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as we go once through a wet stand by wednesday, that wet weather for the plains, looking a little more extensive, even the northeast could see a little bit of wet weather at this stage, char, to somewhere, whether to into our cuba into hispaniola. but for much of the caribbean, it is fine and try a suspect. the best of the sunshine will be i, which was the east madden's. with warnings of a brutal new phase in the ukraine war as russia prepares for renew defensive in the east. ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera alive from also coming up. ah, the challenge of running a government in times of war,
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we go inside the operation to keep ukraine functioning, doing rushes invasion focused on that gets a new prime minister. chavez sharif is sworn in replacing him, ron khan, who was ousted in a no confidence met. and every vote counts french presidential candidates hit, the campaign trail to shore up support before the final run off. we begin with the war in ukraine and warnings of an escalation in the east. russia is moving military vehicles towards the front lines of the hands, according to its regional government. it crane's defense minister says moscow is almost ready to launch a major assault in south eastern mario poet. soldiers say they are preparing for last battle after weeks of siege. rob mcbride reports from the vive in western
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ukraine. ah, a drive through the ruins of what was once a bustling suburb of mary u. pulse. near the cities as of style factory, the scene of fierce fighting russian back soldiers from the break away region of dawn. yet around patrol some of them conscripts like 18 year old gladys love who salvage while the fellow nicholas, what can i say? they called me up to go to work, but i wasn't hiding from it. i came on my own volunteer all around evidence of what weeks of intense fighting has reduced much of this city to with unexpectedly strong resistance. the one with those with well, with 3 i thought it would go better. i thought it would be faster, harrison is going slowly by the ukrainians are trained fighters in other parts of the city under russian control. some clearing up is underway, while people try to live as best they can. russia has blamed what it calls
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ukrainian nationalists for what it describes as a humanitarian catastrophe here, but ukrainian president vladimir zelinski blames russia's invading army, claiming an, an address to parliamentarians in south korea that tens of thousands of people are likely to have been killed in the city, my tuple roonan, mario paul, is destroyed. there are tens of thousands of dead, but even so, the russians do not stop be offensive. they want to make an example of mario pl. several 100 people are now thought to have died in a theatre where many families had taken refuge. drone footage shows the extent of the devastation to that one building that was attacked in spite of the word deity or children. being marked clearly on the ground. president zalinski says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected, renewed offensive in the east. he says the russians of a mast, an army of tens of thousands,
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and have every intention of repeating what they've already done it. mario pope rob mcbride al jazeera live if a spokesman for the self proclaimed, had done the exc people's republic has hinted at using chemical weapons against and crane and soldiers in multiple. this was ukrainian presence response to that she would use as mogul aqua wine. you today we had a new fret about a new stage of terror against our defenders. one spokesman of the enemy made a statement today that they could use chemical weapons against the mario poo defenders. we took extremely seriously entre mm, on all the leaders of the world, the possible use of chemical weapons is already discussed. and at the time, monday was necessary to end. a rush in aggression in a tougher and faster way now to seek sanctions package has been discussed. we need to make it so powerful the, even the phrase chemical weapons is not used by russians. usually the un security council has heard that rape is being used as a weapon of war in ukraine in a session focusing on how the war has impacted women and children. the head of you
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and women has called for independent investigations into allegations of sexual violence. christian salumi has more from the united nations, women, children, and the elderly make up the majority of the 11000000 ukrainians flee in conflict according to the united nations homer. they also filled the cremmit tourist train station. internet's russian missiles struck on friday. and i'm the same my 31 years as a humanitarian. i've rarely seen so much damage caused in so little time. the impact of the fighting on the most vulnerable civilians was presented to the united nations security council. on monday, in just 6 weeks, nearly to nearly 2 thirds of old ukrainian children have been displaced. they have been forced to leave behind everything their homes, their school, and often to family members. families forced to split up to escape the fighting are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and sexual abuse. according to you and
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experts who said accusations of sexual assault and areas held by russian forces are on the rise. we know and see and who want you to hear always is that violence and rape is used now as a weapon to fall by russian made their senior pri reports from keith. gotcha, oscar and should i think his goal was reported by survivors themself. and the by the witnesses raped by a group of occupants. multiple times was life rent the survivors, their children, their family members, in front of the family members, and other people, real cases, realty bo rail fence. russia's deputy ambassador denied the accusations when you brought mummies in you. no convincing evidence has been presented for any of these crimes. but it's understandable that you have trampled on the presumption of innocence a long time ago. but other council members called for accountability, let me be very clear. there must be no impunity for crimes against children. in
