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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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the world is warming, and green lands ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, israeli forces detain at least $300.00 palestinians off the confrontations at the hour. accept multi compound. we live from occupied east jerusalem. ah. i money in sight. the sound is there, alive from day or so coming up. 17 year old is laid to rest in the occupied westbank. he's one of 6 palestinians killed by his writing forces since wednesday. russia hit to military plot, nay, ukraine's capital and warns
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a could step up its attacks on keith. well then, a 150 dead, 200 are missing. the philippines tries to recover from storm meggy. ah israel's prime minister, his warning, his forces are prepared for any scenario. natalie bennett held an urgent meeting off to violent confrontations at the i'll accept mosque compound and occupy east jerusalem. 300 palestinians were detained by israeli soldiers, and over a 150 were injured. john holman, ports the scenes inside the alexa mosque in occupied east jerusalem early friday morning. fighting between stung during most men and his rady police who fight stung grenades and take us
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around 150. the people were injured. this palestinian camera, ma'am, was there some authority. they brutally emptied the compound. they were attacking the musk stuff, normal people, elders, and young people, one of the many injured people, they fired trouble bullets and said alexa must compact. they were beating everyone, even the paramedics, they hit the israel's foreign ministry, tweeted, dozens of moss men carrying hamis and p. a flags marched into alex and mosque. the crowd collected stones and large rocks. police were forced to enter the grounds to disperse the crowd. ah, the alexa mosque is his lamps, 3rd holiest place. it's also revered by jews, is the sites of the original temple. as such, it's often an epicenter for tension between israel, which controls movement to the site and palestinians, especially during the muslim holy month of ramadan. this time last year,
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fighting around the most and axis restrictions led to an 11 day war between israel and palestinian armed groups in gaza. so far this year, a series of attacks within israel of left 14 dead and his railey security forces killed 20 palestinians during grades of the occupied west bank. after the violent confrontation, israeli forces restricted access to alex a mosque within a few hours later they did reopen the damascus gate, where we are now which is one of the main entrances to the old city. alex a most uneasy compound, a deeply important and symbolic and we've ramadan easter, i'm paul saver. all happening right now. tensions in this city and it's holy sites, a set to remain high. john holman, audi zeta occupied east jerusalem. all natasha name is an occupied east tourism for us as we had in john's package. thousands of palestinians were able to worship
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peacefully today after those clashes ended. what is the me then? now as you can see behind me, there is a big surge of worshippers. they've, there was a prayer a short time ago, and they're now leaving the oxide compound and likely returning home to a, in a short while break their fast. this is the 2nd friday during ramadan, just to remind viewers, ramadan is a holy month for muslims where they fast during the daylight hours. in any event, as you mentioned, more than 60000 palace were able to worship inside. oh ok. some off today that's according to the entity that overseas the compound. but that doesn't mean that what's happened earlier this morning hasn't deeply outraged and upset palestinians . the scenes on social media. simply see israeli police actually inside the acts. a
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mosque with men lying face down on the carpet. seeing video and hearing the bang, bang of stun grenades. seeing a cloud of tear gas seen distrust, palestinians being carted outside of the compound after being deeply or sorry after being injured. about 158 palestinians have been injured in the clashes today. this is considered by many palestinians, a provocation. in fact, some palestinian groups were calling this a quote declaration of war having again, israeli police inside the them off is a kind of red line. and the israeli government knows that in the initial hours of the clashes that went on for several hours. but in the initial period desperate, i'm sure to quell any additional violence. the israeli foreign ministry actually incorrect tweeted that reports of police inside the mosque were quote, fake. obviously, we know that later turned out not to be true in any of it,
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after the crashes ended, we had the noun prayers. we've had this last most recent prayer. things have a seem to be rather calm, but people will return after they break their fast. se being and take a rest. and again, many will have the images they saw earlier today in their minds late today, a 15 year old girl in haifa. stabbed and is really man. he has a minor injuries. the girl has been arrested. natasha, the israeli. say they had to respond today, but there's been international criticism. what has being said there is a lot of a entities weighing in on this. i'll give you a bit of a sampling. the european union is saying that, sorry, forgive me. european union is saying the violence must stop immediately that the holy sites must be fully respected. jordan is the custodian of holy sites and
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muslim, i'm sorry, the holy muslim and christian holy sites in occupied ease, juice, wrote jerusalem. and the foreign minister also weighed in saying that this is a dangerous escalation. what happened this morning is a flagrant violation of israel's responsibility as an occupying power. the un special coordinator of to the middle east peace process said the provocations must stop. the israeli has cat, the israelis have categorized what happened today as being forced to quote disperse of violent rioters. they say that they were trying to allow people to worship peacefully. they didn't want the public to be endangered and that they entered the site to quell the violence, and they are stressing that they will not tolerate any violence that interferes with war of inside. ok, so mosques prime minister, enough tally bennett has said that they are hoping to restore. com. they are
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guaranteeing that people's right to worship inside. oh ok. some mosque will be guaranteed, but that security forces are ready for any scenario. thank you for that. natasha game in occupied east jerusalem. meanwhile, crowds in the occupied gaza strip and protesting the violence at the alex. i'm most come compound. even the l fade as that with mall across the god, this dread and with nation of the why live a group thing going like literally a very, very violent escalation. like a penny requires a med good deb. i left it out on. yes, boss. israel must pay the price for its crimes against the palestinian people.
