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tv   Despair and Defiance Voices From Ukraine  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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the me ah ah, ontario johnston indo how the top a store is on al jazeera, ukrainian city of butcher, has been a center of alleged atrocities carried out by russian forces for days. now. the killings have joined widespread condemnation from around the world. and now even more footage has emerged a warning that v was may find the pictures in andrew to oppose report disturbing bodies weren't just left in the streets along the chicago as ukrainian troops and police investigators go house to house. they find many more victims in boucher
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charred remains, piled on top of each other. it's horrible. you see it's just 6 bodies here and her good house. you can see maybe 3 and the house, it's maybe one body. it's shot the early who was shot and learn of a whole town. a suburb with keith is now a crime. scene. witnesses say russian troops became stuck in the town due to ukrainian resistance and went on a killing spree. italy. alexson drove us as russian soldiers checked her nephews phone before taking him away. his remains were recently discovered. i'll be the one i don't like slowest more, but almost all he was probably killed on the 8th of march. he was lying all this time in the basement of his body was found 4 days ago, and we buried him. he was shot in the ear. pete was to lymphoma,
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pictures released by the cranium military show what appears to be a torture chamber in another basement where people were hand cupped and shot while on their knees. as residents return home confirmation that multiple family members are gone. he recover, look, found 3 bodies in her yard. one is her brother, another her husband, the scenes from boucher appear on russian state television on the okay. and i sandra viewers are told ukrainian, nazis carried out the killing. is he yet a provocation that i needed was the child wake up with a lot of these are fake atrocities which the russian army was immediately accused of. and western media began to repeat the accusation with the symbol, tammy eslie and without a break for sleepy. it's me want to boat sales, psychological, self defense. why am i ordering the russians to prep the exam sales of from what goes absolutely games they believe. what should force them to
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think about their own leadership as well? what criminals got the nap when you minute. every gruesome discovery and newspaper headline now used to feed the war machine and give you the blame game aside. the fear remains that the scenes in boucher are being repeated in towns and cities across ukraine. andrew chappelle, what al jazeera, what ukraine's preston's has told, the un security council that should expel russia or disband permit lensky said the world has yet to learn the full truth of russia's alleged war crimes in his country . with little grainy, we need decisions from the security council for peace in ukraine. if you don't know how to implement this, you can do 2 things, either remove russia from the council, so it cannot block decisions about its own war. the other option is to reform the security council to work for peace. if there isn't an alternative,
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then we should disorder secret council. altogether more in other world news, peruse the president has lifted a curfew just a day after he ordered the police to enforce it. have been days of sometimes violent protests against the rising cost of living demonstrates his ignore the curfew and confronted police. a former leader of an armed group in sudan has denied committing war crimes in the countries region. as his trial opened, the international criminal court mohammed dollar man was a leader of the government backed january fighters. this is the 1st tron of its kind connected to the fighting indoor for which began in 2003. well, those are the headlines and news continues. herron al jazeera after despair and defiance. ah
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ah. we encountered them 1st as we crossed the polish border into ukraine. a biblical exodus of people. ah where do you come, how you can go get a little he could they came on foot in long lines of vehicles. ah, they crowded on trains, women, children and the elderly father's left
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behind. men of fighting age forbidden to leave. ah. they came under fire from beleaguered smoking towns. i noticed the rough blue field lives at the gilbert buildable of looseness financed by june, june the oldest and sickest hold out on stretches. ah little girl is no fool it so um, do lucy does what the body of w got? you gonna buy a would be um, oh, when you thought and i got the store, but when his name was pamela, missed jasmine, please let me start sending you back. thanks. then you continue. but
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don't know what the goal stopping you got done with that approach. the strong mute magician, the touch, the with the russians have turned to cjb warfare ah, pummeling cities from ground and dead disposal and defiance inside the city that's become the center of resistance to vladimir putin plans to create a new order in europe. ah ah ah
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with no journey to keith began late at night with a mad rush to catch the train from the western city of louise, delayed by an air raid siren got there with minutes to spare passengers on the night train to keep we're going against the vast flow of refugees escaping the capital. aah! hedging for danger. the train was soon blacked out for safety on board, ukrainian officers on their way to the front. and foreign fightin looking to join an international brigade. ah.
