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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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you know, you can watch out to see we're english streaming light on night duty channels, plus thousands about programs. award winning documentaries and death news reports. subscribe. take you cheat dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. ah. more bodies are discovered in several ukrainian cities as russian forces pull out that accused of torture and killings. ukrainian forces also under fire, as new video emerges, appearing to show them killing captured russian troops near keith. ah, ha ha ha robin. you watch your desert life ma headquarters here in denver, also coming. the justice department will use every available tool to find you
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disrupt your plots and hold you accountable. the u. s. imposes a new round of financial sanctions on russian president vladimir putin, his daughters amongst those targeted and 30 as on a guilty verdict of the assassination of a became a fan. so leader the countries form of president is convicted in absentia. welcome to the program. new videos emerged appearing to show ukrainian troops killing captured russian soldiers on the outskirts of keith. it comes as russia face is growing condemnation over the killing of civilians, a boucher of pain and borrowed younger ukraine, says more victims of torture and execution or been found every day in cities outside of the capital cave. and one can travel to boucher. we do warn you that you may find some of the pictures in his report disturbing from the start left to rot.
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we don't know how long the body of this man has been in these woods. so just tell us, he may well have been on a morning walk. his fingers have been eaten by stray dogs, as ukrainian soldiers are fanned through these words and not only looking for mines, but every time they come across a body. they'll search at 1st for any potential booby traps before looking for any form of id that might be able to identify the body. the search of this area of boucher is only just beginning and there may be more bodies to find. this is the children summer camp friendships were forged. her memories made the v marks the russian military takeover. it's now a place of nightmares when bhutto is retaken. on the 31st of march, 5 bodies were discovered in the basement of the compound. those who found them say
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they were allegedly tied up and executed, pulls of blood remain the only sign of what happened to her. but she, tatiana was in her home when the russians arrived and say, some of these, deborah, the russians took everything they could. it's horrible, it's horrible. i never thought this could happen to us. other people suffered a lot, we'll do it. and this is the sri she lives on. ukrainian authorities are surveying, the damage butcher is now under ukrainian military control. everywhere you look, soldiers are patrolling, while evidence is gathered for any potential war crimes investigations m. ron con our de 0 butcher leave it in his emerged, appearing to show captured, russian soldiers being killed, a few kilometer southwest of butcher. the verified video were shot outside the village of dmitri scott on march the 30th in it. soldiers wearing ukrainian patch, ukrainian flag patches,
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and blue arm bones chanted glory to ukraine. a soldier thought to be russian as a jacket, pulled over his head and shot 3 times. now the bodies of 3 other suspected russian soldiers are seen nearby. iran con, has more on the video to this actually took place on or around the 30th of march, holding to the new york times. you say they've actually verified the video. it's just southwest of bhutto. it's a road that we actually have traveling up and down every time we've been to boot shop. now at the time around that highly ukrainian defense forces where tweeting that this was a precision operation against you crazy. i think it's russian forces that they manage to hitler and they manage to hold that convoy. now, along that road, we saw evidence of that that would destroyed a russian tanks across one section of the street. what this appears to show,
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he's not particularly that colon, but a retreating russian soldiers who were then effectively killed. now the men are speaking russian according to russians. think is the reason speaking to be showing in the video, they have a haze, an accent from the corpus is highly likely to be a georgian. there are georgian legions that are fighting alongside ukrainian forces they part of the ukrainian army. the new york time certainly has a safe and says they have evidence of that as well. now, previous videos about the destruction of the russian on column. also back up the fact that they were russians who were trying to escape. and indeed, freelance journalist have been showing and reporting that some of those people were actually ambush. the video continues with the perennial forces, wandering around the dead body, and then they begin to charge. flava,
