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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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russian meddling. the moon is on the sea. people in power travels to boast via with rich to succeed by serb leader miller rat. due date of ignited fears, to conflict with those new testing the piece or now to sierra. ah, dozens dead after a missile hits a train station packed with civilians trying to flee the war in ukraine. the ukrainian government says russia is to blame, calling it a crime against humanity. ah, another i'm dealing with all this is jesse are alive for london also coming up, shock and horror in boca european union leaders, visit a mass grave. russian forces are accused of carrying out atrocities against civilians. pakistan's prime minister says he will recognize any government that
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replaces him as parliament prepares to vote on pushing them out of power. i'm blasting off to the galaxies. most expensive tourist destination will tell you about the passengers on the 1st private charts, a flight to the international space station ah handle. they're good to have your company. we begin in ukraine where at least 50 people, including children, have been killed by a ballistic missile, which hit a train station in the eastern city of chroma tours. ukrainian foreign minister has called the attack a deliberate slaughter by ma school, but the kremlin has denied responsibility while separatists in the breakaway region of den ask say, what happened is a ukrainian provocation. robbery begins our coverage even by the standards of this was brutality. this was
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a shocking attack with ukrainian civilians bearing the brunt of the station. a crime. a torch was crowded with passengers among them. many women and children trying to get a train to take them to safety, which i had to find them. surely block. everyone was panicking, people were screaming and crying, then i saw a wounded woman. she was bleeding heavily. parts of a missile lay nearby. ah, the vive railway station in the west. the end of a journey that's taken well over 24 hours. traveling almost the length of ukraine from trauma tours in the east. this train set off well before friday mornings attack, bringing people who like the victims, were trying to escape the escalating fighting. it was a very bad situation. liana tells us all the time there was shelling and bombing after just over. what will you do now in levine? we asked, i've no idea. she says, just to get out was the main thing. and she heads off with her children,
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not knowing where in the town of by stand korean southern ukraine, people arrived to escape battles around kirsten and bic, alive. the fighting has continued for weeks and does now move closer to their homes . about them. yesterday they started showing us, they started destroying their houses and everything with cannons. then the tanks appeared from the forest. so i decided to leave washer by so many displays, people head for the relative safety of western ukraine. in the early days of the war, levine, railway station, and the western border crossings were overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of people. as the russian advance was halted, some refugee started returning. now they're being advised to leave again. the flow of people through the station is closely followed the course of the war from the start of with fears of a renewed russian offensive in the east. the viv another cities in the west and are bracing for a serge in people wanting to escape the fighting. antonia and arena had arrived
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with their 5 children escaping, fighting in the southeast with stacy's. russian physicians thought of bon will. oh says we stay. we were. but the oldest, my grandchildren, i bought the 1st born fallen near my house. oh, take wise robinson boy. immediately. gar, move wilma. yes to these are a 2 missiles, shaw down near our home. the shrapnel fallen outside. they plan to leave you crane . how far as far away as possible, they say rob mcbride, al jazeera levine. the head of the european commission has visited ukraine's president, called the attack on grammar tours appalling. a seal of on the lion was also shown mass graves in the town of boucher where russian voices are accused of committing atrocities against civilians. she vowed to hold russia responsible for its actions in ukraine,
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saying the european union is using its economic power to make president vladimir putin pay a very heavy price on delay, and also promised to speed up the process of ukraine. joining the e. u. russia will dissent in economic, financial, and technological delay decay while ukraine is marching towards a european future. this is what i see. we stand with you as you defend your country. and this is my 2nd point. indeed, ukrainian people are holding up the torch of freedom for all of us. to michel, our goal is to be in the, the most important thing is that we shared values. and we have proof that because we're fighting for those values with all our might. for the right of our people to choose the world in which they can live long lives in a free country. borders where we're still, sir. dar is in ukraine's capital cheese high. there were so lots of attention on that visit today by our sheila on the line.
