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we ignore the global so to put profits before people it won't cost me time of pugs or knowledge ah. ready austria is, chancellor says he's not optimistic off to talks with the russian president and adds to warnings of a new offensive and east in ukraine. ah, hello money inside. this is out there, live from day or so. coming up. indonesia is parliament approves a long awaited sexual violence build that it says supports victims long floors from
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the sound of the alarm or communities referring to price you as president joe bought and takes aim at so called ghost guns, virtually untraceable weapons that can be assembled from a kit and indigenous tribes from across brazil converge and the capital to protest against moves to open the land to mining. ukraine's defense ministry says russia has nearly finished moving the military units. it needs into eastern positions for renewed offensive in that region. much of the fighting is expected to focus on mario poll, the poor city that's been on the stage now for 7 weeks. rob mcbride reports from live in western ukraine. a drive through the ruins of what was once a bustling suburb of mary. you pope, the cities as of style factory,
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the scene of fierce fighting russian back soldiers from the break away region of don yet around patrol. some of them conscripts like 18 year old lattice love. who salvage wiley, fellow nicholas, what can i say? they called me up to go to war. i wasn't hiding from it. i came on my own, a volunteer all around evidence of what weeks of intense fighting has reduced much of this city to, with unexpectedly strong resistance. the one with was well, with 3, i thought it would go better. i thought it would be faster, harrison is going slowly. they, the koreans are trained fighters. so in other parts of the city under russian control, some clearing up is underway. while people try to live as best they can, russia has blamed what it calls ukrainian nationalists for what it describes as a humanitarian catastrophe here. but ukrainian president vladimir zalinski blames
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russia's invading army, claiming an, an address to parliamentarians in south korea. the 10s of thousands of people are likely to have been killed in the city. my tuple, roonan marie, opal is destroyed. there are tens of thousands of dead. but even so, the russians do not stop the offensive. they want to make an example of mario pals to buy another several 100 people are now thought to have died in a theater, where many families had taken refuge. drone footage shows the extent of the devastation to that one building that was attacked in spite of the word deity or children. being marked clearly on the ground. president zalinski says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine with the expected renewed offensive in the east. he says the russians of a mast, an army of tens of thousands, and have every intention of repeating what they've already done. in mario poll, robert bride al jazeera levine. all shares, chancellor has become the 1st
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e leader to visit vladimir patients since the start of the invasion. colony hammer says he raised the issue of serious war crimes and didn't see any signs of progress . just general, generally speaking, i have no optimism. i can take from this meeting with president putin. the military offensive in the east of ukraine is already well prepared for. well, the u. s. and the u. k. say they're aware of and looking into allegations that russia may have used chemical weapons in mateo, pull the ukrainian politician ivana clim push, says moscow use an unknown substance which has cause people to suffer respiratory failure. no evidence has been put forward and russia hasn't commented on the accusation. the u. k. foreign is actually less trust has tweeted on the issue and sad reports that russian forces may have used chemical agents in an attack on the people of mario poll. we are working urgently with partners to verify the details.
