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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2022 10:00pm-10:27pm AST

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echo us government. you've won, you want the unprecedented ruling, apply just the state to consult communities over oil and mining projects that impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, but it may not necessarily have the last word. the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah m, as in his 1st address to the on security councils as russia's invasion, president roger may zalinski says russian leaders must face accountability for war crimes as he warned more atrocities a likely to emerge. ah, hello, i'm mary. i'm demising in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program, widowed by war, we talk to a 19 year old,
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whose life changed an instant after a russian asked strike. a landmark carrying at the international criminal course alleged former leader of an armed group in sudan denies. he committed war crimes and children separated from their parents in the lockdown city of shanghai. china 0 co policy continues to draw criticism. ah, welcome to the program. in christ president has told the united nations security council, the body should expel russia or dissolve itself altogether. brought him is lensky was demanding accountability for russia's alleged war crimes in his country. he says, the world is yet to learn the full truth. and the massacre and butcher is only one example of what russian troops have been doing since the war started $41.00 days
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ago. is 1st address the council since the invasion, zalinski said that russia's assault on ukraine undermines the entire architecture of global security. or i did with black, middle green. we need decisions from the security council for peace in ukraine. if you dont know how to implement this, you can do 2 things. either remove russia from the council, so cannot block decisions about its own war. the other option is to reform to secure, to cancel, to work for peace. if there isn't an alternative, then we should decide the secret to counsel altogether. by all rushes ambassadors, the u. an accused member states of spreading lies about his country's military. as selina benji had denied accusations of war crimes and ukraine, and repeatedly claims that bodies on the streets of boot shall were not there when russian forces left the town. just north of give rid of luck. if we need to cut out
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the malignant nazi tumor that is consuming ukraine and would in time begin to consume russia and we will achieve that goal. i hope sooner rather than later because there is no other outcome. we are not shooting against civilian targets in order to save as many civilians as possible. this precisely why we're not advancing as fast as many expected. we're not acting like americans and their allies in iraq and syria. we're raising entire cities to the ground. they had no pity for them, but we felt great pity because these are people who are close to us or new satellite images have been released, showing the ukrainian town of butcher. crucially. they were taken 2 weeks before russians left. the area images provided by mac, sorry technology seemed to show civilians were killed when the town was under the control of russian troops. several bodies were discovered on the same street in boucher on march 19th. russian forces withdrew at the end of the month and march. he images contradict russia's claim that people were killed off to their forces
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withdrew. so let's go to kristin salumi 1st for more and what we had from at present rosamille zalinski and of course, satellite images like that really make his address all the more graphic all the more powerful. he delivered some very harrowing details. what was the reaction to as a landscape speech? well, zalinski asked for russia to be held accountable for atrocities in ukraine, and he made the case that the credibility of the united nations would be at stake if the united nations is unable to act her reign in russia's aggression. he laid out a case for war crimes, talking about the atrocities that he saw in boucher in particular women being raped in front of their children. and not that he saw that, but that he heard about after visiting boucher,
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he talked about people being run over by tanks, a russian tanks and, and made the case that there should be an independent tribunal like the one in nuremberg after world war 2 to try russia for war crimes, and he also talked about the fact that if the united nations is not able to hold russia county because it does bear the veto power, which it has used to stop any sort of censure in the united nations security council than the un itself needs to change, it needs to be reform. so the reaction we heard united nations officials themselves who have been on the defensive because of this grave unfolding crisis that they have been unable to stop. they've talked about growing evidence of war crimes and the need to have an independent investigation. they've talked about
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also the spillover effect that the conflict is having an outside of ukraine. not only the horrible situation for the quarter of the population that's been forced to flee their homes and ukraine, not the killing of civilians, but also not just the scaling of civilians, but also the group inflation that's affecting developing countries around the world and putting them at further risk of, of conflict and food shortages and so on and so forth. so we've seen a lot of reaction from the you and on that front and, and also from other countries. western allies, siding with nato, attempting to hold russia to account in russia. again, fighting back with the same talking points that it's used from beginning that this is not an attempt to hurt civilians. it's attempt to reclaim it, to protect russia. all right, thank you very much. kristen salumi, they're following. the developments at united nations and ron con,
