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tv   Al Jazeera World Bosnia The Camp  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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ah, time of pundents on ology. bold and i'm told stories from asia and the pacific on al jazeera ah summer madison indo how the top stories on al jazeera, a full scale of killings in the ukrainian towns of boucher pin and bought a junker are beginning to emerge. keeps as more victims are being discovered every day. it's alleged, they've been tortured, executed, and burned. let me warn you that some v was may find the pictures in the mon cons report. distressing bodies weren't just left in the streets of the ship as ukrainian troops and police investigators go house to house. they find more victims in boucher charred remains,
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piled on top of each other. so you see it's just 6 bodies here. and that house, or you can see maybe a 3 and it house it's maybe one body. it's shot the early who was shot. and lauren update. a whole town, a suburb of keith is now crime scene. witnesses, a russian troops became stopped. you to re cranium resistance and went on a killing spree. ah, natalia alexandrovna says, russian soldiers checked her nephews fine before taking him away. his remains were recently discovered. now really wanna make slowest more, but almost done. he was probably killed on the 8th of march. he was lying all this time in the basement of his body was found 4 days ago and we buried him. he was shot in the ear. it was chillen for pitches released by the ukrainian military show,
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appears to be a torture chamber and another basement where people were handcuffed and shot while on my knees as residence returned home confirmation that multiple family members have gone. era, gabriella found a 3 bodies in a yard. when is her brother? another husband the scenes from boucher appeared on russian state television. okay . and what i plan for you as a told ukrainian he's carried out the killing provocation by nature with these are fake atrocities which the russian army was immediately accused of. and western media began to repeat the accusations symbol tenuously and without a break for sleep. it's one of our sales, psychological, self defense, where ordinary russians do preppy themselves from what goes absolutely games. what should force them to think about their own
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leadership? what criminals? yeah. when you minute, every gruesome discovery, a newspaper headline now used to feed the war machine. it could be the blame game aside is now real fair that the scenes that we witnessed in boucher will be repeated in other cities across ukraine. cities like car keep churney murray. awful . m wrong con al jazeera cave. another news burkina faso, the former president blaze composed it has been sentenced to life in prison. properties been found guilty of complicity in the murder of his predecessor till the sun sank. it was killed with 12 others and a crew in 1987 commodities in exile and neighboring ivory coast. nicholas hack has more this trial set out to answer this one question, who was involved in his killing, who ordered the killing of thomas on car up. and while it gave out some conviction of the giving the responsibility to the former president bless, compound way,
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it fell short in investigating whether foreign powers were involved. perhaps whether france was involved, the former colonial power in the killing the murder to my son car. but it is a very significant moment. it's for many across the french speaking with africa and particularly in bertina, faso victory for the rule of law. members upon israel, anger have met for the 1st time. this is a governing coalition, lost its majority, at least 40 politicians walked out of the alliance on tuesday, following the government's failure to reduce food and fuel prices. hong kong, the 2nd highest official, has resigned and plans to run in next months leadership election. john lee says he's waiting for approval from beijing to be a contender, to replace chief executive carry alarm. and those are the headlines and ease is going to continue here on august 0 in about 25 minutes time after odyssey or world by ah
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took off so i kind of d o r e a, d e a, d cost me and i was quite a thomas voice to not glad all yet. but i still john who it is on a 3 a month or with today and he is on jesus. you need that a job for amanda baldwin. i will be local. i am a while on zillow slattery law,
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but i got cody no more cio will be out. prison lost our eat back, cause i thought n e a ah 1000000000 bounce me is lou or no to tory in likely all there on this will newly unlike other a 0 is i know last line i see and then a little get a minute sir. no yearly wing toward near man, so agree he and his re mandolin assad, vanessa, and in a coma for madge. so susie mountie that led yemen cost some premier
