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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing, a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a build bow stadia. a place where political revolution rates share a platform in ideology with violent football, hooligan. i read old debt on al jazeera. ah confrontations at the alexa mos compound his ready forces to attain at least 300 palestinians were live from occupied to easter eastern. a 17 year old as lay to rest in the occupied west bank. he's one of 6 palestinians killed by his ready forces since wednesday. ah,
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11 o'clock, this is al jazeera life, and doha also coming up damage buildings in the house of ukraine's capital media reports indicate they were hit by russian missiles a time to celebrate soft crays, all set to lift most of its social distancing rules. the kind of 19, ah, to say the israeli prime minister has held an urgent meeting to discuss the violence of the alex a most compound and says, authorities are prepared for any scenario. at least a 150 palestinians have been injured during confrontations with is ready forces. crowds of worshippers have returned to, i'll accept mosque for pres hours after his ready forces detained some 300 people in and around it is ready. soldiers fired rubber bullets and tig asked while mos palestinians threw stones. i hope all is well working to calm things on temple mouth and throat israel at the same time. we are prepared for any scenario on
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a home. all right, let's say cross to john hallman, who's in occupied east jerusalem at john. so we've seen 10 scenes so morning. pretty much what's happening at the moment. people, you probably see them behind me that just coming out of friday, pres, from the alexa most passing through the damascus gate here, which is one of the entree i leaving points of the old city in jerusalem. things are going quite peacefully at the moment. a couple of out was go, we were reporting the axis was being restricted to people so that they can get through this gate and head to the alex abbas, but that was reasonably quickly moved away. those barriers got in and people are now heading out. and as you said, the prime minister of israel in the family bennett said that they're. busy working to calm things, but that we have for it any scenario. on the other hand, we've got a lot of condemnation of what happened in the alex and most in the morning,
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the jordanian foreign minister. and that's important because jordan is the custodian of the i like to most condemn what had happened and said that arresting and targeting worshippers was only going to escalate things. palestinian groups. ha ha ha massey so condemned. what had happened? what started with a confrontation between mass men during stones and his brady forces with the stung grenades and t. augusta early this morning. and durham where we know all too well that we from previous times like this. what can happen in these situations? absolutely. yes, definitely was a year ago, a go round about now when after axis was restricted to alex. good alex. so sorry. most where confrontations in the round the at the, the alex
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a compound that ended in 11 day war between israel and hamas. so this could escalate, that's what, that's what trying to be prevented at the moment. even the united nations special coordinator for the middle east said that he was working with all parties to try and calm things at the my, on the ground won't of help is the video the went ground of israeli forces going in the i like to most to detain that people within the boss that men to of had apparently remained. busy off to the violent confrontation of it that will be seen by some people. muslims, palestinians is a red line that has been frost heavily couldn't peace now about the events of the day so far. the scenes inside the alex a mosque in occupied east jerusalem. early friday morning. fighting
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between stung throwing masked men and his railey police who fight stung grenades and t. guess around 150 people were injured. this palestinian camera, ma'am, was there something wrong or did they brutally emptied the compound? they were attacking the musk stuff. normal people helped us in young people. one of them were many injured people. they fired triple bullets inside. alexa must compact . they were beating everyone. even the paramedics, they hit israel's foreign ministry, tweeted, dozens of moss men carrying hamis and p. a flags marched into alex and mosque. the crowd collected stones and large rocks. police were forced to enter the grounds to disperse the crowd. ah, the alexa mosque is his lamps, 3rd holiest place. it's also revered by jews as the sites of the original temple. as such, it's often an epicenter, the tension between israel,
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which controls movement to the site, palestinians, especially during the muslim holy month of ramadan. this time last year, fighting around the mosque and axis restrictions led to an 11 day war between israel and palestinian armed groups in gaza. so far this year, a series of attacks within israel of left 14 dead and his railey security forces killed 20 palestinians during raids of the occupied west bank. after the violent confrontation, israeli forces restricted access to alexa mosque, but then a few hours later they did reopen the damascus. kate, where we are now, which is one of the main entrances to the old city. alex a most anita compound, a deeply important and symbolic and we've ramadan. easter, i'm paul. save us all happening right now. tensions in this city and it's holy sites. a set to remain high. john holman, out is it occupied east jerusalem?