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joins us live now from ukraine's capital key of and it's been a great deal of focus on the town of butch m on and obviously you, you visited the area as well. there seems to be more allegations of atrocities taking place elsewhere. that's absolutely right. let's just focus on the town of boucher for a 2nd. i was there the same day that president lamar's lens. he was that he saw the same things that i saw. we saw the dead bodies on the street. we saw the destroyed houses stole streets completely wrecked, and we saw columns of russian army completely destroyed. we saw ukrainian oma completely destroyed. that must have had an impact on the way presidents zalinski decided to deliver his speech to the united nations. i had my colleague back with him, let me talk about his speech and the, the details of the atrocities in the war crimes that he alleged. but here the reaction has been one of complete support,
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but one also of complete surprise. people didn't think he was going to rebuke the international community. the way that he did this coal for kicking out the russia from the united nations security council saying if they couldn't do that, then they should dissolve. the united nations security council is incredibly powerful statement is one that be remembered here for a very long time. and people are incredibly supportive of the way zalinski spoke at the meeting. they say that this was exactly what was needed. the. the international community has almost been on the fence for so long when it came to the ukrainian situation. yes, they were giving and be monetary and i'd, yes, weapons were being dose, a delivered, but no in the, in a large number that was needed for ukraine to fight back about against russia. zalinski woods had come as a massive surprise to people. but a welcome one. of that, and that really, i think, is going to be
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a defining moment in his presidency. thank you very much. and lanchen with the latest from ukraine and capital keith, the kremlin, says the evidence. yes. in war crimes have been committed by russian troops. is accrued forgery. aimed at denigrating a russian army ashur. marlborough has that line is now friend laska, for the russians. the allegations are force fabricated and manipulated. this explains why her for silly and a benzo, the russian ambassador to the un was heading back of the ukranian president village immerse zalinski saying that on the 30th of march russian troops decided to put out from the cave region and czerny girl following progress in the talks with the acc radians in a stumble underwater to give, stood strong indication that the are committed to the escalation. a day. late on the, on the 30, the 1st of march, the mayor of the region came out in
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a video saying that this is the, the area is now under their control with no mention of atrocities committed a against civilians. this is according to the russians. now they say that it took 3 days for the ukrainians to come out and say something terribly wrong happened in butcher. now from a russian perspective, this is something done by the nationalist, why the describe as nationalists and nazis in the ukranian army. and they say, these are units operating within the army, and the vast sol road is to discredit are russia with, with a disinformation campaign? well, after the horrifying images that we've seen in the town of butcher in the past few days, there are fears that was could be found in a nearby town called for a dunker. now there are images that have come out of areas in towns in quite a few of these on the outskirts of kia, including an airplane, and then also butcher. this is further northwest. you see images,
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auto body anchor on tuesday, show billing after building destroyed ukrainian. prosecutor general said it had most, it said it had the most victims of any of the towns in the key of province that have been recaptured from the russians, but to no numbers were provided. a correspond, russel sir, there has more. we are in the town of lord yankee in northwest in ki, if the russian forces just left the city. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we came into war junker. they have seen many buildings heavily shelled and called the one bedroom and was so heavy that one of the residents that they have spoken to. she said her brother had a heart attack and died from the, from the fear. so as we were coming into the city, we have seen that humanitarian it is just a being received and the toilet is, are conducting the rescue operations here. the heavily sheldon city. but there is
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a tough task ahead of them because the toilet is saying that the people are steal beneath the rebels. without here i live from london was to lead on the program political upheaval in shanghai. the governing coalition loses its majority and dozens of m. p 's walk out, and a late return to cambridge university library, charles darwin stolen notebooks are uncovered. police investigation is going on there though, whether assist them dropping some snow in scotland. hey everyone. here's the details. it's a rain snow combo. so it breaks down this way about $3.00 to $7.00 centimeters on the ground. you go up to about 300 meters. i think we'll see 10 centimeters stick
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and we've got whether windy conditions, western france into the low countries. there was quite a volatile system through the strait of gibraltar that's moved toward the east. so we've shaken the showers across siberia. temperatures are coming up, so it's still at 19 degrees. but let's pick up the story where we have that active weather. so course ago sir d, yet central parts of italy, weather alerts and play for thunderstorms and wind, but looked toward the east of this across the balkans, full on sunshine, and many spots in the 20s. still some pesky, wet weather for turkey's northeast black sea coast. let's drop down the temperature and chops on to 11 degrees. different story though, for the northeast of africa. look at this cairo 39. i think we'll get you back up to 40 degrees on thursday. wind shift brown that drops you down to 29 on saturday. which is more line with where you should be. different stories, south africa, cold air flooding in cape town. 17 degrees with some showers. but give it a bit. we'll get you up to 27 on saturday. wall to wall sunshine. that's it. susan
