguishing between fighters or soldiers and civilians with reports of a number of civilians dying when they 1st moved in joined their occupation. we heard about committing acts of torture. other people though saying that some of the younger soldiers acted quite decently during the occupation that said they talked about missy. how once you go back to russia or even sharing that ration. but i think it is the reports of these atrocities alleged atrocities which really the
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focus for everybody here in ukraine on the concern is of course that they take back boot cherise. they also take back out p and, and go into these other cities and towns which the russians withdrawing from. they will find more acts of alleged atrocities. right. run mcbride, that thanks so much and take this now to dosage of body. she's a moscow towards the perspective from russia on this well, sammy, the general view here is one of i dismissal and counter accusations, according to the russian foreign minister surgery, la rob. he says that the events and the images that we've seen come out of boucher is a really something that is aimed at trying to attack the russian perspective. and that they don't believe that the situation is, as it's being presented,
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suggesting that the events that have been shown across the world is stage that that is the russian foreign ministers point of view. we've also been hearing from the kremlin spokesperson, dmitri pess called, who says that his government categorically reject any accusations that the russian military had anything to do with what transpired in blue chart. and he also said that it is very important for the international community to not rush to any conclusions or accusations until the russian officials have put forth their arguments and perspectives. he also said that there is reason to believe that the footage that has emerged from those towns near the cranium capital appear to have been tampered with, suggesting that the footage and the video is fake according to the russians. and that they want to be able to have their say, and they believe that this is yet another part of a much larger unprecedented misinformation campaign. aimed at attacking the russian
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defensive forces that are operating in ukraine. and at the same time, we got the un deputy secretary general heading out to moscow more quick spectrum that visit well, martin griffith arrived in the russian capital on sunday and she's been meeting on monday with the russian foreign minister survey lover off. his visit is a been trying to work on a cease fire between ukraine and russia, and he will be going to ukraine later after his visit. here we understand he will be also meeting with russian defense ministry officials in an attempt to try and really bring a cease fire to the current situation. the russian for mr. circuit law also said that his country has asked for an urgent meeting of the united nations security council because the situation that has come out of at boucher is very significant
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and very dangerous and poses a threat to the security of the international community. he has called it a provocation, aimed at russia. the foreign ministry also issued a statement saying that their request for this urgent meeting at the security council level of the you on, has been denied by the current at presidency that is held by the british officials . and that this is what they call a, in the worse english tradition that they have denied russia requests. but that doesn't mean that they will stop. they will continue to make this demand that the officials have this meeting at the security council because they want to be able to discuss the latest developments that have come out of those cities and towns around the ukrainian capital. and they believe it is very important. and needs to be discuss at that level because the russians want to have their say on an international platform. i,
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thanks so much dosage of already there from moscow. now, the french president demanded micro, like most other european leaders, is calling for more sanctions against russia. in response to the war crimes allegations dash barclays in paris, she says the manual micro made it clear europe would not look the other way. well for him to present the manual micro was speaking on french radio earlier today. and he said, members of the european union, all urgently considering another round of functions on russia, particularly on things like oil and coal because of what he said is the mounting evidence of war crimes. but he says, being perpetuated by russian forces in ukraine now. micro said that, of course the things that we seen from poachers at the civilians lying in the st. executed shop. he said that those things were unspeakable. that those things were forgivable. he also spoke about the fact that the situation continues in mario pole
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where thousands of civilians continued to be trapped in the most terrible appalling conditions. unable to leave that 50. now for many weeks, the french have been trying to work with international agencies to try and evacuate civilians. but of course, very difficult, ongoing situation that the french president said it is absolutely imperative that european leaders work on another round of sanctions. we know that in fact, the head of the e u for policy chief, joseph burrell, has said that you need is all looking at that very urgently. they'll be looking about in the coming days. we can expect more sections from the on russia. we've also heard from other countries in the u, from spain, from poland, both using the word genocide to describe the act that they have seen that they believe are being committed by russian forces in ukraine. i'm also calling on an international investigation into these alleged war crimes. to begin immediately. germany's defense minister says the e,