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whilst today she just said, okay, but it's the highest a diplomatic profile that wisdom the country says the start of the war on 24th of february. and she just once arrived in ukraine, she had a 2 butcher where the alleged mass executions, ab conducted by the russians, happened to place and also did the mass graves that had been discovered in, in the, in the symbolic town of butcher. later she got back to the give and met president as the landscape during the depressor abt or slovenly, landed the president of the european commission, as she promised for 1000000000 euros worth or more weapons to you. ok, which is something that ukraine insistently was asking for. and also she said that a budget support are for of 100 millions euros or so says $600000000.00 euros is going to be allocated for ukraine. she also talk,
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talk about the refugees. do quine ravages? ab, either either internally, based in ukraine or those who went to the other european countries are going to be a very well a taken care off. sure, so talk about the reconstruction of ukraine. and that is quite important, considering that the scale of destruction in ukraine, which is world measured by the billions of the dollars she promised that european union is going to allocate a proper budget for the reconstruction of ukraine, particularly during the peacetime of the wood. that is going to be important. however, one of the political highlights of the talk today that happened between or sl of on the lane and you clean impreza. vladimir lazansky was the ukranian application and the to the european union. she said that normally such process take years and years . so the european commission is going to work on a, on the recommendations and then at that are within weeks they canceled european council is going to get the recommendations from dear commission. and it is going
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to take a positive, at least to guarantee ukrainian candidacy as a negotiating countries with european union. she said, as ukraine is going to an unusual path, european union also is going to follow an unusual pat when it comes to ukraine's membership to, to, to european union and wrestle. you've just spoken to be his foreign policy chief joseph for oh, what did he have to say? well, i specifically ask about 2 at 222 important significant point. one of them is what ukraine is asking for from a european union. you can simply as saying that european union needs immediately caught it gas and oil imports from rush us way as in ask him whether there is any plan for us for, for such an act. he says that it wasn't on the table. however, on monday, europe in union is going to discuss that with with him,
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think that there is at this unity among the union to take such a step. however, one of the remarkable political highlight also was that he told me that the european delegation came with them, and they're going to stay in ukraine and been original in ukraine considering the ex, or the sort of the embassies, the, the political delegation representative of the international buddies going are moving out of 2 years that is quite significant day for ukraine and also as a side wizard. this like in prime minister also today has visited here just 2 days ago. the turkish meter embassy was reopened. sl awaken embassy is now reopened. we can see that off today, so this off at the embassies moon, after kia. now the diplomatic presence in cave is expected to increase vessel sacha . they're joining us from key vessel. thank you. the japanese government is expelling a russian diplomat, some trade officials and imposing more sanctions on russia in response to the
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alleged killing of civilians in ukraine, japan's prime minister for me, because she says his country will phase i, russian, coal, and oil and bomb, the imports of vodka, lumber, and other goods from russia. he says, russia must be held accountable for what he called war crimes, ukraine's sanctions, and good freezing the assets of 2 major fangs on around $400.00 individuals and groups, including organizations linked to the russian military. with a large chunk of the world, wheat and corn supplies come from russia and ukraine, and the u. n. says the war is pushing global foot prices to record levels for prices jumped nearly 13 percent last month. that's the highest level since records began. that's according to the us food price index, which trucks the world's most traded food commodities. in russia, the impact of western sanctions is taking a toll on the citizens. they're spending an average of 40 percent of their disposable income on foot. she's about twice as much as they did before the war and higher prices for basic food supplies like grain,
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wheat and vegetable oils is threatening millions of people across africa. the middle east and elsewhere with hunger and malnutrition disruptions from the war have added to the already precarious food situation, where many people are not getting enough to eat. there is effect on the world because of increasing prices are the levels we're observing today in ts, especially in wheat. and me not getting right because rise, we have very good supply. that means that people which are the poorest, which their expenditure depends on foot. the biggest cheryl that expenditure will be the multiethnic, the done, the countries that import used to import from a brain around 50 countries for 30 percent of those years from cleaning brush of ration and of those 26 import to 50 percent. but there is one more effect, which is very important for us, which is the act like an outside of the price. and so put the prices for the lighters have been going substantially up. and why is this so important is because it will affect the production of the next diesel. and that's what we really concern