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. ah ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah, ah ah,
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welcome back, a look at the main developments this our into ukraine's president has told the un security council that body should expel russia will dissolve itself altogether. brought him is zalinski, said the world as yet to learn the full truth of russia's electrical items in his country. meanwhile, roches ambassador denied accusations of war crimes in ukraine. vaseline avenger repeated claims that bodies on the streets of mucho are not there when russian forces left the town, just north of keith. but you satellite images taken a butcher 2 weeks before russians left. the areas in the show civilians were killed while the area was under that control. several bodies can be seen on march 19th. russian forces withdrew at the end of march. made has actually generally saying the alliance word back in investigations. he is accusations of washing war crimes. this is unbearable brutality that europe has not witnessed in many
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decades. targeting and murdering civilians is a war crime. all the facts must be established and all those responsible produce atrocities must be brought to justice. but war is also left many young families in morning. this includes those in the west of the country, which had loudly largely been spared that the worst of the fighting. but about 3 weeks ago, an attack on a military training facility killed 35 people out there. his name was harvey went to the rehab inch to meet the family of one of the victims. it was too far from the front. nowhere near the parts of ukraine, where there was active fighting in the west of the country, ukrainians say they felt safe. an illusion shattered on the morning of march,
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13th by 30 russian missiles. less than 3 weeks into the invasion of ukraine, russia attack the yavari military base mama, a training ground for new recruits and volunteers. the deepest attack into the country and only 20 kilometers from the polish border. dozens of people were injured and killed. every coughing, carrying the weight of a grieving family. as the weeks passed, families across the country try to make sense of what happened. konstantin was a weapons trainer at the yavari base, sala, me a widowed at 19, says all she can do now is be strong for her son. i said i am calling stead warner . he called me that morning and said not to worry. he said they were being fired on, but he was safe. it was on another bass. he said that everything was fine. 5 minutes later when i called him again after new explosions,
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there was no connection. she knew her husband was gone. after seeing his name on an instagram post about casualties, grief stricken she was rushed to the hospital on the after the attack sala, me a moved to the rehab which to be closer to family, to share the load of loss, a soldiers wife and mother to be still visibly numb. a soldier's mother, unable to contain her rage. there's ever do you russia really think we'll forgive you that easily. we won't forgive you. i'll stand for my son. i'll take the weapons and we'll be shooting into your children. if you don't stop your sons, your children, fathers and husbands, we will all take up weapons and there'll be no place for you in this world. we'll reach you and we will push your way to siberia so that you being the cold soil without bread, water, food, like our children, hungry, frozen,
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hiding in the shelters without medication, without anything. konstantin was raised by his stepfather, who says he will also be joining the ukrainian military and deploying to the same base where his stepson was killed. as the tale of the dead across the country continues to go. absent all c fills many houses in ukraine, where men continue to be called up to lay down their lives. and women are left to carry their memories. zane basra, theology, 0 drawbridge were following other stories of our and the alleged former leader of an on group and sudan is denied committed war crimes. there's his landlord carrying up into the international criminal court. alim hammered ali, i'm the rockman was the suspected leader of the government backed ginger. we'd fighters, he faces $31.00 charges which she denies. the full conflict broke out in 2003. when
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rebels took up arms against john's previous government. do and estimates around 3 100000 people were killed and more than 2000000 displaced and at the work on firm against him. he denies those charges, but the prosecutor general in his opening statement recounted testimonies. testimony from witnesses, answer about people who will call to displacement. come in the door for region. express happen is that the process is going to be under way, but they said that they want to see the others who also wanted by the end. now those others include former president, the hallmark received the sudanese government and therefore we rebel group signed a lease agreement in 2020 that includes handing over the q by rights groups and by survivors and displaced people of committing atrocities in the region during the war. that's not clear if they will talk to the unity government after roger packs that dissolved his cabinet. when l fernandez has more now, oh,
