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tv   Ukraine The Seeds of War  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2022 7:30am-8:01am AST

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ah, with musicians teamed up with a vocalist from one of ukraine's biggest bands in a song called a hey rise up. it was uploaded to social media at that point and it went viral and ours. money raised will go to the ukraine humanitarian relief fund. ah. so this is al jazeera, these are the top stories and israeli media reporting police have killed a gunman, suspected of carrying out an attack and tel aviv at least 2 people died in a dozen, others were injured. this all happened in a crowded part of the city with bars and restaurants. ukraine's president has described the killings in the town abroad, yank her a significantly worse and in boucher where at least 300 people died. western
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nations say russia committed war crimes in it strike on the town. the un general assembly has voted to suspend russia from the human rights council for invading ukraine. 93 countries back the suspension with 24 opposed. 58 abstained. moscow says the vote is politically motivated. a fire at a power station. puerto rico has left a 3rd of his population in darkness. more than a 1000000 people in the u. s. territory had no electricity on thursday morning. people spent the night at petrol stations getting fuel for backup generators, causing some stations to run out. i did. i did. states appeals court has reinstated an executive order by the president mandating cove at 19 vaccinations for federal employees. the to one vote lifted an injunction issued by a texas court in january. the biden administration said the court's decision would cause disruption in government work places. nearly 1000000 people have died from covert related death in the us. yes, said it's
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a sieve. made history by appointing the 1st black woman to the supreme court, 53 voted in favor of kentucky, brown jackson with 47 against presenter buttons. anomaly in february bite and says she will be an incredible justice people in parts of australia. most popular city have been told to evacuate after torrential rain fell along the east coast. sidney recorded nearly a month's worth of rainfall that was on wednesday nights. emergency services used inflatable boats and helicopters to rescue people a situation exacerbated of course, by climate change. alright, well today jewel the headlines here on al jazeera. we'll have more news coming up for a full half hour. in fact, right after we go to ukraine, the seeds of war from india clark, it is to bye for now. the stage is good at a time for different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think.
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what leaves implicitly to the headlines join me if i take on the live, dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions upfront with me. mark of mine who was out 0. 0 mm mm oh mm. mm. ukraine. the settings for the largest military conflict in europe since the 2nd world war rushes assault relentless from its fast incursion on february 20 flew in.
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thick it's sprained, painful for so my 1st reaction was good for problem. i've just lost my country or in my shop with my never come back there. ah, ukrainian fight is definetly resisting a much larger and more powerful military force. the cities bombed villages destroyed strategic installations, reduced to ashes ah, for weeks, any effort said a ceasefire. futile humanitarian corridors under fire.
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both sides blaming the other. the lives of millions transformed forever. hook under his tension. someone who has lost their owns millions, flat from ukraine, are hundreds of thousands of fightin. i can't believe the annual pasano wasn't touched by this war. ah ah.
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by february of 2022, a massive russian forces are gathered at the buddha with ukraine. yet the assault couches, many by surprise, i thought that it's possible to crush up within very few crane, but i didn't believe that that will do. it would be a soul, like the likeliest scenario. and i so did, they would somehow find a diplomatic solution for what, oh, 4th was going on. most of ukrainians didn't believe ukrainian government in into of ukraine intelligence, even bill of ukraine military analysts didn't believe in the full scale invasion. we've all been very surprised by the scale of this war. not so much by the brutality of it, but in ukraine we really see the kind of war that we thought would never happen again. ah, which involves a lot of tanks. oh, a lot of bombing on and it's, it's something that has only surprised us. i think it's a surprise to russian military too. but the roots of this conflict run deep. the
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seeds planted as far back as 1989 with the collapse of the soviet union. in the span of a few years, russia lose as much of its power and influence. ah, many of the countries and regions at once dominated unshackled from moscow's control several soviet republics, claim independence, including ukraine. this new world order does not sit well with the man who becomes russia's new president at the turn of the millennium. and what he did young vladimir putin in gradges the store last for such as forced us by the assess for say user, it is that each skinnier sprayed lever ear ah linea war it,
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i got no good. i saw a but this guy's our gear police go. catastrophe. ah, that's ella. less dell if not old. it's a disclosure. he's never reluctant to voice. 52 o'clock, but he's not able to me. it was a good deal, stuck, oceania savings goes. a user will a group nisha your bill. if you just click with us throw for you the acre that i see scott was on the road and was stolen. mister issues around me. this yet gimme one of netflix egerton, you said you just need of gazelle. is there p dealing me? but i see submitted it to you that saying right sar. stepping out that walk awkward and verify you is state school. miss you on boylen at the dish store was more than a one e. destiny to porcelain a story. now torsh tobar is private or shift key. posley. ah, was there can shania colored never any. this is really at the core of russian
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history um and are quoting, would see himself as the guardian of this. his mission is not to prevent nato expansion in eastern europe. his mission is to restore on russian imperial power in eastern europe. soon after the fall of the ussr, several eastern block nations join nato, as well as one former soviet republic. estonia, however, it seems as ukraine's flirtations with the west that most infuriate putin wooden to night stand i v. i c gory katara. ah balise, nana, you must santa as i watch and i guess the place was to crane the, which in viet it is when you visited store store. he was a dash of dora of those to boston by did. you did not what the main threat was ukraine breaking away, determining its own fate without russia?
