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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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requires a new machine and it's fun, but a new generation is fighting fire. with reason we're fighting for voices to be heard, because we don't want to see any of these. we get her with never again. part of the radicalized youth series on al jazeera. ah, the evidence mounts, new footage, showing more bodies, found him ukrainian city of brute. sure. ah. hello mcclark, this is out your life to ha, also coming up take action or disband. it's done words from the training president addressing the un. he says, russian leaders must face accountability for war crimes. also ahead ah, is anger grows in peru, the rise,
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you fuel and fertilizer prices protested to bomb the president. dear to resign. and communication versus observation, so on to say satellites a blurring their view of the coast. so the accordion city of butcher has been at the center of alleged atrocities carried up by russian forces for days. now. the killings have drawn wide spread condemnation from around the world. and now even more footage is much rewarding. the viewers will find the pictures and and tricia pell's report. disturbing bodies weren't just left in the streets were on the ship as ukrainian troops and police investigators go house to house. they find many more victims in boucher charred remains, piled on top of each other. it's horrible. you see it's just 6 bodies here. and that how you can see may be a 3,
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and that house, it's maybe one muddy. it's shot literally who was shot and learn of a whole town. a suburb with keith is now a crime. scene. witnesses say russian troops became stuck in the town due to ukrainian resistance and went on a killing spree. please. natalie alexson drove us as russian soldiers checked her nephews phone before taking him away. his remains were recently discovered. i'll be the one i don't like slowest move, but almost though he was probably killed on the 8th of march. he was lying all this time in the basement. yet his body was found 4 days ago and we buried him. he was shot in the ear. peter was till him book pictures released by the cranium military show what appears to be a torture chamber in another basement where people were handcuffed and shot while on their knees. as residents returned home confirmation that multiple family
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members are gone. here were gaffer look, found 3 bodies in her yard. one is her brother, another her husband, the scenes from boucher appear on russian state television on the okay. and i sandra viewers are told ukrainian nazis carried out the killing. is he yet a provocation? is i, nate, i am with the child. we go with a lot of these are fake atrocities which the russian army was immediately accused of. and western media began to repeat the accusation with the symbol tenuously and without a break for sleep. in that if you want to boat sales, psychological, self, defense, where am i or the russians do prep the exam sales of from what goes absolutely games they believe. what should force them to think about their own leadership? what criminals that the yeah, when you mine. yeah. every gruesome discovery and newspaper headline now used to
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feed the war machine and the blame game aside. the fear remains that the scenes in boucher are being repeated in towns and cities across ukraine and chappelle, but how to 0. what's the chief? he crane's president has told the un security council that should expel russia or shot at stoles flood him as a lensky is demanding accountability for moscow's ledge war crimes in his country. a warning, this report from kristen salumi contains graphic images you may find to still ukraine's president addressed the security council on the heels of his visit to boucher vladimir zalinski called for the united nations to hold russia accountable for war crimes. saying it's credibility is at stake. typically, when does a great deal, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to shut down the you? when do you believe that the times of international law have passed away? if your answer is no, the actions are needed now on immediate actions are needed. the un charter must get
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its force back again immediately. the un system must be reformed immediately, so that the right of the veto will not become the right of death. you will, he told of horrors at the hands of russian troops, including women being raped and killed. in front of families, people in cars being run over by tanks. and he showed grisly images of dead bodies in civilian clothes, laying in the streets. but russia insisted the images were staged with nubian burgers does go mucus. we are not shooting against civilian targets in order to save as many civilians as possible again precisely why we're not advancing as fast as many expected were not acting like americans and their allies in iraq and syria raising entire cities to the ground. they have no pity for them, but we felt great pity because these people are close to us. let us the united states con, for russia's removal from the human rights council, which has begun a commission of inquiry and ukraine. given the growing mountain of evidence, russia should not have a position of authority in
