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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2022 11:00am-11:31am AST

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right here on out 0, we understand the differences and similarities and cultures across the world. so no matter what we've been using kind of for that matter to you, ah, the u. s. and europe prepare more sanctions after accusing russia of committing war crimes near keith. give russia continues to deny atrocities and says they'll provide empirical proof un meeting later on tuesday. ah, hello, i'm sammy say, dan, this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up shall, anchors, governing coalition loses its parliamentary majority,
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pushing the country country deeper into a political and economic hyphen. china extends its lockdown of shanghai is 26000000 people until further notice. after mass testing finds many more co, with 19 cases, ukraine's president says he expects many more civilian deaths to be uncovered in areas abandoned by russian forces followed me is that an ski travel to butcher a town near keith where russia is accused of war crimes? moscow insists its troops have done nothing wrong, should warn our views. you may find some of the images in enron cans report from boucher, distressing surrounded by heavy security and the media president vladimir zalinski visited the town of boucher nick heave. after witnessing the devastation, he made a promise that justice would be done. the scholars last name is war crimes. i will
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be recognized as genocide by the world. you're here and you see what has happened. we know about thousands killed in torture. people with cut lim, some women who have been raped in children have been murdered. a couple we know they're so much more. this is genocide from a march 10th people here began to bury the dead in a 45 foot trench dug in the grounds of a church, some 68 bodies at 1st, some victims of war. others who died of natural causes the priest of st. andrew's church says he had to negotiate with the russians who occupied boucher to allow the barrels. but as the war dragged on more barrels in total, a $130.00 were buried her and the mass grave was needed all across. boucher, the dead lay in the streets for days even weeks. even now they wait to be picked up by overworked, undertakers. at the burial site, people had dropped some of the bodies in black plastic, a little dignity and death. the families took some solace in the fact that they
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were buried next to the church. many had come to be wed or attend sunday service before the war for her to the day. the men as will take the priest liens on his faith to deal with what his witnessed. witcher. there is a lot of hatred and injustice that people few but christians should forgive from it, but to forgive, it doesn't mean to forget the can't judge. only gut can judge somebody's had been moved from the mass grave to morgues in and around the town since boucher was retaken by ukrainian forces. worse, more de, i'm here looking for my brother. we were close. we talked every day in your mouth, but in town now, i don't know where his body shop. i'm going to chide the mog, someone sent me a picture and told me i need to come to identify him and i hope he is there. this is likely to be one of the largest burial sites in the town, but it's by no means the only one. in fact, across this city,
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people were burying their dead wherever they could, in their back yards in common areas, anywhere where they might be able to give their dead some dignity. and some respect the ukraine's attorney general and keep gathering evidence a potential war crimes is now the priority. we started now investigations, egg, charlie, from our 24th of february this year. and now we have more than 4000 just took cases about to walk, rhymes and near til 1000 cases which are connected to war cramps. now these days all hordes speak about boucher it appearing. hast dormant and in boucher justice for war crimes is a concern for the future. the dead of simeon, the war. but those left behind a desperate medicines and food are unlimited supply. and what is available is quickly grabbed by those who have little of their old lives left him wrong on how deserve boucher rama bride joins us now from live in west in ukraine. so robert
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start with the new reports of killings emerging around ukraine. what can you tell us about that? yeah, there is ex practitioner, here in the ukraine. the russian, both to do withdraw as the territory is taken back by ukrainian forces. they are expecting to uncover more grisly alleged atrocities we have seen in the neighboring town of p. for example, we have know that there have been bodies discovered in highly ways in gardens, in the basement. and cell is, again, allegedly, it looks like these people were some summarily executed. we are expecting from another city of but a junkie. this has been mentioned by the prosecutor general's office. here in ukraine has been the scene of another alleged atrocity, apparently worse than we have already seen in boucher. and then of course we have
