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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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and reconciliation, permission for this former war lord, liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. ah, as accusations about your training in forces killing, detained to russian soldiers outside key ukraine's father messa says they will investigate there might be isolated incidents. so the violation of these rules and they will be definitely investigated. ah madison, this is audra 0 alive from dough hob, also coming up human society, back to president of the robber months or holiday. hundreds, his powers to
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a new leadership council and a tight race in front of us polls suggest the competition to be the next president is closer than expected. ah, the grains pharmacy said an incident that appears to show ukrainian forces killing detained russian soldiers will be investigated. the verified footage was recorded outside the village of miss rifka, a few kilometers south, west o boucher. it happened on march, the 30th in it, soldiers waiting, ukrainian flag patches and blue arm bands. chant glory to ukraine, a soldier who thought to be russian as a jacket pulled over his head and a shot. 3 times. the bodies of 3 other suspected russian soldiers are seen nearby. i haven't seen it. i heard about it. i want to reassure you that ukrainian army observes the rules of warfare. there was, of course,
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there might be isolated incidents of the violation of this rules and they will be definitely investigated well aside. the alleged shooting that russian prisoner by ukrainian forces was near cisco russell santa as more from their on march 30th, wilder, russian, our forces were withdrew him from a nearby town called demetrika. and they have been ambushed here by the ukrainian a forces to do that day. a heavy, a fight took place right in this support, and several russian were for our forces. wiggles have been destroyed, but the tanks, personal care years here came under the fire from the artillery by the ukrainian forces. now here in this support, i can see at least 8 military waykell personal carriers. and the tanks completely
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destroyed in some of the personal carriers still, the russian soldiers buddy, are completely burned out there. you can see, and also wild fighting was continued here. the other russian forces were dispersing, and several of them are trying to escape from the battle. they ran into the woods, but then they also have been killed by the ukrainian forces still around here. there are these, there are the unexplored ammunition remained from the russian forces and on the same day, right over there are several other russian forces also have been captured by the ukrainian forces. 2 of them are particularly important because at the da da, a video that support an outrage has been immersed right over there. in the video, we see that one of the euchre did the russian soldier still alive and heavily breathing have been killed by the ukrainian forces. you can in fact minutes we said
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at the destruction of the russian column here was precise work. however, the video that emerged shows a more complicated reality. i think it a brussels. this is the final day of nato foreign ministers meeting in it, brussels, a nato secretary general, gen stolen, vargas holding a press conference. let's listen. systems we are delivering on a donnas are, are, are delivering so and again, and the important thing is unable, as are providing a significant military support ah, to ukraine, but also of human italian support, financial support, and lethal and non lethal support. we have done that for many years or an allies are now stepped up a then them that but what is important to also on the line is that a ne darlise provides support ukraine at the same time. natal. so means responsibility
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is to protect and defend allow us on that and to prevent this, sir. a conflict from escalating to a full fledge war between a nato and the i'm russia on the that's the reason why you all saw or are focused on how to manage the risk of escalation on, also to sunder care message that we are there to defend and protect all i said, not to provoke a conflict, but to prevent the conflict. and the reason why we have, or last week sir, are deployed 40000 troops on those directed to command or to the eastern part alliance, and also added more. a troops under a national command, including a more used troops in europe, and this presence is to help prevent the escalation of the conflict. so we are preventing escalation. and nate will not be at body involved in the conflict. her ne dollars for not send troops, or to build this into a ukraine. ah,
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but at the same time, and we are providing support to crane in many different ways. go to a h p l to lead in my how the u. s. and secretary blinkin. i'm having approaching this week and why is on a long haul for this war and assumption? why not just do everything you can now, while russia retreats these is late to end. this war is for president to tend to pull back all his troops on to end the war and to sit down and engage in, in the serious are dramatic efforts to find the solution. ah, but we need to be a realistic and we have no indication that the press and through team hossa changed his over or overall goal and others to control ukraine onto, onto achieve
