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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm AST

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experience with the world's best ally. katzoff at ways. i don't see you see now. the book you complete the, the world cup package today. ah. wendy un general assembly suspends russia from the human rights council over a legit atrocities in ukraine. either you help us now and i'm speaking about days or weeks war, you help will come to late ukraine urgently asked nato for more arms is it prepares for a russian offensive in the east. ah, you're wanting out, is there a lie for the headquarters in del, finding abigail also
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a heads pakistan's top court rules against prime minister him on con, rejecting his move to sidestep and no confidence vote by dissolving parliament. yelman's un recognised president opposite up woman sir hardy hans his powers to a new leadership council. hello, the un general assembly has voted to suspend russia from the un human rights council . 93 countries back the suspension with 24 opposed. 58 countries, abstained. russia is the 2nd country to be removed from the human rights council after libya had its membership stripped in 2011. let's go live to christmas salumi at the united nations to talk us through some of the numbers and the reaction that has been coming in. yes, well this is the latest attempt to isolate russia on the international stage and hold them accountable for the atrocities that have been unfolding in ukraine. and
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the general assembly succeeded in suspending russia from the human rights council, but perhaps not isolating them as much as ukraine's backers would have liked. we had a vote out where the u. s. was calling a calling out. russia called for this vote, accusing them of war crimes as saying it was hypocrisy for them to be on the rights council. as russia for its part described it as an attempt to destroy the human rights architecture at the united nations. and we know they lobbied member states very hard before this vote. we've seen copies of correspondence where countries were warned that it would be considered a, an unfriendly gesture if they voted against russia. here at, at the end of the day, 93 countries voted in favor of suspending russia. $24.00 were against $58.00, abstained at the united states hales at as the success and holding russia
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accountable. russia says it's going to quit anyways. they don't care any more. they announce it, they're quitting now. so i, at the end of the day, russia was removed from this council, but again, perhaps not as isolated as ukraine's backers would have light. okay, thank you so much. kristen salumi reporting from the united nations. ukraine is urging nato members to step up weapons supplies quickly as it prepares her a russian offensive in the east. it's for a minister demitra caliber has been holding talks with nato foreign ministers in brussels, local authorities, and the eastern law hand screens. you have urged all civilians to leave immediately . either you help us now and i'm speaking about days, not weeks or you help will come to late. an sir many people will die. many civilians will lose their homes. mania
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villages will be destroyed. exactly, because this help came too late. weapons are like mine you. they late, they love silence. and i, i will not be in the position to go into details. but ah, let me put this way. i have no doubt that ukraine will have weapons necessary to fight the question is de, timeline. while the head of nato says allies have agreed to strengthen support for ukraine, including the delivery of a wide range of weapons. it follows a tuesday meeting of nato foreign ministers in brussels. allies are providing a wide range of different weapon systems on both her so at arrow systems, but also modern equipment or. and i think that this distinction between offensive and defensive is a bit strange, because we speak about providing weapons to account to which is the founding itself
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. on the and self defense is arrive to which is enshrined in the you and shorter. so everything ukraine, thus, with the support from the dollars is defensive or u. s. sector state, anthony lincoln says, washington will not let anything stand in a way of sending more arms to ukraine. we have been individually united states and collectively as partners more than 30 countries providing to ukraine, the weapons and systems that we believe it can use most effectively. and that it needs to push back against our russian aggression. and we're not gonna let anything stand in the way of getting ukrainians what they need and what we believe can be effective. so we're looking across the board right now, not only of what we've provided and continue to provide,
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but whether there are additional systems that would make a difference. step boston has more from brussels, blink, and makes clear the balancing act that the nato countries have been going through in the last couple of days. he gave some very detailed and all to glue some accounts of alleged to war crimes and atrocities committed. and ukraine basically giving a clear message that there was a moral responsibility felt by nature to do more for ukraine to sense more military support. but cutting short of being short of actually sending troops to ukraine and also sending plains to ukraine because that could be seen by russia as getting the involvement of nato in the war with ukraine. and could possibly a cause of war between russia and nato. so basically, the nato countries have step up their efforts, but have not gone in a total shift aiding ukraine with troops and planes. and that's why he had
