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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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represent the diversity of iraq to be able to hear music, i mean the ruins of muscles own city, feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help him in, committed to bringing the city back to life, with the discovery of more bodies in newly liberated towns, ukraine says it's further evidence of torture and execution at the hands of russian forces. ah, lauren taylor, this is out his ear and live from london was coming up. russia's bombardment of mar you poll, intensifies as the fight continues to deliver humanitarian aid to thousands of traps. residence battery putin's family is targeted in
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a new round of us sanctions. and an online network with links to russia's military is disrupted. as an inspirational lead a gun down in his crime, 3 decades later, a man who succeeded him is sentenced for his murder. ah! hello ukraine says more victims of torture and execution are being found every day in cities outside the capital, keith images of civilians shot dead in butcher epin and bro junker have horrified the international community. ukraine blame is at russian troops for the atrocities . but moscow insists it's all fake. western powers are imposing more sanctions on russia. following the latest allegations of war crimes are corresponded, emron can't travel to butcher and begins our coverage. a warning. you may find the pictures in this report, disturbing. left to rot. we don't know how long the body of this man has been in
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these words. soldiers tell us, he may well have been on a morning walk. his fingers have been eaten by stray dogs, as ukrainian soldiers found through these words that are only looking for mines, but every time they come across a body though, search at 1st for any potential booby traps before looking for any form of id that might be able to identify the body, the search of this area of boucher is only just beginning and there may be more bodies to find. this is a children summer camp friendships were forged. her memories made the v marks the russian military takeover. it's now a place of nightmares. when butcher was retaken on the 31st of march, 5 bodies were discovered in the basement of the compound. those who found them say they were allegedly tied up and executed. pulls of blood remained the only sign of
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what happened. her bushy, tatiana was in her home when the russians arrived from ollie's debrel, the russians took everything. they could, it's horrible. it's horrible. i never thought this could happen to us. other people suffered a lot, we'll do it. and this is the sri she lives on. ukrainian authorities are surveying the damage, boucher is now under ukrainian military control. everywhere you look, soldiers are patrolling, while evidence is gathered for any potential war crimes investigations around. there is lying for us in that ukraine's capital came in and tell us more about what you saw in boucher well firstly, we've been there for the last 3 days. but to day there was a very different atmosphere. it was one ah much more solemn and much more serious. the civil administration of boucher has been disbanded is now been taken over by
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the army and as we were there we were saying tanks on the streets of boucher. they were finding the soldiers of finding out into the forest, into streets, and they now being whipping told they were looking for as many dead bodies as they can find to be able to try and register those. and they were taking surveys of houses and they were looking at the damage they were trying to remove a lot of the heavy armor that had been a blown up in the streets of butcher. but it wasn't ah, the initial atmosphere that we did see. it was much more solomon, even as the army were going into various different streets and houses and forest woods, navy and there butcher itself and inside boucher. they were coming across bodies. indeed, that body would be to so i was discovered, ah, well, we were there with one of the soaps. yet he was telling us that this was quite the common place for people to go on an early morning walk. we felt that that may have been with that man was doing and he was shot by russian soldiers. now obviously
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there's no evidence to be able to prove that, and it all depends on an autopsy. but this is now what the ukrainians doing, nailed, trying to get as much evidence as possible. already. the attorney general's told us that she has a 4000 cases of war crimes that she can prosecute. now, another 2000 are that our war crimes related now are all that's going to take a lot of time to actually come to court. but the legal community in ukraine is certainly talking about convictions to come in. i can thank you very much. indeed. your friends, president voter, miss lensky has addressed islands to how's the parliament is the latest in a string of speeches he's using to rally support that sky urged international community to hold russia accountable. the crimes committed on ukrainian soil shows the device he received. school pulled most, at least a 167 children had been killed during russia's invasion of you crying. and we don't