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any use of such weapons would be a callous escalation is conflicts. and we were whole putin and his regime to account or in his nightly tv address. ukrainian president followed miss lansky warned russia could resort to using chemical agents. he referred to comments for him, rushing back east and forces in don. yes, co call for such weapons to be deployed. she would use as bulky, equal, blank to day. we heard a new threat about a new stage of terror against our defenders. one spokesman of the enemy made a statement today that they could use chemical weapons against the murder your paul defenders. we took it extremely seriously. i want to remind all the leaders of the world, but the possible use of chemical weapons was already discussed. and at the time it meant that it was necessary to end the russian aggression in a tougher and faster way. now the 6th sanction package is being discussed. we need to make it so powerful that even the phrase chemical weapons is not used by
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russians. national isn't it? has parliament has passed a landmark bell to tackle sexual violence. dan, when dad, you know, when you're a new law will provide a comprehensive legal framework for cases of sexual abuse until now the issue had been regarded as a private matter. victims will be able to receive compensation and psychological support. last year alone, indonesia. so nearly 340000 cases of violence against women as gay, tall correspondent, jessica washington. his life was now in jakarta. jessica, tell us a bit more about this bill and how it will help victims of sexual audits. well, you mentioned some of those figures from last year. and as shocking as they might seem, indonesian ministers have really described those numbers. it's just the tip of the iceberg. because indonesia, like many countries around the world does have a problem with under reporting. when it comes to sexual violence and part of the
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reason for that is that in the past avenues, the justice or survive is of sexual assault have been limited. and there are hopes to day that going forward with the passing of this bill that can change with now clearer avenues for survivors of sexual abuse to build a case and to secure convictions against perpetrators. now 2 of the key features of this landmark legislation include firstly that it takes what women's rights groups and survive as rights groups have called a victim centered approach. this legislation is not just about convictions for perpetrators of sexual abuse, but after an abuse happens, what happens to the victim? specifically, there is a victim of funds for compensation, which would ensure that a victim is able to secure compensation regardless of the financial status of the perpetrator of the assault. secondly, there are also all the avenues with ease and psychological support. but the other
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interesting factor about this legislation is that it outlined some of the nuances, the different kinds of sexual abuse, including online sexual abuse, non physical, actual harassment, forced marriage among other all the ways that a person can be abused, going forward, women's rights groups and survive rights groups are hopeful that it will empower more survivors to come forward and to seek justice. it's interesting, you mentioned those crimes because my understanding is that this bill doesn't go far enough in terms of the types of sexual crimes that covers. it only include some sex crimes and also the emission of a specific clause of rape which was quite important. can you tell us a bit more about that? sure, i'm having a bit of trouble hearing you to be able to repeat the question. but there has been some criticism that the, that the bill doesn't actually go so far enough in terms of the number of sexual
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crimes included dell, that is right. but it is important to look at the wider context here. this piece of legislation has taken more than 6 youth to pass and that is because of some of the difficulties in terms of different perspectives here in indonesia. now the reason for the delay is because mostly because of conservative groups, conservative parties, religious groups, who said that the mere distortion of issues such as sexual consent would encourage adultery and extra marital sexual relations. now they were able to make those claims, of course, without any evidence, but they were able to successfully help delay the process. so as a result, this legislation is by no means perfect, but today human rights groups and those who have really pushed for this legislation to be pos, happy with what they have been able to achieve despite some of the difficult circumstances. which meant that some factors that some of the nuances of sexual
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abuse that they would have liked to be detailed in this legislation would not able to be included. thank you for that. jessica washington, that for in jakarta now is rarely forces have withdrawn from janine and the occupied westbank off to detaining more palestinians. 17 people have so far been held in israeli, raised in the occupied territory as well launched the operations officer. palestinian gunman shot and killed 3 israelis and televi late last week. at least for palestinians have died in the raids that followed separately. israeli forces fatally wounded a palestinian worker in asked long during a security check. let's go to nita abraham, who joins us from outside. a refugee camp in jeanine. it need has been a tumultuous couple of days, will meet that this morning. this morning. these really forces have rated 2 neighborhoods in janine,