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while the funeral for a 17 year old palestinian has been held in the village of goof redone in the occupied westbank, 6 palestinians have been killed in raids by israeli forces since wednesday. the inspector general is called for maximum restraint and for israeli and palestinian authorities to work to preserve calm need. abraham reports on the impact of those deaths o 5 funerals, but held on thursday in one of the deadliest these in the occupied westbank into sentiments. the palestinian victims were all killed during confrontations with israeli forces. this funeral is for 20 years old. i'm at our le yan from silhouette village near m. allah. oh, paramedics told us these were the army, did need ambulances, and assaulted them before finally allowing them to reach him again. 20 minutes after he was sought by then it was too late to save him,
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which was wished the warrior she had. my son's only wish was to die for what he believed in just like his whole generation because they see no future nor a political horizon for them. the palestinian red crescent says since the beginning of this month, medical teams have been blocked from eating the wounded. in 5 different incidents in the past 2 weeks, 3 attacks on medical staff and another on an ambulance were reported. 2 of those killed on thursday were from jeanine north of the west bank. jeanine has become the center of the current we've with escalation, with almost daily rate wise. where the forces hundreds of gunmen live in the janine refugee camp, and often returns ready fire with fire trouble. i'm a law jamia ha! use in ramallah a raging. i'm not only talking about me, i know how every young man's feeling the use in ramallah all ready for escalation. we can't accept to just sit and watch up brothers in jenin and now bruce and other
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areas while they're resisting and being killed and injured. all of these really military says it's conducting a counter terrorism operation. it started early april after 2 gunmen from the jeanene area committed to attacks in israel, leaving 8 is really stead palestinian prisoners group sees really forces of arrested more than $200.00 palestinians since the version started. but tension stretch back longer than that. since the beginning of the year, more than $1500.00 palestinians have been detained and at least $41.00 palestinians have been killed. the majority and confrontations with these really military. we're not just talking about the latest attacks in israel as a starting point for the current escalation. yes, indeed, it has contributed to heighten tensions all across the west bank. but palestinians want the world to know that they have been under occupation for decades. and it's rarely been a night in the west bank where they haven't seen the israeli army wade their cities,
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arrest people, and sometimes shoot and kill them. on thursday, a general strike was announced in 3 cities. and though i bank trouble lock bethlehem, and jeanine 2 more in the dead palestinians. fear that they'll be more ready. wreaths in the days ahead. need that but a hymn. elijah's eda, the occupied westbank a number of explosions have been reported over nights in the kiva region. ukrainian media have published these videos believe to show russian missile strikes, bombing didn't extend to the city center. those sirens went off several times in the capitol. cha, stratford has more now from keith. will this be no official statement by the ukrainian governmental military on these reported attack? certainly video evidence is strong and residents in that area which is to the
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south west of the capital. it's on the outskirts is an area called vish neva residents in that area reporting loud explosions last night. now interestingly, the russian defense ministry has come out with a statement saying that they used m. c, to land cruise missiles to strike what they describe as a weapons factory in that area last night. now this comes after a warning by the russian defense ministry yesterday saying that they would attack what they described as a command senses, potentially things like weapons or military installations in a round cave. if ukraine, in their words continued to attack targets across the border in russia, the russian defense ministry saying that there been a number of targets or number of places hit inside russia are relatively close to the bell. russian border, an area where basically better roost,
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russia and ukraine meet a now in no way, can we confirm this, but the russian saying that if those that targeting continued by the ukrainians, they would strike areas in ukraine. the largest worship in rushes, black sea fleets is now sun come to being damaged in an explosion. the settler images were taken on wednesday before the incident on the moscow. the russian defense ministry says ammunition exploded on board, but the ukrainian military, he says it hit the vessel with cruise missiles. the thinking is a setback for russia. those jabari has more now from moscow. the officials here have said that this are 186 meter long vessel was being towed back to the nearest port. during stormy i conditions and that is when it sank. apparently, the, according to the defense ministry, it lost ability as a result of the damage that was done to the hall of the vessel after the fire that broke out. now, and this was an very important part of russia's navy in the black sea. they were
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at instrumental in the number of i'm missile attacks that were being launched into crane from that area to support the ground operation that the russian military was carrying out. no, the, an defense ministry official saying that they are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire and that's at the will and reveal the details of the investigation once they have concluded. but certainly, this is a very important loss for the russian and military and the navy. the current president says invasion was only possible because the world did not adequately react to russia's. i'm exertion of crimea to deluxe at disabling. that's each us. 14000 people have died as of today since the beginning of the conflict and on boss . how did the world respond to it? the question has remained rhetoric, but it's because of this that russia decided they can afford this large scale war.
