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tv   Africa Direct The Adventures of Boubacar Ladoum  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2022 6:30am-7:01am AST

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the east, the fate of the orchestra representing the shared experience of all ukrainians of the nearly 100 members of the orchestra around the doesn't have come to the vive with about the same number remaining in lieu. hence, the rest have been scattered in cities and towns mainly across weston ukraine, with some even going abroad. this concert keeps alive the hope that one day they'll come together as a full symphony orchestra. once more, more concepts are already being planned. hopefully involving bull musicians as they pick up instruments again and take to the stage. war all know will rob mcbride al jazeera, the vive. ah, ah, let's have a quick chicken head lunch here on out here a new video appears to show captured russian soldiers being killed outside the village of demetrika. at the foot,
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it shows men wearing ukrainian army fatigues shooting a man, while the bodies of 3 other suspect to rush the soldiers line there by ukraine says more victims of torture and execution of being found every day in future. open board yankee, all the cities near the capital. keith claims russian troops but moscow and sissy atrocities, off fake. united states is outlined, more sanctions against russia, focusing on financial institutions and to if president vladimir putin daughters. president joe biden says moscow's paying a severe and immediate price for its alleged atrocities in future. ukraine's presence as the new sanctions are still not enough. nibbled, indeed, not bullish, nor buckle santibanez. i see if there is no painful package of sanctions against russia. and if there is no real supply of necessary weapons that we've asked for many times, then russia will see it as the permission to go further to attack or to launch new bloodshed in the dawn bus seat bucket movie a day. this package of sanctions looks impressive, but it's not enough. it can't be called commensurate to the evil the world saw in
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boucher mia to the evil that continues in mary up all to the shelling of car. give them a fuel to rush, the tempted to launch a loo, large scale, bloody offensive in the dumbass, which i didn't know. at least one person has been killed and dozens injured after security forces fired on anti cooper testers in sudan. demonstrations have been held regularly and called to other cities against military takeover last year. just as want a return to school. yelman's president, his 5, his deputy alley motion, alabama, and established a new leadership council. changes to humans, governments were announced by the countries, information minister. he says the assembly is expected to run the country's military and political affairs would also assume the duties of both the president and his number 2. yeah, that's all right. you have to state with headlines here on out 0. we got more news coming right up after africa direct we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. it's the consequence of war. the human suffering that we reports on it is
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one of the most serious, violent in recent years. we brave bullets and bomb because we give voice to those demanding freedom the rule of law. and we always include the views from all sides. ah.
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the let model when i find in my body that london attended your candy a what yet? the more and henderson or young officer mosquito you know, i like it and t i n i a little yeah. now i feel it was any place you didn't read other domains here. do
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i did all i bought. i bought a melinda america and i get dinner for a quino. i mean, the normal didn't work. i me, i shall put it on that, but i was, i didn't my thought it was somebody i feel a little, i know you know that way. well, you know, tell you that i really that i had a leader board. i have been a couple of you all got probably
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well. done a lot of the new meal. hello . i thought until yeah, i saw them yet a get a file with me though. i get him, he died and put a good landing yes. by linda walker. i do. i go ahead. oh, i get out about no, no, no out my mom. nobody
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airport. yeah. yeah. palmer them out. well, i'm not going to 50. i'm out if. if the only i was if you will land, ah, i learned the only way to get as much income. ah .
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i mean as i for law mother and i will leather. ah, what 8 any meant that at any given that our mobile was or the hacker model going out for a hotel for, for me no one other guy dawning or when i did when i became demo finalize. yeah, i'm all really not a problem. bye bye. like
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one minute while i badly young don't go now boys will my life and i believe in will viet dappled demoss on ella denmark. i met with her on while he never got a more subtle bodily linea color. so i called a non color odyssey color shaking, collaborating on all as of now, must follow what you find out like about a bill. a tabby gave a little hancock. all betty kinney, naming your will american go carfagna, a bicycle for our though i may or may not. morgan design. i don't mind. i'm better, amena, i'm better get under under one, but i know no one is getting on a wilma, what i'm will garcia doing now. is that we're offering a net attack? i sort of, i guess i'm what i'm me don't getting into the use of our new london banner. oh boy . i mean, i know when i'm in any sort of bar i m m was, are uninstalled already had plenty a dollar hour now, so gotta nanny walker,
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a new friend, annie donnelly, i'm a g d m thorough. i just said you needed even i didn't, i didn't learning a lot. i do a lot on the one you know, you know it well, one of them i don't i don't know. i don't know what i said pull it out. i think met with me, but i know i will maybe don't, but i live in my out of all. yeah, it's in here with you my brain. i know it your mom, so on a normal day was it you know what my
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problem is? i didn't get that a kid, i can book on a, on my bill today to help with it. and i was just wondering how much you know that i would imagine, i imagine how lee, my and hannibal pick up a whole chunk of my lease isn't when i go yet. i said, well then also car planned on mine. it's going to come up a bit. i can make them have they all key bears all you if i guess he come to debility, can you tell him a call back? i got
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the natalie. yeah. danny, on a volunteer lawyer. i just hoped, ah, the new sylium, i swear to really did you indeed, madam and go daddy generally in 7 value 7 go on to the water. coughing wondering, come on, come a bit. i don't know for 100 you come or has gotten blown by and that it did not get ah, ah williams and go i would that's how would you find me guessed science i i tell you how much you're going to find out. as i say, it's a lot of media data debate and i still got a deep cleaning. can i get your name?