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a significant pinto victories on the battleground. so we don't see a rush and retreat. why we is what, what we see is that russian a regrouping i repositioning of their forces moving out of her no than ukraine, but to at the same time moving those forces to the east. and we expect a big battle in don balls a big russian offensive. and that's the reason why i wasn't so hi, dr. today, the urgency of applauding more a supporter to, to ukraine, not the source, the message of course, from a minister collabo i saw, ah, docile solution why we need to, of course, work for a quick end to this war. and that's the reason why also allah's are imposing, had he calls on a, on president putin, on the russia, that at the same time be prepared for a long hol, this war may last 4 weeks,
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but also months on a bill. so for years and therefore we need to prepare for the whole you may be thinking thank you so much, mr. secretary general, you mentioned a strategic concept to ad 2030 which will be narrow to map forces organizations. it's wise, it's a document, it's very, very important for georgia. what should we expect? i mean, opened or play about opened or policy about a future of as parents. and can you tell us more about a meeting with george in at 4 in the 1st me through. thank you so much. the georgia minister of foreign affairs attended the meeting today her and for me it was a pleasure to meet him and to on to talk to him about also a bilateral meeting. and i think it is important that we have close contacts with the a georgia and also the new minister of foreign affairs that demonstrate the strength
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and important solver, the partnership between the georgia on the, on the natal and a. and we also are working on how to further strengthen our partnership, including ah, by improving and strengthening of the packages we have all the agreed on to alpha more to the packaging through thing issues related to secure communications resilience on the cyber. so we are look into how we can throw the strength from both the political and the practical cooperation and partnership with, with the georgia. i will bring you press conferences, been given by the nato secretary, general jens salt and berg on the final day of nato. foreign ministers meeting which is being held in bras, has been a busy day in brussels, has also been a meeting of foreign ministers of the north atlantic council. that is nato plus 8 other countries. and members of g 7, a economies as well and stolen burg,
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they're basically giving an update on what has been discussed. seeing nato allies have been providing support to ukraine, but their main responsibility for nato is to protect natal members. he said his prevent an escalation of conflict. i'm paraphrasing, of course, what he was saying there. he said the easiest way to end the war in ukraine was for president put in to pull back, but president putin has been changing his goals. ok, let's move on. united nations general assembly is holding discussions before voting on whether russia should be suspended from the human rights cancel. the 2 thirds majority votes needed for the resolution to be adopted. russia's one country is voting in favor of it or abstaining that it's going to be considered an unfriendly gesture of let's go to kristin's to the me, add to the un there, or what is it gonna take, tristan to get this vote passed? well, as you said, 2 thirds majority of countries voting in the general assembly must approve this
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resolution, and that is 2 thirds of countries who vote abstentions don't count. so out of all the countries who cast their votes, 2 thirds majority would take to remove russia to suspend russia from the geneva based human rights council, whose mission is to promote and protect human rights around the world. a passed resolution in the united nations sets out that countries can be removed for gross and systemic rights violations. that is exactly what you crane and nato allies are alleging russia is guilty of. and so that is why they have brought this issue to the general assembly for a vote to day. we do expect, however, before the vote occurs to hear from a number of countries who are russia's allies, they have all signed up to speak this morning. countries like syria, the dpr k,
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who have voted with russia on past general assembly resolutions calling out russian aggression. other countries who've abstained as well. now coming out to speak, we presume, to help defend russia. china as well, has abstained on votes in the past, giving some cover to russia for its actions in ukraine. they are ball so signed up to speak before the vote as well. so all countries will get a chance to make their opinions herds either before or after, but the vote itself will be delayed by russian allies who have signed up to speak. and to be an interesting one, because you say china hutch abstained in the past to russia. as we were mentioning, warning, countries that do abstain that it will be regarded as an unfriendly gesture. it's going to be interesting to see how several of those countries decide to go to a. is there a sense, any sense of told that ukraine actually has the votes with it and its allies, that would actually be able to get this fast?
