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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera holding the powerful to account. as we examine the u. s. each row in the world on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there. i'm dealing with donald. this is the al jazeera news. our live from london coming up. president goods in defends russia's warren. ukraine is a noble mission that will achieve its goals and says, talks with keith r. s a dead end. this is the battle for marion pull enters a decisive stage with russian troops close to taking control of the city and estimates of 21000 civilians killed ah panic on the new york
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subway after a man throws smoke bombs and opens far during the morning. rush hour injuring 16 people plus exit. it'll will, sincerity. the people have the right to expect better for us. johnson apologizes for breaking knocked down rooms but refuses to resign. as he becomes britton's 1st serving prime minister to be found guilty of breaking the law. montana. hamilton, i have all the sports news. well, number one, know about the joke of which makes a disastrous return to action, as he crashes out of the monte carlo masters. ah . very warm welcome to the news. our rushes president says. peace talks with ukraine have come to port a dead end flat to mere putin also warned the western sanctions against the kremlin
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for invading ukraine and the ledge war crimes will only strengthen russian unity in a rare public appearance. as a, as a cosmo drawn the bella, russian leader, alexander lucas shinkel, he defended the war as, quote 8, nor will mission and promises military will achieve all of its aims. will ukraine says russia has almost finished moving tens of thousands of troops into position for renew defensive in the countries east. meanwhile, the battle for the besieged city of mario pool appears to be reaching a decisive phase. ukrainian marines are hold up in an industrial district and should the russian sees it would then have full control of the port city, which is key to linking russian held areas in the west and in the east. well, the mayor of mario paul says around 21000 civilians are estimated to have been killed in the besieged city. but he says it's so hard to calculate the exact number with fighting still going on. the military warning, the russian troops are likely to capture the city, and soon the assault has destroyed much of the infrastructure. residents have been
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unable to escape have been stuck without running water, sanitation, or a regular supply of food. many have been forced to live in basements, mushrooms, and suitable jewels law. according to our estimation, this year, the number of civilian casualties has reached approximately 21000 peaceful maria paul was also evidence that some bodies have disappeared from the streets. we know that there are so called concentration places where they hide bodies on the plan to destroy the evidence of torture. they've committee, we call it genocide. we call it a war crime, rushing back separate his forces, a denying allegations by a ukrainian unit defending the sissy, that they used. chemical weapons, u. s. secretary of state antony blank and says, says department can't yet confirm the reports. but he did highlight alleged atrocities. russia has carried out in ukraine in the annual us human rights review . for many years running,
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we have seen an alarming recession of democracy. the rule of law, respect for human rights in many parts of the world. ah, in the time since releasing our previous report, that backsliding has unfortunately continued. in few places have the human consequences of this decline been as stark as they are in the russian government's brutal war on ukraine. that's especially true in recent weeks, as russian forces have been pushed back from towns and cities they occupy, it are surrounded and evidence mouse of their widespread atrocities. while russia's president says, it isn't possible to isolate his country and mosca will work with partners who want to cooperate. he made the comments after missing one of those allies in joseph jabari has more now from moscow. a day to celebrate to past russian successes with old allies. president vladimir putin arrived at the most touch, the cosmo drawn in rushes for ease with bella, russian president, alexander lucas jenko, to mark 61 years he,
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since one of the biggest achievements in russia's history. april 12th 1961 russian cosmonaut. eureka gar, in became the 1st man, was face a clearly happy memory for the president who says he still remembers that day as a 9 year old boy. but the ongoing conflict with ukraine is still at the top of the agenda for president putin room. unfortunately, ukraine was created as some kind of launch pod for aggression against russia and the offshoots of nationalism. what totally cherished this new generation of ukrainian nationalists are especially crashing with russia. you see how nazi ideology became a fact of life and ukraine was, it was unavoidable. if we are taking steps to provide security for russia, we didn't have any other choice. we did the right thing, i have no doubt that our aims will be achieved. russia so called special military operation is now in a 2nd phase, which officials say will focus on the dumbass region of ukraine. vladimir putin
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also praised russian troops for what he calls, efficiently, courageously and competently carrying out their operation. that operation was the topic of discussions between the russian president and his bella, russian counterpart of, bela ruth has host that russian troops since earlier this year. and the key of government accused minsk of allowing their borders to be used by russian troops to enter ukraine. despite the criticism from the wes president lucas jenko support for vladimir putin continues to be unwavering. prior to their meeting, lucas jenko vowed bella luce will always be by russia side. the 2 presidents emerged from their discussions with renewed determination burden. so consult unity, which will include closer military ties with role we discussed detail, important issues including political, diplomatic, economic and of course, military on defense. all modern history hasn't seen yet such dangerous,
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uncomplicated moment. and i relationship with the worst put in also praise lucas ankles. role in starting the negotiations between moscow and keith, which are still ongoing. but the russian president admitted that they have now reached a deadlock. those talks between russia and ukraine and officials began just a few days after russia's military operation. but there were never any high hopes that they would bring an end to the fighting anytime soon. now vladimir putin has confirmed what many here at this conference will only end once russia achieves its objectives. regardless of how long it takes and i walk halls. doors of jibari algae 0. moscow. you green secret service says it's arrested ladder. me. a putin's most prominent ally in the country president vladimir landscape released these images of victor medford choke in handcuffs. he was the leader of an opposition party in ukraine, had and had been facing a trees in case made,
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which oak was placed under house arrest last year, but escaped. in february, he said, vladimir putin is godfather to his daughter. that denies any wrongdoing. creating an official say russian hackers tried to launch a cyber attack on its electricity grid. last week is claimed a group called sand were in deploy day to wiping malware on computers. controlling high voltage substations. officials say they prevented the attack and it's not known which energy provider was targeted. russia has consistently denied similar accusations. areas recently we taken by ukranian forces north of the capital key for sustained widespread damage. in ran, con is in airplane where he joined residents returning to find out what's left of their homes. emerge in coming back to this. when you left, it was a bustling, vibrant town. now it's the complete opposite.