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order to ensure accountability, we need to collect, analyze, and store evidence on all crimes against children. more than 140 children have been killed in ukraine with hundreds more wounded. or having lost a family member. the united nation says it can't confirm reports of women being raped, or of children being sent to russia against their families wishes. but it's calling for a full investigation and respect for international law. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations, as a prospect of more firepower for ukraine in its war against russia. you foreign ministers have been meeting in luxembourg. they've been discussing a proposal to emma another $544000000.00 for the delivery of additional weapons to ukraine. the blocks foreign policy chief, joseph burrell, says there's also been talk of more sanctions against russia and sanctions. we
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continue discussing about how to implement the sanctions to avoid any kind of loopholes we measure deem back there. this answers as having on your russian economy and will continue discussing in order to see what else can be done. nothing is on the table, including sanctions, denial, and guess rushes that foreign minister says statements by the ease, foreign policy chief on supplying ukraine with more weapons will change the rules of the game. so again, love rover says, it shows that barrels, remarks confirmed that he was building what he called a kind of collective military structure with glitching studios, little's world, full garage. oh, this is a very serious turning point, even in the policy that the e u and the west on the whole, undeniably under the united states leadership has been pursuing since the start of our special military operation. this policy reflect and betterment and even fury in
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some respects. and of course, it's been determined certainly not only by ukraine, but also by the fact that ukraine has been transformed into a foothold for completely suppressing russia and submitting russia to the global system. being built by the west, which is always kept moving close to our borders. contrary to all promises it gave, despite the end of the cold war. and despite the warsaw pact and the soviet union's disappearance. a state of martial law has been enforced in ukraine since february 24th. the day the war began. i saw sir dar sat down with ukraine's minister of internal affairs to talk about how the government coordinated its response as russian forces pushed towards the capital. aah! of the recent war, this, a re, sirens in kia had become almost routine. nuclear in a government had seen as powerful neighbor russia as an existential threat since the annexation of crimea in 2014 and had prepared for war and to maintain order
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during the conflict. your move has cut us and we got a lot of special training. the goal of the training is what's the coordination of all law in forestman union with the army force to go through different scenarios. despite keys preparation, the size and scale of the invasion was beyond what it expected. russia forces came from the north, east and south of the country, creating a front line stretching more than 2000 kilometers. and groups of saboteurs, ally to russia were alice, the operating in ukrainian cities. aquila lucia proclaim, or just him keep me during the 1st 2 weeks or full scale aggression, be discovered more and point 600 sabbath of groups from their task was to reach down down into glock law enforcement agencies in america. one of the state was mostly able to maintain communication with in key cities. in
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a more american business magnate, ellen mosque supplied ukraine with about 4000 starling terminals. similar to tv dishes, but a model. they provide the secure satellite internet access and enable the state to keep up is surveillance within ukraine, but civilians play the most crucial role in counter intelligence. i mailed them all of daily receive it 100 on phone calls from ordinary citizens. we were informed of the behavior of certain groups who were moving toward the police department, taken pictures of the state institution who groaning shames, and put you marks on important bbt motif to be destroyed, including the beauty in which we are right now. ukrainian officials say russia plan to enter, keep in the 1st 72 hours of the invasion and circle the downtown area and capture import. the members of the cabinet has of national polish intelligence, service security council, and top army jungles. they say then,
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russian forces wanted to take full control of the minister of defense, internal affairs and energy, to force the head of state to surrender. despite at wise from greens, western allies and his own senior team, president, one of them is the lensky state in the capital. that's now widely considered to have been a crucial decision that kept ukraine. steve structure, intact, cabinet meetings, moved into a network of tunnels on the ground was cut as of what we were forced to go down to bunker sold it. we had many work in meetings with bunker's. that was a regular practice, including meetings with the president about russia deploy term, a barrick weapons in ukraine as they are considered highly effective against defenses. like bankers i asked min as to what measures were taken to protect the president from them. a yard for understandable results, so i cannot bill everything. under martial law, the state came on the military control with president zalinski,
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now commander in chief at the heart of all operations. he communicates every day with the people of ukraine through social media videos to maintain morale and stability, despite the threat to his life being ever present. wrestle says r o 0 chief. and we'll have more on that ukraine later. war dominates discussions between leaders of the us and one of russia's oldest son, eyes, india. and the victim of should anchors worsening economic crisis. hospitals face critical shortages. ah. the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello there. we've got something of a change in store across china. tall weather coming in across northern parts of the country. sinking right down intermediaries as we go on through the next day or so.