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issue what we're thinking about jack is a former british soldier. what is it that made you come like, how did you reach the decision? oh, so i was a finish. yeah. i was thinking about it was into mindsets and then there was a video of the version jet that launch missiles of the civilian house. and you had the little girl screaming in the nuts. what basically turned off to to know is we're in the frozen outskirts of keys then the sprawling city itself,
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home to 3000000 people before the exodus. ah, at the station, a train on the next platform waged to evacuate more women and children. the heading west trying to get as far away as possible as the russians tighten the noose around . the capitol ah, in station concourse, a woman in clear distress seesaw camera, yelled nora holy in the view school we will and bit of money going goes out us where you have my dual police. one of them so that all men of them brought to mind that them georgia among them suitable did, should them, she's the, was in the my, as yes. do you them do you do when you thought and they got your daughter thumb
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through collision? no bullet. so dumb do this, the does what the body of them will you go? you're going to my of what the come when you thought that got those through over the really you and then me is so close. below. hire movers, to the point. sure. with a snow begins to fall on keys, medical supplies are on loaded onto the platform. we move foster the almost empty streets, skirting debris from attacks in the early days of the invasion. this was a missile, the missile seat on the road. they want it to hit the station and the tower, but they had the tower and they had the basketball origin. dr. edward spends most of his time delivering food medicine and clothing across
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keep to families in neat city brought change because many blood boston on xerox. and the city is without people result cars at all. i stay here because now you bring in my in laws alanta easy seated leave my family and my children's. my wife is also a volunteer at one of the many defensive positions being constructed in the city. they don't want us to show its location. they're worried about the russians using g o. location data to target them. they're also worried about fit columnists already in the city. you bought the, receiving a group all in 3 bought over for me. so your worried about russian spies
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infiltrating cheers and finding out information. many, william was your mood, me who your name you machine yaki, when they both told me labeled it all so not, not due to the z, he a give when it i'm sitting in a bully, a great they're in, they made it easy. so they said we're going to move forward with them, look, law dot flood, you go with no phone stuff for their own injured the medical supplies. a rudimentary without falling into a thank you very funny. we have a relatively the here, the whole which we need a aliana, a teacher and normal times is preparing herself to do battlefield 1st aid. i wanted to meet you, my yada dela, my g 3, dr. lee animals, every other one and my a probably up is more. move me is charlotte shepherd, nicholas tuck. this was the 1st play. everyone here seems to have made the same
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calculation as just those are good g wooden, but she didn't even showed more yadi. now my duty, but he holler when i will post vaudeville is my rosina ye broth all when i was normal you because our ye do boost question. i me sir. possible rule is pezora with of nose is because all my bowden was that he shot the give me a wooden bottom goodman each anxious j. as the russians creep closer, edward make sure to get home to these young family before the curfew. this is my family. his wife, natalia watches for his arrival yeah, no mom. i really had dinner broke
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a new one. he thinking yeah, he wasn't above his own. oh, chin guy used orchard watching orchard. oh. let's do it, wasn't it been young organization? and when you moment using not say to me common. gotcha. but almost ha. and prosecutors dancing, oversight. lovely art natalia's mother lives here to fretting about her grandchildren very severe her. oh yes. so there were fullness. if you use the, you know, the natalia, it was a difficult decision to remain in ki, i can of course, you know, going to 0. you, we, holla, you can use this,
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catch the j. enjoy their civil force up rather than easter. yes, this is near local media. any issue? britain? you, marcia thorndike up by the other. if shar e animal was started, she moved her mom there were use by them. we have to is this? yeah, i was just as i walk in on the chevy, chilly cranes gladden. ah, my lanky shen that was a mia. so the given a, a last darcy, vassar college trees surrounding horseshoe as a whole. what is it, while coley and jewish, so it's broad. aristides gets saldonya. oh, of charles gillman, without ballpark the nebraska. oh,
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edward's biggest fear is when his sons are one that is required to santa yarborough's dog in a book. no, you like your shore more you did. they don't score on your car. varina says, robert, you pon yarbrough thought, but at what use in the wolf cable door, what the excuse cast on them, or was it the road to a pin on the outskirts of keith it used to be a gateway to the capital. but at the start of the war, the defenders blew up the bridge. here to stop russian tanks advancing into the capitol ah smoke from the latest shilling rises, other e opin. this satellite city of more than 62000 people, is the front line threatened by more to fire the trap local inhabitants of