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. ah, focused on prime minister says he will recognise a government led by the opposition if parliament both to push him out of power among com has addressed the nation before facing a vote of no confidence on today which he is expected to lose. on thursday the supreme court ruled that he acted unconstitutionally, by dissolving parliament and blocking a previous confidence motion con says, he's disappointed by the verdict, but has accepted the ruling. welcome all pi. there has more now from islam abad. my name, ron kon, basically talked about the sag that they saw position which had now rallied together on a one point agenda to get rid of him as instigated from overseas, our direct and defendants in d internal affairs of the country. he said he was disappointed by the fact that the
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guard did not look into dyed maga, which but gained 2 article 5 that day was a foreign conspiracy. loyal deeds. what in question, he also levers hideous charge of horse trading, saying that the opposition bought the bogus don deacon saw a member of parliament with hefty sums of money. saying that this horse trading was unthinkable in any developed or mature democracy. but he also hinted by by saying that his subordinates 3rd to come out on sunday and out of god's means the deed now ready to face that no confidence motion. and a nice and assembly is going to be a heated debate. and it will be important to see how this plays out by d of god. i saying that he's going to go to the people. he said that any self respecting nation should reject foreign and deferred and saying that a country like india could not be bullied or forced into making
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a decision contrary to her national interests. and he's appeared for the people to come out. sherlock cost central bank has doubled its key interest rates as it struggles to curve soaring inflation on the worst economic crisis in more than 70 years. students of class with police in colombo, calling for president gl to buy a raj, a pox to step down both chunk isaac the money to lit, to pay for imports, leading to the shortage of fuel power. food and medicine. hotels over the crisis have been held almost daily from more than a month by japan is now running his administration with just a handful of ministers after his entire cabinet resigned this week. still head on al jazeera election preparations are underway and frowns were last minute serge. for marina pan is putting president back home on notice plus o, celebrating the confirmation of america's 1st black female supreme court justice.
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ah hello there, there's more unsettled weather to come for europe this weekend. i'm afraid we've got a weather system that's pulling its way across. central and eastern areas is gonna drop temperatures across the balcony. by the time we get in to sunday, but for saturday we start up in the north, very cold. across scandinavia we got snow from norway, stretching across sweden and on to finland for the south of this, it is looking rather mucky with wintry showers across germany and into poland. west of this, however, it's a lot mild of bruce and an island, some sunny spells, but it does remain rather cold. now we are going to see an improving picture for france once that where the system pushes its way further east, that low pressure. taking those wintery and wet conditions, farther to the east,
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across places like italy, for the iberian peninsula, we are going to see some sunshine come back in the cell. a few showers, but the rain isn't very far away, as you can see. and it's going to get very wet and windy for much of the mediterranean, particularly for countries like romania look at that drop. we are going to see the temperature come down rather dramatically by the time we get to sunday with rain all the way through to monday. but further east of this for greece and turkey, plenty of sunshine and clear skies that to weather update. ah, china in the u. s. reporting their way to war in the struggle over ukraine. here's the test for president joe biden. really trying to do is rewrite the security architect personal united states. you service your work and then you'll weekly pay on us politics and society. that's the bottom line for holding the powerful
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to account. as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera lou . ah, ah, a reminder of our top stories here in al jazeera, at least 50 people have been killed in easton, ukraine after a missile had a train station being used for civilian evacuations. washington eyes involvement laving, keep for attacking its own people without offering evidence. head of the european commission has visited booker, where russian forces have been accused of committing war crimes should have on july, and then held talks with president voter mr. lensky in keith, where she promised to speed up the process where ukraine to join the august dance