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are you as low as the miss more? sadly. mrs. varden, i will not be in the semester though. gotcha, alyssa, live dillard's, iraq. ali kaos, the trick name was the played with the good one is the remote duck on nice for moly, pretty denito property, the real vienna blah zulu package with either the good latino would be near the arrow, illinois line or neevadolla. that's in martin that's we added on puppies. ascom cairo khaki reappeared or pot cars that may be lap laptop is california z letter h i l pack with emotion, doesn't matter. shelling, nicky megan accidentally hard mazda. oh, this will be on the pre the truck. oh this, so dealership on your bill payable channel or donnie risa bill is at attorney. he only had me going in a sample to see our little kazi johnson can hazardous only will cause and in
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telling me that. so here they suffer. mostly mosquito is at the journey. come bodily, ease will bellagio or lord him as i thought. and he came along with him. i. e dot summers recliner to anomaly, siegel not lodging aboriginal alicia jordan augusta danasia, adama. i covered the war croatia. so bosnia was always there and i think it was what from what we learned from, from vogala, from canadian, from galena and asi can places. it seemed inconceivable that what happened in croatia could happen in a country where the hulk carpet the whole tapestry was so finely woven house by house street by street classroom, by classroom. mm. ah, i really got involved with bus. yeah. it's a governor's, a story was when we heard room is here in london of what were being called
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concentration camps in the newspapers were the media. they called it a civil war. busy oh, there was always this on the current of sort of oh, the ancient ethnic hatred say come lu. balkan barbarians again. they were at it only last year in vogue over. it was an element of that refugees who were arriving in croatia were talking in very dramatic and worrying to about what was happening in the cradle area. people didn't want to talk about genocide for sure. a didn't even want to talk about aggression. oh ethnic cleansing, corporal yet certainly this it. okay. but he like he though that is for that with their said, that'll get god the may said escape velocity. such gifts. now again, oddness or subscribe. democrats. got vanka lucio. the allegory. my seal know little she like lees when he puts kelly, that were the chasm beams at vaughnam police. it's kim arossi leg, elisa brown, the oregon. and lastly, senior year, but snarky, had about the sa seek palsy t. f. eat is, i was in uh, last needs for bill. now, right for billy spring. all i,
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you know, nathan of afford milk with vasa, portuguese was all those go sort of gucia said to him, they ask, you know, ron and panama miss will or through tom from a don't bought to quash lucian. so hodge ye me scoop. lisa 3 e study mardi debts. i called earlier, but i was at, i bought bullock arthur all at glass. the grat bullets yet sold so, but i air bag k option an hour and lot i b m eyes and segment a rad your car and maybe come adequate to propagate at the or not stop a lock on the last he said, scare or get away, substitute mm ah
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with said because as i was the last so this will be like all the news yet. subsidies as though i said it was have hska as eps case except sky colo graph yet. luckily you decoy is bisnel put any creepy to dos, equis melody liquid o'donnell likely be damned to make one as evo, sim, setup as more than or 2 or turbo job. rigolato, dakota, obama, me or yours? now guinasso or o. janae's. tar plotkin are no such it call, i'd say proud. i thought it's more, i don't look rain while apostle be giantly ellicott, lead. he asked was that the cloud was running. you wouldn't believe candice wouldn't grease. so either the linux, at least we alley,
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probably the least look least would be politically them at lithonian, apostle on from south seattle. she met at madison pezora linda monega, combs, pieces of social side of the pretty will, genuine ah, rid of and carry this lead of the bosnian serbs denied the reports in an i t and news bulletin. i invite any foreign correspondent to come to the bus as had been passed to washington and to point out what city or town they would like to search for compensation campuses for civilians that was challenged by the newscaster at the time. if it isn't true, show us, and he had the bravado to say, well, sure, i'll show you. i went to belgrade to polly to bunny, look at the peter expressly to get into, oh, muska. we were promised by carriage. when he was in london, we would get into oh,