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struggle to evacuate underneath the broken bridge. some of the oldest and sickest are being carried out on stretches. east through the whole. you do the with i see a young lady
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bob. i believe you when you deal, you talk to your story. i to better than you more to fall and know which is on the design. you are being the severe furniture near. negotiate those just crash and how much i need to be asleep here. new news. yes. that's good. i'm using is line equals one. you me up with. just rough to help you out. angela. he's at the go on bills. couple of thrust no hands. they get food, she only color if they've been hiding in their basement,
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waiting to be rescued. what are you leaving behind a middle initial or does it say emotional shots? you are in a really good the come with the what are you leaving with your clothes and your documents? and that's all i don't know what a valentina couldn't bear to leave her pet rabbit with the girl a crew a bit. you think you'll be able to come back? well quote you a but you're not that, nor was this when. when does more from some of the older residents of a pin have lived here their whole lives for some of them. it's just too much with yoko.
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ah, central peeve, locked down and sandbagged under heavy security in the heart of the old town. the government is still functioning. in a fortified bunker president zalinski uses to speak to the world. we meet his deputy prime minister irina there is chuck cameras where we bore nasa hood near or c and annette. those village we had seen him gently g doughty as far as the mice when, when you turn him a quarter door am yeah. as or as a might so many thought only lawson or double moved on the loop at cook little what it's a procedure in respect to national tv in the home. i don't want to spread him pushing want feel country in this area formula, but i was initially put in north korea is us prob, will start giving them a democratic num, a start the euro pace. kim started tim kim with those the molly proud water and we can where you can my sweet don't coastal model slower. we will miss an uber. i'm so
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glad. none them was not causal to could been, i'm steep dis deposit or is the show me zera's glutton what took over the kitchen? ah ah, 3 days in and we now had a new vehicle driven by armed police. edward in his van had returned to delivering aid around the city, passing the indus checkpoints with these fellows much quicker. now since we arrive in case we watch these defensive positions being built up all with the city, with more of these metal structures being placed on the road every day. whatever negotiations are taking place far away from here. those people who decided to stay and defend kids,
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a preparing for street fighting with the russian army many ukrainians have returned to their homeland to fight tennis pro. so used to kosky is one of them. we last saw him competing at the australian open. he swapped his racket for deadly weapons. he's even been trained in how to shoot an anti tank missile and low i know how to shoot. i had a train or 2 days ago the show me how that works. yeah. i hope i will not have to use it, but if i need to, i know how it works. there's a sequence of things you need to do, but it's fairly for anti tank. with that high accuracy, it's produced. he left his wife and 2 young sons behind and hungry. he didn't tell the boys where he was going, but one day he will. i'll tell them that i was tending the ground of my country where i was, raise them for them for their freedom, because once russia takes over the crane to the border, was hungry and it's only 300 kilometers away. i mean,
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i just don't see why they would stop it keeps biggest childrens hospital. young cancer patients are being evacuated to the much safer city of levine in the west. in the last day we tried to cheat our patients. we tried to stay of them here, but our from day to day we realize that this will be harder and supply are a limited as a can ended in any moments and to rehab a serious patients with a c or a disease and stop treatment for them. as few as seems at the same like it kills them. isn't for a good. what else? you certainly would him, you could your bumper? sure. no. hearing that i be even odella eel was eligible for the thought. was it over the course of a funny and i should get that nickel wine, you all? another was tunneling and amanda. a chance i thought just as of rollin lila's
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daughter, angelica also had a bone marrow transplant paralysis, municipal court that i should go critic in my mind. but of course you wrong and you think your budget could come over to provide digital like it does have a look at as a gift card to volunteer as a group shot this does or baja or gladden of luca von yet no cg thrash. no instruct is thrashed. the families will travel in convoy with a military escort or some in private cars. miss little selina houston, the crutches because the sister had those fanny on wednesday. we're supposed to fuck. how are the children? do they understand? do you think they understand what is happening? clearly xander stant, like larry teenager, especially as a heavy burden. it got dark as a fighting visit cancer ever day. and now with a chevy dogs, they realize that it's skin everson can stop dead. their life depends on their di
