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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Volodymyr Zelenskyy  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2022 2:30am-3:00am AST

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al jazeera, downing street french, the president to manual micron has been confronted by angry health workers in the eastern city of moves. urged macklin, whose kind of painting for a 2nd turning off this people to do more to improve their working conditions and saturdays city wasn't epicenter of the corona virus outbreak 2 years ago at the time health workers wanted that the system had been stretched it ah, i'm carry johnston with the headlines here on al jazeera, the mayor of the seas, ukrainian city of mario poll, says an estimated 21000 civilians have been killed there. since the start of the war. ukraine's military is warning that russian troops are likely to capture the devastated city soon. rushes at president franklin, the war in ukraine as a noble mission that will achieve its goals. that hootin also said it's not
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possible to isolate his country. after meeting one of his closest allies, but a roosting president, alexander lucas younger us, president joe biden has, for the 1st time said that russia is carrying out a genocide and ukraine. he said this as a clarification for comments made a few hours earlier, but i hadn't had earlier call that russian president vladimir putin, a war criminal if a king, a strong response from moscow. i call the janitor the evidence of mary. deborah was last week, the more evidence is coming out of the middle of the russia ukraine . we can only learn more and more about the devastation and what the lawyers decide internationally whether or not a qualifies that assurances that way. ukraine's the secret service says it has arrested. a prominent ally of vladimir putin present,
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got amazed lensky released these images of victor med. that shook in handcuffs. he was the leader of an opposition party in ukraine, and had been facing a treason case. that bed shook was placed on the house arrest last year, but escaped in february and police in new york have released the images of what they are calling a person of interest in connection with tuesday morning's attack on the new york subway gunman opened fire during the morning rush hour injuring 16 people. police in the u. k. have fine to prime minister boris johnson for breaching coby 19 lockdown rules. senior cabinet minister chancellor, when she sooner or so face a financial penalty. so called party gate scandal has angered many after it emerged . government staff breached pandemic restrictions on several occasions. those are the headlines and news continues hereafter talk to al jazeera martinez and asking outside of the conflict from ukraine. how concerned should we be about designed to
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build on? we bring the store reason, different ones that are rapidly changing the world. we live in, the one become roches new dollars. it becoming rushes new door. counting the coast on al jazeera news. it's been 6 weeks, it's russia embedded ukraine. and while the east and west narratives clash the death toll and destruction keep rising every day. is there any hope for keep moscow to achieve peace, we will find out as the ukrainian president, hello to me as a lensky talks to al jazeera ukraine in prison, living in ski. thank you for talking to us. if we thought from the rockets strike in grammar tours train station today that killed her
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40 people, the last count i heard was 39. what is your reaction to back? well, being russian soldiers who channeled the railroad station clearly understood that there are civilians. we know there is no soldiers over there, couldn't say that there were any soldiers there or any military units close to there. and we clearly understood that day what they are doing all day killing their killing ordinary citizens out old term children. you're seeing photos and there's video already. this is yet another avenue. and support to the fact that russia is shooting and is destroying civilian. that's not about intimidation. dave? shell. cromwell, doris. this is one of the heroic cities. since 2014. we fought for the chroma
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toys. can the citizens of chrome authoress can the whole country fought for crime? of course, we remember what was the defense for the commodores airport since the beginning of the war. that happened before the large scale invasion? i was a peaceful city. and since my election is the president, i've been there for many times. and what i can tell you is that something around 40 people were already identified as killed and a couple of 100 were wounded. still the search rescue operation continues. and unfortunately, what we can say is that russia is destroying the civilian population of ukraine. i understand when this happened, when evacuation was on the way, how difficult is it to evacuate civilians and such things are happening. now? not don't watch your movies. and the every morning was received from the governor
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and for the low cold authorities. so they were signalling and saying that russia is preparing for rockets and messiah launches. there were also preparing for large scale invasion on that part of the don bus, which is under control of the crating and authorities, which is not under temporary occupation. so the local authorities have told that will be helping people to evacuate. and they've also called upon the cities of ukraine, saying that if you have your own transport, you can evacuate because through a significant risks of shelling of long being. and we know that trust rates counting on the large scale invasion, despite the fact that they're saying that they're not shooting abs, civilian population, usually as a rule, whenever any political leader of russia is saying that they're not now shooting ad,