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know yet. all of the victims in mario pl mission is normal. he might, we do not know all of the victims of other cities, areas we hostilities or occupation continue to be a bull. occupied fact, show not the fact that 927 educational institutions and 285 hospitals were destroyed or damaged as a result of russian sheylan. the occupies even fired on ambulances, even bombed and shout churches when they besieged poor mary paul, on ukraine's southern coast remains on the heavy bombardment with tens of thousands of people still stranded in the city. they've been without much food, water, electricity for weeks. the international committee of the red cross let a convoy evacuating more than 500 people from the city on wednesday through a humanitarian corridor or european union's top diplomat says, maria po has become another post reference to the syrian city,
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which russian forces helped to destroy 6 years ago, she married polish liberal, matthew paul, available of europe and the gwinnett gov. you claim the martyred city that are distorted climes and the civilian population in war crimes. we'll take care of that and we'll do what we can to the ukrainians and to put pressure on russia. robert bride is in leave. where has been following developments in mario poll. there is a, a humanitarian corridor in place. it's one of the corridors that has been set up in his oper operating on this day. and it comes from mary, you, papa. it is only open to private vehicles. we are hearing from upper leisure. this is the ukrainian controlled city to the north of mattie. you paul deserts internally displaced. people are arriving there, but it's difficult to judge exactly how many of them will be coming from mary you, paul, itself. the city is under renewed pressure from russian forces with air attacks and dare, bombardments. it does seem as though the russians are stepping up their efforts to
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completely take over the city. there is only just the that a small resistance in the center of the city and the russians have such a tight control. now around most of the outskirts of the city, that it's very difficult to get a lot of news out for with the isn't controlled by the russians at the of there is a blame game going on between the 2 sides. the russians, both the, the 2 sides are blaming each other for the lack of humanitarian access, getting into the town and humanitarian aid. president says the lensky of ukraine has gone one further in an interview with turkish media, accusing the russians of hiding evidence of war crimes in mary you, paul, that's why he says, they are not allowing any external organizations, such as the international committee of the red cross et cetera, to get access inside the city because he says that they want to keep control of the city to clean up effectively once they take control of the whole city to clean up any evidence of war crimes before they allow people in these are allegations of
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course that the russians categorically deny you her says unveiled more sanctions against russia. it's time against financial institutions and 2 of president vladimir putin daughters. the baton administration is also choosing a rational billionaire of trying to evade sanctions against him. the 1st action we are announcing today is the unsealing of an indictment. charging russian oligarchy, konstantin mouth. f with sanctions violations, as the indictment charges the treasury department previously identified malik f, as one of the main sources of financing for russians promoting separatism in crimea . and for providing material support for the so called don't ask people's republic . the 2nd action we are now seeing today is a disruption of a global bot. net controlled by the russian military intelligence agency, commonly known as the g, r you. yesterday,
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together with our german law enforcement partners, we seized the russia affiliated hydra, dark net mot market. the world's largest legal market place on the dark web. and is catch all white house correspondent, kimberly how cats it can be how deep pooly sanctions bite. well, they will buy quite deeply. and that's because it's not just the united states putting these in place. this is being done in coordination with g 7 nations. the european union as well, and the u. s. president, shortly after the sanctions were announced by the department of justice. put out a statement on twitter saying that he made clear that russia would pay the price for what he calls atrocities in boucher and so this is evidence of that the united states is serious about this. the attorney general making very clear. well, he did not to say the what the evidence is that has been found in boucher amounts to war crimes. it's very clear that the united states is assembling evidence for
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potential prosecution in the future. so in the meantime, in the short term is the intention of the united states to put a place these punishing sanctions as a means of choking out the russian federations ability to finance the war machine vladimir putin's russian invasion of ukraine. so that is the intention and the white house says that the sanctions already in place prior to the ones announced to day on wednesday, i have been effective. they say that already the impact has been that the russian economy is projected to contract by some 15 percent in 2022. and inflation is already at some 200 percent. and can be the department of justice also targeting rushes, capacity for cyber woofer. yeah, that's right. and this is being done in conjunction with the f b i the f b i, director, was present for these announcements saying that a, what was revealed in their investigations was the presence of malware. and