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that he had, he said, needful, drink, 50 days of rushes, lord, kill invasion that they showed that it's the dumbass. that is the main target for russia is the dumbass that russia wants to destroy. the 1st place it's denounced and law hunt, screeching that russian troops are trying to destroy in a way as if they wanted only stones left without any people at all. mozilla had here an al jazeera coming at an environmental cost germany, bruce energy output to make up for a lack of supplies from russia. trying to make ends meet in south america. we meet people picking up the pieces after the worst flooding in decades. ah. the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine group. your travel package to day. you're locked into your world's weather update. hello everyone. let's begin in japan just to the east of it. we've got it's high food moving through. it's going to wet back some rain and when it's moving quickly,
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though, so we will seen improvement in those conditions in tokyo, this sense back out on saturday with the high of 17 degrees. a wet forecasts for central and southern portions of china. these temperature is big difference in what they were just a few days ago. after se, asia, let's focus on indo china because we're seeing more widespread thunderstorms, a rupture that will pulse further toward the west. it's getting dark back temperatures in bangkok in the days to come. also jolts and bolts across bangladesh and to the far northeast of india. let's focus on doc for a 2nd. a few things going on here as south when, so that's off the bare bengal. it's given as some high humidity which will trigger some of these storms. 35 feels more like 44 on sunday. now also the risk of sun outbreaks of thunder. a rain for the indian state of town, only due into karnataka. caroline. we got activity around for longer as well, but for northern in central parts of india, all about that pre monsoon heat neg, poor, $43.00 degrees and we've had your record temperatures up for parts of the united
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arab emirates. look at this, getting pretty close to 46 degrees, that sure weather official airline of the journey with a guest with a the me
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and again, you know what? 0 reminder about top stories is our crowds of worshippers have returned to most of the pres hours. officers ready forces to chain 300 people. at least 150 palestinians have been injured during the confrontations. the funeral for a 17 year old palestinian has been held in the village of cooper done the occupied . westbank. 6 palestinians have been killed and raised by ready for wednesday. a number of buildings have been damage and explosions in ukraine to keep region. their beliefs have been caused by russian the fall strikes. well, the war in ukraine is having unexpected consequences for energy supplies. germany has reversed it's decision to phase out coal mining. after the e u band, russian imports step mass and reports not from brandenburg on the german search for alternative energy. mcknight or brown coal,
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has long been at the center of your mental protest called the dirtiest form of gold that has been providing power to the german economy and households for decades. under pressure from the green party, the new government announced it aims to close these open pit mines by 2030. but that was before russia invaded ukraine college by gun. it's crave of a terrible war. ukraine means we are realizing but extra supply in germany wasn't and isn't very secure. and those several possible risk factors applies to gas oil and the hard cold too. and, but of course, some who are now thinking domestic energy source, which will always be available, as well as wind and sun, of course. and that's last night to make sure there's enough energy and future winters at regional government. and brandon book has asked permission to keep some late night power plant on stand by to have the necessary supply for the coming winter season. and that hope, without any dependence on imports from russia,
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that problem has still not been solved. and inter, as, as i am coming from the field of industrial safety, i would prefer to have a situation with belt and parachute, and so it would be worthwhile to keep them available. ukraine has accused germany of financing, russia war because of the dependency on russian gas, oil and coal. the u has decided to ban coal imports, which will cost russia around 4000000000 years a year. in comparison, a ban on russian gas and oil would cause the country, $80000000000.00 euros. this is one of the few power stations in germany, not depending on import from russia. domestically produce lick night is one of the most reliable sources germany has, but also one of the most polluting. it was unthinkable just a few months ago that the new government, in which greens play an important role would even consider using more coal. but the war and ukraine has changed everything and the climate could be and not
