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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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humans, the devastating impacts of climate change on a lake and center goal and rivers in iraq. and the st. asked how society's from responding to global warming, the climate emergency a season of special programming. anal josie ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm dealing with donald. this is the al jazeera news, our life from london coming up. ukraine says tens of thousands could have died in mario poll. warning that areas in the east could suffer the same fate at the hands of russian forces. ah, the challenge of running
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a government in times of war we go, deacons. ideal peroration to keep ukraine functioning during russia's invasion. shout sharif is officially sworn in as pakistan's prime minister, replacing iran calm, who was ousted in a no confidence full. plus, i'm allan fisher in washington, dc, the unmarked and almost untraceable. i know the bite and white house is doing something about the problem of so called gorse gardens in spoils cottage shiffler has won the 1st major golf championship of his career. americans secure the master's title with the 3 shot victory at augusta. ah. hello, they're good to have your company. we begin with the war in ukraine and warnings.
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an escalation in the east. russia is moving military vehicles towards the front lines of lou hands. that's according to its regional governor greens. defense minister says moscow is almost ready to launch a major assault inside these demario pull soldiers say they were preparing for a last battle. after weeks of siege, the $36.00 brigade posted on facebook saying they were running out of ammunition and expected to soon be either dead or captured. ukraine says tens of thousands of people had died in the strategically valuable port city. rob mcbride reports now from living a drive through the ruins of what was once a bustling suburb of mary. u. pulse near the cities as of style. factory, the scene of fierce fighting russian backed soldiers from the break away region of don yet around patrol. some of them conscripts like 18 year old vlad, his love who salvage wiley for nicholas, what can i say? they called me up to go to war. i wasn't hiding from it. i came on my own,
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a volunteer all around evidence of what weeks of intense fighting has reduced much of this city to with unexpectedly strong resistance. the one with was well, with 3, i thought it would go better. i thought it would be faster, harrison is going slowly. they, the koreans are trained fighters in other parts of the city under russian control. some clearing up is underway, while people try to live as best they can. russia has blamed what it calls ukrainian nationalists for what it describes as a humanitarian catastrophe here. but ukrainian president vladimir zalinski blames russia's invading army, claiming an, an address to parliamentarians in south korea. the 10s of thousands of people are likely to have been killed in the city. my tuple roonan marie op on is destroyed. there are tens of thousands of dead. but even so,
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the russians do not stop the offensive. they want to make an example of mario pl. several 100 people are now thought to have died in a theatre where many families had taken refuge. drone footage shows the extent of the devastation to that one building that was attacked in spite of the word deity or children. being marked clearly on the ground. president zalinski says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected renew defensive in the east. he says the russians have amassed an army of tens of thousands and have every intention of repeating what they've already done it. maria pope rob mcbride al jazeera live if a state of martial law has been enforced in ukraine since february the 24th. the day the war began wrestle. saddam sat down with ukraine's minister of internal affairs to talk about how the national security council kept the country functioning as russian forces pushed towards the capital.
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ah, of the recent war, this erased sirens in key had become almost routine. cleaning government had since is powerful neighbor, russia as an existential threat, since the annexation of crimea in 2014 and is prepared for war and to maintain order during the conflict. jumbles has cut us and we cost a lot of special training. the goal of the train is what will the coordination of all a lot forestman unified with the army force to go through different scenarios. despite keys preparation, the size and scale of the invasion was beyond what it expected. crucial forces came from the north east and south of the country, creating a frontline stretching more than 2000 kilometers and groups of saboteurs. ally to russia were alledged, the operating in ukrainian cities, vakio, alicia berkeley, or just simply during the 1st 2 weeks of full scale aggression. we discover it more
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and pulled the 600 sabotage groups from their task was to reach down down into glock law enforcement agencies in america. one of the state was mostly able to maintain communication with in key cities. in a more american business magnate, ellen mosque supplied you playing with about 4000 starling terminals. similar to, to the dishes duster but a model. they provide the secure satellite internet access and enable the state to keep up his surveillance within ukraine. but civilians play the most crucial role in counter intelligence. mailed them all of daily, receive it 100 on phone calls from ordinary citizens. we were informed of the behavior of certain groups who were moving toward the police department. they can pictures of the state constitution who thrown you shamia and put you marks on important been chemical leave to be destroyed. including the beauty in which we are
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right now. ukrainian officials say russia plan to enter, keep in the 1st 72 hours of the invasion and circle the downtown area and captured in port the members of the cabinet. the has of national polish intelligence service, security council, and top army generals. they say then, russian forces wanted to take full control of the minister of defense, internal affairs and energy to force the head of state to surrender. despite at wise from greens, western allies and his own senior team, president, one of them is zaleski state in the capital. that's now widely considered to have been a crucial decision that kept you clean steel structures. long tact cabinet meetings moved into a network of tunnels on the ground because got the so we were wanted to go down to bunker was older than we had the menu working, meeting with bunker's, torture. that was a regular practice, including meetings with the president barker, russia deploy term, barack weapons in ukraine as they are considered highly effective against defenses
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. like bankers. i asked minister, what measures were taken to protect the president from them. a jo forest under fundable, the results of i cannot bill everything. under martial law, the state came on the military control with president zaleski, now commander in chief at the heart of all operations. he communicates every day with the people of ukraine through social media videos to maintain morale and stability, despite the threat to his life being ever present. nature. pursue said that al jazeera keith, there's the prospect of more firepower for ukraine in its war against russia. european union, foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg. they have been discussing a proposal to earmark another $544000000.00 for the delivery of weapons to ukraine . the block stopped diplomat that still says burrell says there's also been talk of additional sanctions against russia after more than 6 weeks of war. or says, foreign minister says statements by the