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a lot of small businesses in the united states known as cyclops, blank net. and essentially what this is, is a bot. net system that the united states was able to disrupt. they did this in conjunction with german investigators. what they know is that this was something that was controlled by russian military intelligence, the g r u, and this is familiar to us a cyber warfare experts. they say that they have seen these kinds of efforts to kind of infiltrate a u. s. systems in businesses in the past. in fact we were hacking that took place back in 2018 during the olympics. and so they were aware of this, but this was much a broader than they had seen before. and so this is why they is sort of went in and certainly i know took, took this or remove this malware and are certainly on the lookout to make sure that
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there isn't any more that may be putting us businesses or other businesses around the world at risk kimberly, how can thank you very much indeed. still to come this half hour protested. is she don not 3 is since the ousting of a year. and we're in columbia when a 2nd to rally against measures to tackle street. ah. narrows april but it's still cold enough. the snow in northern europe, the swirling storm systems are full of energy. and colds is tucked in still from the arctic. that is just affecting the countries of northern europe, resumed a bit on that for scotland, for the higher ground maybe if armed or north balance or wales, you'll see a few snow just not cold. when the follows the snow on the ground and at low levels
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is more obvious, it's of norway and sweden with stock home descending towards 0. about time we get to friday. and that same cold air bringing the temperature down to single figures, it will feel colder. even the low country as a junction where the cold meets the warm further and further south. and so through france and germany this breakfast burritos, they're quite likely. in fact, stockholm shows the real called one degree, your max on friday bit when debit sleet or snow all day overcast. the sun comes out, it warms up by saturday and sunday. now it is warmer. in portugal, spain throughout the central med and the wind is driving the rain eastwards throughout bay near in greece and some balkans, but snow isn't such a story here. might be in the alps. admittedly, we pulled back a bit. there was some rain in morocco, a few shasta, the atlas mountains, but in cairo could be the 1st 40 degree day. ah,
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the manual man, leadership of france has been beset with turmoil and plunges on holidays. now, as the president, a new term in office the far right was become his biggest electric challenge. with, with will it's hard line rhetoric the overshadowed by internationally, been people in power investigates. frances, fearful campaign on a jesse ah ah, mona top stories he'll know to 0, keep says more victims of torture and execution of being found every day butcher,
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a pin and bro junker all a cities near the capital. ukraine blames russian troops, but north consists the atrocities of fake. the besieged boat of my rueful on ukraine's southern coast remains under heavy bombardment with tens of thousands of people still stranded in the city. international committee of the red cross let a convoy evacuating 500 people from the city. on wednesday. the u. s. has outlined more sanctions against russia focusing on financial institutions. and 2 of president vladimir putin, his daughters, president driven, says moscow's paying a severe and immediate price. chris alleged atrocities in gotcha. yes, extra state entity blinkin his met nature chief. yes. stoughton burg, in brussels. both his se allies will focus on further measures to help ukraine, including considering the delivery of more weapons, step, fasten is in brussels, with more on the nature general's response to russia's offensive what we've seen
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now in the last couple of days and weeks, as well. also, especially after these images came out from a boucher that civilians there. that there's been some correct appearing. it seems that countries are calling out for more action. a more aggressive action also by nato offensive weapons. also be going to be sent to ukraine and others are much more careful. so that's a very interesting tone that he's striking there. and he's talking also about this strategic concept that plato is going to discuss during this meeting. you thought of a road map that made it was looking at the future. falkenberg, earlier today, sad. they're shifting a shift in the world order. so to say also because of what's happening in ukraine and with the russian invasion. so that's also on the table. how is nato looking at this new reality and how are they gonna prepare? so it's a very interesting discussion that we're going to see is salt and burke also very
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important in this new crucial face of the war in ukraine. ah, 20 people have been injured in antique who protests being held in sudan capital and several other cities. the rallies come of the 3rd anniversary is the asking, the former president around the sheer, just as it was recording for transition to civilian rule. and he saw a tear gas at demonstrators in alderman, west of cartoon. logan has more feedback. it's been nearly 6 months in the military here and couldn't devolved a transitional government of 2 years and took over power, arresting senior government officials, people have been protesting ever since. and when they was no different people took to the 3 by the 1000, not just in the capital heart of tomb, but also in other cities around the country to show the army that they don't want them empower. and they want the military to return to the barracks. they also