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you craner will present blood remains lensky, address islands, to houses of parliament. it's the latest in a string of speeches. he's using to rally support to lensky, the international community to hold russia accountable for crimes committed on ukrainian soil shows that storage device me or school holding the most, at least a 167 children have been killed during russia's invasion of ukraine. and we don't know yet, all of the victims in mario pl mission is normal. he would not know all of the victims of other cities, areas we hostilities or occupation continued. will you be a ball occupied? fox should not affect that $927.00 educational institutions and $285.00 hospitals were destroyed or damaged as a result of rush and shelling the occupies even fired on ambulances. i even bombed and shout church, as jonathan leader may not as electra and international politics at king's college,
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london. he says, recent evidence shows the war is becoming more brutal. well, we have, i think, study different dynamics on the 2 side. so on the russian side, we've seen some pretty alarming developments in the last few days. obviously increasing evidence not just the kind of indiscriminate shalon that we were seeing in places like merit. but actually talking to the killings of civilians in large groups on the ground. that's been accompanied by a group of genocidal rhetoric back in russia and russian politics on state back media and so on. so we call it already connect both to. it's not obvious that atrocities on the ground on the russian side, necessarily being driven by genocidal sentiments. although i think a reasonable trauma that they are more evidence will tell on ukrainian from the picture is different. we haven't seen someone surprisingly, given the ukranian fighting in the territory, haven't seen video what we have seen. some of these reports much more limited. busy
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all ukrainian violations against russian prisoners of war there. i think that's much more about radicalization and what is clearly a very bitter. i'm po, arrived complex, probably combined with some limits and ukrainian command and control in a conflict to this client. so i think that's somewhat different dynamics going on on the, on the 2 sides of the that's really quite different patterns of bonds that we're seeing from the roughly the us is imposing more sanctions on russian banks and present vladimir putin as well. daughters present, joe biden says, moscow is paying a severe and immediate prize for its alleged atrocities in future. a white house correspondent kimball, how kit has more from washington, dc. it is the latest us escalation against russia in lock step with e. u and g 7 nations new sanctions targeting russian financial institutions and kremlin officials. the u. s. president also introduced an executive order banning
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all american investment in russia. vis bad was going to make sure that no money can come in to rush you to replace. let's let some of those sanction now include russian president vladimir putin, 2 adult daughters, and foreign minister survey. laugh rav, his wife and daughter. on wednesday, the justice department announcing actions against russian oligarchy, constantine malice, have for sanctions violations. and the seizure of a yacht docked in spain earlier this week, owned by another russian oligarchy, victor vac cell burg. it does not matter how far you sail your yacht. it does not matter how well you conceal your assets. the justice department will use every available tool to find you disrupt your plots and hold you accountable. the justice department working with the f. b. i also announced it had disrupted
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a malicious computer network infecting us. small businesses operated by russian military intelligence. the sanctions were accelerated following the images emerging of civilians killed in boucher scattered in the streets some with their hands bound behind their backs. the attorney general would not confirm his assembling and nuremberg style investigation, but did go out of his way to constitute the killings as atrocities the world sees. what is happening in ukraine. the justice department sees what is happening in ukraine. the white house is warning nations like india and china, against aligning with russia to ease the impact of sanctions. but china accuses the us of exacerbating the conflict. they were reward. if the u. s. is serious about eating the situation in ukraine. it should stop adding fuel to the fire, stop imposing sanctions, stop course of words and deeds,
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and truly commit to promote peace talks to. the white house says that sanctions already in place are having an impact. the russian economy is set to contract in 2022 by as much as 15 percent and inflation in russia is up by as much as 200 percent. kimberly healthcare al jazeera washington. daniel hanson is a senior, non resident fellow with the brookings institution and a former deputy assistant secretary of state for european security affairs. they explains what the sanctions on russia seek to do on its energy sector. it's part of a messaging process to the russians about prosecuting the war and the signaling process to other countries like india or china that don't go there. don't try to evade the sanctions. or you'll be in touch with the for state and it will not be in your interest. and there's possibility of secondary sanction. if they do so,