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e. u on supplying ukraine with weapons. will court change the rules of the game with glitching studios, little's world? food version of this is very serious turning point, even in the policy that the, you and the west on the whole, undeniably under the united states leadership has been pursuing since the start of our special military operation road. this policy reflect and betterments and even fury in some respects. and of course, it's been determined, certainly not only by ukraine, but also by the fact that ukraine has been transformed into a foothold for completely suppressing russia and submitting russia to the global system. being built by the west of which is always kept moving closer to our borders. contrary to all promises it gave, despite the end of the cold war. and despite the warsaw pact and the soviet union's disappearance, u. s. president joe biden has told indian prime minister. no rancher modi the buying more oil from russia is not in its interest. and it could impact relations
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with the us while the war and ukraine was high on the agenda during an hour long video call between the 2 leaders. the meeting comes ahead of an annual gathering in washington with india's foreign and defense ministers. alive now, does she have re tansy? who's in washington dc? hi, there she have. so in the a hasn't yet impose sanctions on russia, yet. biden seems to have taken this conciliatory tone with that prime minister more the what, what's the play here? it's over a empathetic empathetic or in many ways because what we keep on hearing from the administration is yes, india hasn't condemned the russian invasion of ukraine. india isn't voting with the u. s. at the united nations to do so in the house and impose and he sanctions above the administration. keep saying, we understand the historical relationship between india and russia. we get it, we get the russia and india corporate very closely, militarily about 60 percent of injures weapons coming from come from russia and
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geopolitically on a range of issues, not least india and russia cooperate when india has concerns about china and china is the issue that hangs over all of these discussions because the u. s. is looking to india as it has its own consent, if it's adversarial relationship with china. the last thing administration wants to do is to say anything condescending. so anything that might jeopardize the usaa relationship with india, which of course, good, well make inter get even closer to moscow. so we hear phrases. we have great comments, for example, about india talking about actually increasing its imports of russian oil, for example. and we have gen saki at the white house press briefing, saying, well, we don't think it's in india's best interest, but then adding, but now breaking any sanctions by doing that. when do we hear that? when do we hear someone from the white house, say, when the country is going against the bilateral sanctions?
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that the us now uses the main foreign policy, cultural. we're doing best, we expect everyone else to do it. and we're going to punish anyone else who doesn't go along with it. when do we ever hear the white? i say, well, you know, these just by natural sanctions, india, you know, obviously it can do whatever it was not very often. so that's the, the geo political, those are the geopolitical stakes at play in these discussions. she every time see, they're joining me live from washington, d. c. she have thank you plenty more ahead on the new sour, including the un security council here is that rape is being used as a weapon of war in ukraine. every vote count sir manuel mccall hits the campaign trail as he prepares for a 2nd round run off against marine le pen. this multi time grand slam winner makes his long awaited returns at top level tennis found out how he got on in schools. ah,
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no rush has been accused of a pattern of war crimes in ukraine. it's strongly denies. all allegations proving them is complicated and bringing any one to justice even more so. or one of the issues in previous cases has been securing evidence that you is giving about 8200000 to train ukrainian prosecutors to investigate. and other challenge is the lack of funding 3 e u countries of unanswered donation of 2700000 to the international criminal court, which started an active investigation less than a week after russia invaded these russian nor ukraine is a member of the i c. c, ukraine has given its approval to examine alleged atrocities, dating back to 2014. but as moscow doesn't recognize the tribunal, it's unlikely it would surrender suspects. but the i, c. c isn't the only mechanism already being used, and there are calls for the un to set up its own court of law. similar to those created for the wander. and the former yugoslavia, as well as going scrutiny on russia's actions as more mass graves are uncovered. in
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towns its troops have occupied, there are also some allegations against ukrainian soldiers, including killing at least one prisoner of war, which the government has promised to investigate. well, the forensics team from the international commission on missing persons is going to ukraine to help identify the dead and gather information that could lay to be used in war crimes cases. their direct to general catherine bond burger joins us now from the hague in the netherlands. and catherine. thank you very much for joining us on the program. obviously, ukraine right now is an active conflict zone, but it is also effectively, sadly, a large crime scene that's correct. yes, so what, where does your team come in? how in a time of active conflict. com, a team go in to aid the ukrainians to both gather evidence but also identify people . it's not going to be easy, but we have been invited by the government of ukraine, and we have been actively trying to help cranston 2014 investigate crimes that have
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been committed and related to missing persons cases. so the team will go in next week as an exploratory mission to see how we can help the various institutions in ukraine, from the general prosecutor's office to the ministry of interior minister health. so we're going to be looking at cases of trauma trying to see if it's possible to identify unidentified, we're remains and to start working with families of the missing who have reported missing loved ones. and of course, your organization has been identifying the dead and missing from conflicts for over 30 years. now what, what has experienced taught your organization in terms of running these kind of programs to help countries? in these situations, it's very important to work with the government. i mean, state have the responsibility to locate missing persons of to investigate their disappearances. i mean, it is unusual to work during an armed conflict,
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but there is political will. and ukraine has set up mechanisms including a commission on the same person, legislation on missing persons and the criminal criminal procedure code. we feel is in good shape. so being able to do this with ukraine is critical of so evidence will be collected, hopefully that evidence can be provided to the i c, c, or other courts that will be conducting investigations into what's happened and then be used for criminal trial purposes. so this is important and hope it maybe there are also courts in the future, ukraine that will be doing the same thing. but the intention would be to help ukrainian authorities conduct these investigations in line with the rule of law. and to make sure that all missing persons are accounted for, whether they're ukrainian or non ukraine, and catherine and a very practical level, if i can, how do the cranium? people play a power part? how are they able to report where and bodies are?