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this band of cloud that marks the boundary between the a warm air and the cold air, which will tuck him behind. lots of rain coming through on this system that a society of china coming down across north korea through the yellow sea, central and southern part are seeing some very heavy rain. then as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, we'll hon goes from 28 degrees down to around 18 by wednesday to see how, where to weather, grassy slides over to was shanghai. we'll see some very heavy rain, grassy pushing in, across at east side of china, one or 2 showers to into japan, but not quite as bad here. very wet weather, making his way across central parts of the philippines. at the moment, sir, tropical depression meggy is weakening in terms of those. when's a final warning? has actually been issued here, but we could still see another 100 to 200 kilometers afraid. over the next 24 to 36 hours, it weakens because it gets sucked up into typhoon malackle. as it will be by this
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state shuts day off. sure, i'm pleased to say, but the shower is set to continue across the philippines. and much of sassy theatre . cats are airways official airline of the journey? it's the largest, or in europe since world war 2. is president putin reclaiming what belong to russia? was natal coming to close? and what does the end game look like? an in depth look at the war in ukraine, hooton's land, or the west neglect ukraine, the seeds who just either ah ah,
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watching al, just a reminder about top stories this. ukraine says it expects russia to launch a new offensive when it's eastern region. imminently. u. s. officials say they believe russia is reinforcing and re supplying it streams in a don bass region. you foreign ministers have been discussing a proposal to earmark $544000000.00 for the delivery of additional weapons to ukraine locks. foreign policy chief justice berella says there's also been talk of more sanctions against russia. russian opposition, politician that he may, or karamazov has been arrested in moscow. he's been a vocal critical of the kremlin and a new law making it illegal to describe the ukraine conflict as a war on sunday, at carmel that told at u. s. media that president putin had imposed a total blackout on information about the invasion in ukraine and shut down all
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independent media outlets. u. s. a state department has called for his immediate release. the war in ukraine dominated the agenda of a virtual meeting between us present joe biden and indian prime minister arranged remoting. the white house says new duties. ongoing energy purchases from russia were discussed, but it didn't make any demands. our state department correspondent was lynn jordan reports ukraine dominated monday summit and strategic dialogue between top u. s. and ending and officials. that's because despite nearly 7 weeks of war, delhi has refused to condemn moscow's decision to invade or back international efforts to hold it accountable. whether via sanctions or suspension from the un human rights council. before the cameras, u. s. president joe biden, and indian prime minister. no rent or moti,
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were quick to agree civilians are paying the highest price, including in boucher and crime, a tourist hum nay. we immediately condemned it to doug and we demanded an independent inquiry. we hope that the talks going on between ukraine and russia will lead to peace. i want a walker. my india is humanitarian support from people ukraine or suffering. a horrific assault including a tragic shelly train station last week, the killed dozens of innocent children and women and civilians attempting to flee the violence. white house aides called biden and modi's conversation can did, but they also said bite and did not make any demands of modi. the situation is complicated. deli has a robust relationship with moscow, dating back to the cold war. despite the bush administration's launch of a security partnership with india in 2005, the u. s. has never replaced russia as india's main weapons vendor. and it's only now that the u. s. is promising to help india find more sources of oil and gas for
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it's 1400000000 citizens. what's more, the u. s. needs india a member of the quad to help it check china's expansionist goals. so diplomatic pressure has to be carefully applied for india being neutral is what it's foreign policy interests require. we watch what's happening in the world like any country does. sadly draw conclusions and may congress has spent. and believe me, we have a decent sense of what is in our interest and know how to protect it and advance it . the u. s. is view india's relationship with russia was developed over decades at a time when the united states was not able to be a partner to india times have changed. so even after a day of high level meetings between the u. s. and india, a lot of questions remain, is the u. s. willing to cut off one of its partners against china?
