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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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oh, oh, the weather sponsored by casara weighs ah, investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al jazeera. ah take action or disband. stern words from the ukranian president, addressing the united nations security council saying russian leaders must face accountability for war crimes. ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera live from dough, also coming up, fears they could be even worse atrocities, to come as harrowing images from the town of burrow, the anchor show building off to building destroyed ah,
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the relentless task of de mining towns around hall keys and ukraine's ne on the near constant russian bombardment and as we reach further for the stars, a marked increase in satellite notches means clearly seeing the skies is becoming a problem. ukraine's president has told the un security council that should expel russia or shut its doors. but a man lensky is demanding accountability for moscow's alleged war crimes. in his country, he once again accused the russians of carrying out a massacre in the town of boucher of the images of bodies in civilian clothing emerged last week. a warning, this report from kristen salumi contains graphic images. viewers may find distressing. ukraine's president addressed the security council on the heels of his
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visit to boucher vladimir zalinski called for the united nations to hold russia accountable for war crimes saying it's credibility is at stake. typically we do the curricula, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to shut down the u. n? do you believe that the times of international law have passed away? if your answer is no, then actions are needed now on immediate actions are needed. the un charter must get its force back again immediately. the u. n. system must be reformed immediately so that the right of the veto will not become the right of death. you will, he told of horrors at the hands of russian troops, including women being raped and killed in front of families. people in cars being run over by tanks. and he showed grisly images of dead bodies in civilian clothes, laying in the streets. but russia insisted, the images were staged with nubian burgers does graham europeans. we are not shooting against civilian targets in order to save as many civilians as possible.
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very precisely why we're not advancing as fast as many expected were not acting like americans and their allies in iraq and syria raising entire cities to the ground. they have no pity for them, but we felt great pity because these people are close to us. let us the united states. com for russia's removal from the human rights council, which has begun a commission of inquiry in ukraine. given the growing mountain of evidence, russia should not have a position of authority in a body whose purpose, whose very purpose is to promote respect for human rights. not only is this the height of hypocrisy, it is dangerous. the un secretary general warned that the rising cost of food and fuel as a result of the crisis made $74.00, developing nations, particularly vulnerable. we're already seeing some countries war from vulnerability into crazes and signs of serious social unrest. the flames of conflict are fooled
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by inequality, deprivation, and under fundings, with all the warning sign, all signals flashing graves, we have a duty to act. un officials pointed to growing evidence of potential war crimes, primarily by russia, and called for an independent investigation. russia pointed to the united states and its refusal to take part in investigation of its own soldiers in afghanistan, and showed no signs of cooperating. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations satellite images have been released, showing the ukrainian town of boucher crucially. they were taken 2 weeks before the russians left the area. the images provided by mike saw technologies seem to show civilians were killed when the town was under the control of russian troops. several of bodies were discovered on the same street in boucher on march 19th. russian forces withdrew at the end of march. while the images contradict russia's claim that people were killed after their forces withdrew. more dead bodies have
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been discovered in the town of boucher associated press. journalists have seen 6 burnt bodies lying on a street. others were found in and around people's houses, police officers of their documenting every scene. they come across ukraine's interior minister witnessed 1st hand what the russian troops have allegedly left behind. but you see it's just 6 bodies here. and that house you can see maybe a 3 and house, it's maybe one body. it's shot with who was shot and one of nato's secretary general has described the pictures of bodies in boucher as unbearable. he says the alliance with back an investigation into accusations that russia had committed war crimes. this is unbearable brutality that
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europe has not witnessed in many decades targeting and murdering civilians. is a war crime. all the facts must be established and all those responsible for these atrocities must be brought to justice. when it's bringing charles crypton now, he's a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. he joins us from washington. d . c, thanks for being with us here today or what president zalinski had some strong words for the security council. didn't hear it. what did you make of his presentation? well, president zalinski is obviously in an emotional and passionate state of mind. not only has he been witnessing atrocities in boucher but his country is under attack and civilians, women and children have been targeted all along. we have many,
