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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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even well on the terrace in the bill, bow stadia a place where political revolutionary share a platform and ideology with violent football, hooligan, read or death. on al jazeera me there's been a shooting at a new york subway station will be live in the us for the latest. ah, you're watching all 0 live from headquarters in delphi and getting you navigate the also it has building up for a fight. russian forces prepare for a big offensive in eastern ukraine, including mario full of the city that's been under siege for week. president putin hosts an ally and declares russia will be cut off from the world. u. k. for these
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fine prime minister, boers, johnson, and one of the top cabinet ministers for breaking cove in 1900 locked down rule. also ahead under growing public pressure. sure lank has government says it's making foreign debt repayment for now to address widespread shortages. ah, hello, we start with breaking news, shooting in america's biggest city. it's happened at a new york metro station. 5 people have been shot at the 36th street station in brooklyn. you're looking at the live pictures from around the scene. police are still looking for the attacker. let's bring in gabriel is on the joining us from new york on the telephone. as we look at that life picture, we can see the chaos. gabriel. tell us what you've been hearing about this incident . first,
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the key facts. the shooting happened around 8 45 am local time here in new york. that's roughly 1245 g m t told by multiple sources. it appears like 5 people were shocked. too serious for critical condition. and why p d is still yet to confirm the exact amount of people shot from multiple sources that it appears that there are about 5 that were shot. this happened in the subway station, as you mentioned, 36th street subway station. during the busy morning commute, unclear the shooting happened on the subway train or on the platform, but based on photos we're seeing, it appears that it was in the spacious and unclear exactly where apparently some of the victims were shot that got back on the train and then got out at another station. so that's why there was
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a lot of confusion doing all of this initially. but it also appears that about 13 people were injured and are transported to very hospitals. the shooter is still at large department and said they are looking for the shooter or she has not been apprehended yet. so there are thousands n y p d officers fanned out to out this area where the shooting took place. searching for this shooter. clearly there is very much urgency to try to apprehend that the shooter before they could potentially do some more act. that's the case. so clearly it's very urgent situation as they try to apprehend the shooter. they're going to be looking for video cameras that are all of the subway stations pick all ready got some sort of what they think is video or
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some sort of image up the shooter. and they are going to be searching for them over to come in minutes and hours trying to apprehend them. this can happen at the very busy morning commute part of the day. this is what people children are going to school. commuters were going to work. and so the subway station was obviously very busy when this took place. yeah. okay, well and where are we just a moment ago, in fact, we were looking at the light fixture from just outside the subway station. and the n y p d has put out a statement there urging new yorkers to avoid the area and expect emergency vehicles and delays that investigation is, is underway. but you were touching upon what a busy area it was. tell us more about this particular location and brooklyn and keeping in mind, of course, that as you were saying, gabriel, people would have been commuting to work and going to schools on the tuesday morning when this incident took place. yeah, this is in the sunset park area of brooklyn, which is used to be very industrial,
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but it's, it's changed over the years and it's actually now very residential. and it's mixed kind of sort of a mixed area. now this is where a lot of people that live in new york city work schools in the area businesses in the area as well. one of the busiest areas of brooklyn, of course, and they look at it. a one of the busiest areas, a big city of us so you can really get a sense of how many people are on the subway this with this station where this took place as well is also where 3 other subway trains on it. so it's kind of a connection point as well. so you can imagine at 8 45 in the morning, the amount of people that were there, even with less people back at work because of the pandemic. new york is opened up again. so it doesn't feel pretty pen demik in new york yet, but it's getting close to that about 50 to 60 percent to the office buildings in
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new york or back open completely. so it's, it's, it's very much back to pre pandemic, new york in term, in terms of the amount of people commuting into the city. and that would be using the subways very busy the subways on it right now. and last few months go quite frankly. and so this is an area, it's very busy, very popular area would have been a lot of people on the subway at that time. when that's happened, gabriel, i know that we're still trying to kind of collect the facts as we speak, but we do know that several people were shot in that incident. do we know at all the extent of the victim's injuries at all? we don't other than we're hearing that at least 2 are in serious or critical condition. that's preliminary information. but it's from