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barricades dope these protesters them getting close to the parliament building in colombo, where the elected representatives were meeting inside the chamber. the gap too, surely, no one can be brought from outside. no more than what happens to the person. if he is not part of this people struggle. will he be sent off his wrong about the money, but angry shall lumpkins are in no mood to listen to what they see as more excuses every day. more people join protests like these by health care workers who, along with medical specialists, are wanting of a shortage of life saving drugs. we have in fact, decided to our list, the items that are at the moment, short supply. so we are going to discuss it with the authorities. and then we might even roper international, open appeal if the authorities are unable to supply within the buddha, his for his services. again, him i went on the castle street hospital is a place where women that deals with any emergency at any time. but when we don't
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have the required supplies, we can provide a good service. and that's the situation now. as the demands for the government to step down, increase, president got up a roger boxer has hold on all political parties to join efforts to solve the crisis . many have turned him down saying it's too late. bonaire fernandez, odyssey era, colombo, go to pakistan. now the supreme court is a judge for a 2nd day without ruling if prime minister in mon cons decision to dissolve the national assembly as constitutional or not ornament was you to hold a no confidence voting cons. government that would have like he removed him from office. the supreme court could order parliament to sit again or bar emron conference elections if he is found to have acted unconstitutionally. core is scheduled to resume on wednesday. now shanghai will remain in lockdown as chinese authorities review, cause at 19 test results felicity's entire population of 26000000. but there is anger at officials for separating colored positive children from their parents and
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sending them to quarantine facilities. adrian brown is covering these developments for ice from hong kong. china's financial center has been like this for 9 days. the scenes in shanghai reminiscent of those 2 years ago in wu hang, where coven 19 was 1st detected during a mass testing of its 26000000 citizens, which was now concluded officials reported a surge in local asymptomatic cases. medical workers from across the country have been pouring into the metropolis to help the success of this mass mobilization will partly determine when shanghai can reopen or for how much longer it'll remain shot . what is clear is that the government is still not prepared to follow other countries by living with cobit 19, says one prominent chinese commentator overall with china is the only country in the world to day,
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which still pursues this 0 policy. and i think eventually china will be the one that challenges on that will. it means that rather than others losing sight, but that policy means separating children from parents if they test positive a practice that is raised anxiety levels among local as well as ex patriot families . oh, state medias responding to the wide spread criticism of the practice. this report with a soothing soundtrack appears to show parents and children who tested positive being admitted to an isolation facility. but it's unclear if that means the policy's been scrapped. unlike shanghai, people in other parts of china are marking the ching ming festival. this is when people traditionally sweep the graves of their ancestors. there is an added poignancy to the festival here in hong kong, because of course, so many people have died from coven 19. this time a year ago, the death toll stood
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a just over 200 to day it stands at more than 8000 adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong into a different story. t diaries earned by british naturalist charles darwin, including one containing a sketch of his famous tree of life. and then returned to cambridge universities library decades after they were presumed stolen. and as near barker reports, a priceless notebooks reappeared as mysteriously as they vanished. though some of the most remarkable documents in the history of science. so when darwin's diaries went missing from a strong room 20 years ago, after being removed for photographing, there was universal dismay with cambridge university library concluding they'd probably been stolen rather than misplaced. but last month, as mysteriously as they vanished, the 2 notebooks re surfaced in a gift bag on the library floor. inside this printed message, saying, librarian, happy easter eggs. they're happy tears perhaps tis. i think nestor will be because
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they're not over the emotional rollercoaster. it means so much to us to have these, how many other people who don't have ccd the in places where people it is record is passing through. last he said he had more to the front of the building. he wants to back, they wouldn't. so we have passed the city lead that we have available to the police and as a matter fellow investigation. darwin sketched his ideas about an evolutionary tree in 1837. after a trip around the world. more than 2 decades before he published a more fully developed tree of life in his groundbreaking book on the origin of species. i honestly think i'm in the theory of that reflection and evolution is probably the single most important theory in the life and earth environmental sciences. and this, these are the notebooks in which that theory was put together. the library says to note books are in good condition and haven't been handled much. whoever took them and decided to return them,
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appears to have looked after them with care. a police investigation into the disappearance of the note books worth many millions of dollars is ongoing. the mystery of darwin's diaries is anything but an open and shut case leave parker al jazeera. ah look at the main developments following this, howard ukraine's president has told the united nations security council, the body should expel russia or dissolve itself altogether. sodomy, lensky was demanding accountability for russia's alleged war crimes in his country . he says, the world is yet to learn the full truth. and the massacre and butcher is only one example of what russian troops have been doing since the war started $41.00 days ago. and i did with la marie, we need decisions.


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