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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2022 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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sending national park an annual ceremony has been lodged a hall parish's, an individual's pay 5000 years dollars to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00. much of it for conservation initiatives. ah panic on the new york some way after a man throws small bombs and opens far too in the morning rush hour. enjoying 16 people. ah, i'm dealing with donald. this is sal. jesse are alive from london, also coming the battle for mariel. paul enters a decisive stage with russian troops close to taking control of the city and the estimates of $21000.00 civilians killed. president putin defends russia's war in
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ukraine as a noble mission that will achieve its goals. exit it also certain that people have the right to expect. better. forest johnson apologizes for breaking lockdown rules but refuses to resign as he becomes britton's. first serving by minister to be found guilty of breaking the law. ah one welcome to the program. a huge man hans is underway, new york for a gunman who opened fire on a subway train. 10 people were shots and 6 others injured, a brooklyn's 30 fix street station. 5 of the injured are in a critical condition, but stable ah, or a suspect less or for smoke canister in a carriage before shooting both in the train on the platform at about 8 30 am
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during warning rush hour please, so not treating it. there was an act of terrorism that say, the motive is not yet known. they're not moving anything out. well, new york police commissioner kitchen soule explained how the shooting unfolded. just before 824 this morning. as a manhattan bound and train waited to enter the 35th street station, an individual on that train donned what appeared to be a gas mass, either to the canister out of his bag and opened it. the train at that time began to fill with smoke. he then opened fire tracking multiple people on the subway, and in the black one school street gave the elizondo whose live in new york hi there, gave. so what more do we know what this stage about the attack? what for the details are there? and of course, the suspects will appear to be attack the suspect, boarded one of the subway carriages and then released some sort of gas
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bomb if you will, for lack of a better word. and that, that caused of course media panic and the subway. and then he opened up fi, open fire, the train continued to go to the next station, and that's when people flooded out of the carriages. panic ensued and then that is when people started taking videos and pictures of what they saw, the real panic happened there. that care the subway car and the subway stations were full of people because this happened right. during busy rush hours, commuters were heading into new york city for work. many children or young people were on the train as well on the subway as well, because they were going to school. there's still a lot of unknowns about this attack, the since it happened on a moving subway train in terms of the suspect, the big thing here is that he has not been apprehended yet. and so there's a massive man underway right now in various neighborhoods of new york city,
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basically looking for him. the motive for this attack still very much unknown. and that's a big question that a lot of people are going to be asking, what would prompt the suspect to do this? and then the question to us, where did he go? did he run down the train tracks? did he go outside the train station? what direction did he run? these are all questions that police are trying to piece together right now. and they're asking for the public's help in trying to see if they know anything about this to call the police with any sort of information. but it's still very much a 10 situation here in new york because this gunman is still on the loose. as the governor said, when she spoke a couple hours ago, she implored, implored new yorkers to her words, be careful and be cautious. it's a dangerous situation. gave that was going to be my next question. what, what impact is this having on the people of new york on, on their psyche or many new yorkers were
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already concerned with a rising rising increase in violence on the subway system even before this attack here on tuesday morning. so now it's going to even increase it even more. the new mayor of new york city is only been on the job a little over 3 months. he's actually a former police officer himself, and he has made tackling violent crime on the subway system. one of his top priorities and just recently initiated another new program to put police officers a back on the subways, writing the subways to help try to bring down the crime. but clearly, this is a shooting that is left a lot of new yorkers shocked because this is really a worst nightmare. for many people. hundreds of thousands of new yorkers take the subway every single day. and now that the corporate numbers have come down in new