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how, how does that happen on the grand? well, thank you for mentioning this. i mean, obviously people are finding more to remain there aware of this. we've been watching stories about body disposal sites and bodies that have been found here. and there we know that a large number of civilians have been killed. some of them have been identified. other could be people in a legal detention. there could be people, many locations. there could be families that have been separated for sure. we know that happening. so we do have online mechanisms, so in addition to being on the ground with investigators from ukraine, we will mountain online campaign to collect data from families of the missy, including those living in ukraine and outside of ukraine. so the active engagement, the families of the missing will be absolutely essential, or anyone that has information to finding missing persons and investigated their disappearances. so this online campaign will enable us to collect data from the missing or for individuals to report the location of missing person anonymously.
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and catherine, i believe on the scientific side, there's also a new technique technique rather that teams are using to, to make, i didn't cation easier. how does it work? well, we'd been on the front line of using dna or human identification purposes for over 25 years. since the 1st established dna laboratory capability, which is the standard capability, which is here at our headquarters in the haze, which reviews effectively in the context of the western mulkins, where d n, a is used as the 1st line of identification. so you're providing scientific, repeatable proof of the person's identity, which is important not only for families of the missing, but also for criminal trial purposes. the sciences are advancing as we understand the human genome. the, our understanding of for genetics is evolving and becoming better. so the use of the dams to dna capabilities for human identification and all the data systems will
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be employed to help you current catherine bloomberg. they are joining us from the hague in the netherlands. catherine, thank you. you're very welcome. thank you. yeah, and security council has heard that rate is being used as quote, a weapon of war in ukraine in a session focusing on how the war has impacted women and children. the head of u. n. women has called the independent investigations into the allegations. kristen salumi has more now from the united nations women, children and the elderly make up the majority of the 11000000 ukrainians flee in conflict according to the united nations. they also filled the cremmit tourist train station and dennis russian missiles struck on friday. and i'm the same my 31 years as a humanitarian. i've rarely seen so much damage caused in so little time. the impact of the fighting on the most vulnerable civilians was presented to the united
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nations security council. on monday, in just 6 weeks, nearly to nearly 2 thirds of old ukrainian children have been displaced. they have been forced to leave behind everything their homes, their school, and often to family members. families forced to split up to escape the fighting are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and sexual abuse. according to you and experts who said accusations of sexual assault and areas held by russian forces are on the rise. we know and see and who want you to hear a voice is that violence and rape is used now as a weapon by russian made their senior pri, reports from key scholarships, oscar, and should i think his goal was reported by survivors themself. and the by the witnesses raped by a group of okay, bumps multiple times was life rental survivors, their children, their family members, in front of the family members and other people, real cases, real people,
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real facts. russia's deputy ambassador denied the accusations when you bought nominee. but no convincing evidence has been presented for any of these crimes you think. but it's understandable that you have trampled on the presumption of innocence a long time ago. but other council members called for accountability, let me be very clear. there must be no impunity for crimes against children. in order to ensure accountability, we need to collect, analyze, and store evidence on all crimes against children. more than 140 children have been killed in ukraine with hundreds more wounded. or having lost a family member. the united nation says it can't confirm reports of women being raped, or of children being sent to russia against their families wishes. but it's calling for a full investigation and respect for international law. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations, shall sharif, has been sworn in as pakistan's,
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new prime minister. the former opposition leader is succeeding among khan, who was ousted a no confidence over the weekend. sharif will form a new government until a general election is held after august of next year. some of bon jovi has more on the new prime minister from islam bud. was it out from jay about your boss sharif has taken oath as the 23rd prime minister of pakistan. mia? mohammed shift shabba, should he sub is declared to have been elected as the prime minister of this moment? harry was elected with 174 wounds. after in month one was removed in a vote of confidence and the opposition boycotted the election. but on their monkey, if we are to save the sinking birds, what we all need is hard work and unity, unity, and unity. we are beginning a new era of development to day. all god known and focused on as an administrator who gets things done. important at the age of 70 shabazz sharif was the joint
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leader of the opposition that toppled imminent hon. in the no confidence goat prevented politics and then led pakistan's most populous province. and the major infrastructure projects in his hometown the hor, he successfully brought an investment from china and turkey. he's also had good relations with the u. s. analysts say he will need to mend fences after the outgoing foreign minister accused his opponents of being politically manipulated by washington. shabazz is the younger brother of former prime minister, m, i sharif, who was dismissed following allegations of corruption. he's facing a money laundering case and corruption charges brought by the federal investigation agency and the national accountability bureau boats. brothers say the allegations leveled under him run hans premiership were politically motivated and in 2007 should have criticized the accountability bureau investigating him in nap, which is uncertain. a concert room sheriff, ignorant to hitler's no gestapo,