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a long list of sanctions, of the all kinds of measures that the united states is now imposing on russia. and that has been of course, it's very delicate balancing act that we've seen here in brussels. in the last couple of days. rescue workers in ukraine are searching under the rubble of apartment blocks destroyed by russian forces it. sir. people could still be trapped under the debris and board young about 60 kilometers on the capital kiva. president say they were threatened by russian forces at gunpoint for trying to rescue survivors. ukrainian troops regained control of the town a week ago. or residence of the nearby town. a boucher has spoken of the trauma they suffered under russian bombardment. many spent more than a month in basements or shelters to escape the fighting. people are now beginning to venture out to survey the damage and re unite with their families. and ukrainian soldiers are checking for mines and other explosives, cpa,
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human listing. we were in the basement for 35 days. there was shelling all the time . sometimes there was no water. sometimes there was no food or my there was no light all the time. there was no information phones didn't work, there was shots all the time. the children were cold, i hugged them all the time. i told them that everything would be fine and ukrainian soldiers would come. i explained to them how for how to run, how to defend it, would you please give? will you need them to live? near crane and authorities are working to identify hundreds of bodies found in boucher and other towns after russian troops withdrew. some of the bodies are in a mass grave near a church, the un humanitarian chief martin griffith traveled to boot just a visit, a burial sight. ukraine has blamed the killings on russian troops. allegations moscow denied. for earlier i spoke to the un humanitarian chief martin griffith, and he described what he saw in boucher. i had that unpleasant and
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awful privilege, as you say, a gun to book us today to see the worst of what people can do to people and i i was taken to a mass grave in the courtyard of a church. this is a grave where local people had brought out 280 bodies of dead people crowned bluecross to this grave. so they could at least have somewhere where they could be provisionally buried. and when we were there, we saw these bodies in these graves and then now being big zoomed brought out for forensic examination to find out who killed these people. and, you know, one of the things that came to my mind course was pure a close relative to any of those 280 people. you would want
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a decent burial in this tragic circumstance. and we're still waiting for it. and we're still waiting for the results of an estimate ation to see exactly who did the terrible things should be held accountable. my 2nd general attorney could terrace, as a cause called friend investigation. we think that takes the right. i'm glad the local authorities are also launching their own. we need the truth. we need to urgently and we need the people to have some kind of closure off these terrible instances. last week's the world health organization has verified 90. 1 attacks have been carried out by russia on health facilities in ukraine since the conflict started as it marks world health day. it says it's working on contingency plans for all scenarios, including a possible chemical assault on just a big report from ukraine. second largest city car keys, hospitals are,
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are particularly vulnerable from heavy russian bombardments. born in the basement, to the sound of artillery above one veiled my if yet to feel the warmth of the sun on her face. with a show. i wish for a peaceful future for her. all the rest is just detailed. maya is a child of this war, a victim of it tucked away underground somewhere in her cave, in her mother's arms away from the heart of russian artillery. for 4th, accustomed as i live for her, fretted 6 of the worst memory of these days is fine in pregnant to the cellar, and hiding from the plain the scariest. as though this hospital was hit, 3 out of the 7 woods have been damaged and now they live in fear of another attack
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. the reality is we can't even name this hospital. these expectant mothers are hidden away. behind a bomb proof door. they have their supplies right here, and these are the conditions. these women are giving birth under through the narrow corridor, we find more women. oh boy, you will call her carina, which means strong. nobody expected this. it was quiet in the basement warm and cozy, but it's mentally difficult because i want to be back home to be with my family to see a peaceful sky. regardless of there's not much space to move. simple, dark and dull. the war takes his toll and mothers while some have the warmth of the mother's bodies. others struggle little this is just very not because of the stress of the war. the mother gave birth prematurely. the child has problems with her lungs and has to have the support to receive oxygen and has