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moscow. we finally landed in paula where we were stayed with carrots and malott each in their headquarters and hoped that they would make their good that promised to take us north to plato area ah. process from us. surpassing with our skill toes all to transfer to pretty laura nick went to sir savannah. oh oh hello m a? i was reason imma, viola welsh, it sucks because asked her yet multi now rosalie would equal menopause directly. no less. he would die outdoor with the parliament that claimed all was he awesome? green lawn as la michelle, unequal me name odo. nicholas, did them negate him. that's music. and that's as to play other minute walker. yeah
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. awesome. get busted in a little day longer than the sky. is an apple miss a little thick. what a pack hillcrest. great for our noon . they told us we go to manufacture, which was a camp that had already been expected and was the least awful. they tried to stop us at the meeting by offering us other opportunities which we time down your keep your maniachi for later on. and they try to stop us physically with this prank, a mock ambush falling over our vehicle and pretending it was mosher hunting in the woods, leaping around like idiots pretending thinking we were idiots. m a believe them, the bosnian serbs don't call alaska concentration camp. come in,
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they challenged i t n and see it for yourself. on the serve in on guard for our own protection, a 3 day journey ended here. at the gates of the disuse mine in northern bosnia, that we insisted that we wanted to see the ones that had the rumors from when the rooms were emanating that the killing was happening, which was a secret hidden red cross had never been that they've been denied access, why are terrible things happening there were with was a group of women lined up at the side of the police station in pre, at autumn while we were kicked outside at 1.2, while i made phone calls in the crisis stuff and we asked these women, what are they all doing? they were all waiting for news of their menfolk and was only one word on their lips almost. ah louis one little please little michael j
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a, but he's got a let me let him regarding a a list of psycho chip but it's vital. so we'll inaugural plumbing. we asked to leave a quiz to be soccer soccer. got it.
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ah, it began in the hotel and then you look a minute proceeded to, to, to with a drive past a town which had been completely burned out and ravaged by cold goes on at a time for. ready ready ready ready ready ready and we had no idea the violence that we were driving to that was being enacted around this houses smouldering shoes on the doorstep because the families had had run to their lives left their shoes,
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white eggs hanging from some buildings and tara, we now understand on the roads that by near lucca wisdom villages lie empty and deserted. homes destroyed. mm. advantage though. swartz, i'm an f. was not the ma katya. i thought you'd beat you on the y, rudy comerica tom mooney, hungary you know? oh doctor. so put you in of or out of paulia to nodded. why he's leslie now told, cher stolley and not the notary only knew deep, composite and clean, lincolnshire, and i call many come soon see them he will never always get a brown was gradually edward meek missile pro lucas napoleon when he car. oh crusoe tucker, roughly pools in them for go met e cookson for all the focus on so little ellison yank below me,
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superintendent da that right jacka, the cliff i mainly nice was nellie mckesson, iniesta, grayson, with any to see mr. lee, uniquely prosperity a minus yet they that gornick you, newman or the 0 to i prefer the crab, the origin and one of the partners so, so this it cost noun, civils, michelin, precocious looked music was somewhat mastoid slog. i said, cold cold. phoebe said, you'll call sardine, flog azalealand or the war he could say, borne out up a story or story at ye. lou, do not go oh, napkin won't. you're not going to come on the ship yonder. send me all the shannon . i claim a retail, a semi our study door added to cache, re teaches dora to see will know dearly moran came. you with mac leases atherton yoke, musty desist code, name of guinea, slip calculus to build up
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a study. ah ah, we shall build out all the subscribers disability intellect. mallory intellect, well as his prayer may a plush rather not play the skill. okay. yes. on the little cover. her soon r o true or so v o. c. emma relo suncoast put us, you know, be a lot emily's that slow it's healey. border. it said without that, mike and yet, sir. hello, good m m o c. in english. i have only once
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in my life and i doubt i'll ever see it again. seen men who are scared to death. the awesome brazil keybo dark car doors and we talked to archer, could her buddhist bureau either or the bellman more soon it became a beauty. it shows that women no longer is lost. i pulled a door opened in this great hanger. men came out in various conditions, it must be said, but the worst with terrible with vague, friendly towards us, out of the hang out of his doorway and into a canteen passed us. it was lunch time.