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what would you be thinking? mm hm. away. victor shows is his pride and joy, a home that he built over 20 years, or was this allows all gigawatts, they all had thumb. keeley visa. dish. gov. here we had our bed tv and the wardrobe were there. what that is. i replaced the windows indoors. everything was brand new walls under 4 heating wood where a live in a good life, but the russian did not need to save us up so absolutely not. they destroyed everything. i knew sort of the ocean intervene. yarrow slow of clears away bullets from his apartment block from he doesn't want his kids to find them when they eventually return. young bully will and when you, when you're, when you're ready, you can see how they pulled out the door of my apartment. they pulled up the locks
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and broke it, apparently wanting to steal something will, is them key to the yoke and did soon there here was my kitchen, missed you. we had water heaters on the floor. here was our air conditioner, microwave fridge, stove, holla, deal, nick. go horn up with that. so he set fire to the mo, the a keeper he was at. that's the beauty of the russian piece. you've server bundle. this isn't reconstruction. it's barely even clearing, but it is something so. yeah, keith, spite of for the people we have spoken to. it's something that helps them get back . some control gives them some hope. the once again, this will be a bustling, vibrant town. the government, however, is overwhelmed by the sheer scale of what's required. official estimates suggest it'll take 7 years to rebuild when they eventually begin. that's not to say the government isn't doing anything. it is, it is actually building bridges. and that's the priority for the government is
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getting all the infrastructure in place, so people can return. but what they're returning to, well, that's going to take a lot longer to fix them on con, out is there a pin. within 7000000 people are estimated to be displaced inside ukraine, cities in west, in ukraine, a coping with an influx of people escaping the fighting and the other parts of the country. and now preparing for a search of new come, i should russia launch renewed offensive in the east of the country while were bright for ports. now from the western city of tempe hill around this provincial city lines of people waiting patiently or a common site. they wait for clothes and bedding donated by people in ukraine and from overseas, or for basic essentials, medicine and food. people like glued mila petrovna, who escaped the fighting outside cave with barely any possessions. ah, you may have me play equally weekend with nasa natal. absolutely not. let us,
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can you just questions, sr. like the frame and ended up we had them, you turn off all and all cities in western ukraine and now dealing with an influx of new comers. people seeking refuge from battle, france as far away as kirk eve and matter you pole in the east. the easing of emergency measures means this city has reopened its weekly farmers market selling local produce for irina and other store holders. it's a welcome return ticket number that the numbers is important for as john money. and it's also good for people in here to take in advice that cheaply be that while they're a growing fears of what this war will do to agriculture in ukraine for now, food here is plentiful and cheap. here in the pacific crisis are the same as before and the snow different, so it's good that markets are open again and it was out of bill shows all the people moving here. need markets like these figures, but this city knows that a renewed offensive in the east will result in another wave of displaced people.