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the civilians they are by, they're telling that 2 different mass media, i think that at that moment the population should be preparing themselves and the minister of foreign affairs love. rover sad while addressing ukraine ukraine don't, for it, isn't ukrainian population. his sad that there were constant falsifications that russia is not fighting and not shelling the civilian operation that they continued their special military operation as he called it. and i'd say that we start to to respond to that in a, in a fairly professional way. so we've all foot the people if don't boss, if you want, if you feel where will be supporting if you are not willing to remain there, you all may be vaccinating. so with seeing what happened, there were some shelling maids and the russian authorities. and the just
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get made additional why have you been able to evacuate people from mary, you paul? because the we know the human to human a tarion situation is pretty bad there. and it has been a long time now, few weeks since the start of the war. some chart goal. well, since the very beginning of the war, there were a lot of risks to a number of cities and mario paul was one of those cities. and since the beginning of the war, the whole city was blocked, and then all the routes escaped. prudes were blocked, as well from, from that city, from the city of mario bowl. and as you perfectly know, they did not allow anyone. i'm not talking about military anyone, how many one from a civilian population to receive food, water, ad, madison,
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i'm not talking about steady human support and assistance. i'm not talking about the not allowing members of i c r c to go to the ma rubel nor says doctors. we both found the representatives of you praying and churches to my room and they were not allowed to enter. so everything was blocked. we found convoys who were absolutely empty without in the civilian. so they, they shelled all those convoys. they've allowed to have civilians leave the city civilians using any transport. they had our military, they're not ready and willing to leave away or leave behind. those are wounded. come rates, they have our or the civilians. we are all roll leaving persons. we are all understand that if your fellow soldier has died,
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i mean you can not simply abandon his body like a bag of potatoes somewhere by the road. let him root. they say the fine thing in the middle of the city is finished and now that has moved to the port they have asked the cranium soldiers to surrender. do you think they are close to controlling the whole. ready murder, you pull, little one, the, the, to speak out of a 500 to sold. and population of mario poll something like 400 solven's as either evacuated or killed. now the population is round, is around hundreds sold and, and there is bodies of people all around the streets. so speaking about capturing, i mean, they were killing there were entering gall mexico apartments. they were blowing. yes, they've occupied this city and i don't have any sentiments with regards
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to them. they've occupied this city. they want to capture the city a bed for them capturing the city would main. ah, our forces surrendering the weapons that would mean for dam capturing the city. but today we are, where we are. our soldiers are fighting hong, till the very end solids and they are not willing to surrender. so that's the situation as it is for now. they accuse you of preventing civilians or fusing humanitarian corridors, leading to russia. but you have to say about that, then the providence. well, this is not true. this is just and now they're ally. this is the selection of all the ordinary citizens, just like a choice that is made by the military. there are a can evacuate. i mean, this is the choice made our military,
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i'm not god. so i'm not to, to do to tell them what to do was their lives. they're just not willing to leave all their follow soldiers and i personally be perfectly understand them or if they are willing to how well to withdraw to retreat, that they have this right. and they can do that. know these score doors are recorded or is, are open for that, but they're not willing to go both as military our civilians, to the territory of russia. thousands of people, when they're, there's part of the city. you have to know the city, like part of the citizens went to russia. but where are those people and it was some are asking where all those are children are some would say that over to southern of children are missing. we don't know where they are. then we got some
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information that part of the people were captured by russians and some were taking the ukrainian passport. instead they were given with russian pos sports. so that is what happening. the people aren't simply not willing to go towards russian federation. they're forced to go, it's are there, they are going there, or russians will kill them. so i understand when someone is going there in the direction of russia, but what is happening to them off to words? what is your assessment of the war situation at the, at the moment? not done. well, i think we can see that this is not the end of the war. and a lot of people have their raise to the mood. they are happy because some of the ukrainian regions are being liberated, but i, i don't think i saw hi thomas for saying things like that cuz
