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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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compensation regardless of the financial status of the perpetrator of the assault. secondly, there are also other avenues with me and psychological support. but the other interesting factor about this legislation is that it outlines some of the nuances, the different kinds of sexual abuse, including online sexual abuse, non physical, sexual harassment, forced marriage among other other ways that a person can be abuse going forward, women's rights groups and survivors rights groups are hopeful that it will empower more survivors to come forward and to seek justice ah, the selves there are these, the top stories, u. s. police is searching for a suspect after a rush. i was shooting at a new york subway station. the fire department says 10 people have been shot i just before 824 this morning. as
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a manhattan bound and trained waited to enter the 36 street station. an individual on that train dawned at what appeared to be a gas mask. he then took a canister out of his bag and opened it. the train at that time began to fill with smoke. do you then open fire tracking multiple people on the subway? and in the platform, again, we will describe him as an individual. he is being reported as a male black, approximately 5 feet, 5 inches tall. with a heavy build. he was wearing a green construction type vest and a hooded sweatshirt. the color is grey. ukraine says russia has nearly finished moving the military units and needs into easton positions for renew defensive march of the fighting is expected to focus on the already besieged city of mary palm rush . as president says, the conflict with ukraine was inevitable. was just a matter of time that emma pearson made the comments while meeting bella luce, at president, alexander lucas shanker, in the far east. but it's me,
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you cable fine. the prime minister, boss johnson, for breaching covered 19 lockdown rules. senior cabinet minister chancellor, she sooner will also face the financial penalty. the so called party gates scandal has angered many after emerged. government staff reached pandemic restrictions on several occasions. israeli forces have fired tear gas and rubber bullets of palestinian students inside a university campus and occupied westbank. palestinian red crescent says dozens of being injured. witnesses say violence began in the morning inside co door university now to come not far from the separation wall. sure lanka has defaulted on it's $51000000000.00 foreign death. island nation isn't the griffith. it's worth economic crisis and memory, causing the food fue and electricity shortages public anger had fled in recent weeks. the headlines and use continues here on al jazeera right off the inside story by ah
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back his sons, u prime minister, is promising to fix it. economy and rebuild ties with allies and bees elected jabbar sharif after him, ron kon lost a no confidence vote. but can he overcome bitter political divisions and address domestic and foreign policy challenges? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm fully battle, chabarise sharif has been sworn in as pakistan's, new prime minister. the former opposition leader is succeeding iran khan,
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who was removed from office in a no confidence vote. sharif will not form a temporary government until a general election can be house sometime next year. while he settled into his new office, tens of thousands of iran, con supporters are protesting against his removal. and more than a 100 m. p. 's from con, spotty, have also resigned in protest. we'll get to our discussion in just a moment. but 1st, this report from our hider in islamabad after several weeks of uncertainty . and what was looking like a political tele august on now had a new prime minister there 23rd prime minister to watch one. and on monday evening, it is important to note that bugger thought that he can solve the outgoing party, decided to resign. and mock from that parliament saying that a good option charges against them acceptable and that they will not
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continue in a parliament that they consider to be an imported government. enron han had already been to its people to come out on sunday night across the country. tens of thousands of people came out. and what is it? an endorsement of enron on stands that there was a foreign conspiracy to bring down the government to award of no confidence. enron would be wanting early elections, but the new party that didn't follow. and of course, this is an assortment and an alliance of 9 political parties that have been able to unite on a single agenda to out them. ron han will be wanting to hold electoral reforms, something that enron cons party did not agree with the next few weeks and months will be critical. the budget on that he can solve once an early election. but it seems that this new government in islamabad may not be ready for that. this is ida
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for it's i story from it some abad. while the incoming administration will need to navigate multiple domestic and foreign challenges, inflation is more than 12 percent and pakistan's foreign debt is at a $130000000000.00. that's 43 percent of its g. d. p. attacks by armed groups have been on the rise in talks between the government and pakistani taliban have failed and it will need to improve relations with the west, which were recently damage when con, accused washington of conspiring to topple him. there's also the kashmir dispute with india security in afghan, his son and the government will need to oversee growing chinese investment. well, let's hear what some pakistani had to say about their new leader and the economy. yes, mr. jojo, jacqueline gorman. all people do not care whose government it is, whether it's p t i people's party or muslim league, or they want his progress in this country. the main issue is that inflation should
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be brought down so that the poor man can survive. the middle class is the one that suffers most to white color person gets hit most by inflation because he has to manage things in such a way that he can maintain and keep up appearances. so whoever comes into power, they should be able to control prices, industry should thrive. there should be overall progress on this or was it is zoom . will you me the again, shall we have hopes from shabazz sharif? he's a good leader and we hope that he'll control prices and god willing he'll be a good leader for the poor. masses in the country will progress ah, less now bring in, i guess, all of whom are joining us from pakistan's capital islamabad. zilkey car buccheri was a special assistant to former prime minister iran con maria eck bar tarianna is the general secretary of the human weiss, wing of pakistan's people's party. and so by egbert is a political analyst and pro rector at the national university of modern languages.