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york, the subway system is operating at about 70 percent of roughly of what it was pre coven. so the subway system is very busy right now. and in many of the major stations like where this took place, some of the subway cars or shoulder to shoulder with, with people. so, this is certainly gonna, you know, make people think twice if you will. or is it going to stop new yorkers from riding the subway? absolutely not. but it certainly is good for the new yorkers. cautious and many are quite frankly, very worried after this. most recent here. attack. the only good news so far is it, none of those who were shot appeared to have any life threatening wounds, but still a terribly violence situation. gave ellison's of their live with the latest from new york, a thank you to
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ukraine now, where the mayor of mariel, paul says around 21000 civilians are estimated to have been killed in the besieged city. but he said it's hard to calculate the exact number with fighting still going on. the military is warning that russian troops are likely to capture the city soon . and the assault has destroyed much of the infrastructure. residents have been unable to escape have been stopped without running water sanitation or a regular supply of food. many have been living in basements, russian backed separatist forces, a denying allegations by ukrainian unit defending the city that they used chemical weapons. will mario pool has been a strategic prize for russia since it invaded ukraine almost 7 weeks ago, creating marines are said to be surround and they asked of us while industrial district, the russia says, is, forces had stopped them escaping the besieged city. will, should the russians seize the area, they would be in full control of mario polk,
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which is a vital port in the country, se lies between the de ness and lu hands. queens in the east were russian forces are set to launch a new offensive. and annex crimea, of course, in the south or russia's president has defended the war in ukraine as quote, 8 noble mission, which will achieve its goals. that a mere putin says it's not possible to isolate his country in law school will work with partners who want to cooperate. he made the comments after meeting one of those allies, putin and his bellow, ocean cans apart. alexander lucas ankle were in far eastern russia to mark it space day. will a conflict has now des space millions of people and left thousands of civilians and soldiers dead. but put and says is to help people in ukraine and protect his country's security blue. unfortunately, ukraine was created as some kind of launch pad for aggression against russia and the offshoots of nationalism. what totally cherished this new generation of ukrainian nationalists are especially crashing with russia. you see how nazi
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ideology became a fact of life and ukraine was, it was unavoidable. we are taking steps to provide security for russia. we didn't have any other choice. we did the right thing, and i have no doubt that our aims will be achieved. is that you, we don't intend to be isolated? it's impossible to severely isolate any one in the modern world, especially such a vast country as russia. that's why we are going to continue to work with those about harkness, who want to cooperate? believe oh, let's go live nancy were so sir dar in the capitol? keith hi, there were so. so no change until nan from president putin who still seems to be in a very determined mood. that's right. and today he just added that there, that, that the political talks are also in a than that. and so, and he said that ukraine as they worked at from the progress or the from the deal, did the proposal that they have submitted in stumble. that,
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that the piece told that took place in the stumble on march 29. it was quite a radical move by the ukranian side and the proposal for the 1st time there were hopes, a high hopes regarding the piece to progress. so simply not by that time russia had the, the demands from ukraine. one of that was the demilitarization of the country, the neutrality of the company, denies vacation, and also you came to accept crimea l officially as a part of russia and also to recognize the dependence. the independence of the 2 separate hist republishing eastern ukraine will ask and don yes can. so the ukrainians, i came up with a proposal saying that ukraine is ready to to, to announce neutrality. which means not are pursuing the goal of being in nato member. but in return it asked for international guarantees. so when it comes to the, it's a territorial integrity for the 1st time. ukraine signal that it is ready for the