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commemorating the 3rd and sorry of a sits in a 2019 that led the military. that is permanent power to overthrow the president. back them up president dominant. but here many protests as ruth spoke to kathy, that they feel the delusion is incomplete, that they're still making the same demand. so demanding for building government. the army says it will not handle the power acceptance elected. government security has been using force to disperse protesters. the you went and right, you have the 5, the 4th used by security as excessive and brutal at least 9 to prove that that have been killed. 100 others have been injured in protests against the military. but the violence that have been used by the security forces which the un says has been brutal and excessive, had not declared, protested vick continued to take to the street. and they said they will continue demanding a civilian government until one is in place. but keener faces former president blair's compo, he has been sentenced in absentia to life in prison, over the murder of his predecessor,
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to my sancho. i was assassinated alongside to 12 others by hit squad in 1987. so i was an iconic figure, sometimes known as the african trigger of ara setting in motion revolution that continues to inspire follows across the continent. nicholas hack has more leverage report, but reformers on, on for a visionary, a revolutionary, the son of a nation, or the nation, not just lyrics to a song 34 years after the assassination of christina fos, whose president to my saga. he is still revered by millions of people across the french speaking africa. in 1983, he was described as a feminist and an environmentalist. then a 33 year old soldier sanker was ahead of his time. he turned his back on international aid money in loans from organizations like the world bank. instead favoring self sufficiency and calling for a more equal relationship with france, the country's former colonial power. on the 15th of october,
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1987 sancho was killed by an armed group along with 12 official to his closest friend and former colleague place combo took power. now a court in the capital walker dooku has sentence him along with 13 others to life in prison. with it, looking of the judge has given his verdict, but it is up to every one to consider it. we have known many truth, many things have been said, we hope the cold can verify some things, bless combo. it lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast. there is no extradition agreement between the 2 countries. he's unlikely to serve time in prison. robbery was ousted in 2014 after a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. his lawyer say this trial is a sham mom of hundreds gathered at the song her memorial in walker do most were not born when he was killed, but they see in this verdict,
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a victory for the people soccer and you soccer is an icon for to revolution. he's our source of inspiration. nobody has done a better job than him in leaving the country club. this is a historic they for russia. bucks this trial fall short and investigating whether france had any role to play in his murder. in 2017 french president emanuel, my court agreed to release secret files on soccer as death that led to the opening of the trial. but only a fraction of those documents were released to the court. these are some of her as the last words. why did we need to accept? we are african. it's the only way to live with dignity sound correct? says adding, do you want to keep corrupt government officials or soldierly? then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life, but we are here to day mcdaniel. shortly after this speech were shot dead shot
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nicholas hung out to 0. hundreds of merch saca serv blocked streets in columbia capital in protest against new regulations authorities in baton announced a ban on more than one passenger pen motorcycle at certain times a day in order to tackle rising st crime center and getty turned his life from bobo also they seem quite annoyed about this. tell us about the purchase. absolutely low and 1st of all, let me show you just the effects that these protests are having right now. slowing down traffic practically to a standstill. i'm now many major highways like this one in the middle of bog down more than 4000 motorcycles where i understand are slowing down traffic on the streets right now in different points of the city. they're angry at this new restrictions in particular because the mayor is saying that these are necessary to
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stop or, or reduce crime at night in the city of vulgar fan. and that's why they are now restricting their 2nd passenger on motorcycles. 3 days a week from 7 pm to 4 am, thursday or friday and saturday nights. they are saying that this goes against their rights to mobilize, to be able to pick up or family members friends that to be able to work. but most of all they feel that they are being labeled as a criminal's the stigmatized by the mayor. when these motorcycle is say, if you look at this statistics, just 6 per cent of crimes in the city are committed on motorcycles. yet the mayor said that there has been a major increase in this type of crimes happening in particular over the wiki weekend and in particular and night. the main issue has been with one particular