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to be fed by a tube. it's not only the new bonds who struggle watching the land with a for i thought i'd be like, we need ventilators. we need more by an expert in the x ray and ultrasound out on the side of the hospital that was hit by shelley. we also need a diesel generator for the power shortages. the ventilator stopped working when the electricity cuts out. but there's hope and a message to the world here still no. so i hope that we will have a future that our kids will have a future and a peaceful sky overhead. this is the most important for all to be safe and sound. and do you want to see sampson maya? see a peaceful sky. i saw a big al jazeera hockey with stella had on our 0 o, a war time performance, how the low hands philharmonic orchestra has managed to reunite within ukraine and
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a tight race in france. whole so just the competition to be the next president is closer than expected ah. withdrawal and he has begun the free for world copies on its way to the castle. group your travel package today. hello. thank you for joining in. there's a lot of sand and dust spin spun around the middle east. here's a picture of it right now. it is around the levant, especially our 4 box add on friday with the high $35.00 degrees. look at these still her. okay. i put you in for 39, but i think there is a really good shot. you could see your 1st 40 degree day of the year. and now here's what it's looking like on saturday. those winds are going to shift around out of the north, north west. that's going to have a big drop in the temperature for bahrain. so minima. 36 on saturday, but drop of about 10 degrees by sunday. after pakistan there are size,
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we could have the hot summer here in about 5 years. i me already we see the signs of it. temperature is widespread in the forty's, lahore could get there in time for off canister. couple could see a sprits of some showers. 26 will be the number for you. okay, here's where all that energy is. turkey, the easter made. those winds spinning around all of that sand in dust into the levant. central africa looks like this. starts storms centered around coastal areas of nigeria. cameron gabba into western areas of the congo and to the south. we go still that cool air for south africa. cape town 21 degrees, but by the end of the weekend. yeah, may hit 30 big difference compared to jo berg. 12 degrees was some showers, c. as in cat, official airline of the j cutter. one of the fastest growing nations in lou ranika needed to open and development international shipping company to become
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a middle east and trade money skills 3 key areas of develop, filling up from connecting the work future while the carto cutters gateway to whoa trade. oh, a hello again. the top stories on the road, us, our general or something voted to suspend russia from the human race council for its invasion of ukraine. 93 countries box, the suspension with 24 oppose 58 countries of things. ukraine is urging nato members to step up weapons supplies quickly as it prepares for russia and offensive
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in the matrix appealed for weapons to fight russia for you and humana carrion trees has traveled to the crane and trying to us is, is that a mass grave? martin griffith says the world's been shocked by the death of civilians. ukraine has been russian troops, allegations moscow denies churches and pakistan have ruled that a parliamentary vote of no confidence in prime minister iran con must go ahead. the supreme court also ruled that con, broke the law by calling an election after parliament was dissolved. that happened after his allies prevented the opposition for proceeding with the confidence motion . our correspondence, the sum of bon jovi is following all the twists and turns from his line about so where do things stand now and, and what happens next? it's been a land mud judgment where the 3 go to market on have the not just very easy,
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really verdict and it is very clear in the not just declare that i'm going to do says what all to illegal to paving the way for the legal complications for not just 5 minutes to run on, but also the deputy speaker, and even the president a jay of jubilation for the opposition party who went to the supreme court on sunday immediately after in a surprise move the deputy speaker vitamin struck down and throughout this motion of no confidence, which according to the constitution, has to be voted upon before any other matter, can be debated in the parliament reeves, phoebe speaking to them and asking them what is going to be the way forward for them. because there's been a lot of mudslinging from both sides, and there has been a call for early elections. this is in 1st time to 75 years of pakistan's constitution history. this was the civilian co attempt. we've always dealt and fought, and this was the 1st time under the leadership of the opposition leaders. a democratic