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a couple different sources more than one least 2 are in serious or critical now that could change. but we also saw some, there are some photographs circulating because of course everyone has as, as a cell phone out as a camera. and so the pictures are read readily taken during situations like this and posted. and i've seen a couple of photos that are, that have been posted on social media and elsewhere that you can kind of sense of how, how for lack of a better term, how, how bloody this shooting was. and people very injured and clearly clearly shot. but we'll have to wait to get a better sense of the condition of the victims. but we do know at least 13 have been transported to area hospitals that could have been during the may, may of, after the shooting. of course people running for safety could have fallen and injured themselves as well. but bottom line is we're hearing at least as of now
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again, this could change 5 people shot to in critical condition. what sorts of measures if we know of any hav, have police implemented around this particular station and maybe even other parts of brooklyn right now? completely shut down. they completely shut down all of the subway stations within the area around sunset park and brooklyn. again, as they are still searching for their shooter, that's what makes this a very ongoing, difficult situation. right now, fluid situation because the shooter is still very much at large according to that. and why do there's an active search for this shooter? so they have shut down many of the subway stations all the way to train people that are trying to know and train service all the way to coney island . a major delays on almost all of the subway lines that run through all of brooklyn
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. but clearly, most of the stations right around that issue to completely shut down. and that will of course have a knock on effect for the entire subway system. so officers are actually going through the tracks, walk in the tracks, looking potentially for the shooter or looking for fragments of bullets as well. so this is going to be an ongoing investigation for many hours, at least initially, not only looking for the shooter, but also gathering evidence that the shooting as officers call me or there are hundreds. and i would say, well over a 1000 officers from various departments at that subway station right now and hundreds if not thousands more and i'm not exaggerating. this is a response by the mit band out throughout the area as well. searching other subway
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station and just the surrounding area. and they try to identify an athlete and the suspect. and gabriel, i mean how, how worried and concerned are new yorker is going to be at this incident this and this happens as a time of increased violence in new york. there's been incidence of shootings in new york. and recent times, there was a recent incident, a couple months ago of a woman pushed on to the subway track in time square by a mentally low person and she was killed. the new mayor eric adams is a former m y p, p, the police officer and he has made as part of his major initiative in the new mayor was the mayor. only since the beginning of january is made one of those top priorities bringing down gun violence, bringing down crime in new york city. and so this is just going to again remind new
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yorkers that are concerned about crime of this very issue. we have not heard from the mayor yet. we expect to hear from him, probably very, very soon at the scene. but as i mentioned, he's a farmer and my p d office share is made, crime has top issue. and this is and also getting illegal guns off the streets as well can. we don't know if this was an illegal can use to this incident, but nevertheless, you can bet what that may or does speak is going to bring up the issue of violence . and this is going to only feed in too many new yorkers, worries, peers, apprehensions, anxiety, if you will, about the crime in the city gave just once again, if you can remind us what information we know as of now regarding the suspects or the shooter, and how this was actually carried out according to the new york police department,
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initially they're saying it was, they believe it was one shooter. that shooter is still not been apprehended. he is on the loose according then why p t m i p is described in kind of the clothes that they think he was wearing at the time of the shooting. i'm assuming that it's a man based on my p d. description of the person. and then he was wearing some sort of gas mask according to video that they were able to obtain, that it might be able to obtain at the time of the shooting. not sure why, why and gas match. what that's all about the bottom line is that's what they think the shooter was who was wearing at the time of shooting. and it's he is still on the loose and has not been apprehended. that is the main information that mit has really so far. let's remember there are cameras on every corner of new york city