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to men who really 312 year old, paulina, he's feeling too sick to talk. neisha then you've got to do it on the subordination then near analysis. cooper, when you brought that up to a senior confront bowen and with that. so you can't have any interruption in her treatment. duck me, i could put out of the lowest of ordination that all hadn't asa visible on a thank my her nipple, on the volley. you had the last on your ha, we're one of all is all the shop is a foot and that i say, now should you pin them or to put him on the decline your mortgage that they want to pay for. but i think you know, most of their child 15 year old kate has been at the hospital for 7 months. are you worried to leave this hospital in kevin? go somewhere else. oh, maybe. i'm afraid because of our standard. it's really scared because
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her mom been here think no one here knows their final destination may be sylvia. germany or aunt. i dunno. thing to know. yeah. yeah, for sure. that is mother you. yeah, you got you breath. loanable the you have the natural in the live master. yes. you're not to lose. leslie be, this is way i'll be and i just your, or did you name me and she would love to throw those up. and that is what bon, we move the void that the military a waiting for the go ahead that the road out of key the safe. a sign on the bus window says kids that the russians have killed many children in this conflict. the parents know there is no such thing a safe passage. she
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has to go with all the good. okay, was hello. so no money to promote a witness fair with his bravery. witness breeder, witness, slavery, witness people, witness power, witness and lifetime witness. and our quickness man, witness bees, witness prejudice, witness. peace, witness, love, witness. ball, witness. the world witness. next door, witness life. witness. arduous error. as the warn you crying, brian's on al jazeera correspondence,
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bring you every angle. there is a few military prices erupt in on multiple fronts. if not only managed to escape the water, but also the flashes of light on the russian occupation. troy street totally destroy keep central station has become evacuation central station with rush and forth on closer pensions are going up by the hour. stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments of all my friends and co workers who were detained. i am the only one who survived. they were all waiting for news of the menfolk and was only one word on their lips. full month's little a saw a boy killed in his father's arms. i saw a man killed next to his son. all i have only once in my life, seen men who are scared to death. 30 years old from the start of the wall pulse near the camp on al jazeera we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what you
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call high al jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that my t how to senior ah, i'm carry johnston in doha, the top stories on al jazeera, more dead bodies have been discovered in the ukrainian town of boucher associated press. journalists have seen at 6 a burnt bodies, lying on a st. others were found in and around people's houses. police officers are there documenting every scene they come across. ukraine's president has told the un security council that should expel russia or disband, woocommerce zalinski said the world has yet to learn. the full truth of russia's alleged war crimes in his country will be routed,
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which way law will go crazy. we need decisions from the security council for peace in ukraine. if you don't know how to implement this, you can do 2 things. either remove russia from the council, so cannot block decisions about its own war. the other option is to reform to secure, to cancel, to work for peace. if there isn't an alternative, then we should decide the secret to counsel altogether more rushes ambassador to the un denied accusations of war crimes in ukraine and repeated claims that bodies on the streets on boucher were not there when russian forces left the town route. is it locked is do we need to cut out the malignant nazi tumor that is consuming ukraine and would in time begin to consume russia? and we will achieve that goal? i hope, sooner rather than later because there is no other outcome you. we are not shooting against civilian targets in order to save as many civilians as possible is precisely why we're not advancing as fast as many expected day. we're not acting
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like americans and their allies in iraq and syria were raising entire cities to the ground. they had no pity for them, but we thought great pity because these are people who are close to us. in other world news now peruse. the president has lifted the curfew just a day after he ordered the police to enforce it. have been days of sometimes violent protests against the rising cost of living. demonstrators ignore the curfew and confronted police. the former leader of an armed group and sudan has denied committing war crimes in the countries down for region. as his trial opened up, international criminal court alley, muhammad ali abdur rahman was a leader of the government backed as angie we'd, fighters, those are the headlines, and the news continues. head on al jazeera, after despair and defiance. ah
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ah allison to come up with the leukemia zalinski resilience seems to be holding his country together. he also understands how to win global support. when he addressed the u. s. congress, he focused on the fate of ukraine's children. now i am almost 45 years old. to day my age stopped when the hearth or more than 100 children stop beating.