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but they were drilled across the yard, beefy guy with his machine gun at the top of the sort of staircase, trained on them roll. united boot so as to smoke the wells gone black and white, you know i'm in i'm in another time in small groups under heavy serbian guard. they are shirt into the canteen full the single meal of the day. some with shaven heads and we call it lantern jewel, gaunt eyes inflated. i rang g fists bony hands conditions which have been hidden from the
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world. as the subs have denied access here to the united nations. they sat down for what was cool lunch, buffet lined up for this bull tree being stu took that bow, but it was a slop, was we call it kind of us water with a couple of beans floating around. and most of being here for 2 months, they say they don't know why that they were rounded up from their homes. each took a bit of bread in his hand and interestingly later kept them for later i. so i saw them holding their bread. they didn't need it that they needed it for later or tomorrow the next day, or for somebody else, maybe. and then the men left back to wherever they'd come from. away from our cameras and questions. hidden from united nations in the red cross have been denied access to alaska, hidden until now from the world. the day with this id
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e. she's donna elite over there. sit on either some this pe don. i corey's more proudly or mostly knees with the national boy ally reshay or pit keela cru. ah. with what we saw. oh, less than an hour in the canteen as these shifts change. they came in had this watery soup left again. oh. in a state of palpable fear. clutching this little bit of bread as they went back, they got about a minute, maybe 3 minutes, maybe to eat this to eat. i think before another 30 came in and another if they left than another 30.
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then because of the 1000, i mean on this thing, the la boy this publicly available which will support the numbers in the next quarter. what about like ok who lobby him up was the 2nd little budget. grew up us an idea. notice neighborly to rusty's that or did you thou done, sir? um he had no version sought dubiousness to. yes. it thought i had on him a message. i'm surrounded by guys whose eyes are burning to talk. i'll tell you there's nothing like the eyes of someone who wants to tell you about what's going on in a place like omar sca and cannot they speak for themselves. my abiding memory is sitting down with a man who is eating kill. he hadn't eaten for a long time. he was terribly thin and of course in a mask they had clothes on. so perhaps that the state of under nourishment wasn't as clear as it was at the 2nd. come to an awfully dressed, but one man i sat down next to said, i cannot tell you the truth,
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but i cannot lie. how you treated one of the conditions. i don't want to tell lies. i can't speak the truth. thank you for coming. i didn't know then that we were looking at the best of the best we were looking at, hadn't picked men in the best condition, but the best condition, i know moscow is terrible. we were told that the army does not control the moscow. the prisoners are the responsibility of the civil authorities and local militia. we saw an explanation from the camp commandant. this is not the camp visitors center. the target center. i scott and tina played both the centers. not again. little did i know what i know now what was going on upstairs from the county that they were being systematically hell and violated by these beasts little dish with the severed brownie thought he had no try. they quickly if he's,
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if he actually mouth or she had to, was that they, they square based gray bitty was not mom, and to pommy than cockle. the that i had he had out there that there was, there will be the last name a saturday. it almost there. we couldn't them over the law in federal, took for the cullison, lyn latham lyn. bravo. e colo semi eyes natural story. colonel primrose to miko central creek magazine. korea's row the maria cut the rats. ah. the manual muscles dealership of france has been beset with turmoil and partisan politics. now, as the president seats, a new term in office the far right has become his biggest electric challenge. with,
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with will it's hard line rhetoric be overshadowed by international events. people in power investigates frances fearful campaign on a jesse the latest news as it breaks, thought into the opposition. the only way forward is abiding by democratic norms and the root of law in pakistan with detailed coverage. all throughout pain you see sites like this seems all every artillery shell, there's almost mid complete destruction from around the world. so many people wanted a trusted strong leader at a time of crisis. i enjoy bringing my neighbors, my neighbors, children, so they can see and get more comfortable fives children. i read the heart of america love with weapons fact at the barrels. how mom makes a request there from the machine and it's fine. but a new generation is fighting fire with reason we're fighting for voices to be heard