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and in every single subway station in new york city as well on the platforms as well. so they are very quickly able to, they might be access those cameras and get video of the scene. and that's why they're able to so quickly at least get a sense of what they think the shooter was wearing. what the suspect was wearing to go over the facts one more time. shooter is still on the loose has not been apprehended. shooting happened a little after 8 45 am local time. at a subway station in sunset park area, brooklyn new york. the 36th street station mit is not confirmed this. we have been told various different sources that at least 5 people were shocked at least 2 critical condition. and why p d just saying multiple people shot at this juncture. and the shooter still very much at large and a massive man underway the new york city gave. well,
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there were also reports of smoke at the particular station. what do we know about that? are these confirmed reports or is the n y p g? not going with that. whenever there's a shooting like this, there's always going to be various bits of information that come out from eye witnesses or people that were there that think they saw something or think they heard something. and then those reports spread very quickly. in this case, initially, there were reports of some sort of smoke and or maybe a canister of some kind that perhaps the suspect might have grown during the incident that immediately led to all sorts of speculation. various departments, nypd responding to the scene,
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of course, immediately according to being wiped during an initial search of the subway station, there was no sort of explosive device found at least not yet. and then not during the initial search could something have been gone by the suspect device or canister, or something. sure. perhaps that all come out during the investigation. but as of now, the new york police department says that during an initial search by the bomb squad of the station, there's been no, no device found sort of explosive device. of course, this is new york city. so it's the biggest police force in the united states and the new york police department actually is one of the biggest actually the number of officers they have is actually bigger than many military's around the world of small country. it is the biggest police force in the states. they have bomb squads,
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they have anti terrorism, all sorts of agencies of the p d and all of them will respond and have responded when ever there is a multiple victim shooting incident in new york city. and of course, when you, when initial eye witness his report of some sort of potentially a device thrown as well. and the subway station that only elevates here and see even more. but this is normal whenever there's confusion of shooting like this to get all sorts of various reports. but as of now, nothing exploded. and there is no explosive explosive device that was found by the police department during an initial search of the subway station. okay, that is a light fixture from brooklyn over new york, where as you've been hearing from our correspond, gabriel, who's on the several people have been shot in a metro station in, in the u. s. city of new york, you can see the n, y,
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p g l in and full force and the firemen are there as well. and that is the latest picture. in fact, from inside the metro station, we'd still wait to gather more information on what exactly happened, who the shooter is. gabriel reporting that the shooter is still at large, so we will cross back to gabriel in just a little while. but let's find out what's going on at the white house. so we can assume that the president joe biden has been briefed on this. alan fisher will tell us about that. he's joining us from the white house. allen over to you has been informed and he's obviously being give he up to date with what's going on. and it comes less than 24 hours after he stood on the south lawn of the white house and said that he wanted to do a lot more about gun control in the united states. there has been, arise in gun attacks across the u. s. and arise and violent crime politically, the democrats know that that is a real liability for them as they head. busy towards the midterm elections in november. and what joe biden announced on monday was that he was going to crack
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don't on so called gorse guns, ghosts, guns that can be built from a cat. they have no serial number that makes them very hard to trace. the can be left at the scene of a crime, and then it's very hard for the police to find out who actually own them. he's going to change the laws or in that, although that are those who immediately suggested that this was an attack on the 2nd amendment of the united states constitution, the right to bear arms, and therefore would challenge any thing. the joe biden dead in the, at the courts. but joe biden would also like to go after things like assault rifles . no suggestion that has been used here, but he's talked about that and he mentioned it on the south lawn on monday saying that he understands that people want to go hunting. he doesn't want to get after all the guns, but he doesn't quite understand why people have to carry such large magazines because as he joked at the time at the dear, don't we're kevlar that protect a vest so there's no need for that. but certainly this wall perhaps heightened the
