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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2022 2:00am-2:22am AST

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full of struggles full of pleasure. no. so the real guar i was was on the label, then went for a little bit. i'm with and this is he dian with me. she blew in with her. got asia, me boy, i a. but when i get a good a our, a brownfield, an intimate look at life in cuba. me. oh, awesome. thought i close. i got my boss hang on me way and i hey man, i'm a little shorted on people. why me hang there, my cuba, at this time on al jazeera ah, more bodies are discovered in several ukrainian cities as russian false is pull out . the accused of torture and killings. ukrainian forces also under fire as new video emerges, appearing to show them killing captured russian troops. nick keith
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ah. philip civil robin watching al jazeera life, while headquarters here in dela, also coming up the justice department williams. every available tool to find you disrupt your plots and hold you accountable. pos, impose as a new round of financial sanctions on russia. as a vladimir putin, daughters are amongst those targeted. and that he is all a guilty verdict in the assassination of a bikini fast. so leader, the countries former president is convicted in absentia. hello, welcome to the program. new videos emerged appearing to show ukrainian troops killing captured russian soldiers on the outskirts of keith. that comes as russia face is growing condemnation over the killing of civilians in boucher at bin. and bernard
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younger ukraine says more victims of torture and execution are being found every day in cities outside of the capital cave. among con, traveled to boucher and we do warn our viewers that you may find some of the pictures in his report disturbing from the start left to rot. we don't know how as ukrainian soldiers fan through these words and are only looking for mines, but every time they come across a body, they'll search at 1st for any bodies to find. this is the children summer camp friendships were forged here, memories made the v marks the russian military take over. it's now a place of nightmares when bhutto is retaken on the 30th pools of blood remain the only sign of what happened here. but she, tatiana was in her home when the russians arrived and said, some only deborah,
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the russians took everything, they could, it's horrible, it's horrible. i never thought this could happen to us. our people suffered a lot, but do it. and this is the sri she lives on. ukrainian authorities are surveying the damage, boucher is now under ukrainian military control everywhere you left of march holding to the new york times. you say they've actually verified the video was just southwest of gucho. it's a road that we actually have traveling up and down every time we've been to butcher . now at the time around that highly cranial defense forces were tweeting that this was a precision operation against ukraine. busy so in the video, they have a haze, an accent from the corpus is highly likely to be a georgian. there are georgian legions that are fighting alongside ukrainian forces . i part of the ukranian army, the new york time. certainly, as i said,
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it says they have evidence of that against irelands 2 houses of parliament. it's the latest in a string of speeches he's using to rally support. nah, zelinski. urge the international community to hold russia accountable for crimes committed on ukrainian soil. shows that sooner divide me are a huge go over the most that at least a $167.00 children have been killed during rushes and beijing at the crime. and we don't know yet all of the victims and mario po, machine is now. i'm a huge my. do we do not die? all of the victims of other cities, areas we hostilities or occupation continued. will you ye our bo occupied father. jonathan the graces its effect that 927 educational institutions and 285 hospitals were destroyed or damaged. as a result of russian shelling the occupies even fired on ambulances, by even bombed and shout churches. the us is imposing law sanctions on russian banks and present vermeer pollutants. adult tosses president,
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dr. barton says moscow is paying a severe, an immediate price for its alleged atrocities in butcher, while whitehouse corresponding to the health care tons mo, from washington dc. dr. it is the latest us escalation against russia in lockstep with e. u and g 7 nations, new sanctions targeting russian financial institutions and kremlin officials. the u . s. president also introduced an executive order battle of those sanctions now include russian president vladimir putin's 2 adult daughters and foreign minister survey. laugh rav, his wife and daughter. on wednesday, the justice department announcing actions against russian oligarchy, constantine malice, have for sanctions violations. and the seizure of a yacht docked in spain earlier this week, owned by another russian oligarchy, victor vac cell burg. it does not matter how far you sail your yacht. it does not
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matter how well you conceal your assets. the justice department will use every available tool to find you disrupt your plots and hold you accountable. the justice department working with the f. b. i also announced it had disrupted a malicious computer network infecting us. small businesses operated by russian military intelligence. the sanctions were accelerated following the images emerging of civilians killed in boucher scattered in the streets some with their hands bound behind their backs. the attorney general would not confirm. he's assembling a nuremberg style investigation, but did go out of his way to constitute the killings as atrocities the world sees. what is happening in ukraine. the justice department sees what is happening in ukraine. the white house is warning nations like india and china,
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against aligning with russia to ease the impact of sanctions. but china accuses the us of exacerbating the conflict they were were. if the u. s. is serious about easing the situation in ukraine. it should stop adding fuel to the fire, stop imposing sanctions, seem to stop coerce of words and deeds, and truly commit to promote peace talk syndrome that the white house says that sanctions already in place are having an impact. the russian economy is set to contract in 2022 by as much as 15 percent, and inflation in russia is up by as much as 200 percent. kimberly hell can al jazeera washington. daniel hamilton is a senior node resident fellow, with the brookings institute is also a former deputy assistant secretary of state for european security affairs, and joe's been alive via zoom from washington. d. c. mr. hamilton, i could have you at the sun al jazeera, how just begin with the issue and the debate that's being had on both sides of the