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prime minister run. com says he will recognize a government led by the opposition in parliament. put bolts to push him out of power is expected to lose a vote of no confidence on saturday. israel's forces are a maximum alerts after palestinian shot and killed 3 people. and when did several others that are busy bar and television on thursday is the latest in a number of recent attacks which puts in the government under pressure or the abdul hamid has this report now from television. the attack took place in the heart of dallas eve targeting the ill cabal. when it was bustling with customers, the gunmen from here escape to jaffa, only a few kilometers away. but it took security services about 9 hours to find him and kill him on the spot. and even if israel security services had been on high alert, prime minister enough, tele bennett, said, what he describes as lone wolf attacks are difficult to stop. the way he'd been
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blue terrorist attacks without an organizational infrastructure or really a major challenge for the security system himself, but it will was standard. our enemies will look for every crack and take every opportunity to attack us. the whole bit will fuck a show math good it. we are in a difficult and challenging time. this might take time near just 10 days ago. the prime minister had called on is really gun owners to carry their weapons. since then, applications for new licenses have rocketing even though rules on fire arms remain strict. civilians can only own one gun and up to 50 bullets. this comes at a time where israel is inching closer to political crisis. the prime minister's coalition has lost his majority in parliament earlier this week. after a member of declares, said defected, his government is not about to collapse yet, but is facing a major challenge from israel's most acute politician. benjamin netanyahu is
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believed to want to make a comeback. this wave of attacks, a perfect storm for the former prime minister, wanting to re position himself as mister security. he treated, we are undergoing a wave of terrorism with 4 attacks within a few days. a tough hand and a firm stance is needed to restore peace and security to the citizens of israel bennet pledged there will be no restrictions. and israel's response to this later security challenge, that is a worry for palestinians with the holy month of ramadan underway. one major checkpoint near janine was shut down indefinitely by list indians living in the occupied westberg. now bracing themselves for more reeds, detentions, and possibly fighting in the hood of that honeyed ojo 0 to leave. the 16 members of king of fossil security forces have been killed in an early morning attack on their
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base in now a c, a gamer. it's in the northern promise of sun, my tango, which has been hit by insurgents. 12 of those killed were soldiers, and 4 were volunteers with more than 20 others. when did least 6 people have died after an explosion in the democratic republic of congo. it happened to the bar in the military camp in go me on thursday night. at least 3 other people were injured, but it's not yet clear if it was an accident or an attack. military governor says he believes it was an improper improvised explosive device and that's currently being investigators. french president, a man, well my car is accusing his main rival of lying to vo says he says far rightly dimmer in the pan has racist policies that aim to divide the nation candidates. so getting out last minute bids to get voted on site before sundays election. tasha butler has more from paris where preparations are underway for the 1st round war in ukraine. the cost of living a crisis because the panoramic and immigration of the main issues in this for an
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election campaign voters will go to the polls. on monday, there are 48000000 people who are eligible to cost their ballot. there are 12 presidential candidates and stuff in this town hall in northern paris has been preparing some of the ballot boxes and quit the house phone, which is crittenden. this is clicked on the p. we've been preparing for the election for 6 months ago. about 30 staff have been working on it. there are 68 ballot boxes here. 68 local polling stations. opinion poll suggests that present a manual micro he's running for a 2nd term is in the lead. bought the far right policy leader. marine, the pen is closing the gap. it looks as if it could be a very tight race. now they are urging their supporters to go out and vote because there is a lot of concern in the selection overflows to turn out. it has been low in the past, and it is believed that a 3rd, the french voters are still undecided,
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valuable. i'll go and vote because it's my rice, but i've no idea who i'll choose it up, but it's important to vote and dice around. and those are just saying don't understand the reality that could await them. go vote. well the top 10 candidates on sundays vote will go through to a 2nd and final round. on april 24th. stories of desperation are emerging in the chinese city of shanghai with widespread reports of residence being unable to access food medicine and other essentials. around 26000000 residents have been under strict law for 3 days. following a call with 19, i re 21000 infections were reported on friday. dozens of medical volunteers have been both in the city to help with mass testing. the government hasn't said when the strict load time will end. now other time, when were doctors and nurses are needed in the us, almost half a 1000000 health care workers have actually left their jobs. since upon a pandemic began many of resigned,