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you must now consider banning the importation of all russian gas dominant. kane has more from berlin. what you have here is a growing recognition from the political elite here suddenly the governing parties . that what's in place right now is not enough in so far as sanctions is concerned . so different voices, again from the same party. as mrs. lambert, the defense minister, over the course, the last 24 hours had been saying that further measures are needed. so the, the general secretary, as it were, of the party yesterday evening was saying that the tap to russian gas was being tightened further. and we know that the chancellor, mister shots, over the course of the last few days in response to the scenes from boucher said that further sanctions would be necessary. we know that his colleague, the foreign minister under the annabel bought from the green party, had said substantially the same thing. so it's pretty clear that the scenes in butcher have been greeted with revulsion. not just in berlin,
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but also in paris. it seems. and there is a growing willingness to talk about it's much further sanctions. the key for germany at least is if they were, as it were to push this idea of absolute ban on all russian energy, there would be a very serious shortfall in the amount of gas available to all sorts of different uses. be that domestic people in their household, but also industry. and we don't know as yet how the german government would seek to address this drastic shortfall if such a band were introduced. now there's been more russian shelling of ukraine 2nd largest city. 7 people have been killed and another 12 injured i said, bank is in hockey. if this was a point of impact or the russian was i hit now is clearly a residential area. now what they fire are these small,
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tiny pellets is metal palate, and you can see the marks all around. they have broken the windows. you can see for the long this rule, what the, the dam is that these do you but mocks all around this wall? you've got glass on the floor for mash. now they have a radius of around 10250 meters. and there's a playground there covering the car window. here was smashed. even a van all the way back there has been hit and it has a radius of 10255 meters. and we believe that one person was killed at this location. again in the middle of residential area. this 2 playgrounds, either side of me, it could have been way worse. and this location 2 people were killed. the still blood on the floor. they can see through the sand that the emergency services have for over this the bread on the bench from those people that were sitting there.
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and the massage landed right in the middle of this playground act. you can see the damage that is done not only here under strings and you could use it everywhere. your water all over the building on the glass here on the walls is cause cause interval considerable damage. hong kong they carry lammas and now she will not seek a 2nd term as chief executive, a tumultuous 5 year term was mobbed by the was social unrest in 50 years, criticism of her corona virus, panda response didn't help them. andrew brown reports from hong kong here july 2017,
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and carrie lamb is sworn in as hong kong forth chief executive. she'd been the territories deputy leader. so this had been expected. what was unforeseen though, with a tumultuous events that followed months of protests in 2019 led to the imposition of a wide ranging national security law. it stifle dissent, but provoked an exodus by those who no longer saw a future here. an exodus that has grown since the lamb administration further tightened already strict measures to combat cobit 19. more than 800000 people have left this year alone. in my view, the way the 2019 protests were handled. were evidence of incompetence and incompetent leader and political in confidence in other parts of the world. politics matters, but here we choose leaders with no political skills. and this is the communist
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party's deliberate decision to do. lamb says she informed mainland, china's leaders about her wish not to seek her 2nd term more than a year ago. yet waited until now to make it official are gone. but i will not be taking part in the election for the sex hung on chief executive of our company, my 5 year term, as she effective on the 30th of june this year. and i will offer coin and to my 42 years of public service candidates who want her job have another 12 days to submit nominations. it pays more than $670000.00 a year and comes with a palatial colonial era residence. her deputy john lee is reportedly about to enter the race. carrie lamb declined to comment on her performance during the past 5 years. but a recent weeks she's been widely criticized over handling of the 5th outbreak of cobit 19. and the fact the city now has one of the world's highest death rates from the virus. lam once complained about the strain of serving to masters,
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the hong kong people and china's leaders. it's a balancing act, her successor will likely have to continue. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, i still had an al jazeera for the school in bo, in pakistan, the opposition challenges a decision to dissolve parliament. and back in power survey as re elected president, gets a message from russia's vladimir putin. ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine who your travel package today. hello. thank you for joining in. we've had some record called for thailand in the north, in the south and also the east. so here we are in the east 15.5, that's good enough for a new record. and what weather around indo china as well all steered by that