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existing battlefront all across the south of ukraine, west to billions. we know have been caught up, ukrainians alleged that they have been purposely targeted by russian forces. take my report, for example, where again is the battle has been raging for weeks now that the man says that 90 percent of the city has a literally now in ruins. the matter is also being quote to the saint that $5000.00 civilians that have lost their lives. so residents about you, paul, and people who have managed to escape from matter, you will say that there are cases of plenty to be investigated and to be prosecuted . russia claims, of course, that these are fabricated these images from boucher fabricated. but there are multiple reports now on the different international media showing satellite photographs that seem to indicate that these bodies have been in place for a number of weeks while russian forces were there. so these claims that this is
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sudden, somehow suddenly being fabricated by ukrainian suv, arrived on the scene, does seem to be pretty thin and precedent. lensky has said, there's any war criminals will be pursued, will be prosecuted and has a promise to try to collaborate with international prosecutors to bring people to justice and rob the current president not found the very optimistic about talks with russia also been saying that's right. he says, not surprisingly after what he's witnessed in boucher that it is very hard to negotiate with a country that can do something like this. but he has said that to go see ations will still have to go ahead to try to bring this war to an end, which he wants to see ended as quickly as possible when it comes to a face to face meeting, which everybody has been talking about for weeks now, between the 2 presidents, he says, that is probably now off the table. it will be very difficult for him to sit down
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at a table across from somebody he says, is a war criminal. later on today, tuesday's lensky will be addressing the national security council when again he will be continuing this international effort to isolate russia to make it the pariah state ostracized, by much of the international community which ukraine and president lensky has done very well. it seems thus far and ready to make rushes position on the national security council. very difficult. it is one of the 5 permanent members of the security council, a council, which was meant to guarantee security around the world guarantee, a rule based international order here being accused of war crimes, that is a very uncomfortable position for a permanent member to be and, and it does seem as though the lensky and ukraine wants to add to that discomfort as much as they can. all right,
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thanks so much from mcbride. of all of them is that and sky is expected to address the un security council for the 1st time on tuesday. in the run up to that meeting, western and russian diplomats have traded accusations about what happened and butcher kristen salome has mall from un headquarters in new york. the united kingdom sat, a security council meeting on tuesday would focus on boucher amid growing outcry over alleged atrocities there. it'll be the 1st opportunity the security counsellors had to discuss the images that we've seen in broucher, which you've heard widely over the weekend. described both his war crimes and his genocide, so we really are facing the true reality of the appalling russian invasion of ukraine. but that wasn't soon enough for the russian ambassador who called his on press conference and accused ukraine of staging images of dead civilians. he pointed to social media video and boots as mer, smiling at the announcement of russia's troop withdrawal said to be shot on march
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31st. a day after russians pulled out in it. there is no mention of dead civilians . from the very beginning, it has been clear that this sir, is nothing else but yet another stage pro occasion aimed at discrediting and different realizing of the russian military and leveling, political rational pressure on russia. his claims, however, were seemingly undermined by a new york times analysis of satellite images said to show the bodies present before russian troops with true ukraine has again called for an independent investigation. this is why i myself and my fellow parliamentarians, we did everything wonderful and impossible to get international journalists to woodshop either for his date of liberation. so it would be not to us saying what happened there, but it will be representatives off all the media, all over the world. respectable journalists, war journalists,
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who seen things and who would say what they have seen in boucher. meanwhile, the u. s. ambassador called russia's presence on the human rights council, a farce, and said she would introduce a resolution to the general assembly to suspend them. un officials have called the images from butcher shocking and horrifying. secretary general antonio terrace and the high commissioner for human rights. michelle boshoway had the each called for independent investigations. could terrace will address the security council on tuesday, as will ukrainian president vladimir zalinski christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations of france says new e u sanctions against russia could be adopted on wednesday, the u. s. says it sanctions will also be imposed this week. president joe by one's vladimir putin to be put on trial for war crimes. i think call hain reports from washington. if you want to wear global, really through you as president joe biden had called russian president vladimir