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tool was used to dislodge a selected government which came through a v, a manipulated election. and today we were going to have a strengthening of democracy. and as far as the article 6 application is concerned, i think once the full reason to judgement comes and the new federal government comes in place, there will, they will have all the credible arguments, who are all the perpetrators and the characters in the, you know, it's a virgin and violation of the constitution on saturday, there is going to be a session of parliament where this vote of no confidence is supposed to take place . and the supreme court has made it clear that before they choose another leader of the house, that session can not be performed. and now is the wrong hand party going to tender it's resignations and go for an early election eyes. the opposition going to go after him, ron fine, a news article 6, visibility treason against him for subverting the constitution is all up in the air
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at as of now, a very late i was of the night. there is a meeting which is happening at the headquarters of prime minister in ran fans party. there is a meeting of the opposition party, which is also taking place to try and talk out the future course of action. and what is very important here is what do you see the role of the, by the signing military, which has, according to the opposition, the draw it on it's support form iran and spotty. and that is why he's left stranded and he is going to be watered out from the prime minister's office, which he's just been restored. thank you so much. a solid pinch of 8 in other world news, yelman's leader have a double months or had he has delegated his presidential power to a new leadership council. saudi arabia's advising the new assembly to start negotiations with these re plans to give you haven't $3000000000.00 to rebuild its economy. it comes just days after the fire was announced,
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but the rebels have rejected the new council in a moment for her will have reaction from yemen with hon. laptop from santa 1st let's hear from side book who's following the talks in the decision of the president obama or had he has a little be taking the focus from the the talk here in the decision, i would say is a little bit confusing because the president did not say he's been down or he's resign and he said that he is delegate in powers to a presidential our leadership council in an attempt to help you and lead efforts to and the war. the problem i would say is how this will help in a stop in a 7 years war in yemen. not now that we know that there is 8 personality of our leaders in the leadership council, which means the people we know,
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we don't know how they will work together because they have opposing views. and also the hope is, i'm not taking part in this talk. we don't know if this is something that we had in going further into the dialogue or it will be a step backward here in the talks though, these for them for themselves, the don't consider any move by the internationally recognized government. they say that the, this, this move that baseless according to their words. the say also that the, the, the, that the president had the hold, the responsible for the, for the worry the, some of the observers believe that this is a move that to, to shoulder the responsibility on the casualties. and also the, the, all him, the impacts of the war on the nice, nice government with the, especially with this move and the, the, the quality doesn't have anything to do with that with what happened over the 5th 7
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years. so there are these believe that the, the, the, the, you don't have anything to do with the latest know by the president of the room on sort of heidi's formation of a presidential council. a turkish court has transferred the trial for murder, journalist, german hash of z to saudi arabia. the saudi critic was killed inside the kingdoms assemble consulate in 2018 turkey for 26 people on trial and absent all saudi nationals. the prosecutor said the case couldn't be conducted properly since the suspect could not be arrested rights group, say, the decision and any hope of justice for herself. she the u. s. is expected. the u . s. senate is expected to confirm the historic supreme court nomination of catan g brown jackson. if confirmed she will be the 1st black woman to serve on the country's highest courts. jackson was an ounce as president joe biden's pick in
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february. 3 republicans have said they'll vote for her. in addition to all 50 democrats, members of parliament in germany have rejected mandatory cove in 1900 vaccinations for the over sixty's. the votes being seen as a setback for government ministers who back the mandate from october as a way to avoid further locked downs around. 200000 germans are being infected daily . the 328 covert related deaths reported on thursday aah! far contender. marina pan is holding her final rally of the french presidential election campaign. polls suggest the race is tightening with lapel and increasing threat to president minute my cross reelection chances. natasha butler reports ah, at the ukranian cathedral in paris, the war is never far from people's minds. in super october it's unbearable. just