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many instances of attacks against medical centers against apartment building. so this really is a brutal war. and i think the lensky has a tendency to try to animate the international community to take action. the ask for things that he may know he's not going to get like removing russia from the security council or telling the un act or disband. think what he's trying to do here is to provoke moral outrage to build stronger international support for ukraine's effort to push back against the russian invasion. as he said, that ms. lewinsky was calling for russia's removal from the security council that how likely is that in reality it's not just unlikely it's not possible. russian membership in the security council is in the founding charter. if there were to be any at effort to somehow remove or suspend russia,
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russia itself would veto that move because russia is one of the 5 permanent members with such a veto. so there's no real prospect of the un acting on nist. again, i think gra zelinski probably knew that and what he's trying to do here is to ask for something he knows he can't yet. but as a way of trying to provoke outrage and build broader support. unlikely, as you say. but even if russia was removed from the security council, how much difference do you think that would make to the military situation that's actually playing out on the ground? well, i think that military situation on the ground is what it is. we know that the ukrainians, both civilians and the military demonstrated remarkable resilience much more staying power and determination than most analysts expected. and it looks like russia is changing its war aims. it's moving the goal posts. it's downsizing the
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war because it doesn't look like it can topple the regime and take over the city at least for now. who knows what will happen next week or the week after. but clearly, i think what we're, what we're witnessing here is the situation in which the international community is putting additional pressure on mister putin calling mister potent, a war criminal. so when you combine that sense of international outrage with the sanctions with the, the stalled military progress and ukraine, the hope here, the hope here is that reality gets through to proven. and he decides to, and or at least dramatically scale back this brutal war. ok, charles cup china, thank you very much. indeed for joining us with those insights today. my question was after the horrors seen in the town of the church was feared that worse could be found in the nearby town of the anchor. in recent days,
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more disturbing images have come out of areas and towns on the outskirts of keys, including a pin and boucher further to north west images. out of the young cat on tuesday show building off to building destroyed ukrainian. prosecutor general said it had the most victims of any of the towns in the queue province that had been re captured from the russians. but she did not give any numbers off the russian that withdrawal from the regions around the ukrainian capital, key of the degree of the destruction is becoming apparent. russell said, has visited bar the anchor. one of the towns recently retaken by ukrainian forces natalia and her husband are finally moving back into their home. what would you show me? not long ago, there was russian artillery all around here. and the scars from the fight him remain holy in you who don't like a balloon with why. when the russian troops came in,
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they had to move their entire life into this basement. there they waited for one long mont, you know, holly's folly even which come on. and each time they had to emerge together essentials, they put their lives at risk. i think it is on this m. walker, i had to walk out to bring my neighbor mill. then a russian soldier asked me where my husband is. i told him my husband cannot walk, then he says, come out into the road and points a rifle at me and speaks through the radio. the response on the radio was this is not ha and he left as i woke back to the basement, i was trembling with the town of bro junker was taken by the russian forces on the 28th of february, the 5th day of the war. as a strategic town that leads to the ukrainian capital key, if it was caught in the crossfire of heavier armed forces from both sides. what would you thought of the russian forces left this town the scale of destruction is
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just now being revealed. as they came into ball junko, have seen many buildings heavily shelled, and the court laughs or to see people still remain beneath the rubble and the residence we have spoken to see they have lived in terror. elizabeth lana is one of many who lost loved ones in this town. the night her neighbor's house was attacked . her brother died v. atlanta tells us he was scared to death. but had lazopoulos albany, you insoluble manila yesterday. my brother was paralyzed on the 22nd of march. the neighbor's house exploded me had a heart attack and died. it was there, but we be livable so. so the risk of having a proper funeral was too great that people had to bury the dead in their back yard splashes away. i mean them, are you look, this is my neighbor. his family is not here, but he was shot. and this is where he was buried because she takes us to the makeshift gray wolf, her brother v. atlanta says now she must give her brother
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a proper burial. but as she agrees his loss, she also faces an uncertain future. russell said that al jazeera but of junker the you ends migration agency says more than 7000000 people are internally displaced in ukraine. international organization for migration says that more than a 3rd of the displaced families have been without an income since last month. and a half of them have children and elderly living with him. russia has condemned the expulsion of around a 150 of its diplomats by e in countries in the past 2 days and has promised retaliation. but you also announced it will halt. all fossil fuel inputs from russia hasn't given an exact date as yet. the import of coal from russia to the block is worth nearly 4 and a half $1000000000.00 a year. u. s. is also expected to announce further sanctions on wednesday.