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putin, a war criminal. now he's taking it a step further. so what happened? this war is the war. well, we have to gather the information. we have to provide ukraine without weapons, they can continue the fight and we have the gather all the detail though this to be an actual have a war farm trial. this guy is brutal. what's happening, the good outrageous, and every one food and the american people are seen it. the u. s. media tends to be very conservative when it comes to broadcasting human remains calling not now. we're starting to see very disturbing images of the death that they have left behind. and we warn you, they are graphic. what they have left behind is sickening. and we should warn you, see that some of the images of the scene are disturbing and are warning some of the images in this report may be disturbing. the will says it will help investigate in
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order to document what happened here and who is responsible. adding, they believe this was always part of the plan. the images that we see are tragic. there are shocking, but unfortunately, they're not surprising. we released information even before russia's invasion, showing that russia would engage in acts of brutality against civilians. russia has denied the allegations, but at the pentagon, expressing little doubt that they did it. i think it's fairly obvious not just to us, but to the world that russian forces are responsible for the atrocities and in boucher president. mind says there will be additional sanctions this week. he didn't go into detail, but what the ukrainians want is for every russian bank to be cut off from the swift communication system. they want a total embargo, a russian shipping. and they want to completely end the sale of russian oil, gas, and coal. now that last part has divided the alliance, the by demonstration will likely be working behind the scenes to try and figure out
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if these horrible revelations have changed. the political calculus, pat coin al jazeera, washington mall from ukraine, coming up, accusations, although class the bomb attack on play grounds and bosses al jazeera is acid bag talks to devastated residents of hot acute why am and drama die? he says, why? what did they die for? ah ah, the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to cattle hoop your travel package today. let's go with your weather report for europe in africa. hello everyone. good to see you. so they woke up to some snow on the ground today in helsinki and stockholm, that swath of snow has pushed further toward the door. so in finland,
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we're going to have some dangerous driving conditions. we've got a rain snow combo for scotland and i think above 300 meters, this is going to stick, may be up to 10 centimeters mile push of air though, for london with a high of 15 degrees. rain is being whipped around gibraltar. straighten. i think some of these winds could cause some damage that's drifting further toward the south in morocco, so are white and windy day for robot. okay, back to your break. now central areas got that instability moving west to east snow for the higher ground sunshine though for italy and the balkans cerebral coming in at 15 degrees. a band of rain is stretching from its stumble rate through the black sea coast. that's knocked down the temperature and tribes on, and now we're off to the northeast of africa. look at this cairo. think you're going to have your 1st 40 degree day of the year. now compare that to what's going on in south africa. cool air is flooding in here, so cape town just a high of 17 degrees, and we've got some showers in the forecast for you go bit further north, and that's where the warmth is in vin. talk with the high of 25 degrees that it c
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as in cat, official airline of the journey in 2018. a journalist lead 40 days of civic action against the armenian government. and president sockets yann's brit mom. power. i'm going to live. this is where a new documentary follows is non violent campaign to bring down her regime, tarnishing outcome with a gun, a double burning love of resolution. i am not alone, amelia's velvet revolution coming soon on al jazeera. ah ah,
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no. watching al jazeera time to recap, those headlines, ukraine's president says he expects many more civilian deaths to be uncovered in areas abandoned by russian forces. the new concern is what's happened. but of the anchor in region surrounding cave is growing. outrage after evidence that russian troops killed civilians in the town of butcher videos shows streets scattered with bodies, some with bound hands. your friends, president says vladimir putin must be tried for war crimes. bottom, his own ski will address the united nations security council for the 1st time on tuesday earlier, western and russian diplomats traders accusations over what happened in future rushes ambassador claims the evidence of atrocities was stage. ukraine is again accusing rusher of using costa bombs and urban civilian areas, which is illegal on the laws that govern the conduct of war. 7 people have been killed in the latest attack in hard give, should warn viewers,