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and what does it shouldn't promote group? according to some of the worst predictions, we can expect no less than a 100000 people moving into our region if we could in this city and in neighboring towns. so we are relatively, like other cities in the west to novel, picturesque, unassuming, and now a refuge from this escalating wall. rob mcbride, al jazeera turn up all ukraine. the un says there were no more than $4600000.00 ukrainian refugees around 60 percent of those have now crossed into poland. the vast majority, of course, a women and children un refugee and she says people crossing board is now are in a more vulnerable state. with less of an idea of where they might go. most ukrainian refugees as thing and reception centers where they give them food, medical care and information about onward travel. we are yeah, it's medical border. it's one of the main crossings for refugees. and we have a more than 2600000 refugees that have crossed the border into poland,
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which is still bigger, still receiving from 3 and then what makes to thought unique. this crisis here with the refugees are almost all women and children. and that makes them very vulnerable, and for that reason we are trying here to provide this refugees with a safe, a place coming up on this new south from london. the well trade organizations slashes, global trade forecasts aft. the world's pandemic recovery is damaged by the war in ukraine. china easy summerall time measures in shanghai, but officials warn cases i still very much on the rise and support this multi time grand slam when he says good bye. once again. ah, a huge man hunt is underway. new york for a gunman who open fire on
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a subway train during rush hour. 10 people was shot and 6 others injured at brooklyn's 36th street station. 5 of the engines are in a critical condition, but stable gave elizondo has worn out from brooklyn, new york 8 30 am. and the moment panic struck on a new york city subway train a confusion turning to sheer nightmare as it became clear shots were being fired in the middle of the morning. can you? ah, at the next station terrified passengers poured out of the carriages. so obviously struggling with wounds i was on 36th street, i'm going to speak and the drink and not to told everyone to get on the train. and i didn't know what happened. it was a scary moments. and i'm at 20 brit street. we're all told to get all those people scream for medical assistance. the scary moment amid the stampede, it appears to suspect managed to escape. these pictures posted a twitter show, the cornet she left behind. the attack happened at the 36th street station in
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brooklyn, sunset park, leaving neighbors in shock. and it was like 9 or so. and, you know, and he saw commotion. wa com cars pulling up. so we were concerned griffin advantage . i was white on the new york police department later, gave an update on details. and the man, they're still hunting. an individual on that train dawned at what appeared to be a gas mask given to the canister, out of his bag and opened it. the train at that time began to fill with smoke. he then opened fire tracking multiple people on the subway. and in the platform, again, we will describe him as an individual. he is being reported as a male black, approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall. with a heavy build. he was wearing a green construction type vest and a hooded sweatshirt. the color is grey. the attack comes as many new yorkers are
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increasingly concerned about rising crime in the subway system. eric adams, cities, new mayor, has only been on the job for a little over 3 months. he's a former and why p d police officer himself and he's made fighting violent crime and the subway system . one of his key initiatives. do your governor kathy hoko said crime each to stop. let me say no more. no more mass shootings, no more disrupting lives. don't worry, creating heartbreak for people just trying to live their lives as normal new yorkers. it has to and it ends now. some of the injured were taken to a local hospital. none of their injuries appear to be life threatening. a small silver lining on a day likely to shatter faith. the safety of the subway or sometime to come, gave rose onto al jessina, brooklyn, new york police and find the british prime minister in his finance minister over the so called policy game scandal makes boys johnson the you case 1st prime
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minister to be found guilty of breaking the law while in office, his apologize for this, refusing to quit for beaching. coven regulations at his government office from dining, st. paul bannon explains. you must obey the rules on social distancing . and the messages were clear. stay at hermaline, don't mix with others. and yet, while the u. k was forced indoors into lockdown forest, johnson and his staff were breaking those laws and attending parties and other gatherings. party gate, as it was called, was splashed across the front pages. 2 downing street parties were held on the eve of the funeral of prince philip the duke of edinburgh, with the country in national mourning and queen elizabeth forced to sit apart from her family. now, after months of denials, prime minister has been forced to admit, he broke the law. i understand the anger that many will feel that i myself fell short. when it came to observing the very rules which the government i lead had
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introduced to protect the public. and i accept in all sincerity that people had the right to expect better and not just the prime minister richey soon act, the u. k. chancellor, who also lives in downing street, has been issued with a police fine as well when the police investigations are ongoing, more fines could follow. at the heart of the anger over this scandal is the fact that in the height of the pandemic, the british public were legally prevented from gathering together from burying loved ones even from attending weddings. while at the same time, the people responsible for those legal rules here and down the street, where having bring your own boost parties and organizing, leaving dues for departing staff. some of which were attended by the prime minister . and the chancellor. boris johnson has always said that nobody told him that these gatherings were against the rules, but it's that, excuse the calls into question. his judgment, his character and his credibility. this is the 1st time in the history of our
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country that a prime minister been found to be in breach of the law. and then he lied repeatedly to the public about it. britain deserves better the half to go. but to depose the prime minister, at least 54 m, he's from his own conservative party, have to trigger a vote of no confidence with the ukraine war still raging. even johnson's fiercest critics are uneasy with the timing the premise, the faces were serious situation, which the house of commons is going to have to deal with. because patiently, he has missile at the house. but instead, we're in the middle of an international crisis. and now is absolutely not the time to destabilize the government, a government that's actually leading the international coalition against bruton. those conservative m. p 's, who have a power to oust him, will return to parliament next week. and they have between now and then to way up
