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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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your pin family. we've heard your request loud and clear. and today we're here to give you a 1st positive answer. in this envelope and the of a lot on mia, there is an important step towards your membership. the questionnaire that is in here is the basis for our discussion in the coming weeks. it is swear your past towards europe and the european union begins. let me promise you for this question here that i will hand over to you in a moment. a question here of course, has to be answered. these are questions that then formally your opinion of the european union as a recommendation to the counselor. we stand ready 24 hours, 7 days a week, to support you in filling out this questionnaire. we know a lot about each other because we've been working together so intensively of the last years. so it will be not as usual,
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a matter of years to form this opinion. but i think a matter of weeks it would work closely together. so for you, there will not be dangerous on why i went with the question. yeah. we'll be ready with answers also let you know on the way. oh thank you. thank you president. don't, don't be afraid for the questionnaire. go to get her. her gem or the chair, we also have to fill in a lot of questions and sure it would be very important for you. thank you very much . i thank you bridges and from hearing me the floor a president. i am really dodge for what i've seen, but what i heard for what they felt today. certainly we are yet to to words,
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to describe what's happening in ukraine when we're dish failure. the big failure or the russian army as hasn't been able to offer to come your courage. i know that ward is horror. the horror of this should be the only be in that bag, being killed in a indiscriminate did way. so there we are. in the pleasant java walk rhymes, and we will help you. we will have the prosecutor ukrainian prosecutor to present your proofs in front of the international criminal court. our mission here in ukraine, our advisory mission, was working before the war. we were deployed there effective day, a means there towards a capacity that technical in order to support you. and we have also located 7000000 euros to support you and discuss. our delegation will come back to you. i
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think that's a new port, a new pronounced today. our delegation is coming back. you to be a union is coming back to give. and i am sure that other did in each of the members here. remember stage will fall under 3rd issue we're thing, it's important to stress. since you are fighting for us as a bedroom, underlying a set, the least thing that we can do is to give you arms. you have got a lot, a lot of blushes. you have been in many parliament renewed with the union and you've got a lot of support and i got of closes. but uni dams. arms arms. we have are located one bill, your neighbors. and you're home that in a couple of days, we will be able to locate 500000000 more and we will do
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everything in order that the resources will be payrolling your needs to provide you with their arms. you don't need to fight to resist and doing things on their cushion on yours. on many of them, one of them was lewis nike. google buying was i'm a lorenzo attorneys it from an sorry, italian press agency president. born to lion, your goal is to submit ukraine's applications for e u membership to the council. this summer, once ukraine entered in europe, if there's still war at this point, the confrontation between europe and russia for b. a never table, are you ready for this? and their question for president zelinski about their tvs and tortures. russia
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talks about fake news. you are willing to face international investigation on each sides. that will definitely clarify the world and put the end to the pro ration conspiracy in to the car in problem to the people's i am deeply convinced that ukraine will win this war. democracy will win this war. freedom will win this war. and the right of every country to shape its own future. and thus, we will work together with ukraine to rebuild ukraine and rebuild ukraine means massive investment and reforms. and this will form and forge the past was the european union for washes of the technician watson of chip chombo summers of
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a diner the we are little mute with your question. honestly, sir, what exactly you are asking. i understand that the have international investigation that works together. we as us so what exactly you're asking jak was as of a no cboe when you did even them. but as zach one thank you for your question. on thursday it, everybody is supposed to be close in the face of law, ukraine was always supporting these are we sure are like russian federation. the never had such a birthday calls to in flames awhile now. they would cor, i'm up here and there, and we are really north teen clarence and international course because we are building the democracy in our countries. and even if we wanted to, we will not do this because our court is in depend that but these regards to armed
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forces of ukraine. i know what is happening. everything is supposed to leave claire . but nevertheless, the war is on our carry. therubi are not fighting on the territory of the russia of the new did not come to the territory of russia. the did not. com, do kill people of russia or of de larosa because you know how the full scale each and we invasion started on the 24th from the ra kitty that they are sent from the territory villa. ruth. and we have the evidence and video wavy video footage use of this that, which is why, which is why my answer is very simple. the, all these are abide the law and we will always obey the law. but in this war, we see who is the enemy and who has started the war and the see who continues. they swore finger services are a current european, prouder ukrainian for valia. i have
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a question of myrtle presidents and the latin. oh, regarding our, let's say pastora membership of murray, some assessments essays, letter ah, but we can expect a decision on the, at my, our candidacy status, even a mas, this summer. i'm in a, or in the saw meter in june. would you sure is that assessment? is it feasible to get that at all? so it is important that to do you expect as that we can get the candidacy while hostilities are still here? so is it dependent? i mean, not membership, but just the candidacy. and maybe you can say that part of negotiation is dependent or for misuse of hostilities or, or we can just go forward not waiting for, for us or 30. thank you very much. perhaps one or 2 sentences on the process, how it normally goes. so after a,