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a lot of own settlements and all regions are being and occupy, and a lot of people are being killed by the russian soldiers and i can see that we've repelled off some of their attacks. they failed to take the capital city of ki if and some other important cities like april odessa, cave hard cave in harvest. in hark, if the situation is all far more complicated than this situation, very complicated in the south. and of course, the most complicated is in the is for down, it's important that to control more, you pull, they're willing to destroy all of the soldiers and mario poll than they would proceed to the east in order to try and surround a significant number of vol ukrainian soldiers in order to destroy all of that, the russian troops did withdraw from cave around cave. chimney have,
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do you think the captain cities is still under threat? it's hard to say if ha, our forces and dawn was, won't be able to hold their positions than the risk of the repeated offensive against key if and the cave roblis is probable. would you say the negotiations are moving forward? only touched, ah, i wouldn't say it's not a sound cell and, ah, they negotiations. they're continuing burton at the same time. there are of slow down and i don't see any actual results of the negotiations as of now as your position changed after what we've seen in boucher, i believe that ha me as the leader of the nation,
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i need to do everything possible to stop the war negotiations is saw and the only way to stop the blah chat, if not the only way. and it's the diplomatic path for stopping the wars. a video has emerged in which ukrainian soldiers seemed to be executing the russian soldiers in the woods. so the russians are saying also you create craniums committing war crimes. what do you have to say about this particular video? and are you investigating this? what's, can you tell us about this when you squad this because it's hard for me to commence on any specific video. we are all adequate people. first of all, any videos, any cases like that. either we can hear something or it's all there is something
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has been demonstrated to us since the beginning of 2014. and on time to time basis, russia were committing those informational attacks against ukraine in order to justify them, their reactions, to rush and population. i'm not going to talk and specifically on the sword that occasions our soldiers particular the forces of ukraine there's they don't have any reason or any sands to behave in that manner towards russian soldiers. russia wants the security council to meet and this cause, this something that the u. k. has refused. do you support such meetings? cloaks? i'm not afraid of fanny's sessions of the he on security counts. so i just believe that russia has no right to dictate anything to anyone and organize anything they
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might start discussing a war, something else, but without li ultimatums, without conditions, without accusations. and only in that case, when russia will withdrawal, there are forces from our territory. they can go and return to their territory and then as any other person is civilized world, they can go to un security council or they international criminal court on to the international law. their institutions with requests with appeals with proposals. you can't just say, yeah, you know, stand there and occupy of the land of not their territory and then dictate conditions. this is impossible. that's why there were refused. there were not refuse because of these or that condition there were you k was absolutely right to right to reject them. not because their friends,
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they would support any country who would be facing similar situation because they understand what the law is, what the international law, what the sovereignty is, the one to, to be neutral. they want the ukraine to be a new to the state. you agree with that, but what is your understanding of that neutrality? what are you willing to accept as a solution for this whole conflict and for but as of some of those? well, 1st of all, we always wanted to have security guarantees, some specific agreements, and some specific security renters. these are the countries that would be able to guarantee some specific cases on the specific conditions and circumstances. all the citizens have ukraine would like to have those security guarantees. russia has
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imposed an ill today to them. it was proof from a know to make to when it failed to capture car t o in 3 days. well, if russia would be able to occupy kia, wouldn't be talking about the neutrality or non block status, we would be talking about different things. but we want some specific security guarantees would assist us in how that would be an invasion. and it could be even another approach that would be something, some specific agreements that will make sure that russia will clearly not want to violate or is suffering in territorial integrity. do you regret giving up your nuclear capabilities according to the with a better memorandum duck? yes, yes, i regret all those countries with nuclear weapons now they're not being captured. so ukraine gave all this weapons. they should