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while others were laid off or are still too ill to work. my counter reports from the capital on how nurses are especially badly affected. they've been carrying responders in the battle against the pandemic, working long hours and over crowded hospitals and experiencing the ravages of cobra 19 and it's variance on a daily basis. and while this being a decline in hospital admissions, as the vaccines take hold, the stress on the nurses is far from over there. some of our colleagues within the state who's that p t s the p t s d is so bad that they've had several suicides. so it's affecting all of us differently. unfortunately, it comes down to the patients and really when i go into work and i feel like i don't have the resources or the time to take care of the patients in the way that i want to. i just feel distressed. i feel morally distressed that i am
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put in a situation where ethically, i am not able to hold up to the value that i am told that i want to to be out for myself. there are 4400000 registered nurses in the us. but data realized by national nurses, united shows that just over 3000000 are actually employed. the state that union claims that there was a stopping crisis long before colbert. and that there is not a nursing shortage. but there's a shortage of jobs in which nurses feel valued. and safe. congresswoman john chicago ski has been working on federal legislation to protect nurses since 2004. you know, we hear that sometimes from the hospital. there's this big nurse shortage. nope. there is only a shortage because there is not the ability of nurses to go back to work
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safely and to protect their patients as well. it's predominantly nurses who are at the forefront of the vaccination campaign. billions of them still out there working despite an environment that remains far from ideal to many, it's a calling as much as a profession. i really have come to the point where i, i, i don't think that there's any other place that i would want to be. but there are situations and days at work where i think, i don't know if i can keep doing this. statistics indicate the pandemic could be waning, but the scars remain for the millions that have lost family or friends. and for those who have held the hands of the dying, my can i just era washington the 1st black woman to serve on the u. s. supreme court has spoken about her historic nomination, incoming justice could tanya brown,
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jackson overcame republican oppositions, gave me confirmation. she says it may have taken 2 centuries to happen, but the senate decision is making many americans proud. present, joe biden and vice president common horace joined to celebrate of the white house. and friday. it has taken 232 years and $115.00 prior appointments for a black woman to be selected to serve on the supreme court of the united states. but we've made it. oh, we've made it a and and our children are telling me that they see now more than ever that here in america,
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anything is possible through all saw the kind of justice she'll be fair and impartial for full, careful, precise brilean, a brilliant legal mile with the knowledge of the law and the judicial temperament, which was equally important in my view. let's call and then come in. and or you melody allows so many americans to see themselves in cadon g brown jackson. close to rick, his main international airport has reopened, after a cargo plane skidded on the runway and split into 2 during an emergency landing the impact caused the tail, the d. h. l operated aircraft to break away from the body. costa rican civil aviation authority says the boeing 757200 was fined for guatemala, when it's hydraulic system failed. forcing that emergency landing no one on board
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boat was harmed. more than 4000 residents have been ordered to leave their homes in australia's most populous 50 as rising rivers, birth, their bangs, for some people in sidney. this was the 2nd evacuation in just a matter of weeks after an intense weather system. more than a months worth of rainfall over a few hours. its trillion east coast has been hammered by 3 separate west battens in the past. 6 weeks. hollywood act will smith has been banned from the oscars for 10 years for slapping committee and chris was on stage the board of the academy of motion, picture arts and sciences, which organized as the awards ceremony, made the decision after meeting to discuss disciplinary action. smith has apologized for his actions and resigned from the body. the actor, hey chris rob for joking about his wife. she had result of the hair loss condition alopecia. the 1st private flight to the international space station has blasted into orbit 3210.
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the crew includes 3 businessmen who each paid $55000000.00 to take on. an astronaut is also on board. the mission is a collaboration between basics. nasa uncommercial space like company axiom all goes to palm. the team will arrive on the ice ss on saturday and they'll spend 8 days their lives. you ah, a quick reminder of our top stories on which is 0. and he's 50 people have been killed in miss l. strike and eastern ukraine in his train station in chrome, a tour being used to evacuate civilians. 5 of those killed were children, president loaded mary lansky cold. russia, quote, an evil with no limits for carrying its how moscow denies involvement, blaming key for attacking its own people without offering.


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