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a victim. more c, o, 2 emissions instead of last, an uncomfortable reality for environmental groups who have long campaigned for one and 2 coal use. germany for a long period of time, have bumper to rush and redeem the fall of russia and has put russia in a position to find that war. unfortunately, we cannot get rid of that dependency or not. it's obviously a bit appeal. we have old code power plant that have to get back on the grid, but we have to accelerate the build up of renewables. this need some years that germany industry now has a clear target that its future is based on a new lampshade that building wind farms and solar panels takes time and germany is under pressure to act. now that price will only grow if terrible images continue to come out of ukraine, and you decide to go further and then russian, oil and gas steadfast and else's era in brandon. both the thank you so make, bring it under his goto, who's in berlin,
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his professor at the willy brunt school of public policy at welcome cert to the program. we started this year with some optimism that we could finally be heading in the right direction. on climate then rusher invaded ukraine. and now everything seems to be going backwards. disney, including germany's use of co well, thanks for having me. i think there's 2 things going on at the same time. on the one hand, the germans and other european economies, a triflin coals, and that's why they bring back the brown stuff like knives, heart, coal, ah, and such sources. and, and that's something that will be for, you know, a certain period of time until adjustments have been made. on the other hand, we see a massive expansion of renewable energy and programs trying to ramp up alternative clean energy sources. a lot of effort to put into an industrial process innovation
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at the same time. so there's really 2 things going on and, and, and i think i'm best, you know, that's the positive thing to report right around the very says, so if you talk about until adjustments have be made. but we don't have time do we, we've got to get down to what is it? so having emissions by 2030 that's less than 8 years time. absolutely. i just sense can occur in 2 ways. one, ah, you can try and curb demand and better to some extent it's happening at the moment . it's because of the price impact was because people save energy because of process innovation. and, and it's also be because, well, seen economic impact in the shape of a recession. so that's the man's side, ah, responses. but he can also think about demands at responses in that for fuel switch comes in and, and this is precisely where a lot of effort is put into the system at the moment to think of the 200 $1000000000.00 a year rather than the year at that the germans are putting into climate measures
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as part of which i, a lot of money goes into the energy sector. now, it's hard to say whether that on balance will get us where we need to be by 2030, but, you know, give a taper. i'd say we might actually still get there because of an energy transition . gaining massive speed at the moment rather then then you had the old may deserve literally rubbing their hands in glee. it was going on with restaurant they because now they're all reversing plans to shut down oil and gas exploration projects. and we had the camera oil filled in in shetland that may now be renewed. everything is a said is going in the wrong way when we, we need it, as you've pointed out, to go towards renewables in other forms of energy. well right said, but i think i was the only to distinguish between the short term responses, the long term and midterm responses, short term, we need to fuck holes. we need to replace rashid gas, russian oil rashid cole. and that's precisely why it's important to bring some of
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the production back to rent up some production elsewhere and, and, and get, for instance, additional liquid natural gas into the european union. that i think it would be wrong to bank on back going forward. and every one putting money into additional brownfield investment at the moment of greenfield investment probably needs to be aware of the fact that this might be stranded assets going forward. so yes, slugging holes at the moment. good thing to do. renewable an additional investment into greenfield vests. it's probably not that the smartest thing you can do at the moment, visit a lot of climate scientists out there who's saying that it situations getting side desperately ready to have to look to other forms of energy. and that includes nuclear, is that something that you would agree with? well, in germany at least the axis care is not going to be right here, but so, you know, on top of that, i think there's a couple things that really speak against nuclear. first of all, even if you start building it right now, it's going to be available in 1015 years time because that's what you need in terms of, of time to build a nuclear power plant. just look at what,
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what the brits are experiencing with henkie point. see at the moment it runs over time. ah, 2nd you get to think about, i'm, i essentially whether the economics hold for whatever you bought, of want to put into the system. and nuclear is in cars the fad when it comes to economists, there is much cheaper solutions available, which you can ramp up within the very short time frame. and that's offshore, wind, solar and other key next assistance. if you want to solve the problem. now go for renewables, not for nuclear or inch, you know, might not solve the problem. all right, it's a, it's a challenging problem. no doubt to address growth. i would appreciate your expertise. thanks very much for joining us. thanks sick. now the army has been called in to help with rescue and clean up efforts. after south africa was flooding in 60 years, but bringing aid supplies to thousands of people left without power and water. miller reports now from durban. life is slowly returning to normal in