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event last week, when a passenger on a motorcycle allegedly hurled an explosive device against a neighbourhood police station that has wounded them, people entertained people and killed unfortunately to miners. so the mayor said, this measure is necessary. it's temporary and that motorcycle is to understand and help this city combat crime motorcycle. you still are not having it. this is their 3rd day of protest. i'm on the monday, there were major disruptions with thousands of people trying to get back home that were unable to get on the buses and had to walk for kilometers. did a lot of people we know that have been trying to get back home early. also, some schools day care centers of close their early to try and deal with the disruptions that are happening, but the mayor's office say that the measure will be upheld and will begin. next week. i sent her home to you. thank you very much. indeed. a cat you imposed in
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carew to stop the protest against the rising cost of living has lost in just 24 hours. a present to pedro castillo reversed his curfew decision. as opponents accuse him of incompetence and demand his resignation, i am a sanchez reports from lena. ah, protesters to fight a mandatory curfew. president bureau kasteel imposed the measure, laid on monday protest. her said it infringed on their freedom. police tried to contain the people's anger. they used to your gas as thousands of peruvians demanded custio's resignation. many had come to rally peacefully with children and the elderly. joining the demonstrations, antonio put 2 guns, his heel protest, and his gusty, you is ousted indigo. indeed, i am so angry. we cannot have this kind of a president, we have to put pressure on him to leave and to leave. now,
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stores cools and markets remained closed for most of the day. the army was deployed to some districts bid on castiel was under pressure and lifted the curfew 6 hours before it was due to n. o. the spike, and fuel food and fertilizer prices was too much, even for the president's former supporters. when peruvians, whose hopes were raised when he came to power last year, are now turning their backs on the government. i am. the truth is that castillo has to leave, because he's inept. this is not a government out with him. oh, the president met lawmakers to find a solution to the crisis, but left without announcing any plan. ah, the situation is getting more tents in the streets of the capital as the hours go by. with protesters throwing rocks at police and police responding with your gun. now these are a serious approaches that began
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a week ago. 2 to lisa will continue whatever cost to you decide to do next. protesters here see they're fed up with a precedent who's not fit to govern. medina, sanchez, i'll just see that lee might be too sure anchors embattled president is refusing to resign. define calls from the public to leave office made an economic crisis. on wednesday, m p. 's mentioned the 1st time since the governing coalition lost its majority and he's 40 politicians have walked out of the alliance. crowds have been protesting for weeks over high food fuel prices and lengthy pocket doctors, the latest group to join the movement. in our fernandez reports from columbus. the road to parliament, as you can see behind me, still locked off by barricades as the the security and the law enforcement authorities ensure the protest as dawn, storm parliament or get close obviously in parliament today we had the speaker who
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told the gathering that the crisis that your locker is facing, that this is still the beginning that it will get march. march was we had the government insisting the president go to albert. roger proctor is not going to be resigning the he's going nor when he's doing, but obviously for the opposition. like the t n, a parliamentarian image reminded and he said the cabinet had resigned on mass that that itself was an acceptance that the government had failed. that they could not continue with governance. and he said that was a reason why they should step down. but obviously for protests is that stepping down of the cabinet as you can see behind me just across. ah, they're not, they're not satisfied. they're still carrying banners and signs and black guards. most of them who are made that say, you know, go to go home. enough is enough. and just on this side, as you can see, given the tensions, obviously, police rides, gods, they've got their buttons in hand. they've got their shield, it is, oh, i must say pretty peaceful. the police has managed to maintain calm,
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but there are pock of tension. and there have been warnings from organizers of these broaders as well as the law enforcement already is to keep things peaceful, not to let the violence get out of hand. under monday, you can catch up any time with our website address that is our 0 dot com all details of the latest from the war and ukraine and rush. the great news out is here a dot com ah, reminder of the top stories here now to 0. keith says war victims of torture and execution are being found every day in cities near the capital. images of civilians shot dead in butcher, a pin, and.


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