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i see no sense in lab. if it cannot stole the death, zelinski speech was an appeal to hearts and minds in america and the top of his agenda and nato no fly zone of ukrainian cities and towns. said the rory of o u robin nearby to la, nay. michaela v cindy sat there all you im across more properties of iep when he did sleep or, or any boy that's a dental or he, by their belief program story cannot agree, you know, best followed mazano. she but says, or by god, sad. but if the what the lou day strong doesn't mean vague, strong is brave and ready to fight for the life of his citizens and cities as of the old thing. slow grain, ah,
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the polish embassy and keys we meet battle she held sky. the only european ambassador still in the country, his presence is significant since poland is the european country pushing hardest, the stronger action from nato. why did you decide to stay? because my president, my prime minister, my minister of foreign affairs promise that we will not leave the ukrainians. and for me myself, if i may allow myself a personal comment to it's the source of pride to, to stand up to arm of the bravest nation in the world. what are the circumstances under which poland could have proof could be part of supporting a no fly zone. what would it take?
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nay, to consensus. this is our security. if you crying false, will be in a big trouble. whatever happens, he says pigeons invasion of ukraine will force a major rethink of european security. i believe that to now make further steps within nato, moving the united nations to ah, to at the just. and i believe those systems in the united mission systems will have to change nato as well. i see other than others. i think the all to be completely different after whatever happens ah, in keeps maternity hospital number 2, the doctors and nurses stopped work to watch a broadcast from their president. nearly 2000000
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people, mostly women and children who have fled the capital and become refugees. but there are some who simply couldn't leave. oh, the women here heavily pregnant when the war started had no choice but to remain hospital direct. just so gay sound. the coff has set up, make shift birthing suites in the basement for air raids. this is no place for a baby. yes, yes, no place for her. after seeing the bombing of hospitals in other cities, right. sound the cough is preparing for the worst. that has now is not a native cook, a machine of cause, i am your tos. i cannot nick him. what i love sometimes jimmy does noted usa love when his teresa gigi, him with, despite though it's her birthday. so from amazon or santana's gym was normally my
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grandmother. she knew at the bridge you him that on the ceiling that said, ye, ye, ye gestapo at the somebody just to warn you, snyder, i'm fortunate as limited access teresa williams, like sound. the coff introduces us to the new mother's door. alina has a baby girl, amelia, born just a few minutes earlier out of the full phone. so i was just worried to take in this situation yesterday, wednesday, his home. and this isn't, i don't know what we'll do in the future because the additional real change maybe every day and i don't know what i
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think. thank you very much. thank leona. has a baby boy called allah dark. and he's a producer from nobody ma, on the radio, shine you but those will give that off. did you think about taking your wife out of keith? what there was or 30 bucks i need to change blood, nat. geo of ways. right? pushing isn't possible. so prostate, you put up a business d me in the victoria is waiting for her husband to collect her and a new baby. hello and take them home. how are you? oh so so yeah. baby even was born the previous day. more. what's the word? no more you putting the origin bull asleep when the bonus ball was let me know mom
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wanted to try to go to some blood pressure. it was so much of a mom, but i'm just coming. yes and they avoid is wonderful my son and who had then some because this time is terrible. i think it's very terrible body. believe it bill in our counting now. every in our people in our song because he defend our system. ah, the baby's father has been given leave to come and collect his wife, and the son he still hasn't seen. ah, pavel is a member of ukraine, special forces alpha group. he keeps his mouse gone, even for the baby photos with when you go annually. zam lewis seems of to
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you as an austin, and so we decided to lucy. we've been looking at him and in one of the more unlikely scenes of this or any war puzzles, special forces, teammates join him with baby event on the hospital steps. ordinary one with ah, we had no out of the city through a series of checkpoints to meet mother and son, just escaped from the village of casara bitchy. it was overrun by russian troops in the 1st days of the war. ah. on the way a soldier tells us this area is still under ukrainian, control the book in tomorrow as much as of us out