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a body whose purpose is very purpose, is to promote respect for human rights. not only as, as the height of hypocrisy, it is dangerous. the un secretary general warned that the rising cost of food and fuel as a result of the crisis, $74.00, developing nations, particularly vulnerable. we're already seeing some countries move from vulnerability into crises and signs of city of social unrest. the flames of conflict are fooled by inequality, deputy vacation, and then the fundings. with all the warning sign, all signals flashing grabs. we have a duty to act. un officials pointed to growing evidence of potential war crimes, primarily by russia, and called for an independent investigation. russia pointed to the united states and its refusal to take part in investigation of its own soldiers in afghanistan, and showed no signs of cooperating. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nation,
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well after the horrors seen in the town, a butcher. it was feared worse could be found in the nearby ton aboard younger. the recent days, more disturbing images have come out of areas and towns on the outskirts of ki, including open and boucher for the to the northwest images out of borgia anchor on tuesday. show building after building destroyed the crating, prosecutor general said it had most victims of any of the towns in the key province . would it be recaptured from the russians? she didn't give numbers or so sir, to has his report. natalia and her husband are finally moving back into their home usually, not long ago, there was russian artillery all around here. and the scores from the fight him remain probably in you or whoever. down back up with why. when the russian troops
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came in, they had to move their entire life into this basement. while they're there, waiters for one long mont, either harvey's folly, even which got more. and each time they had to emerge together essentials, they put their lives at risk to talk. associates is on the same walker. i had to walk out to bring my neighbor milk than a russian soldier, asked me where my husband is. i told him my husband cannot walk, then he says, come out into the road and points a rifle at me and speaks through the radio. the response on the radio was this is not ha and he left. as i woke back to the basement, i was trembling with the ton of bro junker was taken by the russian forces on the 28th of february, the 50 off the war as a strategic town that leads to the ukrainian capital cave. it was called in the crossfire of heavier armed forces from both sides. oh you are you thought, oh, this is the russian forces left this town. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed. as they came into ball junko,
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have seen many buildings heavily shelled, and the court loves or taught to see people still remain beneath the rubble and the residents have spoken to say they have lived in terror. svetlana is one of many who lost loved ones in this town. the night her neighbor's house was attacked, her brother died. v, atlanta tells us he was scared to death. but lazopoulos, albany, you insoluble manila, you should have. my brother was paralyzed on the 22nd of march. the neighbor's house exploded me had a heart attack and died because it would be below the risk of having a proper funeral was too great that people had to bury the dead in their backyards, watches over. i mean them are you look, this is my neighbor, his family is not here, but he was shot and this is where he was buried because she takes us to the makeshift grave of her brother. v atlanta says now she must give her brother
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a proper burial, but as she agrees his loss, she also faces an uncertain future. wrestle said that al jazeera, what a junker or russia has condemned the expulsion of around a 150 of its diplomats by e u countries in the past 2 days and has promised retaliation. the you also announced it will hold. all fossil fuel imports from russia hasn't given an exact date as yet. the import of coal from russia to the block is worth nearly 4 and a half $1000000000.00 a year. united states is also expected to announce further sanctions on wednesday. well, president vladimir putin says the western allies, actions on energy and economic issues are only making tensions worse. you should do exist when you see it in the situation in the energy sectors deteriorating and putting pressure on gas prom in some european countries. we're witnessing another attempt by our western partners to shift their mistakes onto russia that trying to
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solve these issues at our expense. we're also hearing official statements about the possible nationalization of some of our assets that will take things too far. let no one forget that these measures are a double edged sword. washington has announced an additional $100000000.00 and military a to ukraine. u. s. is top general says the world is a more dangerous place because of the russian invasion, general mot. melly told members of congress that the military action has raised the prospects of a big a war between what he described as 2 great nations. alan fisher, a post now from capitol hill. we will have that debate about what that top line number should be and it was a meeting to discuss the u. s. military is proposed $773000000000.00 budget for the coming year. the largest in the world by far, it was a meeting where developments in ukraine overshadowed those discussions from the leading republican on the committee. an attack on the russian president look for ordering. the invasion, but potent,