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negotiations, ukrainian delegation, propose russia for 15 years period of a consultation. so regarding the safety of, of crime and it was the 1st time that you clean, accepted to discuss that status of this part. but however, in later that we have seen that ukrainian side has been kind of firmer regarding that because it is a quite tough for a company to negotiate on its territorial integrity and given more and more territories to a country that is in, in, in fight with so that's why putting to they said that there, that the pistols are in a, in that and for now. and we're, so meanwhile we continue to see, of course, a build up of russian traits in the east. just of the day that the meetings between the delegation in istanbul on 29th of march, russia as a sign of good will. this is what russian officials were telling they withdrew they are a military forces, are in
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a cave or blast in the capitol. and the surrounding regions, and now we see that the russian forces, which that the significant part of the russian army was trying to, to, to encircle key of now they had been re directed to the eastern region off of ukraine. and now the fierce fight are taking place in hockey, all alongside the borders off the bus and fair soon and so or so, these military build up is there and the experts are waiting the fight to be get very much fearful within a week. and they say that russia is simply aiming just before may, 9th, the victory, the in russia. they want to get the full control of don boss and also connect numbers where a land land bridge. we're to crimea and declare a short cut victory. the so says are the joining us live from key. thank you. well, areas recently retaken by ukrainian forces north of the capital, keith has sustained widespread damage. among con is in air pen where he joined
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residence, returning to find out what's left of their homes. emerge in coming back to this. when you left, it was a bustling, vibrant tail. now it's the complete opposite. what would you be thinking? victor shows his his pride and joy. a home he built over 20 years. oh, was this a nozzle kilowatts? they all at that. mckinney visa dish. gov. here we had our bed tv and the wardrobe were there. what that is. i replaced the windows endorse. everything was brand new under full, a heating where i live in a good life, but the russian did not need to save us. upson, absolutely not. they destroyed everything. i knew sort of the ocean
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in our pain. yara sla clears away bullets from his apartment block from he doesn't want his kids to find them when they eventually return. young bully will a minute, but when you're, when you're ready, you can see how they pulled out the door of my apartment. they pulled up the locks and broke it, apparently wanting to steal something really some key to the yoke and did soon their here was my kitchen, used to we had water heaters on the floor. here was our air conditioner, microwave fridge, stove, holla, deal nic. coordinate with that, so he set fire to the mould your keyboard. he was at. that's the beauty of the russian apiece. you've server paddle this isn't reconstruction, it's barely even clearing, but it is something so. yeah. keith playoff for the people we have spoken to. it's something that helps them get back some control gives them some hope that once
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again, this will be a bustling, vibrant town. the government, however, is overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what's required. official estimates suggest it'll take 7 years to rebuild when they eventually begin. that's not to say the government isn't doing anything, it is, it is actually building bridges and that's the priority for the government is getting all the infrastructure in place so people can return. but what they're returning to, well, that's going to take a lot longer to fix them on con, out, is there a pin still to come? this half hour chinese is some lockdown measures in shanghai, but officials won cases are still on the rise. dozens are killed and devastating flooding in south africa squad. zulu natal comments? ah,
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you're locked into your world's weather update for europe and africa. hello everyone. we've got some disturbs whether it's worth the west and also the east. let's go region by region right now and break it down. so outbreaks of rain across siberia more so for that eastern portion of spain, not too far away from valencia. we'll see some pretty powerful winds here as well. so waves both 45 meters high and i think 60 millimeters of rain within 12 hours again, not too far away from valencia. so the very real risk of seen some flooding here. what weather is crossing over the northern portion of the english channel slamming into western norway. so cold rain, for also with the high 5 degrees warmer though. for the united kingdom, western france in the low countries, some spots may hit 20 degrees. central europe right now, there are some readings in the 20s, including for the bulk in siri, eva has a hiv $21.00, and off to turkey, we go some snow over the mountains. that's pushing into the caucuses on wednesday.