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the appetite for calling the removal trucks pull. brennan, i'll jazeera downing street, was been plenty of reaction across the u. case political spectrum. the scottish national party leader has called for boris johnson's resignation. nicholas surgeon twisted people the law and repeatedly lied to parliament about the basic values of integrity and decency essential for the proper working of any parliamentary democracy demand that he should go. and if you take out, if i were to touch chancellor with him and the liberal democrats the, the ed davey weighed in as well to see the police have now completely shredded boris johnson claims that no laws were broken in number 10, he cannot be trusted. and cannot continue as prime minister nor the leader in any other organization would be allowed to continue after law breaking on this scale. or mo, who saying is a political commentator and a former press officer number 10 downing street. he joins us now from london move. thanks very much for joining us on the news. our. well, what's your take on the prime minister apology and get
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a refusal also to step down. it was rising. the prime minister has refused to step down. anyone he knows him as well with him now you say he would like dug in and try to stay the course on this. you did have a bit more humility in the apology, which i think was right. but then there was a quick focus on the big picture. what are the things that he and his government on dealing with, whether is the russian born ukraine, whether is getting on with the domestic agenda here in the u. k. to try and make the point that he's trying to deal with bigger issues. and does this really matter? i think it's to be seen whether that will resonate with the public or not. and there was a question in his statement as well, around what it, there are more fines and he couldn't really answer that. i think that is the real potential damage to come because one find way he can say he didn't know he was
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breaking the rules, which obviously is a debatable point. how many more times can you say that if he were to be fine again? so i think this is very much the beginning of the process, and they could well be more to come in terms of the drip drip that we've already seen on pot gate. what we've heard some thought from tori circles of this idea that the british public has kind of moved on is it that they've moved on from party gay, or they just war now by revelation after revelation. and i suppose there will be some people that see mister johnson as they say for a pair of hands in current, challenging time. yeah, i mean there will be mixed news on this. i'm not sure they've moved on his sides. we haven't really been talking about it because the focus, understandably, in the news agenda said to me, has been on the russian war in ukraine. but this has been happening in the background with the police. continuing to investigate the investigation is not
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concluded yet. we are still waiting for great report as well. it's very easy for this to rise up public agenda again. it's something that a lot of people can relate to because they can remember what they were doing at the time and sacrifices that they have made personally. and i think m p 's that the prime minister needs to support may whoa, try and say that things have moved on, but they will be spending time in the constituency they will be hearing from the people they represent. views may change in the coming days and weeks more. i'm interested to know from you your perspective on, on the working relationship between where she cynic and boris johnson, you know, working together fellow breakers working together again in challenging times. what does that relationship look like going forward? i think behind the scenes is become certainly more and more fractured. there have been real disagreements on the direction,
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trouble on economic policy. and do you have a small estate or do you have the biggest state, chancellor in the u. k here is had a very bruising week with various tax revelations and revelation about having a green card. this is really i them to an already terrible week for him. and i think there was a bit of all eyes on number 11 because it's a chance let what to resign. as a result of it, and we were told that he had been thinking about the last few days anyway. then the question would be will get a chance to designing, why is the prime minister not resigning as well? so they are not in a good position collectively, and i think it's very damaging for the conservative party with elections coming up lo, collections. in a few weeks that the 2 most senior people in the party senior people have a couple of both. now, todd with this bruship breaking the very rules that they themselves made. and this plays into the narrative of one rule for them. one for every one else which i think
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is actually cutting through with the general public within their political commentator, more fun case. chinese officials, a warning the spread of covered 19 in shanghai is not under control despite the easing is some restrictions in the commercial hub, the cities to eat last time left many residents without access to food or medicine . the easing of restrictions is teared with about 15 of the cities 25000000 people still borrowed from leaving their home. shanghai has had the highest official infection rate in the country. since the pandemic began. katrina, you have more now from beijing. shanghai authorities say 43 percent of all neighborhoods in shanghai have had, they have restrictions either. but what this means really varies from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. in many cases, what it means is that if your particular residential compound has not have had any positive co vid case for about 2 weeks,
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you may be finally allowed to walk out your front door. and that means you can get some walk around the courtyard of your compound, but in many cases you're not allowed to actually leave your compound and entered public areas. and for the relative few that are allowed to walk into the streets, there really is not much to do because the majority of businesses remain closed. i think the bottom line is that in shanghai, most of the 25000000 people living in that city are still under some form of strict locked down. and the reason is because of the numbers on tuesday, we had 23000 cases or just over reported of curve at 19. this is slightly down from the figures on monday, but it's still nowhere near where authorities want those numbers to be on tuesday, a shanghai official said that the outbreak is still not effectively under control. and so what we're seeing here is the government really under increasing pressure to do something. it says it is eating a restrictions, but just really mildly because they are facing
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a lot of complaints about the way this lockdown has been handled so far. there's lots more still to come this hour indonesia parliament passed through the bill tackling sexual while and which was previously regarded as a private massa. dozens are killed and devastating floods in south africa. club zulu natal, proven and in sport and early contender for catch of the seasons baseball action coming up later. ah. you're locked into your world whether update for europe in africa. hello everyone. we've got some disturbed weather toward the west and also the east. let's go region by region right now and break it down. so outbreaks of rain across siberia more so for that eastern portion of spain, not too far away from valencia. we'll see some pretty powerful winds here as well.