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catastrophic invasion of ukraine has proven to the rest of the world. he's nothing more than an unhinge crackpot. the problem is this crack pot has his finger on the world's largest nuclear arsenal and illegal stock pile of chemical and biological weapons, which he hasn't hesitated to use against his perceived enemies. the u. s. is top general mart 1000000 sis, the actions by russia and the growth in the chinese military has, in his view, made the world a more dangerous place. we are entering a world that is becoming more unstable. and the potential for significant international conflict between great bowers is increasing, not decreasing. yes. is pledge $14000000000.00 to the ukrainians and military eat. important support says the us defense secretary with help from congress. we been able to raj security assistance to ukraine, but helped ukrainian ukrainian people defend their lives and their country and their freedom. the us still sees china as the biggest global threat,
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and that's where the majority of the budget is targeted progressives hoped a democratic president would take some defense spending and put it into social programs. but that thinking has become another casualty of the war in ukraine. alan fisher al jazeera on capitol hill. so head aron al jazeera children, forced to leave ukraine, find a piece of home in the classroom in vienna. and the 1st strong address the atrocities and offers thought to the i. c. c. was 20 is off to the conflict again. ah hey there, here's your headlines for the america is great to see you beginning in south america, quieter weather more so toward the south. we did have weather alerts and play for sal paula with some soaking rains. those had been lifted on wednesday, but around
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a sulky on still wet weather in the forecast. pulses of rain toward the top and of south america, especially around now it's getting pretty close to bogota on wednesday, off to central america right now. heaviest rank continues to be relegated towards costa rica and panama. that's meeting up with all that. what, whether toward the top end of south america, look at the wins through the gulf of mexico. when talk about the act of whether we have going on here. these winds will fuel some of the storms that we're looking at . most of the energy has pivoted further north. so for the mid atlantic, great through dork, we've got some soaking rains on top. that's round one round to we'll come on thursday right now. that's over the great lakes, off to the west in improvement in conditions for british columbia. the pacific northwest next system swoops into the central and northern coast. and it is all about the heat for california. look at this as f 26. los angeles, 34, i think san francisco. you may hit 30 degrees on thursday. you didn't even hit 30
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and again you watching out 0 reminder. our top story is this, our more dead bodies have been discovered in the ukranian town of butcher associated press. journalists have seen at 6 burnt bodies, lying on a street. others were found in and around people's house. ukraine's president has told the un security council it should expel russia or disband flomax lensky said the world has yet to learn the full truth of russia's alleged crimes. the european union has announced it will hold all fossil fuel imports from russia, but it didn't give a specific date around a 150 russian 2 months in his bill, biting countries in the past while millions of ukrainians have fled to europe since the war began. families forced to leave a looking for ways to keep their children connected to the home they've left behind . foot in one hand has more. ha,
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this saturday school in vienna used to cater to the city, small ukrainian diaspora here children can learn the full curriculum all in the native language. but now tens of thousands fleeing the war or seeking sanctuary in austria. and the school is struggling to meet demand. in gone the good moment bobby's a sheila, when the was started, the number of children here, trouble and just to weeks get it. so now we have $700.00 new children. so nearly $1000.00 all together. now we have to have a waiting list for, you know, numbers aren't the only challenge. many of these children who witnessed the horrors of war yet, comments. this is a big challenge for us because we don't know exactly how best to respond to each of them. we don't know how much they've seen who is seen a lot of all and who's only seen a bit. and which of the children are experiencing problems because of stress. we don't know which children can do a lot of learning and which children need lots of play time to be listened to. to have their emotional needs met. despite these difficulties, the school is proving