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that was the real danger here. and of course, that danger involves ukraine becoming part of nato. ukraine becoming part of the you while attending a summit of nato leaders in bucharest and 2008 to 10 makes his views clear. even in the lecture granular. wish noah your little boy walker. yes, which will of god, what already will your with the want is the, is that you get the wishing thoughts go of the go order? would it was bring it to what i see you got pretty my good was it is obviously still last restaurant still. nato continues to ignore russia's grievances promising ukraine and georgia. they would be welcome to join the western military alliance. but in the future, leaving both countries militarily vulnerable with a powerful and angry neighbor than nathan shallow looks like the very irresponsible fin the promise ukraine, or become a member of nato into christ. ah, but they never had
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a near consensus about issue and membership action plan for ukraine. and now it appears they have never even desire to defend the ukraine. and that's what supposed nato it's, it was all about this. some our defense of all the members. if, if you, when they were goin for defense, ukraine, why are you then chrome, is this from the member of them? and then the membership and they took, i think there is a lot of responsibility here to be, to be borne by the nato states. i think, ah, there was a presumption on the basis of what happened in the 19 ninety's in to thousands that nato expansion would not be opposed by russia. m, as in russia would not be able to do anything to stop it. and i think this is a fundamental error on, on the pollinators planners. and they were warned about this in august of
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2008 russian back to fight is children, villages from south the city and has yet to republics, internationally recognized as part of georgia. russia however, insist their independence georgia fights back. it's retaliation immediately branded provocation by russia, as well as by both republics. after a few days of skirmishes, russian forces invade supposedly on their behalf. after 5 days of heavy fighting, georgia forces capitulates a victory for russia, a strong message sent to ukraine. russia laid down like on a warning if you like in the form of the, of the war with georgia, that this country would not be allowed to join nato. and there was a threat to its integrity if that course was pursued was absolutely perimeter on in
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georgia. the pretext was that georgia were oppressed it's minorities in the north. so what 14 swore they're relied on was that he could frame these 2 northern provinces of georgia being on the attack as the people that being oppressed by georgia nationalists, which is exactly the same as we can see young as we've been seeing in ukraine on, with it on bus, reaching the succession of ukrainian presidents post independence to pursue different agendas. i some seek, closer ties with moscow. others integration with the e. u and nato most plagued by corruption. oh, you credit has been genuinely pulled in different directions, both economically strategically. both the western parts of the country have many more ties towards the west. they have much more of
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a strong interest in joining the you. the eastern parts of the country are much more closely integrated with russia economically, demographically. they have much more of an interest in maintaining close ties with russia. in parts of ukraine's east. a powerful russian minority is determined to strengthen links to what they regard as their motherland. the region also has strong historical ties to russia. bones not lost on putin. verbose. u. s. 3000000 you. i'd be surprised to rice you. it doesn't mean that this now. so chronic bases cannot stick a thorough on when you might what you should come seamlessly. with that i see is going me euro there is said that euro's close each. nick toyota 0. what did there it was? service go press transmitted. by sure to scheme here. ah got dory got gone, she died wasn't literally stores or not of cielo divorce store a zappa don't gilbert teacher scare ah,
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by you to see that. i see. there are no clear historical narratives at played out. ukraine holds especially position in proteins thinking for 14 on you could let georgia goal you could let the boy takes call. you couldn't even let cut us on goal, but you couldn't let go of ukraine with a population that speaks easton. slavic languages which he regards as just dialects of russian victory. diana cove ich elected, ukrainian president and 2010 puts his predecessors efforts to join nato on hold. instead, he looks east to build a stronger alliance with moscow. he renews russia's lease of a naval base and crimea and exchange for cheaper gas. but at the same time, he pursues an association agreement with the european union. even this is a step too far for russia. moscow exerts great economic pressure on keith to derail
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the agreement. and offers ukraine a much needed multi $1000000000.00 loan with attractive terms. in late 2013 sienna cove, which accepts rushes deal, and shelves that you agreement within days demonstrate as take to the streets to voice their disapproval, the euro. my dan protest. authorities intervene with brutal force protest. his respond by taking up arms the situation quickly. spirals out of control within an already divided nation violence escalates even further. as a faction of hot co nationalists, the ones president putin referred to as nazis gets involved. they're determined to remove all ethnic russians and pro russian ukrainians from the country. in mid