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you may find some of the images and i said, bags report, distressing. another day, another attack and more deaths. a rocket hit this playground in ukraine, 2nd largest city had keep getting to people as they sat on a bench. all that remains is blood stains on the ground and bread on the bench cb proposal. but owning this is good for the letter. look at a story, right, the size of a cluster bomb attack from multiple launches illema these, the past, the clusters was there, forbidden by international law, and russia uses them a legally. these are against infantry and light armored vehicles thought it was intentional, to hit residential air. it's impacts civilian in america. there are no military objects around her. so you know, even been somewhat critical of them. but also she maybe one resident recalls the moment. the rocket hit was from the city a little. i was sitting by the entrance, then i went upstairs and then it hit. if i hadn't got upstairs, i wouldn't be here right now to be hit on the other street. the shell hit one after
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the darkness. a couple of 100 meters around the corner, the cleaning up the damage of another impact. now it's the familiar process. affording up windows 73 year old gregory critical says he's had his russian made lauder for over 40 years. it survived everything except the russians were, well, those are shown here while the other was little bubbles from your motion junior, when i heard the sound of the rocket, yet when we heard another one, i said, let's get down. i hit the ground, but my friend was a little slow, got wounded. this area has clearly been hit by cluster munitions. and the seems to be no method to the madness of what's been targeted. it's a residential area for also this damage to civilian infrastructure. and in this bus depot, every bus seems to have some thought of shrapnel damage borrowed
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off strikes, hit a large area, a child's playground, multiple blocks of apartments and buses at their depot. it's a surprise, more weren't killed or injured, you know, may back at the pay ground, so much traumatized. oh, boy. died when and warmer died. he says why, what did they die for said bake. i'll da 0. her keith, to shine canal where the governing coalition has lost its parliamentary majority. after unprecedented protests against the worsening economic crisis, parliament convened for it's 1st session under a state of emergency imposed last week. the new finance minister says news resigning a day after he was appointed. he's among 4 ministers sworn in by president goes to bio roger packs. after his cabinet resigned on sunday. the opposition refused an office who joined the government. the police
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youth, walter cannon, and phil gas to disperse protest outside the private a private residence in time galle crowds also attempted to storm homes of other leaders including flank as president. they blame him and the family for government . the management people are facing a severe shortage of food, fuel and other essential along with record inflation and power cup pakistan supreme court has resumed a hearing on whether prime minister in wrong cause decision to dissolve. parliament was legal. it happened on a day, i know confidence focus to be health leading to a political crisis come before has been running in the capital court. could all the parliament, again, all call for a new election of the may also wrote, it cannot intervene in parliamentary affairs. shanghai will remain in lockdown. the chinese authorities review the cove at 900 test results of the cities entire
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population of 26000000. a to stage lockdown began last week to combat the latest wave, but officials of come on the fire for separating children new test positive from their parents, and sending them to quarantine facilities are correspondent adrian brown is following the story from hong kong. well this is poxel and cemetery, one of the biggest in hong kong. and we're here because tuesday is the ching festival. that is the day when traditionally chinese people come to sweep the graves of their ancestors. and there is an added poignancy to this year's ching because of course, so many people have died from cove at 19 this time a year ago, the death toll stood just over 200 in 2022. it stands a just over $8000.00 and the bulk of those deaths have happened during the past few months. north of here in china's other big financial center, shanghai,
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people aren't able to mark ching, ming, that's because the cities 26000000 residents. and now into the 9th day of a locked down, there's been a surge in infections, but most of them are asymptomatic. to back to the jittery mood in the city, the government has confirmed the children who are infected with cove at 19 a having to be separated from their parents. but to try and reassure the public state tv has been broadcasting pictures, showing parents with infected children, arriving at a new isolation facility. but it has unsettled not just local parents, but also expatriate ones as well. china seems determined to stick with its dynamic 0 cove at strategy because so many of its elderly people in shanghai have not been vaccinated. and also the city simply doesn't have the medical infrastructure to adopt a live with covered strategy. her is president, has imposed
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a curfew in the capital, lima of the violent protest killed. at least 5 people. residents have been banned from leaving their homes in an attempt to curb away with demonstrations on an sanchez has more. the protesters clashed with royal police and several cities around the country, burning tires, looting locking highways. the rising cost of living is affecting many peruvians, rocketing fuel prices have directly impacted the basic food basket. people are blaming it unprecedented august. the use policy we have supported him and how is he paying his back? he's raising the price of sugar flower. when is it been like this? our children are hungry, there is no work and we want a solution. farmers blocked the pen american highway to protest against the refold increase in fertilizer prices. the government says, fertilizers, fuel and green imports from russia and ukraine,