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including the neighborhood were in just here right now. one of the places they rated is this house. next to us it belongs to a 30 family. the army has arrested 2 brothers and asked them to ask a 3rd brother to turn himself in because this way the army said that he was wanted . now, all in all, in genie in these radio army has arrested 6 people, 11 others from different areas across the occupied us bank. and there has been almost every day reads to jimmy in, in a, in the city and around death in different places and been a governor. rave and palestinians are saying that the situation is getting more since yesterday we took a we took a walk, a walk in the janine refugee camp. entrances to the cab were blocked by palestinians who put some tires. some garbage been to in preparation for
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a potential read by these really are now these really army has already threatened to read the camp and told the family of rob has him. the gun manor was killed, 3 is rabies in an attack on a warren television. and they asked the family to turn the members in the father and the brothers with it so far refused. this is why people and the gunman in the cab are preparing for a potential raise to the cab. many have told us yesterday that they're angry, that they're sad, but they are ready to fight. anita, i believe another palestinian has died early this morning. he was a worker from hebron killed by israeli police. what were the circumstances around his death? so what we know so far from witnesses is that these really police has entered a work site where palestinian workers were there and they were trying to check if
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everyone has permits. according to these radio forties, they say that this man who is yet to be ideal, we don't know who he is so far. but they say that he didn't have a permit to work in his room. that's not something new. tens of thousands of palestinians enter to work in his way without further. but what we know from the palestinian witnesses, they say that the man bids in for the threat that these really police has said that he attempted to, or he's even stabbed a policeman. and that he was likely injured, but the palestinians are saying that he didn't pose any threat. and these really police was acting in a way that was very violent. and then they shot the man and killed him. yes, to be id. so this gives you an idea about the tension here and how can the situation is in the area. thank you for that. neither emperor him outside that
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refugee camp in jeanine. tammy, up after the weather. she lanka defaults on its external debts as the country's economy continues to spiral admission and that's far out. we look at why and asked joy, that's unlike any other scene, have its 1st visitors ah, how i was warming up nicely now, right across here was the temperatures on the rise over the next few days. the best of the sunshine will be across central parts where we have got clear skies must be gary of high pressure in place here. but even where we have got some class, but i'm little area of low pressure rolling in from the atlantic. we're drawing in a southerly wind, so that's gonna warm things up nicely over the next few days,
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although there will be some showers long spells of brain associated with that. so here we go with the temperatures 20 celsius there in paris on tuesday, 17 for berlin. at heat nutting, a little further east, which as we go one through a wednesday and on into thursday as well. further ways we have got some when she weather some wet weather, some winter weather, just to pull out of her western side of russia by some parts of ukraine. still some snow there over the turkish mountains, but black will ease further east was bright skies gradually coming back in as we go one through the 2nd half of the week, there is the best of the sunshine central parts, bright disguise, coming back in over towards the west, still some showers, longest bells of rain lurking across at east side of spain as we go on through wednesday. some of that wet weather, also affecting the far north west of africa. hutson morocco, more members of algeria and the showers continue for much of west africa. ah,
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the frank assessments, what are the political risks of batting russian oil? a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. not informed opinions. francie's not abandoning to fight against jedi still resumed the area we're going to be attacking from nisha and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in rushes, invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, watching out as a reminder, if our top story is out, ukraine says it expects russia to launch
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a new offensive on its eastern region. us officials say they believe moscow is reinforcing and re supplying its troops in the dumbass region. and asia parliament has approved a long awaited bell to tackle sexual violence. the new law will provide a comprehensive legal framework for cases of sexual abuse. victims will be able to receive compensation and psychological ident was ready for this have withdrawn from janine and the occupant, west bank of detaining 17 palestinians and raids across the region separately. israeli forth is also shot and killed a palestinian worker in nashville owned during a security check. sher lanka has announced a will default on external debt as it waits for financial assistance from the international monetary fund, worsening economic crisis that has lacked doctor's critically short of life saving drugs and medical supplies. the health ministry is ordered state hospitals to