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atlantic, about sanctions, the squeeze of the effect of sanctions, whether they're happening too fast or too slowly. well, they're ratcheting them up on a scale of $1.00 to $10.00. they're probably an 8, which means they're still considerable room to go. but the pain is there. and it's part of a messaging process to the russians about prosecuting the war and the signaling process to other countries like india or china that don't go there. don't try to evade the sanctions. or you'll be in touch with the poorest state and it will not be in your interest. and there is possibility of secondary sanctions. if they do so in the, to the european commission president a live on the land says that she intends to close you ports to russian vessels and ban russian and bella, russian wrote transport operators in the region. why couldn't that have been done
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earlier? i mean it's, it's been obvious sanction. and some politicians certainly in the european parliament saying, obvious sanction should have been applied more quickly. well, when it's obvious today was the obvious a month ago. and, you know, the european union is a collection of 27 different gun countries that all have to agree to something, missus, funder lie or not can only act if they agree. so she has to gather a consensus, just like the united states in europe have to work together. consensus sanctions don't work if you can't get a broad base of countries together. what's been impressive, it's notches europe, the united states, but a whole host of other countries. and south korea, others that are joining in on this. it does sometimes feel certainly this last few weeks that everything is being done except talking about the real elephant in the room. and that's the oil and gas. and that's where the focus is for many politicians. and yet that's where you might say the most resistance is certainly
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from some parts of the political spectrum in the u. s. and also from the european continent. well, it's not the case of north america, canada actually, you know, impose an oil in port band. united states as follows. suit, but we are in the north america, we're in a different energy situation. it's the europeans that would have to pay the price plus japan, and they're trying to do different things. first of all, they made a very determined effort to win them off, off of energy, are dependent on russia over time. that's a, that's a dramatic change that will change the entire constellation of the global energy market. but to do that from today til tomorrow means turning off the heat. basically they, they're in latest announcement was on coal stopping all coal imports. that's an important source of energy for a number of european countries. oil is the main import gas is critical for some.
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but even in gas that never the l. a. g. liquid natural gas producers to tar united states. others are providing a lot more gas last month. united states provided more l. n g to europe than the russia did through its pipelines. and so the whole energy market is changing rapidly. and there is so much pressure on the europeans, i wouldn't doubt on that scale of $1.00 to $10.00, that they mug might go up to 9 or 10. and it might include in fact, oil and gas. interesting to see what does happen in the next few days, daniel. hello to, thanks so much for joining us from washington. d. c. thank you. we still had here on al jazeera. i'm alan fisher on capitol hill in washington. were politicians have been asking energy companies if they're using the water ukraine as an excuse to pot
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profits at the expense of consumers. and motorcyclists in columbia are running 80 measures to tackle st. crime. they say stigmatized that ah the to an attic skies the southern states have been in out scenes for weeks now. last systems on its way through now on the satellite picture, which means it's a bit historic because another one winding up here, it may not produce the tornadoes if you just seed further south, but it still produce some surprisingly, wintery weather in the mid west. that circulation and going through ontario's north matches the coldest. it will be rained on the east coast of the u. s. of a saki day. you might say in new york and the sea. ah, i have only once in my life. seen men who are scared to death. 30
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years old from the start of the wall bosnia, the cam on al jazeera. ah ah. look about your, what channels is it with me, said robin. a reminder of our top stories, ukraine's as more victims of torture and execution, are being found every day in boucher era, pin and borrowed yankee. all the cities on the capital kiva blames russian troops of moscow insists the atrocities a fake. while new video has emerged appearing to show captured russian soldiers being killed outside the village of a debit thief cut. the footage shows men wearing ukrainian army fatigue, shooting a man while the bodies of 3 others suspected russian soldiers lying nearby. and you
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as outlined more sanctions against russia, fixing financial institutions and 2 of peasant vladimir putin. his daughters, as the job id says moscow is paying a severe and immediate price for its alleged atrocities in future for the head of nato. hers was, the war in ukraine could last month or even years in salt burkes as foreign ministers will discuss the delivery of more weapons to ukraine as they meet in brussels. we have seen no indication that the present put in house, so changed his ambition to control or the whole of ukraine. ah, and also to rewrite her the national order. so we need to be prepared for a long haul. we need to support your crate for long time and we need to be prepared for that. was that vast? it is in brussels with more on stall to burg, strong stance against russia. what we've seen now in the last couple of days and