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national accountable rebuttal which does selective accounting, accountability, and other opposition. politicians also accused of being a tool used for political, which hunts in subsequent years and power. there must be government left, the bureau and changed out of all politicians shove, i should leave is widely considered to be the most acceptable to the miller p establishment. and those who came together to topple in land. hahn's government are hoping that the army will maintain what it calls it's neutral status. even if shabba sharif remains the prime minister until elections next year mark, i will still not become a prime minister who completes a 5 year term in pakistan. as none have done in the country 75 year history, sama java down to 0 is i'm about. campaigning is underway for the 2nd and final and voting to pick frances next president. these are the final results for the top 3 candidates in the 1st round held on sunday incumbent manuel mccall increase his share from 2017 by more than 3 percent. guessing the most votes he'll face
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a tight one off against far right. lie rival, marine the pen who got just over 23 percent. she narrowly brought i left this candidate, sean. look melanie shawn, he's urged his bolts is not said back, herbert stopped short. vin dorsey mac home, while far right political newcomer eric, similar again, 7 percent. those voters will likely turn to the pen in the run off. on marina pan has been campaigning, sushi ahead of the run off warning against the manuel michaels policies, which she claimed have brought caught social destruction. if our right leader says the president has failed to protect frowns from inflation and the rising cost of living, mom is your cold shoe. i'm counting on old french voters. i'm counting on their lucidity. i'm counting on their intelligence. i'm counting on their ability to realize that we cannot continue for another 5 years grant in this situation, 5 years in which emanuel mac crone, if he were re elected,
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would feel totally free to go through with the policy of self destruction that he started during his 1st term through the loss of our country, sovereignty for the benefit of a few and to the detriment of the majority. when will natasha butler reports now from the northern town of dina emmanuel macros critics often call him the president of the rich. so it's not by chance at the centrist incumbent chose dinner, one of france's poorest towns to begin his campaign for the 2nd round of the presidential election. in this part of northern france, many people say they've been left behind, legless booker, they're the middle class is also want to be heard. people listen to the working classes, but what about us on that we work, but we also struggle each month just like every one else. massage bubble mug english, who i'm not from a con. his only for the rich of. he gives millions to some people while we tighten our boats. wow, for supper. we asked a macro for his response. in english,
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please. we've been speaking to some people here who really feel the last 5 years has been all about favoring the rich. how are you gonna convince people otherwise versus wrong? look at that. we're going to fact look at the days and so on. and i think i'm here precisely to, to go to act face to face whizzer, was this people in to convince about not just what i did. but i want what i want to do on home because i don't want to leave the social cushion to the far right people because i think that would be completely crazy. but many here disagree the far right party leader, one the most foods and the 1st round and dinner. her focus on the cost of living and promised to crack down on immigration, resonates in this town where half of young adults are unemployed prospects are bleak, and one striving industries have shut. my corner pen will now spend much at the next 2 weeks targeting the same voters for those who abstained in the 1st round to the millions of left wing voters who now face
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a difficult choice. muhammad nor dean campaign for the far left party, candidate shouldered, rella shaw, who came 3rd in sundays ballot. mcgrew swafford to rape the road. it's going to be very hard to make a choice between them because we have a president who cares about which people who doesn't really care about the cost of living. even if he's come here to talk about like the level on the other side of marine le pen, who does profits from people's misery, forsooth, who dinard, you know, popular shore we suffer and deny because people don't have jobs in terms of the cost of living. they've lost hope for this one. hope is something macros says he represents along with stability. continuity and a promise of jobs were in the pen says what the country needs, though, is something different. it will be up to voters to decide which vision of france they want. patasha, butler, al jazeera dinner in france. still to come on this al jazeera news. our war comes
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to the vast fields of the world's bread basket and sent shock wigs across the globe . transforming discarded and dangerous waste into works of art. we need on us only professional, classical in sport will find out which teams are hitting form ahead of those. and so that more when we come back, ah, how i was warming up nicely now, right across here was the temperatures on the rise over the next few days. the best of the sunshine will be across central parts where we have got clear skies must be gary of high pressure in place here. but even where we have got some collaborative malaria of low pressure rolling in from the atlantic, we're drawing in a southerly wind. so that's gonna warm things up nicely over the next few days, although there will be some showers long spells of frame associated with that. so
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here we go with the temperatures 20 celsius there in paris on tuesday, 17 for berlin at heat, notting, a little feathery switch as we go one through a wednesday and on into thursday as well for the race. we have got some when she weather some wet weather, some winter weather, just to pull out of her western side of russia, western parts of ukraine. still some snow there over the turkish mountains, but black will ease for the race, was bright skies gradually coming back in as we go one through the 2nd half of the week, there is the best of the sunshine central parts bright to sky coming back in over towards the west, still some showers longest bells if right lurking across at east side of spain as we go on through wednesday. some of our wet weather also affect in the far north west of africa. will not some morocco members of algeria and the showers continue for much of west africa? ah, it's the largest war in europe since world war 2. is president putin reclaiming