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jerusalem will not remain alone amongst the resistance factions. and the all his own brigades are ready to deter the occupation and protect our people and our holy side. the coming for to determine whether there will be a com, trained or yes. really, very escalation between begun faction. israel, a funeral of a 17 year old palestinian has been held today in the village of cooper don in the on can park west bank. he's one of 6 palestinians killed in israeli raid since wednesday. you and sexy general is called for maximum restraint. and phys railey, and palestinian authorities to work to preserve calm it. abraham was out the funeral. these are the last moments for the body of 17 year old child gets higher, but in his role here received the family drag. they don't want him to go for burial . yes, the mother husband saying is only 17. she didn't have enough with choke. it has
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just opened the barbershop in the vintage a few weeks ago. his brother was telling us that lately, after work, he was coming home to hang pictures of palestinians who were killed by the israeli forces. now, his picture is being hung. you rules like this one are becoming some sort of a regular scene here in the occupied westbank pacifically in the northern part of it as is the one is intensifying its way. people here are telling me that this is about one of the nation, a human beer with the fuel, the hi, this is waging a war on their very i following closely the events that are on with. and they believe i will have my room electronics. ah,
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russia says it's hit a ukrainian military plant in the key region. this was the scene earlier and wish never just outside the capital. it comes as moscow won't see crane. it will pay a heavy price of it. a tax russians, cities, the number of air raid sirens were hud overnights in keith. a sketch of his cell said a who's and key for us. what will, can you tell us about these strikes overnight and keith? well right after midnight, around 1 30 am, we have heard the exclusions and they were the most the power, the most powerful exclusions that we heard the scenes, the russian forces retreated from the region around around the key. if so, a plans in key which is very much also close to the julia and international, a port was hit by the russian massage. that is a military factory which produces and also repairs the ukranian maid
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mythos, including the anti ship nissans as well. so after the attack, the, that plant is now seriously damaged. just the head of the, the attack heard the, a raid sirens were going off and the officials were warning the residents to state not to leave their home as there is a curfew in place during the night during the night times. so people now are gradually, now returning back to ukraine, the official say the software that had the 1000000 ukraine refugees that got back to the country. and also the officials are telling us that for now every day key is also receiving around $50000.00 residents. so as the residents are coming back, the fear here is that if the war further escalate than the capital key of cool come on there more and more attacks by the,
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by the russian forces. and then also could that could lead another way with the refugees leaving the city and was so ukrainian officials say the city of mattie, a pole is, has been bombed by long range bombers. what will, can you tell us about that? while the spokesperson or the minister of defense, i said, this is the story of the world. the war for the 1st time. russia has used a long rage born berry, to attack the city, the besieged city of mario full. so that yesterday the russians were seeing that they have to, they have taken the full control of the port of mario pool. however you're playing in. officials still deny in that, but they meet that the forces in my you full that are besieged and blow from all directions, but they say the fight is seal coating in the city of multiple is quite important for both for you and for the, for the russians what do you think it's a symbolically important had the symbol symbol of that resistance. but full russia,
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it is important because if it takes full control of the city than russia will able to build a land bridge between don't boss and crimea and city of mario full is the only obstacle in front of achieving that goal. thank you for that update. russell said that for us at the in the ukrainian capital of keys, let's get the view of moscow a dosage. bari is then she has more about the latest warnings coming from russia to ukraine. the russian defense ministry has said that they will at ramp up the scale of their military strikes on key of should and the attacks on russian territory. i happen and this comes as a result of a legit attacks that took place on thursday alongside russia's border with ukraine . according to local officials, there were reports of a ukrainian helicopters which entered russian airspace. of course, we cannot independently verify the information,
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but what they have said is that the ukrainians a carried out 6 air strikes on residential areas in the bronx. region of at russia which borders ukraine and bela bruce. and they were 8 people that were reportedly and injured. and there are 2 of them in critical condition. there was also another report of an attack in the belgrade region of russia that borders ukraine, and that is in the area of her cuban ukraine across the border. and russia and officials there again said that there was a shelling of residential areas and as a result, 2 villages had to be evacuated. of course, none of this has been independently verified or a from any of the defense ministry officials have been i've verified this either, but at these attacks are really what the defense ministry was referring to when they issued that warning. saying that these kinds of strikes on a russian territory will not go on, answered the largest warship and rushes black sea fleet has now sunk off to being