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weeks as well. also, especially after these images came out from a boucher that civilians there. that there's been some correct appearing. it seems that countries are calling out for more action. a more aggressive action also by nato offensive weapons. also be going to be sent to ukraine and others are much more careful. so that's a very interesting tone that he's striking there. and he's talking also about this a strategic concept that nato is going to discuss during this meeting. sort of a road map that nato is looking at the future. salt and berg earlier today said there's shifting a shift in the world order. so to say, also because of what's happening in ukraine and with the russian invasion. so that's also on the table. how is nato looking at this new reality and how are they gonna prepare? so it's a very interesting discussion that we're going to see is saldibar calls. it's very important in this new,
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crucial face of the war in ukraine. though the besieged porter of mario paul long ukraine, southern coast remains under heavy bombardment with tens of thousands of people still stranded in the city. now they've been without food, water or tuesday for weeks. we were pin unions. top diplomats, as maria poll has become another aleppo, a reference to the syrian city, which russian forces help destroy. section sca see it matter, you polish it la, full mattie point as i lip of europe and the gornick of ukraine, nico russia, no oil and gas companies in the us are being accused of profiting from the ukraine war, the expense of american consumers. energy company executives defended soaring prices, exclaimed record profits. before bipartisan house committee, alan fisher hospital from capitol hill. american oil companies are putting profits at the consumers expense. if the price of gas is driven by the global market. why
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is the price of oil coming down at the price that the pump is down, their record highs? if it's an issue, supply and demand, wouldn't that be reflected in the glory oil in many other energy commodities have risen to the highest level in more than a decade as a direct result of president benz anti american energy agenda. hi, big energy companies were represented old, denied. they were using the ukraine war to jack up profits. that mister woods, you're coming, taking advantage of the crisis came to keep prices artificially high in order to increase your own profits. absolutely not mister worth. no, we are not mister lawler. absolutely not. miss watkins? now we are none. the hearing was aimed at helping us consumable cyber risk. she says the shuttle will help to secure the global online community. well,
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for the internet over all, it means a lot more safety for businesses. these bought nets are very dangerous, especially the ones established by g. r. u. the ration military have, as you noted in death, is billions of dollars worth of damage in their attacks. it's been very difficult to disrupt them, but the united states has developed a technique where it's a court ordered take down where they actually can detect the computers that have the malware in them. they get a warrant, almost like a search warrant. go into the computer, usually of small businesses, remove the malware and go back out and the businesses don't even know about it. so it's somewhat controversial and questionable whether it really does close the door . but it is effective in shutting down this kind of activity. so when you say it squat assassinated, thomas and carter, along with 12, others in 1987 can put a on to former associates have denied any involvement. nicholas huck has more of
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a clipper big reformer. song for a visionary, a revolutionary that. the son of a nation for the nation, not just live. his closest friend and former colleague place compo took power. now a court in the capital walker do has sentence him along with 13 others to life in prison. with a looking young, the judge has given his verdict, but it is up to every one to consider. there is no extradition agreement between the 2 countries. he's unlikely to serve time in prison. comparison was ousted in 2014 after a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. his lawyers say this trial is a sham mom. hundreds gathered at the san cur memorial. in walker, duca most were not born when he was killed, but they see in this verdict, a victory for the people soccer new soccer as an icon,
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short and investigating whether france had any role to play in his murder in 2017 french president emanuel my court agreed to release secret files on soccer as death that led to the opening of the trial, but only a fraction of those documents were released to the court. these are some of some her last words in the hub of your soldier was. then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life, but we are here to dare, mister no. shortly after this, a boy has been allowed to leave detention walden, 2 months after he was forced out of office in a military coup. west african leaders have been pressingly rude and gentle to free caberry and speed up its timeline for a return to democracy. gloria said to be returning to his family home in the capital one can do to the goblin says security will be beefed up for his safety. motorcyclists in columbia's capital of hell, protest against new security measures. bucketfuls mer is implementing new
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restrictions from next week that limits bikers movements and follows the bombing of a police station that resulted in the deaths of 2 minus an injured 10 others. a motorcyclist, the mayor says, is necessary to try and reduce crime and night and the city because the mayor says, ma'am many of these cases of, of criminal activities that are happening on motorcycles by motorcyclist. then say baby are being unjustly blamed for this increase in crime and they are pointing out among other things. the fact that just 6 percent of crimes in the city are committed by motorcyclists. as motorcycles, of the livelihood of many, not only a way to commit crimes, let the mere beliefs. unfortunately some do, but we can't all be ping for just a few. this brought, this are creating, obviously major disruptions throughout the city. it had been a monday and again today with thousands of people having a very of a hard time,
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a getting back home unable to get on buses. many people having to walk for hours to go back home, but not as likely say this is necessary because they fear that these measures could become a permanent or be extended for more they say, but the mayor say this is just a very small, a sacrifice that she's asking to motorcyclist the for the good of the majority of the population and she said that these measures will be a pattern transport work has brought highways for a 3rd straight day. oh.
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