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what belong to russia? was natal coming to close? and what does the end game look like? an in depth look at the war in ukraine. hooton's land, or the west neglect. ah, you crane the seed soon on it just either. ah, the shake hammered a ward for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, ah
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ah, reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera, ukraine says it expects russia to launch a huge new offensive on its eastern region. imminently u. s. officials say they believe that russia is reinforcing and re supplying its trips in the dorm bass. again, security council has heard that rape is being used as a weapon of war in ukraine and that those escaping the fighting are vulnerable to all the threats including human trafficking, shout sharif has been sworn in his pocket stones, new prime minister after being elected by the national assembly, he succeeds in mon. com who is asked it in no confidence vote on the sunday sanctions on russia and the warn ukraine have sent global food prices. so re, it's weird. costs will continue to climb,
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but the fighting doesn't stop him on con reports. now, from the key region, food warehouse is burned to the ground in ukraine. supermarket shelves empty globally. the effect of russia's war in ukraine isn't just affecting people in the country, but around the world, you cried and russia between them produced 53 percent of the world, sunflower, oil and seeds, and 27 percent of its wheat. to put that into perspective, if current supplies of sunflower oil run out, belgium runs out of the ability to make french fries. if wheat supplies run low, lebanon could run out of bread along with egypt, and tunisia, and $27.00 african countries had face. we shortages with russia under tough sanctions. and his food exports severely restricted. and the war also stopping ukrainian exports. businesses are under pressure to really care which in they thought there are also crimes against ukrainian agricultural production,
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different branches of the brit up. know, the biggest challenge that ukrainian agrarian are facing is to plant the fields in time when you know 82500 square kilometers of ukrainian land is mind. this means we need much time for d mining these lands tass agro is a big agribusiness and ukraine. historic to says it will be affected if the war doesn't end soon, but it is taking action that is more suitable. this is you, issue with the war is changing constantly. however, we created so call crisis teams and are preparing actively for showing which starts soon with the war has destroyed agri business in the east of ukraine and only fields in the south and west will be planted. but even then, forecasts indicate supply and labor shortages mean only half of those fertile fields will be cultivated. enjoy. this wakefield will be ready for harvest as a crucial part of ukraine's economy. however, will they be able to get this wheat onto a boat and out to international markets,
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given the situation, russia has blocked ports on the black sea and the sea of as of about 13500000 tons of wheat. and 16000000 tons of corn are sitting in the docks combined with the war and the sanctions against russia. that's led to food prices rising everywhere. and the longer this conflict goes on, the higher don't get american how to 0 med vin. he region, israeli army has arrested 14 palestinians and a 3rd day of operations around g name and they occupy west bank. the rates follow a series of gun battles and the rest in the city. hundreds of people moved through the streets of gin and for the funeral of a palestinian teenager. he died overnight one day after being shot by israeli forces. tensions in the occupied west. bank of been rising after a series of attacks in israel killed 14 people in just 3 weeks. these for palestinians have died in recent, it's really great. israel has approved
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a multi $1000000.00 upgrade to its separation wall, which cuts through and divides palestinian communities. it was deemed illegal whether you ends taught court back in 2004. john holman, has more now from baca is there any government systolic hated about $93000000.00 to reinforcing this the separation will that's between the occupied westbank and israel. now not all of it looks like base parts of it. a more rudimentary and there are holes in them. and that's what the government, israeli government wants to change. and all of this is coming off a series of attacks, one of which on the 29th of march, it's been confirmed that a palestinian did go through one of the holes in the wall and then killed 5 people on a city on the outskirts of tel aviv, now this separation will, which runs for hundreds of kilometers, is really controversial. many israelis think it's been a vital piece of protection from attack since it was put in place in the early 2
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thousands palestinians. he is in apartheid wool cajun, the men built along arbitrary lines and in some cases, dividing whole communities and depriving many farmers from access to their land. they had a loose owns a billboard workshop in baca, on these raimie side in the shadow of the wolf. i could, i would see them, our relatives are on the other side. you cannot enter at all. you can only enter through the checkpoint. we only go once a year because there are difficulties in going in and out. you angela. but since it's been built, the walls actually become quite porous and tens of thousands of palestinians get through illegally every day to work ms ro. they're all those in israel that say, that's a good thing. it's cheap labor and a sort of pressure of out to decrease this content in the motives for attacks. now, it seems that some of those holes could be about to be sealed off. and the question is, if that will bring more security, or if erecting more wools will just mean more obstacles to an eventual solution to
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the conflict. here you as president joe biden is tightening gun control. he's an anthony measures including action against so called ghost guns, which are almost impossible to trace that some unfinished gun pots will need a serial number. alan fish reports from the white house, joe biden is under pressure, gun violence is picking up, so is violent crime. the white house knows it has to be seen to be trying to get a grip of the problem. that's why put together comprehensive strategy to supercharge what works. one of the mean areas of focus. so cold goes guns, that can be built from a kit. you don't need a background check and they have no serial numbers yet. not hard. get it. that makes them unregulated, and virtually untraceable that can't stand, says the president. but let me ask you, is it extreme to protect police officers extreme protect our children?