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because we don't want to see any others who to get her with never again. part of the radicalized youth series on al jazeera, lou, emerald madison, until at the top stories in all da, 0. the full scale of the killings and the cranium. tons of boucher independent body . junker are beginning to emerge. keith says more victims are being discovered every day. it's alleged, they were tortured, executed, and burned. the bored city of mario paul is still facing heavy fighting an aerial bombardment. a 160000 people are trapped. the good no water, electricity, or medicine. western powers are planning a series of punishing new sanctions against russia. ukraine's president flooded me
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as an entity told the un security council the must match the scale of what he's calling russia's war crimes. in other news, berkener fossils. former president base comp already has been sentenced to life imprisonment for complicity in the murder of his predecessor thomas sanker of bodies in exile in ivory coast. nicholas hack has more this trial set out to answer this when question who was involved in his killing, who ordered the killing of to my son, cara? and while it gave out some conviction of the dead, giving the responsibility to the former president. bless compadre, it fell short in investigating whether foreign powers were involved, perhaps whether france was involved, the former colonial power in the killing and the murder of to my son, clara. but it is a very significant moment. it's for many, a across french speaking, west africa, particularly in brooklyn, of us. so a victory for the rule of law members of parliament shall anchor have met for the
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1st time since the governing coalition lost its majority. at least 40 politicians walked out of the alliance on tuesday, following the government's failure to reduce food and fuel prices. hong kong, 2nd highest officials, resigned and plans to run and next month's leadership election. john lee says he's waiting for approval from beijing to be a contender. to replace chief executive carry lamb as those governments lost his majority in parliament following the resignation of chairwoman eighties. silman. her departure means the fragile coalition. government is relying with support from opposition. parties a curfew imposed and peru to stop protest against the rising cost of living is lost to just 24 hours president pedal prestige reversed his curfew decision. as opponents accuse him of incompetence and demand his resignation. and those are the headlines. the news continues here on our da 0 after. i'll just hear a world. good bye.
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ah . puzzle. santa muted not a monique on east. i mean, what is tagging looked a sky, marty? wouldn't that? because my son was miss that he said pertaining to said the boy it did lucy glad to than if me to be the totally separate from scratch them this belief that said ethel doesn't know bouchard not only this mute him or mitchell the silverado, to more than he, somebody of sooner. so that's 2 sums. know. there are 2 g, b eloquent, relisted. good. yes. sony gladly select to e r a. smith, lou day, zaccheus sons, madeline, the su yackel passing dislikes that a me that i so pre apnea, on past the said scheme last him talk to you the quade,
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quade, quade so terribly the coherent of creed when you will now g. what was this will be a which is a lead on not as she sleep we did night just yesterday. he's really watching would be really so card on slay the dollars now. so with yet may notch that that new window all dental, mid year old knowledge. dennis with them petoskey woman out this really it really low garage, replace or whatever lea a piece the he don, you're not
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a stuff swanny. what are the steve? oh, now lord is hold the unavailable but through to veto. thus give up beyond us who are not a dealer. what is your name, robert? osh mccoy, your son is out to be a pretty pretty emily married lisa, what the caller o'clock. 3 honest will be leisurely, as you used to take up, scar pro, collected an echo lot to loot 3 anika nest. i below charlie kirk, we'll go with the barrel. would that really be the some one ogle, malaysia. ornell paddle fly. me and best lesson naima. near beetle, off to glass at some hope nest. any old pro doug adieva? all the thumb of tom y a stays there on a there's no human is but sunny mothers had forestall. you all? i mean a suit chest met a bit. those got caught ah, what, the chess me all of the abuse you them all talk was
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on. we know. so we're toys, so we have, we're a local past 49, the owners, i'm thought i'm we are you my dog, my modem and a dollar modem is that i haven't, i, i want to see it. actually. this'll help my mom, i was on a movie with we were being shepherded around by 2 men. my uncle de latches who was the chief of police on a michael, may i catch that? you only got a notification then we wanted to get into the one where all the sleeping quarters, where are the workplaces or whatever that we didn't really mean?