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actually, you know, imposing oil in ford, found the united states as follows. suit. but, but we are in the north america, we're in a different energy situation. it's the europeans that would have to pay the price plus japan. and they're trying to do different things. first of all, they made a very determined effort to win them off off of energy or dependence on russia over time. that's a, that's a dramatic change that will change the entire constellation of the global energy market. but to do that from today til tomorrow means turning off the heat. basically, they, their latest announcement was on coal stopping all coal imports. that's an important source of energy for a number of european countries. oil is the main import gas is critical for some, but even in gas, a number, the l. a g, liquid, natural gas producers to tar united states. others are providing a lot more gas last month. united states provided more l. n g to europe than the
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russia did through its pipelines. and so the whole energy market is changing rapidly. and there is so much pressure on the europeans, i wouldn't doubt on that scale of $1.00 to $10.00, that they most might go up to 9 or 10. and it might include, in fact, oil and gas. well, still had here all al jazeera, most scientists in columbia all rally against the measures to tackle st. crime. they say, stigmatizes then also ah, a wartime performance, the low hundreds to fill the medical history reunites in the country's west. stay with his here on out there. ah, he has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to cancel your travel package
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today. it is still cold inside the area and when that cold air leaks out over the warmer waters, you tend to generate a storm system. so snow is possible, in fact, i'll stop by the sleet. in the high granite normal honshu, even central honshu, maybe on might fuji, a little maybe into arcada. that thing does blow through the sunny so quite strong, it's april sunshine. so for the central southern part of china, temperatures are on the high side that are above average reco breaking, but they are above average and the sun does build things up in the good part of japan. bottom, you get to friday, the seasonal rains, which we're concentrating, indonesia. more malays, if you like, the central philippines, the orange top shower, suggest where the heaviest re movie and the most likely flooding. but you can't forget, sumatra still likely be potentially very wet place. and the rains are moving slowly north in the bay of bang goal. but for the most part, for lanka, india back mission pakistan all halting up is the pre monsoon. he,
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we've had some big shows, the ne, there might be a few more to come, but it's attempts. does it have been notable? they are above where they should be to the point where in rochester increasing the, i think magic pradesh. there's a heat wave warning act with temperatures into the low fourties daily official and line of the john ah, the shake hum odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah, ah
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ah, we'll get back to what she said with me said robin a reminder of all top stories. ukraine says more victims of torture and execution are being found every day in several cities near the capital. he flames russian troops for moscow insists the atrocities a fake. also, new video has merged, appearing to show captured russian soldiers being killed outside. the village of them treats the footage shows men wearing ukrainian army fatigue, shooting a man, while the bodies of 3 other suspected russians soldiers, bly nearby, and the us is out by mo, sanctions against russia, flexion financial institutions and 2 of president putin's daughters peasantry by them says moscow is paying a survey and immediate price for its alleged atrocities. it beecher the head of
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nato has wal, that the war in new crane could last months or even years. install to back says foreign ministers will discuss the delivery of more weapons to ukraine. as they be to brussels, we have seen no indication that the present put in house, so changed his ambition to control or the whole of ukraine. ah, an also to rewrite 3rd in natural order. so we need to be prepared for a long haul. we need to support ukraine, sustain our sanctions, and strengthen our her defenses under our de terrance. because these can't last for long time and we need to be prepared for that. now the besieged port of mario paul on ukraine. southern coast remains under heavy bombardment with tens of thousands of people stranded in the city that they be without much food, water, or electricity for weeks. the european union's top diplomat says mario paul has
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become another aleppo, a reference to the syrian city, which russian force has helped destroy 6 years ago. no, russia and ukraine are accused each other of lay minds to endanger shipping in the black sea, as well as the boss for us in turkey and sent to citi reports. now, from istanbul, the threat could effect global trade with spikes a large amount of all floats in a stumbles boss for a straight. it's a c mine built by the former soviet union. turkish commanders approach it carefully . the team will defeat the device and then remove it. is the 2nd time in 3 days target fishermen have found a mind like this in their waters. last week, russia's main intelligence agency said 420 floating minds had drifted into the black sea after breaking off from cables near ukrainian ports because of a storm. he crane denied these claims. it says russia planted the mines would as read so us to a former turkish rear admiral to her judge. it says,