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russia's president vladimir putin says the western allies, actions on energy and economic issues are only making tensions worse to sources is when you see it in the situation in the energy sectors deteriorating and putting pressure on gas perform in some european countries. we're witnessing another attempt by our western partners to shift their mistakes on to russia that trying to solve these issues at our expense. we're also hearing official statements about the possible nationalization of some of our assets that would take things too far. let no one forget that these measures are a double edged sword. was still a heads on the al jazeera, the 1st trial addressing atrocities. no hurry starts, and i see see almost 20 years after the conflict began. under documents considered to be one of the most valuable in the history of science mysteriously with
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with her there. here's her headlines for the americas. great to see you. beginning in south america, quieter weather. more so toward the south. we did have weather alerts and play for sal paula with some soaking rains. those had been lifted on wednesday, but around a saucy on still, wet weather in the forecast. pulses of rain toward the top end of south america, especially around now is getting pretty close to bogota on wednesday, off to central america right now. heavy rain continues to be relegated towards coast to recon panama, that speeding up with all that what, whether toward the top end of south america, look at the winds through the gulf of mexico. i want to talk about the act of whether we have going on here. these winds will fuel some of the storms that we're looking at. most of the energy has pivoted further north. so for the mid atlantic, great through to new york, we've got some soaking, rains on tap. that's round one round to we'll come on thursday right now. that's
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over the great lakes, off to the west and improvement in conditions for british columbia, the pacific northwest. next system swoops into the central and northern coast, and it is all about the heat for california. look at this as f 26. los angeles, 34, i think san francisco. you may hit 30 degrees on thursday. you didn't even hit 30 last summer. these temperatures are well above average, air conditioners will be working in over time. ah, in 20. and this led 40 days of civic action against the armenian government. i'm president. soc, is younger group home power. i'm going to labor cuz we're a new documentary follows he's known boiling campaign to bring down a corrupt regime, astonishing outcome with good with revolution. i am not alone on
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media's velvet revolution coming soon on al jazeera. ah ah, you're watching, i'll just remind to now about top stores this ukraine's president has told the un security council that should expel russia or disband the lead savanski said the world has yet to learn the full truth brushes an edge to war crimes and his country european union has announced it will hold all fossil fuel imports from russia, but it did not give a specific date around a 150 russian diplomats have been expelled by you countries. in the past 2 days
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more dead bodies haven't discovered in the ukrainian town of boucher associated press. journalists, i've seen 6 burn parties lying on the street. others were found in and around people's houses. the u. s. is taught general says the world is a more dangerous place because of the russian invasion of ukraine. general, not many told members of congress that the military action has raised the prospect of a bigger war. between what he described as 2 great nations. and fisher reports from capitol hill. we will have that debate about what that top line number should be, and it was a meeting to discuss the u. s. military supposed $773000000000.00 budget for the coming year. the largest in the world by far, it was a meeting, were developments in ukraine, overshadowed those discussions from the leading republican on the committee. an attack on the russian president look for ordering. the invasion, but potent, catastrophic invasion of ukraine has proven to the rest of the world. he's nothing more than an unhinge crackpot. the problem is this crack pot has his finger on the
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world's largest nuclear arsenal and illegal stock pile of chemical and biological weapons, which he hasn't hesitated to use against his perceived enemies. the u. s. is top general mark 1000000 sis, the actions by russia and the growth in the chinese military has in his view with the world a more dangerous place. we are entering a world that is becoming more unstable. and the potential for significant international conflict between great bowers is increasing, not decreasing. u. s has pledged $14000000000.00 to the ukrainians and military eat . important support says the us defense secretary with help from congress. we been able to raj security assistance to ukraine, but help ukrainian ukrainian people defend their lives and their country and their freedom. the us still sees china as the biggest global threat and that's where the majority of the budget is targeted. progressives hope the democratic president
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would take some defense spending and put it into social programs, but that thinking has become another casualty of the war in ukraine. alan fisher al jazeera on capitol hill. the eastern ukrainian city of to have, has been at the forefront of russian artillery fire. it korean forces pushed the russians out on march 12th. but the city continues to be bombed. i said, beg reports from the countries east stepping into the unknown as he does every day. this time, it's a rocket in a living room. 42 year old, you are after rock works as part of what gives rapid response. the mining team, boy at the said why it seems it was, but sometimes we are 50 calls a day, sometimes 70, sometimes a 100. we have 4 brigades that cover the whole area and they're always new requests
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coming into. i'm with folks on the whole there's something in the garden. it's an unexploded cluster, munitions of the law. he hold picks it up with his bay hands and just walked away. was wanna miss umbrella lum. oh. can you please check if it's still there? says the resident, just a swallow mr. wallace. who has it? well, so it, no, there's nothing here. it's exploded already. look the to the parts of the shrapnel . this is just the wings. there's nothing else left. this is weird exploded. can you see the impact area without society come on? every day they have a list they work through, but the list is never ending because the russians keep pounding this town. there's a fear russian forces would make a push for it soon. and as they work a
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jet streaks, low overhead, there was a plane is applied over half of my wallet as go his go, his go. this is a constant threat. they face the super verbosity, of lesson, of a special weapon was no modem with of course i'm skid. this is war is all ordinance is dangerous, but of up ordinance cannot be safe at all is created to strike infantry and light armored vehicles. it cannot be sold them, especially for civilians at about. every part of this town seems to have some sort of damage. these men's task is relentless. the russians continued to fire into populated areas, and they're faced with seems like this on a daily basis. i said,