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so waves bout 45 meters high and i think 60 millimeters of rain within 12 hours again, not too far away from valencia. so the very real risk of seen some flooding here. what weather is crossing over the northern portion of the english channel slamming into western norway. so cold rain, for also with the high 5 degrees warmer though. for the united kingdom, western france in the low countries, some spots may hit 20 degrees. central europe right now there are some readings in the 20s, including for the balkan, sorry evo, has a hiv $21.00, and off to turkey, we go some snow over the mountains. that's pushing into the caucuses on wednesday. and now let's go to africa, northwestern portion. why didn't wendy to be expected for elders with the high 14 degrees and all of that wet weather around the southeast corner of quasi luna tall starting to push away? so that means some sunshine, back in the forecast for durbin with a high of 25 degrees. that's a snapshot of your weather season. ah,
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african stories from african perspectives, machinery, songs of me, no mama go now when i did it with your documentary, from african fill me from wanda and bookkeeper. fast. i found them home in the coach, africa direct on al jazeera. it's the largest war in europe since world lou. this president, putin re, i mean what belong to russia? was natal coming to growth and what does the end gate look like? an in depth look at the war in ukraine, hooton's, blonde, or the west neglect with ukraine,
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the seeds of whom. on a judah lou ah, a reminder of our current top stories here on al jazeera, russia's president has defended the war in ukraine as a noble mission that will achieve its goals. he says, after meeting his bell ocean came to part, not a mere boots and also said peace talks with you. craig had come to a dead end. the mayor of mario pool says an estimated 21000 civilians have been killed in the besieged ukrainian port city. the military is warning, the russian troops are likely to capture the devastates of city and see new york place as searching for a government who opened fire and a busy subway carriage. during the morning rush hour,
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10 people were hit by gone far and 6 others are injured. well let's bring you a quick update on that story and the search for the attack her gay bellas, and it is live at the scene game. what are you hearing right now? well, police are still looking for the suspect in this shooting from murray tuesday morning here in new york. but just within the last few minutes from various different sources, we're hearing that the police have found a rental van that they believe is associated with the suspect. they have not found the suspect yet, but they still searching, but this van police thing is somehow related to this suspect that he perhaps even drove his van to new york or near the location of the shooting. and they have apparently found this van unoccupied. just a couple kilometers away from where the shooting here took place. so we expect to
12:33 am
hear from more from the police later. but what this essentially is, is it perhaps per for the police, or maybe closing in a little bit as they start to gathering information from, from anonymous tipsters that are calling into tip lines. and also just from the evidence that they've been gathering over the past several hours, trying to get any more details on this suspect where he could be, they have not released his name only identifying him as a, as a black male. identifying that he was wearing a vest and a mask at the time of the shooting. other than that though they do not know what direction he left and how he left after the shooting took place. but clearly the police think that they have, might have gotten a break here. in this case, at least finding a van that they think is associated with him, gave a list onto their live with that update from new york cape. thank you. we're turning to rushes war in ukraine, the world trade organization said the conflict has damaged the world's economy. at
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a critical point in its recovery from the pen there make its warrant of a food crisis because of surging prices. is revised dime is forecast for global tre, go this year from 4.7 percent to 3 percent. well, treat organizations as global tre could in shop to 3.4 percent in 2023, but of estimates depend on the crane conflicts outcome. and it says with russia and ukraine, both major supplies of green and fertilizes disruption to exports, could hit poor countries, the hardest, including some $35.00 countries in africa. a potential food crisis is looming. food and energy prices were already high by historical standards before the war. low income food deficit countries, so their food bill rice, 20 percent in 2021. an increase of a $120000000000.00. we need to act an act decisively on this issue
12:35 am
of food in order to avoid food riots as the light cove we tree, we begun to experience in 2008, 2009 food crisis that we already seen in some countries. no see demonstrations in sri lanka in, in different countries all over the world. well adam, her, she's a visiting economist of the economic policy institute and he joins us from washington, dc ads. and thanks very much for being with us and add some what's your take on this forecast? what's the landscape looking like from your perspective? well, as troublesome as that outlook you just reviewed, say, worried that the situation could be even more tenuous. as he mentioned, this conflict of created a lot of uncertainty and we don't know how long the conflict in ukraine may enter for. secondly, the u. s. federal reserve is preparing to high interest rates quite sharply. next month at their open market committee meeting. when that happens,
12:36 am
the growth that the united states has been experiencing is going to be cut down along with the import that that growth buys in emerging market and developing economies. when the interest rates in the us are, we can expect the capital in financial capital is going to flow out of those countries back to the us. and that's going to lead to currency depreciations making it harder for them to import the energy in agricultural commodities where prices are spiking as well to service their debts. adam, when, when the ukraine conflict started, it was being called a new era of economic warfare set to spend to the world economy yet further. and i suppose we're already seeing the impacts in places like tra long and of course, beyond. yeah, this impacts of the conflict are going to be felt around the world. because russia and ukraine are such central producers of energy and agricultural commodities.