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an application in the column. so decides to tasks the commission to form an opinion . this normally takes years here, it took weeks and then the commission develops the soho questionnaire and in a process back and forth. this questionnaire is field so that there's a clear picture of what the state of play in the country is and whether it for fins, for example, the copenhagen criteria us. this also takes normally years and we have committed ourselves to work together now on this very important step to draw and design the state of play of the country and many, many detailed questions are in there. so it's, it's not only one question that is determining the outcome of this opinion. many questions are to be answered. we want to work hand in hand to fill out this questionnaire, to draw the picture, to paint the picture of this country and it's passed towards europe. and then the
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opinion is basically a recommendation that comes from the commission towards the council. the council then decides a over the next steps, so i would give ourselves a chance an opportunity to work on that. now, i'm with also the knowledge, as i just said, that this is an unusual path that ukraine is going. ukraine has whatever the outcome is, a long period, an intensive period of reconstruction ahead of it. because russia brutally destroys infrastructure, livelihoods, and cities. and therefore, in this process, we want to reach out to really work with you to reform, to build up, to reconstruct. and this will determine in a positive way the past was a european union of that. so give go through the way through mike
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loose, how can i can go from merge german to the set of mr. president? my question is, what is the most important requests that you heard to all the la funder lion? and did you achieve that gold you a thing or all manner by her to put they he tuck customer. oh, i have many question said nimbly dining. is it near you? good, and if it was and there are several now, not just one question and with one answer. and they are saying 30 till of underlying arrived. the key of then the real have a reception for when president news there, as usual of his many question and many answers to be honest with you on europe is
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the mood of our communication of our dialogue and our relations between ukraine and european union. i think is the best damn in many years now. unfortunately, the fact is that it's because of the war war. can that clear? they're not the only ethos. all are people visa or a government making ukraine so strong. but they also seeing that, unfortunately this was brought to a lot of losses and there too long to protect ukrainian people. i've feel that these were united, the gears era, european union, and the world usa, their men aggressions. the zeal for sure, find the answers together. there it is, european union and realized that the people of the world. so this is from germany. a question. yes. and even leave your money, be all so the old is line doris and the answers. they just need a dime,
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and the most important are you now ease to be united to be together, or even when the leaders or fewer than countries are slowing down or breaking these certain processes from what i see the people off the world, people of european who now what v c? as we paul, it's not about me. it's about our people's, the all. see that people girl and stress the above in every city, including bernie and would go one square s. and the day goes era to support ukraine and lee. they are on this war and they need to win in this. we need to really over at the poorly quicksilver russian federation of this aggression towards old people of ukraine. people of ukraine means people of europe because feet have the same
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values, which is why the question about the sanctions that you have been discussing today. are questions all diplomatic, where was or for european union against any country today. and fortunately, the have the, any make the have the address service be had the country that wants to take to grab, to occupy neighboring territories. and i think that the most powerful will ease that the functions are not just source is but are a deep, deeply i worked out and implemented to the very and so the thrush, a cannot overcome those sanctions sitting in the living in a zalinski it's, i have when a president, when he president, when i need to president, you being in a room with the length girl leader will, cuz i looked on the him a little, the south. you're watching all the 0 on that is the, the ukrainian president standing alongside the european commission, president ursula on july and as well as the you. hi representative for foreign affairs a just a barrel. they were speaking
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a little bit earlier on and keep after all a meeting together. and here's what some of some of what we heard just a short while ago from the officials, the a user just a barrel. saying that in a couple of days we can allocates a 500000000 new euros to ukraine and that's for arms and weapons. so that you pledging more weapons for ukraine as well as increasing financial support to the country. and we also heard from the use commission president ursula of under lion, who said that more sanctions at her as well as the ukranian president, i should say, both of them stressing that more sanctions are needed against russia. let's bring and wrestle, sardar. he's joining us from a creek, keith, to talk us through some of the be the other highlights that were mentioned and talked about in that press conference while through their press conference. at particular, the european side is promising for more weapons and also for more budget to
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allocate allocation, which are quite a significant for you grant. considering that it is going through the tough time. so 1000000000 worth or a 1000000000 euros worth of more weapons that has been promised by or still of on the land, the president of the european commission to, to, to ukraine here. and also she mentioned about the more budget support and at least for the next couple of days, there will be $600.00 more 1000000 euros more also to be allocated for for ukraine . there's a present lensky in the past has repeatedly said that your opinion has done a lot, but it's not enough. and the experts that we have been speaking to, they were saying that the here, the key issue is going to be the cut off the complete in portal that they did import off the russian gas. but there hasn't been any mention on on that. and also the austell of wonderland emphasized that european union is going to,