12:39 am
extreme to keep guns out of the hands of people who couldn't even pass a background jack log. the idea that a, someone on a terrorist list could purchase one of these guns is extreme in an extreme, just basic common sense. the white house also announced the new head of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. steve dental buck will be charged with enforcing the crack don't. if he's confirmed to the position by the senate, the crack don't goes, guns has been brewing for months. and it's an acceptance that the rise and violence is a political liability for the democrats. but it's almost certainly going to be opposed by those who see it as an attack on the 2nd amendment of the constitution, the right to bear arms. and therefore, it's almost certainly going to end up in the course. our fisher al jazeera, at the white house. well, david casino is the deputy chief cancel of the give his law center, an organization dedicated to preventing gun violence. he joins us live now from
12:40 am
washington, d. c. david, a very warm welcome to the program. and david, what's behind the increased in these go scan numbers? well, what we've seen is that it's a really truthful way for traffic to source firearms. and so gun traffickers normally would have to go to a lot of trouble and a lot of risk in order to source firearms around the streets now to really easy way to do it. so it's already channels for them to source. a lot of farms them could not very quickly and at low risk, and i think that that's been responsible for their being such an increase of them on our streets at david. hi. how difficult is it to know just how many of these take guns are actually out there? well, we don't really have a solid figure because it's not something that has to be recorded out. we do know figures from, from e t, f, r, the 10s of thousands of them have been recovered over the last several years now referred to chuck. so i say that the biden administration isn't leaving fast enough to regulate these guns, but i'm guessing not everybody wants them regulated in this way, david. i think that's right. i mean, the companies that have been making a lot of money off this, of course,
12:41 am
want to continue to do so because their entire business model is they were selling guns, essentially, about the regulations of quite other stores of guns. so by exploiting this regulatory loop, we really had a competitive advantage and i think probably they want to fight hard to maintain it . but what's really happening here is just they're being treated on the same level playing field. does anyone else selling guns? is our political liability however provide and since you even sort of advertise wanting to change things, oh, i don't think so at all. i mean, these are something that i think really, people across the board should be able to agree. i mean, if you're not actually it goes gun company, it should be obvious that this should be happening this way. they should be regulated as guns, and we're seeing actually some bipartisan importance issue. there was a bill that was passed in maryland, large by parson support to address those guns and went to law despite the fact that they have a republican governor. and we've also got steve dental back. he's being and i says, the man to front the ts. how much of a battle in senate confirmation terms? is he likely to face? well, i think he's a great nominee and, and i'm hoping that it goes for it smoothly. i mean, really what we need is
12:42 am
a confirmed director at e t s. we've only had one of those. and it's really a detriment to the agencies enforcement abilities. i mean, this is just one example with this goes general, going through that we really need a to have to be strong and enforcement side because they don't really just a rule on paper. you know, they're telling me life from washington dc. david, thank you much protested ensure longer have returned for a 3rd day to the entrance of the president's office demanding that goal to buy a raja pox resign. they have an ongoing anti government demonstrations across the country now for almost 2 weeks, criticizing the government's handling of the country's worst economic crisis in decades to lancaster on the britain bankruptcy saddled with $25000000000.00 in foreign debt into english reserves of food prices are going up daily for some of the most basic supplies in shore, longer after a decision by the government. last october to remove controls, inflation is 17 and a half percent, and the currency has slumped against the dollar. let's take
12:43 am
a look at how much some daily necessities are costing or race has doubled in price . in the past year, it's an essential food which no longer has become a net importer. and that's driven that price up while eggs are also twice as much bins and locally grown potatoes are both over 60 percent more expensive than they were a year ago. filling up a car, a moped tank has become increasingly unaffordable. 2 pixels up 85 percent diesel. 69 percent in the same period or doctor's in for long got a warning of a critical shortage of life saving drugs and medical supplies. as the country's economic crisis and worse since michelle fernandez has more now from colombo, sri lanka, national health services, the only option for those who can't afford private healthcare. they seek treatment here at the national hospital in colombo or in a network of state hospitals. but the country's economic crisis has hit them hard, mangled up when most people are helpless. we are told to buy everything from
12:44 am
outside. even the needle used to check sugar levels has to be bought from outside. there is no point coming to our government hospital for treatment. doctors have been warning of an impending medical disaster as this is shortages affecting their ability to treat patients. one doctor sent this recording to his friends and colleagues. it went viral. we don't have the dupes to ent, late newborn babies, and we are very soon we are running out of all the stops. and i, we have come to a stage of kind of reusing the endotracheal tubes for ventilating a new baby, which is how you me and that separable. then i get to do it. but there's more the option. many doctors are reluctant to speak on the record at some union members are speaking out. there may be a situation if this continues. when a paper, a person come with the road traffic accident wont be able to get the surgical