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thank you for being with us on inside story, maria. let me sot with you. can prime minister chabarise sharif govern pakistan effectively when there is so much widespread afford from it for him? ran kon, from millions of pakistani, especially young pakistani said those who say he doesn't have the mandate to govern . what do you say? oh, when you talk about this at all, then you know, always this thing comes into my mind. we are living in a dark gumera and we must not forget how easy it is to manipulate the young mines because sans daughters publish 66 per cent population is of youth. and today youth has not been engaged with you or either me or anybody else that when you engage with the phones. so it's very easy for anyone to menu blade or you know, to install their own agenda through this no social media. and what we believe
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in this time actually what has happened? fuck it up, been p t. i came into the government 2018 after that. i think it's been almost 4 years. they used all the government resources and dual menu played to hijack young men. of pakistan, who, you know, to install their own agendas, and this is what we need today because the young people are just not being ready to understand the constitution of pakistan. and what is important about the plan is a democracy. and whatever has happened in last few days, nothing has happened on a constitutional, on an undone. of course, no confidence ward or a, you know, i come from a bar debuggers on people's partying. everybody knows when baucus son was only 20 years old and focused on people's fire, he came into being in right when pakistan was 25 years or so 5 years or back. isn't
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peebles by v give, but his son, oh, complete constitution. okay. which is our responsibility as a young people to need to implement and to stand by. okay, let's allows verifica buccheri to response over. com. maria says the millions of people who come out, the young people who come out in support of enron con, are be manipulated. what do you respond? i think what my, my colleague is trying to say is that box on people's party and piano noon in the government in charge at the moment. doesn't have any support from the youth or the masses. i think her entire synopsis of what she's trying to build up is basically saying that nobody has come out for them. the youth is not behind them. and the public mandate is still with her ex prime minister in ron hahn. and she talks about bucks on people's party doing so much their chairman who is from send the province of send is still. and if you look at his personal constituency,
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it's still probably one of the most backward constituencies in the entire country and their grandfather. father, mother himself, have been ruling for decades, and yet haven't been able to give her any progress to their own personal constituency. let alone the country, i think. i think you rightly hit the nail on the head when you started with that he may have got the norco vote confidence in the national assembly by making everyone against one man mannheim. however, do they have the moral authority? do they have the public's mandate? if they do, then the simple question is, why wouldn't any prime minister who has come in now she has been sworn in as prime minister. there is no one on the road rejoicing. there's nobody on the streets celebrating. so why wouldn't the prime minister, which prime minister with any moral authority would not want to go to elections immediately? right. and let me ask on his own countrymen, but why?
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and if, if you know, if the opposition wants to keep this government in his prime minister honest, why not participate in the political process? why walk out of harmony? i'll explain to, i'll explain to you why we believe we are fully aware of that. we have been in govern. let me put it like this. we've been in government for 3 and a half to 4 years. when the comma commodity index prices, inflation was through the roof world wide. it was a sky high. yet the, the p d. m movement could not gather themselves to remove and topple our government. what has happened in the last 30 to 60 days where this i would even call it a super glue, but this magical glue has gel them altogether to top of the government. when the, when the government is, when the government's ex governments narrative is sky high, what might, what magic glue or what magic conspiracy came in,
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that got them altogether and toppled, topple it when they weren't even at their lewis. when we, when our government was, it was at as low as in terms of opinion polls or public polls. they still couldn't manage to do it. why we're not asked last bit why we're not participating or, and resigned from the assembly is simply because we feel it illegitimate government and us sitting in the assemblies with what we feel a foreign intervention will legitimize you, you injure him at govern, you having to prove that there was for an intervention you, you talk about this for an intervention accusing the us and so on. and but that hasn't been proven. i'll come back to that in just a few minutes, but i do want to bring in, ah, mrs. a by egg bol into the conversation. and maria, i'll allow you to respond to what we've just heard from your colleague, mister egg bol. i mean him, ron khan, as we've seen, fairly commands are fairly large audience, especially among young people. we've seen millions take to the streets in recent days, and even among members of the military, the young members of the military does it matter what he does next. if these
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massive protest continue, are we likely to see the military step in as it has in the past? well, the military has its own constitutional role to play and they made it very loud and clear that they are not integrating into the political process. if i can correct, recall the statement given by the d g i s b r a few days ago when he was off point blank. but this is not a matter of getting into things or getting into the fray of the thing. this is a matter of a constitutional process. there has been some allegation level by the box that he can solve and the new prime minister mr. chavez should have just pointed out in his 1st speech that we're going to make commission parliamentary security commission and everything would be best he gets. and he was bullied enough to say that even if an iota of indication is coming towards us that plays into the hands. then he said that he was ready to resign. at that point in time,