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to take good care of the ukrainian refugees internally to place refugees in ukraine and those who are, who left the country and went to the european countries. and also the construction of ukraine also was one of the that the issue because that we seated it as more and more to the scale of the destruction is becoming apparent than definitely it is going to be one of the main issue, particularly during the peacetime of the it after the war. but a here, one of the political highlight is the ukraine's application for european union. and also wanted lane says that normally the process takes years and years. the european council, the european commission, will prepare a form an opinion. and that will take years, and then the recommendation will go to the castle, and the council won't casa, will decide. but here, as you, and he's going to have very unusual pat, you'd opinion also, he is ready to adopt an unusual path. and europe commission is going to make his
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recommendations to the council within weeks and often weeks. and she almost assured ukrainian side that the european council is going to make a positive decision about you euro ukraine's membership to you k, at least to be or officially a candid the cochlea negotiating company with, with, with european union over here when it comes to present zaleski, he has been asked whether he has concerns regarding the international investigation, and he emphasized that it is not ukraine by the russia who initiated the war and that the russia bad, the only responsibilities or what is happening around, particularly when it comes to bathrooms. it is also one of the other issue. she said that the communication between ukraine and your opinion is at the bass. but steal the, emphasize the, this unity in european union, particularly naming germany. and he asked germany or so track more responsibly and asked you to pin union to be tougher when it comes to the sanctions against russia
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. hinton, particularly oil and gas. okay. thank you so much, russel, sorry, are for breaking that down for us while the kremlin is denying responsibility for what ukraine says was a russian rocket attack on a train station. children are among at least 50 people killed and dozens injured and cram a tourist. the city in eastern ukraine is an evacuation center for thousands who are escaping rushes, invasion separatists and the breakaway region of vignettes say, what happened is ukrainian provocation. ukraine's president is describing russia as quote evil with no limits. he was president joe biden, a, celebrating the confirmation of cassandra brown jackson to the supreme court. jackson will be the 1st black woman to serve as a judge of the top us court biden, alongside vice president, common harris and judge jackson have open speaking at the white house to mark this historic milestone. let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly how to tell us what was said. kimberly it was
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a very emotional moment as judge cotton's you, brown jackson finally took to the stage. she was introduced by the u. s. president, as well as the vice president cobbler harris, but the crowd was clearly on the south one of the white house to hear from the woman who has made history becoming the 1st black woman who, when she is sworn in, in the end of june, early july will make history as the 1st black woman and she acknowledge that saying that it has taken a 115 appointments to the supreme court at 232 years. but we finally made it all of us and she was acknowledging the fact that black women have finally made it found their place on the supreme court. she also pointed out that it is of the, as has often been said, a unique system of government in the united states and that their commitment of the u. s. constitution is to achieve a more perfect union, something that she says as
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a justice. she will continue to strive to achieve, but the example of that is the fact that in her own family, she is an example of how in just one generation, her family has gone from segregation to the supreme court. acknowledging the fact that her own parents attended segregated schools so truly a remarkable achievement. when that she acknowledged she spent time thanking her own family as well as friends who helped her to get to where she is today. but the u. s. president also savoring the moment himself, saying that he felt that he could see this day when he ran for president. and really, also acknowledging that this is a promise he made to the american people. and one that he felt honored to have been able to commit to and to be able to keep. thank you so much. kimberly hallett reporting from the white house pakistan's prime minister amman con says he's
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disappointed by a supreme court verdict against him, but has accepted the ruling. con has been addressing the nation before a vote of no confidence in parliament on saturday, which he is expected to lose. the supreme court ruled on thursday that he acted unconstitutionally, by blocking a previous motion of no confidence, but go to come on either and is about to tell us more about what him on con, had to say. and also what his political options are going forward. where the prime minister was speaking about debowski said that the political leadership, bridgenet loggerheads with each other, talking about the various political parties and now joining hands to our stem, saying that there was credible evidence. he said he was disappointed that the court did not look into article 5. it's a disloyal due to the states saying that there was a foreign conspiracy. do hoard of war of no confidence against me,
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said he would not recognize whoever takes paula. as a result of danny at all, it takes people to come out on the street deeds. never insidious charges against the foggy thing that they allowed the united states to carry out. 400 drone strike inside by august on that any paula which is subservient to a foreign paula is not what the people are focused on deserve. so he is actually on taste, party work goods and people across the country to come out on sunday. and now did it, and begin with d as to what is going to transpired to morrow because the court has ordered that no confidence motion must be taken care off tomorrow's for in tomorrow's proceedings up. but there is speculation that day may be a tact takes to buy more time. so indeed, a very precarious and dangerous situation. developing hair at