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a valuable lifeline for those fleeing the conflict. children here are taking comfort in the familiar as they find their feet in a foreign land. they don't afraid because they realize that here is ukrainian children, ukrainian teachers. so and they, they feel comfortable here. many of these children will be moving on in the coming weeks and months. they'll find a more permanent refuge in germany and other parts of europe. but at this school, for now, at least they can enjoy a small slice of the home they've left behind. that and modern al jazeera peruse, presidents has lifted a curfew just the day after he ordered the police to enforce it had been days or sometimes violent protests against the rising cost of living. demonstrate his ignore the curfew order and confronted an
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e minus sanchez as the latest from the ma. well, thousands of peruvians have come to the center of the 1st a curfew. the president posted the middle of the night for nearly 24 hours, which was listed a while ago under the pressure of people saying we're saying that he could not with people's liberties. now, people anyway defined that curfew, they came out to the center of the fifty's and clashed with police are they were 1st got the 1st not very close to congress were put these was it was securing the area and president, you had gone to speak to wall makers about what he was going to do about the crisis that is ongoing in the country. there's been told tested off for nearly a week and robinson in the people, one guy you especially were 4 people were killed. and then both of us have begun to
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expand and on monday they began in the now were protested, blog highways. they watched with police a rock and burn tires and so on. and of course, all the blocking of the highways house calls in the last few days, food shortages and people are protesting. not only because of that, but because the prices of fuel has gone high, the prices of fertilizers have you 3 times and agriculture of farmers needs is for agriculture. so people are very angry and they blame everything on residents. you know, people have been protesting here at the center of the capital police. why a police have been responding with your guys? we've seen peaceful protests protesters, many older men and women and a lot of children. and people who had to run away from the gas,
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afraid that they would get hit by is there still a lot of protesters near the presidential palace, which is completely surrounded by police. they're trying to get told by for sure, they won't be allowed, but many people are saying that is these protests will continue. and that's, this is only just beginning of peruvians demanding that man whose only been 9 months in office resign. okay, let's take this home because we have your father who's approving journalist joins as i start from london, have you welcome to the show. so you're in contact course with people back home. what is your sense of the mood this growing younger? i've been in contact with family, friends college and carol, yes, in the last few hours and the situation is extremely serious at the moment as you informed correctly the car. if you was lifted after protests, i started in lima the capital. now, lima has never been
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a friend of castillo busty. you did not win lima when direction. however, many of these alice, i was starting to turn their back on him. of course, this was as your own correspondence correctly reported, i in the increase of the price of fuel which he mr. castillo, has reduced. now, those prices or will, is not sure that oil company would actually comply with that decision on the leasing market. colfey was used to these products, but also to the pressure from congress who told him that this was unconstitutional . and in fact, the ambles by the national, almost done as submitted a and a habeas corpus, a proposal the supreme court. i did now, she is called you as illegal and said clear, clear violation. okay. human rights. c jim, his gym, the serious and this equation, us not improve even after mr. castillo right at the coffee problem is the difficulty is that provings are facing the same problems. the countries around the world are facing right now in terms of, you know,
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the strain and stress on their economies as little government can actually do, isn't it? it because this was beyond, if you're pressed to see many people perceive because the government mistake us to you as an incompetent government has taken terrible decisions. mr. garcia has moved from bill if he was supposed to come from the left to move to the far right. he's got he surrounded by far white advisors who have been feeding him with conspiracy theories. which is the reason why he decided to call the school about the same time this, this brought the latest in the see was approaches on the mission issue. he said he's a study to lose. i mean from, from his either he's a guy, i like i decided to turn that by going to him there, living, partying congress together for the room. have turned it back on to him, pretty size. he was a little party who bought it. so he can think, i didn't, i was a regional when he wanted to be doing a study. and i want to tell you, for example, so if he's losing his allies, it, where is this heading?