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with what is great mean is obviously won't do that with him. he need with lilia and her son yara love arrive with their few belongings. we've offered to take them to the railway station. they'll tell us their story on the way. it began for lydia on the 24th of february when she finished her shift as a shop assistant maria, but also the don't want this monster asset bozer. i will let you know you need the case. give us the civil others just touching the releford own which i with we call it the volunteer a space. you holy wish list it wirelessly, l,
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a below level, etc. with how long did you spend in the face? with a dollar 30 people from 5 to a bought the phone. when you kiddo and what you do is you go to florida, so i need to call because our jo. yes. love shows us what he's friends filmed this year, a barrier or was it was the voucher. so why is it just the issue with
4:44 am
it? after 11 days, years slovenly took the risk to walk south through the russian lines. with what you've been a strict for many years ago, is there a way a provider with so much of a he was out for
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a husband differently volume with them off a little more before you got this number fall in there for you that there is no use with a key railway station, the crowd to find out. now that so many who fled the city, irish law and lillia told what train to take the heading west out of the conflict. so we've driven 7 hours from keith to ukraine's black sea coast. and the critical port
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city of odessa ahmed vehicles are heading towards the frontline city of nikolai, and our military escort spells out. what's at stake? it's very important to hold mc alive right now because it's the main gate to odessa . if a michael, i false odessa gonna face said big problems these are the evacuation buses. they have acquired 2 people to these tapes. fusions like to leave on. the printer keeps, can know what it is i own front for children. it says children with virgin strategy in the south of ukraine is clear. he's full. she targeted a string of port cities. some they've occupied. others are under siege. and further
4:47 am
to the west, the biggest prize of all a desa. mm. the right now we got a message that said the russian group around town and man is storming the leak alive with the attempt to move further to a desa from the eastern side. and we were expecting them by the land and by the sea . eugene comes from there. you poll, wear seat conditions worse and daily under the relentless, russian bombardment. he hasn't spoken to his family since the russians took out the cell tower. a friend of mine just called me and she told me that the russian tanks are in front of my house and variable right now in your town in front of my house, which of your family is in the house? my mother,
4:48 am
my grandmother and grandfather and my head cat are basically their street fighting right now for the marriage pole and the ring is getting smaller. you want to be there? yeah, definitely. where going to the positions right now where on the outskirts of the of the region. and so we go into the mil, true positions at the local base. we don't have long to wait until the commander arrives.
4:49 am
senior left tenant even and his men will be expected to hold the line here. the russians move on from mc alive were soon on the road again. right now we go into the front line positions where the trenches are to the guys who covering this c side and they are going to be the 1st who will meet the enemy from the sea. we enter an abandoned resort town or hear the shops and on the 2nd floor, it's like a motel. filming the defensive position here is prohibited russian naval ships. the shell targets in the suburbs of the desa. that's
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you hello, next to them we should say, which is more, it didn't work. you can find the korean you when there's a question about the cell phone, you know what it's up but a but i'm going to stop get agree. you just shorter than whatever. so some of the future, the cell and i'm sure what else wouldn't put the creative motor that's on the quote . it's not them who for a given you what you want to leave in the would not work for me to put in your michel. i would you, guy, i'm so whenever you put those little them to jordan and what if you want to modern like many ukrainian soldiers even and his men fought for years against russian set partitions in the dumbass region. the army has a corps of hardened veterans and just for massacre his colleagues, just them was
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a wired boy dorothy here to possibly occur there. got a thought that that, that it nivi chiclare salt lake. i think you put your la with charter pull up those broy toys. pick the line. yeah. you might get good. so idea, nicola levy chocolate doin in to put it wasn't much that i could so i know i'd like it basil the might. boy dawson, one them wired for, for the chair, margaret, not on the cook, watching the candle hill in a defensive position on the frontier of a debtor. we showing another reason for their confidence a supply of us made javelin anti tank missiles which have been huge with deadly effect in battlefields across ukraine. as this is erotic alan, yes. molten or jerry? this is real long term for the delivery. and then there's the group, the group policy, there are 2 bar, i can have been sort of cuba proposed cases with given the for sierra