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the ties and wind are diverting the minds towards the stumble. he believes the minds belong to ukraine vis archuleta shoot. it would be illogical for russia to mine ports in odessa, where it's aiming for a military landing. why would they shoot themselves? also, if these minds broke off so easily, it means the mining wasn't done properly. that makes one think the minds were left to float free in the black sea. international law allows states to lay sea mines in their waters to protect themselves from attack, but allowing mines to flow into international waters is illegal. looked at the leash, we let that the un should be questioning ukraine. turkey has a strong capacity to sweep the mines, but this is an irresponsible drive. it really does no matter who was responsible for the miles they now pause a serious risk to local fishermen like show him who have been told not the fish at night. shine says when turkey defused the mines in the sea last week,
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the explosion hit like an earthquake. good m a stick will my ball. if you don't see the mind, then you explode, you'd done with him. it's only a slight contact is enough to do it. night fishing has been mel. thank god, it's the end of the season. if we weren't peak season in the scenario would be different. we're expecting many more minds to drift by here on a month or so. the black season, major shipping out to for green oil and all products took his race or the on the waterways try and get to the mediterranean and the agencies $30000.00 vessels pass through the strait of his stumble last year and interruption or risk in this region . could disrupt the global supply chain at the time, it is not clear who is responsible for these mines or how many of them are floating out there, posing a threat to people and maria live. almost these questions are answered. it might take years to spot and disable these explosive devices in the black sea seen
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because solo al jazeera with sample. nikita sanchez asked at present rock cavalry has been allowed to leave detention more than 2 months after his forced out of office. in a military cube, west african leaders have been pressing the ruling john to to freak a boy and speed up its timeline for a return to democracy. deborah is said to be returning to his family home in the capital walk of do go. begin the fastest form of president blazin co bought. a computer has been sentenced in essential to life in prison for his murder of the price of his predecessor, a hint. squat assassinated thomas and kara, along with 12 others in 1987, a compulsory and 2 former associates have denied any involvement. nicholas hack explains why the form for a visionary, a revolutionary, the son of a nation or the nation, not just lyrics to a song. 34 years after the assassination of christina fos, his president,
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to my soccer, he is still revered by millions of people across the french speaking african. in 1983, he was described as a feminist and an environmentalist. then a 33 year old soldier zonker was ahead of his time. he turned his back on international aid money in loans from organizations like the world bank. instead favoring self sufficiency and calling for a more equal relationship with france, the countries former colonial power. on the 15th of october, 1987 sanker was killed by an armed group along with 12 official is his closest friend and former colleague place combo took power. now a court in the capital walker dooku has sentence him along with 13 others to life in prison. in looking yes, the judge has given his verdict, but it is up to every one to consider it. we have known many truths, many things have been said, we hope the coat can verify some things,
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bless combo. it lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast. there is no extradition agreement between the 2 countries. he's unlikely to serve time in prison. compound was ousted in 2014 after a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. his lawyer say this trial is a sham mama. hundreds gathered at the san ker memorial in walker, duke most were not born when he was killed, but they see in this verdict, a victory for the people soccer in the new phone. kara is an icon for the revolution. he's our source of inspiration for nobody has done a better job than him in leaving the country club. this is a historic day for us. but this trial falls short and investigating whether france had any role to play in his murder. in 2017 french president, a menu in my court agreed to release secret files on sanker his death that led to the opening of the trial, but only
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a fraction of those documents were released to the court. these are some of some her, as the last words in public i did, we need to accept. we are africans, is the only way to live with dignity. sanker i says, adding, do you want to keep corrupt government official, assume, or soldiers? then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life. but we are here to derek. mister north, shortly after this speech, emily soccer was shot dead. push nicholas hawk al jazeera. at least one person has been killed and dozens injured out. a security forces fired on anti cooper, t as t, as in sudan. demonstrations have been held regularly in khartoum and other cities against the military take over last year. wednesday marks the 3rd anniversary of demonstrations that brought down formerly that omar alba, sheer protest as one to return to civilian rule or demonstrate has been shot and killed by police in the coastal peruvian city of her. when farmers and transport