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northeast monsoon. so for coastal vietnam, same goes toward the south, some bursts of rain around hotel in city, southern china, right now. those temperatures have come up for hong kong, 26, the number for you on tuesday. and all that wet weather around eastern portions of honshu that shove doubts an improvement in conditions for tokyo. at 18. it's pretty close to where you should be for this year at temperatures are above average though in beijing wall to wall sunshine. my o, my up to 25 degrees. ok round the bay of bengal. there's at what weather around pu cat that we were talking about the malay peninsula. it's going to continue to slide toward the west and eventually slam into sri lanka where it is already unsettled for places like colombo. there is still sweating it out for northern central parts of india. many spots in the forty's. we get some thunderstorms for a careless wall on tuesday. and elaine, this weather report in the middle east is all about the heat as well at q $837.00 degrees. i think you'll get your 1st 40 degree day of the year on thursday with the
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high of 41 degrees c, a later cat official airline of the j. iraq. a nation riddled with land mice and an expert. the case is diffusing them one by one equipped with only a knife and a pair of wire touches. he faces death every day but does his work make him a hero or talk witness? the d minor on al jazeera lou o
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bank has time to recap our head lines now. ukraine and its allies are accusing rusher of committing war crimes after the discovery of mass graves and the bodies of civilians in butcher near ki iv brushes. defense ministry says ukraine's accusations are unfounded, reclaims all of its military units left butcher. 4 days before the footage was released. hong kong leader carry lime is announced. she will not seek his 2nd term lambs. 5 year term has been marked by anti government protests and the security crack found that followed. a successor will be pigs in may. shall anchors president is offering to share power with the opposition as anti government protest continue. got to by roger pac says made the offer. after his cabinet resigned. it follows demonstrations why thousands who defy the curfew to demonstrate against fuel food and medicine. shortages of protesters are calling for
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the roger parks of family who hold the president and prime minister post to resign . and now fernandez has more from colombo and with the end of the $36.00 r curfew, crowds have taken to the streets. once again. this is the independence monument in the heart of the capital colombo that people were hoping to come to yesterday. but the government of fearing that it would be a massive show against the government, decided to prose off all access roads. and most of the young people that are here at this protest see they will not have their voices silenced people, the failure. but now i think it's time that we make a stand up in there, we stand up for our aids because this is ashley lunk, i and our future. and it's demonstrations like this that have been building and recent weeks. that is really concern the government. and what's happened now we see as of sunday night, the entire cabinet resigning on mars, as they say,
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to make we are for either a consensus cabinet or for the president and prime minister to look at re walk in the constitution of that cabinet. but for most of the people here, if you look at the banners, it talks about. net in the roger ha, pass. it talks about, ah, give back the money you have stolen. so people are not convinced that there's going to be immediate teens. and that's basically the main message here. as you see, it's not a voice that's going to be silenced. pakistan supreme court has adjourned a hearing on whether the prime minister's decision to dissolve parliament is constitutional. the arguments will be heard on tuesday. the opposition appealed against hebron cons order on sunday that triggered a political crisis. that moved d railed in our confidence vote against him job. he's called for a new election in 3 months already hunger. his prime minister vic tobin is declared
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victory in election, overshadowed by the war a neighboring ukraine, under summons reports from budapest, food tomb for victor oberon, who likes to think of himself as the strong man of yield. his supporters are ill lay to whatever the overall thinking hunger, his voters have given their leader an overwhelming vote of confidence. i guess your name in case we look pretty good. we've never looked as good as to night. we won a huge victory from it can even be seen from the moon, but in brussels for sure. that last quit was aimed at the e you all. bam is its biggest critic from within me model for the leader of the opposition. peter, mark his i, who had brought together 6 parties in the united alliance. it was a humiliating loss, his home town, and an overall defeat for his alliance. there is no democrats in hungry,
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there is no free and for action, regardless of the result. only weeks ago, opinion polls showed marty's eyes on position, gaining support. the war in ukraine and oberon's close relationship with russia's president, vladimir putin appeared to be negative factors. the old man told voters they were safe with him. he wouldn't get involved in the war, nato and the e. u may be giving military support, but they will be known from hungary. and so the national assembly building in budapest remains dominated by all of them. it stands as a symbol of defiance to the liberal policies of the e u. and of all bands cooperation with russia and china for the european union. i think this will be a very happy dilemma because if that would be a landslide victory, and apparently it would be a length of lighting, sort of question, maybe posed better the existence of time. i also retiree and members, faith in the european union is really just