12:37 am
russia producing about 10 percent of the world's oil and gas producing about $1.00 and $6.00 tons of agricultural commodities grants and so forth. but they're also exporting considerable amount of fertilizer to the rest of the world. so not just countries that are importing food stamps from directly from ukraine and russia are going to be impacted. these are global markets or global prices are set. so everyone is going to feel the brunt of the ad. and we heard the w t o is direct to general, they're talking about taking what she called decisive action to avoid food shortages . but i'm wondering with so many factors play across the globe. what can actually be done is going to be a tough crunch because we're not just dealing with price spike, but actually decrease in the quantity of agricultural commodities that are
12:38 am
available to supply the world markets. so there's going to be need for considerable support to food dependent food insecure countries that will be facing rising prices and time ads. and lastly with you, what's your view? and what we'll see in, in the short term, in terms of impacts, particularly on developing nations, which i guess are going to be hit hondas. yeah. and that the, you know, these shocks from the ukraine crisis are coming at a time when cobit is running rapid. again, through the global supply change with the really severe locked downs experienced in shanghai, china, and other cities. their reports that feed the world there have a ground to a standstill. that's not going, that's going to affect not just the guys that are being export it out of china to global supply change, but it's creating backups in the shipping and containers that are needed to make the entire global economy run. adam,
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her name joining me live from washington dc. adam, thank you. thank you. one of the countries that it's a specially vulnerable to rising food prices is somalia prices were already of a 10 year high before the war and ukraine hit global supplies. it's been struggling with drought and dwindling. humanitarian funding un is warning that up to 10 percent of his population is facing famine and 40 percent. extreme levels of fruit insecurity is more money and aid onset us as a nationwide farm and could take hold. inflation in the u. s. a sort over the past year at its fastest pace and more than 40 years. the consumer price index in march jumped 8.5 percent from 12 months earlier. economists say it will cost the average us household an extra 5200 dollars this year. john entered has more from chicago inflation effects. the ways are lina smith, members eats, shops, drives nearly every aspect of her life. we went from lipton's to store brand
12:40 am
tea because i love it. my daughter love it, and that's what we could afford. the inflation have in the store. we used to can spin fe, 20 bucks on lunch, me bread and cheese. the basic things have done. local bread is $5.00. who can afford that? food and fuel have been especially hard hit. pandemic related kinks in the global supply chain and an energy shortage partly due to the war. and ukraine has driven up prices on a broad range of goods. if you do seem products on sale, which is become less pervasive than ever before. you know, buying stock up, put things in the freezer because prices are not going to go down. that's left grocery store shelves, more bare and more pricey. the dollar tree is the kind to store a lot of working. 5 families come to to save money for 35 years, nearly everything in the store cost a dollar. now, it's about
12:41 am
a quarter question. some of the founder of chicago's non profit violence, interrupter program says inflation appears to be contributing also to spike in crime. the reason why that some of the crime that was rising is because inflation is pretty tough out here. yet. people trying to rob peter to pay paul, you have the ca, jackins on the rise with the u. s. government hoping to lower gas prices by releasing oil from the nation strategic petroleum reserve, and the federal reserve raising interest rates to discourage borrowing. president biden says his administration is working on it more and more americans get jobs. as they do, it's going to help ease the supply pressures receive. and that's good news for fighting inflation. is good news for our economy means that our economy has gone from being on the men to be on the move for sir. lena's smith, members, inflation has also dashed her hopes of starting off the year with a new kitchen. labor prices went up from $12000.00 to $25000.00 and a matter of
12:42 am
a year. so this is the old kitchen with new appliances. and we have cabinets in my garage. we have countertops in my garage, florrie, and we can't afford to do for her. and many americans each day brings less and less for them to cut john henderson. al jazeera chicago. how long has defaulting on $51000000000.00 of external debt as it waits for a baler from the international monetary fund is financed ministry says it's a last resort. as an economic crisis, this trigger weeks of protest deepens. they shall say the move will keep foreign reserves for food and fill in ports trunk. as finance ministry says the impact of the pandemic in the war and ukraine have made it impossible to pay its creditors or men. l fernandez has more now from colombo. we're just a day to go to the local thing. ha, ha lou. yeah, this, the colombo shot of hub is teeming. you can see stalls selling the wrong, and people are sort of taking
12:43 am
a look here. another ford shop where people are trying to buy some trades for the new year. but a reminder down here of what the situation is, a generator. just to keep things running for the power of because many, many people are suffering with paul car. just one of the issues that's the reality of the economic price is the tree loc as going through. and we're just. a hearing from the government that they have decided in the interim to stop debt repayment in the process of going to the i m f. they will be looking to restructure their debt. that announcement has come today. some economy say this is far too late in the coming, they've been asking for it for months and months. and the government insisted that it was in control. but now deciding to put a halt in the interim and can centrally restructure debt. then when i come out and gorda with the guy, now everything has gone up in price. i came to buy clothes by the are so expensive