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reduce non essential medical procedures and even come back on the use of syringes and goals. michelle fernandez reports from colombo. she long as national health services. the only option for those who can't afford private healthcare. these each treatment here at the national hospital in colombo, or in a network of state hospitals. but the country's economic crisis has hit them hard wood up. most people are helpless. we are told to buy everything from outside. even the needle used to check sugar levels has to be from outside. there is no point coming to a government hospital for treatment that in doctors have been warning of an impending. busy medical disaster, as they see shortages affecting their ability to treat patients. many doctors are reluctant to speak on the record, but some union members are speaking out. there may be a situation if this continues. when a paper or person come with a road perfect accident won't be able to get the surgical services. i can't exactly
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say when it is going to happen, but if nothing rescuer will thing happens, we may have to see one dark beer like that. the private sector is also facing shortages of hot medication, pediatric and other drugs and consumables. patients all renee, their panic, panic, now diagonal pharmacy. they right, it's going lower. stocks are going, i'll just talk to dia, jewelry and a la sucrose because on those, what sort inch and do oh brother. oh no, no, we are going to continue this in future. the government is facing an acute shortage of foreign currency that's affecting its ability to pay for import. the ministry of health as it is now, i located $14000000.00 to secure medical supplies. but critics say the government is risking lives ah, rocketing prices, shortages of food, cooking, gas,
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and fuel, and 13. our pockets have brought to lancaster the streets. anger and frustration has led to continuous protest. here outside the president's office for the past 3 days. the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate thing. lives are being put in danger. and a warning that the crisis will only wasn't if supplies on provided minute fernandez, are 0 palumbo, heavy rainfall in the central and southern coastal regions of the philippines has killed at least $28.00 people tropical storm. maggie triggered landslides and several villages in the central late province. rescue is searching for thousands of people reported missing flooding as to spice, 30000 families, some of whom are staying now in emergency shelters. meggy is the 1st storm to hit the archipelago. this year. old and 40 migrants have been rescued off the coast of spain's canary islands. the spanish coast god spotted their boats and rough seas
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near gran canaria on monday. or then 6000 people have reached the canary islands this year. y'all is that all the lie off the coast, west africa become a transit point for migrants trying to reach mainland europe. this was on to ukraine. the un security council has heard accusations, rape is being used as a weapon of rule. from the united nations, kristen silly miasma. women children and the elderly make up the majority of the 11000000 ukrainians flee in conflict according to the united nations. they also filled the cremmit tourist train station in dynette russian missiles struck on friday and i must say my 31 years as a humanitarian, i've rarely seen so much damage caused in so little time. the impact of the fighting on the most vulnerable civilians was presented to the united nations security council on monday. in just 6 weeks,
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nearly to nearly 2 thirds of old yo cronyn children have been displaced. they have been forced to leave behind everything their homes, their school, and after their family members, families forced to split up to escape the fighting are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and sexual abuse. according to you and experts who said accusations of sexual assault in areas held by russian forces are on the rise. we know and see and want you to hear voices that violence and rape is use now as a weapon fall by russian. they their senior print report from keith. gotcha. and she gets reported by the survivor themselves and the by the witnesses raped by a group of occupants multiple times with life, threat to survivors, their children, their family members in front of the family members and other people. real cases, real people, real fact russians, deputy ambassador, deny
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b accusations. when you bought them, we knew no convincing evidence has been presented for any of these crimes. but it's understandable that you have trampled on the presumption of innocence a long time ago. but other council members called for accountability, let me be very clear. there must be no impunity for crimes against children. in order to ensure accountability, we need to collect, analyze, and store evidence on all crimes against children. more than 140 children have been killed in ukraine with hundreds more wounded. or having lost a family member, the united nation says it can't confirm reports of women being raped or of children being sent to russia against their families wishes. but it's calling for a full investigation and respect for international law. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations russian opposition politician vladimir cut mussa has been arrested in moscow. vocal kremlin critic has spoken to international media outlets
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in recent weeks condemning the crane invasion. caught him was as divine to suspected poisonings that he blames on russian authorities. the usa department has called for his immediate releases, nothing more pro russian. the u. s. has told it's non emergency staff to leave shanghai because of the surgeon cove at 19 cases and china's handling of the outbreak. beijing is come on the criticism for the measures. it's used to control the virus showing eyes and time. population of 26000000 is on the strength lockdown . people are only allowed out of the homes once a day to get food, and many se supplies are running out. the cities facing china's worst outbreak since the pandemic began. now so called ghost gun saw in the u. s. president, sites in efforts to toughen weapons laws, the guns are made with kits. all 3 d printers and all very difficult to trace on