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have specific guarantees from a specific country that should be very specific legal agreement with very specific provisions on liability for violating this or that's agreement. i mean in our case, that was the bother pushed memorandum. how could you give up the weapons and punch waves without finding any curious document, just making a big present for what? what we'd have received, what ukraine has received. we have received a war, and this is one of the reasons why we have become weaker. we have weakened our status or defense. we have weakened our population. this is what we have given away . we have given away the life. those people who died. where do you seek to
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have such weapons in the future? prevalent? no, i'm confident we're not going to be able to to, to seek these weapons. that's not our methods. that's not something on. i'll remind you, said you needed guarantees. now are there any country that has agreed to act as a guarantor? and if the answer is yes, then what sorts of guarantee meaning, if russia attacks the crane of any possible agreement, does that mean that this guarantor, when militarily intervene, yorba hard to green? well, the ramp, many countries would be willing to support your crane, who are willing to become security guarantors for ukraine, both today and future. i cannot give you any more details until we have reached an
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agreement, but i can give you the list of the potential security guarantors. these are you full and the united states. these are the countries who are willing to be that center key. italy was then i think that this agreement would be impossible without the russian federation. so that's, that's another story really than i. now that you are linda, you wanted and some other countries wanted to consider becoming a security guarantors. we will also ask for china, france and germany, they also are aware of this situation and so forth. they are showing some sort of respect and support. but in addition to support and assistance, we need to have very detailed negotiations in order to understand which entry is
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ready to provide you provide, which specific support and assistance and the guarantees you've always said that he wanted to meet the president. let me put in if he was listening to you, what would you like to say to him to the russian president? i'm ready to have this meeting. i asked for the possible topics for our conversation. well, definitely not about the weather because we don't have a good positive climate in our big oceans. this situation and butcher and in many other cities have put an end in that there should be a pragmatic discussion with some results that should be reached. and what ukraine really wants russia is not willing to give all that russia one.
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so we have already proven that we are not ready to give up. so what would be discussing, what would be discussing the war when we would put an end to this war under which conditions, when they will withdraw their forces from our territory on the issue of mia? the issue of don barza, we would like to return our territories and they're not considering this territories as part of ukraine. they believe they are independent territories, or these are russian territories. so in this territory, in this negotiation, this is where we will be debating about this is what we're going to discuss about. if you allow me to end with this person, the question you are an artist, an actor, you're not a military general. now this is a war and you have seen so many difficult things. what is the truth
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of butcher? you are the leader of this country. it's tough for everybody. how do you as a human being emotionally the in, with all this? yeah, the only have will yoga a, shall i lived in as i believing person or she'll pay at certain cases who just gets used to to that and to certain degrades the pizza that i'm getting used to. things like that that i look at certain things that on my think, not a single person. what a big maginnis that they would be looking at. i think that's the question of about who you are and it's not related to now with the profession that you've deed or what you'll be doing in the
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future. this question, who you are, it's about to friend, saw whether you feel yourself as the citizen of this country, whether you feel yourself as a person with dignity, whether you are able to let yourself run away when somebody is a living behind. whether you have to defend your own land despite how big is it, whether you should assist when a child is asking for help. oh, heaven if there is a threat. so it's a question of who you are. a profession is about different things. that's it's a profession of becoming or, and b, they citizen of our, our country, that's the most important profession and to die. thanks to this profession. thanks to the fact that many people in ukraine are true citizens of ukraine. many
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people are stopping ukraine because of feeling themselves as a true citizens of ukraine. ukrainian president living there's it in the sky. thank you for silk in terms of 0, a. ah. and it's the largest war in europe since world war 2. is president putin reclaiming what belong to russia? was natal coming to close? and what does the end game look like?
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well copy experience with the world's best ally. katzoff at ways. county, you'll see now the that book you'll complete fifo world cup package today. ah . the battle for the ukrainian city of my apologies entering the decisive stage, russia deploying war troops, estimates of 21000 civilians killed. i call the genocide joe biden says russian actions in ukraine look like a genocide of the us prepared to send weapons to.


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