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what, what needs to happen? we ultimately going to see elections. well, 80 percent of people are calling to let somebody know plus one election. so president and congress gonna happen not only would efficient castillo who's he's up or what he's by 53 percent, that we congress will disapprove. what is by 76 percent? what people, when is the election, clear election presidential congress, he could call, he goes on parliament and calling for fresh election. but congress doesn't want that because many people in congress would not be related because people are unhappy with congress. i'm, i'm under president. so the situation very serious at the moment, is there a pressure for him to call with an election? we don't know whether he's actually going to last until 2026 when he's cutting monday. mandate. busy finishes, i'm busy teaching this on the stable. that is very difficult to predict that he's actually going to be on monday. so via an impeachment that came in late march. i don't know whether he actually still by the new one. if there was
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a new attempt transaction from, from on the post. okay, we appreciate your perspective on this. thanks very much indeed. that said, have your father johnny from london. thank you. the former leader of a non group and student has denied committing war crimes in the countries dar 4 region as his troy. as his trial opened at the international criminal court, ali mohammed ali abdur rahman was a leader of the government, like genuine. it denies all charges. this is the 1st trial, it's kind connected to the fight and offers began in 2003. and we will do our best efforts. i'm given where we are in the proceedings to highlight cases of sexual gender based crimes, to the best of our ability to uranus determine relevance and the responsibility of mr. abdomen. and also understand the depth of suffering that has been caught that not even infants was sped brutality in the attacks in could,
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doman been dizzy with her at one hour. the minute i reject all these charges, i am innocent of all these charges. i am not guilty of any charges. she rides what it says. molly's army with help from foreign fighters, killed more than 300 civilians in 4 days last month. a new reported legend, the massacre took place in the town of mora in the central part of the country. marley's army says it killed more than 200 on fighters in war with the rights group . so civilians were killed. a violence with on groups has escalated this french peacekeepers prepared to leave. it's been a terrible few months in molly, in which armed groups from all different sites, including the islamist as well as the security forces, have engaged in the atrocities. but we say that this was the single worst atrocity that we have documented by any i'm group in the last 10 years. but also keep in mind that also during the, the month of march, there were several 100 people allegedly killed by the islamic state affiliate in
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and around min naca. so again, it's been a deadly, a few months in what is a conflict which has been characterized by massive atrocities against civilians and suspects. last month's ukraine received help from med tech c o e or mosque to provide satellite internet to the war torn country. but astronomers are complaining about light pollution produced by communication satellites. as our latin america editor, alicio, newman reports, northern chile, satellite advarance has become a particularly big problem. when you gaze at the sky, you're likely not only seeing stars, but increasingly low earth orbit satellites. there's so many, they often look like a moving glittering train. wow. closer to earth. children at this primary school in north central chile are enjoying the benefits. i will. okay. so the manual, the seller school was one of hundreds that had limited or no access to the internet until it acquired starling high speed satellite connection. you won't ante on with
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. it's an incredible change in terms of what we can do in class. now it's a very important educational tool, not just for us, but all schools that blackwell emma to star link is elan mosques, latest aerospace manufacturing project, along with rival services such as jeff bezos, amazon. it aims to provide high speed internet to the most remote corners of the globe, where connectivity is difficult or impossible actually was the 1st latin american country to license at services. what's not visible is the starling satellite that makes all this technology possible. so far, there are 1500 of them out there in outer space, but the company has been authorized to place as many as 12000 in the next 5 years. and that's the trouble. the satellites are competing with another scientific wonder, modern astronomy. the world's largest telescope, the e l t,
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is being built in northern chile, which will soon house 70 percent of the world's astronomical infrastructure. but astronomers say light pollution and frequency generated by low orbit satellites are interfering with all important observations of other planets. but what has to happen to you to be able to cursor together is, is communication and collaboration. if we don't talk to each other, we're not going to rit agreements. but mr. chavarria argues that observatories are just as necessary as internet from outer space a. we are going to be able to see if those planners have oxygen. for example, if there is any chance that there may be some kind of life in those planets. and we're given those 1st steps into looking for future homes for humanity. united states office for our space affairs is working on rules for frequencies and coordinates to create a global system for sharing outer space for the benefit of all of those on earth
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that large and small. to see in human al jazeera, when at kiddos chilling world renowned ballet stars, one from ukraine, the other from russia have teamed up to help victims of the war ah, long sighting, dance botanist that dennis had to leverage go. and maria jack over never performed in the italian city of naples. the gala performance featured other ballet stars who left russia and ukraine since the war began the 6 weeks ago. ah. so this is our desert, these are the top stories and more dead bodies have been discovered in the ukrainian town of butcher associated press. journalists have seen 6 burnt bodies lying on a st. others were found in and around people's houses.


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