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because it won't cut off russia? is andy a willing to under cut its moral standing in the world? because it refuses to make economic and military plants with a country other than russia. and ultimately, what does any of this have to do with the future of ukraine? rosalyn jordan al jazeera, the state department, chavez sharif, has been sworn in as pakistan's, new prime minister, a former opposition leader succeeds imran khan, who was removed in a no confidence vote. over the weekend. sheriff will form a new government until a general election is held next year. some of indicted reports from his under that was it. shabba shabbas sharif has taken note as the 23rd prime minister of by his son mia, mama's ship shabba. should he sub is declared to have been elected as the prime minister of the islamic harry was elected with a 174, woke up in montana and was removed in a vote of men confidence. and the opposition boycotted the election. but i'm there,
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as monkey, if we are to save the sinking birds, what we all need is hard work and unity, unity, and unity. we are beginning a new era of development to day or scott known in pakistan as an administrator who gets things done. at the age of 70, shabba sharif was the joint leader of the opposition that toppled eminent. hon in the no confidence vote should event at politics and then lead pakistan's most pop in this province and the major infrastructure projects. in his hometown the hor, he successfully brought an investment from china and turkey. he's also had good relations with the u. s. analysts say he will need to mend fences after the outgoing prime minister accused his opponents of being politically manipulated by washington shabbos. the younger brother of former prime minister them i sharif, who was dismissed following allegations of corruption. he's fitting a money laundering case and corruption charges brought by the federal investigation
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agency and the national accountability bureau boats. by the say, the allegations leveled under him run hands. premier ship were politically motivated and in 2007 should have criticized the accountability bureau investigating him in nap, which is an illusion of countries. i'm sure if it went to a hitler's the estoppel national account. we do bill, which that selective accounting, accountability and other opposition politicians also accused of being a tool used for political, which hunts in subsequent years in power. the most in the government left the bureau and changed out of all politicians shall surely is widely considered to be the most acceptable to them in a stablish min. oh. and those who came together to topple in my hands. government hoping that the army will maintain what it called it's neutral status. even if shabba surely remains the prime minister until elections next year will still not become a prime minister who completes
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a 5 year term and by his son. as none have done in the country 75 year history, some a job with under the law about the the 2 remaining candidates in france, his presidential race hit, the campaign trail just a day after the 1st round of voting incumbent. among mcconnell, face of the far right candidate, marine the pen on the 24th of april and spent the day campaigning in one of the country's poorest areas. in touch, butler reports now from the northern town of dennis emanuel. my cross critics often call him the president of the rich, so it's not by chance at the centrist incumbent chose dinner, one of france, his poorest towns to begin his campaign for the 2nd round of the presidential election. in this part of northern france, many people say they've been left behind, legless booker, they're the middle classes also want to be heard. people listen to the working classes, but what about us on that we work,
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but we also struggle each month just like every one else manuel to problem again. i'm not from a crime. he's only for the rich. he gives millions to some people while we tighten our boats. wow, for supper. we asked to mackerel for his response in english, please. one we've been speaking to some people here who really feel that the last 5 years has been all about favoring the rich. how are you gonna convince people otherwise versus wrong? look at, look at the facts, look at the days and so on. and i think i'm here precisely to, to go to act face to face whizzer, was this people in to convince about no, just what i did. but i want what i want to do on home because i don't want to leave the social question to the far right people because i think that would be completely crazy. but many here disagree the far right party leader, one the most foods in the 1st round and dinner. a focus on the cost of living and promised to crack down on immigration, resonates in this town where half of young adults are unemployed prospects,