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damaged in an explosion. the satellite images were taken on wednesday before the incident on the mall square. the russian defense ministry says ammunition exploded on board. ukrainian military says it hit the vessel with its crews. miss south, still ahead of amount is in coming as an environmental cost gemini based energy output to make up for lack of supplies. ah hi, hate in the north and storms in the south. hello everyone. let's get your the forecasts details for india. ok. so pre monsoon heat, it's a thing it happened a bit earlier than we expected. so look at this nag, poor 43 degrees on saturday. let's talk about that act of weather right now. some
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outbreaks of rain through a dish or onto a prediction, some thunder downpours into karnataka and carola, but of activity over sri lanka is well, but we've got some explosive storms for bangladesh around the capitol dhaka into the far northeast of india. so few things going on here. we got that southwind off the bay. ben gall, that's given us moisture. that's given us humidity, and that's going to trigger some of these storms. but i think a mix of sun in cloud in dhaka by monday with a high of 33 degrees southeast asia looks like this are normal bursts of rain to be expected. but for indo china, we're starting to see more widespread storms pivoting further toward the west. that's going to knock down the temperature in bangkok just a few days ago is about $38.00. i think just a high of 30 on monday which is below average big drop in those temperature is to for central southern portions of china. we've got some rain here in gray, lin typhoon passing to the east of japan. it's moving quick. so an improvement in conditions in tokyo. i saturday. that's it,
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welcome back to watching al jazeera or mind. if our top story is the sour crowds of worshippers have returned to alex and most of the prayers, ours officers riley forces detained. 300 people. there least a 150 pounds indians have been injured during the confrontations. a funeral for a 17 year old palestinian has been held in the village of cooper done in new york to point west bank. he's one of 6 palestinians killed and rights eyes for any forces wins. russia has attacked a military plan, ne ukraine's capital and his warning, it could step up, the tax on keith. the crane has also been warned of a heavy price to pay if russian cities are attacked. now the war in ukraine is having a big impact on energy supplies. germany has reversed it's decision to phase out. coal mining. off to the e band rush, an important step person has more. mcknight of brown color has long been at the
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center of environmental protest called the dirtiest form of gold that has been providing power to the german economy and households for decades. under pressure from the green party, the new government announced it aims to close these open minds by 2030. that was before russia invaded ukraine college by its grave of a terrible when ukraine means we are realizing but elections use apply in germany, wasn't and isn't very secure. i'm going to several possible risk factors applies to gas oil and to hot cold too. and, but of course, some who are now thinking domestic energy source, which will always be available, as well as wind and sun, of course. and that's like night to make sure there's enough energy and future winters at regional government. and brandon book has asked permission to keep some late night power plant on stand by to have the necessary supply for the coming winter season. and that hopefully without any dependence of importance, from russia, that problem has still not been solved. and inter, as,
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as i'm coming from the field of industrial safety, i would prefer to have a situation with belt and parachute, and so it would be worthwhile to keep them available. ukraine has accused germany of financing, russia war because of the dependency on russian gas, oil and coal. the u has decided to band call imports, which will cost russia around 4000000000 years a year. in comparison, a ban on russian gas and oil would cost the country, $80000000000.00 euros. this is one of the few poet stations in germany, not depending on imports from russia domestically produce lick night is one of the most reliable sources germany has, but also one of the most polluting. it was unthinkable just a few months ago that the new government in which greens play an important role would even consider using coal. but the war and ukraine has changed everything. and climate could be another victim. more c o 2 emissions instead of less an
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uncomfortable reality for environmental groups who have long campaigned for an and to call use. germany for a long period of time has sponsored to the russian to redeem polychrome russia and test. put russia in a position to finance that war. unfortunately, we cannot get rid of that dependency ranada. it's obviously a bit appeal year old court power plants have have to get back on the grid, but we have to accelerate to build out of renewables. this need some years better. germany industry now has a clear target that its future is based on a new blend. but building wind farms and solar panels takes time and germany is under pressure to act. now that pressure will only grow if terrible images continue to come out of ukraine, and you decide to go further and band russian oil and gas steadfast and else's era in brandenburg at least 395 people have been killed and dozens more injured in south africa was flooding for 60 years. the armies been called in to help with
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rescue and clean up efforts. they're bringing ain't for thousands of people left without power and water. government officials say whole families are missing. emitter miller has more from job and people across the province, of course in natal had perhaps a day of to, to try and recover, retrieve some of their belongings, bold re, bold homes that were destroyed by the flooding and mud slides. but now we are really experiencing heavy and potentially damaging winds in this province in the city of durban. and it's expected that the rain will return, perhaps in the evening and into saturday. and this is what's really concerning for people who have already suffered with the floods we've seen in the last few days in that that bad weather could potentially be a destructive and they have barely had time to recover so far. there about a 40000 people have been affected. some of them entirely displaced. many have tried