12:44 am
that the question is, is it enough for months and months? economist, opposition politicians have been asking the government to put a hold on its debt repayment to negotiate a sort of a plan default. and meanwhile, to save the precious foreign currency, which is also depleted. and that's what led to all of these shortages fuel cooking, gas, food items, medicine. and that is what a has been the rallying cry to the government. and now financial reporting there, indonesia, parliament has passed a long awaited landmark bill to tackle sexual violence till now the issue had been recorded as a private master. nearly 340000 cases of violence against women reported in indonesia last year. jessica washington would start from jakarta to use the mood and denise as people's representative council,
12:45 am
with one celebration there's no place to violence. how speaker poon herani declared as legislators passed a highly anticipated interview, which aim to create a better legal framework who victims of sexual abuse to secure justice. this law is so important, all the sears. there were so many victims who didn't get justice. the inert trauma they were criminalized and victimized law has been brutally welcomed by rights groups around the country for making the well being of sexual if you speak in a priority by offering compensation and other support. there are many breakthroughs in this, in the best interest. and it also expands the definition of sexual crimes to include different types of abuse. firstly and foremost is actually regulate 6 crimes or sexual violence that previously considered as criminal acts or are still
12:46 am
it will lead to which include sexual harassment passing the bill was and if you support his face, a strong challenge from those who are opposed to such lu the bill had faced some backlash since its early stages, which caused delays in getting it paused conservative political parties and some religious groups were against it, saying it will encourage adultery and sex outside marriage. and you can put in the hard not to bill is in jeopardy. people were saying is supports free sex and opens the door for sexual deviance. but it was proven that narrative was not true. the rule, high profile cases helped keep the issue in public focus. last month, a dean at a university in northern indonesia was acquitted of all charges. after a female student said he sexually harassed her. her lawyer said he welcome the new
12:47 am
legislation. under the law, a letter from a psychologist can be used as evidence. i hope going forward. no more perpetrators of sexual violence will be set free. students at the university have held regular rallies and supported the student who made the alligator. sure. not like many, they say they just want the campus and the rest of indonesia to be a safe place. jessica washington to 0 to counter at least 42 people have been killed in heavy rains and lam slides caused by tropical storm meiji in the philippines. rescue efforts are being hampered by continuing rain and mud as they dig in. effective villages is the 1st major storm there this year and comes what's usually a dry time of year with floods of forests about $30000.00 families to their home. so i made landfill on sunday, we went up to 65 kilometers for our flooding in south africa. cuz hulu, natal proven, says killed at least 45 people are missing. water has also destroyed buildings and
12:48 am
swept away roads as well as triggering month slides. the government has deployed the army to help emergency team for me. the miller has more now from johannesburg. some people trying to escape the flood waters are stuck on roof tops. and there are reports of missing people in at least several areas of the province. rescue teams are also trying to find people trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings. now some of the worst hit areas are the informal settlements which surround the city of durban. many of these homes are bolt on the banks of rivers and streams that have now flooded and several roads have also collapsed and major highways into the city of durban, under water. a fast moving wildfire is burning out of control in the u. s. state of new mexico, the big whole fire is on both sides of the rio grande river and it's been described as being 0 percent contained about a 100 firefighters have been battling it,
12:49 am
but they're struggling strong winds and dry weather. the authorities have urged people in 3 areas to evacuate. a number of buildings have also been damaged and destroyed. is really forces have fired tear grass and rubber bullets of palestinian students inside a university campus in the occupied westbank, palestinian red crescent says dozens were injured. witnesses say the violence began in the morning inside could door university near to come not far from the separation wall. elsewhere in the west bank is where the forces have withdrawn from jeanine after detaining more than palestinians. 17 people have so far been arrested in israeli rates in the occupied territory. israel intensified its incursions after a palestinian gunman shot dead, 3 israelis in televi late last week. 5 palestinians were killed in the rates that followed separately. israeli forces shot dead, a passing worker in ash calon, stopping what they said was an attempted stabbing attack. campaigning for the final
12:50 am
end of the french presidential election is heating up incumbent. manuel mccomb has been meeting health workers in the eastern city of balloon 11 of whom confronted him at their conditions. well, the nursing assistant said hospital staff are suffering and urged him to surround himself with competent people. the peak of the corporate outbreak, their doctors warned that the system had been stretched to the limit. a crone is struggling to convince working class vote is to choose him over his fall right. rival, marine, the pan was veered to the left on economic issues that he still had this news. our is board, the return to action of the world stop tennis player doesn't exactly go to plot details coming out. ah