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yes, i got a little through because for from whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, got your figure like keeper. i p n. i'd william penny might a shallow. got sony seagly. we'll go to sunny's themes. yellow petal gummy nice will be long before clung in yell for scholarships came last history that i see mother letter l i. e. all they subscribe. last is food them and peter, the birthdays and his watches after 2 weeks on totality. mccarthy, everything we did was was being done under a very frightening and menacing presence. it was a horrid place. and one i'll never forget. one that does have does not have a rightful place in a humane well, even that which they put on show over musk for the cameras was a dreadful and it was so obviously not the whole picture. so the question is,
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what it's the picture ah, ah. ready ready a mom said i would have bought as cushion. so he started my chick dilemma scotia. i saw you 3 cinema brush tauriel, shaw, mega, the ocean lavine. you still owe intake has also put us in the last talk. yeah,
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and i say it is toronto either said ruby cocora lives in put those full term even a home on his way or any cheese or poor children or whatever. now to notice nursing on to the supposed to the will pull it through north carolina. clearly she gets it psycho so, so in put in the lack of more a deductible cup. co pass would that i would that i would there are no, no bro. jamiracle glare to adobe. i'm go without aaa, jima. whatever the can you want you to the las travis about like latoya toy her caucasian here. luna? that's on model. so like talking that one's just manually when you really so that some people that as we go found that do you do child sits on that's what took to do chiquita, mom to tina. she's grandma. yeah, actually quoting,
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there will not, i'll pull it when i click imposed summer learning. internal clinical click look glitches for many early will not ronald cool. it was oh, course new across hardy. also it was like realty to physical, gonna put older and also to some poor. so been born. i to i below they booklet, the rad deondre casanya garza now posted in nashville. perry with my an epoch greatness, the by sort of marriage. chuck will chair bodamer o stime and a chevy. peach. chase will depend macau. what a nice pitfall you mama, your snare storage. paulson. who unlocked from collier the tother. luckily accomplishment will dilate her. now. some port so close. okay. awesome. that. that down throws really carp said process those throttle. all you yelling
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a virtual personal neck makalya book, volatile villa look like korean. they are some leads and colonel tour law because nick was building more new. so on cottleville us. cara. how you ross flu shot, the air back oxy reached you, b o a and unsafe as ask if men equal you paid natural cash in pack ride? gra. yeah, i bill proposed that you put on the virginia xena or mia near travel necker boys who select you at atlanta mission are a managed any or any money cns. i'm teenie miss. certainly miss elma peterson slavin, or any villa. anyway, o'neil nail in city limits, which is 3 laveries, holger,
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soil it or not all, not yet on the lego lego. honest with him. so there yonder dutch a tight tiger. lucille tre. cuz cock home postal marker. kendra is anal nacley. may monica for glasgow. any breach i need to, donna says, bobby in maniquan must known vainly. i looked all saw be they got blue, they ought to witness. i miss jana. he's going be in a re mazda. they must looted brit boss that night. a mccarthy info to pick these 2 soil an acre. when would check out the catch to me though it's not him but will not be doing as a clue. trip in the presentation at the nigger on a summer monitor, i put boston dentistry and alberta in the sinister who's not herself for the pitchy but to no serenity in luck. lu, some palermo tongue village zone,
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katya bill not only men. oh, you must almost say though them kasheila bra. talk to it to his cottage for local clutches couch and i could pull a metro zaki eat or scotch. a book follow of niggley had about austell maxim busy killer. so some of them will be met to manipulate j and a message cleo than it are done, manipulate the last that ashburn thrash. no, no disrespect. they would read it on and off the sep, said of then greeny, you the molly bog, they own you. resume the nan is me. so with the choice app, it's even a 0 w them which the is not even the the best buy with them on saturdays. louis louis missouri is on us. is particularly, could she be lima or cvo than any politician in that said, on our see, the said amiable to look feel now when i called but it was not, it said its cursor in miss wilcox's room. so we only thought tamaqua passamore
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through anna. would corinne out on hello, i call cousin but a customer said its so gloria. ah, there's a big deal so you only are going to put them on so many. yes, simple preloaded molar temperament and show you a molly mom called last. it took us you do? she is pulling that say yes, i'm fractional gala me up so on is somehow middle dollars for thomas demanded also certainly does for my colleague equate to those are some of these police case dancing. and as i understand that sometimes you approach nunez is samo survey to some post his up solar name gala momma, ash that we maria. nice know, be of us, the best much most be too niche to limited. the premium. multi book, an appraisal. we pick a young man that is pretty jacket dogs, as far as like, literally mechanical graphic, pat, eely, monica naga, aquarium. none other shell. there are some booming. and aiming isabella termite.