12:45 am
services. i can't exactly say when it is going to happen, but if nothing rescuer will thing happens, we may have to see one that they're like that. the private sector is also facing shortages of hot medication, pediatric and other drugs and consumables. patients already there panic panic now they are getting some more sick. they rite aid going miles socks are going out to start to near julie we had last year around because on the so thought age and dave. oh rather. oh no, no. we are going to continue this whole future. the government is facing an acute shortage of foreign currency that's affecting its ability to play for imports. the ministry of health, as it is now, i located 14000000 dollars to secure medical supplies, but could exceed the government is risking lives, ah, rocketing prices,
12:46 am
shortages of food, who can guess and fuel and 13. our palka have brought to lancaster the st. anger and frustration has led to continuous protests here outside the president's office for the past 3 days. the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate thing lives are being put in danger. and a warning that the crisis will only wasn't if supplies on provided minute fernandez, are 0 palumbo. china isn't backing down on how it's handling a corner of iris outbreak in shanghai. more than 25000000 people in the city are under strict, blocked and, and many of claimed by poor access to food and essential services. katrina, you reports that from beijing. oh wow. people in shanghai losing their patients for the city street corona virus lockdown video is posted in social media residents protesting against restrictions on their freedom and complaining about poor access
12:47 am
to food and essential services for the elderly authorities initially planned for the looked out to be lifted on monday, but more than 25000000 people have been told to continue isolating at harm until their neighbourhood has been cleared of positive cases. the government is defending it's heavy handed approach. bonham, he, me been, we were pleased with huseby gallagher, the dynamic 0 covey policy does not chic 0 infraction. the aims to discover and hold infections to prevent a large scale resurgence. this is a scientific approach and if we can make good use of it, work at the maximum benefit with the minimum cost. but the costs are mounting. dozens of quarantine centers have been set up to help those who test positive, including the majority who have mild or lower symptoms videos, circulating online, sho, pool living conditions inside hastily constructed facilities. phyllis ju counts herself
12:48 am
among the lucky ones. she was able to buy enough food before the locked out to sustain her and her father that says others were caught off guard. no local government, i think. and why not go press conference? she was saying that i shall high air wall, not block dell because it's so very important city like domestically andy and internationally, all be a huge mass who's you is a community volunteer and helped with the testing and food distribution. she says, organization varies from area to area. some neighborhoods a managed well role in others. people are going hungry. in desperation is growing. this video shows people yelling in frustration from their apartments authorities or censoring critical or negative online posts
12:49 am
like these promoting. instead, images of volunteers sending much needed supplies to the city. more than 200000 cases of the be a point to on the con, varied, have been recorded in shanghai since last month. but despite rising anger, chinese authorities insist on fighting this new, highly infectious strain with old methods more quarantine, more testing, and more isolation. katrina, you al jazeera, they doing their schools, his son, and i don't get all the days for his new summer. thank you very much. to anyone else. korea shiffler has won the 1st major gulf crime of his career. american secured the master's title of the 3 shot victory at augusta. tiger woods said that it just completing the event. it was one of his biggest ever achievements and richardson reports the
12:50 am
anticlimax. he could be an unfair way to describe the closing moments of scholarship was 1st major. when such was his dominant to the masters. a couple of miss spots on the final green didn't really matter. yeah, the american still claim the title by a 3 stroke margin. you know, i didn't want any stress towards the end of the day and i didn't break my concentration until we got onto the green on 18 once we got onto the green. i was like, i haven't enjoy this. and then, you know, had some fun with it. scheffler has been the stand out player if the year with 3 tournament went to his name before the mess this even tito extraneous, kevin smith did threaten shift his lead early on the final day, but a trip to the water on the 12 hole. and if his challenge and he finished in a tight, the 3rd row he mcroy must have been wishing this championship was
12:51 am
decided. over 5 days, the northern irishman produced a stunning final round of $64.00 to $7.00 and the pole and 2nd place. this remains the one major title, yet to win. i don't think i've ever walked away from this tournament. as happy as i am today. i've played a really good run to golf. it's my best ever finish. augusta. it's, it's not quite enough. tiger woods was playing in his 1st tournament since suffering, korea threatening injuries in a car crash last year. he got round and 13 over paul was hobbling somewhat by the end but just completing the events with achievements enough for him. it's. it's been a, a, a tough road and, you know, one that i'm very thankful to have to have an opportunity to build to, to, to grind through a lot of different things could have happened. but 14 months,
12:52 am