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what we know, there are at least 50 co sponsors of the resolution. and the last time the issue came up of ukraine in the general assembly, a 141 countries sided with ukraine to condemn russia's aggression. if those numbers were to come out again, only 5 voted with russia against the resolution. if we see similar turn out than, than clearly this resolution will pass. but as you say, russia has been speaking to countries in the united nations. we've seen a note that says that russia will consider it and an unfriendly gesture if countries vote to suspend it, that a gesture, that would be taken into account in bilateral relations with russia and in un activities as well. so a bit of an ominous warning from russia as countries line up to make their voices
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heard on the issue of human rights. and i'm in in ukraine. kosta. of course we're going to be checking in with you as we get closer to that vote for now. kristen salumi the you and thank you very much indeed. or with accusations of war crimes being exchanged regularly. no russians. foreign minister sag oliver has accused you trains also battalion of killing russian prisoners of war. there was no, we open to occur significant. we were quite positive about the talks, but now you credit negotiate as a korea to you provocations. just look what happened in the town of boucher, especially the absolute, blatant atrocities that are being recorded on video or for the nazis from the as a fighter, lou indeed with the russian prison as a full losses. also accused ukraine of putting forward a new piece proposal flouting terms is reached at a meeting in istanbul last week. last jibari has more than lunch from moscow. well, and we've been hearing from the russian foreign minister survey oliver, of who,
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even prior to having this meeting with of a her, any foreign minister, a issued estatements that was very unexpected. he said that the talks that are still ongoing between russia and ukraine at through a video conference format. and they reached the point last night on wednesday when the ukrainians have put forth a different proposal than the one that they agreed upon and that they put forth in is stumble on march 29th. when the ukrainian officials met with the russians, a face to face in is stumbled. now, the foreign minister saying there are a few things in the proposal by the ukrainians that are changed. that is something the russians have not agree to. one or the main things is that the issue of security guarantees that ukrainians are looking for in terms of when there is a ceasefire between the 2 countries. and number of 3rd countries would be security guarantors. that in case there is any conflict or altercation between russian
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forces and ukrainian ones, those guarantors would come into play and assist in trying to deescalate the tensions. now the issue here is the say, a russian form is her says, according to the initial proposal that the ukrainians put forth at the any kind of military exercises that the ukrainian army would carry out in the future with any other country would need the approval of those security guarantors that would include russia. now this new proposal that they put forth doesn't have any mention of russia as part of those at security guarantors, and that their approval would not be needed. this is something that is not acceptable to the russians. according to surg oliver of the world health organization's regional director for europe says it's working to make contingency plans as health resources are stretched in ukraine. the w a chose says it's preparing for all scenarios, including a possible chemical assault,
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giving the uncertainties of the current situation. there are no assurances that the water will not get worse. doug rachel is considering all scenarios and making contingencies for different situations that good afflicted people, awful grain from the continued treatment of mosque casualties to chemical assaults . w h was also coordinating with the european union to 3 ash patients arriving to make sure that they are received in an you can treat that as best place to treat them. still head on al jazeera o demanding the president's resignation. students are the latest to join protests, ensure lanka, we look at why people in lebanon are going to court to get access to them money. ah,
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hello there. the heat, wave alert has expanded from roger stand in 2 months of pradesh, as those temperatures cross 40 degrees. here's a snapshot on friday, a sock about new delhi though, 41 degrees. you know, since march 29th, your temperature has been 39 degrees or above and now you're going to lock into 42 for the next few days, up to 43 on monday. so getting closer to that record cluster of energy toward the south bay have been goal that slamming into sri lanka. same goes for india as careless stayed around coaching, and also some thunder downpours to be expected for them all these after indo china right now, plenty of sunny's falls. this includes bangkok with the high 35 degrees will match up your temperatures as well. in the days to come and there is a tropical depression swirling around central parts of the philippines. so driving rain sebu rate into devout. in fact, there is still a severe flood advisory in play here. high temperature is also very huge swath of
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china. so central areas toward the south, i mean look at is junk, jo. 31, hong kong 28. and the thing is your temperature is, are going to stay like this for the next several days. south facing wind has popped up the temperature in korea. but under this, we may have some snow over the hills of on chew on friday. that's a snapshot of your weather. so you soon? ah. the healing the debates? it is no, he job bad political, you know, men, if anyone here talks about women that i was just with these, the bill seem to have been said no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this to you are now to sierra.