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half shut up because of the war last week. casting your anger protester staying there will be paid to protest. farmers and truckers responded by blocking the crucial central highway, which is the main supply line for the capitals that in turn, cost food shortages. the president has forgotten the people. everything is expensive. he should put on his fans and double envelop. if not, he should go back to his home. government officials struck a deal on saturday with one faction of protesters, the post a 5 day deadline to address their demands. and on sunday, another deal with truckers. but that didn't piece people now, rallying nationwide, thousands of job loss to the pandemic have also few discontent, or giving me most the saying of the people who are already against the wall comically. and casea produced a revolution of expectations. just under normal circumstances and mission would
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have produced these effects later on. but the pandemic worked as an accelerator in the face of nationwide protest. the government is choosing to buy social tranquillity with mr. money, if the ways the minimum wage and we do some taxes on fuel. but i'm only seeing that may not be the solution. and only seek as to use populist measures could eventually bring some piece. but they say, a major crisis lose a head for the precedent. last week, castilla survived a 2nd round of impeachment proceedings after 9 months in office spearheaded by his political foes in congress. but now it is the people who 1st supported him who are demanding him to fulfil his promises. or li medina such as i just need only my bidder. hunger is 5 minutes to victor. mine is expected to toughen his pro russian stance in the e. u after winning a 4th term in office or one overcame what was expected to be a stronger showing from the opposition which united against him under simmons
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reports from budapest. ah victor all by and has a landslide when under full term and power. he believes he's defied the combined forces of western powers, the you and other institutions who he says all conspired against him. we have to ask the lord how it happened that we won the biggest victory when everyone joined forces against us at home. he has a mandate to continue defiance against the you and my will engage in more authoritarian policies. but internationally, he faces further isolation. he claims to be neutral, one, the ukraine conflict. yet in his victory speech, his list of opponents not only included what he called brussels bureaucrats, but ukraine's president va laudermill zalinski too. and he refuses any military
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need to ukraine, which conflicts with the policy of many e. u. a nato members that include neighbor and former close ally, poland. that's led to a breakdown in their relations. the main question for victorian will be how to restructure this alliance or recreate the alliance with paul and how to fees, poland, and how to come. all this kind of isolation that i think is unprecedented in hungary, history on all benz relationship with russia, his friendship with vladimir putin is expected to be on eyes for the foreseeable future. and there's more controversy now about another issue with russia only days before the elections, the cyberspace espionage scandal broke out. hackers said to be linked to russian intelligence agencies are reported to have accessed all computer systems. that hunger is foreign ministry. and they're also said to have accessed encrypted channels that sometimes transmit information from nato and the european union. the
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report relates to documents acquired by the direct 36 online publisher. it's editor says the article reveals, the hacking was going on for 10 years, right, up to and including the starts of russia's war in ukraine. reporting suggest that you had hungry was used as kind of like a back door and they wanted to have access to you and natal documentations probably . that's why the the one of the targets was the foreign ministry. the report has been dismissed by the government as election campaign lies. but if true, it's not the hacking that surprising. it's the fact that there was no clamp down or any apparent protest by the foreign minister peter seattle who received the order of friendship western anxiety about all back. and his relationship with putin isn't going away. and perhaps it's telling me that among the 1st election congratulates re messages to the hungarian prime minister was from the russian president. andrew
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simmons, al jazeera, budapest, president biden's nominee for the u. s. supreme court to attend g brown. jackson is one step closer to confirmation. the senate judicial committee has sent her nomination to the full senate for a vote. if confirmed jackson would become the 1st black woman to serve on the nation's highest court. ah, this is al jazeera on these top stories. now ukraine's president says he expects many more civilian deaths to be uncovered in there is abandoned by russian forces. the new concern is what happened in bottom. the anchor region surrounding kid is growing outrage off the evidence. russian troops killed civilians in the town of butcher videos show st scattered with.


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