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concern and the white house that they need to do more about gun crime. that will obviously wait to get a full report on what is happening from the n y p d. a. we're told that the f b i is also monitoring what's going on. now just looking at the pictures that been coming in in the last 1520 minutes or so. there is no sign of any f, b, i vine, any f b i, agents, you would normally see them with the letters on their bullet proof vests. that is quite key because that would suggest at this stage, it hasn't been declared by the n y, p d as a terrorist event. if that was the case, then immediately the federal authorities would be involved in the f b. i would be there that might all change because of course this is still very early on in the investigation, but at the moment there's nothing that i've seen on the pictures that we're been getting that suggests that the f b i is involved. so there's a lot to do for this administration when it comes to dealing with gun crime. this me, well give them some political momentum to say, look,
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we can't have things like this happening. we need to do a lot more about gun control. and what job by noise is for a man whose approval ratings are the lowest. they have been for a very long time that there is big public support to do a lot more about gun control. the can sandy's got and he mentioned this again on monday was the national rifle association. the big gun lobby spends a lot of money on lobbying, spends a lot of money with politicians to make sure that they can restrict any changes in gun laws in the u. s, and that is an obstacle that they have to overcome. you know, alan and gabriel was a moment ago to talking about how there has been somebody increased gun violence in particularly in, in the state of new york. i mean, has the president of the white house addressed that particular state or, or what are we seeing across the country when it comes to them? violence well not just dealing with gorse guns, dubai, nor so nice a number of measures to strengthen the department of justice when it comes to
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dealing with gun crime. and one of the things that they are going to do is spend a lot more money on local police. and joe biden is a great believer in the fact that there should be a cop almost on every street corner that they should know the people in their community. and that connects the police with what they're doing. so he is going to make sure that the partner just to spend a lot more time. and of course, a lot more money or not sort of policing. they're also going to be a number of initiatives in places like new york, where there has been high gun crime in places like chicago, when they can do a bit more to try and get guns off the street. the problem is that has been something that almost every administration has done and failed, but certainly the figures of gun crime and violet crime which are going up here in the u. s. is a concern for joe by not just because of the danger that it poses to many local communities across the united states, but also cynically and politically. he knows that that is a vote loser. and we of course have the midterm elections coming up in november
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2022. okay, alan, stand by for a 2nd please. we are going to just play out some sound that we've heard or from, from an eye witness over in brooklyn. that's us in, in oh, it was like 9 or so. and you know, lisa commotion was her card cries, pulling up. so we were concerning. rick bennet, glenside integral. enjoy hein, amber, weedy. actually go downstairs, which was ivy play you know lisa annual is coming out with a stretcher with our racing arnie. their leg was injured. i'm not sure exactly what went on going on. and then we saw after that to ambulance coming out earlier. like happened on one night. i was sitting on the leg and ma'am, i'm not quite sure what's going on or was when running. ok, let. so once again bring and gabriel is on there. he's joining us from new york and that is a live picture right now. from brooklyn, gabriel. so the, the eye witness also. not sure really what was going on and what was taking place
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there still, stones, to be like a state of confusion as, as police officers get underway with that investigation. what more you learning at this hour the new york fire department just did confirm that 13 people were injured and transported to area hospitals still have not got a confirmation yet. the number of people shot, but police department source are saying multiple at this point, but they're just, they're hesitant to release total number of people shock until they know that the number is exactly correct. but from sources we're still hearing multiple different sources. believe it was 5 or 6 shot with at least 2 or 3 in serious or critical condition. of course, family members of those that have been shot, want to be notified before they start releasing numbers or anything like that. no word yet on fatalities. that should be coming out in the next few minutes or so. we
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are also told that the fire department was still fanned out, searching urgently for the suspect that they are hoping to release, either a drawing and or a, a picture of the suspect that they're looking for as soon as they can. they are, of course, collecting video from the subway stations. there are multiple cameras and all new york city subway stations, as well as on street corners as well. they're gathering as much in this video as possible to try to get a clear image of the suspect or who they believe the suspect to be that they can release to the public as they're going to start searching. and you're going to start asking for the public health. i'm trying to find the suspect. and the scene is very tense based on the images i'm seeing and it's very urgent. search for the suspect, as you can imagine, because this took place in the morning hours during rush hour here,