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ah ah, the want you want to set a reminder about health stories this our ukraine's foreign minister says he's cautiously optimistic up to talks with nato members in brussels. we took a lever, appealed for weapons to fight russia before it's too late. nato chief, john stole some bug, says the western alliance is planning to send more arms to be. to caliber says, a video that appears to show ukrainian forces killing detains russian. soldiers will be investigated. it was reported. we shot outside the village of the turf camp . a few kilometers south, west of boucher on march 30th. no one of the world news examines president
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hon months or hobby has delegated power to a new leadership council. saudi arabia's advising the new assembly to start negotiations with the whole thieves. react plans to give yemen $3000000000.00 to rebuild its economy. it comes just days after a cease fire was an amps, but the who the rebels have rejected the new council. now in a moment, we're gonna have reaction from yemen will holman out in santa 1st let's hear from the side. both are free. who's falling the talks in riyadh, the decision of the president bowman sort of had, he has a little bit taken the focus from the, the talk here in the yeah, the decision i would say is a little bit confusing because the president did not say he's been down or he's resign and he said that he is delegate in powers to a presidential our leadership council in an attempt to have the you and lead efforts to and the war. the problem i would say is how this will
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help in a stop in a 7 years war in yemen. not now that we know that there is 8 personality or leaders in the leadership council, which means these people, we know, we don't know how they will work together because they have opposing views. and also the who. these are not taken part in this talk. we don't know if this is something that we had in go in further into the dialogue, or it will be a step backward here in the talks though, these for them for themselves, the don't consider any move by the international government. they say that these, this, this move that baseless according to their words. the say also that the, the, the, that the president had the hold, the responsibility for the, for the worry the, some of the observers believe that this is a move that to,
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to shoulder the responsibility on the casualties. and also the, the, all in the impacts of the war on the international ignited governments with the, especially with this move and the, the, the quality doesn't have anything to do with that with what happened over the 5th 7 years. so there are these believe that the, the, the, the, you don't have anything to do with the latest. moved by the president of the roman soldiers, heidi's, formation of a presidential council. ok, let's go back to a job story and ukraine, and we'll go to steadfast and brussels, ukraine's foreign minister. the musical labor has been speaking step. well, we were talking to a guest earlier on who knows, as mr. caliber who said that he had not heard him so articulate or emotional. there was a very strong speech. what's been happening at the natal foreign ministers meeting before and i spoke to the press
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what, what has been happening is that he wasn't in nato a foreign ministers meeting asking for more military support. more firepower, basically. and he came out quite optimistic, cautiously optimistic. he said, he said he wasn't even so much worried about the amount of weapons or the kind of weapons anymore, which could mean kind of shift with natal to more with so called offensive weapons . but he was more worried now about the timeframe. well, these weapons come in time to basically safe ukraine from a complete a russian invasion. now, the from seems to be have, have moved to the east, and there's a lot of concern within nato that will be a huge offensive. and ukraine. ok, let's stick to attribute to nations general assembly, which is holding discussions before voting and whether russia should be suspended from the human rights can. so let's listen and
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mister president distinguished delegates would morning, everyone one early morning, over april 1993, delegates to the united nations had coffee case their loved ones and men to the quiet and comfortable united nations headquarters to do business. as usual. perhaps manuel was have done this very morning. this morning in early april, 993 boutros boutros galley, sent a special robert or to report on extra judicial summary
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arbitrary executions. in rwanda, he reported a more about the united nations response was needed. critically. it found that the abuses could be precursors recurse to genocide in 1993. unfortunately, that was largely ignored by our stretched 2nd period of the united nations in early april once again in april in 1994 in the comfort of the united nations headquarters. the security council received letters in which the london petro the front
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reminded members face that i quote, when the institution of the united nations was created after the 2nd world war. one of these fundamental objectives was to see to each that what happened to the jews in nazi germany would never happen again. and of quote, $994.00. rwanda itself was a non permanent member of the security council. this allowed the genocidal regime to influence the members of the console. with this view of the situation, as the russians presence today in the security council allowed to spend the spread lies almost daily in april.
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again, in april, these time 2006 in the docs of new york by the hudson river in ocean size, the state of the art liner was launched. these magnificent lajna was been ducked on the shores of lake geneva. beautiful as if these far from being an ocean when aim to these liner, the human rights cancel, the adoption of resolution, 60 slash $250.00. 1 was a combination of 5 months of consultations and negotiations facilitated by president of the assembly. yon l. yes, and, and then back to the audience will panama and the best model of south africa? let me remind you of the wars mister young ellison,
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the president of the sixty's session of the general assembly before the adoption of the resolution. he said, and i quote, we have no, we have now reached a decisive moment both for the promotion and perfection of human rights. and for in fact, the multilateral isn't and the spending of the united nations as a whole. as our leaders acknowledged in september to 1005, the 3 pillars of the united nations development, peace and security, and human rights are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. and of course, now the world has come to a crucial juncture. we witness that our liner is going through richer is fox tours deadly eyes brooks. it might seem that we should have named it
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the panic instead of the human rights council. if not, we need to take an action to day to save the canso from thinking the composition of the human race. cancer is as diverse as the world map as these assembly he's but these council, unlike the assembly, has been established for a specific purpose to promote and for fact human rights around the world. and we are in a unique situation now when on the territory of another sovereign state, a member of the human rights come. so can they terrific human rights violations and abuses that would be equated to war crimes and crimes against humanity? boucher and dozens of other ukrainian.


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