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naming. showing me mall your that exist t dash voya be that's easy. i'll be i'll ease her of course, release that she may be there. that tabby ema, i don't pay burnett melody and amish psycho canals over to her though almost we really purposely cabella luly, quite clear. so we love thrilled could alcohol. but alice system similar marble, troy cup pop, automobile prison, who goes to clinically, quote, nicoli, caputo. no, lemme put a tackle for saudi le co to reboot. couldn't it? are commercial, ample, to puzzle. now to regulate brazoswood
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beulah would equate so now leads from yesterday's brought to you to his voicemail is zip not robertson's or not 3 heated a little garage or some a some yet and gloss to glue her door. but naughty div each in their dyes, said boss, no, cuz we'll go and i called the seth agreement that was will put scott journeys particular hulu. so mid i say barstow only sits. erica, you name out of our church, obviously. alti yeah, zagat is or smoke? maybe through the spoken to just me. so let me one. so daniel gorda, jamalia gladden, i believe, to say on a methodology or not he, i can shop juicing out our this on launch in him on all that. i'm nearly sir pacina
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don. i want is also a nice that have been nyeisha area was asking muslim on iraq exposure to little would on for that. you're calling belies louisiana pain. a visa, not awkward night in a home on i will come find you that order with national legion on near the gym over opi or the kyle blocks. it's called it act up. what we now know is that it was quite an organized system of ethnic cleansing. and by rounding up the most influential and educated 1st, they were making absolutely certain that there would be no resistance all power left in in the muslim community. and it was an organized and systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing, of, of an evil nature on those 0 show, no school trini, or the phony to gamma, to the luck with touch potential reserves for the no, i'm glad i do think that the war crimes chimed in. who has a value because those responsible for these crimes who had not been arrested,
3:48 pm
who had not felt the finger of justice on their shoulder live in fear that they'll be found out. and the war franchise, you know, is documenting that a crime took place and the deny is can't hide from that, ah, with with why do these human rights people keep pretending that this is craig bright tomorrow all the time? why do they keep going on and on about all we have our justice, we have our tribunal. then you have these people at the hague, who say all because of us here in our tribunal, the dictators and kill and tyrants of the world will fair. our justice no mister aside doesn't seem to be very afraid. dizzy and carrying on much in this footsteps
3:49 pm
of doctor candidates and the others for some for me. right in your household. juvenile liar, bella name, and a pretty chill. the lock of u dot should probably corner shiela bitches of door dinner. oh, southern ours, who's our tony? people went up to holland. bad. their chests spoke. they're all in great detail about the things that suffered and especially the women violated women. in that they make a clear up sort of the douglas, but doug, same at the by, is it eternal red, small again with seed money, place that money, obviously not causing it was a msm, nick, a little gate. there's got to say no major, not local money, thought no, probably talk with elliot that with any my neck as no. i mean he said to true or a saw
3:50 pm
a pretty little tanika, so certainly liquid. some are some vigil one for him in almost course this was a boil so, so it was sharp on him trickle creamy. it is not because you leads delivery of some people. there are so many on arrested war criminals in that area is the most densely populated bits of europe with wilkinson. i find it quite threatening to be there for that reason. it's very, very hard for people like a friend of mine who went to buy flowers one day and play at her. and she finds that she's standing in line behind the man who violated her in the camp, buying flowers for his wife. and it's very hard for another friend of mine to go back to, to napoleon have coffee with a friend across the road from the man who killed his friends,
3:51 pm
brothers. but he sang and again on august the service. i mean, he can name at the, or the a, me a dog reach me and nobody. and nobody wants to wrap. asked him asa door looks to send a zillow, us, ah, with and the mass grave, for example, 2 weeks ago i asked the people living nearby. did you say anything? and they just said we are one of the, was i at the washington? i don't live here in and that she wouldn't pack into a killian to house another, so buzzing served on the road, said this has nothing to do with me. i live to kilometers away as if that 2
3:52 pm