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oblique. and once thriving industries have shut my corner pen will now spend march to the next 2 weeks targeting the same voters from those who abstained in the 1st round to the millions of left wing voters who now face a difficult choice. mohammedan nor dean campaign for the far left party candidate charlotte, bella shaw, who came 3rd in sundays ballot mcneish walford to rape the road. it's going to be very hard to make a choice between them because we have a president, if you care about which people he doesn't really care about the cost of living. even if he's come here to talk about that. on the other side of marine le pen, who just profits from people's misery bosses who don't argue no, produce your. we suffer and deny because people don't have jobs. and in terms of the cost of living, they've lost hope bird. this one hope is something macros says he represents along with stability, continuity, and a promise of jobs. murray le pen says what the country needs, though,
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is something different. it will be up to voters to decide which vision of france they want. latasha, butler, al jazeera dinner, france or marine la pen also campaigned in northern france, she said, microns policies abroad, social destruction. she cues at the present of failing to tackle the rising cost of living. now, major gold shoe, i'm counting on old french voters. i'm counting on their lucidity, i'm counting on their intelligent order, i'm counting on their ability to realize of us that we cannot continue for another 5 years in this situation to 5 years in which a manual micron, if he were re elected, would feel totally free to go through with the policy of self destruction that he started during his 1st hand up through the loss of our country, sovereignty for the benefit of a few and to the detriment of the majority. when an explosion that near the southern lebanese city of sidon has killed at least one person,
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3 others were injured. it happened that near a scout sent to affiliated with a sheer political group, amal. they are closely allied with the countries other big ship movement has with arm is rarely army has arrested 14 palestinians around gen in the occupy the west bank. the rates are follow a series of gun battles and arrests in the city. hundreds of people took part in the funeral of a palestinian teenager. he died overnight a day after being shot by israeli forces tensions in occupied. the west bank of in rising off a series of attacks in israel killed 40 people in the last 3 weeks. at least for palestinians died in recent israeli rates. doctors in sri lanka are wanting of a critical shortage of life saving drugs and medical supplies. as the economic crisis worsens, the health ministry has now ordered state hospitals to reduce non essential medical
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procedures and minimize the use of syringes and gauze. now fernandez has more from columbus clunkers national health services, the only option for those who can't afford private health care. they seek treatment here at the national hospital in colombo or in a network of state hospitals. but the country's economic crisis has hit them hard, mangled up when most people are helpless. we are told to buy everything from outside, even the needle used to check sugar levels has to be bought from outside. there is no point coming to our government hospital for treatment. doctors have been warning of an impending medical disaster as this is shortages affecting their ability to treat patients. many doctors are reluctant to speak on the record that some union members are speaking out. there may be a situation if this continues. when a paper or person come with the road traffic accident wont be able to get the surgical services. i can't exactly say when it is going to happen,
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but if nothing rescuer will thing happens, we may have to see one dark beer like that. the private sector is also facing shortages of hot medication, pediatric and other drugs and consumables. patients all renee, their panic, panic now they are getting some more sick. they right aids going well. stocks are going aldosterone to dia. jewelry had last sucrose because although portage and d. oh brother. oh no, no. we are going to continue this in future. the government is facing an acute shortage of foreign currency that's affecting its ability to pay for import. the ministry of health care, as it is now allocated $14000000.00 to secure medical supplies. but critics say the government is risking lives ah, rocketing prices, shortages of food, cooking, gas, and fuel, and 13 our power cut. a growth gilan can see the streets,
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anger, and frustration has led to continuous protest. here outside the president's office for the past 3 days. the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate. thing lives are being put in danger. and a warning that the crisis will only wasn't if supplies are provided, mina fernandez, audra 0, colombo, tesla and space ex founder and on must cousin ounce. he won't join. twitters board mosque was offered a seat when he became the site's largest shareholder last week. he made several suggestions for twitter, including turning its headquarters into a homeless shelter and a ban on advertising ah, and carry johnston with the headlines on al jazeera. ukraine says it expects russia
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to launch a huge new offensive on its eastern region. imminently. u. s. officials say they believe rusher is reinforcing unrest. appliance troops in the don.


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