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we must all understand that this was the democratic process. and if you count the number of boards, it was the parties which was previously the p t i and now they have joined hands, but the opposition parties, namely pml and box on people's party. so it, it is only both parties be the so called members of the box that you can solve who are not considering their policies in the correct way. they have not voted in this in this vote of no confidence such a democratic process. and mr. chavez has said that we are going to go again to any, any been debt order or are making against a greek against anybody. so if, if iran consult and his party considers that they should come out on the street, it is their democratic, right? if there's, if it is within the right of the political domains under the law of the land, they must together, they must raise their weiss and if they are able to muster that support and the
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stabilize the government and then push them into the new elections. so be it, but for the moment we must all accept the demo, the, the process and the last the last night. so we must accept the democratic process. you say, maria, let's talk about the 1st big challenge for this new prime minister and this new government. and that is the economy, the i m f program has been suspended the countries facing enormous deficit on the fiscal side. how will he stay? the country prime minister sharif will be economy, take a different direction from under in mom con. yeah, that's what i wanted to reply because my fellow police said that time for the celebration. so i had, nobody is supporting sebastian at the moment because my dear, every one celebration time is over. nobody is dancing on the roads. i knew mom and anyway. so you know, the crust metric for a handsome prime minister and all that. this is betty outdated films which are openings has been using because it's about the life of 3220000000 people because
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it's not a tater or a movie or we're not seeking for any drama in this country. we have to be very serious about you know, how we can move forward. and, and mr. i'm sure i heard the conversation in maria policy crisis. yeah. let's try to move forward the conversation now because you, you will disagree with her as of the car on this. how do we address the biggest challenge right now, which is the economy? how does he or the new prime minister go about doing that? yes, of course. a new prime minister has his own policies, of course, due date to yesterday. he has taken a hold. now there parliamentary commissions will be form for nick, finding me. and i'm sure that will be in favor of pakistan because the previous he was been serving as a cm of been job. and since been job is a bid. the half of the population of his son is been residing in is the biggest province and economic lead a job. it has contributed a lot in the economy as well. so i'm sure they have their own policies,
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which we will see in the coming days. now at the moment we think in not on economically by broadened policies, also being at disaster sole. what would the disaster the previous government has left, i think is the biggest challenge for the people who has just taken off yesterday and is the biggest challenge. phone back isn't be both body b emmelyn and all that added a lot is because is a huge responsibility. the common burleson has been expecting a lot from them because a b, d eyes up order of the day of stomach was full. they had blanket bounces, full, their bachelor banks is full today has nothing to do with the bombing bus bombing horizons. challenges in focus on is very different and for that will have to be a plus and democratic person who understand the foster to charlottesville on mrs. mccarthy's party i re told to responded, maria let allow me to respond. so we have a new prime minister now in place that the protest, i mean, i don't know what you feel they're going to achieve, but isn't it in the benefit of all pakistan is to move forward now and address this
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urgent issue that is a tackling and propping up the, the economy, what would you hope the new prime minister will prioritize? i think the, the new prime minister has his hands full a. he's come in on an international conspiracy mandate, which you said that we haven't proven. i just want to clarify that that's completely incorrect. ok. tanner has called the north dust. the national security council was called it has all 3 chiefs, the navy, the army, and the air force chiefs and the opposition leaders at the time who are now in power. were all invited to that council to the national security council. they all refused to come. all 3 serving armed chiefs signed off that they feel that there was a, an intervention. and that the words and note used in the meeting held in washington were unacceptable. and hence,
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the foreign office has written back the de marcia back to them of talking about a regime change and not willing to work with them around hon. and but if, if the government is removed, then all of bach sons are false would be admitted. so this is, this is something we're all 3 chiefs have signed off to, has gone to the supreme court. it was given to the national and national speaker, the because it's a confidential letter. there are certain rules and requirements. they need to go about, but they didn't want to see it. they want to make sure they avoided it. i'm glad they're in power now, and i think go through it. and if they can find a way of making it public, it should be made public. so, so to say that his fault is absolutely wrong because has gone through the highest level of security council with everybody sitting there. and i repeat, the opposition who is speaking now, refused to turn up for that meeting. the thousands and millions of people you see on the roads, not only in boxes,
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but probably every single country across including door, including a cutter high including u e. r. people who are not accepting them. when we talk about a democratic. this is a demo traffic movement. no, it's not. this is an alliance of people who are either on bill or have run or war. their brothers are run away as convicted criminals sitting in london, his brothers. now the prime minister, who is on, on bail himself at the moment, the leader of less boxes, people's party p. p. p. himself is internationally known as a criminal. so do understand what this alliance is. it's not democratic, it's an alliance. okay, maria, let's put that to you. i mean, these are, these are law alliances. have been historically at log loggerheads. it has to be said with competing interest. how are they going to say united until elections respond to what we've just heard from this is of the copy. of course, when the dns moment started in back in september 2020, that was a sign charger which said about gladly that we will enforce and implement foster