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all full of all those people that are dying with you know to them is all new planning before ukrainians are fighting for peace. not only for ukraine, but for, you know, do it is when you of the was one of the key issues in france, his election emanuel, my cross diplomatic efforts have played out well. and opinion polls suggest that he's leading the presidential race. but the conflict is also fueling anxiety over inflation. at places like monta town, northern france, people on spending like they used to, when he did marquee clients, expect certain prices, but they say what's happening and because they are struggling financially, val counting their penalty. every one the we spoke until he says that they're worried about the war in ukraine, the coven pandemic. but the number one concern is the cost of living in a bar, a group of friends is talking politics, members, and was that what category awful. there are 3 categories of people in france,
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poor wretch, and the people in the middle, those in the middle struggle most because the poor get state help, but people in the middle get all the texas off an auto body sample and you're making sure it's the people in the middle of fall right party leader marine, the pen is targeting the focus on the cost of living has shifted the spotlight away from her anti immigration agenda and broadened her appeal. she's widely expected to face my cry in a final round run off, but many voters are still undecided. 3rd may not vote at all, you know, brought been running an informal poll in central powers for several months. as long as you don't, people are very engaged in this election, but completely last from one week to the next. it changes a lot. the only constant is people who say they don't know this week, even more people visibly in the don't know, a lot difficult choices in uncertain times. french voters will go to the polls at
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a moment of crisis in europe. whether they choose to pity and continuity, or something different, is unpredictable. the conflict that's overshadowed this election. natasha butler, al jazeera, monta tale, france. his ox for the student going to care about border region have been agreed by the leaders of armenia. and as john president still have the evan armenian prime minister, nicole question your european council president charles michelle to lay the groundwork recent fighting and the going to care about has threatened the 2020 russian brokered agreement. a demonstrator has been shot and killed by police in the coastal peruvian city of e call, where farmers and transport workers of blocks highways for a 3rd day. yeah. oh yeah. at least for others were also killed during anti government protests. they began on monday against the increase in cost of living, the lease of arrested, more than a $1000.00 people for defining an 18 hour curfew. members of an orchestra who
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fled from an eastern ukraine have gathered for a concert in the western city of the v. as the war goes on, celebrating ukrainian culture through music has become an act of defiance and a unifying 4th. i'll just eras rob mcbride reports from the v o in the majestic setting of the beefs organ hole, a performance by a bras on sombre that includes members of the lu hands, philharmonic orchestra located in east in ukraine. they found themselves in the path of invading russian forces. now they can rehearse and perform once more in the relatively peaceful west where they have sought refuge along with thousands of others. these richard is near more to have mixed emotions. on one hand, we are very pleased to be able to perform as musician was almost a month or so. but there is the worry of playing in front of a different audience and not as a full orchestra. ah, the venue is
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a former church that dates from the 17th century, and that can boast the largest organ in the country. it's one of the architectural treasures that makes levine, the cultural soul of ukraine. the building was just starting a major renovation when the war broke out, bringing work to a halt, but not the business of making music. with john carter shouldn't be silent. we need to say, we're not afraid we exist. we are here. that's why this concert is very important for the musicians, an audience to boost people spirit in the audience. many people who were also evacuated from the east, the fate of the orchestra, representing the shared experience of all ukrainians. of the nearly 100 members of the orchestra around a dozen have come to the beaver with about the same number remaining in lieu. hence,
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the rest have been scattered in cities and towns mainly across western ukraine with some even going abroad. this concert keeps alive the hope that one day they'll come together as a full symphony orchestra. once more, more concepts are already being planned, hopefully involving ball musicians as they pick up instruments again and take to the stage war all know war. rob mcbride al jazeera, the vive, ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, you and general assembly has voted to suspend russia from the human rights council for its invasion of ukraine. 93 countries back the suspension were 24 opposed. 58 countries, abstained. russia says the suspension is illegal. ukraine is urging nato members to step up weapons supplies quickly.


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