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amanda outside of durban. 3 days after torrential, rain and flooding caused wide spread damage. this is the 1st day of 20 piney park. a money has been able to operate his food business, which he relies on for a daily income is corckalone has been up and o in his cousin. the floods of really affected us. the people who used to support us could not come in by law because they were not going to work law. you even the little money they had mice, they had to use elsewhere tonight with the water and electricity supply still cut off plenty. plenty does not have any way to keep his star city officials a year to begin clearing and rebuilding some of the roads and bridges, which collapse to were destroyed by mud slides at a home to la, kill him. so he's cleaning up. she says as the flood level reached as high as the rooftop of 5 children, just managed to make it out safely. blasio led our cornwall is if it is, i've lost everything. my kids birth certificate, school books and clothes,
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my fridge, my television, nothing's working. as you can see around here and i've not received any help, i only managed to get blankets for my neighbor la corner. i resident no tando, zebra. yellow says some food has been distributed, but people in this ward have not received any. and they have to make use of whatever they can to get by with like most of our community members are using the stream where the water, we don't even know it's coming from. so to our wash our laundry and also drink from this are contaminated water. while people try to recover, it could be short lived. more rain is expected in the coming days. many people living in informal settlements like this one ready struggle to make ends meet the destruction by the flooding is sit them back even further in many say they've not received help from the government. that's despite its promises to assist those affected from either mila al jazeera durbin, south africa. north korea is celebrating the 110000 of her 3 of the birth of state
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founder come 2nd and come to ah, the day was march with fireworks music and dancing. but it didn't include a paramilitary, a military parade ocean, so often used by pyongyang to commemorate as significant events. camille songs birthday is the most important national holiday in north korea. most current of ours relate to restrictions in south korea ending just a month ago. more than 600000 new infections were being reported every day for australia reports now from the capital of sol, cherry blossom season has arrived and so have the crowds gone. other barriers to prevent groups from gathering. there are no park employees reminding people to maintain physical distancing. south korea is still reporting high number of new cases with a daily average of more than a 160000 in the last week. but the government has announced it will lift all
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physical distancing rules from next monday or you are over 19 will not be completely over, but we are now chosing that it is the time to carefully tries to restore our daily life. again, people will still be required to wear masks, indoors, and outdoors. although the government has said it will review this in the weeks ahead. to date on id, i think it's still appropriate to wear mask indoors, but i think it's ok without one outdoors. people are keeping a distance. south korea was one of the 1st countries to experience a cove at 19 outbreak. but it was able to flatten the curve quickly with a combination of testing, tracing and treating. but because of that, it never had to impose any lockdown. public health officials were also quick to revise their strategy when the highly transmissible omicron variant to cold is in from theater la wooden and we transition to a system for a large scale outbreak. placing more important on
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a universal approach under the ordinary system, while raising the vaccination rate and administering oral treatment, it will to revise south korea is seen as a success in terms of how it's handling the pandemic. even so officials have not let their guard down. the health ministry is offering a 2nd booster shot of the corona virus maxine to people aged 60 and above. the w h o has recently warned. the corona virus is far from becoming an endemic disease and could still trigger outbreaks around the world. florence li al jazeera sol. ah, sir, this is our desert. these are the top stories in crowds of worshippers have returned to alex and most for prayers aus off to his ready forces detained. 300 people there . at least 150 palestinians have been injured during the confrontations. all polymers, elk are working to calm things on temple mouth and throat israel at the same time,
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we are prepared for any scenario on a home in the funeral for a 17 year old.


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