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a time when the opposition is getting ready to form the next government and said that day are the ones read the largest number of candidates, same ron of god. also saying that the opposition bought the loyalty of these people in money. what day did he said, how is it possible for our democratic republic, which is not a banana republic and which be present at lloyd days, so indeed and learned of rhetoric. but it's difficult to see how this will play would because if there is a delay in the session tomorrow that would have its own ramifications. and the fact that he had said that he wants to go to the man said he thought that you got mouthful freedom, understand nor to afford an intervention. thank you so much. come a highs are from his lama bands. israel's security forces say that they're on quote, maximum alerts after a palestinian shot and killed 3 people and wounded several others at a busy bar in tel aviv on thursday. prime minister and fanny bennett says,
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police will be given quote, full freedom to act. after a 9 hour man hunt, the palestinian man was shot dead in a gun fights in nearby java. without that hamid has more from 10 of each the force attack it has 3 weeks. now the how that translates on the ground is that you will see more security forces on the streets of television, jerusalem, and other israeli cities. but you will also see more security forces in the occupied west bank, translating into probably more rates, more detentions, and surgery, and much more restrictions for those palestinians blue cross that separation barrier on a daily basis to get to the jobs inside israel. i mean, this is still early hours at the moment from what we understand at the worshippers that we're heading earlier today for friday prayer to act some mosque in occupied east jerusalem were allowed to do that with no further restrictions to what they
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already have. now we will be expecting probably more incursions in the coming hours, but usually they happen at night in the occupied was back, but they have to tell you that is really media is reporting at the moment that security services believe that the attacker of last night actually had some sort of help from inside israel, and they believed that according to these reports, that's why he headed to java, which is about 3 to 4 kilometers away from here. because over there he would have had some sort of sort of support from a family member. neither abraham is an janine in the occupied west bank where the palestinian man lived. the family of rod hasn't said that they only learned about their son's involvement in the attack from the news. why they say they were surprised. they say that they can understand why people in drugs age and
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circumstances would do something like that. the other has been born and raised in this refugee camp. the genie and refugee camp that has been viewed by palestinians as a wrong hold for resistance. one of the father says he wasn't politically active. he's been more. and while oxer martyrs brigade, which belongs to the ruling party in the west bank of ethics, i'm shabba fucker that she couldn't, she really, youth have lost hope in everything. know, jobs, disorientation and dahlia text by the israeli forces. you well, they lost a lot of colleagues, friends, and neighbors on eric foster. the fact there's ready minutes 3 has decided to shut down this jack point. it's one of 2 linking janine to israel. and the other one has been closed for a while. many palestinian israeli come here for shopping in janine and thousands of palestinians cross using this check point for work into israel. many years say that
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this is hold collective punishment against how simian. it comes after these really officials have promised palestinians what they called ease measures. these things were before the current wave of escalation and before the specific effect where they said that they're going to give crossing and permits the cross into israel. but palestinians say they're not looking for a better quality of life under occupation, but rather looking for an end to the israeli medicine, a rule for them covered 19 testing if everyone in shanghai is continuing for a 3rd successive day along with a lockdown for 26000000 people in china's largest city, despite that government order to stay home, i record 21000 corona virus infections were reported on friday. some citizens or warning, they're running out food, but city leaders haven't said when the emergency measures will and torrential rain has flooded. the suburbs of australia's largest city, forcing many from their homes. sidney was drenched with nearly
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a month's worth of rainfall and just a few hours on wednesday nights. victoria gayton, b reports risky work has put a 95 year old woman to safety in the city of woolen going south of sydney to rachel . rain along australia's east coast is turned roads into rivers and force thousands of people to evacuate their homes. we asked at noon, continued to be vigilant. this is, i highly dynamic situation. these events are moving exceptionally quickly, as was witnessed in the laura this morning where we saw in the spice of about 3 cause now a significant down pause. significant flood floating intense rainfall in the state of new south wales has caused repeat floods for months. several towns are still battling to clear debris. australia's east coast summer has been dominated by the la nino weather phenomenon typically associated with increased rain. unfortunately,
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we continue to bay in a linear events, which we know for new south wales means that we can expect to say higher than average rainfall conditions, which is exactly what we've seen over the past couple of months. and we are expecting linea to continue on throughout the remainder of april. the extreme weather made worse by climate change has raised questions about how prepared australia is for such disasters and authorities a warning of more rain in the coming days. major flood warnings have been issued for several suburbs in the south of sydney, while the entire city of 5000000 people has been warned of potential flash flooding this weekend. victoria gay to be al jazeera. ah hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the kremlin is denying responsibility for what ukraine says.


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