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beg, i'll dedira to we if the former leader of an armed group in sudan has denied committing war crimes in the countries dar 4 region. as his trial opened at the international criminal court, a government was a leader of the government backed ginger. we'd fighters, he denies all charges, this is the 1st trial of its kind, connected to the fighting ind offer, which began in 2003. and we will do our best efforts. i'm given where we are in proceedings to highlight cases of sexual gender based crimes, to the best of our ability to uranus, determine relevance and the responsibility of mr. abdur rahman, and also understand the depth of suffering that has been caught, that not even infants was bad brutality in the attacks in could doom and been dizzy. when i had, when i had, when i reject all of these charges,
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i am innocent of all these charges. i am not guilty of any charges. now perused, president hasn't lifted the curfew just a day after he ordered the police to enforce it. and we've got some live pictures here from the reuters news agency. now we've been seeing these pictures over the last few minutes as security forces move back and forth trying to make ground against protest is in the streets now. is comes of course, after cruise president lifted the curfew just a day off the order the police to enforce it. and there have been days of sometimes violent protests against the rising cost of living. demonstrators ignored the curfew. order and confronted police. young. okay, we'll be going to move on from that now with of course, stay with that when you more details as we get it. now,
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last month's ukraine received help from a tech c o l and mosque to provide a satellite internet to the war torn country. but astronomers are complaining about light pollution produced by communication satellites, was our latin america editor lucio newman reports from northern chile. satellite interference has become a particularly big problem. when you gaze at the sky, you're likely not only seeing stars, but increasingly low earth orbit satellites. there's so many, they often look like a moving glittering train ha, closer to earth children at this primary school in north central chile, or enjoying the benefits that i want. okay, awesome. and will, the seller school was one of hundreds that had limited or no access to the internet until it acquired starling high speed satellite connection. you won't ante on the cliff. it's an incredible change in terms of what we can do in class. now it's
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a very important educational tool, not just for us, but all schools. latoya qualen to store link is ellen masks latest aerospace manufacturing project, along with rival services such as jeff bezos, amazon. it aims to provide high speed internet to the most remote corners of the globe, where connectivity is difficult or impossible actually was the 1st latin american country to license at services. what's not visible is the starling satellite that makes all this technology possible. so far, there are 1500 of them out there in outer space, but the company has been authorized to place as many as 12000 in the next 5 years. and that's the trouble. the satellites are competing with another scientific wonder, modern astronomy. the world's largest telescope, the e l t, is being built in northern chile, which will soon house 70 percent of the world's astronomical infrastructure. but
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a strong was say light pollution and frequencies generated by low orbit satellites are interfering with all important observations of other planets. but what has to happen to you to be able to curve for together is communication and collaboration. if we don't talk to each other, we're not going to rit agreements. but mr. chavarria argues that observatories are just as necessary as internet from outer space a. we are going to be able to see if those plans have oxygen. for example, if there is any chance that may be some kind of life in those planets. and we're given those 1st steps into looking for future homes for humanity. united states office for our space affairs is working on rules for frequencies and coordinates to create a global system for sharing outer space for the benefit of all of those on earth, black, large and small. to see a newman al jazeera when
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a kiddos chinney. now, to diaries, owned by british naturalists, charles darwin, including one containing a sketch of his famous tree of life, have been returned to cambridge university library, decades after they were presumed stolen. as naep barker reports, the priceless notebooks reappeared as mysteriously as they vanished. there is some of the most remarkable documents in the history of science. so when darwin's diaries went missing from a strong room 20 years ago after being removed for photographing, there was universal dismay with cambridge university library concluding they'd probably been stolen rather than misplaced. but last month, as mysteriously as they vanished, the 2 notebooks resurfaced in a gift bag on the library floor. inside this printed message, saying, librarian, happy easter eggs. the happy tears, the happy tears. i think that's the will be because i know over the emotional rollercoaster it means so much to us to have these. how i many other people who don't have ccd the in places where people it is record is passing through lassie.
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city motors the front, the building on the back, they wouldn't. so we have pulse the ccd that we have available to the police and that might have fell out investigation. darwin sketched his ideas about an evolutionary tree in $1837.00 after a trip around the world. more than 2 decades before he published a more fully developed tree of life in his groundbreaking book on the origin of species. i honestly think i'm in the theory of that reflection and evolution is probably the single most important theory in the life and earth environmental sciences. and this, these are the notebooks in which that theory was put together. the library says the note books are in good condition and haven't been handled much. whoever took them and decided to return them, appears to have looked after them with care. a police investigation into the disappearance of the note books worth many millions of dollars is ongoing. the mystery of darwin's diaries is anything but an open and shut case. they've barker
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al jazeera and you can find out much more on our website address that is w w w dot al jazeera dot com ah. okay, johnston with the headlines here on al jazeera ukraine. presidents is totally un security council, should expel russia or disband, met lensky, said the world is yet to learn the full truth of russia's alleged war crimes in his country. comments come just days after the discovery of dead bodies in the town of many of the people had gunshot wounds and some of them had found the glass little grey. me. we need decisions from the security council piece in ukraine . if you don't know how to implement this, you can do 2 things.


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