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february, after months of mounting violence, yanna coverage fleas the country for russia. on february 22nd, the ukrainian parliament votes unanimously to remove him from his post jupiter's, about upgrade lady fair unicoi ridge and western eyes. a successful popular revolution that russia sees it very differently. irrational government, sore or the your mother, or allusion as a, could the tar that the was exploited by the united states. they didn't see the cost euro my daniel craig on government as a samsung scandal like a sore and government, they started enthusiasm, has seen the ukranian government as a poppet all the united states. this was a huge simplification or what happened. but if you ask about how you may seem, she may claim that ukraine has actually been captured by the medical nationalists forces by the united states. and now he's allegedly
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liberate him ukraine from the coastal forces. the criminal doesn't really believe the genuine popular movements exist. ah it thinks that all of these things are, ah, you know, puppets manipulated either by the cia or by some one else. in a way the, my done is really the outcome of a, of a much longer polarization in ukraine that's been gradually unfolding and intensifying over the past 20 years. nearly a few days off to ghana cove, which is ousted from power. putin orders the invasion of the crimean peninsula and area on the black sea and ukraine south, when military skirmishes raged for years. and early march of 2014, within a month, russia annex is crimea. at the same time, moscow also supports on separatist fighters and the don't, yes, and no hands regions in east and ukraine. this fighting in the dumbass ignites into
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a full military confrontation between the ukrainian and russian military, as well as various armed militia groups. several efforts at a ceasefire. fail agreements were greater autonomy is granted to the region ignored . yet we see this now in hindsight, as i can address rehearsal, what is happening now that you know that the annexation of crimea, the russian fermenting of separatism in the dawn bus. those were in a, were an early version of this same impulse which was preaching, saying to the world, i am willing to tell you crane a pop to stop the west getting the fighting. and the dumbass drags on by the end of 2021. it claims more than 13000 lives, all the while russian troops and math in huge numbers along the eastern border with ukraine. moscow claims these trip movements are merely military exercises,
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while at the same time warning, the west time is running out for a negotiated settlement. the world watches on, fearing the wa, while hoping it simply russia flexing its muscles. on february 24th 2022. a full scale military invasion begins for flow award, her bird duck or, or she should gazillion the aperture in as arbor. dear, even that here i see here that jack to godaddy or store fortunes the store, but i said of sobriety, sir, merchant, ronel bridge for what i am as upward yet. that will it was none. i'm sitting and there started her. ah europa should dollar store at the study. i believe the russian invasion is relentless and seemingly indiscriminate. cities throughout the border areas besieged by persistent bombing and motor fire. 2 for russia,
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claims not to be targeting residential areas. holmes schools and even hospitals are heads repeatedly with moscow focus as its strongest offensive on strategic cities along the black sea coast. in kerosene and maria pool residents completely besieged, trapped under an endless barrage of missile and aerial attacks. after less than a month of fighting, the death toll estimated to be well over $5000.00 civilians and mary paul alone, many of them children. at the same time, the russian army has opened france along ukraine's northern border while trying to move ever closer to the capital, keith millions, desperately flee the wall,
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mostly women, children and the elderly men of fighting age and tear or made to stay and take part in the fighting ukraine puts up a strong opposition. one seemingly led by you, prince president, bellotta may zalinski as the leader of my, the media savvy leader posts frequent daily videos, calling for the nation to stand up to the aggressor. his message also seen and heard throughout the world, making him the face of ukraine's resistance. despite facing a much larger and better equipped russian military force, that resistance proved very effective, stalling russia's advance, and on several fronts. pushing them back, their retreat uncovers the carnage russian forces leave behind corpses of civilians
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strewn throughout residential areas and a legacy of land mines and unexploded ordnance to make the eventual return home at dangerous endeavour. ordonia kaya ah ah sheila is hoarded i to crazed co cowboys through are you moses through ha leaving him stand up which deny it evidently pardique to it when i stole got it even of sa you is that each you screw. ah privy leah is store you move? sure. so the cars is disgusted in them are not done with their mom earth beside the stores, the nama. and zap adam, yes, he but nipple mas zappa duff dumped the vi in ang gilbert. g. jessica, i'd be shania. i'd be showing up my dad's by digits doris year. devin, all of your lab will good i in or in your bill of you guys you problem the west