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to return to their homes, to salvage whatever they can also protect their positions. oh, but it has been difficult. there is still water and electricity out and a number of areas. the number of casualties from flooding in the philippines is also rising. a 156 people have now died more than 200 are missing. tropical storm meggy dumped heavy rain of the city of late province for days, devastating entire communities. maggie is a stronger storm to hit the philippines this year. to my darling dugan reports from bay bay city rescuer sellers, there were 2 landslides. the 1st one happened at 5 e m, which gave time for some families to evacuate. the 2nd one, the sea was deadly. they saw how waves of mud came rolling down the mountains, varying hundreds of civilians here. and this is all what's left of it. now. we've also spoken to rescuers and volunteers who see their efforts remain hampered by
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incessant rain. the ground is still not stable enough for a back home machine, and they believe it may take a few more days before a full scale retrieval operations will be underway. we are with a composite group of government responders and over the past few days, they have been focused on rescue 100 schuval operations around the periphery of what they called the ground 0 of this village. it is hard to imagine that this was just a few days ago, a thriving community. there was a school, a church, a playground, a gym for people who never thought that such disaster was even possible for them. now president rodrigo to therapy visited the province of later today, and he basically promised that he is going to make sure that all the necessary resources will be given to those in desperate need of aids and assistance.
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shank, eyes decision to convert some apartments into quarantine centers has infuriated tenants who've been, if vix it. so like down in china's largest city, goes on presenters. using ping has ordered everyone to stick to the 0 coven 19 policy machine. a you has the latest from beijing police in protective gear, struggle to control an angry crowd. d, shanghai residents, a protesting against being pulled from their homes. their apartment blocks are being turned into temporary quarantine centers. some are kneeling on the ground, begging the police not to take them away. this city of more than 25000000 people has been brought to its knees by the worst corn of iris outbreak, china's face since the beginning of the pandemic. 300000 infections have been
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recorded since march locked down, which were supposed to last a few days, is now stretching into its 3rd week with no end in sight. the once bustling commercial center is now quiet and empty, with most of the city's population, forced to stay home. supply chains are frozen. many say they're going hungry or lack necessities. great, ken has appealed for help online to get access to urgent, hot medications for her father. is it we know it's a difficult period in the pandemic. we're willing to cooperate with the government and with each level of city management to fight the pandemic. or we also hope that our lives can be respected restrictions in some neighborhoods east on tuesday. but with kate is continuing to climb. people allowed to go outdoors are being coursed back inside. this community worker bloss allowed speak of repeating the words return, horn. those who test positive are sent to make shift hospitals, conditions,
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and slides. some appeal bleak and crowded babel quito authority say they're released thousands of recovered patients this week, but thousands more remaining quarantine. beijing has mobilized other provinces to help get more fresh food and other necessities to shanghai. the situation in shanghai as seen as a disastrous failure of china, strict 0 coven 19 policy. but authorities are sticking to it, despite growing calls to change. this approach president huge in paying, has called on the country to strengthen restrictions in order to win the battle against the virus. katrina, you al jazeera aging. most corona virus related restrictions in south korea ending just a month ago, more than 600000 new infections were being reported every day. lawrence louis reports from the capital. so cherry blossom season has arrived and so have the crowds gone. other barriers to prevent groups from gathering. there are no park
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employees reminding people to maintain physical distancing. south korea is still reporting high number of new cases with a daily average of more than a 160000 in the last week. but the government has announced it will lift all physical distancing rules from next monday. or am i, you will go over 19 will not be completely over, but we are now chosing that it is the time to carefully tries to restore our daily life. again, people will still be required to wear masks, indoors and outdoors. although the government has said it will review this in the weeks ahead. to date on id, i think it's still appropriate to wear mask indoors, but i think it's ok without one outdoors. people are keeping a distance. south korea was one of the 1st countries to experience a cove at 19 outbreak, but it was able to flatten the curve quickly with a combination of testing, tracing and treating. because of that, it never had to impose any lockdown. public health officials were also quick to
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revise their strategy when the highly transmissible omicron variant took hold is in him from caesar la. and we transition to a system for a large scale outbreak. placing more important on a universal approach under the ordinary system, while raising the vaccination rate and administering oral treatment device. so career is seen as a success in terms of how it's handling the pandemic. even so officials have not let their guard down. the health ministry is offering a 2nd booster shot of the corona virus maxine to p placed 60 and above the w h. o has recently warned. the corona virus is far from becoming an endemic disease and could still trigger outbreaks around the world. florence li al jazeera saw ah, this is our desert these you.


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