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and this suspect clearly opened fire injuring and shooting multiple p. and now that suspect his plan, where he went to work, or assuming it's a he, based on the initial descriptions from the police department where the suspect led to is unknown. even at that point, that's why they don't know if you went out of the station went through the station . what direction that person went. this is all part of this investigation right now . and the sooner that the police can get a better sense of that and get a picture of him out to the public the sooner they feel that they can try to apprehend the suspect in the shooting. when gabriel, how are they describing the suspect than are they saying it was just one suspects or could there potentially have been any more your police department is right now investigating that. how many people were potentially involved, but right now they believe that it was one. and the only the only thing they're
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saying is that it was that they believe that the suspect is a black male that was wearing some sort of mass crypt some kind during the incident. but other than that, haven't released much more information in terms of who this person is. that is what they're trying to release as soon as they can, because they feel once they can get a picture out and that'll help them and help the public try to identify the person and find out where the person is at so they can apprehend them. and described to us, i mean we are looking at the life picture gabriel with the, with police cars and fire engines. and we see the n y, p d y, p d. also warning new yorkers to just avoid that area. but describe to us what the scene right now. well, it's organized, organized, chaos. and what i mean by that is there are thousands of law enforcement officials
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at the scene right now. 1000. that is not necessarily unusual for multiple casualty or multiple people shot incident such as this particular with the new york, their law enforcement personnel from all the various different agencies with in the n y p d, as well as some federal agents as well. my colleague alan fisher just correctly pointed out, there's no indication at this early juncture of any sort of terrorism at all. as he correctly pointed out, there is though f b, i, agents on seen. but that should not be, that's normal for something like this in new york. the biggest field office is in new york city. and so they would out of normal protocols send agents to it's a team such as this that does not mean they are in charge of this investigation. in fact, they are not the n y p d is fully in charge of this as though it was as
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a crime scene. and that's exactly what it is. in terms of the c know there are schools. 3 that area that are on locked down right now, their parents trying to go get information on their children and their schools nearby this area. and it's just because the suspect is still at large. that's what makes this situation a little different or little more intense than what we've seen in other shooting situations where the suspect is immediately apprehended. or because this one, the suspect is still at large. and that's why it's so much of the area around the subway station, reaching kilometers around the subway station are still totally on locked down. and, and, and that's why the situation is so tensional, you see the urgency by the police personnel to really maintain,
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maintain the situation as best they can. there's all sorts of social media video coming in right now. these are videos just showing panic if you will, of people just getting off the subway train running for safety. because as you can imagine, this was clearly a very chaotic situation. as someone apparently opened fire on a subway platform, a busy subway platform in new york city during rush hour as kids were going try and go to school and as commuters were trying to get to work in elsewhere in this area at sunset park in brooklyn. okay. gabriel, we will just let you go for a few moments and we'll check back with you in just a short while, but some of the people there in new york are describing what was happening at the scene of the attack. let's listen. we didn't actually go downstairs, which was we did it, but you know, we saw i'm coming out with a stretcher widow 1st thing on it. there was injured. i'm not sure exactly what
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went on or what was going on. and then we saw after that to amber, this coming out to people like hopping on one night. obviously they got hurt as well. so i'm not quite sure what's going on or what's going on. let's bring an allen fisher. he's joining us from washington, d. c. and the press secretary has not confirmed that the president has been brief allen on the latest developments regarding this incident to new york. what more do i know he's in the oval office at the moment. i just take a look over my shoulder. i can see the marine in the dress uniform that says that he is there. he has been informed, he's being kept up to date with what is happening. and senior white house officials have been in touch with both the mayor and the new york police commissioner and offered them any assistance now the president is due to leave for iowa in about 45 minutes time. i just asked if there was any possibility that he may die back to new york either on the way the or the way back at the moment. his plan is still to go to.


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