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and now let's go to africa. north western portion, why didn't wendy to be expected for elders with the high 14 degrees and all of that wet weather around the southeast corner of quasi luna tall starting to push away. so that means some sunshine, back in the forecast for durbin with a high of 25 degrees. that's a snapshot of your weather season. ah, a big lake near attract tourists and underpins the local economy. thousands to pen donors, precious souls. ah, i'll just hear a world explorer, the major environmental issues above and below the surface that threatened lake red bus, very existence center goals. spring plate. on out jesse
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lou ah ah, reminder of our current top stories here on al jazeera, new york, please to searching for a gunman who opened fire and a busy subway carriage. during the morning rush hour, 10 people were hit by gun far and 6, others are injured. the mayor of mario poll says an estimated 21000 civilians have been killed in the besieged ukrainian court city. the military is warning the russian ships are likely to capture the devastated city m. c. russell's president has defended the war in ukraine as a noble mission will achieve its goals. vladimir putin also said it's not possible to isolate his country. after meeting his belushi and come to pot,
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alexander lucas shank. hope you are a secretary of state antony blank and has highlighted alleged atrocities. the russia has carried out in ukraine in the countries latest human rights report. the yearly review looks at abuses by governments around the world. for many years running, we have seen an alarming recession of democracy. the rule of law, respect for human rights in many parts of the world. in the time since releasing our previous report, that backsliding has unfortunately continued. it's, you places have the human consequences, this decline in a stark as they are in the russian governance, brutal war on ukraine. that's especially true in recent wish. as russian forces have been pushed back from towns and cities they occupied or surrounded and evidence, mouse of their widespread atrocities. while trade organisation says russia's war in ukraine has damaged the world's economy at a critical point in its recovery from the pandemic is warned of
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a food crisis because of surging prices is revised down it's forecast wiggle will tree growth this year from 4.7 percent to 3 percent. well the w t o says global trade could in shop to 3.4 percent in 2023, but both estimates depend on the conflicts outcome. and it says with russia and ukraine, both major suppliers of grain and fertilizers, disruption to exports, could hit poor countries, the hardest, including some $35.00 countries in africa. a potential food crisis is looming. food and energy prices were already high by historical standards before the war. low income food deficit countries, so their food bill rice, 20 percent in 2021. an increase of a $120000000000.00. we need to act an act decisively on this issue of food in order to avoid food riots as the light cove we tree,
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we begun to experience in 2008, 2009 food crisis that we already seen in some countries. no see demonstrations in sri lanka in, in different countries all over the world. well, the war in ukraine has led to widespread shortage is a fertilize ascending price is skyrocketing in recent weeks across the globe pharmacy. they're struggling to meet their costs, and it's often consumers who have to cover the price. hi cateel all pets. her diane has more it's harvest season in the soybean field and southern brazil. the city of prudent populace is more than 10000 kilometers from ukraine. but the war seems closer than ever. russia and ukraine account for nearly 30 percent of global fertilizer exports. but the war and sanctions are hurting supply chains across the world. though only the brazil level scott, my question is from where will brazil buying more fertilizers?
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we have to find the markets, but it's not that simple, but samantha, brazil is the world's 4th largest consumer of fertilizers. analysts sworn higher prices means less production of essential crops. farmers are also struggling in kenya, up until recently, fertilizing this entire form in i, roby cost about a $175.00. now it's 5 times as much like inequality. all the mach well for had had, with the price hike. it's gonna cost about $875.00 to cover the farm, but that i can continue with this business. i'm quitting because the losses are too high. developing countries have been had particularly hard by the shortage. the number of people facing food insecurity has increased over the last year, especially after the pent on it know that this comes out a bad time and just ends up exacerbating our challenges globally. in this st market in athens, the effects of the war are already hurting both suppliers and consumers. require
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labor logo, i would pay about $20.00 to $24.00 for a unit of fertilizer, but now the price is about $41.00. and i'm talking about fertilizes that are essential for us. food prices were soaring before the war. the un says it's world food price index to reach the highest level last month since the started keeping records in 1990. the fighting in ukraine is intensifying the problem. putting at risk future harvests castillo pistol began al jazeera, chinese officials, a warning, the spread of covered 19 in shanghai is not under control. despite the easing of some restrictions in the commercial hub, the cities to eat lot than let many residents without access to food or medicine. the easing of restrictions is teared. with about 15 of the cities 25000000 people still buy from leaving their homes. shanghai has had the highest official infection