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tuition. we will meet vitamin status donna's we will, we believe in freedom of speech, expression, and assembly. we believe in the democratic governments, we believe in the sovereignty of provisional government, women protect the rights of other peoples of pakistan. we've been for the foreign policy economic policy and we will respect was armed forces as well. so in this government, we saw them made every in circular institute, so all gone to worship that this is the biggest challenge with we see as a political worker that in the coming days we have to start from seattle, you know, in the, in the half years of dying when they would the, it, all they did is a, using that opposition. now the opposition who has taken over and of course people are very happy people of the it, they fancy it,
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but we see the whoever understands pakistan. and again, women who have the bread presented people be asleep, they know they believe in them. and i'm short in dumbing days after 10 days, or 15 days. if you bought somebody from boxes on people's body, pamela, you will see the cloud picture off back. isn't that how bob is on is been going and yesterday we saw a stock index position when the but value for these has gone up. ok. and you know, we need to respect that in the one day time. been so many things has been happening . so is a baby government, is it just it? it's they have it is early days. yes. okay, let me bring up your strength is not by via, i'm sorry, mrs. via vaughn for keeping you away for, for some time. now, let me bring you back into the conversation. we've heard from mrs with the copper curry and any more on cons. party that the u. s. was behind this effort to push him out even even if his body had good relations with washington at some point,
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how much damage has that done? you've been to relations with us and how difficult will it be for the new prime minister to men size? well, if you ask me to be fair that some damage might have been done because if you are getting into the domestic politics international players and i must say that this is a very, very dangerous line that a government has stood up on it. and you've been very difficult, not only for this government, but maybe next time in the next election, if you have in that action and to get back into the government and off the country for the election, or whenever the elections, future elections are held. it's going to be a very difficult situation for them to handle, as well as the allegations to all be politicians are concerned. let me say that almost everybody has guesses against them. even the premise or wrong con ex premise from wrong on had some cases against him. so is the case with the other leadership in the country. so if i'm not getting into the blame game here, whitehead,
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a box funding situation is very, very casey mission has been pointed out. there are of foreign exchange problem. there is an inflation problem, the common man particularly hit by the corporate and all the economic meltdown in pakistan has literally broken their box. it's time to get together, it's time to get some sort of stability into the things. it's time to get out of this historical things. it's time to get together and stay to think how they are for the betterment of the people. i must say that the media has all the right to come on to the be to peaceful and if they are saying that whatever they want to say and their, their freedom of expression on them. that must have all that. i to say that. but the government has come out of the opposition and know it is their responsibility to do what they have to do with the economic house in the order. some of the indications that mike, when he was noted just one day, i'm not too easy to jump on to those early conclusions because it's very early days . but there is a very difficult beta go ahead,
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distribution and bucket bunny economics by 5. not say that's crisis like, but it is pretty precarious at the moment. the foreign exchange rate is a very, very alarming. let me say that some of the policy is adopted by the previous government. they were really not advisable, as hence they change the 3 from finance minister over the frame of not more than 4 years. so something has been done, which was not advisable at that point in time. hence these, these economic conditions got out of the hand and everybody accepted the leadership in punjab even now they are accepting when they're nominated for the delay for the premier trip up and job. so everybody knew that the, the leadership and punjab was not delivering and i agree that this job is more than 60 percent in terms of population. so if you are not delivering and job, you're not living in bucket some soul searching. sure how to go into the previous coming. they may claim that they have been not dealt with been even had,
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but they must look at because i think that to come back into power, they should not repeat those mistakes with their been doing for the last 4 years or so. all right, we'll leave it there. unfortunately, we've run out of time. i wish we had more time because it's quite a lot to discuss. so thank you so much for joining us, sophie, combo kerry maria, a bad to have on our end. so bear a bar. thank you, and thank you for watching. you can watch this program again any time by visiting our website and ologist era dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter or handle, is that a j inside story from me fully back to the whole team here? and thanks for watching bye for now. the ah
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or the west's neglected ukraine. the seeds of room on it just either. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hi there, i'm given out. this is the news. our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. morning. rush hour attack in the us. police in brooklyn looking for a suspect offer a shooting, a subway station. wrapping for another offensive russian troops strengthen depositions of easton crane, including the besieged city of mario president, vladimir putin remains defiant,
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saying the west won't succeed in isolating russia on the world stage. and to you k police fine, the prime minister barak.


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