kilometers absolved him of any, any involvement as a witness. i don't know. many people actually who will say, you know of an evening over a drink or a meal. oh, the haygood a grand job. i'm so glad i feel i've really been given what i needed by that tribunal by the fact that they're in jail and some people just get out early. don't they truly queer? oh, pacino or little nose will, dylan are not known. poor little to look as laundry, it's her cousin. i saw the sun wilderness arts for your family, julia streams trail. i knew. oh, i hear the bush knock. i don't be a pebble dinner. the 1st name was heather, was he chuck knew some watching? i mean, there was a case of a man impaired or who was serving something like 40 years jail for one murder. calculated very carefully that he could give himself up. dick convicted for crimes of humanity, get 7 years and under. there's
3:53 pm
a nice big packet of cash paid to his defense lawyers with which i think come, i believe his wife opened a restaurant or a hotel, or either a mildly godaddy mac political said that they would equate to the walkway. malia an owner said the shallow pre, that'll yasamin millennial sec today. political reasons, your daughter. and so the l. e v deities 3 shot abt said me, counties, beaver, county. mckinney on cobra rack is stay up on us, not even in global in them. you watch with blue, blue, easy with
3:54 pm
i can't imagine 20 years on when the evidence is so overwhelming. how you could remain in denial unless you had some sort of psychological ability to switch off your eyes, your ears and your brain, isabella, courage has even yeah, go are you there? yeah. you mom or other one are courage, order, or co men on a soccer grok. the name on will contact the steam. you will do a cock, just human because donnie are pro direction you who is watching him. really a mere wise thursday got to be better than wednesday why's next week? so much better than this week because we have transitional justice because we have the human rights movement because we have tried to knows or is all that isn't possibly private on our country. attrition as our to her pushes coach
3:55 pm
georgia to the children that she was pushed on which floor will untrue the sudden christine mathematical polak of them to an icon to them as to summer's gardener. that was watching serrato minister big lake near the car, attract tourists and under pins the local economy. thousands depend on its precious souls ah, al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface . that threatened lake renders very existence center
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goals being played on al jazeera ah ah ah. ready ready ah. ready ah, ah,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places together. the journey has begun. the faithful world copies on its way to catholic group. your travel package to day. hello everyone. another outbreak of tornadoes for the southern us. let me take you to mississippi because winds were a big factor with this storm system. got seen to about a 120130 kilometers per hour. but let's talk about where those storms are on wednesday, alabama, georgia, south carolina,
3:58 pm
into tennessee all being fueled by this warm boy stair from the gulf of mexico did have some wet weather for dc new york that's out toward the atlantic. our next batch will be coming soon, but for now it's over the great lakes toronto wall. so see winds up to 50 kilometers per hour, dry day for vancouver on wednesday, hiv 12 degrees. but let's talk about all that heat in california as f 26. los angeles, 34, we're going to keep it going. i think we'll get you up to 37 degrees on thursday and for central america that what weather really heavy us along the border with south america, the kept the story there in one second. i'm gonna take you to the past. this city has a high salivation anywhere in the world about 4000 meters above sea level. some of the mountain passes. it snowstorms there are so vehicles stranded. let's talk about the rain. we've got bursts of it through me now stretching toward the pacific as at rain fills in. and as we had to further toward the south, a cool blast of air here, a commodore riva davia, just a hive. 9 degrees on wednesday. see you later. i saw airways visual airline
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of the journey amiss destruction, and to spin a group of friends, resist rescuing books from the rubble. they build a refuge for freedom and democracy, a secret library of hope from which they endeavour to rewrite their story and that of their country who witness daria and library under bombs on al jazeera. when the news breaks, still, you came through the building twice seek this, anybody else trapped inside when people need to be heard. and the story told, i feel like i wasn't really awake until i went to the wrong. it definitely changed my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth report, said lord hutton, but he left her because al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award
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winning documentaries and lied knees. china is locked in a sy battle with the u. s. when no one east meets the online war is bottom line with one out of the europe. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm rob matheson, this is the news are alive from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. more bodies in boucher who rushes accuser, committee, war crimes and ukraine. returning to a home scarred by war. we're and bought a young come a town ukrainian forces of re taken from russia. mccain of fossils,


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