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rate in the country since the pandemic began. continue, you has the story and i from beijing, shanghai authorities say 43 percent of all neighborhoods in shanghai have had, they have restrictions either. but what this means really varies from neighbourhood to neighborhood. in many cases, what it means is that if your particular residential compound has not have had any positive coven case for about 2 weeks, you may be finally allowed to walk out your front door. and that means you can get some walk around the courtyard of your compound, but in many cases you're not allowed to actually leave your compound and entered public areas. and for the relative few that are allowed to walk into the streets, there really is not much to do because the majority of businesses remain closed. i think the bottom line is that in shanghai, most of the 25000000 people living in that city are still under some form of strict lockdown. and the reason is because of the numbers on tuesday,
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we had 23000 cases or just over reported of curve at 19. this is slightly down from the figures on monday, but it's still nowhere near. well, authorities want those numbers to be on tuesday of shanghai official so that the outbreak is still not effectively under control. and so what we're seeing here is the government really under increasing pressure to do something. it says it is eating a restrictions, but just really mildly because they are facing a lot of complaints about the way this lockdown has been handled. so far. police have find the british prime minister and his finance minister over the so called party gave scandal. it makes boris johnson the case 1st. prime minister has to be found guilty of breaking the law whilst in office. he's apologized but is refusing to quit for breaching colbert regulations and his government office from dining street hall. brandon reports you must to day, the rules on social distancing, and the messages were clear. stay at home, lying,
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don't mix with others. and yet while the u. k was forced indoors into locked down forest. johnson and his staff were breaking those laws and attending parties and other gatherings. party gate, as it was called, was splashed across the front pages. 2 downing street parties were held on the eve of the funeral of prince philip the duke of edinburgh, with the country in national mourning and queen elizabeth forced to sit apart from her family. now, after months of denials, prime minister has been forced to admit, he broke the law. i understand the anger that many will feel that i myself fell short. when it came to observing the very rules which the government i lead had introduced to protect the public. and i accept in all sincerity that people had the right to expect better and not just the prime minister richey soon act, the u. k. chancellor, who also lives in downing street, has been issued with
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a police fine as well when the police investigations are ongoing, more fines could follow. at the heart of the anger over this scandal is the fact that in the height of the pandemic, the british public were legally prevented from gathering together from burying loved ones even from attending weddings. while at the same time, the people responsible for those legal rules here and down the street, where having bring your own boost parties and organizing, leaving dues for departing staff. some of which were attended by the prime minister . and the chancellor. boris johnson has always said that nobody told him that these gatherings were against the rules, but it's that, excuse the calls into question. his judgment, his character, and his credibility. this is the 1st time in the history of our country that a prime minister been found to be in breach of the law. and then he lied repeatedly to the public about it. britain deserves better. the have to go back to the home, the prime minister at least 54, and he's from his own conservative party,
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have to trigger the vote of no confidence with the ukraine was still raging. even jumps was fierce. his critics uneasy with the timing, the prime minister, serious situation, which the commons is going to have to deal with. because patiently, he has misled the us. but we're in the middle of an international crisis. and now is absolutely not the time to destabilize the government. a government that's actually leading the international coalition against bruton. those conservative m. p 's, who have the power to oust him, will return to parliament next week. and they have between now and then to way up the appetite for calling the removal trucks pull brennan, al jazeera downing street. at least 42 people have been killed in heavy rains and lambs slides caused by tropical storm meiji in the philippines. rescue efforts of being hampered by continuing rain and mud as they dig in effect the villages. it's
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the 1st major storm there this year and comes it was usually a dry season. the floods have forced about 30000 families from their homes. stormy land forms sunday with when, when up to 65 kilometers an hour, flooding and says africa cause zulu natal kelvin has killed at least $45.00 people there. several others are still missing. the workers also destroyed buildings and swept away wolves as well as triggering mud slides. the government has deployed the army to help emergency team for media. miller has more, not from johannesburg. some people trying to escape the flood waters are stuck on roof tops. and there are reports of missing people in at least several areas of the province. rescue teams are also trying to find people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings. now some of the worst hit areas are the informal settlements which surround the city of durban. many of these homes are bolt on the banks of rivers and streams that have now flooded and several roads have also collapsed and
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major highways into the city of durban. under water. a fast moving wildfire is burning out of control in the u. s. state of new mexico, the big hall fire is on both sides of the rio grande. a river about a 100 firefighters have been battling it, but they're struggling with strong winds and dry weather. the authorities have urged people in 3 areas to evacuate. number of buildings have been damaged or destroyed. ah, for my denial of our current top stories on al jazeera, he or police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a subway train. 16 people were injured and 10 by gunfire 5 are in a critical condition, but stable the suspect less of a small canister in a carriage before being shot at.


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