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we do impose, these are gonna be used against the armored vehicles tanks and against helicopters . whose does ukraine do you have enough of traveling? like these and other similar weapons though? yeah, boomers to the softener masses to show the re over at sea franco vanka v. as the soldiers prepared to face the anticipated russian assault magicians musicians. stage a concert in front of me opera house. ah, the musicians calling on nature to close the skies as ukraine. ah ah
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fear of watch to come has emptied the city of most of its people. a scant few pray for salvation in its fine russian orthodox cathedral. elegant city founded by catherine, the great sun bagged, its precious statues. odessa cannot escape its russian heritage. this is the biggest crisis that europe has faced since the 2nd world war i believe. so i think you will love the conflict was,
4:54 am
was local and of course cruel and criminal, but still it was, it was different. it was without the direct engagement of the nuclear superpower and, and at any time you did not put the risk of global or wild. this is the case. how dangerous is this beyond the borders of ukraine, by the most dangerous. and i think the in the soho of prison put in should take that red button, is nowhere close to prison put in his fingers. me let me put you in touch, overturn the old order. the stakes for europe and the world are immense. the
4:55 am
toll and human lives is mounting by the day, and by the hour in odessa, as in many other cities, desperate survivors are at the railway station waiting to escape a world they no longer understand. now go on, we saw on your vehicle isn't kyra. mostly know canadian if a sub steel of a 7 and then i sure, absolutely. i live across the water still community. yeah. coming in his name with us that would have been with his name was jim luis, which has no boys. i missed him sailing yet. thanks darsh than you continue with
4:56 am
brown. that was the goals dumping in. you can use clipper. you go down here, you move on to the dutch prostate schuster or and you do you just as is too hot? not for you assume wires we do not such do those but always wishes to mr. you when his lunch to would exhaust. she's just ah ah
4:57 am
ah hey there, here's her headlines for the america. it's great to see you beginning in south america, quieter weather, more so toward the south. we did have weather alerts and play for south le, with some soaking rains. those have been lifted on wednesday, but around a saucy on still wet weather in the forecast. pulses of rain toward the top and of south america, especially around now's getting pretty close to bogota on wednesday after central america right now, heavy it's rain continues to be relegated towards costa rica and panama, that speeding up with all that what, whether toward the top end of south america, look at the winds through the gulf of mexico. i want to talk about the act of whether we have going on here. these winds will fuel some of the storms that we're looking at. most of the energy has pivoted further north. so for the mid atlantic rate through to new york, we've got some soaking. rains on tap. that's round one round to we'll come on thursday right now. that's over the great lakes are to the west and improvement in
4:58 am
conditions for british columbia, the pacific northwest. next system swoops into the central and northern coast, and it is all about the heat for california. look at this as f 26. los angeles, 34, i think san francisco. you may hit 30 degrees on thursday. you didn't even hit 30 last summer. these temperatures are well above average, air conditioners will be working in overtime. ah, april on august, you frontline reporting and in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis. immersive personal shorts, documentary africa, direct showcase, african story from african filmmakers. the campaign for the philippines president the end final. but with the complete faith with which candidate will emerge. a front runner time of pandemic sauce. what the world can learn from the global
4:59 am
h. i v epidemic in the fight against children. 19 emmanuel macro is expected to be re elected as president. what will effect her mean the front and the april on al jazeera, on full passages, are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks why that we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 19. how we ignored the global sov. to put profits before people. and it won't cost, ah, time of panics or not just. this is a region that is rapidly developing, but it's one also that is afflicted by conflict. political upkeep was some of those we talked to elsewhere as saying that they fled after hearing that other villages
5:00 am
had been attacked. what we do in al jazeera is tried to balance these stories, the good, the bad, the ugly, tell it as it was, and leave the people who allow was into their lives, dignity, and humanity. asked you to tell their story. ah, the evidence mounts, new footage showing more bodies found in ukrainian city of boucher ah, by the kerry johnston. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up, take action or disband. stern words from the ukranian president, addressing the united nations security council saying russian leaders must face accountability for war crimes.


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