12:51 am
ah ah ah
12:52 am
ah, now here's summer with the sport. thank you very my dirty wallet. real madrid have battled past chelsea and a thrilling match to book a spot in the champions league semi finals. chelsea looked like they were all forced to advance at the overturned $31.00 deficits and were a full 3 ahead on aggregate. then with around 10 minutes left, it all fell apart or did ego school get to force extra time from there. 8 who else, but we all saw striker had in benjamin got the crucial goal to send a spanish side through fi for on aggregate around with. it was also a huge upset. and the other for the final that german dies by munich had been dumped out. they lost 21 on aggregate to villareal, some well to quiz. it was going late to send
12:53 am
a spanish side through to the last 4 munich. the former head of world football sab platter is to go on trial in june to face was corruption charges. the cases centers on a $2000000.00 payment that was made to michelle latino, the exit president of europe's governing body. both a bladder and 13 year have denied any wrong doing. prosecutors, a lead blotter, improperly arrange the payment to plotting in 2011. about a joke of it has made a disaster to attend to action. the world number one has been not south of de monte carlo moss's. he lost the guest alejandro. lovey dovey chil, 14 out of spain, of the conceding the 1st set, the serbian star did. so blimps is of his best to take the 2nd on a tie break lot. in the 3rd, he was completely dominated losing its 6 want to confirm his exit. talk of it to isn't vaccinated against cold 19 was playing just his 2nd event of the year. he
12:54 am
missed 2 recent competitions in america due to co lived restrictions in the us had some games where i was break points, a game points and i just lost lost many of those games in the 1st set also. second, ah, but you know, he could have, he could have her own one this match in straight sets and i just kind of fought folk my way through the 3rd. but then i was just physically, completely. i collapsed the and i couldn't, couldn't move any more. or defending champion, if on us it's a pass, had the better they than a joke over to a degree. 3rd, see that was a comfortable winner against that fight. buford. unique taken the match in straight sets to reach the 3rd round full time grand sam singles champion that came close to that has retired once again. and this is the 3rd time the belgian has quit playing a late tennis classes had ended. her 2nd retirement in 2019 it 38 year olds. last
12:55 am
official a matter was in october. when she lost in the 1st round at indian wells or doing her care. she won 3 us open titles and australian open. frank fogel has been fired from one of the highest profile jobs in basketball. fogel a has paid the price for his los angeles lakers team missing out on the playoffs. google did leave the lakers to the n b a championship in 2020, but this season injuries that have meant that his thoughts feels lebron. james antony davis and russell westbrook have rarely played together with book, says that available had done that little to help him during his time at the front just being, you know, a person that, unfortunately, that people create narratives of me and who i am. and what i do, and what i believe in that are, you know, just not true. i'm,
12:56 am
i'm always have to know like, prove myself again in the year after year after year, which is to me is unfair. and there's really no reason not to do that. um, so when i 1st got here, i just felt that i never was given a fair chance just to be who i needed to be to get out his team. it's starts with the coaches holding players accountable and making sure that there's on court execution. it goes to our training staff, doing everything they can to make sure we have healthy bodies on the court. and it goes to our players to play that with on court execution at the highest level. because that's what lakers fans expect and deserve from all of us. and so i think when you have disappointment, you need to take ownership of that and you need to vow to make the adjustments to be better. well, i came here to win a championship and i want to learn more. so i accomplish what i want to
12:57 am
accomplish. but i'm still hungry for more show in i'm confident it is organization wants to say is what this organization has always been about. and i told them that i wanna know, hopeless franchise becoming a champion once again. so i've done it, we've done it. but i want to doing the new major league season is less than a week. hold up, but already we have a contender for kat of the year. brett phillips are all the tampa bay, raise a diving to the rescue for his team against the oakland athletics. his effort didn't prevent his team from sliding to their 1st loss of the season. the oakland at winning this sub game 13 to 200. you remember? and that said from your hand, you're back to julian london. summer. thank you. that's it for me. julie mcdonald for this news, our i will be back though, in just to say with much more of the day's news. i hope you stay with us. see very
12:58 am
soon, bye bye. ah ah. and a,
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[000:00:00;00] with wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it feel exceptional. katara always going places pick up are china in the u. s. sleep walking their way to war in the struggle over ukraine? here is the test for president joe biden. what program is really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture in your personal united states. if you're, if you go to walking through gum at the same time, your weekly pay on us politics. and i think that's the bottom line. the world is
1:00 am
warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war, paused greenland the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, president putin defends russia's war in ukraine as a noble mission that will achieve its goals and says, talks with keith arthur dead and will this is the battle far. mariel. paul enters a decisive stage with russian troops close to taking control of the city and estimates of $21.00 families and civilians killed. ah,


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