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a temporary challenge or death will be the new business as usual. on monday, a european team of observers will announce whether they view the election is free and fair. in the 2018 poll they declared it wasn't fair. amount may, will be the verdict this time opposition parties will have been telling them that problems have included limited access to the media and government induced buyers probably the majority of news outlets. and so what caused this a power, turnarounds in or bands position? it could be a number of factors inaccurate opinion polls all by claiming that the opposition wanted hungary to join the war ukraine and perhaps more than any of the others. the fact that so many people wanted a trusted strong leader at a time of crisis. andrew simmons, al jazeera budapest, now
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a neighbouring serbia incumbent president alexander hooted. she's also celebrating reelection. russian president vladimir putin congratulated boots on his wind, saying he hopes for strategic partnership, which each says he has no plans to move away from close pines with russia while also aspiring to join the european union. since monahan reform looking ahead to 5 more years in power, serbian president alexander who held his when the historic victory don't because we're the true. i'll be the serb who's been in palette and l. country for the longest time. i'm not someone who's proud and proud of power, but i am humble in front of my people who made it possible for me. with the trust boots, one decisively taking around 3 times, the votes of his nearest rival. his ruling party also swept to victory and parliamentary elections. some in the opposition accused him of rigging the vote. booty to go with them of trying to do the same thing. despite admitting defeat this
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time, his main rival says a growing number of voters are ready for change. all these elections are the beginning of the end of the church. we will not be waiting for use for the next elections at least parliamentary elections. we will not and cannot betray serbian citizens who stood up to day masses of people. masses of young people spilled to the streets and polling stations, but looming over the entire fare with the shadow of the war in ukraine. the russian invasion happened just days in the election campaign. while his rivals pledged to combat corruption, it was booted just promises of stability and neutrality that may have tipped things in his favor. let him know panama. we believe that we face many challenges, but that the most important thing to sylvia is to have good relations in the region to continue with european path on the other hand. but at the same time, not to ruin its ties with traditional friends. serbia has long been a traditional ally of russia,
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but it also wants good relations with the west. as the spires the membership of the european union, that's made its foreign policy, a difficult balancing act. serbia joined un resolution condemning the russian invasion, but so far it's refused to impose any sanctions. this window is closing, i don't think in europe, you can really have a very good relations with russia in the same time, booking or further where you integration. so he will be a really tempted to change that policy and there will be a huge pressure for me. you, our economy is actually basically completely dependent on, on you who to just hold on power seems secure for now, but his international position is more precarious. russia in the west are more divided than at any time in recent history. and for serbia, it may grow increasingly difficult to resist taking a side than monahan al jazeera. now political outsider has been elected president in costa rica,
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economist than former world bank official or the rigo. chavez, surprised many by making it to the raf theresa bo reports ah, a promise to fight against the political establishment clean. the house has propelled row that he will chat is into call steadily, gas, tough job. he celebrated his victory as president of the sunday. shortly after the 1st results were announced in ian doyle, mum, doug duke, you're receiving the or you, i understand the mandate. i have received today as an obligation to exercise my leadership with honor efficiency, transparency, and austerity, but also with solidarity towards the most vulnerable people in our country. i assume the sacred commitment to create a democratic government. we've dialogue respectful of the constitution, the law and the costa rican values. so them will get out charity seen by many as an outsider. conservative economy who defeated form a precedent or semi dfi,
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gated from the national liberation front. the run of this election was filled with accusations or controversy. the former president v. a faced allegations of corruption while he was in office in the 1990 s. chavez was accused of sexual harassment while working at the world's bank and had to resigned to prevent any investigation. he denies any wrongdoing. but this result shows writing poverty and unemployment have made costa ricans prioritizing economy? look at what are the message chavez houses that everyone has to go, that everything that happened in the past 40 years is useless. and i'm going to solve this. corruption was a priority in the election and the launch sector of the countries tired of the development model that has generated inequality. chavez promised to shake up the political class and have vowed to use referendums to bypass.


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