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fisher has more from the white house. joe biden is under pressure, gun violence is picking up, so is violent crime. the white house knows it has to be seen to be trying to get a grip of the problem. that's why i put together cooperative strategy to supercharge. what works. one of the main areas of focus, so called ghost guns, that can be built from a kit. you don't need a background check. and they've no serial numbers i heart that makes them unregulated and virtually untraceable. that can't stud, says the president, let me ask you, is it extra to protect police officers extreme protect our children, extreme to kate gonzalez, the hands of people who couldn't even pass a background check. lord, good idea that a, a, someone on a terrace list could purchase one of these guns is extreme. it in extreme,
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just basic common sense. the white house also announced the new head of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. steve deckles buck will be charged with enforcing the crack don't. if he's confirmed to the position by the senate, what we need is a confirmed director at each. he asked, we've only had one of those on and it's really a detriment city agencies enforcement abilities. i mean, this is just one example with, with this goes general going through that we really need each, you have to be strong any enforcement side because they don't really just want the crack don't goes guns has been brewing for months. and it's an acceptance that the rise and violence is a political liability for the democrats, but it's almost certainly going to be opposed by those who see it as an attack on the 2nd amendment of the constitution, the right to bear arms. and therefore, it's almost certainly going to end up in the courts. our fisher al jazeera, at the white house, us based non governmental organizations have donated 3 and a half tons of powdered milk to cuba to help fill
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a shortage of dairy products. it will go to hospitals, amnesty homes, the u. s. trade embargo and lagging domestic production regularly leave cuba short a fate. 200 indigenous tribes from across brazil have gathered in the capital to protest against a controversial mining bill. the legislation would open up their lanced exploitations and they argue environmental damage on a piano keep pulse. the protesters covered their bodies with yellow mud, posing as statues, made of gold, and sprayed themselves with red ink. a symbol of the indigenous blood spilled by miners in their reservations. 7000 representatives of 200 indigenous tribes came from all over brazil to the capital brazilian to march against a controversial bill that would open their lands to mining in was scheduled to be
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voted this week. the protest was called on the same day that a 120 page report was released by the yellow mammy people and an inch yo with shocking stories about the damage already done by illegal miners in gunning battle, shaker or for this illegal miners have been offering food to our underage girls in return for sex by polluted our rivers with mercury and poisoned the fish we eat. now our youngsters feel they depend on gold to survive. and some of our leaders have sided with the miners because they feel they can't depend on the government for protection. president able so mattel has used the war in ukraine to push the bill to the top of the agenda, or sonata says, brazil's powerful eye were cultural industry may run out of fertilizers, which it imports from eastern europe and should therefore exploit it. so mineral resources, but it's mostly gold, not the phosphates used in fertilizer. beneath the affected indigenous lance and
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the legal mining is already rampant in 2021. the amount of yen amani land destroy bay legal mining increased by 46 percent as if a few them malia from the chi apple and one to roku peoples are suffering the same onslaught from armed a legal miners. that's why we decided to form an alliance to fight the threat by gathering as much information as we can and making it public. critics say the government has turned a blow, 9 die tweed legal miners for years. mining may still be illegal in brazil indigenous territories, but that have not kept legal minor from invading indigenous lance, their net made it. 20000 italy gold miners. just in the younger mom, the reservation. the indigenous people say their lives are already at risk. opening their lands to mining will leave them totally unprotected monica not give all g 0.
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brazil ya. a metal rich asteroid orbiting the sun between malls and jupiter may soon habits. first visitor from of nasa is conducting final tests before the launch later this year. of us mission to explore line a planet composed of metals instead of ice and broke it all with the asteroids. psych, vinny, 2 years is possible. mission. ah, this is our desert. these you top stories. ukraine says it expects russia to launch a huge new offensive on its eastern region. imminently is official say they believe russia is reinforcing. i'm re supplying its troops. indeed don bass region. austria's chancellors become the 1st e leader to visit vladimir pierson's interests of the invasion colony. hamis as he raised the issue of serious war crimes. didn't see any signs of progress. yep,
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kennedy, generally speaking, i have no optimism. i can take from this meeting.


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