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ah about the warranty from you after you shoot net is you don't need on that much. you're too big mama la la. because you love us, your love is you want a little bit of doing a little want to do the little of us and of objective
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love us with a synagogue on the la doom via on completion the bunk overall again will allow them a lot. let me know if you don't cause long. exceptional, don't say, don't love, love to share. don't go out to run a la b busy. i'm at amada lucy. sure. i'm busy with the of the year. i might have did the formal amar and bombs. anything was comedy issue, you need to shop your lot as we say good amount of physic mount the table. let's get a long. ready lush, a light bulb, la,
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bow, global, or play, faddle abuse or say a lateral ballade. a ball law form on the cell. the show on a lot of us is actually done a little bit. don't, don't fail me, don't. but now i'm at, i'm out of local, but i need to do a, you know, a ways more up a i want a little bit more and you know, a deal. ok. i want to go, hey,
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i don't want to tell someone anyway. so yeah, i like, wonderful like this. you see a lot of comstock t on this campus on the political don't quote, if you simply by far was on sunday college on deal q. you don't wondering a sampler think i'm me all. i can me all up on me little oh oh, i shall know. a little place a will got em though. me liberty and wait for you. for me i do to
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look margaret about samuel with anita a young any different a young lady giblin days. some are going as well as were little medical, the hospital and a lot of nobody only won't come back, it was the one why know, nobody know until you fix them all and they want a group not to do research on me a little, but now i'm going to be all of it on a mac. okay. okay. hello, michael. i mean, i mean, i mean i'm sitting in a book alone. oh oh, you're more fee sir, but here the senators who are so busy a government on one of us on your wall before,
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shall go on but still open key for the 1st polio ball on the wall for new. pardon? you know? yes. oh man no. the love, please. it was the beard, palace, the level go by level of your leon is all international davila did de la do that is asking you for the proposal. madeline fell a little earlier. dallas, rachel, come up with my family to luckily i love, i do like out a little bit of a couple of antennas like a friend is a measure detail about our milligram. and is it on my voice from policy
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logic or visit the mo, the to receive often. it doesn't catch it. residential osgood law, we're law security. oh, and the lowest alkahottie, my son man. one the my know and see she for them on the the coffee up one. i'll come on. never look. i wait and i'll get up all that enter. i say borrow my lizzie. and i want to be a model to josh and what he's done, you know, he does help. yes. i she, she, she, she does the i, mr. my lawyer is he all probably thought is will a woman to say say according to the idea of money to, to lead on father?
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good, don't her you say capacity. physic is genetic. i don't go below mom to for mucus up or not that heavy. a lobbyist and actually i brought me a fairly good offer. if i meet on both the model nozzle actually a defeat corla me, i really for it in the next. a lot of it last for just people know bizarre. somebody rhonda, i'm out if i, if you don't there's usually she did a, the lavon lab personally date will be done today. the person that the luster you put on a ah
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african stories from african perspectives, machinery, songs of con, me no ma mancha. when i did a 0 with short documentary from african phil, maybe from wanda and booking a fast printer with the sounds of home
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and the coach africa direct on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you, lou ah ah. ready ah, ah ah,
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wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara away going places to go. ah, blue. russia accuses ukrainian soldiers of killing troops had captured near the capital cave. ah. alarm clock, this is out 0, live from dough also coming up a city and ruins. people start returning to charity. have to see what's left of their homes of to weeks of war. new york sanctions target, the russian president's daughters and other top political figures.


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