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responds to the russian invasion with hard hitting sanctions, hoping to cripple the russian economy and isolate moscow on the international stage with an immediate hard hitting your 2nd in coordination with allies and like minded partners, bouquets in onto the largest the most of your package of economic sanctions. the russia has ever seen nato countries have given financial support, as well as weaponry to ukraine. but full short of direct involvement in the war. it's leaders fearing this would further increase hostilities to dangerous levels. we will not fight a war against russia and ukraine, rec, confrontation between nato and russia as war war 3, something we must strive to provide in terms of the economic sanctions themselves. it will probably have a huge impact on russia in the long term. not right now. it will not cripple the
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russian military that the russian war effort. but in the long run, it will lead to a geopolitical shift in economic shift in the global economy of an unprecedented scale. but that would probably take years or even decades. it would not change if were not determined to war, or the course of the war may lead him store. ah mustang sung st. garza, and especially from leopard to knowledge, no butcher's, their store, it is thanks to shake. it only wore senior chima stepping separately, millennial grains for narrowed her vehement, raining on. hazard our store is up, but small, is it consolidated? i'd say it bite it out of the look or got com, one, partial, nashua, nevada. se you long term damage to russia's economy. and
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international standing may, will benefit the west's interests a week and russian military, leaving it vulnerable and more pliant to the demands of its emboldened opponents. it could well increase russia's reliance on china who have yet to contend the invasion for china. this was an attractive war to support because they were hoping that russia would win this war quickly. thus weakening europe weakening the nato and in turn, thus strengthening china. but doesn't look like this is happening on because it's, it's, it's strengthening nate was resolved to respond differently in the future. the war may be redefining the wildest you political map. ukraine, the latest setting for the endless power struggles between east and west. many worry vladimir putin is as uncompromising as he is determined and there is no
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telling how far he's willing to go. he may never accept that his miscalculated the consequences of this invasion. now here in the moment to when the you close were, is, are, is probably the likeliest since perhaps the 19th sixty's i. but we also understand that in the final instant, this would be put in hall. could we decide? and oh, if feeling that he is losing in ukraine, he will be given what eager to blackmail the whole world. maybe that's his final clem did a lot of it, which in near got of at the but now my as go out near are greg you can yoga can door get dum, need your 3 chair butcher not. not, not ball. now. absolute. now us gotcha. being out if sick was for you still present or gentle? yep. we just got his emer it that much. i look on saw but i shut door at that.
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you've wor, leech. net right now. got dora morton, das law, might you? what is your somebody, i mean, ah, well, the interests of various countries are playing out through this rule. the people of ukraine are caught in the middle and continue to pay the highest price lou. as the warn you crying, brian's on al jazeera correspondence, bring you every angle. there is a few military prices erupt in on multiple fronts. if not only managed to escape the water, but also the flash of light on the russian occupation. troy street totally destroyed. keep central station has become evacuation central station with rush and forthcoming. closer pensions are going up by the hour. stay with al jazeera,
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for the latest developments. ah, al jazeera, when ever you. oh, i'm full pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences . a new documentary asks why that we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 19. 0, have we ignored the global sov. to put prophets before people and it won't cost. ready ah, time of punishment on august when the news breaks still your came through the building trying to see if there's anybody else trapped inside. when people need to be heard. and the story town, i feel like i wasn't really awake until i went to morocco. it definitely changed my
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life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, and not hardly him, but he left her because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. ah . is the media say a palestinian gunman has been killed just as austin attack can televisions ah, o'clock. this is out there in life and also coming up a hunt for more bodies. a warning from ukraine's president about what's likely to be uncovered. embodying ford under cover, we look at conditions for babies in their mums with health facilities on the co.


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