some i'm able to pick up and play the masters. yeah. for now it's shift blue. who's setting the standards at the top of the school? the world number one. and the latest owner of the win is green jacket, the masters and the richardson l g 0. chelsea manager thomas too who has not completely given up hope on his side, reaching the champions league semi finals. the holders face rail madrid away on tuesday and need to turn around the 31 deficit from the 1st 2 progress. chelsea tuned up for the matt til with the 6 nil went over south sonton over the weekend. if face array all side, that current sheet top laker it sports and it's, it's a game and it's the beauty of the game that everything is possible always. so we will arrive and try everything because it's worth trying and,
12:53 am
and from there we see, and hopefully we have, we have for match where belief, gross and within the match and by our actions. and hopefully we can fulfill our dream by munich, also lost the 1st leg of their coal to final de genocide, a host spain's villareal on tuesday. and he to overturn a one nail deficit embassy to his disturbed associate. what makes me confident is that we played a very bad, much in the 1st leg and villareal while the best b. that's the result of our analysis. after watching their matches, i don't believe we would play a bad much against the same opponents. therefore i'm quite confident that we can be better. stanislaus barrenca has come back to top tier singles. competition has ended in disappointment, e, 3 time a grand slam winner who had 2 surgeries on his left foot, took part in his 1st tour level $9131.00 thing in the opening round of the monte
12:54 am
carlo masters hovering cut took the 1st set against alexander blick but went on to lose in 3 sets ahead of the match. the 37 year old admitted rode back to action had been very long and difficult. janik center had to work hard in his 1st round match against her a. she has borne up corey chip. sinner, go back into the my to after dropping the 2nd set much to courts, frustration the italian eventually came out on top 632663. the golden state warriors regular season is officially over the warriors that will face the denver nuggets and around one of the playoff play thompson. that made the 73 pointers and scored a season high. 41 points as the war is 100. 28207, i guess in new orleans that pelican's. well golden faith are back in the place for
12:55 am
the 1st time since 2019 i was from i. so i start with some legal medicines, all the players are so excited for the playoffs. handwash last few years was painful. so the back part of it, i just, i, i thought also i look a donkey to, has picked up an injury at the worst possible time. the dallas mavericks player. he'd be out of action as his team, ahead on to the playoff. foresee to dallas as thought, the post season it gets to your touch. absolutely. and that's it for me a hand about to julia london. santa. thank you. now gama has a long tradition of imposing glass and ceramic to make items like beads and porcelain, but increasingly glass waste is piling up in landfills and is scattered on the streets. one man though, he's made
12:56 am
a mission of turning the trash into treasure brianca. gupta reports in the hum and heat of scrap met and kinda gone us only profession. glass blower, michael tittie is at work, his blistered hands moulding. red hot, molten glass into delicate chips. begins like my puzzle. it's like my heart. busy shorter term, our glass eye glass is who so wonderful work use if you home with glass use as pond and it's like life issue. yes, it's large life with respond large or so spun. it's like a gin. and to make that journey, michael told strew across scrap yards and landfills. he only uses recycled materials. his mission is to reduce gunner's glass waste each year the country in ports class and ceramic products, what the ally,
12:57 am
$300000000.00. michael says most of it ends up in landfills or on the streets to recycling them. makes sense. not just for the environment but also for business . we know learned a broken glass or to be sure we are ra, law or do not written a luxury. or if you hadn't, she, you soccer get money. what he teach has gone in the craft and explains that they don't have to rely on other countries to buy what they need. and his vision seems to be working they do are wake complete. if we are families do job, they'll get more weight. do in a do not sit down. no, not see them. michael says he wants to make gonna beautiful. and to do it by transforming dangerous waste into walks of art made with passion. bianca
12:58 am
looked her. i'll to 0. that's it for me. chilling went on with this news are, i'll be back in just a sec the with much more of the days you see them for by ah ah, in 20 a journalist lead 40 days of civic action against the armenian government. i'm president . soc is yann's grip on power. i'm going to live with this where
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a new documentary follows his non violent campaign to bring down a corrupt regime astonishing outcome with regard to a democratic government resolution. i am not alone on munious velvet revolution on al jazeera. take your seat, be part of the action. discover cats are all in one package. gabby, old to mid, well copy experience with the world's best airline. katzoff at ways guarantee you'll see now the book, you'll complete faith, a wildcard package today. mm. holding the powerful to account as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera african stories from african perspectives. machine owns upon me,
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no ma mancha. now when i did picture with short documentary from african film from wanda and bookkeeper, fossil superintendent, to me it is one year sounds of home and the coach africa direct on al jazeera. ah, ukraine says tens of thousands could have died in mary paul warning that area sydney east could suffer the same fate of the hands of russian forces. ah, i'm dealing with donald, this is elsie rely from london also coming up chabarise she.


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