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workers brought highways for a 3rd straight day, yet at least 4 others have been killed during anti government protests that began on monday. over the increasing cost of living. now please arrested more than 1000 people who defied the 18 hour curfew imposed by the president. on tuesday, motorcyclists in columbia's capital of held demonstrations against the new security measures. now by guitars mer, is implementing new restrictions from next week. that limits find his movements. it follows the bombing of a police station that resulted in the death of 2 riders and 10 others. the motorcyclist and rider allegedly held that explosive at the facility and asunder amputee was at the protest in bucket r, a cyclist, that van bringing traffic at a standstill throughout different points of vote to protest new measures put in place by the may a cloud. yeah, love it, restricting a 2nd,
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passenger on motorcycle 3 days a week from 7 pm to 4. am i measure the may or says is necessary to try and reduce crime and night in the city? because the mayor says, ma'am many of these cases of criminal activities that are happening on motorcycle, but motorcycle, they say they are being unjustly blamed for this increase in crime. and they're pointing out among other things, the fact that just 6 percent of crimes in the city are committed by motorcycle weighs. i think when i started thinking that you can attack criminals, putting restrictions on people that are workers of students, that by their motorcycle, to be able to mobilize ridiculously, are these motorcycles or the livelihood of many, not only a way to commit crimes, let the mere beliefs unfortunately, some do, but we can't all be paying for just
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a few. this brought, this are creating obviously major disruptions throughout the 30. it had been a monday and again the day with thousands of people having a very of a hard time getting back home, unable to get on buses, many people having to walk for hours to go back home. elnora safely say this is necessary because they fear that these measures could become a permanent or be expanded for more days. but the mayor say this is just a very small sacrifice that she's asking to motorcyclist the for the good of the majority of the population. and she said that these measures will be upheld and will start next week. i'll solve those congress as approved prison sentences of 10 to 15 years. those who spread gang related messages in the media, plaza and i. e book kelly requested the measure and it comes 10 days after he declared a state of emergency and followed a weekend of gang violence that includes at least 87 reports killings. journalists
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expressed their concern about the reform calling at a clear attempt at censorship. the members of an orchestra evacuated from eastern ukraine have gathered for the 1st time for concert in the western city of live. if, as the war continues celebrating ukrainian culture through music has become an act of defiance. and a unifying force, robert bride has more from love, if ah, in the majestic setting of libido organ hall a performance by a bras on san bla that includes members of the lu, handsome fella, monica orchestra located in eastern ukraine. they found themselves in the path of invading russian forces. now they can rehearse and perform once more in the relatively peaceful west where they've sought refuge along with thousands of others . he's retired is near more. i have mixed emotions. on one hand,
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we are very pleased to be able to perform as musician was almost a month or so. but there is the worry of playing in front of a different audience and that as a full orchestra, ah, the venue is a form, a church that dates from the 17th century. and that can boast the largest organ in the country. it's one of the architectural treasures that makes levine, the cultural soul of ukraine. the building was just starting a major renovation when the war broke out, bringing work to a halt. but not the business of making music. with john carter shouldn't be silent. we need to say we're not afraid we exist, we are here. that's why this concert is very important for the musicians, an audience to boost people, spirit in the audience. many people who were also evacuated from the east, the fate of the orchestra, representing the shared experience of all ukrainians. of the nearly 100 members of
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the orchestra around a dozen have come to the vive with about the same number remaining in lieu. hence, the rest have been scattered in cities and towns mainly across western ukraine with some even going abroad. this concert keeps alive the hope that one day they'll come together as a full symphony orchestra. once more, more concepts are already being planned. hopefully involving ball musicians as they pick up instruments again and take to the stage war or no war. rob mcbride al jazeera, the vive, ah, ga 0 lisa l. robin a reminder of our top stories. ukraine says more victims of torture and execution are being found every day and several cities including the capital, including butcher, if pin and but rugged yankee, near the capital.


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